Vol-IS                                                                                                                 5ept.,2010

                                                Dear Friends,

                                                Greetings to all my colleagues in PESO and the readers! I am looking forward to my
                                                superannuation on 31st March, 2011. Perhaps this may be last time I may communicate with
                                                you in the News Letter of PESO.
                                                Like me a number of senior officers of PESO are also superannuating in 2011. This may
                                                initially be discomforting to the organisation, but surely a lot of momentum has been created
                                                in all the ranks of PESOin recent times to tide over any difficulty and I have no doubt in my
                                                mind that the flag of PESOwill be carried on by all the officers and staff of PESOwith dignity
                                                and honour.
                                               PESO is standing at the cross roads now. In the last couple of years many new things have
                                               emerged having bearing on the functioning of PESO.In the Explosives side the security angle
has attracted attention of the nation. Many steps have been taken to prevent unauthorised activities relating to transaction of explosives.
More steps are under way. But now the security angle is also upon PESO.Ammonium Nitrate transactions have come to the for~. Shortly the
rules on Ammonium Nitrate may come and increase the responsibility of PESOsubstantially.
Accident in IOC terminal at Jaipur brought out the need to not only check the layout and infrastructure but also actual working ofthe terminal.
Observance to safe operating procedures, provisions of emergency shut down systems, mock drills, review of Hazop studies, upgrading of
safety standards and presence of trained and experienced manpower have come to focus. It is necessary that petroleum industry and officers
of PESOtake note of Sri. M.B. Lal committee report, for implementation.
Singrauli accident in SME support plants has opened our eyes to check the p~ocesssafety and interlocks, raw materials, explosives vans and
connected issues.                                                          •
Gas Cylinder leakage in Mumbai Port Trust has caused heartburn among PESOofficers by the attitude of different authorities in trying to post
the blame for the leakage atthe doors of PESO,though PESOhas no scope for any role in the affairs of the Port in this matter.
There is no awareness in the public about the vastly different topics being handled by PESOand the volume of work it handles with a skeleton
strength of manpower and virtually no infrastructure or facilities or even insurance for the hazardous work being done by officials of PESO.
There is a pressing need for PESOto find ways of creating this awareness in the general public so that there is proper appreciation of work
being done in PESO.Because of this every sector of industry or the organisations connected with particular sector view only from their narrow
view point and unreasonably expect PESOto do every thing. PESOis suffering because of the insensitivity of the concerned to realise the
limitations under which PESOis forced to deliver.
There is lot of work being undertaken in PESOfor streamlining all the functions and for capacity building of officers. All areas of work are
being fine tuned. The support site is being used extensively for internal communications of work procedures.
Systematic work is under way for monitoring of competent persons, for recognising competent persons in explosives factories, publication of
authorised list of explosives, to authorise all combination fireworks items, security and safety audit of all explosives units, safety audit of
refineries and all types MAH installations including pipelines.
It is also proposed to make a panel of persons / agencies for undertaking independent audit of types of MAH installations.
PESOhas now embarked upon a gigantic exercise of evaluating the needs of the organisation for functioning in the changed scenario and is
about to submit a comprehensive document to the Ministry covering manpower and infrastructure needs of PESOfor effective functioning.
Similarly there is an ongoing exercise for identifying the points for amendment to the Rules so that there remains no ambiguity and the
functions of PESOare clearly defined and no body should be able to point a finger to PESO.
The process of decision making has been made a team work involving all the officers of PESOand it is for individual officers to take initiative
and participate in effective working of PESO.
In the end I extend my best wishes to all the colleagues and readers too. I expect the officers to rise above petty issues, behave in a
responsible way, and do his or her work in a transparent, honest manner with a smile.
Let us all be loyal to PESOand its objectives and glorify PESOby our sincere, hard and dedicated work!
May God Bless You!!

