Headway November 1981 by wuzhenguang


									                                                 Several departments were an              reached either from the present             Purchasing Department from its
                                              the move in the District last month         elevator lobby at 425 S. Main               cramped quarters at South Park to
                                              with Employee Activities, Transit           Street, or through a recently               a spacious new location, also just
                                              Police and Purchasing depart-               opened lobby at 124 West Fourth             off the Fourth Street elevator
           Who's                              ments all relocating their base of
                                                All three departments have
                                                                                          Street. Ample signs have been put
                                                                                          up to guide employees to these
                                                                                          new locations.
                                                                                                                                      lobby. While the Stores Ware-
                                                                                                                                      house will remain at South Park,
                                                                                                                                      Purchasing and Inventory Control
                                              moved into recently leased space               All telephone extensions will re-        will now operate out of District

            on                                of the fourth floor of District Head-
                                              quarters at 425 S. Main Street in
                                              downtown Los Angeles. The newly
                                                                                           main the same.
                                                                                             The Employee Activities Depart-
                                                                                          ment, under the direction of Diane

                                                                                                                                         Transit Police Chief Jim Burgess
                                              renovated area stretches from be-                                                       has consolidated his officers and
                                              hind the Dispatch Center and                Delaney, will occupy a set of Of-           administrative personnel in one lo-

          fourth?                             Telephone Information Depart-
                                              ment to Spring Street in what is
                                              known as the Farmers and Mer-
                                                                                          fices in the northeast corner of the
                                                                                          floor. From the Fourth Street eleva-
                                                                                          tors, turn left and you are right
                                                                                                                                      cation just adjacent to the existing
                                                                                                                                      Radio Dispatch Center. Previous-
                                                                                                                                      ly, Transit Police were located at
                                              chants Building.                                                                        Division 2 with administration han-
                                                The new locations can be                     Maynard Walters relocated the            dled from District Headquarters.

 Southern California Rapid Transit District

 Volume 8, Number 11                                                                                                                                      November 1981

 Work continues on Grumman retrofit
    When RTD officials made the                  Yet, 11 months after the action          ent evaluations of the GFC retrofit         figuration.
  decision to ground all 230 of the           was taken, in conjunction with              repair program have apparently                 "Grumman has agreed to use
  District's Grumman-Flxible 870              transit properties in New York and          cast some doubts as to the caliber          the single plate reinforcement an
  model buses last December 13                Chicago who grounded 637 and                of work being done an District              the remaining buses to be re-
  due to serious structural defects in        205 buses, respectively, nearly             buses.                                      paired, and we have given them
  the vehicle's undercarriage, no-            half of the district's fleet of 870s           According to Manager of Oper-            notice that we will require the first
  body suspected it would be more             still are awaiting repairs.                 ations Sam Black, the single most           105 buses to be reconfigured in
  than a year before the buses were              Further complicating the situa-          important issue that appears to be          this way," Black said.
  repaired and returned to service.           tion, the results of two independ-          in question as a result of studies             The District is also seeking
                                                                                          done by New York Transit Authori-           $150,000 from Grumman Flxible
                                                                                          ty and New Jersey Transit is the            Corporation to cover its casts for
eMinor service adjustments                                                                subject of the reinforcement an
                                                                                          the rear cross member of the
                                                                                                                                      storing the 870s while waiting for a
                                                                                                                                      repair program to be developed

 combat revenue shortfall                                                                 A-frame.
                                                                                             (lt was cracks in the A-frame, a
                                                                                          triangular steel assembly which
                                                                                                                                      and implemented, to cover the
                                                                                                                                      cost of bringing retired District
                                                                                                                                      buses back into service and to
     Service modifications on 18 Dis-         to approve all or part of the recom-        supports the bus body above the             cover the cost of having District
  trict lines, planned to be imple-           mended service modifications.               rear axle, which initially led to the       personnel monitor and inspect the
  mented in December, was the                 Those adopted will be imple-                buses being taken out of service).          retrofit procedure.
  topic of a public hearing held Oc-          mented an Sunday, December 20.                 "The first 105 of the District's            With more than 2,600 GFC 870s
  tober 28 in the Board Room at Dis-             Lines recommended for sus-               buses were repaired with a three-           sold to transit properties in some
  trict Headquarters.                         pension include 306 (Manchester             plate configuration which requires          20 cities, it is estimated that the
      lnterested citizens and repre-          Compton blvds.), 495 (El Monte              welds in a very high-stressed               retrofit program will cost Grum-
  sentatives of community organiza-           Express), 512 (Crenshaw Center-             area," said Black in a report to the        man some $50 million. Primarily an
  tions expressed concern over the            Warner Center Express), 514                 District's Board of Directors. "In          aerospace manufacturer best
  service adjustments which were              (Warner Center-Wilshire District            order to avoid these high stressed          known for its military aircraft,
  recommended by District staff to            Express) and 874 (San Pedro-Port            welds, the NYCTA and NJT stud-
  help offset an anticipated $14-16           0' Call).                                   ies recommend a single plate con-                    (Please turn to page 3)
  million revenue shortfall in Fiscal
  Year 1982.
     The staff recommendation in-
  cluded elimination of five lines that
  are presently duplicated by other
  RTD routes, and schedule and
  route revisions on 13 other lines.
  These adjustments are in addition
  to minor schedule modifications to
  be made in December an other
sp   "Most of the adjustments under
  consideration are minor in nature
  and would result in a small in-
  crease in the scheduled time be-
  tween buses," said General Man-
  ager John Dyer. "The reduction in
  service is sought because of a de-
  crease in ridership an the affected
      Dyer said the proposed service
  economies could save the District
  an estimated $4 - 5 million in
  Fiscal '82, helping to cover an an-
  ticipated $14 - 16 million revenue
  shortfall that will result from an
  overall decline in ridership since
  the July 1 fare increase.
     When combined with other
  schedule modifications and serv-
  ice improvements, the proposed
  economies could net the District
  an $11.5 million savings in Fiscal
     Following the public hearing,
  the Board of Directors may decide           ON THE ROAD AGAIN — Grummans in storage awaiting repair, and (inset) the infamous A-frame before (left) and after (right).
Page 2                                                                                                                                            Headway

                                         Center is worth its weight in claims
                                             Just about everything you buy
                                         these days comes with a warranty
 Real honest people                      that covers defects in workman-
    Division 8 bus Operator Syl-         ship or operation and buses are
 vanus Williams has learned that         no exception.
 real people make mistakes, too,             The big difference is that the
 but they know how to treat an hon-      district has one man whose job it
 est man. A 15-year veteran with         is to see that all provisions of all
the District, Williams was working       warranty contracts for all new
the 93 line, heading southbound          buses purchased in the last few
 at Cahuenga, when he noticed an         years are honored.
 envelope left at a bus bench.               His name is Mike Deghetto and
    Thinking it was an unmailed let-     the shelves lining the walls of his
ter that a patron had accidentally       large South Park Shops office are
 left behind, Williams retrieved the     crammed with defective parts                —

