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					March 26th, 2010 Issue #53       The Iris                            The Body Glyphix Studio

   Happy Spring Equinox from The Body Glyphix Studio!! Be wary- another Mercury retrograde looms
   ahead on the horizon. It begins on April 18th and ends on May 11th. Do not start any major projects
   (unless already underway), do not buy a new car, watch out for communication problems- your car,
   phone, discussions, computer and anything that has to do with communications.

   Good News- In case you haven’t heard- we now accept charge cards (Visa, Mastercard & Discover)
   making it easier for you to get to your Yoga Classes, Body, Mind & Soul Consultations and your herbs!

   More good news!! For those who have Independent Health Flex Fit Independent, Healthy Benefits and
   Personal Best people can utilize their card to pay for Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy or private Yoga
   Sessions effective immediately.

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     Human health trumps corporate interests in a recent EPA decision that will help update a currently
                                         ineffective toxic-substances law.
By Leah Zerbe
Use our list of ingredients to look for to keep dangerous household chemicals out of your home.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced that
it will institute a new policy that will help consumers figure out what exactly is in the household products
they use. "Assuring the safety of chemicals is one of Administrator Jackson's top priorities for EPA's future,"
says Steve Owens, assistant administrator for EPA's Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances.
"The American people are entitled to transparent, accessible information on chemicals that may pose a risk
to their health or the environment."
THE DETAILS: For years, companies have been able to file a secrecy claim called Confidential Business
Information, or CBI, in order to avoid identifying chemicals used in a particular product. EPA's decision to
stop honoring CBI claims from industry will apply to chemicals that studies have shown pose a substantial
risk to people's health and the environment, and that have been previously disclosed on the Toxic Substances
Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Inventory.
Under TSCA, companies may claim a range of sensitive, proprietary information as CBI. However, under
another section of the law, companies that manufacture, process, or distribute chemicals are required to
immediately provide notice to EPA if they learn that a chemical presents a substantial risk of injury to health
or the environment. This information is then made public. But until last week, companies could bypass this
step by filing a CBI claim. In the coming months, EPA says it intends to announce additional steps to further
increase transparency of chemical information. Congress is also working on updating TSCA to better protect
today's consumers.

