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					                                      Editors:                           National Seniors Association
                                                                               Liverpool Branch Inc.
                                      Shirley B
                                      Barry L

                                                                      PO Box 103a Fairfield Heights 2165

            second wind                                               President:
                                                                                     Shirley B
                                                                                     Pam Ht
                                                                                     Jill M
                                                                      Treasurer:     Ken F

         No. 31                         Who’s for Dirty                                    Hairdressing
                                        Dancing?                                       Have your hair done at
      January 2005                                                                        Liverpool TAFE
                                        RoseMarie is taking names to                    Perms, Tints or Cuts
                                        establish how many want to                         Mens & Ladies
                                        see Dirty Dancing. Tickets                     Phone 98275143 for an
                                        will cost $60 at the                               appointment.
                                        concession rate and we will
                                        be attending a matinee                     Take a trip down memory
                                        performance.                               lane by attending
     Shirley B     9th
     John W       13th                  Give your name to RoseMarie                The Good Old Days Concert
                                        Batten as soon as you can
                                        and come to the show with                  Barry L has managed to get some
                                        us.                                        tickets for the Concert       in
                                                                                   February and offers the
                                                                                   opportunity to members to
                                         The next meeting will be held             purchase them.
                                            on February 24th, 2005.
                                          9.45am the doors open and                Monday February 21st, 2005.
                                              the meeting should                   11 am Sydney Town Hall.
 Future Guest Speakers                                                             Tickets cost $19.00
                                            commence at 10.00am
                                              Speaker at 11.00am                   Please contact Barry for your
January 27th—Ken McDonald,                                                         tickets, Pay as you order please.
retired Inspector of the NSW Fire
                                                                                   Entertainers expected at this
Brigade will discuss security and                                                  concert are as follows:-
safety for Seniors. Ken kindly                     Newsletter                      The Bachelors, Geoff Jones,
telephoned to say he was                 If you wish to receive the                Shelly White, Amber Jade as well
delighted to talk to us when the
                                         Newsletter posted to your                 as support items from: Roy
                                         home please send $7.00                    Waterson, Ray Glover at the Piano
Police at Liverpool were too busy                                                  and David Parsons at the famous
                                         with your details to:
to acknowledge our calls.                Treasurer                                 Town Hall Organ.
                                          National Seniors Association
February 24th—Tony & Yvonne                 10/120 Canterbury Road
Alessi with Mexicali Square                     Glenfield 2167
Dancing demonstration.