                                                                                                      P.B. Yedla
                                                                                             Chief Controller of Explosives

                                                         VISION STATEMENT
 Chief controller of Explosives and his team shall constantly endeavor to render efficient, and courteous                     M_.'D••
                 Visit of Shri T.R. Thomas, Jt. CCE,                                            was inaugurated by Shri B.M.Bansal ,Chairman, IOCl, alongwith
                                                                                                Shri A.K. Hazarika, Director (On Shore), ONGC along with Shri
                              Nagpur to Sweden.
                                                                                                P.e. Srivastava, Jt.CCE as guest of Honour.
                     (from 30.08.2010 to 04.09.2010)
                                                                                                           In his opening· remark; Chairman, IOCl stressed on
                                                                                                constant monitoring and enhancement of standards and creation
                                                                                                of safety culture in every organization. Shri A.K. Arora, Director
                                                                                                General, Petroleum Federation of India called upon all Industry
                                                                                                Members for continuous training and re-training of operating

    Shri T. R. Thoams, Jt. CCE alongwith   other members   ofthe delegation   at Sweden

     Shri T. R. Thoams, Jt. CCE visited Sweden as a member of
delegation of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of
India.      The visit was for 5 days in Sweden to study the
technologies        adopted        for the       generation,          purification        and               Shri P.C. Srivastava,   Jt. CCE delivering   his inaugural   address

distribution of biogas in Sweden which can be in use in India for
                                                                                                personnel at all levels and that Safety is integral to everybody's
the MNRE projects.             MNRE is promoting New and Sustainable
                                                                                                function and Chief Executive of such organization heads it.
Energy sources in India by funding subsidies for setting up of
                                                                                                     ._    Addressing the inaugural session as guest of Honour,
biogas plants and up scaling biogas to the level of CNG for
                                                                                                Shri P.e. Srivastava, Jt. CCE highlighted                         negligence at work
automotive and other industrial applications. Shri T.R. Thomas
                                                                                                places particularly in petroleum installations and petroleum retail
has looked into the aspects of the purification                                of biogas
                                                                                                outlets as most common cause of accident being reported from
compression, storage cylinders and onboard fuel tank containers
                                                                                                these locations and exhorted all safety personnel to give special
                                                                                                emphasis on supervision of critical operations of oil and gas
                                                                                                installations.      One of the most devastating                           incident of fire
                                                                                                causing loss of life and property at Jaipur in a marketing terminal
                                                                                                on 29/10/2009 has again proved that no lessons have been learn
                                                                                                by many industries from previous accidents. The Oil Industry has
                                                                                                to take up the training of all the personnel right up to the lowest
                                                                                                level to inculcate a mindset towards safety to make it a habit.
                                                                                                The seminar was split into two parallel sessions. One focused on

           Shri T. R. Thoams, Jt. CCE while giving his presentation   at Sweden

in used in Sweden. He also looked into the aspects of doping of
biogas for injecting into common gas grid and the automotive
fueling station network.             He also gave a presentation                   on the
requirements         under Gas Cylinder               Rules and other              related

         Seminar on "Safety in Hydrocarbon                            Sector -
                           Drilling to Dispensing"
                                                                                                                   Shri P.C. Srivastava,    Jt. CCE on panel discussion
            A one day seminar                  was organized            by Petroleum
Federation of India, New Delhi on 12/08/2010 at New Delhi in                                    E&P & lNG and other on refining and downstream operations.
which Shri P.e. Srivastava, Joint. Chief Controller of Explosives,                              The refining and downstream schemes had 11 speakers in three
(HQ) Nagpur attended the same as PESO representative.                                     The   sessions         chaired         by        Shri     Anand           Kumar,         Former
seminar was organized in association with OISD, BPCl, HPCl,                                     Director(Operations),         IOCl, Shri P.e. Srivastava, Jt. CCEand Shri
IOCL, ONGC, OIL, NRl,GAIl,                 CAIRN Energy,Honeywell including                     K.K. Jha, Director (Pipelines), IOC respectively.
many other stakeholders of hydrocarbon sector. The seminar
                                                                                                During presentation, various speakers brought out facts pointing
unsafe practices at work places and the analysis and study by                                 Hyderabad. The seminar was attended by lE-3 licence holders,
OISD for the period 2004-05 to 2008-09 revealed                                               Form '21' licence holders for fireworks and Shri S.Sargunaraman,
Fatality                      Total-164          Nos.                                         Jt.Chief Controller of Explosives, South Circle, Chennai was the
                              E&P- 72, Refineries & G.P - 58,                                 Chief Guest at the seminar. The seminar attracted vide media
                              Pipelines - 10, Marketing - 24,                                 attention and the following TV channels covered the proceedings
Fire Incidents                Total-101          Nos.                                         of the seminars. (1) ETC (2) TV9 (3) TV5 (4) NTV (5) Gemini TV
                              E&P-51, Refineries & GP-22,                                     (6) C NEWS (7) Zee 24 Hours (8) Raj TV (9) HM TV (10) A TV (11)
                              Pipelines-13, Marketing-15.                                     JanataTV.