envelope. That was when he dis-                                                  MV KATER 1 M.
                                         worth more than $100,000 to the
covered it had already been                                                         ONLY
                                         District. (The parts are awaiting
opened and inside was a check            shipment to the appropriate man-
for $370.                                ufacturer).
   The check was made out to Skip            The purpose of the Warranty
Stevenson, one of the hosts of the       Processing Center is to administer
"Real People" television show.           the warranty provisions of each
Williams called the production           bus purchase contract, explains
company listed on the check and,         Deghetto, a Maintenance Supervi-
eventually, the check was re-            sor 1, who devised and set up the
turned to Stevenson. To show his         center.
appreciation, Skip sent Williams             To get some idea of the scope
four of the popular "Real People"        of work being funneled through
T-shirts plus tickets to watch the       the center, consider that for the
show being taped.                        District's order of 940 General
Optimistic Operator                      Motors RTS-II-04 buses alone,
   Passengers on Division 7 oper-        more than 8,230 warranty claims
ator John Saunders' bus may not          have been filed at a total value of
realize it, but they are being           more than $321,500.
chauffeured around by a Lieuten-             And, more than $600,000 in
ant Governor.                            warranty reimbursements are ex-
   Beginning October 1, Saunders         pected this year for all equipment
is serving as Lt. Governor for Zone      under warranty.
15 of the Optimist Club. As such,            The center was established just
Saunders, who has been with the          over one year ago as a result of
District since 1975, will supervise      the large numbers of new buses
club activities for 10 Optimist          the District was ordering or in the
clubs in the Monterey Park and           process of receiving. Deghetto vi-
Pasadena areas. A member of the          sited each maintenance division
Altadena Optimist Club since             to familiarize mechanics and su-
1973, Saunders served as that            pervisory personnel with the cen-
club's president in 1977-78.             ter's operation and to keep them
   Prior to joining the District, John   informed as to which vehicles are
completed a 20-year career in the        still under warranty.
Air Force, the last eight of which            "The first level work is done by
he spent as a recruiter stationed at     the mechanics at the divisions,"
1041 S. Broadway, directly across        said Deghetto. "When they find a
the street from RTD's former head-       damaged or defective part on a          Mike Deghetto
quarters. He and his bride of 32         vehicle still under warranty, they
years, Vivian, have six children         replace it with a spare part, tag it       "The District collects for labor at   ter's operation. "lt enables us to
(three of each) and six grandchil-       and fill out a preliminary warranty     an A-mechanic's rate plus 46 per-        collect reimbursement for warrant-
dren.                                    claim form and send the whole           cent for overhead," said Deghetto.       able defects, and it allows us to
                                         thing to me."                           "We are reimbursed also for the          chart each defect and keep track
                                              Deghetto completes the paper       cost of the part plus 25 percent         of recurring defects in the fleet."
                                         work and meets with a manufac-          overhead."                                   Leahy said that if the same de-
                                         turers representative to evaluate         The basic warranty on a bus is         fect occurs in 20 percent of a bus
                                         each and every claim on an indi-        for one year of 50,000 miles.            model fleet, it is considered a fleet
                                         vidual Basis. 1f the claim is consid-     The Warranty Processing Cen-           defect. Under the provisions of the
                                         ered valid by the factory rep, the      ter has yielded two immediate re-        warranty contract, the manufactur-
                                          District is reimbursed by the man-     sults for us," said Mike Leahy, as-      er is obligated to insure that the
                                          ufacturer for the part and the labor   sistant director of Equipment Engi-      defect will not occur in the remain-
                                          it took to remove and replace it.      neering, which oversees the cen-         der of the coaches. This is gener-
                                                                                                                          ally done by replacing or repairing
                                                                                                                          the part in question.

                                         Old coaches neuer die . .                                                            The A-frame cracks which have
                                                                                                                          plagued the Grumman Flxible
                                                                                                                          870s, and the resulting retrofit pro-
                                          . . . some go to museums                                                        gram established and paid for by
                                                                                                                          the manufacturer, is an example ole
                                                                                                                          a fleet defect on a major scale, ex-
                                            The District has found some un-        The museum stresses a "hands           plains Deghetto.
                                         usual uses for its outmoded             on" philosophy with its exhibits             But there have been others on a
                                         coaches in recent months. Some          that allows young visitors to walk       lesser scale.
J.D. Saunders                            have been retired in elaborate cer-     through, climb on or touch the               "We're the only property I know
                                         emonies, feted for their years of       types of items they see all around       of that turns in defective tail lights
Energy audit                             service. Others have been do-           them in an urban environment.            and headlights when they burn out
   Everyone is aware that the 1.3        nated to trade schools to train new       The portion of the coach to be         too fast," said Deghetto. "By doing
million daily boardings the District     mechanics. Still others have been       displayed would include the driv-        this on the RTS-II we have re-
currently logs equates to a consid-      stored as a reserve fleet to be         er's seat, farebox, old-style head-      vealed a fleet failure in the tail
erable savings in terms of gaso-         called up in the event of an energy     sign, one seat, handholds and a           lights."
line not used. But, the RTD Board        emergency.                              bell to signal a stop is requested.          Each bus has six tail lights, said
of Directors has taken energy con-          And one will soon be on display         Plans call for the Maintenance         Deghetto, and they cost $22
servation a step further by order-       in a museum.                            Department to cut and paint an           apiece. Multiply that by 940 over
ing a comprehensive energy audit            The Board of Directors recently      old-look coach for donation to the       the lifetime of the bus and it adds
of all District facilities.              approved a request from the non-        museum.                                   up to a considerable amount of
   "Modifications to heating and         profit Los Angeles Children's              "The loss of revenue from the          money spent on tail lights alone.
cooling systems can reduce ener-         Museum for the donation of a sur-       sale of the coach would be more              Deghetto is asking General
gy consumption at District facili-       plus coach for display purposes.        than compensated for by the good          Motors to provide a more durable
ties by as much as 20 to 30 per-         The museum, situated in the City        will and public relations exposure        light for the bus.
cent," said Director Nikolas Pat-        Hall Mali at Temple and Main            which would be generated by an               "1 consider that the entire bus
saouras, a consulting electrical         streets, wants to include the front     RTD exhibit at a major cultural at-       and everything on it is under war-
engineer and expert in energy            portion of the coach in its "City       traction," Manager of Operations          ranty and 1'm not afraid to ask for
         (Please turn to page 8)         Street Exhibit."                        Sam Black told the Board.                what we've got coming," he said.
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Gallagher announces Metro Rail stall additions
  The appointment of three               and Communications on the                       Section as Supervisor of the                    ities, including the new $20 million
supervising engineers and a              Northeast Corridor Railroad Pro-                Transportation Systems Group.                   Administrative Headquarters Of-
supervising architect to the             ject, Becher has done train control             He has also worked as a transpor-               fice Building.
SCRTD Metro Rail Project has             and communications design work                  tation engineer for several consult-
been announced by Project                on transit systems in Dade Coun-                ing firms.                                         Ramesh Thakarar has been
Manager and Chief Engineer               ty, Florida and Baltimore, Mary-                   Joseph Taylor (AIA) will serve               named Supervising Engineer,
Richard Gallagher.                       land.                                           as Supervising Architect, Stations              Ways and Structures. Thakarar
                                           Joel Sandberg will be the pro-                and Planning. Taylor comes to the               joined the District last March after
  Michael C. Becher has been             ject's Supervising Engineer, Sys-               District from his position as Chief             81/2 years with the Southeastern
named Supervising Engineer,              tems Engineering and Analysis.                  Architect for the Port of Los Ange-             Pennsylvania Transit Authority,
Subsystems. Formerly with De             Prior to joining the District,                  les, where he was responsible for               where he was responsible for di-
Leuw Cather Company as Project           Sandberg was with the Jet Propul-               the management, design and de-                  recting and managing preliminary
Engineer for Vehicle Train Control       sion Lab's Systems Engineering                  velopment of all architectural facil-           and final engineering design.

                                            In the massive Carson facility (top) Grumman workmen labor over District GFC 870s to get them back on the streets. lt
       Fixing                            takes a lot of manpower to berform the retrofit program, because virtually the entire undercarriage is removed in addition to
                                         the engine (below, left). Axle assembly is being removed from the old A-frame (at rear, below, right) while modified A-frame
                                         (foreground) is prepared for installation. At the bottom of the page is a diagram of the 870 undercarriage pinpointing the
    the Flxibles                         parts targeted in the retrofit program, and photo above that shows the four structural assemblies with new steel painted
                                         white. (Photos courtesy Bus World Magazine).

