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									                                 LETTER FROM                               12
                                 THE DIRECTOR                              Rebecca’s Year in Review
                                                                           Take a month-by-month ride with the GPWA’s

                                 W     ell, here we go – off and run-      Rebecca Liggero as she crosses the globe and
                                       ning in a brand-new year, with      recaps all of the big iGaming events and parties she
                                 January already down to its last few      and her camera attended during 2008.
                                 days! This issue of the GPWA Times
                                 magazine, the seventh, will debut in

                                 London January 27th at the Inter-
                                 national Gaming Expo, which brings
                                 together the ICE and ICEi exhibitions
                                 under one new acronym – IGE. We’ll        Inside the Mind of a Gambling
                                 be attending, and we hope to see you      Affiliate
                                 there, too.
                                                                           Steve Nickoloff explains how he got into the affiliate
                                 Our cover story takes an entertaining     marketing business and how he has made it a
                                 look at the brilliant method behind the   permanent source of income.
                                 off-the-wall madness at Paddy Power.

                                 Their frequently controversial but
  GPWA	      	         	         always astute branding and marketing
  Executive	Director:		          strategies have been responsible for
  Michael Corfman
                                 their rapid expansion, in author Gary     Cover Story: Behind the Curtain
                                 Trask’s words, “from street bookie to
  Marketing	Director:		          major player in the world of Internet     at Paddy Power
  Andrea Mullaney                gambling.” The Paddy Power story is       The Irish bookmaker has made a science out of
  Program	Manager:		             a classic example of what can happen      pushing the envelope when it comes to marketing its
  Steven Corfman                 when you’re not afraid to take chances.   brand and the result has made a lot of people laugh,
  Program	Coordinator:		                                                   even more people angry and the company a lot of
                                 We think you’ll enjoy the “2008 Year      money.
  Teresa Adam
                                 in Review” piece, especially because

  Senior	Account	Manager:		
                                 it’s not just any old end-of-the-year
  Rebecca Liggero                rehash, but Rebecca Liggero’s up-close
  Account	Manager:		             and personal “social review” of her
  Eric Almquist                  professional networking encounters        Affiliate Manager Interviews
                                 with online gambling’s movers and         Get up-close and personal with seven affiliate
  GPWA	Times	Magazine	           shakers at some of the world’s most       managers who tell you how they got into the
                                 sophisticated business venues, includ-    business, reveal their industry secrets and tell you
  Managing	Editor:		             ing the hallowed halls of Amsterdam’s     things about themselves that nobody else knows.
  Vin Narayanan                  Casa del Rosa.
  Senior	Editor:

  Gary Trask                     We also have in this issue interviews
  Associate	Editor:              with seven of the best affiliate manag-
                                 ers in the business and the longest af-
  Dan Igo
                                 filiate interview we’ve ever published.   Eight Mistakes Made by Poker
  Copy	Chief:		
  Bill Riley                                                               Affiliates
                                 Finally, don’t miss the thought-pro-
  Designer:		                    voking sample of GPWA forum posts.        Renowned poker affiliate Jeremy Enke gives us
                                 They convey the agonized concerns         the most common pitfalls that curb the growth of
  George Choi
                                 and raw emotions that so many of our      beginner entrepreneurs in the poker side of the
                                 friends and colleagues are currently      business.
                                 experiencing as we all try to make

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           “I think it’s                               Norway	passes	its	own	version	of	the	UIGEA	
                      that a
    major global
     should seek,
                    at this
                                                      T   he Norwegian parliament passed a
                                                          proposal in December that mimics the
                                                     Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement
                                                                                                               The amendment was first proposed back in
                                                                                                               2007 and at that time it was reported the
                                                                                                               reason for the proposal was not to protect
      time, to prom
                       ote                           Act that the U.S. adopted in 2006. The                    Norwegian problem gamblers, but to protect
       gambling on                                  Norwegian measure bans financial trans-                    government-owned Norske Tipping, the coun-
        Internet site.”                             actions between the                                                          try’s land-based agent for
                                                    nation’s residents and                                                       lottery, sports, and insta-
    - Peter Kilfoyl                                online gambling opera-                                                        games.
                    e, former U.K.
       defense minist                Labor
                        er, after Goog
                                                   tors. It is unlikely the ban
      decided to allo
                      w gambling ad               will go into effect until                                                        But Rolf Sims, a legal adviser
             (Scotsman UK               s.
                                )                 mid-2009 at the earliest                                                         to Norway’s Ministry of Cul-
                                                  as regulatory drafting is                                                        ture, told Reuters in October
                                                                still required.                                                    of 2007 that the reason was
                                                                                                                                   because of the growing pub-

                                                                 Also like the                                                     lic backlash against gam-

                                                                  situation    in                                                  bling in Norway.

Q                                                                  the U.S., Nor-
                                                                   way’s Financial Services Associa-
                                                              tion and other financial institutions are
                                                                                                               “The anti-gambling lobby has got the wind in
                                                                                                               its sails,” Sims said. “It would be political sui-
                                                        questioning how the enforcement of the ban             cide for any government minister to suggest
         “It would be                                   will work.                                             legalizing gambling.”
        waving a re
                    d flag to
              a bull.”
                                                       Banks	given	until	Dec.	2009	to	comply	with	UIGEA
        - Shadow Fina
                       nce Minister
      Richards on w                  Bob
     doing to U.S.
                     hat it would be
                   authorities if
        embraced Inter
                        net gambling.
                                                       T   he U.S. Department of Treasury and
                                                           Federal Reserve announced a joint rule
                                                      in November to implement and enforce the
                                                                                                                According to
                                                                                                                the final rule
                                                                                                                published by
                                                      Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement                    the Treasury
                                                      Act. The rule relies on financial institutions            Department,
                                                      performing due diligence on corporate cus-                during      the
                                                      tomers to ensure they’re not processing on-               public com-
                                                      line gambling transactions.                               ment period
                                                                                                                of the pro-
                                                             American financial institutions have been          posed UIGEA
                                                             given until Dec. 1, 2009 to comply with the        rule, “about 20 commenters, almost all of
                                                             regulations designed to block online gam-          them depository institutions, noted that not-
                                                             bling transactions, including those made           withstanding the Agencies’ efforts to craft
                                                              through credit cards, electronic funds            a reasonable rule, the proposed regulation
                                                              transfers, and checks. The rule went into         would be unduly burdensome and would re-
                                                                                     effect Jan. 19, 2009.      sult in compliance costs greater than any off-
                                                                                     “For purposes of the       setting societal benefits.
                                                                                     rule, unlawful Inter-
                                           “One of the                               net gambling gener-        “Several of these commenters stated that the
                                     challenges that has                             ally would cover the       rule would adversely affect the competitive-
                                     plagued the casino                             making of a bet or wa-      ness of the U.S. payments system, and that the
                                     industry for a long                            ger that involves use of    Agencies should be cognizant of the potential
                                                                                    the Internet and that is    for the Act and similar laws to cumulatively
                                 time is that we spend                              unlawful under any ap-      cause capital flight and erode the U.S. dollar’s
                                   money like drunken                              plicable federal or state    status as the world’s reserve currency.”
                                               sailors.”                           law in the jurisdiction
                                                                                   where the bet or wager       The Treasury Department says the comments
                                   - Gary Loveman (above), chairman
                                                                                  is initiated, received, or    were taken into consideration, but says it be-
                                      and chief executive of Harrah’s
                                           Entertainment Inc.                     otherwise made,” the          lieves “that flexible, risk-based due diligence
                                                                                  Treasury Department           procedures at account opening, such as those
                                                                                  said in a statement.          set out in the final rule, present the best op-
                                                                                                                tion for balancing these two interests.”
GPWA Times | Webmaster News

    Microgaming	withdraws	from	U.S.                                                                            “We’re hopeful
                                                                                                                 that, in the
P   opular online gambling software provider Microgaming stopped accepting
    new U.S. registrations in November. The decision to stop accepting U.S. play-
ers came in the wake of a ruling by a Kentucky judge that gave the software pro-
                                                                                                              fullness of time,
                                                                                                             the new [Obam
                                                                                                            administration w
vider 30 days to block access to Kentucky residents or forfeit their domain to the                                             ill
government of Kentucky.                                                                                  take steps to re
                                                                                                          [Internet gambl
Microgaming was one of the 141 online gambling sites that was subjected to a
seizure order approved by Judge Thomas Wingate. But Wingate’s ruling has                                - PartyGaming Ch
                                                                                                                            ief Executive Jim
been blocked until a three-judge panel has ruled on an appeal filed by Internet                         Ryan after his com
                                                                                                                             pany reported a
                                                                                                        15 percent fall in
gaming firms and trade groups. The decision, which                                                                         poker revenues in
was expected in January, had not been handed down
as of press time.

Kentucky first moved to seize the 141 online gambling
domains in late September. The list of sites targeted                    “’There have been
was “developed by attorneys (conducting the inves-                   projections circulated on
tigation) and are sites where people from Kentucky,                  the Hill that it can raise
using Kentucky addresses, were able to place bets,”                 billions of dollars in new
said Jennifer Brislin, communications director for
                                                                      federal revenue, so we
the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, which filed the
lawsuit on behalf of the government.                               can expect that the whole
                                                                   issue of Internet gambling
                                                                    will be front and center
                                                                      in the next Congress.”
                                                                   - Frank Fahrenkopf (right), American
                                                                          Association president and CEO.

The targeted domains are held by a mix of domestic and international regis-
trars, Brislin added.
                                                                                                          “The authors
Among the sites targeted by Kentucky are PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute                        supporters o
Poker, Bodog, and Slotocash.                                                                                             f the law
                                                                                                        are happy w
                                                                                                                          ith this
“Our end game is to stop that activity (gambling) within Kentucky,” Brislin                             definition, be
said. “We have no interest to shut it down elsewhere in the country or world-                          it puts the fi
wide.”                                                                                                   institutions in
                                                                                                     position of w
In October, Wingate ruled in favor of Kentucky. In his ruling, he                                                       anting to
                                                                                                     throw up the
said that if the 141 sites “reasonably estab-                                                                           ir hands
                                                                                                    and say this
lished to the satisfaction of Kentucky’s                                                                              isn’t worth
Justice and Safety Cabinet or this Court                                                                         it.”
that such geographical blocks are opera-
                                                                     I spent it
                                                        “I blew it.
                                                                                                       - iMEGA Chai
tional (within 30 days), (they) shall be                                                                             rman and CE
                                                                       t things
                                                                                                    Brennan Jr. af                  O Joe
                                                          on differen
                                                                                                                   ter the U.S. De
relieved from the effects of the Seizure                                                              of Treasury an               partment
                                                                                                                      d Federal Rese
                                                          — drugs,
order and from any further proceedings                                                                 announced its                   rve
                                                                                                                      final joint rule
                                                                                                     implement an                      to
in the instant civil forfeiture action.”                          stuff.”                                          d enforce the

                                                                                  hen asked by
                                                                      e Dennis w             000
                                                          - Jacquelin           ith the $27,
                                                                    t she did w               est
                                                         police wha               game in W
                                                                      om a poker
                                                         she stole fr
Visit for the latest developments                               Virginia.
on the Kentucky domains case.
                                                                                                                      Webmaster News | GPWA Times

          BY THE NUMBERS

                                                                The increase in poker
                                                                revenues for Asian Logic
                                                                during the first half of
                                                                2008 as compared to

    The number of years
    Hong Kong’s Tam Chi-wai
    was sentenced in jail          20.6%
    for after being charged        The increase in gross
    with operating an online       gaming revenues for
    gambling network. Chi-wai      bwin during the first
                                   nine months of 2008 as
    was also fined $3 million.                                  The amount Korean
                                   compared to 2007.            baseball player-turned-

    9.3%                                                        TV show host Kang

    The percentage of 8,000        25%                          Byung-kyu admitted to
                                                                losing while gambling
    U.K. adults who said in        The percentage of bingo      on an Internet site that
    a survey that they had         players who said that they   broadcast Baccarat
    participated in at least one   would leave their partner    games live from the
    form of remote gambling        if they hit a jackpot of     Philippines.
    in the previous month.         more than €25,000,
    This figure was 8.8% in        according to a study by
    2007 and 7.2% in 2006.         Mecca Bingo.

    9.5%                           51%                                                         $164 million
    The percentage that the        The percentage of the                                       The amount of money
    European online poker          Asia-Pacific Internet                                       Australians lost playing
    market is expected             population that visited                                     gaming machines in
    to increase in 2008,           gaming sites in August,                                     the month of October,
    according to a study by        2008, according to                                          according to the Office
    Marco Felice Baranzelli.       comSCORE.                                                   of Liquor, Gaming and
    The percentage that the
    U.S. online poker market
    is expected to decline
    in 2008, according to a
    study by Marco Felice                                       $687,000
    Baranzelli.                                                 The amount of a poker
                                                                pot won by Phil Ivey at Full
                                                                Tilt in October. The poker
                                                                room claims this is the
    The predicted growth of                                     largest online poker hand.
    Internet advertising in the    The percentage of men
    next year, according to        who said they could not
    the European Interactive       live without the Internet,   $120 million
    Advertising Association,       according to report by       The amount of gambling
    which noted 31 percent of      Break Media                  revenues expected in
    advertisers claim their use                                 Poland by 2012.
    of TV ads is decreasing.

GPWA Times | By the Numbers

| GPWA Times

     CAPTION CONTEST | What’s the punch line?