                                         Past newsletters printed by courtesy of
March 31st—Sheila Bruhn with                    JMD Engineering
the Diary of a Girl in Changi—                 Steel Fabrication &
                                              Specialised Machining
don’t miss this fascinating story..
This speaker comes highly
                                        Quote your branch number
recommended.                            when      renewing         your
April    28th—Darrell         Lea       Did you know that if you pay your
Chocolates a family history.            membership through your own
                                        branch a small commission
Please bring along a friend for         comes to your branch. Branch
this speaker, makes it more fun.        Number is
                                              meant that final numbers are phoned            re-visit – Christmas in July is listed for
                                              through to the venue and catering is           Metr opo l e at Kat oo m ba and
                                              arranged in accordance with those              suggestion is that we go to Waterview
                                              numbers.                                       instead.
Thursday 25th November, 2005                                                                 The visit to Fagan’s Park was very
Meeting opened: 10.04am                       This notice is generally required
                                              within 5 days of the due date, so any          disappointing and a complaint has
First time people welcomed                    cancellations in the last week prior to        been lodged with Hornsby Council
Invitation to all to attend Christmas         the tour date incur penalty costs to           and the local member.
Function 2nd. December, 2004                  the members tour account.                      First three trips on itinerary have
                                              The committee viewed this situation            been locked in, remainder are
Any birthdays to announce: President                                                         subject to change.
                                              in full and resolved that some
acknowledged Jim C, birthday 10th                                                            If you are running late, please call us,
                                              measure of guarantee must be
November as not being on the list.                                                           and we will wait, but if you don’t
                                              available to the tour organiser and
Apologies: Pat and Bernie M, Jill and         the members of attendance numbers.             arrive and we are not advised that
David M, Margaret S, Margaret W,                                                             you are delayed we have no reason to
Pamela Ha, Marie C, Peter D, Stan and         It is therefore announced that from 1          hold the tour up on the supposition
Jean D.                                       January 2005 the following will be the         that you will turn up at some future
                                              rules regarding booking and                    stage.
Confirmation of Minutes of last               attending all tours, regardless of the
Meeting.: A motion to confirm the                                                            James Craig is on 12th December,
                                              type of catering, coach travel etc.            information sheets have been handed
minutes as read was moved by Joe B
Seconded Laurette B Carried                   1. All bookings must be accompanied            out and all 10 are fully aware of
                                              by at least $10 booking fee, or paid in        departure times.
Business arising from Minutes: None           full at time of booking – which is             Tour Account bank balance $236.30
                                              normally expected to be at the                 after expenses taken out. (including
Correspondence in:
                                              meeting prior to the tour date (3              costs for Christmas function)
October 2004 Report from COTA Nat.
Sen. Policy                                   weeks minimum notice).                         Issues Committee Report: Nothing to
2 Branch Manuals from Nat. Seniors            2.     Any cancellations less than 2           report
National Seniors Blank Letter Heads           weeks of the tour date, will incur the
Christmas cards from Martin and               charge of $10 towards the tour cost.           Editors Report:     Members asked to
Dorothy                                       3. Any cancellations within 5 days of          check out their newsletter for
National Seniors Foundation - Call for        the tour date, will incur the charge of        information on the Good Old Days
Community (Branch ) Grant                     full tour cost.                                concert 21st February and to order
Application, handed to                        4. No bookings without deposits of at          their tickets with Barry L
secretary at committee meeting by             least $10 will be considered as
                                                                                             General Business:
Martin Wiseman                                informal.
                                                                                             Dirty Dancing bookings from
National     Seniors letter dated 22          Questions were asked and Alan C
                                                                                             Rosemarie B
November from Martin Including                replied to the full satisfaction of the
                                                                                             Joe B told members that the last BBQ
Certificate of Currency-Public Liability      members.
                                                                                             was very good
Insurance cover current till 31st March       A motion moved by David C seconded             Position of Publicity Officer – the
2005 for $10,000,000         this is a        Len L                                          President resigned from the position
interim certificate as we are seeking a       That the committee’s action be                 of Publicity Officer and asked the
better price beyond that date.                endorsed Carried                               members if there was someone who
National Seniors letter dated 22                                                             would take this on. No members
November confirming moving date               Treasurer’s Report: Received: Colin H          showed an interest..
Thursday 25 November 2004.                    Seconded Alan C Carried
Location Level 6, 189 Kent Street,            Brought forward: 31/10/04 $1,034.35            Next meeting       Thursday    27 th
Sydney. All correspondence:                   Income: Nil                                    January, 2005 at the        Francis
National Seniors GPO Box 9892                 Expenses: 241.00                               Greenway Centre when the speaker
Sydney NSW 2001. Phone number                 Cheque 130 $190 & 132 $51 not yet              will be Mr. Ken McDonald and the
9251 6088 Fax is still to be advised.         presented                                      topic -“Safety for Seniors”
Email slight disruption while ADSL is         Balance: $793.35
                                                                                             Meeting Closed: 10.45am         for
being implemented.                                                                           morning tea and to hear the speaker
                                              Membership Officer’s Report: 42 plus
Correspondence out: Nil                       one visitor Nancy                              Margaret Kelly.
No business arising from the
                                              Speaker Coordinators Report: The
                                              President explained that the job of
Motion to accept correspondence as
                                              Speakers Co-ordinator had been
read: Moved John Defries seconded
                                              fulfilled by her for some time, but she
Len Linacre. Carried
                                              had found it necessary to resign from
President then advised members re
                                              this position.       The need for a
booking and cancellation policy for
                                              replacement was put to the floor and
Branch outings to start from 1st.
                                              Rosemarie B volunteered to take the
January, 2005 as follows:-
                                              job on. Thank you Rosemarie.
Some of our recent tours have been                                                           The web site is
                                              Tour Coordinators Report: Waterview
of the type where lunch has been
inclusive of the tour price. This has
                                              Restaurant, Berowra Waters, good day 
                                              - This is probably a place we should