            There was unanimity among all the participants of the                                  The key note address of Sh.s.sargunarman,                                   Jt.CCE along
seminar in both segments that a culture of "Zero Tolerance" in                                with extensive coverage of photos of the session were published
matters of safety, continuous training & re-training and change in                            in all newspapers like the Hindi, Business Line, Eenadu, Andhra
                                                                                              Bhoomi, Andhra Prabha, Praja Sakthi, Surya, The Rahnuma -E-
                                                                                              Deccan Daily, The Siasat Daily and some other newspapers. The
                                                                                              seminar emphasized on safe storage and sale of fireworks by the
                                                                                              fireworks dealers who were issued licences by this organization.
                                                                                              This seminar, first of its kind in this state, attracted vide media

                                                                                                   WORKSHOP ON MANUFACTURE,                                     STORAGE AND
                                                                                                                   TRANSPORT OF EXPLOSIVES
                                                                                              Jt.Chief Controller of Explosives, West Circle, Mumbai organized

      Shri P.C. Srivastava,   Jt. CCE honoured     by Shri A.K. Arora, D.G., PETROFED

attitude was imperative to avoid accidents in the hydrocarbon
Industry.      With increasing outsourcing                        of various tasks the
responsibility      of organizations               enlarges        to encompass         the
outsourced personnel in safety systems and procedures.
              The seminar             was found            highly successful as all
important stages in down stream of petroleum and natural gas
sector were well taken up by various speakers.
The panel discussion was chaired by Shri M.B. lal,                                Member                          Shri   s.c. Maithi,   Jt. CCE addressing   the workshop
Technical, (Petroleum             & Natural Gas) Appellate Tribunal for
                                                                                              a workshop on 21.05.2010 for Senior Managers / Managers of
Electricity alongwith Shri J.B. Verma, E.D. OISD, Shri Anurag
                                                                                              explosives manufacturing factories                       in the State of Maharashtra
Deepak, E.D,(logistics)            BPCl, Shri V.B. Jankiram, E.D., Pipelines,
                                                                                              & Gujarat.        26 participants attended the workshop.                              Sh. R.K.
IOCl, Shri Ajay Bhargawa, Country Manager, Honeywell.
                                                                                              Maindola,        Dy.CCE presented                  the    papers on "Manufacture,
                PYRO 2010 - FIREWORKS                             SAFETY                      Storage & Transport of Explosives".                            Emphasis was given on
     The Office of Dy.Chief Controller of Explosives, Hyderabad                               various      observations             made         during       inspection         and      their
organized a seminar on "Fireworks                           Safety - PYRO 2010"               compliance, specially with reference to the maintenance of the
along with the Fireworks Dealers Association of Andhra Pradesh                                plant,    mounds,            characteristics             of    electrical        fittings    i.e.
                                                                                              flameproof, cleanliness, proper maintenance and storage of raw
                                                                                              material, training to the employees, deployment of competent
                                   PYfQ Sa£~ aOl0
                                            ...      Hyder.bad.
                                                                                              persons      /    foremen          and       provision         of armed          guards      and
                                        Seminar  on Safe Storage                              transportation       of explosives in a safe manner.                          Sh. V.K .Mishra,
                                           Usage of Fire Works                                CE presented a paper on transaction of explosives.