                                                                           This	month’s	Caption	Contest	
                                                                           cartoon	shows	an	anxious	
                                                                           affiliate	waiting	patiently	
                                                                           by	his	mailbox	for	his	local	
                                                                           postal	worker	to	deliver	a	
                                                                           payment	only	to	be	left	empty-
                                                                           handed…again!		What’s	going	
                                                                           through	the	mind	of	this	
                                                                           suddenly	sullen	affiliate?	We’re	
                                                                           leaving	that	up	to	you.	Head	to	
                                                                           the	GPWA	Forums	and	submit	
                                                                           your	most	creative	and	witty	
                                                                           caption	for	this	cartoon.	We’ll	
                                                                           see	which	one	makes	us	laugh	
                                                                           the	loudest	and	the	winner	will	
                                                                           receive	an	iGaming	Business	
                                                                           Directory.		To	enter	visit	the	
                                                                           forum	section	at	
                               Drawing by Ben Riley,

GPWA Times | Caption Contest

GPWA Times | Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times

GPWA Times | Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times

GPWA Times | Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times

GPWA Times | Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times

GPWA Times | Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times

GPWA Times |

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times

GPWA Times |
                                 25 25

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times

GPWA Times | Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review

Rebecca’s 200 Year in Review | GPWA Times
     2009 Event Calendar (For full details, visit

            January 2009                                      March 2009                          October 2009

Jan 11-13                                        Mar 4 – 5                           The	Betting	Show
Affiliate	Summit	West	2009	                      Bet	Markets                         National Exhibition Center, Hall 9
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino                     Messe Vienna                        Birmingham, United Kingdom
Las Vegas, Nevada                                Vienna, Austria                               
                                                                                                November 2009
Jan 14                                           Mar 30-31
GPWA	Conference	@	Affiliate	Summit		Las	Vegas	   CAC	Amsterdam                       Nov 17-19
Stratosphere Las Vegas Casino Hotel & Tower      NH Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel         G2E	2009
Las Vegas, Nevada                                Amsterdam, The Netherlands          Las Vegas Convention Center                            Las Vegas, Nevada
Jan 26                                           Mar 30-31
International	Casino	Conference	(ICC)            GPWA	Conference	@	CAC	Amsterdam	    Nov 24-25
Earls Court Exhibition Center                    NH Grand Krasnapolsky Hotel         Affilicon	Fall	2009
London, United Kingdom                           Amsterdam, The Netherlands          Israel            

Jan 26                                                         June 2009
Combating	Cybercrime	in	Betting	and	
Gaming	2009
                                                 June 1-2
Earls Court Exhibition Center
                                                 Affilicon	Conference	&	Exhibition
London, United Kingdom
                                                 Avenue Convention Center
                                                 Airport City, Israel
Jan 27–29
International	Gaming	Expo	(IGE)
(Incorporating ICE and ICEi)
                                                              August 2009
Earls Court Exhibition Center
London, United Kingdom                           Aug 9-11                               Affiliate	Summit	East
                                                 New York, New York
Jan 29-Feb 1
CAP	Euro	London	2009	
Novotel London West                                        September 2009
London, United Kingdom                                      Sept 15-17
                                                 EiG	2009	
            February 2009                        Copenhagen, Denmark

Feb 24–26                                        CAC	Moscow
Asian	i-Gaming	Congress	and	Expo	(AiG)           Holiday Inn Lesnaya Moscow
Venetian Casino and Resort                       Moscow, Russia
Macau, China                           

GPWA Times | 200 Event Calendar                                                                                          Clip	&	Save

                        WE KNOW YOU
                        WE ARE YOU

     MARCH 30 - APRIL 1, 2009
         WWW   .CAC2009. COM
             Earls Court | London | 27th - 29th January

                             First Choice
                             For Gaming
                             When over 200 of the gaming industry's
                             most respected manufacturers launch in
                             excess of 2,000 products at the same
                             expo, you know that it’s an event which
                             means business.
                             Be part of the experience

                             2009 will see ICE and ICEi incorporated under
                             the International Gaming Expo umbrella brand
                             - the largest and most comprehensive gaming
                             exhibition in the world.

                Gaming giant cites IGE
                as the ‘most important                                                                                    Earls Court, London, UK

                exhibition of the year’                                                                         

                Novomatic	takes	top	slot                                                 Growing	sectors
                AGI’s Novomatic brand – company philosophy ‘Novomatic leads,             An important subset of the International Gaming Expo, the remote
                others follow’ – sits at the top table of major industry players with-   gaming dedicated ICEi sector will include 90 exhibitors drawn from
                in IGE. The company has a hugely impressive 1,116 square metre           25 sovereign jurisdictions, 35 of which are making their first ever ap-
                [12,009sq.ft] stand (the largest within the exhibition); space which     pearance. ICEi floorspace has grown by more than 40 per cent year-
                it intends to use to good effect. The company confirmed: “Details        on-year to over 2,750sqm [29,590sq.ft] and now constitutes around
                are being kept under wraps until the show opens its doors but it is      14 per cent of the entire show.
                certain that aficionados of multi-player games, operators and their
                guests alike, will see a whole new arena of gaming possibilities from    Adding to the pre-existing casino (ICE) and remote gaming (ICEi)
                Novomatic.”                                                              components, the introduction of soft gaming, lottery, betting
                                                                                         and other gambling and wagering disciplines has formed the um-
                In addition to Novomatic, the 2009 ‘big league’ of exhibitors com-       brella ‘International Gaming Expo’ which weighs in at a colossal
                prises IGT–Europe, Astra Games, TCS John Huxley, WMS Gaming,             20,000sqm [215,200sq.ft] of net floor space.
                Atronic International, Aristocrat Technologies, Amatic Industries and
                APEX Gaming – all with stands in excess of 300sqm [3,228sq.ft]. Also
                firmly on the radar of show visitors with stands of 200sqm [2,152sq.     Pre-registration	spike	for	IGE
                ft] and above are Alfastreet, Casino Technology, Recreativos Franco,     The response to IGE, which gives visitors access to the universe
                Barcrest Group, XtalE, Merkur                                                                            of gaming equipment, systems
                Gaming, Bally Technologies,                                                                              and platforms all in a single
                Gold Club, Games Warehouse,                                                                              location, has been highly en-
                Inspired Gaming, Elektroncek,            ‘The biggest and most important                                 couraging with the level of pre-
                Gaming Partners International
                                                           exhibition that we attend each                                registration up 34.1 per cent

                and Unidesa-Cirsa Group. These                                                                           compared with the same stage
                are joined by a further 32 compa-      year, a vital part of our commercial                              12 months ago. The data con-
                nies with 100sqm-plus [1,076sq.                                                                          firms the value of creating what
                ft+] displays.                          strategy’ is how Jens Halle, man-                                is the most complete gaming
                                                        aging director of Austrian Gaming                                exhibition on the calendar.

                First	time                             Industries GmbH, chose to preview
                exhibitors                             London’s forthcoming International                                     Taiwan	leads	
                IGE also serves as a vital market
                                                         Gaming Expo (incorporating ICE                                       international	list
                place for small to medium size                                                                              Outside of the host nation, the
                enterprises (SME’s) which use
                the exhibition as a platform to
                                                       and ICEi) which will host more than                                  United Kingdom, Taiwan is rep-
                                                                                                                            resented by the biggest number
                launch their innovations to an            300 companies from 48 nations                                     of exhibitors (20), followed by
                international audience of buyers.
                Many of the SME’s are amongst            across January 27th–29th at the                                    the USA (18), Malta (17) and
                                                                                                                            Italy (14). Austria has 12, whilst
                the 72 organisations that will             Earls Court Exhibition Centre.                                   Canada, Germany, Netherlands,
                be making their debut appear-                                                                               Spain and Slovenia all have 10
                ance at the London show. Drawn                                                                              and Sweden nine. Korea has five,
                from a total of 27 countries, the                                        Belgium, Latvia, Russia and Serbia each have four, Bulgaria, Cyprus,
                debutantes bring a fresh approach and perspective on the gaming          Denmark, France, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Japan and Poland are
                industry, helping to sustain the exhibition’s reputation for being a     all on three and the Czech Republic, Romania, South Africa, Ukraine
                dynamic and commercial market place to source new products of            and the Virgin Islands each have two exhibitors.
                which an estimated 2,000 are launched each year at show.
                                                                                         The remaining contingent, drawn from Alderney, Antigua, Argen-
                The list of IGE first-timers includes renowned industry names, as        tina, Belarus, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Gibraltar, Hong Kong,
                well as those looking to make a big impression with their maiden ap-     Hungary, Iceland, India, Jersey, Mexico, Portugal, Slovakia and the
                pearance by taking significant stands. Those with 50sqm [538sq.ft]       United Arab Emirates, takes IGE’s tally of represented countries to
                or more include Alsart (Russia), Cryptologic (Canada), Intervision       48 – the most international make-up in the history of the London
                Marketing (Cyprus), WorldMatch (Malta), Synot (Czech Republic),          Show.
                Hydako (Korea), Intel Corporation (USA), Ivobank (UK) and Shock
                Machine México.                                                          All details correct as at 5 December 2008 and subject to amends and
                                                                                         alterations made by show organisers, Clarion Gaming, in the lead-up
                                                                                         to the show. For up to date exhibitor lists, floor plans, the latest show
                                                                                         news, travel and accommodation and FREE entry badge registra-
                                                                                         tion, visit

      INTERVIEW WITH                Steve	Nickoloff		|		GFPC
                                                                                              Can	 a	 poker	 af-     Literally. I read a post from a fellow affiliate I
                                                                                              filiate	 survive	      think on one of the forums who said the same

                                                                                              without	 offer-        thing, and I was like yes, that’s me! But now it
                                                                                              ing	 rakeback?	        takes a few hours each day. I have to do secu-
                                                                                              Or	 has	 it	 be-       rity checks on players who sign up for no-de-

      GFPC	TICK?                                                                              come	 such	 an	        posit deals. Check ID, IP’s and cross reference
                                                                                              industry	 stan-        this. Plus send test quizzes and verify if they
                                                                                              dard	 that	 you	       are real players. And qualify for my promo-
                                                                                              have	 to	 offer	       tions. Plus I update links, articles, and blog

      Honesty, hard work, and                                                                 it? Well, this is
                                                                                             a question that’s
                                                                                                                     now. Along with add/remove sites and adding
                                                                                                                     new content. So I would say a good 10 hours
                                                                                             hard for me to          a day on all aspects of this. Plus I now spend
      a lot of positive thinking                                                             answer. A lot of
                                                                                             people will say
                                                                                                                     a lot of time on forums learning and sharing
                                                                                                                     ideas, here at GPWA and PAL. I spend four to
                                                                                             rakeback is a           six hours a day here and there. I love it.
                                                                                             must. However
You	bring	in	an	interesting	breadth	of	ex-                    it takes a great deal of time to develop in that       I use Joomla right now because it gives me flex-
perience	to	your	work	as	a	poker	affiliate.	                  niche. You need a large number of players who          ibility. It’s all right, and I have added many ex-
One	 of	 the	 jobs	 that	 you’ve	 held	 is	 pro-              are what they call “whales” in order to make           tensions and modules. I work around things. But
moting	 live	 poker.	What	 exactly	 did	 you	                 something from it.                                     I do want to create my own CMS. This is why I
do?	 Good question. Originally my girlfriend                                                                         hired two programmers to develop a new Poker/
and I used to play poker in pubs/bars in the city             We have players who asked for rakeback so we           Casino CMS with auto updates. This will save on
with a group known as the Red Hot Poker Tour.                 decided to try it. We spend a great deal of time       time and effort. All that is needed is content, and
We also played at a place called Hurricanes and               listening to our players and will do everything we     it would be so easy to add on many sites. They
we developed some good friendships along the                  can to keep them with us. Rakeback is just one         have been working on this for months now.
way. During this time one of the guys who ran                 area, but we are still new to it, so time will tell.
some of the events at Hurricanes asked me if I                                                                       For new affiliates Joomla is the way to go. Easy
would like to get into business to run live games             What	is	the	most	important	factor	for	you	             to learn and free.
for bars across the city. I agreed right away and             in	 choosing	 a	 poker	 affiliate	 program	 to	
thought it was a terrific idea. We purchased all              work	 with? To answer this with one word,              What	 do	 your	 friends	 and	 family	 think	 of	
kinds of poker chips, tables, and cards for these             “Honesty.” I want to work with affiliate sites         your	work	as	an	affiliate? Well, to be honest,
events, as our goal was to do many throughout                 that are truthful and ethical and do what they         they have no clue how it works. My dad thinks
the week. We successfully started out doing                   say they will do. Along the way I have had my          I am gambling all the time and I try to tell him,
them, and yes, we had a great time. We met                    share of not getting paid for one reason or an-        “No, Dad, I am not a player, I am like the house.”
some new people and had a lot of fun. The bars                other. I am sure from my forum posts you will          I explain how it works, but he refuses to under-
loved it, as it brought clients, and we learned               all know when it happens to me. LOL. Seri-             stand. My siblings don’t really ask too much
a lot. However it was a hard sell, and both my                ously, when a site declares they will honor pay-       about it. My friends all think it’s pretty interest-
partner and I had conflicting ideas, so we de-                ment, that promise simply must be kept. Your           ing. I always help them out, since many are play-
cided to sever our business relationship.                     word is your honor. I always like to follow this       ers themselves. But of course along the way some
                                                              in my life. When I say I will do something I do        friends were envious and thought I was making
It was at this moment I decided to get into on-               it. So it’s my hope always to deal with ethical        tons of cash and not sharing it. I can say this: you
line affiliating, which I wanted to combine with              affiliate sites that are honest and pay their af-      do know who your friends are when you get into
the live events we were doing.                                filiates. I also like affiliate managers who can       this industry. The ones who help out and show
                                                              communicate daily with me, and share ideas to          interest are great, since I need a sounding board
How	 important	 are	 private	 freerolls	 for	                 help our relationship grow. In all my dealings         a lot of the time. And my girlfriend does get sick
your	 business?	 Freerolls are of huge impor-                 it’s the affiliate managers I contact daily who        of hearing me every day say the same things over
tance, maybe not like three or four years ago,                bring the most rewards. We can work together           and over. So I have a few friends who give ideas
but they help with conversions. Let’s face it:                easily and have better success. One of these af-       and share opinions. Mostly positive so far. And I
freerolls are all over the net, and a player does             filiate managers will email me every day and           have developed tons of online friends and associ-
not need to deposit to play in one. But for us,               always is there day or night, willing to help at       ates now who are good influences. I will eventu-
we like to have a close community of active                   any time. I appreciate this a lot. Timely pay-         ally get my dad to understand I am not gambling.
members who play frequently. Freerolls keep                   ments and good stats are a must. I like to see         I hardly even play myself as I do not have time.
them involved and playing. I have mostly done                 how my campaigns are going daily, so daily up-
freerolls with no add-ons, but I think the add-               dates are crucial for me. Good marketing ban-          I must not forget my cats. I love my cats! I have
ons are better because they tend to attract more              ners and reviews are also important.                   six with me at all times. They are like my kids in
quality-type players who are willing to invest a                                                                     some ways. Most of the time they are unhappy
little money. Players who deposit and pay a little            How	much	time	does	it	take	to	keep	your	               when I am occupied with business and will do
for a game play much better in my opinion.                    site	updated?	Do	you	use	a	content	man-                anything to get my attention. And they’ll jump
                                                              agement	 system	 to	 manage	 your	 site?	              on the computer keyboard and turn off the ma-
 *Due to space constraints, we could not print this           Updating my site takes time. When I started I          chine when I leave it for a few minutes. I have to
 interview in its entirety. Read complete text at   didn’t even know how to cut and paste.                 be careful -- LOL.