WHAT IT MEANS: Chemical regulation in this country is notoriously weak, and the outdated TSCA is
mostly to blame. Enacted in 1976, TSCA was meant to ensure that chemicals imported, processed,
manufactured, or distributed in the U.S. did not pose any "unreasonable risks to human health or the
environment." More than 60,000 chemicals were in use before the law went into effect, and were
grandfathered in without adequate safety testing. Most of the 20,000-plus introduced afterward have not been
tested thoroughly by the EPA or industry, either.
While the EPA decision makes a difference, it doesn't completely close the massive loophole in chemical
safety. Rule Number 1: Just because it's on a store shelf does not mean its ingredients are safe. A recent
Environmental Working Group (EWG) analysis found that the 33-year-old law that is supposed to publicize
the chemicals used in products has actually created a "regulatory black hole, a place where information goes
in, but much never comes out." EWG's analysis also showed that industry has placed "confidential business
information" (CBI) claims on the identity of 13,596 new chemicals produced since 1976—nearly two-thirds
of the 20,403 chemicals that have been introduced in the past 33 years.
Read on to find out what chemcials to keep out of your home.
Regardless of loopholes in government agencies and industry's lack of proof of ingredient safety,
emerging research indicates these are some of the household chemicals you should avoid:
1. Pesticides. Chemicals used to control weeds, disease, and insects have been linked to everything from
birth defects, Parkinson's disease, certain cancers—including childhood leukemia and brain tumors—to
lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, developmental problems, and other ills. Learn how to control weeds and garden
diseases naturally at, practice nontoxic pest removal using tips from the Nickel
Pincher's natural home pest-control arsenal, and choose organic whole foods as much as possible to limit
your exposure.
2. Triclosan and triclocarban. These synthetic antimicrobial chemicals kill aquatic life after they go down
your drain and into the local water supply, and have been shown to disrupt proper thyroid functioning in
humans. Use of triclosan is also associated with the rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, producing
dangerous infections that don't respond well to antibiotic medicine. Triclosan or its cousin, triclocarban, can
be found on the ingredients labels of soaps, toothpaste, and other personal-care items. It's not clear what
happens if you ingest a little bit while brushing your teeth twice a day over a long period of time.
3. Parabens. These common soap and shower gel ingredients can be found in any product containing some
form of "paraben" in the word and should be avoided. Parabens hinder proper functioning of your endocrine
system, which includes your thyroid, pituitary, adrenal glands, pancreas, and ovaries or testes.
4. Fragrance, parfum, linalool, limonene. These ingredients listed on the label are tip-offs that your
product contains artificial scent chemicals. Companies can add any of about 7,000 chemicals to your
shampoo or any other personal-care product and simply call it "fragrance" or "parfum" on the label. Many of
these contain phthalates, chemicals that make plastics softer, help makeup and lotions stick to your face
better, and also help carry fragrance chemicals. Studies link phthalate exposure to hormone disruption,
asthma, birth defects in babies, dizziness, headaches, runny nose, allergies, and eczema. Since cleaners, air
fresheners, candles, and laundry products aren't required to label ingredients, it's best to choose unscented
products as much as possible. Another way to avoid phthalates is to avoid vinyl products, such as flooring,
rubber duckies, fake leather purses, and plastic vinyl shower curtains.
5. DEA, diethanolamine, cocamide DEA, lauramide DEA, and monoethanolamine, MEA. These
wetting, thickening, and foaming agents are used in shampoo and bath products, liquid hand soaps, shaving
products, and deodorants. These chemicals have been shown to react with other product chemicals in the can
or bottle to form a potent carcinogen called nitrosodiethanolamine (NDEA).
6. PEG, polyethylene glycol, polyethylene, polyoxyethylene, oxynol, or words ending in the letters
"eth," such as myreth, oleth, laureth, ceteareth. You won't ever see the cancer-causing compound 1,4-
dioxane on a label, but the aforementioned ingredients are often contaminated with 1,4-dioxane during the
manufacturing process, according to the Organic Consumer Association.

                   Yoga Reduces Inflammation and Improves Heart Health
By Steven Jones MD
(NaturalNews) Many people choose to practice yoga for the relaxation and flexibility benefits it brings. Yoga
is a low impact form of exercise that strengthens muscles, increases balance, improves flexibility, and
reduces stress with various poses and breathing exercises. Recent studies show that there are actual physical
benefits of incorporating yoga into one's life. People who regularly practice yoga reduce compounds in the
blood that contribute to inflammation. Yoga has also been shown to increase heart rate variability (HRV)
which is a sign of good heart health.

Yoga is an ancient practice that combines physical poses and breathing exercises. The physical, mental, and
spiritual benefits of yoga are numerous. Yoga improves circulation and respiration and can increase
metabolism and energy. The mental benefits of yoga include relief from stress, anxiety reduction, and
increased self-confidence. Many people practice yoga for the spiritual benefits and the connection it brings to
the mind, body, and spirit.

A recent study conducted at Ohio State University included 50 female participants. Half of the women were
yoga novices who had practiced yoga for fewer than 12 sessions and the other women were considered
experts who had practiced yoga twice a week for 2 years. Blood samples were drawn at various times during
the study when the women were asked to perform yoga and light treadmill walking and during a stress test.

The blood samples showed that women who did not regularly practice yoga had 41% higher levels of pro-
inflammatory cytokine IL-6. This is a substance that increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation plays
a major role in age-related diseases including heart disease and diabetes. This study shows that practicing
yoga can help people fight illnesses as they age by reducing their levels of cytokine IL-6.