                                                                                                               SEMINAR ON EXPLOSIVES RULES,
                                                                                                                     2008 BY PESO, VADODARA.
                                                                                              PESO in          collaboration             with      Gujarat        Explosives         Dealers
                                                                                              Association (GEDA) and District Authorities, Rajkot organized a
                                                                                              seminar on Explosives Rules, 2008 at Rajkot on 24/04/2010. The
                                                                                              programme, though organized for bringing awareness about the
                                                                                              special features in the new explosives Rules amongst dealers and
                                                                                              other sta eholders of Saurashtra                         Region, was attended                 by
                                                 ariott     0 el Co      en'
                                                                                               ea ers           all parts 0 G 'ara
Shri. R.C. Kaul, Dy. C.C.E., Vadodara presided over the inaugural                              facilities and procedures for testing of each type of gas
function of the seminar and also delivered an inaugural address                                tankers;     the competent persons shall update the record of
wherein he detailed the work being done by PESOin ensuring the                                 change of addresses or inclusion of new surveyors if any and
safety in the manufacture,               transportation,        storage and use of             submit all such details to CCE, Nagpur & Jt.CCE, Mumbai &
                                                                                               Dy.CCE, Baroda;            the    competent      persons shall specify
                                                                                               accurately the condition of thread / stem /lifts, set and reset
                                                                                               pressure           of      SRVs,       extension         of     chassis,
                                                                                               serviCing/repairing/replacement             of safety fittings      etc. if
                                                                                               required in the certificates.

                                                                                           •   On 08.04.2010 Sh. R.C. Kaul, Dy.CCE attended the meeting
                                                                                               organized by GSDMA, Gandhinagar. The meeting was held
                                                                                               to discuss the steps to be taken against industrial chemical
                                                                                               accidents / disasters happening in the State of Gujarat.