GPWA Times | GPWA Affiliate Interview

   Steve, with his girlfriend Pia

What	 advice	 can	 you	 offer	 people	 who	 are	        If	you	had	to	pick	five	keys	to	success	as	an	
just	starting	up	in	the	industry? Wow, a loaded         affiliate,	what	would	they	be	and	why?                 City	currently	residing	in:	
question. So much to say on this. I guess the very      Be Organized - It’s a big job to take on to be suc-    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
first thing that sticks out in my mind is do not        cessful. So you must organize your time and set
choose CPA. I know many new affiliates will think       priorities to get things done daily.                   Age:	38
of the money they can make fast, but don’t get
trapped like I did. Stick to rev share, and hybrid      Be Open Minded - I think it’s good to be open to
                                                                                                               Favorite	food:	
deals. Have a plan to start with, whom you want to      new ideas, as you may have to step out of your
cater to. Devise a strategy and target them. Along      comfort zone once in awhile. As you learn ways
                                                                                                               Rotties (my friend Ozzy makes
the way be flexible to make changes when needed.        to be a successful affiliate you may not be used to    the best homemade ones)
Not everything will work the first time; you need to    certain ways of thinking. Just go with the flow.
be open minded. Be honest. Don’t try and pass one       Soak in all the information you can and use what       One	book	everyone	must	read:	
over another affiliate or affiliate manager. We have    works.                                                 The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
heard it all. Be honest and always show respect in
your dealings. At times it can be frustrating, and if   Engage in Networking - It’s crucial to network and
it’s too much take time off. I did, when I dealt in a   build valuable relationships with your peers and
live casino. I needed a break, and I came back with     contacts, whether they be players, other affiliates,
more motivation and dedication. It also is good to      or affiliate managers. You have to join discus-
dream. I mean really dream of what you want, how        sion groups, attend conferences. You will then get     In	progress:
you want it, and never stop thinking about that         known and people will trust you more once they
dream. If you don’t give up I do believe dreams         get to know you and put a face to you. This will
come true. Don’t set time limits on goals. Just let     take time, but it is an important goal to achieve.
them happen. These are only a few points, but ones      Working with other successful affiliates who can
that are important to me.                               help you build your own network is the key here.

                                                                                                               GPWA Affiliate Interview | GPWA Times
Be Goal Oriented - Similar to dreaming (see            What’s	 your	 favorite	 vacation	 spot?	 And	             If	you	were	casting	a	movie	(with	yourself	
above), I think you have to set goals, certain         why?	 Well, I love Cuba. I have been there many           in	 the	 starring	 role),	 who	 would	 play	
places you want to be and things you want to           times. Such good times there. But in my heart I           your	 romantic	 interest?	 And	 why?	 Well,
achieve. Again, no time limits need to be used,        will always love Uruguay. It’s a small Spanish            another easy answer. Pia is my woman now!
but just thinking about your goals and working         country underneath Brazil beside Argentina.               I could not dream of having another romantic
on them every day will help you get there. Write       When I was younger I lived there for six months           interest, as she is everything a man could ask
them down, think about them, and go over               and worked on a chicken farm with a host family.          for. She’s just simply perfect for me and I
them from time to time. Maybe they will slightly       Then I worked building a greenhouse. It was my            doubt anyone could fill her role. She’s all mine
change from time to time or you will have more         first travel experience, and I will never forget it. I    and I am all hers. Plus she is good at acting! I
or less over time. It’s still important to work to-    went back one more time a couple years later and          mean acting out! When I spend too much time
ward something. Think about it constantly.             stayed one month.                                         on this affiliate business. I will leave it to your
                                                                                                                 imagination what she acts out about.
                                                                                  I love Uruguay and I
                                                                                  dream about that coun-         And	 finally,	 what	 are	 three	 things	 that	
                                                                                  try so much all the time.      nobody	 knows	 about	 you? First thing
                                                                                  The food, the people, the      is Pia and I have a dream to get married on
                                                                                  dance, the music. Every-       10-10-10. That’s October 10th, 2010. And
                                                                                  thing about it is me. I        our wedding will be revolved around a poker
                                                                                  felt so alive when I lived     theme. She’s actually doing all sorts of designs
                                                                                  there. I would seriously       for tables, making our own custom cards and
                                                                                  love to buy a house there      all sorts of things. We plan on having a poker
                                                                                  and live there six months      tournament for all the people in attendance.
                                                                                  of the year. I can’t wait to   After the big ceremony, that is, with live
                                                                                  go back. For me it’s more      dealers and hopefully a professional player
                                                                                  of a perfect way of life       to be a guest speaker. This is how we met
                                                                                  rather than just a vaca-       the first time, and we want to tie the knot the
                                                                                  tion, so I would consider      same way.
                                                                                  it a permanent vacation
                                                                                  spot for me.                   Second, at one point I had 16 cats. I had saved
                                                                                                                 the lives of two mother cats from the winter
                                                                                  What	is	your	favorite	         cold, and they were pregnant. They were also
                                                                                  movie?	 Easy!!! “Cool          only kittens it seemed. During birth I had to
Create Your Own Positive Energy - This is one          Hand Luke” with Paul Newman, a legend. I’ve               help them, by pulling the kittens out. One
area where I am lacking, but I am working on           admired Paul Newman going back to when I                  of them was really sick. I spent days with no
it. The idea is to constantly think of everything      was a child. He had so much charisma and to               sleep nursing them back to health. Then the
and everyone around you as being positive.             me was a real man. He had great personality,              other one had kittens a month later.
Like a positive force. When you feel good about        and his acting was fabulous. Incidently this
yourself, and everyone around you, you attract         movie was a favorite of my mother and my                  Same problems more or less, but this was a
success. I see this all the time. People who are       brother as well. For some reason we all loved             wild cat. I had to wear oven gloves. The eyes
positive and make positives out of just about          this movie so much and watched it several                 of one of the kittens were not opening due to
anything can really do well. Take all failures as      times. My mom and brother are no longer                   some problem. So I used an old trick: a tea bag
nonfailures; think of them as a signal to change       with us and neither is Paul Newman, but I still           placed on the eyes. And they finally opened.
gears in your approach. Example: one month I           watch the movie, and I think of them and have
had no sign-ups. I decided to use positive en-         fond memories. I imagine them being with                  Now I only have six cats, found homes for the
ergy as a tool, and changed some things. The           Paul now!! Plus the movie had a wonderful                 other kittens, kept four, and one of them died
following month I had 50 sign-ups. I just con-         storyline for its time. A must see for anyone.            outside from an unknown cause. I love cats so
stantly thought positive. I believe it works.          The dialogue is wonderful.                                much. They have been a part of my life since I
                                                                                                                 was a child. I just can’t live without a few cats
How	 long	 did	 it	 take	 for	 you	 to	 start	 earn-   If	you	could	have	one	“super	power,”	what	                around. The six I have now are like my own
ing	money?	 For me it was fluctuating. I started       would	it	be?	And	why?	 For me this is inter-              kids!!! I feed them better than I feed myself.
making money after two months. Then for several        esting to answer. Not a typical reply, I gather.
months not that much. Then at six months again I       But I would say “Complete Empathy.” I think               Third. This more or less revolves around
did well. And then for a few months back to almost     this would be such a super power and would                goals. I would like to become wealthy, and
nothing. This is where I decided to take a break. I    help many lives get better. The fact is too many          very comfortable in life. For my own pleasure,
worked as a dealer and got out and talked to peo-      people are selfish and harmful and nonforgiv-             yes, I must admit, but also to be able to help
ple who are involved in this industry. I learned ev-   ing. Heck, I have been all those things at times,         others. I would like to open a foundation of
erything I could about live casino structures, and     but one thing I always had was empathy. I wish            some sort under maybe my family name in
how players view online gambling. One of the best      I had complete empathy. I feel this would take me         honor of my mother and brother. I would
things I did. Now I have a renewed focus, and the      to the next level of self-awareness and help me           like to have this foundation help the neediest
revenue is coming in again. I still have a long way    grow more than even I realize as a human being. If        of the neediest in the world. Similar to what
to go, but I have decided to branch out and build a    everyone was like this our world would be a truly         Barry Greenstein does in a way. But I would
network of sites. I hope it pays off.                  better place to live. If we could feel what everyone      like to travel to every country in the world,
                                                       was feeling and use this to help out one another          or as many as possible, and help at least one
                                                       we could accomplish so much.                              person who is in despair. A dream I have!!

GPWA Times | GPWA Affiliate Interview

                                             POWER  It doesn’t matter if you’re the Church, the
                                                     elderly or the President-elect. Anyone or
                                                   anything is fair game for Paddy Power, the
                                                  madcap Irish bookmaker that is reaping the
                                                profits of its marketing philosophy of offering
                                                     odds on virtually anything under the sun.
                                                                                    By Gary Trask

                                                                                      All photos courtesy
Paddy Power meets the press in St. Peter’s Square.                                     | of Paddy Times
                                                                                          GPWA Power.

                                                   April Fool’s Day 2006: Paddy Power sponsors the world’s biggest Strip Poker Tournament.

                 obody knows when the          will be the successor to Pope John Paul II,    are currently 119 betting shops located
                 next risqué marketing         you’re simply not the demographic that         across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the
                 idea for bookmaking gi-       Paddy Power is focused on.                     U.K. It employs 1,700 people – with more
                 ant Paddy Power will take                                                    than 160 of them working strictly on the
                 place. We do, however,        “The whole point of all the crazy stuff we     online side of the business (not including
have a pretty good idea as to where the        do is to make people laugh,” explains Mr.      IT support) – and in November it reported
concept will be generated.                     Power, who has worked in his family’s          to shareholders that it was on track to re-
                                               business since he was a young boy mark-        cord operating profits of around €75 mil-
“Why, in the pub, of course,” laughs the       ing the boards inside the betting shops        lion in 2007, an increase from €45.5 mil-
affable Mr. Paddy Power himself, the 34-       spread around Ireland. “And usually when       lion in 2006 and €30.1 million in 2005.
year-old head of communications for the        someone is laughing there’s someone else
company he shares a name with. “That’s         on the other side of the room that’s of-       And from the very start Paddy Power took
where most of the good stuff comes from.       fended. That’s just the way of the world.      on a brash, risk-taking personality.
It’s where everyone is relaxed and no idea     And quite simply, those that are offended
is too silly. And I have always found that     by our humor aren’t going to be our cus-       “The philosophy has always been that we
from the silly ideas, the great ones grow.”    tomers anyway.”                                don’t consider ourselves in the betting
                                                                                              game, we consider ourselves in the en-
Now, we must caution that your defini-                                                        tertainment game,” adds Mr. Power, who
tion of a “great idea” may differ greatly      Entertainers,	not	bookies                      runs all the public relations and public-
from that of Paddy Power’s. For instance,      Paddy Power has been both offending            ity for the company from a head office in
if you’re offended by the concept of orga-     people and making them laugh for the bet-      Dublin that employs 400 people. “And I
nizing the world’s largest strip poker tour-   ter part of two decades. The company was       think that’s one of the reasons for our suc-
nament, or find it appalling that a couple     founded in 1988 when three existing Irish      cess. As far as we’re concerned, if they can
of Irishmen would literally set up shop in     bookmakers merged. Since that time the         talk about it in the pub, they should be
St. Peter’s Square to take wagers on who       company has grown exponentially. There         able to bet on it.”

GPWA Times | Cheeky Power

Over the years, Paddy Power has taken a       The point here is that Paddy Power likes       bet that’s being offered, chances are that
literal approach to that credo. Log on to     to have fun. It likes to make its clients      they’re going to laugh and say, ‘It must be and within minutes you         laugh and it never, ever takes itself too      Paddy Power.’”
can place your hard-earned cash on ev-        seriously.
erything from the horses to the National                                                     Case in point: The Papal conclave of
Football League playoffs to cricket to        But do these wacky bets actually generate      2005. After the death of Pope John Paul
whether or not God really exists.             a profit for Paddy Power? Some do. Some        II, media from all over the world camped
                                              don’t. Do they provide exposure to the         out in Rome to await the announcement
That’s right, whether or not God exists.      Paddy Power brand? You betcha.                 of a successor. Seeing all of those people
                                                                                                                     milling    around
The list of these                                                                                                    with nothing but
unique     “novelty                                                                                                  time on their
bets” – as they are                                                                                                  hands gave Mr.
called – does not                                                                                                    Power an idea. He
stop there. Would                                                                                                    and his colleague,
you like to bet on                                                                                                   Ken Robertson,
the first band to                                                                                                    hopped on an
produce a music                                                                                                      airplane,     went
video     featuring                                                                                                  straight to St. Pe-
two men French                                                                                                       ter’s Square, and
kissing? If so,                                                                                                      set up a bookie
Paddy Power is                                                                                                       stand. They began
your source and                                                                                                      shouting out odds
Westlife is the                                                                                                      and, lo and be-
betting     favorite                                                                                                 hold, people took
at 3-to-1. Or how                                                                                                    notice and started
about taking a stab                                                                                                  placing bets.
at who will play
Barack Obama in                                                                                                        Not only did the
a movie about his                                                                                                      stunt bring in a
life? The favorite                                                                                                     profit of “a cou-
is Will Smith at                                                                                                       ple of hundred
6-to-4, while you                                                                                                      grand,” according
can really take a                                                                                                      to Mr. Power, but
                            European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy places a charity bet with Paddy Power’s Ken
chance and bet on                     Robertson on an Electoral turnout of above 68% in the election.
                                                                                                                       it also got Paddy
O.J. Simpson at                                                                                                        Power some ma-
100-to-1.                                                                                                              jor global face
                                                                                                                       time. Over the
Speaking of long shots, you can get 500-      “Other bookmakers have spent a lot of             course of three days, Mr. Power and Mr.
to-1 odds on Colin Farrell being named        money on their brands but they’re not as          Robertson were interviewed by as many
the next host of The Late Late Show,          strong as ours and a lot of that has to do        as 100 international TV crews.
or you could get a 1000-to-1 return on        with our marketing,” says Sinead Lam-
your money if you select Paris Hilton as      bert, an affiliate manager at Paddy Power.        Said NBC’s Keith Miller at the time, “It
your choice to be the winner of the 2012      “We’ve got a brilliant brand and market-          costs £1,000 per second to advertise on
U.S. presidential election. Of course, she    ing team that does their job very well.           primetime NBC, [Paddy Power] got a 10-
would have to win.                            When someone sees one of our advertise-           minute interview. Go do the math!”
                                              ments or they hear about an outrageous