Another study shows that yoga increases heart rate variability. A high HRV is a sign of a healthy heart. The
study assessed 42 men who were yoga novices and 42 men who were yoga experts. Those who regularly
practiced yoga showed strengthening of parasympathetic control or control of heart rate indicating a healthier

These studies show that there are numerous health benefits of practicing yoga on a regular basis. Yoga
reduces the levels of cytokine IL-6, thus reducing inflammation in the body. Regular yoga sessions also
increase heart rate variability which promotes heart health. By incorporating yoga into one's life just 2 times
a week, people can realize many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

                                         THE SHIFT OF AGES

Discover the truth about 2012 as Wandering Wolf – High Priest of all of the Mayans tells us the truth about
(it’s not as bad as they say!) what the Mayan Calendars reveal by clicking on the link below:


                                        YOU ARE YOUR CHOICES

Every step on our path presents us with a wide option of choices even if only one appears to be available.
Our human vision, which reflects our fears, emotions, karmic history and life experiences, limits our choices
to the extent that even if the best and most perfect solution is before us, we will ignore them and choose the
one that most closely addresses our fears in the short term, even if that choice keeps us right where we are.
When we want to know where we are in our spiritual growth all we have to do is look at the choices we

We can look back on previous choices and wonder what we were thinking when we made them. Why did we
choose that partner, when our inner guidance told us that they were the wrong person? Why did we select a
particular job, living situation, or friend? Why did we avoid choosing something else? Where we are at this
moment represents the total of all choices we have made in the past. And none of our choices was wrong,
each one held important information for our spiritual growth. The fact that we are ready to review them
means that we are ready to consider other options.

Each choice reflects our karma, healing, soul group and mission. We do not need confirmation of our healing
purpose, all we have to do is review the options we have to choose from. And after we choose, we can
review how we have incorporated our life lessons through our awareness of the next set of choices we
consider. Are they different or the same? If they are different, then we have made progress and our energies
are higher. If they are the same, we still have lessons to learn in this area and our energies have not shifted.

The partnership of spirit and humanity is the ascension path. As we incorporate that path into our human
experience we are open to accepting a wider array of choices. When we choose through our humanity every
choice reflects our fears. When we choose from spirit we make an intention to stand in our power. If we want
to become a powerful, successful and joyful person, our intention must be for those things and then all of the
choices that can make that reality true will be the ones we recognize and connect to. This week, set an
intention for what you want in your life and be willing to ask for guidance and allow yourself to recognize
the powerful, divine choices that will make your dreams possible.


                                      YOUR 15 MINUTE YOGA ROUTINE

   For those of you that want to practice Yoga- but can’t find enough time, Carl and I have discussed this
   and have put together something simple and easy! We would really like to see you spend a half hour or
   more- but at the end of our newsletters- we ask for suggestions and your input. And- this is what you
   asked for….

   1.   Sukanansana (sitting cross legged- comfortably or legs extended) with your Intention
   2.   Hip Walking, Moving Table & Seated Sun Pose
   3.   Sun Salutation
   4.   Half Candle (hip lifts)
   5.   Reclining Twists
   6.   Fish Pose
   7.   Savasana (meditation),Hands in Anjoli Mudra – touch tips of fingers to your 3rd eye Chakra & bless
        yourself, touch the floor & bless the Earth


                             HOW DANGEROUS IS YOUR CELL PHONE?

You already do your best to eat safe and organic foods, live greener, and reduce toxins from your personal
care products, but is your cell phone radiation putting you at risk?
EWG has brought to light important new science showing potential health risks linked to long-term cell
phone use. Now, with EWG's new Cell Phone Radiation Guide you can check your cell phone's
radiation ranking and learn how to use it wisely.
It's easy to be smart with EWG's Cell Phone Radiation Guide
Our Cell Phone Radiation Guide has been extremely popular since we released it in October, because it gives
consumers exactly the information needed to choose and use cell phones wisely. You can:

   1.   See how the hottest new phones of 2010 rank
   2.   Look up your phone's radiation level
   3.   Find a low-radiation phone
   4.   Find a headset
   5.   Get practical, convenient tips on how to reduce your radiation
   6.   Take action and tell the government that it's time to modernize their radiation standards

Have you looked up your cell phone's radiation level in EWG's updated online guide yet? We just added
some of the most talked about phones new for 2010, like the Motorola Droid, Apple iPhone 3GS, and the
LG Chocolate Touch.

