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                     SUMMER 2011
                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

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                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                                    Situation – What is the Problem?
Nivea by Beiersdorf is a very successful global brand from Hamburg, Germany. On Mar. 22,
2011 the brand was named one of the world’s best-selling brands by Business Week magazine.
Nivea wants to extend its success to the United States, where the company lacks consumer
awareness and favor. It is believed that by extending Nivea’s American consumers to a younger
demographic of ages 12-25, expanding the product line to make it more female-friendly, and
marketing the Nivea Men brand with more masculinity will raise awareness and sales in the
United States.

Nivea needs to attract a younger age demographic. Nivea products have an old history, but they
do not have any history with young Americans. Nivea does not attract young people because
there are not any products for young people in the U.S. Acne treatment products have the highest
number of consumer usage among the designated age demographic. Nivea does not have acne
products in the U.S. markets. To attract American youth, we have to promise them earlier what
we promise everyone else. This is the promise that our products keep our customers young and
attractive. At the current moment all of our products seem to be universal for all age
demographics. People, especially young people, like to feel special, but Nivea makes everyone
feel normal.

Nivea needs to make the brand more female-friendly. The number of Nivea consumers that are
women falls drastically below the number of men in America that buy Nivea products. This has
made it a priority at Nivea to extend the product line and make it more female-friendly. Besides
for products that reduce cellulite or wrinkles Nivea products are not really centered on women.
Or, at least they are not centered on the women who don’t feel a need to improve themselves.
Currently, the brand has many unisex items, and just like men are not usually attracted to product
marketed femininely, most women do not like unisex items. There has to be products
incorporated into our brand for women.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
Nivea needs to promote Nivea Men in a more masculine manner. Though the Nivea Men brand
is the most popular of all Nivea products lines in the U.S. there is room for improvement. Nivea
Men's Products are marketed in the same fashion as the women's products are. Nivea Men brand
products are described to make a man’s skin silky smooth, soft, and glowing. This is a reason
why Nivea Men is losing consumers in the United States. When Nivea Men products become
marketed like they are designed for men then sales in those categories are expected to rise. Other
than shaving cream and razors, most American men do not know what Nivea is so we need to
make Nivea’s presence known as a masculine brand.

Sales for the year 2010 rose 1.6 percent in the U.S., but Nivea expected at least a 2 percent rise.
This was done after Nivea had implemented four public relations campaigns, since 2007, to raise
sales in the U.S. Nivea wants to take a chance on one last campaign to increase awareness in the
United States of the brand and company. As Nivea sits as the number one provider of beauty and
body products in the world it should not be at the bottom of the list in any country.

1. Raise awareness of the Nivea brand by 5 percent, focusing on the age demographic of 12 -25
2. Increase image of Nivea as a female-friendly brand and promote more female products
3. Promote the Nivea Men brand with more masculinity, appealing to younger men

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
The first thing Nivea needs to do to raise sales and awareness is have a good understanding of
American culture. It is important to know what affects Americans especially the young people in
the age demographic of 12 – 25. For example, Americans are concerned with being what they
call “green” or saving the environment. They are worried about their health and trying to become
more physically active. They are concerned about employment opportunities. So, in order to
attract more attention to the Nivea brand we need to attach the brand to something Americans are
already knowingly concerned about. If Nivea’s products needed major improvements, then the
company would not be a top 100 global brand. What this campaign will focus on is drawing
attention to the brand and allowing people to become more familiar with the products. After this
happens they will want to buy and consumer the products for daily use.

One thing this campaign will do is raise awareness of the brand among American youth .To raise
awareness and favor among those in the age group of 12 – 25 years of age we want to give all of
our products a more youthful feel. Nivea products have to be specialized to a younger
demographic in order to sale. We will promote new imported products that will interest young
people. These products can include Nivea Pure and Natural and Nivea Vintage. Anything that
has exceptional number of sales currently is a possible product for the American youth.

Another thing Nivea will do is focus on attracting women, including young women of the ages
12 – 25, to the Nivea brand. Currently, the best-selling product line in the United States is Nivea
Men. Therefore, during this campaign we will put more of our efforts into image building of
Nivea as a brand for women, by making it more female friendly. We want Nivea to be seen as a
product for everyone with specific products made for everyone, female or male and young or

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
This campaign will also address advertising of the Nivea Men brand. The Nivea Men brand is
the best-selling brand in the U. S., but our sales to this demographic can improve. Since 1986,
when Nivea Men was first introduced in America, it has been Nivea’s best-selling U.S. product
line. However, the products popularity has not had consistent growth. There is a diverse set of
products already available within the Nivea Men line so our major focus for the Nivea Men line
is marketing and advertising the products in a more masculine style.

