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Date:        Monday 6th September 2010.
Time:        13:00-14:00
Venue:       Room SSO.10, Social Sciences Building, University of Warwick,
             Coventry, CV4 7AL
             Part of the British Society of Human Genetics Conference

Board Members Present: Gillian Scott (Company Secretary) Heather Skirton
                       (Board Moderator), Lesley Snadden (Treasurer),
                       Barbara Stayner (Deputy Chair) Jan Walford Moore

Board Members Apologies: Kathy Barnes, Aoife Bradley, Lorna McLeish,
                          Anna Middleton


   1. Opening Remarks/Welcome
   Jan Walford-Moore, Chair

   Attendees welcomed to the first Annual General Meeting of the GCRB, a
   legal requirement for registered companies. The GCRB is registered as a
   not for profit company, limited by guarantee, to ensure it remains a
   transparent, independent body for developing and monitoring standards
   within the GC profession. The AGM is a communication forum. No major
   decisions are made at the AGM. No voting will take place unless there is
   something to be decided within the remit of the administration of the
   company, e.g. signing off the annual accounts which have already been
   checked by an independent accountant. Major decisions issues requiring
   voting will be done by electronic ballot for registered members. Questions
   or concerns are welcomed in communication forums such as the AGM or at
   updates during AGNC meetings, formal communication will continue to be
   welcomed by letter or email to a board member. Updates will be routinely
   posted on the GCRB website. See Guidance notes on GCRB Conduct

   2.   Attendance and Apologies

   Attendees: Jan Birch*, Lisa Coop, Pooja Dasoni, Louise Dubois, Julia
   Finch, Sarah Gibson, Selina Goodman*, Pam Harris*, Angela Iley, Cath
   King*, Mark Longmuir*, Marion McAllistair*, Gail Mannion*, Sally Morton,
   Shan Owens*, Sara Pasalados, Richard Sayers, Diane Stirling*, Jackie
Apologies: Alison Lashwood*, Diana Scotcher*
    Registered GCs

3. Board Membership
Jan Walford-Moore
See GCRB Board Members document attached, also Terms of Reference
(TOR) on GCRB website for details

Terms of Service and Co-opted Membership
JWM reviewed that an elected term is for 3 years, with the opportunity to
stay on another 3 years for a maximum of 6 years of service. While the
GCRB continues to develop as a limited company, and makes the transition
to the New Assessment Process in 2011, co-opting members onto the
board has been necessary to ensure needed expertise remains for the
benefit of the wider membership.

The terms of Anna Middleton and Kathy Barnes on the Board complete in
January 2011. However both will be staying on as co-opted members to
act as Board Assessors for the first cohort of the New Assessment
Process. JWM gave thanks on behalf of the board and wider membership
for their immeasurable service to the GCRB over the past 6 years.

At the end of Gillian Scott’s first term on the Board in January 2009, she
was co-opted to act as Company Secretary (a named position required for
limited company status). Gillian investigated the pros, cons or alternatives
to establishing the GCRB as a limited company, and then took the GCRB
through the process of registering the GCRB with Companies House. The
role of Company Secretary requires an understanding of the legal
requirements of a company, indemnity and data protection and liaison with
accountants, the bank and HMRC. In light of the additional ongoing
workload for the Board caused by company status and the new registration
process, the Board recognise the need for an additional Board member
post to act as Company Secretary. Gillian Scott has offered to continue on
the Board as a full Board member until when her second term would have
completed in January 2012.

             Motion: For an additional Board post (Company Secretary) to be
             established, with Gillian Scott in post until 2012.
             Proposed by: Sian Owens; Seconded by Cath King.
             Motion agreed.

Board Moderator
Heather Skirton’s term as Board Moderator will be drawing to an end soon.
The role is ideally suited to a registered genetic counsellor with
considerable academic experience. In addition to contributing to general
board work, the Board Moderator acts as an academic advisor and may be
called upon to provide impartial advice during the portfolio assessment
process. Mentoring will be given to the successful candidate. Interested
parties please contact Heather Skirton.
4.Minutes of the Previous Meeting
See (link) for report

This is the first formal AGM. Annually the GCRB Chair has given a report
to the AGNC membership. The 2009 report is available on the GCRB

5. Chair’s Report
Jan Walford- Moore
See (link) for presentation

Highlights of key achievements for 2009/2010
    Limited Not for Profit Company status attained 15.07.2009
    GCRB website launched August 2010
    Indicative Sanctions Policy
          o See website, addresses fitness to practice issue, a
              requirement of HPC. Document similar to those published by
              NMC and GMC.
    Lapsed Registration Guidance
          o See website

        New Assessment Process
           o 2011 guidelines now available on website
           o First cohort limited to 14 for 2011 submission, on a first come
              first served basis. Usual cohort size is approximately 20.
           o Cohort size expected to increase to usual size in subsequent
           o JWM explained that the board had very seriously considered
              alternatives to first come first served; none were without
              drawbacks. The board apologise in advance and any declined
              intentions will be given priority in 2012.
           o Assessors will be approached by the board in the near future,
              asking if they wish to be involved in the new process.
           o Comment from attendee that new timelines may be
              detrimental to Cardiff University MSc Graduates. This was
              reviewed during development, and like all aspects of the New
              Process may be subject to revision following an evaluation of
              the first cohort.