                                                                                                              Cheeky Power | GPWA Times

Clashing	with	higher	                           over the world – including Forbes maga-
                                                zine in the U.S. – picked up the story.
This brazen approach has caused its             In April of 2008 a Paddy Power Trader
share of drawbacks, however. In 2001,           print advertisement featured a short
Paddy Power ranked in the Advertis-             man – or more specifically a dwarf – in
ing Standards Authority’s Top-10 list of        the back of a stretch limousine flanked by
advertisers that drew complaints. Since         two scantily clad women under the title:
September 2007, the ASA has received 30         “WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T MAKE MONEY
complaints about 13 Paddy Power ads.            BEING SHORT? Financial Spread Bet-
                                                ting lets you bet on falling (going short)
Only three of those 13 complaints have been     as well as rising share prices (going long),
upheld. The latest came in December when        allowing you to make the most out of vol-      One of the most notorious run-ins with
a Paddy Power print ad highlighted the fact     atile markets.”                                the advertising police came in 2005
that it was taking odds on which airline                                                       when a campaign featured billboards
would go out of business next. The ad stated,   The ASA questioned “whether the ad             with a take-off of the Last Supper paint-
“Booked a flight? Don’t sweat, insure with      breached the [Committee of Advertis-           ing (see above photo). In it Jesus has a
Paddy Power.” It then featured a list of 14     ing Practice] Code by implying gambling        stack of chips in front of him while the
airlines and the odds on their                                                                                surrounding apostles are
going bust, including 4-to-1                                                                                  playing roulette, blackjack,
on Spanair, 33-to-1 on Jet-      “As far as we’re concerned, if                                               and poker. A surveillance
                                                                                                              camera is positioned in
Blue, 25-to-1 on United Air-
lines, and 100-to-1 on British
                                 they can talk about it in the pub,                                           the corner of the room and
Airways, EasyJet, Virgin At-     they should be able to bet on it.”                                           it appears that Judas is in
                                                                                                              the process of betraying his
lantic, and Ryanair.
                                                                                                              fellow apostles by slipping
The ASA banned the ad because it “deni-         could improve self-image or self-esteem        a card up his sleeve. The billboards were
grated the airlines listed because it im-       or was a way to gain control, superior-        emblazoned with the slogan, “There’s a
plied they might go into administration.”       ity, recognition, or admiration.” Paddy        place for fun and games.”
Paddy Power spokesman Darren Haines             Power argued that the promotion target-
responded that the ad was “simply a ba-         ed a “very specific” audience that would       Predictably the billboard immediately
rometer of public opinion. We are not ex-       “understand its whimsical nature.” But,        drew strenuous objections. In fact, the
pressing our opinion, just that of the pub-     in the end the ad was deemed “irrespon-        ASA said at the time that it got “as many
lic. It’s no different from a questionnaire.”   sible” and the ASA ordered Paddy Power         complaints [about the billboard] as it
Either way, the ban helped Paddy Power          “not to repeat” the approach.                  had about anything in the past.” But the
gain major exposure as media from all                                                          controversy also drew worldwide media

GPWA Times | Cheeky Power
attention, especially after Paddy Power        “It’s all about trying not to do things just   “I remember one time we got a billboard
decided to replace the billboard with one      because that’s they way they’ve always         at a soccer game and we had it placed in
that read, “There’s a place for fun and        been done in the past,” says Mr. Power.        the stadium upside down, just to be differ-
games. Apparently this isn’t it.”              “We’ll listen to ideas from anyone, from       ent,” Mr. Power recalls. “A few weeks later
                                               the guy who sweeps the floor to the top ex-    I had a lad come up to me and say that he
Mr. Power let out a hearty chuckle when        ecutives in the company. It’s fun because      was at the game and he thought it was a re-
reminded of the Last Supper uproar.            you never know where the next great idea       ally stupid idea to put the ad upside down.
                                               is going to come from.”                        I said, ‘OK, but let me ask you something.
“That’s a classic case of what our market-                                                    Who else advertised at that game?’ And he
ing ideas can do,” he said.                                                                                    said, ‘I don’t remember.’
“Hey, a lot of people can                                                                                      To which I replied, ‘Ex-
have wacky ideas, but be-        “A lot of people can have wacky                                               actly my point, my friend.’
ing able to put them into                                                                                      Ours was the only ad he
practice is the real chal-       ideas, but being able to put them                                             remembered. Isn’t that
lenge. You have to have                                                                                        the whole point?”
balls to do something crazy      into practice is the real chal-
like [the Last Supper bill-
board]. You always want                    ou
                                 lenge…Y want people to laugh                                                 ‘Nasty’	times
                                                                                                               While Mr. Power says he
people to laugh and say,
‘Where in the hell did they
                                 and say, ‘Where in the hell did                                               has few regrets about any
                                                                                                               of the company’s cam-
come up with that idea?’”        they come up with that idea?’”                                                paigns, there have been
Mr. Power – who says                                                                                           times when Paddy Pow-
he has no formal degree in advertising         Mr. Power said he is approached on a reg-      er’s reputation has got out in front of it
or marketing, just “common sense and           ular basis by people who have something        and caused some damage. After Barack
a sense of humor” – claims that there is       to say about their method of marketing.        Obama was elected president of the U.S.
no magic formula to coming up with the         Most of the time, he says, strangers will      in November, Paddy Power posted a bevy
ideas. Except for the fact that he’s willing   tell him how much they like the approach,      of odds about things that would or could
to entertain any thought from any source       but there are times when “someone with         happen during the president-elect’s first
at any time.                                   no sense of humor” has his or her say.         term; things like will he become a father
                                                                                              again (10-to-1), will he resign (28-to-1) or
                                                                                              be impeached (33-to-1).

                                                                                                                           | GPWA Times

                                                                                               sion of the company from street bookie to
                                                                                               major player in the world of Internet gam-
                                                                                               bling. In addition to sports wagering, Pad-
                                                                                               dy Power also offers poker, bingo, lottery,
                                                                                               games, and financial trading online.

                                                                                               “I think that by offering bets on basically
                                                                                               anything under the sun we have built a
                                                                                               brand so strong that when people think
                                                                                               of gambling, they think of Paddy Power,”
                                                                                               Mr. Power says. “Our philosophy is that
                                                                                               if people like to come to us to bet all the
                                                                                               quirky stuff, they’ll also come to us for the
                                                                                               serious stuff.”

                                                                                               “Think about it,” adds Lambert. “When
                                                                                               you find a brand you like, don’t you tend to
But somehow along the way it was mis-          Ironically, Obama helped Paddy Power            stay loyal to it? The same goes for this in-
read that Paddy Power was offering odds        gain global attention on two occasions dur-     dustry. Our punters like our brand so they
on whether or not Obama would be assas-        ing the election cycle. Well before both the    are loyal to it no matter if they’re looking
sinated. The concept of “It must be Paddy      primary and general election were decided,      to bet on something crazy, or if they want
Power” was used against the company            Paddy Power announced that it would pay         to play poker or bingo or anything else.
this time. Once again, media from all over     off any bets on Obama to win. In both cases,    They’re going to think of us first whenever
the world picked up on the story and re-       Paddy Power proved to be correct in pre-        they want to place down a wager.”
ported that Paddy Power was indeed of-         dicting an Obama win, and in the process it
fering assassination odds and after many       gained more acknowledgment in the press.        And it is that kind of loyalty that has
complaints decided to take them down.                                                          helped Paddy Power not only survive the
But the real story was that those odds         “We do that from time to time,” explains        current economic state of the world, but
were never offered.                            Mr. Power. “It’s a statement to our punters.    continue to prosper.
                                               We’re saying, ‘Hey, you guys take a chance
“That got a bit nasty because we were mis-     every time you place a bet with us so we’re     “We look at [the economic crisis] as an
represented,” Mr. Power said. “We’ve built     going to take a chance too.’ I think our cus-   opportunity,” Mr. Power explains. “Ev-
a reputation of being quirky and irreverent,   tomers appreciate that kind of thinking.”       ery bookie has to fight tooth and nail to
but we’re not that sick. We don’t even have                                                    get customers through the door or onto
the odds of Osama bin Laden being killed,                                                      their Web site because now the punters
so why would we post them on the most          Brand	loyalty                                   have all the power. Value really matters
popular man in the world?”                     The zaniness of Paddy Power has helped it       to the punters now and we really feel that
                                               gain more than just media attention or draw     in this kind of environment we’ll only get
                                               complaints from those who are insulted. It      stronger. We figure this is as good a time
PADDY	POWER	                                   has also played a major role in the expan-      as any for us to take away customers from

GPWA Times | Cheeky Power

our competitors because of the value
we provide.”
                                               “Usually when some-                                    The first night Paddy Power was set
                                                                                                      up for telephone wagering was in
                                               one is laughing there’s                                1995 on the day of the Breeders’ Cup
Paddy Power has also made a concert-                                                                  horse races in the U.S. After running a
ed effort to differentiate itself online.      someone else on the                                    huge ad campaign for the new wager-
In September, the company launched                                                                    ing option, Mr. Power was anticipat-
a Ryder Cup spoof video that defined           other side of the room                                 ing a busy and profitable evening of
effective viral marketing. Visitors to
the site could enter a friend’s name
                                               that’soffended…Quite                                   answering the phones. But the phone
                                                                                                      rang just two times the entire night.
and hometown and instantly have a              simply, those that are
mock video-newscast produced that                                                                     “One was a wrong number and the
announced the breaking news that               offended by our humor                                  other was the pizza delivery man
Ireland’s Padraig Harrington had                                                                      looking for directions,” Mr. Power
backed out of the event and would be           aren’t going to be our                                 says with a laugh. “It was an inauspi-
replaced by this certain person.
                                               customers anyway.”                                     cious start, to say the least.”

Also last year, Paddy Power launched                                                                  When asked if even a little part of him The site had live-stream           brands send out each week to its affiliates,      thought that night that maybe the new idea
video available 24 hours a day of 10 eggs       Paddy Power utilizes a video.                     wasn’t so splendid, Mr. Power scoffed.
in an incubator. People could log on and
bet which egg would hatch first. In addi-       “We know that our affiliates get loads of         “No way!” he answers. “The only thing go-
tion to the video, the site had a live blog,    newsletters and they probably don’t have          ing through my mind was that I was mad
egg recipes, a “Getting Laid” section that      the time to read all of them,” Lambert ex-        at myself for not betting Cigar [the horse
explained the origin of the eggs and, of        plains. “But I think they look forward to         that won the Breeders’ Cup Classic race
course, links to all of the other Paddy         getting our video because it’s a change of        that day]. That’s all I was thinking about.
Power brands. The world’s press picked          pace and, of course, we try to make them
up the story and within one week it was         laugh. It also allows us to a put a face to the   “But seriously, I had every confidence in
featured across the globe from Ireland to       marketing team, which is very important.”         the world that the idea was going to work
Italy to India.                                                                                   because it just made so much sense. Same
                                                Lambert says that the “next great big thing”      goes for the whole concept of betting on
“People were literally glued to their com-      in the industry is the growth of mobile bet-      the Internet. It’s the perfect vehicle for
puters watching to see which egg was go-        ting, and she feels Paddy Power is “ahead         the punters. We knew it and we pounced
ing to hatch,” Lambert adds. “We actually       of the game” with those mobile products,          on the idea.
made a good bit of money on it and it was       which isn’t exactly a surprise. Paddy Pow-
something that was a lot of fun.”               er was also a bit ahead of the curve when         “That’s the whole philosophy of our com-
                                                it began offering punters the chance to use       pany. We’re not afraid to take chances
Lambert says that having fun is also an         the telephone to place wagers rather than         and we thrive on the new ideas. We’ve
integral part of the affiliate side of the      walking into a betting shop. Although as          been doing that ever since I can remem-
business. For instance, instead of the usu-     Mr. Power remembers that idea didn’t get          ber. And as long as I’m here we’re never
al electronic newsletter that most affiliate    off to the start he had hoped.                    going to stop.”

                                                                                                                   Cheeky Power | GPWA Times

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         and professional. In this issue, GPWA mem-
         bers discuss how the current financial crisis
         will impact the online gaming industry.



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GPWA Times | From the GPWA Forums




8   11
         From the GPWA Forums | GPWA Times

Meet the affiliate managers
This month we bring you not three, not four, but SEVEN interesting, informative, and often downright
riveting interviews with some of the most dedicated affiliate managers in the business. They’re based in
Australia, South Africa (2), Sweden, the U.K. (2), and Singapore by way of Australia and Fiji – and they’ve
got a world of experience and insight they want to share with you. Enjoy.
*Due to space constraints, we cannot print the interviews in their entirety. We will post the complete text at

                                  STEFFI	KRATZ		|		ReferBack

                             Due	to	Microgaming’s	decision	to	pull	out	of	the	                  market?	 What	 distinguishes	 Cool	 Hand	 Poker	
                             U.S.,	ReferBack	recently	stopped	accepting	U.S.	                   from	other	sites?	And	what	makes	ReferBack’s	
                             players,	 although	 you	 still	 are	 accepting	 U.S.-              poker	 affiliate	 program	 unique?	 Poker globally
                             based	affiliates.	How	will	ReferBack	change	to	                    continues to grow at double-digit percentages every
                             better	 market	 to	 areas	 outside	 the	 U.S.?	 And	               quarter, and the volume of newbie players is growing
                             what	tools	is	ReferBack	providing	to	help	its	af-                  exponentially. Some of the top poker rooms are raking
                                                                                                in more than $1.3 million per day and new poker rooms
                             filiates	 make	 the	 transition? Our local affiliates
                                                                                                are launching all the time.
                             are often the mediators between the different mar-
                             kets and us as the global operators and they usually
                                                                                                However, there’s still no online
                             know what works best and what doesn’t to attract
                                                                                                poker environment catering
                                                 their target audiences. Based on
                                                                                                to the recreational player and
                                                 the feedback we receive and our
“Gut-feel and a creative                         own research, we provide local-
                                                                                                providing a “shark repellent,”
                                                                                                safe environment to play. This
      mind are great to                          ized marketing collateral (land-
                                                                                                is where we want to fill the gap
                                                 ing pages, banners, reviews in
  stimulate new ideas,                           the local languages), and gear
                                                                                                and create a lifestyle brand that
                                                                                                average poker players can build
                                                 special promotions around lo-
 and you need to allow                           cal events (e.g., Oktoberfest in
                                                                                                an affinity towards.