These strategies may require that Nivea produce many of the products that we sell in other
nations around the globe in the U.S., which may require that we eventually employ some
American chemist and other employees. However, for the time being we will simply need to
import new products for Americans to test and approve over the 3 month period. We believe that
once they have used our products, they will like them, and Nivea will have the same popularity it
has in other parts of the world in the U.S.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You


         Design Nivea a logo - Change the company’s colors to a bright orange and pale blue
         which would be more attractive to a younger audience
         Create Nivea commercials that promote healthy skin as masculine
         Make Nivea Pure and Natural available in the U.S. Market.
         Make Nivea Make-Up products available in the U.S. Market
         Set up a booth at the Taste of Chicago
         Promote new Nivea products for women that are similar to the variety in Nivea Men
         Send a News Release for Skin Cancer Awareness Foundation project
          Send a News Release for Nivea Pure & Natural
         Produce a factsheet for Nivea
         Produce a Media Alert about the Get Active event
         Produce a backgrounder for the company using issue related to the company
         Produce an Opinion - Editorial on an issue related to the company
         Produce a Print advertisements for a magazines
         Produce two Radio advertisements for Nivea
         Design a company newsletter
         Design a brochure to be distributed at the Taste of Chicago

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

Media Contact: Lisa Brock
SPCM 381 Firm
100A Downtown Drive
Chicago, IL 60428
(708)555 – 2830

                             Nivea and the Skin Cancer Foundation
                           Combat Skin Cancers for American’s Youth
                           Nivea’s skin cancer awareness and prevention project
                           will teach young Americans how to retain healthy skin.

CHICAGO, June 1, 2011—Nivea is partnering with the Skin Cancer Foundation to help educate
Americans, especially teens, on how to effectively have fun in the sun and take care of their skin
this summer. Nivea will do this by putting tips on their products that educate about skin cancer
and ways of decreasing the likelihood of being diagnosed with the disease.

Nivea’s partnership with the national Skin Cancer Foundation is a part of Nivea’s Health is
Beauty campaign to promote healthy lifestyles. We at Nivea believe that it is important to teach
youth about skin cancer, because skin cancers in young children and teens often go undiagnosed.
Pediatricians don’t make it their obligation to look for skin cancer, because there are no set
guidelines designed for skin examinations for minors.

For these reasons given to us by our friends at the Skin Cancer Foundation we have decided to
make this a part of our campaign.
    The CDC reported that less than one-third of American youths practice effective sun


                                                    Beauty and Health
                                                         for the
                                                      Beauty in You

Skin Cancer Awareness Continued

                                           Nivea and the Skin Cancer Foundation
                                               Combat Skin Cancers Causes

                   New research shows that even a mild to moderate increase in sun exposure over an
                    extended period, with or without sunburn, may significantly spur the growth of
                    pigmented moles in children, thereby greatly increasing their risk of skin cancers.
                    One out of three teenagers say they tan because it looks healthy. In fact, in an AAD
                    survey, more than 80 percent of people aged 25 and younger said they looked better with
                    a tan.
                   The skin of teens is thought to be more vulnerable than adults'. Teens may be especially
                    susceptible to skin cancer because their cells are dividing and changing more rapidly than
                    those of adults.
                   37 percent of white female adolescents and over 11 percent of white male adolescents
                    between 13 and 19 years old in the U.S. have used tanning booths.
                   It is estimated that 2.3 million teens visit a tanning salon at least once a year.
                   In Ontario, Canada, public health officials launched a campaign to outlaw tanning bed
                    use except for medical purposes, after learning that tanning salons were catering to
                    children as young as eight.
                   Many states now require parental consent for tanning booth patrons aged 14 to 17.
                    Several states have banned indoor tanning for those under 14, and others are considering
                    such measures.

           The skin cancer awareness and prevention project for the Health is Beauty campaign that begins
           June 1, 2011.


                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
                                            E-mail News Release

Headline: Nivea expands green efforts with Nivea Pure and Natural Face care

CHICAGO--Nivea is expanding Pure and Natural Face care, made with 95 percent of all natural
ingredients, to the U.S. It allows Nivea to save 30 million tons of waste per year. This
sustainable approach even extends to the green packaging, which uses as little material as

Pure and Natural Face care contains no chemical ultraviolet filters, parabens, silicones and
colorants. All the ingredients are certified organically grown and the products are still as gentle,
safe, and effective to use as any Nivea care product.