GFC 870s trickle back into service from Carson
(Continued from page 1)                  ing steel plates to the defective	        While Grumman's retrofit timeta-                      September 11 only 116 of the Dis-
Grumman entered the bus build-           assemblies. The retrofitting of the 	   ble had projected completion of                         trict's 870s had returned to serv-
ing business as part of a diversifi-     A-frame and other assemblies will the program by late summer, as of                             ice.
cation attempt. Grumman officials        add between 200 and 250 pounds
have blamed the 870's design fail-       to the weight of each bus, said
ures on Rohr Industries, the firm        Black.
that designed and began produc-             In addition, the District has a list
tion on the 870 just prior to Grum-      of 15 items ranging from engine
man acquiring it.                        floor delamination to radiator rear
   The District's $130,000 buses         support brackets that it wants
had been in service just over            Grumman to fix under the vehi-
seven months when they were              cle's warranty provisions.
pulled off the streets due to seri-         The RTD's 230 GFC 870s are
ous cracks in the A-frames. A rup-       being repaired at a facility leased
ture of the A-frame would cause          by Grumman in Carson, one of 11
the rear of the bus to "sit down" on     such centers set up nationwide to
the rear wheels, bringing the bus        implement the retrofit program.
to a halt, as happened in New            Also slated to be repaired at the
York City and Santa Monica.              Carson plant are 870s belonging
   While cracks were detected in         to Santa Monica Municipal Bus
only 131 of the District's GFC           Company and Orange County
870s, the retrofit repair program is     Transit District.
 being performed on all 230. As it
turned out, the A-frame cracks
                                          ENGINE CRADLE	              A FRAME          TRUNNION FUEL TANK
 proved to be only the tip of the ice-
 berg.                                                                                                                                          FRONT MECHANICAL ASSEMBLY
   In addition to the much-publiciz-
ed A-frame failures, the vehicles
 actually developed cracks in three      ,M IEMNSIM••••

other major assemblies that make
 up much of the bus undercarriage
— the engine cradle, the front me-
 chanical assembly and the trun-
 nion (a steel mount which attaches
 the A-frame to the rear wall of the
 fuel tank and which is important to
 the bus's structural integrity).
   The retrofit program consists                                                                                                                                         L
 mainly of welding several reinforc-
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Operator Torrez is a
high-roller . . . at
the wheel
or on them
By Sheri Goodman

   It's not that Division 9 operator     wouidn't want to give up any of the
Josh Torrez doesn't spend                three," said Torrez, who, after
enough time rolling around during        nearly 15 years with the District,
the course of his working day. But,      cites creativity as the foremost
the resident of Bell quite often         reason he enjoys driving.
spends his off-duty hours on                "There's a new situation to be
wheels, also.                            met at every corner, a unique
   At quitting time, and sometimes       group of people with a unique set
even during his breaks, this             of attitudes," he said. "Keeping          ing month, Farah finished third in
40-year-old Cuban native swaps           everyone happy and satisfied is a         her division, while Torrez demon-
his 11-ton bus for a pair of roller      challenge I really enjoy trying to        strated his endurance by winning
skates and a coach's cap.                meet."                                    the 10-kilometer skating race di-
   Torrez renewed his interest              Trying to coach a skating team         rectly following his competing in       day," he advises with a broad grin.
roller skating two years ago when        without Funds (team membership            the 26-mile event.                      "Instead of unwinding with a beer,
he and his wife opened a shop, Sir       is free) or facilities is another chal-      Enrique Quintero, an 18-year-        operators should try a good
X Skates on Gage Avenue in Bell.         lenge that tests Torrez' creativity.      old from Southgate, is the team's       skate."
Although he had not skated since            He soived the facility problem         speediest competitor, according            Torrez' current goal is for his
his childhood in Cuba, the veteran       by having the team work out along         to Torrez. After only one year as a     team to become the first United
Operator found it was like riding a      a 12-mile bike path that stretches        skater, Quintero finished an im-        States Amateur Confederation of
bike, once you learn, you don't for-     from Bell to El Monte, where Tor-         pressive 10th overall in the Long       Roller Skaters' chartered outdoor
get.                                     rez works. The team skates from           Beach 26-mile event.                    skating team. Despite its relatively
   When several of Torrez' young         Bell to El Monte, timing their arrival       But, Torrez does not measure         short existence, the fledgling team
customers expressed an interest          to the end of Torrez' shift. then he      his coaching success by how             has taken part in a long list of com-
in competing, he rose to the occa-       loads them in his car and drives          many of his team cross the finish       petitive events ranging from thq IIK
sion and organized an outdoor            back to Bell. If there are too many       line and in what order.                 1979 Bell Skatathon, which
speed skating team. Ranging in           to squeeze into the car, then the            "For two of my kids, one battling    sponsored, to the Fiesta del Sol
age from 10 to 18, members of the        team gets an extra rigorous work-         a serious physical disease and the      tournament held in Mexicali, Mexi-
team have skated to victory in sev-      out by skating back to Bell.              other fighting a learning disability,   co, last May.
eral amateur competitions.                  Torrez said he has grown very          skating has been a Godsend,"               Down the road aways, Torrez
   In addition, Torrez and the team      fond of the team, which he refers         said Torrez. "The mental and            hopes to be able to build Amer-
members conduct roller skating           to as "my boys" despite the fact          physical discipline and dedication      ica's first outdoor 200-meter roller
safety clinics throughout the Bell       that there is one female on the           skating requires, plus the great        skating rink with banked speed
area, stressing safe skating tech-       squad — 11-year-old Farah, who            sense of accomplishment it gener-       track in accordance with USACRC
niques and the proper use of safe-       also happens to be his daughter           ates, are the best therapy imagi-       specifications. White this may
ty equipment.                            and the youngest of his three chil-       nable. The doctors said Carlos          seem like a rather lofty goal, at the
   Between working the 487 line,         dren.                                     couldn't have picked a better           rate Torrez and his team are roll-
helping his wife, Elga, manage the          Both father and daughter have          sport."                                 ing along they may reach that goal
shop and coaching the skating            excelled in recent competitions.             Torrez also believes that skating    sooner than you think.
team, Torrez finds his days are             Last April in the Magic Mountain       has improved the job he does as
quite full. In fact, he said he hasn't   10-kilometer Skatathon, Torrez fin-       an operator.                               A student intern working in the
had a day off since buying the           ished second out of the 20 en-               "It's great exercise and it really   RTD News Bureau, Ms. Goodman
store.                                   trants in his age group. At the           helps to eliminate tension and          is a senior communications major
   "But, I love what I'm doing and I     Long Beach Skatathon the follow-          stress that builds up during the        at UCLA.


                                                                                                                               Jose Torrez is just as comfortable
                                                                                                                             rolling along on a pair of skates as
                                                                                                                             he is at the wheel of his 12-ton bus.
                                                                                                                             Practicing what he coaches, Josh
                                                                                                                             takes a tele workout along a bike-
                                                                                                                             bath beside a riverbed. With Torrez
                                                                                                                             are speed skating team members
                                                                                                                             (from left) Tony Garrett, Farah
                                                                                                                             Torrez (Josh's daughter), Raul
                                                                                                                             Fernandez and Mark Chanfreau. In
                                                                                                                             photo at top, Josh times his young
                                                                                                                             skaters as they whiz past.
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   From buying the land
                   to building something on it,
                                 Bus Facilities is