                                                                                           •   On 08.04.2010 Sh. R.C. Kaul, Dy.CCE, Sh. M.Ll.                     Ansari,
                  Shri R.C. Kaul, Dy. CCE presiding   over the Seminar                         Controller of Explosives, Sh. Ashendra Singh, Controller of
                                                                                               Explosives &             Dr. Anuj Kumar, Dy.CE attended a talk on
explosives. Shri Ashendra Singh, C.E. delivered a talk on special
                                                                                               "Residual Life Assessment in Pressure Vessels" delivered by
features of Explosives Rules, 2008 and how the new rules differ
                                                                                               Sh. M.K. Divekar of M/s. Mec Elec. Ind., Thane.
with the earlier rules. Shri M.Ll. Ansari, c.E. in his lecture at the
                                                                                           •   On 19.05.2010, Sh. R.C. Kaul, Dy.CCE, Sh. M.Ll.                    Ansari,
seminar highlighted the safety and security guidelines issued by
                                                                                               Controller of Explosives, Sh. Ashendra Singh, Controller of
Ministry of Home Affairs and Chief Controller of Explosives,
                                                                                               Explosives &            Dr. Anuj Kumar, Dy.CE attended a lecture on
Nagpur    in relation        to transportation,             storage       and use of
                                                                                               ''safety Involved in DA Generation & Handling" delivered by
                                                                                               Sh. A.K. Jain, Vice President (Technical) of M/s. Aims
The programme             was attended          by more than 80 explosives
                                                                                               Industries ltd., Vadodara.
dealers drawn from various parts of the State. The proceedings of
                                                                                           •   On 23.06.2010            Sh. R.C. Kaul, Dy.CCE delivered a talk on
the seminar were concluded with an interactive                             QA session
                                                                                               safety in hazardous atmosphere at GACl, Dahej. All the
wherein the queries raised by the participants at the seminar
                                                                                               Managers, Engineers in the Company attended the talk.
were replied to by the officers of PESO and District Authorities.
                                                                                           •   Shri R.Venugopal, Controller of Explosives attended the
The programme was well received by the participants.
                                                                                               meeting      of     High    level     Committee      on "Air Quality
                                                                                               improvement in Chennai City" convened by the Chief
•   Meeting of Competent Persons under SMPV (U) Rules, 1981
                                                                                               Secretary,        Tamilnadu       at the   Secretariat,       Chennai      on
     was convened            in the 0/0. Jt.CCE, Wc.,                      Mumbai     on
     09.06.2010 and 23 persons attended the meeting. Jt.Chief
                                                                                           •   Shri.S.sargunaraman,             Jt.Chief Controller of Explosives and
     Controller      of    Explosives        emphasized           the     role    of the
                                                                                               Dr.S.K.Dixit, Controller of Explosives attended the meeting
     competent persons. In view of stringent measures taken by
                                                                                               convened by the Add!. Commissioner of Police, Chennai on
     National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and rules
                                                                                               shifting of fireworks shops to open ground on
    framed     for        manufacture           and    storage      and     import    of
     hazardous         chemicals          (MSIHC)          by     the     Ministry    of
                                                                                           •   Shri.R.Venugopal and Dr.S.K.Dixit Controllers of Explosives
     Environment and Forest and the feedback                             obtained from
                                                                                               officiated as Judges in the Tamilnadu State Police Duty Meet
    the industries regarding deviation in performance of duty by
                                                                                               2010    Anti Sabotage                Check Competition             on      1st
    the competent            persons.           There is an urgent               need of
                                                                                               September 2010.
     rethinking on the part of PESOto sincerely carry out duties in
                                                                                           •   Shri.C.Shanmugam,             Controller    of     Explosives    delivered
     right earnest so that trust bestowed upon the competent
                                                                                               lecture on "Petroleum Act and Rules" in a work shop on
     persons in the interest of industrial operations and safety of
                                                                                               "Back To Basics" for Territory Engineers of M/s. Bharat
     mobile tankers are not eroded.
                                                                                               Petroleum Corporation Limited,Chennai on 07/09/2010.
    Finally it was also resolved that the competent                              persons
                                                                                           •   Shri.R.Venugopal, Controller of Explosives, delivered lecture
     either   individually          or     in    groups         shall     provide    the
                                                                                               on "Explosion Hazards in Chemical Industries" at the
     infrastructure       and inform the address of the place where
                                                                                               Regional labour Institute, Adyar, Chennai on 22/09/2010 as
     degassing and testing of tankers shall be carried out; the
                                                                                               a part of training programme conducted by them for the
     competent        persons shall furnish               the details of testing
                                                                                               Inspector of Factories of various States.
                                         ACHIEVEMENT                                                      '+fTlT ~             ~       fil?l CflC'll QRllot, fI, d I, ~                  QRl £11fT, d I (f~           Wfm
Chemical Engineers'                        Reference                Manual                                Q    Rl £11 Idl
                                                                                                                   'fI         .;>;
                                                                                                                               +i     ];f~    ~         >rf"C(f A--,.,.,. I =rr±
                                                                                                                                                                ICP<.j1 ~"l<{'             n~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                2'{i)cgC'l   "

Chemical Engineers' Reference Manual was compiled by Shri. R.                                             ~-47,                    "qo,g)'Iq;     ~    ~          ~      fil?lCflC'l1 ~ ];f~               ~           >rf"C(f
Venugopal, Controller of Explosives, Chennai and Shri.P.L Manoj,                                          fcl;m      I
Dy. Manager, BPCL Kochi Refinery. This book was published by
                                                                                                          ~;W~,~                                      11crf~                   it~~~,                               \3'.~.fR.
the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers Kochi regional Centre,
                                                                                                          CflllllC'lll       \3lT ~          Pclftfi'lcCfl~,                   "qO,g)'Iq; ~ crf 2009-2010
Kerala (IIChE) is a source of chemical engineering knowledge for
chemical engineers, and a wide variety of other engineers,                                                ~ 3ltR         ~               G    ft rq ll"fl fflf.1<R ft ~ O;:Sfl ~,                           C
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pcl flI fFI'    I '<.

scientists, students, statutory                           authorities        etc. The day-today           ~              ~ 3l'AT             "Cflan 5 ~ 94.6 ~                       3tCflT     'flf%cr    ];f~       ~
                                                           tasks handled by Engineers are                 >rf"C(f fcl;m        t (f~          crf 2009-2010                   ~ ~               ~    3lR       ~ ~
                                                           relatively complex and typically
                                                                                                          ~      ~       QRll'l'lfIldl3IT         ~    '+fTlT ~           I
                                                           involve usage of a plethora of
                                                           theoretical tools and formulae.                                                              Promotions

