Odes_to_Roald_Dahl by dandanhuanghuang


									Charlie’s Chocolate
Noam Fields-Meyer                    Ode about Roald Dahl
                                     Eliana Melmed
Many books written, one with a
peach.                               a child
Roald Dahl wrote them all            travels the world
With much care in each.              a child
Smart, athletic, and soon became     gets bullied
blind,                               a child
He well knew his life was one of a   with no father
He made his life much more real      an adult
when he married Patricia Neal.       fights in wars
The day he married her was           an adult
a change in how they feel.           stands up for himself
Dahl wrote many books                an adult
enough to fill a box                 is a father.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory    he writes.
was good, and so was Fantastic
Mr. Fox.                             ~

~                                    Roald Dahl is like a
Ode to Roald Dahl                    in his life, he was
Moriel Dror                          gentle, funny, and brave
                                     In his life, he wrote
pain, happiness                      many books
sister, gone                         about the things that
war, alive                           happened in his life he
saved a soul                         saw: Death, happiness,
very smart                           loss and Birth.
inspired to write
famous writer                        Jonathan Elisha
more happiness

                    and changed it
Ode to Roald Dahl   forever
Talia Leider        but it all
Shipped off to a    divorce
prison school       for Roald
homesick            and
as can be           Patricia
sends his           once again
love                love came
every Sunday        around the corner
to his              Love, life and
horrified           Felicity Crosland
overworked          fairly young
mother              but love
gets through        was all that
high school         mattered
but refuses to      on
follow the pack     November 23, 190
he follows dreams   leukemia took over
and                 End of the road
pins                He died
them down           but
may get             he never did
sick                His money went to
but never           Dahl Foundation
frowns              He died
Got around          but
disabilities        his writing never did
found true love
writing all day     ~
and not             Roald Dahl’s life was like a book.
mention             At each page,
Patricial Neal      something unknown was waiting.
then came along     Like Death or a change in a plot
1                   or success and a happy ending,
2                   full of publication, praise and
3                   acceptance.
joys of his life    He was an amazing writer.
his life            Mark Miller

Roald Dahl
Jeremy Barenholtz

From a young boy,
Born in Britain
To a writer
Far and wide
Loved by his friends
And Family
And though he suffered
Many tragedies
He always came out fine
In the end
His life was like
a book
Filled with many adventures
And downs
All through his life
He was loved
by people
all around.

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