                                               Putting it all
         Two new operating divisions in        in the works or has about off the
     the San Fernando Valley. New              drawing board, according to
     transportation buildings and main-        Meyers.
     tenance facilities at half a dozen        Division 1   —   Alameda
     locations. A new operating divi-             Earlier this year work was com-
     sion in East Los Angeles on the           pleted on a new $1.3 million trans-
.„/lacy Street Yards. A permanent              portation building. The next phase
Ilalite for the South Bay division. And        of work planned for the division is
     plans for just about everything           a new service facility, including a
     from a new bus painting shop to a         fuel and vacuum building and an
     new central maintenance facility.         automatic bus washer. Construc-
         It's been a busy year for em-         tion for that project is set to begin
     ployees in the Bus Facilities Engi-       in Spring, 1982. Also in the plan-
     neering Department, but the result        ning stage is a new maintenance
     has been a noticeable and dra-            building.
     matic improvement in District facil-         Division 2    —   Los Angeles
     ities throughout the service area.           Work is now completed on a
     Modern new structures are replac-         $450,000 expansion and rehabili-
      ing buildings that, in some in-          tation of the transportation build-
     stances, have been in service             ing. Designs for the rehabilitation
     since the turn of the century.            and expansion of the present
         "For the past few years, the Dis-     maintenance building are essen-
     trict has been aggressively pursu-        tially complete, with bids for con-
      ing a four-element program of fa-        struction expected to be adver-
      cility improvements," said K.            tised for this fall. estimated cost for
      Phillip Meyers, Chief Engineer,          this work is $1.3 million. After com-
      Bus Facilities Engineering. "This        pletion of this project, it is planned
      includes improvements to existing        to replace the service facilities
      operating facilities, the develop-       and repave the entire site.
      ment of new operating facilities,
      the development of transportation        Division 3   —   Cypress Park
      centers and the development of a            The construction of a new main-
      new central maintenance facility.        tenance building and service facil-
         "To implement this four-element       ities was completed last year. The
      orogram, we have tried to keep a         next phase of work at Division 3
Woalance of projects in various pha-           will be a new transportation build-
      ses of development, that is, we try      ing. At an estimated cost of $1.7
      to keep a number of projects in          million, the project is scheduled to
      construction, design and plan-           be advertised for construction
      ning," he said.                          bids this fall.
          By the first of next year, Meyers    Division 4   —   Downey
      estimates that his department will         This leased facility is now being
       have approximately $25 million in       used by the Maintenance Depart-
      construction projects underway, in       ment for a number of activities
       addition to about $20 million in        such as make-ready of new
       land acquisitions in the works.         buses, radio and headsign instal-
          The department itself is divided     lations, District automobile mainte-
       into three sections: Facilities Engi-   nance as well as serving as a
                                                                                         DIVISION 10 — Large triangular lot at freeway junction is Macy Street Yards, proposed
       neering, which oversees the             headquarters for the Maintenance
                                                                                         site for new operating facility in East Los Angeles.
       planning, design and construction       Department. While no major facili-
       of all facilities projects; the Real    ty improvement is currently under-
       Estate section, which is primarily      way here, it is planned to eventual-      major site improvements. Upon               which was completely remodeled
       concerned with land acquisition         ly convert this facility into an          completion of this project, an em-          late last year.
       and property leases; and the            operating division.                       ployee parking structure will be            Division 7   —   West Los Angeles
       Grants Administration section,           Division 5   —   South Central           built adjacent to the transportation          All new facilities were con-
       which is responsible for handling          The process is now underway to         building, which was completed               structed at this location three
       all federal and state grants.            retain a consultant to design a          three years ago.                            years ago. The only major project
          What follows is a rundown of          new maintenance building,                Division 6   —   Venice                     currently planned for Division 7 is
       major projects the department has        replacing one that street cars             No major construction work is             the construction of a Chassis Dy-
       recently completed, has currently        used to run through, in addition to      currently planned for this location,        namometer building.
                                                                                                                                     Division 8—Van Nuys/Chats-
                                                                                                                                         The West San Fernando Valley
                                                                                                                                      division is presently under con-
                                                                                                                                      struction on an 18-acre site at
                                                                                                                                      Nordhoff and Canoga in Chats-
                                                                                                                                      worth. The $9.2 million construc-
                                                                                                                                      tion project is expected to be
                                                                                                                                      completed in Summer, 1982. The
                                                                                                                                      existing division, which sits on a
                                                                                                                                      5.6-acre site at Van Nuys and
                                                                                                                                      Sherman Way in Van Nuys, is ex-
                                                                                                                                      pected to be developed into a
                                                                                                                                      transportation center.
                                                                                                                                      Division 9   —   El Monte
                                                                                                                                        This facility, which was com-
                                                                                                                                      pleted in 1975 as part of the El
                                                                                                                                      Monte Busway project, was origi-
                                                                                                                                      nally designed to accommodate
                                                                                                                                      250 buses. service increases
                                                                                                                                      since that time have resulted in the
                                                                                                                                      assignment of more than 300
                                                                                                                                      buses to this division. As a result,
                                                                                                                                      facility improvements are planned
                                                                                                                                      for the tire repair shop and dyna-
                                                                                                                                      mometer building.

     GOING UP — New Division 15 in East Valley.                                                                                                (Please turn to page 6)
 Page 6                                                                                                                                                            Headway

                                                                                                            Having a blast
                                                                                     District officials, representatives of local elected officials and dignitaries attended a
                                                                                  groundblasting to initiate construction of Division 8, the District's new West San Fernando
                                                                                  Valley bus operating division. Replacing the current facility in Van Nuys, the new division
                                                                                  will provide facilities for the daily maintenance of up to 250 buses and is scheduled for
                                                                                  completion in September of next year. The 18-acre site at the corner of Nordhoff and
                                                                                  Canoga in Chatsworth will be transformed into a $15 million facility with a 49,000-square-
                                                                                  foot maintenance building, a 14,000-square-foot transportation building, bus washing and
                                                                                  fueling station, painting booth, engine steam cleaning facility and tire repair shop. The pro-
                                                                                  ject is 80 percent funded by the federal government.


  Ex pLosIoN!
   Marks the Site
   New   Division 8
   T ra nsoorte

Putting it all together
(Continued from page 5)                 Division 12—Long Beach                    downtown Los Angeles. Mean-                     million facility is now under con-
Division 10—East Los Angeles               Construction was slated to be-         while, due to space shortage, a                 struction on a 22-acre site locate•
   Situated on the old Macy Street      gin this month for a project to re-       new Paint Shop is under construc-               at Gienoaks and Branford in the
Yards at the intersection of the        model and expand the existing             tion at the Park and a new power                East San Fernando Valley. This
Golden State and San Bernardino         transportation building at a cost         distribution system was recently                project is scheduled for comple-
freeways, this proposed new bus         $450,000. Completion is expected          completed. A design team is cur-                tion in April, 1982.
operating facility is now in the de-    in six months.                            rently in the process of preparing              Division 18—South Bay
sign and planning stage with            Division 14—South Park Shops              a facilities program and concept                   Existing Division 18 is also lo-
specifications being drawn up. lt          Presently the location of the          design for the new Central Mainte-              cated on a leased site. A replace-
is expected that demolition of          Central Maintenance and Stores            nance Facility. Land appraisals                 ment site has been located nearby
existing buildings and site prep--      facility, South Park will eventually      are now being finalized.                        at Griffith and Figueroa in the City
aration will begin in about six         be replaced by a new Central              Divison 15—Sun Valley                           of Carson. UMTA has approved a
months.                                 Maintenance Facility closer to               The existing facility is located on          capital grant funding for the pur-
                                                                                  a leased site and is suitable only              chase of the site and design of a
                                                                                  as a temporary facility. A new $9.5             new facility.

Space study eyes Div. 7
   How would you like to live in a      ing interest in the development of
large condominium complex with          affordable housing utilizing the Di-
a bus operating in its basement?        vision 7 air space.
   That possibility could become a         If the development proves feasi-
reality in the not too distant future   ble, it could partially relieve the
depending on the results of a fea-      problem of a critical shortage of
sibility study being conducted by       affordable housing in the West Los
Los Angeles County for air space        Angeles-West Hollywood area
development above Division 7 in         where there is virtually no availa-
West Los Angeles.                       ble land on which to build.
                                           "lf successful, the proposed
   The county's Department of           project would develop housing
Community Development has               readily accessible to public trans-
been working with the District's        portation and at the same time
Real Estate Management section          generate revenue for the District,
in Bus Facilities Engineering for       which would help finance public
similar development at other loca-      transportation services," said
tions, as well.                         Annis.
   Recently, the District's Board of       Because of the !arge number of
Directors adopted a resolution          planning constraints and the
granting exclusive negotiation
rights to the county's Department
                                        sheer complexity of such an un-
                                        dertaking, the county asked that                            Meyers' Marauders
of Community Development for an         the District grant exclusive nego-
18-month period to study air            tiating rights for a period of 18                They call themselves Meyers' Marauders in honor of Chief Engineer Phil
space development above Divi-           months.                                       Meyers and these Bus Facilities employees have been relentlessly pillaging
sion 7.                                    Under the terms of the resolu-             and plundering local golf courses. In the recent Transit Golf Club tournament
   Real Estate Manager Michael          tion, if the study determines that            at Azusa Greens, competing against other District duffers, the Marauders cap-
Annis pointed out that the resolu-      development of the site is unfeas-            tured three categories. From the left, architect Jim Louie captured first place,
                                                                                      low net honors in the confusing Calloway Flight with a 112. Electrical Engineer
tion was necessary to permit the        ible at any stage of the project,
                                                                                      Bob Huff took top place in the low-net handicap race, firing a 92 to go with his
county to begin its study, but the      then the exclusive right could be             32-stroke handicap. Senior Engineering Technician John Anaya not only took
resolution does not commit the          terminated.                                   third low net in the Calloway division with a 91, he netted a $10 prize for hav-
District to any development pack-          Air space development also has             ing the least putts (28). Not to be outdone, Engineering Technician George
age.                                    been considered for Division 6 in             Bedard proudly displays the plaques he was awarded for a 183-yard hole-in-
   The County Board of Supervi-         Venice and Division 8 in Van Nuys             one he shot with a five-wood during the Pomona Men's Club tournament.
sors, through its Chairman Ed           after that facility relocates to the
Edelman, has expressed increas-         West San Fernando Valley.
        Headway                                                                                                                                                                                         Page 7

