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IRC New York World Refugee Day Event - June - International


									                            Please join the International Rescue Committee
                                           for a celebration of
                                      World Refugee Day 2006:

  From Uncertainty to Safety: Burmese Refugees in Burma, Thailand, and the
                                United States
Distinguished Presenters:
Dale Buscher, Director, Protection and Participation Program, The Women’s Commission for
Refugee Women and Children
Sai Aung Tee Kham, Activist and Human Rights Lawyer
Mo Nom (“Daisy”) Tee Kham, Student and Posse Scholarship Recipient

Tuesday, June 20th at 6:30pm
The International Rescue Committee Global Headquarters
11th Floor Conference Rooms
The Chanin Building - 122 East 42nd Street, New York
Reception to Follow

Please RSVP to Jeffery Smith at and bring a photo ID to enter the Chanin building.

The International Rescue Committee is a non-governmental organization that assists
refugees overseas and in the United States. From Uncertainty to Safety will celebrate refugees
around the world and the IRC’s continuum of relief, rehabilitation, and resettlement work.

About the presenters:
Dale Buscher is the Director of Protection and Participation Program at Women’s Commission for
Refugee Women and Children. He has assisted refuges since 1988, coordinating programs in the
Philippines, Guantanamo Bay, Croatia, Albania, and Kosovo. Subsequently, Mr. Buscher was the
Director of Operations for the International Catholic Migration Commission in Geneva, where he
oversaw the organization’s $25 million international programs – covering 20 countries and 800 staff.
During his 4-year tenure at the ICMC headquarters, Dale started numerous new programs during
extended field postings in Bosnia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Mr. Buscher has also worked for UNHCR’s Department of International Protection drafting
operational protection guidelines and for the Strengthening Protection Capacities Project, which
focused on four African countries hosting refugees. Mr. Buscher earned his Masters Degree in Social
Work from the University of Utah and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in psychology and
sociology from Iowa State University.

Sai Aung Tee Kham is a refugee from Burma; he is of the Shan ethnic nationality. Sai Aung obtained
his law degree in Burma and went on the form the Shan Nationalities League for Democracy in 1988
as way to advocate for his people; persuading them to unite for freedom, democracy, equality and
justice. In 1999 Sai Aung fled to Thailand with his family. They were granted protection by UNHCR
in 2001 and arrived in New York two years ago.

Mo Nom Tee Kham, Sai Aung’s daughter, will graduate from the Manhattan Comprehensive Day
and Night School in Manhattan this month. She recently received a four-year, merit-based full
scholarship from the Posse Foundation to attend Dickinson College. Mo Nom’s application to the
Posse Foundation was one of more than 2,200 – she was one of 119 recipients.

About the International Rescue Committee’s work on the Thai/Burmer border:
The IRC started work its in Thailand in 1976 in response to the influx of refugees fleeing Vietnam,
Laos and Cambodia. Today, the IRC serves mainly refugees from Burma – ethnic Karen, Karenni,
Mon, Shan and Burmese – with programs in health, education, sanitation, food and refugee campsite

IRC currently provides programs along the Thai-Burma border and in Bangkok. Activities include
comprehensive primary health care, water/sanitation programs, food and relief supply distribution,
community eye care, health worker training and refugee protection/advocacy. The IRC also supports
local community-based organizations to provide humanitarian assistance to refugees in isolated
border areas and internally displaced persons inside Burma.

Most recently, the IRC opened an office in Bangkok, Thailand to assist refuges throughout Southeast
Asia seeking admission to the United States as refugees. The seventy staff members at the overseas
processing entity have interviewed almost 8,000 refugees in Tham Hin refugee camp and fielded
prescreening missions to Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong and the Philippines since October.
This summer, the International Rescue Committee expects to resettle nearly 1,000 Burmese refuges
in its U.S. resettlement offices. The New York Resettlement Office will assist many of the arrivals.

About IRC and the IRC New York Resettlement Office
Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) is the leading non-sectarian, non-profit
organization providing emergency relief, protection, rehabilitation assistance, resettlement services
and advocacy for victims of oppression or violent conflict.

At the IRC New York Resettlement Office, staff and volunteers resettle refugees from more than 20
countries and provide food, shelter, medical assistance, literacy and language training, job skills
development, and income-generating programs for hundreds of refugees, asylees, victims of human
trafficking, and other immigrants affected by violent conflict each year. IRC New York is the oldest
of the IRC resettlement offices.

We believe that, in making the transition to life in the U.S., a refugee's greatest resource is him or
herself, and we assist clients in translating skills, interests, and experiences into assets that are
valuable in their new country. Here refugees have opportunities to plan their own futures, take
charge of their lives, and rediscover feelings of peace, dignity, and self-sufficiency.

                   Please feel free to forward this to friends, families and colleagues!

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