 Second Wind is edited and published for the Liverpool Branch of the National Seniors Association by Shirley B and Barry L . Copyright
remains with the author. Other Branches of the NSA are free to use any material from this newsletter without seeking permission. Editors
                          reserve disclaimer rights on contributions. Photocopying courtesy of Paul Lynch MP
                                                 A Young Boy’s Talk with God
                                      Hey God, you know that baby?
                                      Well, Mum brought him home last week,
        Photo Album                   She said I need a playmate, the kid can’t even speak,
Rose-Marie B is Curator of the        He can’t even kick my footy, or bowl my cricket ball,
Album and would like photos           I think it was a waste of time to bring him home at all.
please. She asks please that          Mummy used to play with me, and read my favourite rhyme,
no one writes on the back of          But now we’ve got the baby, she hasn’t got the time
                                      It’s “shush, the baby’s sleeping” or “must you make that awful noise?”
the photos but includes details
                                      Or “Mind, don’t hurt the baby”, don’t touch the baby’s toys.”
on a separate piece of paper.         Gran says he’s simply darling, she loves his eyes of blue,
Rose-Marie passed the album           I’m getting really tired of all the “coochy-coo”
around during the bus trip.           If he burps, he’s a clever boy, if I burp, I’m just plain rude,
Everyone enjoyed it, but it still     Dad says I’m displaying a jealous attitude.
needs more photos.                    Mum says “You’ve got to learn the share, you’ve got a brother now”.
         Thank You.                   So I shared my sardine sandwich and ...God, what a row!
                                      How was I supposed to know a baby doesn’t chew.
                                      He’s got no teeth, oh what a kid! There’s nothing he can do!
                                      So, God, I asked Dad to change him … maybe for a pup,
                                      Now Mummy’s in there howling and Dad can’t shut her up.
                                      What’s the good of babies? They don’t know how to play,
                                      I have to tippy-toe around ‘cos the baby sleeps all day.
                                      So now I’m in my bedroom because I caused a fuss
                                      … God, why did you send that kid to live with us?