                      He's been around awhile
                     District officials present Chief Clerk Frank Czarniak with a diamond-studded
                  service pin and commemorative Letter of Commendation in honor of his 45
                  years of service to the District and its predecessor agencies. Czarniak, who
                  runs the RTD ticket office at the RTD/Greyhound Terminal at 6th and Los An-
                  geles in Downtown, began his career in 1936 with Pacific Electric, working
                  from their terminal building at 6th and Main Street. And, he's not done yet.
                  Frank has indicated he wants to see what the 50-year Service Pin looks like.
                  With Czarniak are General Manager John Dyer, Board Vice-President Ruth
                  Richter and Manager of Planning and Marketing George McDonald.

   *Magic Mountain discount days head slate
        If you're trying to think of some-            Nugget Tower, choice of either                other recreation events, please 	  ployee Activities Department is
        thing unusual to do over the four-            two delicious continental break-              call the Employee Activities De-	  now located on the fourth floor of
        day Thanksgiving Holiday week-                fasts or one full American "Bonan-            partment at 972-6580. And, don't 	 the Headquarters Building in the
        end, why not try taking advantage             za" breakfast, one lunch or dinner            forget	   we've moved The Em- recently opened annex.
        of one of the best amusement park             at Zachariah's Eating House, spe-
        bargains in recent years.                     cial $1 Keno ticket (chance to win
           Magic Mountain will have spe-              up to $25,000) and a free drink
                                                      when Keno ticket is played, and
        cial discount days on November
        26 through 29 for RTD employees
        and retirees at the fantastic prices
                                                      roundtrip bus transportation via
                                                      Greylines. Act fast as space is lim-
                                                                                                                        See s C ►NDIES    '

                                                                                                                      INDIVIDUAL ORDER BLANK - CHRISTMAS 1981
        of only $5.95 for adults and chil-            ited
        dren. That's a $5 savings off the
        regular adult admission price. The                                                                Department     	                                 Phone
        park is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.             Take the whole family to see the
                                                                                                                                              Item   No.    N°.    	Price                   Extension
        and if you go on November 27 or               incredible Sandy Duncan as Peter                                  Description                        Boxes

        28, you can see singer B. J. Thom-            Pan on Sunday, December 6, at 2                       REGULAR PACK BOXES
        as performing at 4 and 6 p.m.                 p.m. in the Pantages Theatre in                                                                              .--
                                                                                                            1	 Lb.                              02                     5 4.00
                            ***                       Hollywood. The $22.50 tickets are
                                                                                                            2 Lb.             ASSORTED          03                     $ 8.00
                                                      going for only $20 for this live
            It's not too late to get your west-       stage production to the popular                       3 Lb.            CHOCOLATES         04                     $12.00
         ern duds together and head for a                                                                   5 Lb.                               05                 1	 $20.00
         really special day at the races at

                                                                                                            1	 Lb.                              06                     $ 4.00
         Hollywood Park on November 21.                              ****                                                                       07
                                                                                                            2 Lb.               MILK                                   $ 8.00
         District cowboys will be gathering
                                                         It's time once again to order                      3 Lb.            CHOCOLATES         08                 1	 $12.00
         in the park's pavillion area in the          See's Candy. To insure delivery in
         center of the racetrack to eat Bar-                                                                5 Lb.                               09                 ,	 $20.00
                                                      time for Christmas giving, your                       1	 Lb.                              10                 1	 S 4.00
         becue food from 12 to 1:30 p.m.
                                                      order must be placed by Novem-                                                            11                     $ 8.00
         and then watch the races, which                                                                    2 Lb.               DARK
         begin at 2 p.m. Between races, a             ber 13! For your convenience, the                                      CHOCOLATES         12                     $12.00
                                                                                                            3 Lb.
         DJ with a disco-machine will en-             coupon below can be used for or-                                                                             1 520.00
                                                                                                            5 Lb.                               13
                                                      dering candy.
         tertain RTD personnel.                                                                             1	 Lb.                              14                  i	 S	 4.00
           This special day costs only $7                                                                   2 Lb.               NUTS            15                  I $ 8.00
         for adults, $5 for children between            Speaking of Christmas, if you're                    3 Lb.               AND             16                 i $12.00
        the ages of 5 and 18, and under-              stumped over a special gift for that                  5 Lb.              CHEWS             17                i	 520.00
        fives are free. Prizes will be                certain someone or just want to                        1	 Lb.                             18                    5 4.00
         awarded to those with the best               avoid the crush at the local de-                                   SOFT CENTERS            19
                                                                                                            2 Lb.                                                      $ 8.00
         western outfits.
                                                      partment store, why not stop by                        1	 Lb.        BRIDGE MIX           24                 ;	 S 4.00
                           ****                       the Recreation Department and                          1	 Lb.                              25
                                                                                                                      ALMOND ROYAL (CAN)                           ! S	 4.00
            If you're feeling lucky, you'll           check out the wide variety of col-                     1	 Lb.    TOFFEE-ETTES (CAN)        26                 ! S	 4.00
         want to sign up early for the Holi-          orful RTD-oriented T-shirts availa-
                                                                                                            Regular Pack Boxes PACKED IN MAILING CARTONS1
         day Extravaganza to Las Vegas                ble at very reasonable prices. lt
         December 4-6. The $52 per Per-               makes a unique gift that is not                       1	 Lb.                              27                    $ 4.20
         son fee (based on double occu-               available at any store.                               2 Lb.             ASSORTED          28                    $ 8.20
          pancy only) includes deluxe ac-                                                                   3 Lb.            CHOCOLATES         29                    $12.20
         commodations for three days and                                                                    5 Lb.                               30                    $20.20
         two nights in the luxurious Golden              For information on these and
                                                                                                            1	 Lb.     MILK CHOCOLATES          31                    $ 4.20
                                                                                                            2 Lb.                               32                    $ 8.20
                                                                                                            1	 Lb.     DARK cNOGOCAYFS          35                    $ 4.20
                                                                                                            2 Lb.                               36                    $ 8.20
                                                                                                            1 Lb.       NUTS AND CHEWS          39                  i $ 4.20
                                                                                                            2 Lb.                               40                  ! $ 8.20
                                                                                                            1	 Lb.       SOFT CENTERS           43                    $ 4.20
                                                                                                            2 Lb.                               44                    $ 8.20
                                                                                                             1	 Lb.        BRIDGE MIX           49                    $ 4.20
                                                                                                            1	 Lb.    ALMOND ROYAL (CAN)        50                  1 $ 4.20
                                                                                                            1	 Lb.     TOFFEE-ETTES (CAN)       51                  1 $ 4.20
                                                                                          SPECIALTY ITEMS Packed in Mailing Cartons
                                                                                                                  are Shaded Grey
                                                                                         VICTORIA TOFFEE (No Mailer)          *55                                        $ 4.00
$                         4.20                                                           VICTORIA TOFFEE                      *56                                                   	
                                                                                         PEANUT BRITTLE (No Mailer)           "57                                        $ 5.25 	
                                                                                         SPECIAL FANCY BOX 2 Ib.              *60     -                                  $12.45
                                                                                         GIFT OF ELEGANCE • 4 lbs.            *61                                        $24.40
                                                                                         SALTED NUTS-12 oz. (No Mailer)        64                                        $ 3.50
                                                                                         Box of 60 LOLLYPOPS (No Mailer)       68                                        $ 9.00
                                                                                         SANTA BOX-7'/2 oz. (No Mailer)        69                                        $ 2.50
                  Competent Toastmasters                                                 SANTA BOX-7 1/2oz.
                                                                                         CHRISTMAS RED FANCY - 2 Ib
                                                                                                                               70                                        $ 2.70
   Certificates of completion were recently presented to four members of RTD Toastmas-     GIFT	 i 1 Lb. ANY ASSORTMENT        140                                       $ 4.30
ters Club. The quertet, honored at a special dinner at Taix Restaurant, have completed a unFlum l 2 Lb. ANY ASSO RTMENT        141                                       $ 8.60
15-speech program to earn Competent Toastmaster ranking in the international public-                                       TOTALS          •                                            5
speaking organization. The four represent the first club members to attain CTM status
since the RTD chapter was founded in 1976. The club meets each Wednesday at noon in      Date 	                               Amt. Rec. By
the Metro Rail Department's conference room. From the left, the new CTMs are Bill Rea-
son, Art Issoglio, Judy O'Donnell and Donald Cornish.
Headway                                                                                                                                                           Page 8