                                                                                                          Sr.     Name                          Station               Promoted             Promoted            Date
                                                           Research work by
                                                                                                          No.                                                         From                To                   of
                                                           Fireworks             Research and
                                                                                                                                                                              the post of                      Joining
                                                           Development              Centre of
                                                                                                          1.      Shri A.                       Faridabad             Dy. C.C.E.          Jt. C.C.E.           30/0B/l0
                                                           PESO at Sivakasi.
                                                          A research paper titled" Hazard                         Shri Jagdish                  Agra                  Asstt.              0.5.
                                                                                                          2.                                                                                                   13/04/10
                                                           Assessment and Effect of Nano-                         Chandra
                                                           Sized Oxidizer on Sound Level                  3.      Shri A.R.                     Faridabad             Asstt.              0.5.                 13/04/10
                                                           Analysis          of     Firecrackers"                 Tembhekar
                                                           authored                by    Dr.      T.L.    4.      Shri D.K.                     Kolkata               UDC                 Asstt.               19/04/10
                                                          Thanulingam,             CE, FRDC was                   Dey
published          in "Journal           of Pyrotechins,                   2009, 28, 95 by the            5.      Smt. S.                       Chennai               UDC                 Asstt.               03/05/10
publishers"          Journal of Pyrotechnics, Inc., 1775 Blair Road,                                              Parimala
Whitewater,                  CO        81527,             USA,        Web         Site    Address;        6.      Shri Anup                     Agra                  UDC                 Asstt.               13/08/10 ••.                                                                                                 Kumar Sharma
                                                                                                          7.      Smt. Sanjana                  Nagpur                Steno-III           Steno-II             13/08/10
                         Ku. Prashika daughter of                           Smt. Manisha Manoj
                         Chahande, LDC %                            CCE Nagpur a student of
                                                                                                          8.      Shri P.K. Roy                 Kolkata               LDC                  UDC                 12/08/10
                         class 9th of Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School,
                                                                                                          9.      Smt. S. Hema                  Chennai               LDC                  UDC                 12/08/10
                            Bezonbagh & Wizkid Abacus Academy, Sadar
                         stood in First Position in National Level of Abacus
                                                                                                          10. ShriA.K.                          Kolkata               LDC                  UDC                 12/08/10
                         examination held at New Delhi. The exam was
conducted          by I-Max Academy Muktadhara Auditorium,                                         New
Ms. Afreen Shabbir Tandel, 0/0. Shabbir J. Tandel, Peon of 0/0.                                           Name of the                    Designation           From                 To               Office order
Jt.CCE., Mumbai                  appeared             in SSC Examination                  from     MES    Officer                                                                                    no. and date
Vidyamandir           School, Navi Mumbai and secured 87.09% and                                          Shri Sanjoy Sen                Dy.CCE                Kolkata              Nagpur           A-22012/1/07
stood first in school and got award from Garware College, Pune                                                                                                                                       Exp, dated
as well as from MES Vidyamandir School, CBD Belapur, Navi                                                                                                                                            29/04/2010
Mumbai.                                                                                                   ShriA.                         Jt. CCE               Kolkata              Faridabad        C-VIII (3)121
                                                                                                          Bhattacharya                   (Ad-hoc)                                                    DPC/XI,
                            jMIC'lll        ~    ~              ~            (~TC:-ci) ~~ffiiiT
                         ~. ~et                       ~:P"    ~        ~~gm                                                                                                                          08/07/2010
                         ~              ~              ftran <fit (xfr.<ft.~t) ~
                         wan ~ ~                      ~ ~ ~          (xfr \Jfr -qr ~)               9.B                                                Retirements