February 17th 8.00 am Pickup               Christmas Gathering
Historic St Albans tour with                                                 organising the nibblies and drinks
                                      From the President:                    on the day was much easier than
professional 2.5 hours guided
tour and commentary.           An     Thank you to all those who             organizing a full sit down
interesting area. Lunch at the        attended, and to those who fully       luncheon, but it can be done if
“Fickle Wombat” (good menu and        intended to come and share and         that is what is preferred.
not costly). Cost $40.00 for the      found they could not make it.          Let us know.
tour and lunch all inclusive. Pick
                                      We had 50 members together             On a sadder note, it is with regret
up 8.00am
                                      for Christmas cheer and                I advise members that we lost our
March 17th 8.30am Pick up             although it was quite warm, a          friend Peter D on Monday 6th
Lucas Heights Atomic Research         little breeze managed to stop          December. Most members would
Centre. Guided tour and lunch at      the temperature from being             be aware Peter was struggling
Menai Catholic Club cost $20.00       oppressive.                            with a recurrent illness and
with the lunch at own expense.        Our Zone Chairman attended             succumbed quietly as was his
Pick up at 8.30am Two flights of      and gave us a short speech,            way.
stairs to top of reactor.             thank you Dorothy.                     Members were represented at the
                                                                             Memorial Service by Lorraine and
April 21st 8.30am Pick Up             We need feed back from                 Peter M and Trevor and Shirley B.
Norman Lindsay Gardens—then to        members to the committee on
                                      whether we should adopt this           Our deepest and most sincere
the “Everglades Gardens” for a
                                      pattern for the future.                sympathy is extended to Win and
good lunch.      Tour/lunch all
                                                                             Katherine in their time of loss.
inclusive $38.00 This will be a       It did appear as though the trip
good day out.                         out for Christmas dinner and           Alan has some good trips
                                      entertainment, followed by the         arranged for the new year, let’s
May 19th       Pick up 8.30am         simple little “eat and drink” affair   hope we can fill the bus every
Janet’s Royal Rooms with              on the 1st Thursday of                 time.
morning tea included. A large         December was successful, but           A short note—I would appreciate
and interesting collection of royal   unless you let us know we will         everyone thinking about bringing
memorabilia. [It all started as a     need to address the question           along a friend for the April talk—
hobby] Lunch at Woonona Bulli         again next year.                       Jason Lea of Darrell Lea
RSL: Cost $30.00                                                             Chocolates really does like a full
                                      From the logistical point of view
                                      your committee was grateful for        house….
NEW RULES APPLY Payment in full
or deposit required at booking        the simpler event, everyone has
                                      commitments         over     the
                                      Christmas      season,       and
      WHEN I’M AN OLD LADY                                            About Growing Older
      When I’m an old lady I’ll live with my son
                                                                        Eventually you will reach a
      And make his life happy and filled with such fun
                                                                        point when you stop lying
      I want to pay back all the joy he’s provided.
                                                                         about your age and start
      Returning each deed. Oh, he'll be so excited
                                                                            bragging about it.
      When I’m an old lady, I’ll live with my son
                                                                        The older we get, the fewer
                                                                       things seem worth waiting in
      I’ll write on the wall with red, white and blue
                                                                                 line for.
      And bounce on the furniture Ya, wearing my shoes
      I’ll drink from the carton and then leave it out
                                                                      Some people try to turn back
      I’ll stuff all the toilers and oh, will he shout!
                                                                       their odometers. Not me, I
                                                                        want people to know why I
      When I’m an old lady, I’ll live with my son
                                                                      look this way. I’ve travelled a
                                                                        long way and some of the
      When he’s on the phone and just out of reach,
                                                                           roads weren’t paved.
      I’ll get into things like sugar and bleach.
      Oh, he’ll snap his fingers and then shake his head,
                                                                      When you are dissatisfied and
      And when things get tuff I’ll hide under the bed
                                                                      would like to go back to your
                                                                        youth, think of Algebra.
      When I’m an old lady, I’ll live with my son
                                                                      I don’t know how I got over the
      I’ll sit close to the TV, thru the channels I’ll click,
                                                                       hill without getting to the top.
      I’ll cross both my eyes to see if they stick.
      I’ll take off my socks and throw one away,
                                                                      One of the many things no one
      And play in the mud until the end of the day.
                                                                      tells you about aging is that it
                                                                        is such a nice change from
      When I’m an old lady, I’ll live with my son
                                                                               being young.
      And later, in bed, I’ll lay back and sigh,
                                                                      One must wait until evening to
      And thank God in prayer and then close my eyes;
                                                                      see how splendid the day has
      And my son will look down with a smile slowly
      And say with a groan “She’s so sweet when she’s
                                                                       Being young is beautiful, but
                                                                        being old is comfortable.
      When I’m an old lady, I’ll live with my son
                                                                       Long ago when men cursed
                                                                         and beat the ground with
Senior Citizens:                       NOT MY JOB!!!
                                                                      sticks, it was called witchcraft.
                                       This is a story about four
Are the Nation’s         leading                                           Today it’s called golf!
                                       people names: Everybody,
carriers of Aids!!!!                   Somebody, Anybody and
                                                                       If you don’t learn to laugh at
Hearing Aids                                                               trouble, you won’t have
                                       There was an important job
Band Aids                                                             anything to laugh at when you
                                       to be done and Everybody
Roll Aids                                                                          are old.
                                       was sure that Somebody
Walking Aids
                                       would do it. Anybody could
Medical Aids                                                                               Then
                                       have done it, but Nobody did
Government Aids and most of
                                       it.   Somebody got angry
all:   Monetary Aids to their
                                       about that because it was        Now
                                       Everybody’s job. Everybody
What are Seniors Citizens              thought Anybody could do it,
Worth?                                 but Nobody realised that
A fortune:    With                     Everybody wouldn’t do it.
  Silver in our Hair                   It ended up that Everybody
  Gold in our Teeth                    blamed Somebody when
  Stones in our Kidneys; and           Nobody did what Anybody
  Lead in our Feet.                    could have done!

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