  yourself to think big,                         Germany, Bastille Day in France,
                                                                                                Poker will be run independent-
                                                 etc.). When designing winning
        but test small.”                         advertisements we do consider
                                                                                                ly to the casinos, with dedicated
                                                                                                poker resources, skills, metrics,
                                                 cultural differences with regards
                                                                                                and thinking. We operate with-
                             to symbols, heroes, rituals, buzzwords, etc.
                                                                                                out the high-stake tables and
                                                                                                rather offer Cool Hand Poker
                             From ReferBack’s side we provide our affiliates with
                                                                                                exclusive low buy-in tables in
                             the right acquisition reports split into geographical ar-
                                                                                                order to increase the length of
                             eas for monitoring and planning purposes. They can
                                                                                                play time (and hence the “rake
                             make use of our ad-trackers to monitor performance of
                                                                                                creation time” for our affiliates).
                             differently targeted marketing campaigns, and we offer
                                                                                                Our promotions are geared to-
                             full support by our dedicated and international market-
                                                                                                wards depositing players, and
                             ing team.
                                                                                                by creating a lifestyle brand we
                                                                                                will drive loyalty, all of which
                             In addition to this, we are in the process of rolling out
                                                                                                will translate back into deliv-
                             even more multilingual landing pages for all our casi-
                                                                                                ering greater player value and
                             nos and the Cool Hand Online Poker Room. Note that
                                                                                                higher earnings for our affili-
                             our biggest casino brand, JackpotCity, is already avail-
                             able in 14 different languages! Affiliates who are keen to
                             provide targeted and localized content to their audience
                             should simply get in touch with us to explore the global           You	 have	 a	 marketing	 background	 that	 in-
                             opportunities with ReferBack – there are plenty!                   cludes	 both	 on-	 and	 off-line	 marketing.	
                                                                                                What	kind	of	off-line	marketing	did	you	do?	
                             Earlier	 this	 year,	 ReferBack	 decided	 to	 delve	               What	lessons	from	off-line	marketing	trans-
                             into	 the	 poker	 market	 with	 Cool	 Hand	 Poker.	                late	well	into	online	marketing?	I worked as a
                             Why	 did	 ReferBack	 decide	 to	 enter	 the	 poker	                marketer in various industries ranging from fast
                                                                                                moving consumer goods (coffee, ketchup, beer,

GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series
and bubble bath) to industrial heat-             Besides	 trust,	 what	 are	 the	 keys	 to	      You’ve	 mentioned	 that	 you	 like	
ing systems and e-mail marketing so-             building	 successful	 relationships	            painting	 pictures.	 What	 do	 you	 like	
lutions in Germany, South Africa, and            between	 affiliates	 and	 affiliate	 pro-       to	paint?	Could	we	see	a	sample? You
the U.K.                                         grams? Relationships to me start with           might not call my “art” very sophisticated
                                                 being accessible and listening to new ideas     and I myself rather call it “spacefiller pro-
Right from the start, I was keen to ex-          with an open mind. A relationship starts        ductions” but it’s out there primarily be-
plore as many different communica-               when the interest is reciprocated. Working      cause I enjoy the process of using a brush
tion channels as I could possibly find           together on finding solutions that work for     and mixing colors much more than the
to deliver my messages – from classic            both parties ensures that these relation-       actual results. Since I discovered photog-
PR and direct mailings, print advertis-          ships can prevail over a long period of time.   raphy as another hobby, I stay away from
ing, exhibitions and seminars, catalogs,         To this end, communication is a key ele-        trying to copy anything in a naturalistic
POS-marketing, … over to email and               ment and we do this via phone, MSN, Sky-        way. I enjoy bold colors and structures
Web sites.                                       pe, email, forums, trade publications, and      – lately mixed up with a bit of 70s afro pop
                                                 of course face to face. Different methods       art – and I usually try to get my friends in-
Addressing the right people in the right         work for different people, and relationships    volved in “filling out the patches”. This way,
manner at the right time and place is            take time to build. ReferBack has been in       I’m the proud owner of a whole collection
the key – whether on- or off-line.               this space since 1999 and has a fantastic       of diverse art pieces which grows year after
                                                 reputation, which obviously helps!              year, and one fine day I might open my own
A lesson I learned and apply now to                                                              “spacefiller productions gallery.”
both on- and off-line marketing is:
Gut-feel and a creative mind are great           In	 the	 forums,	 you	 mentioned	 you	
                                                 were	 “German	 by	 right	 of	 succes-           What’s	your	favorite	movie	and	why?	
to stimulate new ideas, and you need                                                             My favorite movie ever must be Drei Nüsse
to allow yourself to think big, but: test        sion,	 South	 African	 by	 choice.”	What	
                                                                                                 für Aschenbrödel (Three Nuts for Cinder-
small. Knowledge is power, so constant-          does	 that	 mean?	 What it means is that        ella) – or at least it’s the movie that I have
ly learn about new ways to grow your             in Germany you acquire your citizenship if
                                                                                                 watched most times in my life. It’s a beauti-
business and don’t be afraid of change.          a parent is a German citizen, irrespective of

                                                 place of birth. Well, I was born in Germany
                                                                                                 ful Czechoslovakian-DDR movie production
                                                 to my German parents – which makes me
                                                                                                 based on a quite emancipated version of the
                                                 (you guessed it) German. However, my
                                                                                                 Cinderella story by the Brothers Grimm.
                                                 own self-definition has moved beyond na-
                                                                                                 As a more current movie, I’d say Dr. Seuss’
                                                 tionality: when I met my boyfriend in Cape
                                                                                                 Horton Hears a Who – I love this sort of
                                                 Town a few years back and started finding
                                                                                                 mind-boggling premise and the moral of “a
                                                 new ‘cousins’ on this side of the world, this
                                                                                                 person is a person no matter how small.”
                                                 motivated me to emigrate to be together
                                                 with them. My new social identity is now
                                                 based on an “extended family perception”
                                                                                                 What	 was	 your	 favorite	 subject	 in	
                                                 and I am proud to call myself a ”truly South    school?	 I think it was rhetoric (presenta-
                                                 African Alien” whilst still remaining Ger-      tion techniques) because I could freely ar-
                                                 man at heart.                                   gue with anyone about any point – and I was
                                                                                                 pretty good at it.
The metrics that only online marketing can       South Africa is an emerging consumer mar-
provide you with can give you deep insights      ket with a vast diversity of people. It’s a     What	are	three	things	that	no	one	knows	
into customer behavior and will answer the       great place to be for anyone who embraces       about	you?	I’m funny, actually. I own a big
questions on what works and what does not.       change as I do. And last but not least: Cape    mansion, two townhouses, and continu-
So a very important lesson I’ve learned, es-     Town must be one of the most beautiful          ously develop more of my LEGO properties,
pecially in online marketing, is: If you can’t   places in the world – so the choice to move     and lastly: I have three sisters, which equals
measure it, don’t do it.                         here was easy.                                  a black belt in psychological warfare.

                                                                                                     Affiliate Manager Interview Series | GPWA Times

                                  LINA	ERIKSSON			|

                            What	distinguishes	Gnuf	from	              the players had to guess the dice        Working on the Internet is excit-
                            other	affiliate	programs? Who              roll outcome. Being that the result      ing and challenging and requires
                            else has had a promo rolling               ended up as “snake eyes” just in-        a “thinking out of the box” ap-
                            the world’s biggest dice down a            creased the hype around it. Those        proach without the fear of trying
                            mountain? What more do I have              affiliates that came to Barcelona        many new concepts.
                            to say?! No, seriously, it’s a great       in 2007 could see the two massive
                            team behind the Gnuf partner               dice, which we brought along with        What’s	 the	 most	 difficult	 part	
                            program with extensive experi-             us. OK, we managed to wreck the          of	your	job? Not be too stressed
                            ence from the gambling industry            entrance of the hotel with them,         about the MSN flashing every
                                           – we don’t mind             but it was worth it.                     second… lol. There’s a lot going
                                           saying that we’re                                                    on all the time, so it’s important
         “We and the                       the top of the crop.        How	did	you	get	started	in	the	          to be focused and be ahead of ev-
                                           We’re very inno-            online	 gambling	 business?	             erything that’s going on. Then of
   affiliates are both                     vative, have lots of        Well, I moved to London back in          course, it’s the morning after the
 working toward the                        great promotions,
                                           and are always
                                                                       2004. I was looking around for a
                                                                       job, and a Swedish customer sup-
                                                                                                                affiliate events; that’s not an easy
                                                                                                                part, either.
same goal. It’s a two-                     open-minded for             port position in a gambling com-
                                           new ideas. We’re            pany came up. I thought I’d give         What’s	 the	 most	 exciting	 part	
    way relationship,                      not afraid to try           it a go and soon after I started,        of	 your	 job?	 Each day is differ-
and I expect them to                       out new things.             a Swedish-speaking person was
                                                                       required for the affiliate depart-
                                                                                                                ent from the previous one, plus
                                                                                                                meeting new affiliates and build-
  work as hard as we                              Which	markets	do	    ment, so I jumped at the opportu-        ing strong relationships is incred-
                                                  most	of	your	play-   nity – and the rest, as they say, is
 do when we create a                              ers	 come	 from?     history.
                                                                                                                ibly cool and rewarding. The work
                                                                                                                also includes a lot of traveling
    special campaign                        Gnuf launched just                                                  around the world to meet with
                                            over two years ago,        You	 recently	 left	 a	 position	 in	    everyone. It is a social job, and it
            for them.”                      and we’re based in         the	affiliate	marketing	depart-          is important for me to get a face
                                            Scandinavia, also          ment	of	Gala	Coral,	which	has	           to the people I am working with,
                            with offices in Malta. So our main         a	strong	land-based	presence.	      	    and I know the affiliates like that
                            market is mainly from the devel-           How	is	it	different	working	for	         as well.
                            oped poker countries that try out          a	 company	 that	 is	 exclusively	
                            new brands, such as Scandinavia                                                     What’s	the	last	book	you	read?	
                                                                       online?	 Working for a company
                            and Germany. We’re very big in                                                      What	 did	 you	 like	 about	 it?
                                                                       such as Gala, which had a large
                            those regions but we’re constantly                                                  Last book I read was The Cham-
                                                                       amount of land-based clubs, had
                            growing in mainland Europe. The                                                     ber, by John Grisham. You can’t
                                                                       its benefits. The brand was al-
                            goal is of course to make Gnuf a                                                    stop reading it, it’s intriguing.
                                                                       ready established and known and
                            household brand, but still keep its
                                                                       the wealth of experience brought
                            “Gnufness.”                                                                         What’s	 your	 favorite	 movie	
                                                                       by the land-based staff helped in
                                                                       tuning online incentives, games,         and	 why? Crash – it’s a great
                            One	 of	 your	 commercials	 on	            and promotions.                          movie that touches a lot of emo-
                            the	 Internet	 was	 nominated	                                                      tions. I love films that have a twist
                            for	 an	 award	 this	 year.	 What	         On the other hand, working for a         to them.
                            is	the	commercial	about?	And	              company with no bricks and mor-
                            how	 did	 Gnuf	 come	 up	 with	            tar and policies legacy is lighter and   What’s	the	first	concert	you	at-
                            it? As mentioned earlier, it takes         more flexible. The online customer       tended	in	person? Do I have to
                            a team that is not afraid of trying        base has a wider demography and          tell you that? It was Roxette, I was
                            new things to pull off a campaign          the industry is more vibrant and         only about 10 years old… “It must
                            like that. It was a very cool promo,       dynamic and has fresh aspiration.        have been love.”
                            and hey, we were not just nomi-            This triggers more challenges and
                            nated – we actually won! Have              quicker response without having          If	you	had	to	live	your	life	over	
                            you seen anything like that in on-         to justify moves to the more heavy       again,	 what	 one	 thing	 would	
                            line gaming advertising?                   structure and brand identity that
                                                                                                                you	 change? Nothing; you
                                                                       an established land-based opera-
                                                                                                                shouldn’t have any regrets. Ev-
                            We rolled the world’s biggest dice         tor may have. The online industry
                                                                                                                erything that happens, happens
                            from the top of a mountain in              requires a faster change of direc-
                                                                                                                for a reason.
                            Greenland using a helicopter and           tion as and when necessary.

GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series

                                  GRANT	COOK		|		Commission	Warehouse

                            Commission	 Warehouse	 rep-            to our $2,000 no-deposit offer        to their particular needs, and pro-
                            resents	 one	 brand	 –	 Players	       has been phenomenal. Players          vide them with the individualistic
                            Palace	 Casino	 –	 at	 the	 mo-        get the opportunity to experience     support that they deserve. Affili-
                            ment.	What	are	the	advantag-           our casino, and to maximize their     ates know what works best with
                                                                   bonus before making a purchase.       their players, and we are happy
                            es	to	working	with	an	affiliate	
                                                                   Through this offer we get huge        to oblige with exclusive offers,
                            program	 that	 is	 focused	 on	 a	     numbers of registering players,       creatives, and promotions. We
                            single	 brand?	 I think the most       who get exposure to our casino.       believe that affiliates are business
                            important thing is, as you men-        Our custom-built, behavior-driven     partners and treat them as such.
                            tioned, focus. Our energy and          conversion system then kicks in,
                            resources are not spread across        leading to far greater numbers of     What’s	 the	 most	 difficult	 part	
                            multiple brands and offers. This       purchasing players than you would     of	your	job? Monday mornings!
                            allows us to give greater attention    get with the standard offers.         Every other obstacle pales into in-
                            to detail when it comes to market-
                            ing materials, Web site appear-        What	 distinguishes	 Players	
                            ance and content, and exclusive
                                                                   Palace	 Casino	 from	 other	 on-      What’s	 the	 most	 exciting	 part	
                            offers and creative materials that
                            our affiliates may require. We of-     line	 casinos? Apart from our         of	your	job? Meeting new affili-
                            fer all of this in English, French,    fantastic product offering, being     ates and getting to know them. It
                                           German, and Ital-       a Microgaming casino with over        is unbelievably exciting start-
                                           ian so while it all     350 games, we put a huge amount       ing new marketing partnerships
     “Affiliates know                      falls under Players     of effort and importance into our     and watching the results from
                                                                   customer entertainment and ser-       our combined efforts. It’s great
     what works best                       Palace Casino we
                                           actually have four      vice. This is one area where, with    watching affiliates’ commission
  with their players,                      brands under one.       the correct approach and dedica-
                                                                   tion, it is possible to distinguish
                                                                                                         payments growing substantially
                                                                                                         on a month-to-month basis as a
                                           That said, you can
   and we are happy                        rest assured that all   ourselves from all the other ca-      direct result of different things we
                                                                   sinos out there. Apart from our       try.
       to oblige with                      of our focus and ef-
                                           forts are where they    proactive retention efforts and
     exclusive offers,                     should be 24/7!         fantastic promotions, we make it
                                                                   as simple as possible for players
                                                                                                         Trust	 is	 often	 cited	 as	 one	 of	
                                                                                                         the	critical	components	of	suc-
       creatives, and                     Players	 Palace	 Ca-
                                                                   to get in touch with us. We have
                                                                                                         cessful	 relationships	 between	
                                                                   24/7 international toll-free num-
     promotions. We                       sino	has	gone	a	dif-     bers, live chat, and email support.
                                                                                                         affiliates	 and	 affiliate	 pro-
                                          ferent	 route	 than	                                           grams.	 How	 do	 you	 go	 about	
believe that affiliates                   most	 other	 sites	
                                                                   Every player is treated like a VIP,
                                                                   and receives immediate and thor-      establishing	 trust	 with	 your	
         are business                     when	 it	 comes	 to	     ough responses. We even encour-       affiliates?	 Trust is something
                                          sign-up	 bonuses.	       age players to get in touch with      that is earned with time and ef-
  partners and treat                      The	 casino	 gives	      us to let us know how they would      fort, but can be lost in the blink of
                                                                                                         an eye! I think honest intentions
      them as such.”                      players	 a	 “free”	      like to be rewarded for their play
                                                                   in our casino, and tailor make our    and truthful communication are
                                          $2,000	 bankroll	
                                                                   rewards and loyalty program for       absolutely essential to build trust
                            for	 60	 minutes.	 And	 whatever	                                            in any environment, and particu-
                                                                   players on an individual basis.
                            the	 winnings	 are	 (up	 to	 $200),	                                         larly in our industry. My hope
                            the	 casino	 will	 match	 it.	 Why	    What	 distinguishes	 Commis-          from affiliates is that they will al-
                            did	Players	Palace	Casino	settle	      sion	 Warehouse	 from	 other	         ways be open and honest with me
                            on	 this	 offer,	 rather	 than	 the	                                         in return. Poor communication
                                                                   affiliate	 programs? We have a
                            traditional	 no-deposit	 or	 de-                                             leads to misunderstandings that
                                                                   fantastic affiliate team with years
                            posit-matching	sign-up	bonus?                                                99% of the time are completely
                                                                   of experience in the industry, but
                            When deciding on our sign-up of-                                             avoidable. A true and lasting re-
                                                                   most importantly, huge enthu-
                            fer we put careful consideration                                             lationship is not possible without
                                                                   siasm for what we do. We have
                            into what would work best for our                                            regular and honest communica-
                                                                   dedicated affiliate managers for
                            affiliates and give players the best                                         tion.
                                                                   all our affiliates, and strive to
                            and most attractive introduction       build not only great business rela-
                            to our casino. With the majority       tionships, but lasting friendships    Besides	 trust,	 what	 are	 the	
                            of casinos offering the standard       with our marketing partners. Our      keys	 to	 building	 successful	
                            100% match offer we thought it         affiliates are never grouped by       relationships	 between	 affili-
                            was extremely important to dif-        performance, as we endeavor to        ates	 and	 affiliate	 programs?
                            ferentiate ourselves. The reaction     treat all of our partners according   Teamwork, dedication, and fast

GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series

payments. Accurate reporting, quick res-     Development and Marketing at one of the       one! If I have to be honest, it was Dolly
olution of queries, and great marketing      first Microgaming casino groups in the in-    Parton and Kenny Rogers. My parents
materials. Exceptional conversion and re-    dustry, and hounded me for months to join     took me along as a kid. I don’t remem-
tention rates, oh, and did I mention fast    them. I eventually agreed, and with the ex-   ber Kenny Rogers too well, but for some
payments?                                    citement and energy in the online gaming      reason (at that impressionable age), my
                                             community, haven’t looked back since.         memories of Dolly Parton have never left
How	 do	 you	 help	 affiliates	 position	                                                  me!
themselves	to	maximize	profitability? What	 songs	 are	 currently	 on	 your	
As mentioned, we have an extremely ad- iPod? I change the music on my iPod                 What’s	your	favorite	board	game? 30
vanced reporting system that greatly en-     about as often as I change my socks (which    Seconds.
hances campaign optimization. We have a      is every day, by the way)! Today I happen
fantastic sign-up offer for attracting new   to be listening to Jack Johnson.              If	you	had	to	live	your	life	over	again,	
players, and put a huge amount of effort                                                   what	one	thing	would	you	change? I
into our conversion and retention strate-    What’s	the	last	book	you	read?	What	 would have been born rich instead of good
gies to maximize profit from players. I      did	 you	 like	 about	 it? The World Ac- looking….ha ha!
think most importantly, though, we listen    cording to Garp. I enjoyed the way the
to what our affiliates want and need.        author has taken unbelievable characters      What	 are	 three	 things	 that	 no	 one	
                                             and situations, and made them complete-       knows	 about	 you? I talk too much to
How	did	you	get	started	in	this	busi-        ly believable.                                have any secrets about myself!
ness? I come from a Corporate Sales and
Key Account Management background. A         What’s	the	first	concert	you	attended	
good friend of mine was Head of Business     in	person? Oh man, you got me on this
                                                                                               Affiliate Manager Interview Series | GPWA Times

                                  RAKESH	KARAN		|		Lion	Slots	Affiliates

                            You’ve	 had	 an	 interesting	              In	addition	to	traditional	slots,	         persist, learn, and implement. En-
                            journey	through	life.	You	were	            Lion	 Slots	 Casino	 features	 a	          gines are forever changing, and
                            born	 in	 Fiji,	 before	 migrating	        special	 category	 of	 games	              there are always new techniques,
                            to	Australia.	And	now	you	live	            called	I-Slots.	Can	you	explain	           ideas, and concepts to learn.
                            in	 Singapore.	 Please	 walk	 us	          how	 they	 are	 different	 from	
                                                                                                                  Trust	 is	 often	 cited	 as	 one	 of	
                            through	this	journey.	 I left Fiji         regular	 slots? I-Slots are fan-
                            when I was 10 years old. The coup          tastic story-based slots games.            the	 critical	 components	 of	
                            worried my folks, and I think they         They have mini movie clips and             successful	 relationships	 be-
                            wanted a more certain future for           mini games. Players can choose             tween	 affiliates	 and	 affiliate	
                            their kids. Leaving Australia for          the path in which they want the            programs.	 How	 do	 you	 go	
                            Singapore was purely motivated             story to go. I-Slots has been a part       about	 establishing	 trust	 with	
                            by work reasons. I travel back             of the Rival Software lineup since         your	 affiliates?	 And	 what	 do	
                            home every two months to see               Day 1, and it still continues to be        you	 expect	 out	 of	 your	 affili-
                            the girl, the dog, the family, and         one of the most popular slots on           ates	in	return? Just like meeting
                            the friends.                               Lion Slots.                                someone in the real world, intro-
                                                                                                                  duce yourself, make yourself eas-
“Affiliates know their                            What’s	 the	 best	   How	did	you	get	started	in	the	            ily accessible, and keep in touch
                                                  thing	 about	 liv-   online	 gambling	 business?                with your advertisers. Be upfront
    traffic better than                           ing	in	Singapore?	   Back in the day when Party Poker           on what you can and can’t offer;
                                                                       first started out, I worked with a
   anyone else. All we                            What	 about	 the	
                                                                       couple of guys running a Party
                                                                                                                  it is business, but it doesn’t have
                                                                                                                  to get in the way of what could
                                                  worst? The best
 expect is exposure….                       thing? Oh, that’s          Gaming casino skin. I’m not sure           possibly be a great friendship in
                                            easy, the food.            how serious they were about it,            a tight-knit industry. Affiliates
     Once the players                       They really do             but I saw the revenue potential,           know their traffic better than any-
                                                                       and became an affiliate. Three to
come in, leave it to us                     have it all here.
                                                                       four years later, a friend of mine
                                                                                                                  one else. All we expect is exposure
                                                                                                                  to Lion Slots. Once the players
                                            Your taste buds
    to convert them.”                       get a good work-           mentioned that Adriches was                come in, leave it to us to convert
                                            out! The worst             looking for an affiliate manager.          them. When everyone is making
                            thing about living in Singapore is         I applied on the closing day, and          money, everyone is happy!
                            the insane rent; other than that I         got the job the next day. The jump
                            am pretty adaptable!                       to the operator side was an eye            What	are	some	unique	things	
                                                                       opener and exposed me to anoth-            that	 you’ve	 seen	 work	 for	
                                                                       er side of business logic. I haven’t
                            The	name	of	your	brand,	Lion	                                                         some	affiliates	that	you	would	
                                                                       looked back since.
                            Slots	 Casino,	 indicates	 that	                                                      like	others	to	try? Increase the
                            slots	players	make	up	the	ma-                                                         professionalism of your Web
                                                                       You’ve	 done	 some	 SEO	 work	
                            jority	 of	 your	 customers.	 Is	                                                     sites. Homepage-style Web sites
                                                                       before.	 What	 are	 three	 com-            used to work well, but nowa-
                            that	 true?	 Yes, it’s a touch over        mon	 mistakes	 that	 all	 affiliates	
                            97%.                                                                                  days you see a new breed of sites
                                                                       should	avoid? Who have you been            where the graphics are slick, with
                                                                       talking to? Haha. Webmasters are           web2.0 layouts and newsletter
                            What	 are	 the	 demographics	              a lot more savvy these days, but I’d       systems. The owners of these sites
                            of	 your	 current	 players?	 And	          say three common mistakes to avoid         have great conversions, and make
                            what	are	the	demographics	of	              are:                                       themselves accessible to their
                            the	players	you’re	trying	to	at-           1. Don’t overextend yourself by try-       traffic. A great way to build trust,
                            tract? Demographics: slots play-           ing to build 5+ sites at one time. Start   and get return traffic.
                            ers, plain and simple. Men and             off with one, work on it, develop it,
                            women who enjoy slots are going            grow it, push it, and then start on        What	are	three	things	that	no	
                            to enjoy Lion Slots. We tailor our         the next site. Once you’re comfort-        one	 knows	 about	 you? I am
                            promotions around slots-play as            able enough to handle developing a         an open book; everyone knows
                            well. I think you’ll find more and         couple of sites at once, go crazy.         something about me! But what
                            more online casinos come out tar-          2. Don’t just focus on your content,       people might not know about me
                            geting slots players over a general        get links to your Web sites. You’ll        is that:
                            attract-all brand.                         hear this consistently from the big        1. I love peace and quiet.
                                                                       affiliates.                                2. I am a Trekkie.
                                                                       3. Keep your ears open, read, and in-      3. I met Mr. T when I was a kid!
                                                                       teract with other webmasters. Read,

GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series

    SHAUN	O’NEILL			|		Wager	Profits

Wager	 Profits	 started	 marketing	          At that point, I was offered the role of      who doesn’t own	 recently.	 What	 was	         Sales Manager for the leading gambling        an iPod or MP3
the	 thought	 process	 behind	 launch-       publication in Germany and Spain. This        player. Actually, I
ing	 What	 differen-         proved to be my first real taste of the       almost bought an
                                             gaming industry. Soon I was dealing           iPod a couple of
tiates	it	from	the	other	poker	rooms	
                                             with most of the major operators in the       months ago, but
that	 Wager	 Profits	 markets?	 We           business. But, in all honesty, I really got   deciding which one
wanted to launch a unique product that       hooked when I started hearing about all       to buy was just too
rewards the player and the affiliate like    the trips to exotic countries and the wild    strenuous - so I left.
no other poker site. We’ve seen rakeback     conferences and parties. But the biggest
grow to unbelievable levels as players       lure had to be the money that I heard peo-    What’s	 your	 fa-
have become more educated and un-            ple got paid in the gambling industry.
derstand they can play a game that they                                                    vorite	movie	and	why? I’m huge fan of
enjoy and be rewarded at the same time.                                                    English gangster movies. I don’t really
                                             After two years of working for the publi-     have a favorite, but there are movies like
So it seemed like a natural progression to   cation, I was offered a great opportunity
launch, the only                                                         Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking
                                             with Action Poker Network and I was then      Barrels, Layer Cake, and Love, Honor
poker site in the gaming industry that is    swiftly moved to Wager Profits (the affili-
solely dedicated to rakeback.                                                              and Obey that I can just watch over and
                                             ate department of APN) as the Affiliate       over again - the reason being that they are
                                             Manager. Just prior to Barcelona, I was       full of English humor which you just don’t
Actually, each of our sites has unique       promoted to Director of Affiliate Market-
selling points. TigerGaming is focused                                                     get in the big U.S. blockbusters.
                                             ing for Wager Profits and…here we are!
on TeamTiger, which is a player league
based on ring games. ActionPoker has a                                                     What’s	the	first	concert	you	attended	
                                             What	 are	 your	 three	 keys	 to	 success	    in	person? Again you’ll never believe me,
good mix of ring games but its main focus
is on tournaments. The major difference      for	 an	 affiliate? A good knowledge of       but I’ve never actually been to a concert.
between PayNoRake and the other                                                                  I’m starting to sound dull: no iPod,
merchants that Wager Profits mar-                                                                no MP3, no concert… music is sim-
kets is that players can earn up to
                                         “The most important factor is to                        ply not a big part of my life. But if I
100% rakeback and payments are           be transparent. When you have                           had the chance to see anybody live, I
                                                                                                 guess it would have to be Jamie Cal-
made directly to players’ accounts
on a daily basis. Consequently,          nothing to hide, there is nothing                       lum.
PayNoRake has a very strong focus
on ring games.
                                                 to be afraid of.”                               What’s	 your	 favorite	 board	
                                                                                                 game?	I played a lot of chess when
                                             SEO is a major plus, followed up with
Wager	 Profits	 was	 recently	 certified	                                                  I was younger and I still love the game.
                                             some unique offerings to really attract
by	 Affiliate	 Guard	 Dog.	 How	 impor-                                                    But I haven’t played for over 15 years
                                             players, and good communication with
tant	was	that	for	Wager	Profits?	It was                                                    or so. Recently, I played a game of Mo-
                                             the affiliate program that you work with.
extremely important, especially because                                                    nopoly which proved to be a huge amount
they didn’t ask us to modify any of our                                                    of fun, as we ended up consuming about
                                             You	have	a	good	Irish	name.	Yet	you	          seven bottles of red wine. So I would have
Terms and Conditions. There’s nothing
                                             live	 in	 Costa	 Rica.	 Are	 you	 a	 trans-   to say currently my favorite board game
more important than having places like
Affiliate Guard Dog give you their seal of   planted	 Irishman?	 And	 how	 did	 you	       has to be Monopoly with vast amounts of
approval because, in this industry, being    end	 up	 in	 Costa	 Rica?	 I have an Irish    red wine.
transparent and honoring commitments         father, an English mother, and a love
should be the basis of any affiliate rela-   for the finest drink in the world - being a   If	you	had	to	live	your	life	over	again,	
tionship.                                    good pint of Guinness, of course. Sadly, I    what	 one	 thing	 would	 you	 change?	
                                             haven’t been able to find it in Costa Rica,   To be honest, I wouldn’t change any part
How	did	you	get	started	in	the	online	       but I’m sure I’ll be drinking a fair few of   of my life if had to live it again. I’m quite
                                             them in London in January.                    a calculating person, so any real decisions
gambling	 business? After working for
the same finance company for three years                                                   that I’ve made in my life had a fair bit of
                                             I came to Costa Rica in January 2008,         thought behind them.
in the U.K., I found myself running the
                                             and I was offered a great job with Wager
biggest and most successful team of bro-
                                             Profits. As they say, the rest is history.    What	 are	 three	 things	 that	 no	 one	
kers in company history. Realizing I had
peaked with the company, I started to get                                                  knows	 about	 you?	 If I told you that,
bored. So I started looking for new chal-    What	 songs	 are	 currently	 on	 your	        then everybody would know…
lenges.                                      iPod	 or	 MP3	 player? Believe it or not,
                                             I must be the only person on this planet