                                                                                       Close friends and family members of retiring General Superintendent of
                                                                                    Transportation Jack Walsh got together recently for a special luncheon cele-
                                                                                    bration to honor Walsh for his years of service to the local transportation in-
                                                                                    dustry. Walsh had completed a career in the military, attaining the rank of
                                                                                    Colonel in the U.S. Army before his retirement in 1973. He joined the District in
                                                                                    June of that year as Director of Safety and within a year was put in charge of
                                                                                    the Transportation Department, which he ran with military precision. One of
                                                                                    the mang highlights of his tenure with the District was the virtual overnight im-
                                                                                    plementation of the District's Airport Service in 1976. In the photo, Manager of
                                                                                    Operations Sam Black (right) presents a commemorative plaque to Walsh,
                                                                                    with his wife, Donna.

                                                                                Carl Law, from mechanic B to                   ty A leadman.
                                                                                equipment maintenance supervi-                 William Weed, Jr., from Operator
                                                                                sor 1.                                         to operator/extra division dis-
                                                                                Mark Leach, from equipment re-                 patcher.
                                                                                cords specialist to extra radio dis-           Richard Wilson, from Operator to
                                                                                patcher.                                       electrician.
                                                                                Willie Mack, from mechanic B to                Beverly Witherspoon, from me-
                                         Javier Enriquez, from mechanic         mechanic A.                                    chanic B welder to mechanic A
      Moving Up                          C to mechanic B.                       Garfield Meighan, from mechanic                welder.
                                         Dallas Evans, from Operator to         C to mechanic B.
Gustavo Arguello, from mechan-
ic B to mechanic A.
                                         operator/extra division dispatcher.
                                         R. Fogelman, from operator/extra
                                                                                Brenda Miley, from information
                                                                                clerk to records clerk.
                                                                                                                                  Shifting Gears
Michael Ballew, from mechanic C          division dispatcher to radio dis-      William A. Morris, from mechanic
to mechanic B.                                                                                                                    Frances Bateman, a clerk in
                                         patcher.                               A leadman to equipment mainte-                 the marketing and communica-
Robert Barella, from mechanic C          Jose Fuentas, from cash clerk          nance supervisor 1.
to mechanic B.                                                                                                                 tions department is retiring after
                                         (temp) to cash/payroll clerk.          Eva Myles, from Operator to                    23 years of service.
Marlene M. Belcher, from data            Dean Funk, from mechanic B to          operator/extra division dispatcher.               Alex Kukla, an operator at Divi-
entry Operator to data processor         mechanic A.                            Theodore Neill, from operator to
opr. I.                                                                                                                        sion 3, is retiring after 26 years
                                         James Gatewood, from mechan-           operator/division dispatcher.                  with the company.
Joginder Bhue, from mechanic B           ic C to mechanic B.                    Patrick Orr, from equipment                       Frank R. Summer, an operator
to mechanic A.                           Earl Gerard, from mechanic A to        maintenance supervisor II to main-
Frank Bosco, from mechanic C to                                                                                                at Division 5, is retiring after 33
                                         equipment maintenance supervi-         tenance manager at Division 8.                 years of service.
mechanic B.                              sor I.                                 Darlene Patterson, from cash
Michael Bottone, from acting
supervising equipment inspector
                                         Robert Gonzales, from mechanic
                                         C to mechanic B.
                                                                                clerk to stock shop clerk.
                                                                                Harold Peterson, from equipment                    In Memoriam
to supervising equipment in-             Emmitt Grayson, from mechanic          maintenance supervisor I to                       Donald K. Brown, an Operator
spector.                                 B. to mechanic A.                      equipment maintenance supervi-                 at Division 7, passed away Sep-
Gene Brown, from mechanic B to           Gerald Harper, from operator/-         sor II.                                        tember 6. Mr. Brown joined the
mechanic A.                              extra supervisor of vehicle opera-     Mario Pineda, from mechanic B to               company in August of 1961.
J. Brown, from operator/extra su-        tions, extra radio dispatcher to su-   mechanic A.                                       Myron S. Chapdelain, a former
pervisor of vehicle operations to        pervisor of vehicle operations,        Patricia Potter, from cash clerk to            Operator at Division 9, passed
supervisor of vehicle operations.        extra radio dispatcher.                payroll clerk.                                 away August 30. Mr. Chapdelain
Guillermo Burgos, from mechan-           M. Harris, from operator/extra su-     Gerald Ritter, from operator to                joined the company in June of
ic B to mechanic A.                      pervisor of vehicle operations to      operator/extra division dispatcher.            1935 and retired after 35 years of
William Camp, from mechanic B            supervisor of vehicle operations.      William Ruiz, from Operator to                 service in June of 1970.
to electronic communications             Richard Hatchett, from utility A to    operator/extra division dispatcher.               Jose M. Gonzalez, a former
technician.                              laborer A.                             Jamal Saleem, from mechanic C                  road janitor leadman, passed
Jesse Castorena, from operator           Carlito Hernandez, from stock          to mechanic B.                                 away August 25. Mr. Gonzalez
to operator/extra division dis-          shop/truck driver to storekeeper.      Shaker Sawires, from senior en-                joined the company in July of 1933
patcher.                                 Florencio Hernandez, from junior       gineer to civil engineer.                      and retired after 39 years of serv-
Wonsul Cho, from mechanic C to           stock clerk to stock clerk.            Marisela Silva, from information               ice in June, 1972.
mechanic B.                              Robert Hernandez, from cash            clerk to passenger service repre-                 Jean B. Hart, a former informa-
Leonard Clark, from relief E.R.S.        clerk to accounts payable clerk        sentative.                                     tion clerk, passed away March 5.
to stock shop/truck driver.              (temp).                                R. Simon, from operator/extra                  Mrs. Hart joined the company in
Romulo Climaco, from mechanic            Ted Hustava, from equipment            radio dispatcher to radio dis-                 March, 1944, and retired in Octo-
B to mechanic A.                         maintenance supervisor I to            patcher.                                       ber of 1962 after 18 years of serv-
Bruce Crum, from mechanic B to           equipment maintenance supervi-         S. Stepner, from radio dispatcher              ice.
mechanic A.                              sor II.                                (temp) to radio dispatcher.                       Oliver N. Horn, former Operator
Dennis Dickason, from mechanic           T. Jackson, from operator/extra        Thomas Styles, from mechanic B                 at Division 9, passed away August
B to mechanic A.                         supervisor of vehicle operations to    to mechanic A.                                 13. Mr. Horn joined the company
Jim L. Donaghe, Jr., from me-            supervisor of vehicle operations.      Hector Velasco, from Operator to               in April of 1942 and retired after 33
chanic B to mechanic A.                  Samuel Johnson, from utility A to      operator/extra radio dispatcher.               years of service in February of
Karl Downs, from operator to             laborer A.                             Ermilo Victoria, from relief divi-             1975.
operator/extra division dispatcher.      Stanley Kunisaki, from mechanic        sion maintenance manager to                       Andrew W. Hunter, an Operator
George Edwards, from mechanic            B to mechanic A.                       equipment maintenance supervi-                 at Division 5, passed away August
B to mechanic A.                         Jack Landrum, from mechanic B          sor II.                                        28. Mr. Hunter joined the District in
                                         to mechanic A.                         Larry Walker, from utility A to utili-         November, 1974.
Time for a change?
   Do you want to change your
dental plan or switch your medical
   If, for any reason, you want to
change the medical or dental pro-
vider you have through RTD, the
District's Employee Benefits Sec-                                                                                                 Director Marvin Holen (left) and General
tion will conduct its annual Open                                                                                              Manager John Dyer (rear) offered best
Enrollment period early next                                                                                                   wishes and commemorative plaques to re-
month for non-contract employ-                                                                                                 tirees during a Board of Directors ceremo-
ees.                                                                                                                           ny. Honors were bestowed upon (from left)
                                                                                                                               Division 8 operator Johnny Gargano, 10
   "This is the only time of year that                                                                                         years; Instructor of Vehicle Operations
non-contract employees are able                                                                                                Robert Lee Smith, 24 years; Division 3 op-
to change plans," explains RTD                                                                                                 erator Franklin Walter Nott, 35 years; and
Benefits Administrator Ed Paull.                                                                                               Division 5 mechanic-A Stenson James
   Keep an eye posted for an-                                                                                                  Hutcherson (with his wife, Johnie Mae), 35
nouncements concerning the ex-                                                                                                 years. Unable to attend the ceremony was
act dates and times for these                                                                                                  Division 1 operator Clarence W. Brumwell,
meetings.                                                                                                                      35 years.
   Headway                                                                                                                                                        Page 9

