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Excellence Greenwich Associates Recognizes Excellence


									                                       Greenwich Associates
               Excellence in Middle Market Banking


         2009 Greenwich Excellence Awards for Middle Market Banking
                            Among More Than 750 Banks Evaluated, 33 Had Distinctive Quality

                                                             National Winners*
Overall Satisfaction         Zions Bancorp                      Citizens Bank                       TREASURY MANAGEMENT             Customer Service
Bank of Nevada               Personal Banking —                 HSBC                                Overall Satisfaction            BB&T
Bank of the West             Overall Satisfaction               M&I Bank                            Bank of the West                City National Bank (CA)
BB&T                         BB&T                               Regions Bank                        BB&T                            Frost
City National Bank (CA)      HSBC                               Synovus Financial                   Commerce Bank (MO)              M&I Bank
Commerce Bank (MO)           TD Bank                            TD Bank                             First Citizens Bank             Synovus Financial
First Citizens Bank          Zions Bancorp                      Zions Bancorp                         & Trust (NC/VA)               Whitney National Bank
  & Trust (NC/VA)            Relationship Manager               Financial Stability                 First Tennessee                 Zions Bancorp
First Tennessee              Performance                        Bank of the West                    Frost                           Product Capabilities
Frost                        Bank of the West                   BB&T                                M&I Bank                        BB&T
Fulton Bank                  BB&T                               BBVA Compass                        SunTrust                        Frost
Harris Bancorp               Capital One Bank                   City National Bank (CA)             Synovus Financial               Synovus Financial
M&I Bank                     City National Bank (CA)            Frost                               TD Bank                         Union Bank (CA)
People’s United Bank (CT)    M&I Bank                           J.P. Morgan                         Union Bank (CA)                 Zions Bancorp
Pinnacle Bank                PNC Financial Services Group       M&T Bank                            Whitney National Bank           Sales Specialist Performance
SunTrust                     SunTrust                           RBC Centura                         Zions Bancorp                   BB&T
Synovus Financial            Synovus Financial                  Synovus Financial                   Accuracy of Operations          Huntington National Bank
TD Bank                      Union Bank (CA)                    TD Bank                             BB&T                            Wells Fargo/Wachovia
UMB Bank                     Zions Bancorp                      Union Bank (CA)                     Frost
Union Bank (CA)              Credit Policy                      US Bank                             M&I Bank
Whitney National Bank        BB&T                               Whitney National Bank               SunTrust
Wilmington Trust             Capital One Bank                   Zions Bancorp                       Zions Bancorp

                                                            Regional Winners**
Overall Satisfaction         First Tennessee                    West                                TREASURY MANAGEMENT             Whitney National Bank
Northeast                    Pinnacle Bank                      Bank of Nevada                      Overall Satisfaction            Midwest
Bank of New York Mellon      Synovus Financial                  Bank of Oklahoma                    Northeast                       Commerce Bank (MO)
FNB Corporation              Whitney National Bank              Bank of the West                    People’s United Bank (CT)       Harris Bancorp
Fulton Bank                  Midwest                            City National Bank (CA)             TD Bank                         M&I Bank
People’s United Bank (CT)    Commerce Bank (MO)                 Frost                               South                           UMB Bank
TD Bank                      Harris Bancorp                     Union Bank (CA)                     BB&T                            West
Valley National Bank         Johnson Bank                       Zions Bancorp                       First Citizens Bank             Bank of Nevada
South                        M&I Bank                                                                 & Trust (NC/VA)               Bank of the West
BancorpSouth                 UMB Bank                                                               First Tennessee                 Frost
BB&T                                                                                                Synovus Financial               Zions Bancorp

                                Based on over 13,000 interviews with businesses with sales of $10-500 million across the country.
                                              *Comparisons are based on all banks covered across the United States.
                                             **Comparisons are based on only those banks operating in each region.

             Inquiries can be directed to Chris McDonnell ( at Greenwich Associates — 203-629-1200

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