                                        CHILDREN & KARMA
We have karma within our soul groups and that includes our children. We think of our children as those
beings we agree to bring into the world, sometimes forgetting that in previous lifetimes they were partners,
spouses, siblings, parents, lovers, enemies and friends. This is especially true of Indigo and Crystal children
who are working with us to transform and end karmic cycles. Many of these children have come to help us
with our lessons, sometimes by being our most challenging karmic partners.

Do you have a child who is rebellious, resentful and defies you in every way? Is your child needy, clingy,
unwilling to leave your side for a moment? Or do you have a child who demands your attention and is
jealous of anyone you spend time with? All of these are situations that revolve around emotional issues from
karmic relationships that have carried over from previous lifetimes. Knowing this can help you deal with
them on an energetic level to resolve the energy that exists between you, instead of trying to figure out what
is wrong with your child.

The rebellious child may have previously experienced you as someone who held them back from living their
life, perhaps they were a prisoner, slave, someone you killed or an abused child or spouse. The clingy, needy
child may have experienced you as a parent or partner who abandoned them, or died and left them alone. The
jealous child may have been a jilted lover, a unappreciated partner or someone you did not validate in a
previous lifetime. Whatever emotions they are expressing are simply karma in action-they do not know how
to handle the energy so they just let it all hang out.

Approaching their behavior from a karmic perspective allows you to see them on a deeper level. They are
more than children, they are souls having a human experience, just like you. Karma does not begin with
adulthood, it begins when we make our parent/child agreement. From that moment we are partners in our
karmic cycle and everything we do reflects our willingness to complete or continue our karma with them. As
you consider your child's behavior, ask yourself what your karmic agreement is with them. You can cut those
cords and release them so you can both move into a more balanced, loving and energetically whole
relationship with them and release them from the responsibility of expressing the karma's emotions and
energy so it can be healed.

                                              YOGA NIDRA
Yoga Nidra has a special emphasis on health and healing where habitual thinking and thought patterns are
reduced or eliminated. It is said that 45 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours of sleep and helps
reduce insomnia and stress.

The class is being held on Tuesday April 6th at 7:30 PM at our studio (click here for directions). The class
lasts about 50 minutes. The fee is $10. Pre-registration is a must- call or email us for more information or
reservations. Should you reserve and are unable to attend- please let us know- for there is usually a
cancellation/waiting list.

                             AYURVEDA- Learn Your Dosha Workshop

Are you Vata, Pitta or Kapha? Please Join us and learn Ayurveda the sister science of yoga. It is one of the
oldest systems of healing in the world with its roots going far back into Indian antiquity. It is called a living
science because it incorporates modern developments and techniques with ancient wisdom. We will help you
figure out your Dosha or constitution as well as how to balance your Dosha type. Whether you are a Vata, a
Pitta or a Kapha, you will find valuable information about diet, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations. You
can use your newfound knowledge to improve your relationships, your parenting skills, and to help find your
best career path.

Class is to be held on Wednesday, April 14th, at 7:30 PM at our Studio. The fee is $10, it includes your
Ayurvedic Dosha handout and an hour of fun and intrigue. Call or email us to reserve your spot.

                             SPRING YOGA SCHEDULE
   Times         Mon           Tue           Wed             Thu            Fri           Sat
  9:30 am        Yoga                         Yoga                          Yoga

  10:00 am                                                                               Yoga

  2:30 pm                                                                               Family
  6:10 pm     Intermediate     Yoga       Intermediate       Yoga
                  Yoga                        Yoga

Yoga A nice blend of Hatha, Integrative, Pilates & Foot Reflexology-geared to participants needs (Rose)
Intermediate Yoga Combines Vinyasa & Hatha Yogas with Pilates & Foot Reflexology (Carl)
Family Yoga Kids age 3-8 and parents. Must reserve space ahead. $12 for 2 of you (Molly)
Life goes Om Free participation in any Yoga Class to any one with Cancer or a life threatening disease
         Group Class fees- $10 drop in or $70 for 8 or $130 for 16 for any of the above classes
                                        (click here for directions)
                     Your Suggestions and input are encouraged- as always!
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                                   Rose Czyrny & Carl Klein
                          12377 Big Tree Road, Wales Center, NY 14169
                     website:      phone: 716.652.7805

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