                                            in the median strip. Provisions will         munity involvement, which in-                what to get a fellow for a wedding
                                            be made for converting these two             cludes serving as a member of the            anniversary present. To celebrate
                                            lanes to rail transit later. Ten bus         Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday             their recent anniversary, Paul's
                                            platforms which can be converted             Committee and as a youth dele-               wife, Florence, hired Live Wires
                                            later to transit stations will be con-       gate to the NAACP.                           and had a belly dancer and Brum-
                                            structed along the freeway route.                                                         mer wish Paul a Happy Anniversa-
                                                                                        Gimme shelters                                ry right in the trainroom of the Van
      (Continued from page 2)                                                              The Los Angeles City Council               Nuys facility — much to the enjoy-
                                                                                        has awarded a contract to Con-                ment of his fellow operators and
   management. Patsaouras called                                                        venience and Safety Corp. to                  the office staff. Despite turning red
   for the audit.                                                                       erect 1,250 bus shelters through-             several times, Paul said he
      "Simply reducing the wattage of                                                   out the city. Following a one-year            enjoyed the whole thing.
   light bulbs can cut energy use by                                                    test phase involving three firms,
   12.5 percent," Patsaouras said.                                                      the city awarded the contract to
   District officials estimate that as                                                  Convenience, the only responsive
   much as $105,000 could be saved                                                      bidder. In the next 10 years, reve-
   annually just by reducing energy                                                     nue generated from advertising on
   consumption at RTD headquarters                                                      one wall of the three-sided shel-
   downtown Los Angeles.                                                                ters is expected to reach $75 mil-
   Turn of the Century freeway
        -   -
                                                                                        lion, of which the city gets $6.4
      Federal and state transportation                                                  million. City officials expect the
   officials and attorneys repre-                                                       first 500 shelters to be built within
lgenting just about everyone ap-                                                        a year, with all 1,250 erected with-
   parently have reached an agree-          Hue Fortson, Jr.                            in two years. Eventually, the city
   ment that will lead to construction                                                  hopes to have 2,500 shelters scat-
   of the 17.3-mile Century Freeway            Outstanding young man ..                 tered throughout the 15 council-
   between Norwalk and LAX. The                Divison 5 operator Hue Fortson,          manic districts. The RTD will work
   final version of the controversial       Jr. has been included in the 1981           with the City in pinpointing the
   project, scheduled to be com-            edition of "Outstanding Young               busiest bus stops in the system.
   pleted by 1990 at a cost of $2 Bil-      Men of America," a national refer-
   lion, features a six-lane freeway        ence book. Fortson, who has been             Shake it up, baby
   with two high-occupancy-vehicle          with the District just over one year,          Division 8 operator Paul
   lanes for Buses, van and car pools       was cited for his extensive com-             Bumgarner's wife really knows                Paul Bumgarner (rear)

                                                                                         1: "I would like to commend Mr.              exercised good judgement in not
                                                                                         Sharkey, who displayed kindness,             putting the child off the bus, alone,
                                                                                         consideration and the utmost care            in Pomona with no one there to
                                                                                         in handling an incident involving            meet her. He then took the time to
                                                                                         an eight-year-old girl, Michelle             safely deliver the girl to your head-
                                                                                                                                      quarters, call her mother and allay
                1I n                                                                     Holmes. Her mother put her on an
                                                                                         RTD bus in Riverside, bound for              her fears. This shows him to be ef-
       Dennis Munson, Dispatcher            pany and I feel I know a good Op-            Pomona. Michelle was coming to               ficient, considerate and a thinking
   37: "My wife, new to this area from      erator when I see one. Mr. Stevens           visit me. I am a teacher. I was to           human being. Thank you for em-
   Korea, was lost somewhere in the         is deserving of Operator of the              pick up the girl in Pomona but was           ploying such a fine person."
   RTD system and I was frantic with        Year as far as I am concerned and            sure a mistake had been made
                                            I know all of us who ride his bus            since there was no bus station                     F. T. Davie, Line 420: "He is
   worry. I called the Southgate Po-
                                            feel the same way."                          there. I drove to the Greyhound              never ahead of time at my stop,
   lice and they sent an officer to my
                                                                                         Station in Claremont. Mr. Sharkey            which means I don't have to get to
   home. He got on the phone to the              Herman Sharkey, Division
                                                                                                                                      my stop before 5:55 a.m. and

le RTD Dispatch Center. Together
   with your man they located my
   wife and returned her to my area,
   where I picked her up. I want to
   express my heartfelt thanks to
                                            Trio garners kudos
                                                                                                                                      stand in the dark all by myself for
                                                                                                                                      more than five minutes. Not good
                                                                                                                                      in today's world. I know that if I
                                                                                                                                      should be a few minutes late he
                                                                                                                                      would at least look down the street
   your employees for their concern           Three more District employees
   and effort, which brought this inci-                                                  a 25-year safety award, has ac-              to see if I was coming. that is good
                                            were honored last month by the               crued the maximum of 90 merits,              will that we could all use more of."
   dent to a happy ending."
                                            Board of Directors for their courte-         has not missed a day of work
         G. A. Williams, Line 442: "In                                                                                                     Llewellyn Hines, Division 7:
                                            sy and good service to RTD cus-              since 1963 and logged his last
   a time when many complain about                                                                                                    "I was in Los Angeles (from Ithaca,
                                            tomers. Garnering kudos were in-             missout in 1964. Extremely knowl-
   the quality of service provided by                                                                                                 New York) attending a conference
                                            formation Operator Dorothy Jerni-            edgeable about District opera-
   consumer-oriented businesses, I                                                                                                    on Low Temperature Physics at
                                            gan, Operator Glibert Moncivais              tions, Gil has been instrumental in          UCLA and had the pleasure of ob-
   would like to teil you about one of
                                            and mechanic James Sherman.                  the revision of the operating em-            serving your operator driving a
   your operators who deserves rec-
   ognition for his professional per-          For Dorothy Jernigan, this was            ployee's service guide, which is             bus I rode from UCLA to down-
   formance. He is mature, efficient        the third Employee of the Month              currently underway.                          town L.A. via Wilshire. I can say
   and handles all situations in a dip-     recognition she has received                    James David Sherman joined                without reervation that he is the
   lomatic manner. He is a credit to        since joining the District in August         the District in January, 1975 as a           most pleasant and courteous op-
   your organization."                      of 1975. Her involvement with the            mechanic B and was promoted                  erator I've seen, and to all passen-
         Isiah McClain, Line 436: "My       District goes far beyond her nor-            just over 18 months ago to a me-             gers — young, old, black, white.
   wife and I have been using the           mal working hours, however.                  chanic A. Extremely conscientious            Thanks for having drivers like
    RTD service since 1970 when I           While at the district she met and            and hard-working, Sherman has a              him."
                                            married radio dispatcher James               congenial personality and a high
   gave up driving an automobile.
   Since my retirement we have trav-        Jernigan. Her son, Larry Hoccum,             degree of professional skill. He                  Emil J. Guglielmo, Division
   eled all over by bus. In all our trips   works in Bus Facilities Engineer-            works with the inspection team at            9: "Recently on vacation in Los
   we have seen many drivers and            ing, white her stepson, James                Division 15 and is called on occa-           Angeles (from San Francisco) I
                                            Jernigan, Jr., is an information Op-         sionally to fill in as leadman, a task       had the pleasure of riding and
   find the majority of them are hard-
   working and conscientious. This          erator, also.                                he is able to perform with ease              enjoying your excellent transpor-
                                                                                         and efficiency. An excellent all-

