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									                             Sara Wheeler

Sara Wheeler is a traveller, journalist and broadcaster. She has been described
by the literary critic Jeremy Lewis as “a marvellous writer – funny, elegant and
observant … the next Eric Newby”.

In 1996, “Terra Incognita” was published, the book chronicled the seven months
that Sara spent in Antarctica, a journey that everyone told her she would never
make. She had however, decided that she wanted to get to the South Pole and
quite simply persevered until she got there! It took two years to organise the
journey, during which time Sara was accepted as the first foreigner on the
American National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists’ and Writers’ Program.

“Terra Incognita” appeared on the Sunday Times best seller list and is a big hit
in the United States. Another of Sara’s books, “Travels in a Thin Country”,
about the six months she spent travelling in Chile was shortlisted for the
Thomas Cook Travel Book of the Year Award and is currently on it’s 9th print.
Sara also wrote a travel series for the Sunday Times entitled “Travels with my
Baby”, which described her first experience of package holidays as a mother.
She co-edited “Amazonian”, the Penguin book of women’s new travel writing.

Sara has successfully ventured into the corporate arena to speak about her
travel experiences, her presentations are anecdotal and entertaining as well as
motivational. Her after-dinner talks are often under the titles of “Life at -40°C”
and ”Polar Madness”, while her motivational presentations are based on her
belief that ‘you can achieve anything that you want, if you want it passionately’.

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