                                                                                                Affiliate Manager Interview Series | GPWA Times

                                  NEIL	MITCHELL			|		Webroute	Services

                            CPays,	 Webroute	 Services,	              guages, three poker brands, and          – all kinds. I used to be a musi-
                            and	 William	 Hill	 are	 merging	         a sportsbook brand, which is sec-        cian, you know.
                            their	 affiliate	 programs.	What	         ond to none. Our affiliates have a
                            changes	 can	 affiliates	 expect	         wide choice as to what they want         We	 heard	 that	 you	 and	 your	
                                                                      to promote and what their play-          wife	 had	 your	 first	 child	 in	
                            from	 the	 new	 program?	 This
                                                                      ers will like. However, our players      September.	 	 How	 has	 she	
                            is a really exciting venture. We
                                                                      and affiliates also have the knowl-
                            are combining the affiliate com-                                                   changed	your	outlook	on	life?	
                                                                      edge and confidence that all these
                            panies of Webroute, CPays, and                                                     I am lucky that I have a wife who
                                                                      brands are owned by one compa-
                            William Hill to form a super af-                                                   is very relaxed about what I do. I
                                                                      ny which is publically traded, li-
                            filiate program. This will mean                                                    get up at 5.30 every day to get into
                                                                      censed in the EU, and committed
                            more choice for our affiliates                                                     the office for 8.15, and get home
                                                                      to the values of honesty, integrity,
                            and players, more products to                                                      about 20:00, so I don’t get much
                                                                      and trust. I think it is this com-
                            promote including casino, pok-                                                     time with the wife or Daisy during
                                                                      bination which will make this the
                            er, sportsbook, bingo, and skill                                                   the week. To deal with that I got
                                                                      first true super affiliate program.
                            games, and a brand new affiliate                                                   rid of the laptop as I found that
                            software system which we be-                                                       all I did was sit in the front room
                            lieve will be the best anywhere           What	 are	 your	 three	 keys	 to	        with them, logged on! It does get
                                            in the market.            success	for	an	affiliate? Identify       tiring, especially at the moment
                                                                      your target market and build your        with it being our first, and what
                                                  What	 will	 the	    activities around that. Generate         with Daisy being so small and up
      “Be patient and                             impact	 be	 on	
                                                                      traffic, this is key. No traffic means   every few hours for a feed, but the
                                                                      no players. Be patient and don’t ex-
         don’t expect                             agreements	 for	    pect immediate results. Learn and
                                                                                                               thing that surprised me most was
                                                                                                               just how much time I must have
                                                  existing	 play-
  immediate results.                              ers? The only im-
                                                                      learn and learn and learn – learn        wasted by sleeping in when I was
                                                                      about SEO, learn about PPC – even        younger!
      Learn and learn                         pact will be posi-      if you don’t use it your competi-
                                              tive. Our players       tors may well do. Ask your affili-
 and learn and learn                          will be able to play    ate manager questions, write your
                                                                                                               If	 you	 were	 casting	 a	 movie	
                                                                                                               in	 which	 you	 played	 the	 lead	
 – learn about SEO,                           more games, use
                                              additional prod-
                                                                      own content, and write it in a way
                                                                                                               role,	and	you	had	your	choice	
                                                                      that will make interesting reading
   learn about PPC –                          ucts, and using         for a potential player – the stickier    of	 anyone	 in	 the	 world,	 who	
                                              one single wal-         your site is then the more chance        would	 you	 pick	 to	 play	 your	
even if you don’t use                         let will be able to     of conversion. Build a relationship      romantic	interest?	Oooh. I don’t
 it your competitors                          move their money
                                              between       prod-
                                                                      with your affiliate manager (it’s        really go for people solely based on
                                                                                                               looks (don’t tell the wife) – I like
                                                                      amazing what they can do for you
        may well do.”                         ucts. William Hill      sometimes). Read and contribute          quirks and interesting eyes. Eyes
                                              customers       will    to the forums, and don’t spend all       really tell you something about a
                                              also benefit sig-       your earnings on fast cars – put         person. So with that criterion in
                            nificantly from the Playtech casino       some aside for tax, and some aside       mind, probably Christina Ricci.
                            games and the liquidity of iPoker.        to reinvest into your site(s).
                            Also, with William Hill now mov-                                                   Our	 crack	 research	 team	 re-
                            ing to the Orbis platform, our play-      How	did	you	get	started	in	this	         ports	 you’ve	 suffered	 several	
                            ers will see significant improve-         business? I have been in online          injuries	playing	football.	What	
                            ments in the sportsbook as well.          for seven years now, and before          are	the	two	worst	injuries	you	
                                                                      that I worked in radio for anoth-        had?	 How	 did	 you	 get	 them?	
                            There	seem	to	be	two	general	             er four or five – doing sponsor-         And	 how	 long	 did	 it	 take	 for	
                            models	for	affiliate	programs.	           ships and promotions, that kind
                                                                                                               you	 to	 recover?	 Heh – I have
                            One	 is	 a	 network	 that	 repre-         of thing. Online seemed a logical
                                                                                                               had numerous bone fractures,
                            sents	multiple	brands	and	the	            career move for me, and I worked
                                                                                                               ruptured tendons, and the usual
                            other	 is	 a	 focused	 program	           in various agencies and Affiliate
                                                                                                               battlescars from high studs, etc.,
                            that	 represents	 a	 few	 brands.	        Networks before I was recruited
                                                                                                               but the worst injury I ever had was
                            What	 are	 the	 strengths	 and	           to Webroute.
                                                                                                               the time when a player thought
                            weaknesses	 of	 each	 model? I                                                     I fouled him and he jumped up.
                            think we will now be able to of-          What	songs	are	on	your	iPod?             Instead of punching me, he just
                            fer the best of both worlds, with         Midnight Juggernauts, Nine Inch          straight finger-jabbed me in the
                            over 20 casino brands in 10 lan-          Nails, Grandaddy, Beirut, Fight-         eye, detaching the retina and
                                                                      star, Deftones, Goose, Arcade Fire

GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series

making me blind. Dodgy enough, but I got         replace the air, and in time replace the      been alive. Apparently when I landed on
taken to a specialist eye hospital in Lon-       jelly they sucked out so you can see again.   the track my body was face down and my
don and after two days they operated.            If you move about then you run the risk       face was turned 180 degrees, facing up
                                                 of washing out the stitches and your eye      at the platform with my eyes open. I was
Done under a local (!) the process involved      collapses.                                    bleeding from the back of my head. People
clamping my eye open and making three                                                          were apparently screaming and parents
incisions into the eyeball, one for a drain,     Also football related – although I was        were shielding their children’s eyes (it was
one for a camera and one for a “laser.”          watching this time, not playing – was         like, half 5 in the evening).The ambulance
They suck out all the jelly in the eye, laser    the time I had been to watch England vs.      people couldn’t work out how I hadn’t
the retina back onto the back of the eye,        Greece a few years ago – the one where        been electrocuted or broken my neck in
and then inflate it with air and stitch it up.   Beckham scored in the last minute and         the fall.
I was awake for all five hours of it.            England got into the Euro Champion-
                                                 ships.                                        The only reason I wasn’t hit by a train is
Having a series of injections in your eye-                                                     that apparently four Australians saw what
ball is possibly the most painful thing I        When we got to Earls Court tube station,      happened and then jumped down and
have endured, and the smell of the laser         I was on the phone to a friend and picked     lifted me out before the next train stopped,
burning into your head is interesting to         up another friend’s bag, threw it over my     which at Earls Court is every few minutes.
say the least....                                shoulder, and....just went backwards.
                                                                                               Apart from the cut on my head, concus-
Anyway, five hours later, my eye is rein-        I remember throwing my phone towards          sion, and a bruise/burny type thing down
flated and I have nine stitches in the eye-      the platform, and then waking up in a spe-    my back I was totally unharmed.
ball. I then had to lie on my side for 20 out    cial room at the station with a bandage on
of 24 hours a day for 10 days (!), as your       my head and the ambulance people say-         I never met the Australians.
body produces tears which fill the eye and       ing that there was no way I should have

                                                                                                   Affiliate Manager Interview Series | GPWA Times

                                  KAYE		|		Klub8

                     Klub8	 is	 offered	 in	 two	 lan-              play	in	English,	or	is	it	designed	      card.   You really have to try it
                     guages	–	Chinese	and	English.	                 for	the	general	English-speak-           out!
                     Clearly,	part	of	your	focus	is	on	             ing	 audience?	 Our English-lan-
                     the	 Chinese	 market.	 In	 terms	              guage casino and poker room are          How	 did	 you	 get	 started	 in	
                     of	marketing	to	a	Chinese	au-                  targeted at both English-speaking        the	 online	 gambling	 busi-
                     dience,	 what	 kinds	 of	 prob-                Chinese players and the general          ness? Completely by chance. I
                                                                    English-speaking audience. Our           started off in an administrative
                     lems	 do	 search	 engine	 filters	
                                                                    product caters to both markets.          role which was completely non-
                     provide	 for	 you?	 And	 what	
                                                                                                             gaming in nature and then slowly
                                    tips	 can	 you	                 Most	 (if	 not	 all)	 of	 your	 table	   progressed to the gaming areas
                                    provide	 affili-                games	 feature	 “live”	 dealers.	        of the organization. I have since
           “We encourage ates	 in	 terms	 of	                       Why	did	you	choose	to	go	this	           worked in the Philippines, Macau
           our affiliates to handling	In these	
                                    issues?	      spe-
                                                                    route	 rather	 than	 stick	 with	        and now I am in Australia.
                                                                    pure	 electronic	 table	 games?	
     share ideas and                         cific reference to
                                                                    We actually offer live games as          What’s	 the	 most	 difficult	 part	
                                             the Chinese audi-                                               of	 your	 job? I love this job be-
   give constructive                         ence in China, yes,
                                                                    well as RNG (random number
                                                                    generator) games.                        cause it’s dynamic and I learn
   feedback. This is                         there are challeng-
                                             es we face with
                                                                                                             something new every day.
                                                                                                             wouldn’t use the word “difficult”
                                                                    We understand that not one prod-
   how we will grow                          search engine fil-
                                                                    uct will appeal to everyone, so we       but I guess dealing with all the
                                             ters. Many online                                               different time zones can be chal-
and become the best                          casino/gambling
                                                                    try to offer our players a large
                                                                    variety of slots, table games, and       lenging. We pretty much have to
     at what we do!”                         terms are pro-
                                             hibited and many
                                                                    Asian games as well as entertain-        work around the clock, don’t we?
                                                                                                             Having said that, the many great
                                                                    ing arcade games. However, live
                                             sites are blocked                                               things about this job still heavily
                                                                    games, featuring real-time live
                            on a daily basis. This is an issue                                               outweigh the so-called difficul-
                                                                    dealers, are exceptionally popu-
                            that we are forever tackling. Ask                                                ties.
                                                                    lar, especially in Asian countries.
                            anyone who is dealing with SEO
                                                                    Live gaming adopts the very latest
                            for gaming sites in China and                                                    What’s	 the	 most	 exciting	 part	
                                                                    in gaming software and technol-
                            they will tell you it’s a hard one to                                            of	 your	 job? Definitely being
                            crack.                                                                           able to meet and interact with
                                                                    I was involved in the very first live    people from all over the world and
                            It helps to use languages other                                                  from all walks of life. The gaming
                                                                    gaming facility in Asia. I worked
                            than Chinese and to use Chinese                                                  industry is just so dynamic. It is
                                                                    with a specialist team of techni-
                            euphemisms. There are many                                                       forever growing and I learn some-
                                                                    cians and casino croupiers for a
                            different words we can use to de-                                                thing new every day. I am always
                                                                    period of two years in the Phil-
                            scribe a gambling establishment                                                  excited when I find new ways to
                                                                    ippines. Up to now, I am still
                            besides the word “casino.” These                                                 promote the business. I am grate-
                                                                    amazed with what we can achieve
                            words may also carry other mean-                                                 ful for all the wonderful people
                                                                    with modern-day technology.....
                            ings and therefore the likelihood                                                that I have met so far.
                            of them being blocked is consid-
                                                                    The great thing about live games
                            erably lower than, let’s say, the
                                                                    is that they bring us one big step       Trust	 is	 often	 cited	 as	 one	 of	
                            word “casino.”
                                                                    closer to the reality of playing in      the	 critical	 components	 of	
                                                                    a real casino. Players can play in       successful	 relationships	 be-
                            SEO work for gambling sites in
                                                                    the comfort of their own home            tween	 affiliates	 and	 affiliate	
                            China will always be an expensive
                                                                    but still experience the interac-
                            and challenging task. So, apart                                                  programs.	 How	 do	 you	 go	
                                                                    tion with the dealer, see cards be-
                            from SEO, we have also invested                                                  about	 establishing	 trust	 with	
                                                                    ing drawn from the shoe, see the
                            in other marketing strategies to                                                 your	 affiliates?	 And	 what	 do	
                                                                    ball being spun as they would in a
                            promote Klub8 Casino and Klub8                                                   you	 expect	 out	 of	 your	 affili-
                                                                    land-based casino. With our Live
                            Poker in the region.                                                             ates	in	return? Our affiliates are
                                                                    VIP Baccarat, which is absolutely
                                                                    phenomenal, players are able to          our business partners. We aim
                            Is	the	English-language	casino	         send specific instructions to the        to establish a strong and friendly
                            and	 poker	 room	 you	 offer	 di-       dealer to make the experience            relationship with all our affili-
                            rected	 toward	 people	 in	 the	        even more real. These instruc-           ates from day one. This requires
                            Chinese	market	who	prefer	to	           tions include squeezing the card,        us to stand by our promises and
                                                                    rotating the card, and tossing the       show our affiliates that we take

GPWA Times | Affiliate Manager Interview Series

                                                                                            What	 are	 your	 three	 keys	 to	 success	
                                                                                            for	an	affiliate?
                                                                                            1. Be quick to respond to questions and
                                                                                            2. Pay on time.
                                                                                            3. Be human and don’t sound like a robot

                                                                                            What	 songs	 are	 currently	 on	 your	
                                                                                            iPod	(or	MP3	player)? Wow, I have so
                                                                                            many songs, where do I start? Music is
                                                                                            such a huge part of my life. I cannot work
                                                                                            without music playing in the background
                                                                                            and I cannot get ready for a big night out
                                                                                            without the speakers pumping away. So,
                                                                                            I have a song for every mood and occa-
                                                                                            sion. My song collection on my iPod rang-
                                                                                            es from Armin van Buuren to Barney &
                                                                                            Friends (sorry, did I mention that I have
                                                                                            a four-year-old daughter?).