•   particular driver is one unusual                                                                                                  tation system. I was assisted in
                                              Division 7's Gilbert Moncivais             around mechanic, Jim is tops in              many ways by your drivers who
    human being. We have seen him           has spent 25 years transporting              the area of air conditioning repair,         were wonderful in helping me with
    help senior citizens on and off the     people around southern California            electrical trouble-shooting and              advice at getting around in your
    bus when it becomes hard for            by bus and in that time has earned           auto repair.                                 sprawling city. Of particular note, I
   them to manage. He is always
    courteous in answering questions                                                                                                  would like to compliment Mr.
    as to bus changes and proper di-                                                                                                  Guglielmo. He was friendly, cour-
    rections. We have found that all                                                                                                  teous, helpful and above all, a
    riders are happy to be on this                                                                                                    gentleman."
    man's bus and they teil him so. We                                                                                                      Ken Ochoa, Line 401: "From
    know that your bus drivers get                                                                                                    the viewpoint of a regular rider, he
    paid to do their job, but we feel                                                                                                 is remarkably reliable, consistent,
    that this man is one of your best                                                                                                 and dependable. He is able to in-
    public relations providers and re-                                                                                                dividually serve each customer as
    ally deserves some sort of com-                                                                                                   each boards and exits the bus. He
    mendation."                                                                                                                       meets his time check points with
         Jim Stevens, Line 721: "1 am                                                                                                 amazing accuracy by skillful ma-
    a longtime rider and have had a                                                                                                   neuvering of the vehicle in heavy
    chance to observe many of your                                                                                                    traffic. He is safely aggressive on
    drivers. However, one driver, who                                                                                                 the Pasadena Freeway, notorious-
     is approaching the final years of                                                                                                ly rough and difficult to drive. He
     his career, is more outstanding                                                                                                  has the confidence of his passen-
     and I wish to add my thanks to Jim                                                                                               gers, patiently changing the atti-
    for his many years of service to        HONORED — General Manager John Dyer and Director Charles Storing (from left) pres-        tude of even the most disgruntled
     patrons of the RTD. My own father      ent Certificates of Merit to Employees of the Month Dorothy Jernigan, Gilbert Moncivais    person who might board the bus.
     worked for Pacific Electric Com-       and James Sherman. Looking on are Ralph Wilson, Glenn Powell and Bob Williams.             In short, he is a great driver."
Page 10                                                                                                                                                       Headway

                    Party — BBQ style
   Nobody does it better could well be the theme song whenever the crew at Division 5 in
South Central Los Angeles gets together to throw a party with a capital-P. Ribs, chicken,
links, greens, beans, salads and cakes. They had it all from dawn until well into the night
giving mechanics and Operators ample time to sample cook's goodies. And, this year they
managed to add something new by combining an art and craft show featuring works done
by division employees. Here, a trio gets together with two surly looking me-can-ical men
created from the scrap heap.

Earn now, pay taxes later via deferred comp
   With all the emphasis on tax-               much lower tax bracket.                        ferred amount is deducted from        ment over a set period of time.
free savings certificates recently,              Enrollment will be open in the               gross wages before taxes are          Taxes are payable only an
many employees may have over-                  Deferred Compensation Plan from                computed, thus your withholding       amounts received.
looked the fact that there is a sim-           November 16 through December                   taxes are decreased.                     If a plan participant dies, pay-
ple way to save money from their               15, 1981. For current plan partici-              The minimum amount that can         ment will be made to a designated
paychecks and not pay taxes on                 pants this period also provides the            be deferred is $15 per pay period,    beneficiary(ies).
that amount.                                   opportunity to increase or de-                 with the maximum amount not to           Withdrawals from the plan are
   The Employee's Deferred Corn-               crease the deferred amounts to                 exceed 25 percent of your gross       not permitted unless a severe fi-
pensation Plan permits District                change the way the funds are in-               pay or $285, whichever is smaller.    nancial hardship can be demon-
employees to set aside a portion               vested.                                          The deferred funds will be paid     strated. Participants may, howev-
of their wages and not pay taxes                 This enrollment period is the                to plan participants upon retire-     er, discontinue contributions to the
on that money, or the interest                 only time during the year that em-             ment or termination from District     plan at any time, with previousl.
earnings thereon, until their retire-          ployees can join the plan.                     service. If the sum accumulated is    deferred amounts remaining in the
ment — the benefit being that at                 An added tax-saving benefit of               at least $10,000, the District will   plan until retirement or employ-
that time they will probably be in a           plan participation is that the de-             arrange to spread out the pay-        ment termination.
                                                                                                                                       Deferred wage amounts may be
                                                                                                                                    invested in any of the following
                                                     Operator's statement:                                                          ways:
                                                        The bus pulled into a bus zone just as the traffic signal                      — Short-term investments such
                                                     turned red. Passengers were discharged and picked up. In the                   as federal government securities
                                                     meantime, a car pulled in behind the bus. The traffic signal                   issues of U.S. governmental
                                                     changed to green, but I did not move because I was one mi-                     agencies, certificates of deposit,
                                                     nute ahead of schedule and this location is a time point. The                  banker's acceptances or prime-
                                                     signal then changed to red and the car was still behind my bus.                rated commercial paper. Holdings
                                                     The signal light turned green and as I started to pull out I no-               are restricted to public fund in-
                                                     ticed the car started to go around me. I thought it was about to               vestments authorized under the
                                                     pass me. All of a sudden the car cut in front of me in an attempt              California State Constitution.
                                                     to make a right turn and we collided.                                             — A no-load (no sales charge)
        You be                                       Answer:
                                                         Even though the automobile driver may be at fault from a lia-
                                                                                                                                    stock fund.
                                                                                                                                         A deposit account with a
                                                     bility standpoint (making a right turn from the wrong lane), the               major savings and loan associa-
       the Judge                                     bus Operator also would share some responsibility for this acci-
                                                     dent. As a professional defensive driver, the Operator should
                                                                                                                                    tion, generally secured by second
                                                                                                                                    Deeds of Trust.
                                                     have anticipated the other driver's actions for the following rea-                — Real estate loans.
                                                     sons.                                                                             The plan is supervised by the
                                                         1. The auto driver had no way of knowing the bus was only                  District Treasurer, with individual
                                                     temporarily parked. 2. The car driver may have thought                         employee accounts maintained by
                                                     something was wrong with the bus and started to go around                      a specialized outside firm. Admin-
                                                     it. 3. Upon departure, the Operator gave no indication of his                  istrative costs range from nothing
                                                     intended motion by use of directional signals.                                 to 50 cents per pay period de.
                                                        In short, the operator could have exercised defensive driving               pending upon your investment

                                                     actions which would prevented this collision by signaling, cov-                choice. The plan is approved by
                                                     ering his brakes and watching the motion of the vehicles                       the Internal Revenue Service.
                                                     around his bus. Since none of the theme actions were taken,                       Additional information may be
                                                     this accident is judged to be preventable.                                     obtained by contacting Mel Mar-
                                                                                                                                    quardt at extension 6593.

                                                  Southern California Rapid Transit District
                                                  425 So. Main St., 6th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90013                                                   BULK RATE
                                                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
     Published monthly for the employees
  and retirees of the Southern California
  Rapid Transit District.                                                                                                                             Los Angeles, Ca
                                                                                                                                                     Permit No. 32705
     Editorial input and suggestions
  welcome. Deadline for receipt of
  editorial copy is the 14th of each month.
  Send black-and-white photographs on-
  iy, please. Requests for photographic
  coverage of District events must be
  preceded by 72 hours notice.
     Mailing address: Headway, 6th Floor,
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        David Himmel, Editor

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