        Sign-Off Mentor Training
            o Currently 56 trained Mentors, spread proportionately across
               the UK
            o Face to face training to continue, dates to be announced
            o The generous funding from the AGNC has come to an end.
               The GCRB now charges a small fee to cover refreshments.
               o Online quiz to be sent to all GCRB trained Mentors to check
                 understanding of 2011 guidelines for the New Assessment
                 Process to act at Sign Off Mentors

           Online Register of Genetic Counsellors
               o 136 Registered Genetic Counsellors listed on “Search the
                  Register” on website
               o GC Name, region and Sign-Off Mentor (SOM) status
               o Designed for use by members of the public or by GCs
                  looking for a SOM
               o Please check the online register to ensure your details are

   6. Company Secretary Report and presentation of Accounts:
      Gillian Scott, Company Secretary
      See GCRB Interim Financial report 2009-2010 attached, (link) for

        As of July 15th, 2009, the GCRB became an independent not for profit
        company, limited by guarantee. It is important for a professional
        regulatory body with public responsibilities to be free from influence and
        to remain accountable to its members and the public at large.
        Becoming a limited company formalises our processes, meaning that
        the board’s finances, voting rights, information release and conduct are
        governed by the principle of transparency.

        As a limited company, the GCRB are required to have Directors who
        accept responsibility for the organisation. The GCRB Directors are the
        Director (Chair) and a Director (Company Secretary). With Kathy
        Barnes stepping down from her post as Chair, another Board Member
        will take her place.

               Motion: Jan Walford-Moore to become Company Director (Chair)
               Proposed by: Jackie Turner; Seconded by Mark Longmuir.
               Motion agreed.

        GS then presented
           Accounts
           Communication
           Voting Rights

   7.   Election of Board Members: Electronic Voting & Communication
        Heather Skirton, Board Moderator

        Vacancies for general Board Membership: 2 vacancies (professional or
        MSc background)
         The role requires attendance at regularly scheduled meetings (generally
         in London) to develop, evaluate and uphold standards, Assessor duties,
         participation in email discussions, answering external queries, creating
         and editing documents. In addition each Board Member is required to
         take an area(s) of speciality (such as treasurer/ secretary/ investigating
         an area that require development) and these roles may rotate. Board
         Membership is a substantial volunteer commitment, with a considerable
         learning curve. As such, nominees must have GCRB Mentor and
         Assessor training and must not be acting as a mentor for a 2011
         applicant. Mentoring will be given to successful candidates.

         Nominations due 20/09/2010. Voting will be by electronic ballot. The
         GCRB aims to appoint by the end of September 2010.

   8.    Report on Registration Process Changes for the Spring 2011
         Jan Walford-Moore
         See (link) for presentation

        A summary of the New Process flowchart and a review of the changes
         for the Sign-Off Mentor.
        Guidelines for 2011 submission cohort are on the website now, please
         ensure you are following the correct ones.
        The change to anonymous reports submitted directly to the board was
         made in response to feedback from Mentors and Assessors.

   9.    Closing remarks

         Thank you to all who attended. Minutes will be circulated electronically
         and posted on the GCRB website. Any communications until the next
         update or AGM will be welcomed by Board Members by email or letter.

   10.   Proposed Date for Next AGM

         BSHG Conference 2011


Voting rights: All GCRB Registered Genetic Counsellors are GCRB
members and have voting rights, e.g. for Board membership elections or on
any other votes that may be put to the membership by the Board.
Voting on major issues will be conducted electronically in order that all GCRB
members have the opportunity to take part. No major decisions are made at
the AGM, so no voting will occur there unless there is something to be
decided within the remit of the administration of the company, e.g. signing off
the annual accounts which have already been checked by an independent
accountant or appointment of a Director from the already appointed Board
members. Notification of elections or voting will be by email through the
GCRB register of Registered Genetic Counsellors. If you change address,
please remember to go the Members section of the GCRB website for
information on how to update our membership register.

Communication: The AGM provides an opportunity to ask questions to the
Board. As a regulatory organisation with public responsibilities, the GCRB
ultimately is an independent organisation. We work in partnership where
appropriate and welcome communications to the Chair (preferably by letter or
email) by any interested party, including members of the public, genetic
counsellors or employers. To further communication, it is the intention of the
Board to continue to offer a representative to AGNC AGMs. The GCRB
continues to provide a representative to other professional and public
meetings, where appropriate.
GCRB Board Members

Jan Moore (Chair & Company Director) jan.moore@worcspct.nhs.uk
Barbara Stayner (Deputy Chair)        barbara.stayner@orh.nhs.uk
Gillian Scott (Company Secretary)     gillian.scott2@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Kathy Barnes                          kathy.barnes@nuth.nhs.uk
Anna Middleton                        middleton1@cardiff.ac.uk
Aoife Bradley                         aoife.bradley@belfasttrust.hscni.net
Lesley Snadden                        lesley.snadden@ggc.scot.nhs.uk
Lorna McLeish                         lornamcleish@nhs.net
Heather Skirton (Educational associate) heather.skirton@plymouth.ac.uk
Melita Irving (Medical Associate)     melita.irving@gstt.nhs.uk
Krystle Kontoh (Lay associate)        krystle@gig.org.uk
GCRB Interim Financial report 2009-2010
The GCRB became a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee on 15th July
2009. Accounts are prepared from 15th July 2009 for the year ending 31st July
2010. Here is the summary.

Income total                             £10,090

Expenditure total                        £8015.53

The GCRB wish to thank the AGNC for covering the majority of costs of
assessor and mentor training between 2008- April 2010.

Income-Outgoing difference               =£1985

End of Year balance on 31st July 2010 =£14,643.20

Detailed breakdown of expenditure:
GCRB Board meetings (setting & monitoring standards & overseeing processes)
Administration, Stationary, postage
Website development
Assessor travel to interview registration applicants
Company (accounts, information commissioner office fees, indemnity insurance)
Assessor training
GCRB representation at HPC meeting

Detailed breakdown of income:
Registration fees (19 x £400)
Re-registration fees (12 x £200)
Sign-Off mentor training (£10 fee to cover costs of lunch)

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