                                                                                            What’s	the	last	book	you	read?	What	
                                                                                            did	you	like	about	it? For the past two
                                                                                            weeks I have been reading secretly in my
                                                                                            room at night. Trying to keep a low pro-
                                                                                            file and not let anyone know what I’ve
                                                                                            got in my hands and here you are, asking
                                                                                            me this question in public, LOL. The last
                                                                                            book I read was The Proper Care & Feed-
                                                                                            ing of Husbands by Dr. Laura C. Sch-
                                                                                            lessinger. It was a going-away gift given
                                                                                            to me last month. And no, not from my
                                                                                            husband, but from a girlfriend of mine in
                                                                                            Hong Kong, who obviously thinks I am
                                                                                            doing a lousy job. I have just finished it
                                                                                            and I am yet to analyze what I liked about

                                                                                            What’s	your	favorite	movie	and	why?
                                                                                            It would have to be Sex and the City! I
                                                                                            love Sarah Jessica Parker and I love ev-
                                                                                            erything about her character in the show,
our business very seriously. We will pay      this first thing in the morning. During       Carrie. I was so depressed when the mov-
on time, address e-mails and questions        this time, I set myself to busy on IM and     ie came to an end!
promptly, and operate our business with       make sure that my phone is on silent.
integrity.                                                                                  What	 was	 your	 favorite	 subject	 in	
                                              2. I do not let my inbox pile up. I sort it
                                                                                            school?	And	why	was	it	your	favorite	
In return, we basically want our affiliates   every day as opposed to once a week.
to treat us as business partners. We en-
                                                                                            subject? Japanese was my favorite sub-
                                                                                            ject in school because it was the easiest. I
courage our affiliates to share ideas and     3. I like to have everything come into my
                                                                                            definitely had an advantage by knowing
give constructive feedback. This is how       inbox as opposed to setting rules where
                                                                                            Chinese. The Japanese language adopted
we will grow and become the best at what      e-mails are automatically sent to fold-
                                                                                            some Chinese characters into their lan-
we do!                                        ers. This way, I know that everything that
                                                                                            guage. These characters are known as
                                              I need to look at and deal with is in my
                                                                                            Kanji. I could always work out what the
In	 an	 industry	 where	 everyone’s	 inbox	   inbox. Yes, I know some people would
                                                                                            sentence meant by just recognizing one
is	always	overloaded,	e-mail	manage-          never ever open up their Outlook again
                                                                                            or two Kanji characters.
ment	 and	 organization	 is	 a	 critical	     if they adopted my method, but it works
                                              well for me.
skill.	 	 How	 do	 you	 manage	 your	 e-                                                    What	 are	 three	 things	 that	 no	 one	
mail?	What	tips	can	you	share?                4. And when things get stressful and I        knows	about	you? I can’t even think of
I follow four basic rules:                                                                  one! I have nothing to hide.
                                              seem helpless, I just take a big, big, big
1. I set aside uninterrupted time to orga-
                                              breath and…start again.
nize and process my e-mails. I usually do

                                                                                                Affiliate Manager Interview Series | GPWA Times

                                                    Affiliate Guard Dog (GPWA screen name: kwblue) provides
                                                    a critical service for affiliates by monitoring the terms and
                                                    conditions of online gambling affiliate programs using a
                                                    special Terms Alert System. And when something changes,
                                                    he analyzes the differences and posts the changes and his
                                                    analysis on Below is a list of
                                                    affiliate programs that Affiliate Guard Dog has certified as fair
                                                    to affiliates, and a list of programs that have been rogued.

Certified	Casino	Affiliates	    CWC Affiliates                Intertops                    Slots Of Fortune Affiliates
400 Affiliates                  Euro Partners                 Lionslots Affiliates         Superiorshare
Absolute Slots Affiliates       Fortune Affiliates            Pantasia Affiliates          Tila Cash Affiliate Program
Affiliate Club                  G3 Partner                    Partner Nordica              Totesport Affiliates
Affiliate Edge                  GA Partners                   Prime Partners               Villento Affiliates
Affilishare                     Gambling Wages                Purple Lounge Affiliates     Virgin Affiliates
BetFred                         Gaming Partners               Red Returns                  Wager Profits
Brightshare                                 Referback
                                Goldenstar Network            Revenue Giants               Roguehouse
Casino Coins
Casino Rewards                  Heroes Casino Affiliates      Rich Clicks                  Grand Prive Affiliates
Centrebet Affiliates            Hollywood Affiliates          Roxy Affiliates              Red Hot Revenue
Commission Warehouse            Horse Profits                 Simon Says Affiliates        Villa Fortuna Affiliates
C-Planet (Formerly Affibucks)   iGaming Profits               Slotocash Affiliates

                                                                                                            | GPWA Times

                                                                      COMMON	 POKER	 AFFILIATE	
                                                                          MISTAKES	&	PITFALLS
Ready to break into
the poker market?
Don’t do any of
                                                           1         Expecting too much too soon
                                                                     — Running a poker affiliate busi-
                                                                     ness is just that; you are running
                                                                     a business. Although there is a
                                                           huge amount of money to be made in the
                                                           industry, it is not a get rich quick scheme.
                                                                                                             without utilizing SEO. However, if you
                                                                                                             plan on having any type of Web site or
                                                                                                             portal, embracing SEO will increase your
                                                                                                             traffic and earnings exponentially. In fact,
                                                                                                             99% of the affiliates who are earning six
                                                                                                             figures per month are doing so because
                                                           As with any business, you are investing           they mastered SEO. There are still several
these things!                                              time and energy for future earnings. You
                                                           should not expect to make any type of sub-
                                                                                                             keywords and long-tail phrases in the on-
                                                                                                             line poker market that are profitable and
                                                           stantial income in your first six months.         attainable for new affiliates.

By Jeremy Enke                                             Furthermore, you should be re-investing
                                                           a good portion of your initial poker affili-
                                                           ate earnings back into growing your busi-                    Business ethics — It is not
Throughout the last seven years, I have
                                                           ness.                                                        hard to see the potential revenue
had the unique opportunity to work close-
                                                                                                                        that can be made as a poker af-
ly with and mentor hundreds of new poker

                                                                                                                        filiate. Many new affiliates, how-
affiliates. During this time I have had the
                                                                      Playing poker with your af-            ever, get blinded by these numbers and
chance to see many affiliates go from do-
                                                                      filiate revenue — I feel com-          try “black hat” techniques or unethical
ing poker affiliate marketing as a hobby,
                                                                      pelled to write this because I see     practices. If you are going to build a long-
to making it a full-time, six-figure career.
                                                                      it happen all too often. Many          term business model, you have to be ethi-
                                                           new poker affiliates started in the indus-        cal and earn the trust and respect of the
Any time you enter a new affiliate mar-
                                                           try because they were poker players first.        affiliate programs, as well as your fellow
keting vertical, there is a definite learning
                                                           This is fine, but if you want to become a         poker affiliates in the industry. Once you
curve. With online poker, this is especially
                                                           successful poker affiliate, it will be critical   establish your reputation as an unethical
true. Promoting online poker is a com-
                                                           that you separate your affiliate earnings         affiliate, it is very difficult to do business
pletely different animal than promoting
                                                           from your traditional poker bankroll. The         in the industry.
online casinos. Nonetheless it is a market
that is consistently growing throughout                    fact is that 90% of online poker players
                                                           are losing or break-even players. More            A few of the most common unethical
the world. And even more exciting, it is a
                                                           than likely you’re not a multi-millionaire        practices we see new affiliates partake in
market where gaming affiliates can build
                                                           from playing online poker. If you were,           are spamming, copying content and CPA
a great residual income. Inevitably, how-
                                                           you probably wouldn’t be reading this af-         fraud. Smart affiliates realize that being
ever, when starting out, most new poker
                                                           filiate article!                                  a poker affiliate can be a great long-term
affiliates will make mistakes.
                                                                                                             career and do not want to risk their future
                                                           Just as important as separating your affili-      earning potential by making bad decisions
In this article, I will point out some of the
                                                           ate earnings from your bankroll is separat-       in the beginning.
more common mistakes I have seen new

poker affiliates make through the years.                   ing your work time from your poker play-
My hope is that by learning about these                    ing time. Anyone who has played online
                                                           poker knows that it can be a black hole in                  Promoting too many Web
common mistakes and pitfalls, GPWA
                                                           terms of eating away at your time. If you                   sites at once — Of course the
readers considering breaking into the
                                                           want to be a successful poker affiliate, you                goal for any successful poker af-
poker affiliate market will decrease their
                                                           will have to focus on your business more                    filiate is to diversify and operate
learning curve. They are listed in no spe-
                                                           than your play. Sorry, that is just the real-     multiple Web sites in various niches. It is
cific order.
                                                           ity of it. But trust me: getting five-figure      easy in the beginning, however, to lose fo-
                                                           poker affiliate payments each month is            cus and have too many eggs in too many
                                                           much more rewarding than winning an               baskets. When starting out, it is best to
                                                           occasional pot or tournament.                     learn the core fundamentals while keep-
                                                                                                             ing your focus on either one or just a few

                                                                                                             Internet properties. Doing this will also al-
                                                                    Not learning the fundamen-               low you to develop your “flagship” brand,
                                                                    tals of SEO — Learning the               which can act as a catalyst for future proj-
                                                                    fundamentals of search engine            ects or sites.
                                                                    optimization is critical for your
                                                           success as a poker affiliate. You can still
                                                           make a decent income as a poker affiliate

GPWA Times | Avoiding the  Common Poker Affiliate Mistakes & Pitfalls

6          Failure to surround your-
           self with other successful
           affiliates — The principle of sur-
                                                    Having a written plan is simply the roadmap
                                                    that leads you to accomplishing the goals
                                                    you have written down.

           rounding yourself with successful
people is one that is taught in almost every
business book you read. I cannot overem-                      If you’re not a Web designer,
phasize how beneficial it is as a poker affili-               outsource at first — One of the
ate to become friends with, and surround                      biggest drains of time for a new
yourself with, others who are successful in                   poker affiliate can be trying to fig-
the industry. The unique thing about the            ure out Web design. In time it is not hard
poker affiliate industry is that although           to learn html, CSS, php, and coding. In the
many of us are essentially competitors, sev-        beginning, however, it can be a tremen-
eral of us are also friends.                        dously frustrating experience and actually
                                                    a reason many affiliates give up on affiliate
When you run in the same circles as many of         marketing. The price of Web design and
                                                    templates has come down quite a bit over          Jeremy Enke is the
the other successful affiliates, it will open up
doors for you that you may not have known           the past few years. However, from past            CEO of Jeremy Enke’s
existed. Think about how valuable this              experience I can tell you that if you’re a        Poker Affliate Listings
could be in respect to even links exchanges         complete newbie to Web design, spend a
                                                    few dollars to have it done right or at the       (PokerAffiliateListings.
and joint ventures. Not only this, but when
                                                    very least buy a template.                        com). Jeremy has
you surround yourself with other success-
ful poker affiliates, it helps to elevate your                                                        dedicated over six years
thinking to a higher level. The best thing          Overall, poker affiliate marketing is one of
                                                                                                      to the poker affiliate
you can do is to find a good mentor who has         the most lucrative Internet businesses in
                                                    the world. Although it can                        market, with an overall
already became a success in this industry.
If nothing else, at least become an active          be difficult for a new                            mission throughout this
member in one of the forums endorsed at             affiliate to break                                time of helping affiliate                         into, once you
                                                    do, you will                                      marketers reach their

                                                    never look                                        full potential and become
          Not having a specific plan and            back.                                             more successful in this
          written goals — The importance                                                              terrific industry. Jeremy
          of having written goals and a spe-
                                                                                                      has been involved in the
          cific daily, weekly, and monthly
plan cannot be overstated. Without setting                                                            poker affiliate industry
goals or having a plan of attack, it is very easy                                                     since 2003. Founding
to lose focus. In poker affiliate marketing,                                                          the world’s largest poker
there are so many different things you
can be doing every day to increase your                                                               affiliate community,
revenues. And if you don’t have a plan,                                                               followed by the world’s
it is very easy to become unproduc-                                                                   largest poker affiliate
tive and lose valuable time. The easi-
                                                                                                      network, Jeremy likes
est way I have found to stay organized
and on task is by having a white board                                                                to refer to himself as a
in my office. I am constantly updating                                                                self-proclaimed Certified
the board, and it also keeps my most
                                                                                                      Baller. Jeremy’s sense of
important tasks and
goals in front                                                                                        humor and entrepreneurial
of me on                                                                                              spirit are second to none.
a daily

                                                                                                                    | GPWA Times
                                                                                        by J. Todd, Executive Director, APCW

The online gambling industry is under assault from people both outside the industry and inside the industry. And I’m not going to
take it anymore. I’m naming names and saying, “Shame on you. Shame on you for trying to outlaw online gambling. Shame on you
for trying to keep hard-working people from making a living. And shame on you for giving online gambling a bad name.” So in this
issue, I’m nailing four fresh hides to my Wall of Shame. These four specimens represent the worst of the worst from 2008. And they
need to know that we know who they are. And we’re not going to take it anymore.

       Grand	Prive                        Russ	Hamilton                         Steve	Beshear                          Spencer	Bachus
      Casino	Group                  The former World Series of Pok-       The governor of Kentucky decided       The reflexively anti-online gambling
                                    er Main Event champ allegedly         he could play moralist for the world   Congressman from Alabama said in
Talk about larceny. This group
                                    profited big time from the “supe-     when he tried to seize 141 online      a hearing this year that “McGill Uni-
deserves jeers after shutting
                                    ruser” scandal at UltimateBet.        gambling domains because they          versity found that one-third of college
down its affiliate program and
                                    That scandal, chronicled by the       were “illegal gambling devices.”       students who gamble on the Internet
eliminating affiliate commissions
                                    TV newsmagazine “60 Minutes,”         Apparently, as long as his precious    ultimately attempted suicide.” Err,
late last year while keeping its
                                    allowed certain users to see the      Kentuckians were protected from        one problem, Congressman. “This
online casinos open for business.
                                    hole cards of players at the table.   the “evils” of online gambling,        assertion, which is reportedly based
                                    And it gave online poker a black      he didn’t care that the millions       upon our empirical research, is not
                                    eye when it least needed one.         of people out there who wanted         predicated upon any factual evidence,”
                                                                          to enjoy a legal pastime without       said McGill gambling and addiction
                                                                          interference might be unable to        researcher Jeffrey L. Derevensky.
                                                                          access their accounts and games.

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