                         >rf"C(f "CJ?X ~              ~     I                                             Name                                        Designation               Date of                   Station
~fT~,               ~          9 crf       ~              it~r~~,                         WR ~
                                                                                                          Shri A. K. Chakravarty                      0.5.                      30/06/2010                Mumbai
fum,         CflllllC'lll       \3lT ~            Fc1ftfilcCfl        ~.            "qO,g)'Iq;    ~ crf
                                                                                                          Smt. Swaraj Laxmi                           UDC                       31/05/2010                Hyderabad
2009-2010            ~        3ltR         ~                ~               ~,            ~-47,           Shri D. Prasad                              Peon                      31/07/2010                Hazaribagh
"qO,g)'Iq;     ~    3l'AT         'Pan          3 ~       ~-~         >rf"C(f fcl;m      t cr.m     crf   Shri Nirbhay Kumar                          Peon                      31/08/2010                Agra
2009-2010            .~                ~        3lR ~ ~                ~     ~      9~41f1ldl        ..
                                    Safety Mission                                                            ~     C1'J4ilIRll'i               et ~ ~                                     ~                C1'J14~1I\7l ~ C1'JlllT\7lll

         PESO has been entrusted with the responsibility to execute
                                                                                                              ~~~                                          (Wi~)~q~~~3m~
the Explosives Rules, 2008.
                                                                                                              fuiqq)eg. ~.\ift.                           ~1,<~C1'J,<            ~~fu<:rr                              I

         The aim of Explosives Rules is to safely manufacture, safely                             2.      "1'!I<t>ltl              ~cr<f)<~~.:
possess, safely use, safely sell, safely transport, safely import                                         ~,                       ~                ~        ~                    28 \iff 2010 CI5T ~                                               3.00
and safely export the explosives.                                                                             ~      ~~,                                            ~                   ~ ~                             t9"l1Ttr ~                          ~
         Explosives are sensitive materials,                    which are inherently                          C1'JlllT\7lll        et ~                      ~                  fcH.=tIJlcC1'J ~                                   ~           it 3m
hazardous          unless proper             care is taken.                Explosives       may           ~,                   Bq-~                         fc1'<=tIJ'lcC1'J ~                                 ~               ~                ~
misbehave,           if they       are     not     properly      handled,        stored      or               ~                     ~         ~           et Wfc'IT emf                             ~              ~                            (Wi~)
transported         and hence, the utmost care must be taken while                                            ~          ell ~               ~              fffnif(;Jd             ~           I
dealing with the explosives.                      Therefore,      ensuring explosives
                                                                                                  3.      'ff'l'fO"1"       qft- ~c                             fG~ltfl<t>,!OI :
safety is one of the most difficult and demanding job.                            Absolute
safety is never possible with explosives. Although the chance of                                          ~             ~                    C1'JlllT\7lll ~                    ~~ffl~c                 et ~            ~1~lC1'J,<ol                    et
an explosion may be exceedingly small, however, it always exists.                                         cpp:\ ~ ~              ~ ~ ~ I~                                                               ~      ~~'<'lI~c                   et ~
Explosives are meant to explode but that should not occur at                                              C!5T ~,             ~         ~ Rl~ ~'l                                                   ~         3Rl              31UWlT C!5T
wrong time or at wrong place.                       If it happens, it becomes an                          fu"~I ~l1'J'< I Cf)X irlf cpp:\~ -g I
                                                                                                                  C 0
accident causing damage to human being and property.                                              4.      ~             <t>1~hllcll                       '<t>T
                                                                                                                                                              ~lm\lf"1                     :
         The experts in safety agree that accidents are caused and
not just happen. A person, who feels that an accident is an event
                                                                                                          ~                    ~                 et 3lfucn ~ 3lfucn ~                                             m et ~                                ~
                                                                                                          ~                    29.06.2010                    CI5T ~                                4.00       ~        6.00                ~        C'f"C1'J'
which could not have been avoided, shows his ignorance. The
accidents          are normally          caused by unsafe acts or unsafe
                                                                                                              C1'JlllT\7lll        et       fc1'<=tIJ1cC1'J~                               (m) ~                   3m "C[J'iR
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        l                           &RT
mechanical or physical conditions or both. Most of the accidents
                                                                                                              ~~lIffPiC1'J              f.1<p:IT ~ ~                             \i11'1C1'JI:fJ ~                   ~                  -qx ~
can be prevented by correcting the unsafe conditions and by
                                                                                                              C1'J14~1I\7l1 ~                               ~           ~        I -q["Cf'< ~                        ~«!RlC1'J,<ol                      ~
educating and disciplining employees against unsafe acts.                                              '--~                    ~ <:ffi C1'J14~1I\7l1 ~                                     wnm xtr fuR:rc#I ~                                               ~
         Accidents occurs when employee tends to ignore safety                                            ~~I
rules and regulations and the management tends to ignore the                                      5.      ~             yfu/ffUT :
presence of unsafe conditions and therefore, the accidents are                                            C1'JlllT\7lll ~                   3m ~                    fuiqq) eg. ~                                   ff~i~ICl                &RT ~
caused by negligence and can be prevented by forethoughts.                                                    2010 ~ ~                                ~                 ~         Lfftw ~                          ~ I~                          2010
Lessons must be learnt from every accident and appropriate                                                - ~                  2010             et ~             ~                ~            cpW -gg ~                                       et ~ t
measures should be taken to avoid and prevent its reoccurrence.
                                                                                                          ~         3m~,                         C!5T 31 ~                  ~              et ~              ~1I'blC1'JI'<. C!5T 31 CI5T
Always think before handling the explosives. Safety pays and we
                                                                                                          ~                    fcnm 'l"<TT I
need to practice safety during every moment of our life, be it at
the workplace or at home or on the road, so please sincerely                                              ~             ~ >rR'+r5Fr crrill ~                                               icPur cpW ~                            I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               C1'JllT\7l II ~
follow safety.                                                                                                ~            ~                    ile(c4C"('11ClI,<,                3l1:gf(;JfqC1'J ~                        3 CI5T ~
                                                                                                          fcnm 'l"<TT I
                                                                                                  6.      ~             q~ql~1                    ~lm\i1"1                  :

                                                        S. K. SHUKLA                                      ~              30 \iff 2010 CI5T ~                                           fc11:rrtr            et ~ ~                              26.07.
                                         Dy. Chief Controller of Explosives                               2010          CI5T fcrwfl<:r                      ~                            I
                                                                                                                                                                                       C1'JllT~ II '1              ttfl1cft et ~
                                                                                                          ~                        ~        ~         ~             ~ ~                            ~          ~         \3f1,<1f1'< WTfcl

                                                                                                          -gg       C1'JlllT\7lll ~ ~                           ~                      ~                     et '-IN ~ fcffim'                          ~
                                                                                                          "il"ilf~ ~                    I
~              ~          &RT ~          ~          ~            ~ f.1tlfft1      C'fa-<n ~
~          et ~           ~        ~         ~           C1'JlllTPcld      m      -gg ~
                                                                                                  7.      ~~~~~:
                                                                                                          C1'JlllT\7lll ~                         ~             fc1'<=tIJ'lcC1'J~                              ~                   &RT ~
~/Bq-~                        C1'JlllTc''Ilfi CI5T 4Rillf(;Jd     ~         ~   C'f~    ~
                                                                                                              14/09/2010                          ~        21/09/2010                                         ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                       C'f"C1'J'                   ~                ~
-gg oT-x1 ~           ~        et ~           ~     Tf\! I
                                                                                                          ~                    ~        ~                        fcnm             'l"<TT I ~                  ~a-T                     ~ fctfiA
1.        "1'!I<t>ltl GNT ~lmRi1d                <t>nf~~              ~:
                                                                                                              ~Rl41fT1d13lT                  C!5T ~                             fcnm       'l"<TT, ~                       ~               ~
          ~          07 \iff 2010 CI5T ~                     9.30 ~ ~             5.30 ~                  q       C1'J4ill:fJ41              ~ ~<pil<pC1'J,< f6ffiT                            fu<:rr I ~                              ~                    ~
          ~               et ~                   ~ ~             4llTCl,<OI ~                             ~ ~.f'ICllff'1                      ~~~                                          ~~                                      3Tfc1~~ I
          ~~                        (f¥T). ~~~~¥~

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