Pure and Natural Face care is separated into three categories. We have something for everyone!
For normal to combination skin we recommend our Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Moisturizing
Day Care. For dry and sensitive skin we recommend our Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Soothing
Day Care to make skin wonderfully soft and smooth again. And we cannot forget about our
specialty, for an anti-age care, we recommend our Nivea Visage Pure & Natural Anti-Wrinkle
Day Care and Anti-Wrinkle Night Care.

NIVEA Pure & Natural products offer a convenient and affordable way of looking after yourself
naturally, while doing your part for the environment, and enjoying the highly effective care
you’ve come to expect from Nivea.

Media Contact:
Lisa Brock
SPCM 381 Firm
100A Downtown Drive
Chicago, IL 60428
(708) 555– 2830

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
                                                NIVEA FACTSHEET

 In 1890, Dr. Oscar Troplowitz purchased Hamburg-based Company Beiersdorf from its founder,
Paul C. Beiersdorf. Troplowitz’s scientific adviser Professor Paul Gerson Unna brought
Troplowitz’s attention to a completely new kind of emulsifying agent called Eucerit (lit.
“beautiful wax”). Using this world’s first stable oil-and-water-based cream: NIVEA was
developed. The essence of the recipe has changed very little over the years.

Today, NIVEA Crème is a large brand family with more than 500 different products. Nivea is
the largest skin and beauty care brand in the world, and is available in over 200 countries. In 149
of those countries Nivea holds number one slots in Men, Face, Hair, and Deodorants.

     Nivea most popular products in the U.S., include the Nivea Men product line
     Nivea Skin Firming Moisturizer is the highlight of sales in the U.S.
     Nivea Skin Firming Moisture Q10 is the highlight of U.S. sales
     4 out of 5 women say Nivea makes their lips kissable soft
     Nivea Pure and Natural Face Care is now sold in the U.S.
     Nivea Make –Up is now sold in the U.S.

    The name NIVEA is derived from the Latin word “nivis” meaning snow - reflecting the
    snow white color of NIVEA Crème.
     Nivea Crème is the most sold face cream in the world today.
    Over 98% of the ingredients within NIVEA Crème are natural.
    Prior to the introduction of NIVEA Crème in 1912, fat-only skin creams were all that was
    available, sold primarily to upper-class women.

NIVEA Visage (since 1993), NIVEA Vital (1994), NIVEA Beauty (1997), NIVEA Hair Care
(1991), NIVEA for Men (1986), NIVEA Sun (1993), NIVEA Hand (1998), NIVEA body (1992),
NIVEA Bath Care (1996), and NIVEA Deo (1991).

Beiersdorf’s research Center employs over 150 dermatological and cosmetic researchers,
pharmacists and chemists. Products are continually tested and improved so that the secrets of
skin are revealed. Globally, the NIVEA brand now encompasses men’s and women’s facial
care, hair care, shaving, bathing/shower, deodorant, cosmetic, body care, baby care and sun care

Media Contact: Lisa Brock                         SPCM 381 Firm
               (708) 555 – 2830                   100A Downtown Drive
                           Chicago, IL 60428

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
                                Family Fun with Healthy Competition
Nivea’s “Get Active” event is an effort to inspire Americans to become more active. This is
done through learning how much fun they can have doing it with family and friends. There will
be many games and contests using the amenities at Jackson Park in Chicago. Free gifts of sample
size Nivea products and other prizes will be awarded to participants.

Jackson Park
6401 S. Stony Island Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637                                                         THIS IS A FREE EVENT
Phone: 773.256.0903
July 16, 2011 at 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

Nivea is a European beauty and skin care brand based in Hamburg, Germany. It is the largest
skin and beauty care brand in the world, and is available in over 200 countries. In 149 of those
countries Nivea holds number one slots in Men, Face, Hair, and Deodorants.

This will get families playing and staying fit together. Nivea will host sport contests with bike
races, tennis, baseball/ softball, volleyball, soccer, and flag football activities for families. For
young children there are three playgrounds in the park. Nivea tables and booths will be outside
of every game activity section.

There will also be seminars on Healthy Eating, Exercise Fun, and Energy Foods. Free gifts of
sample size Nivea products will be given to all participants. Other prizes are Nintendo Wii
System, Xbox Kinect, and 47’ inch Plasma 3-D TV for the top 3 winning families. There will be
100 seats to fill in each seminar.

This event is incorporated in Nivea’s Health is Beauty Campaign. Though these activities,
games, and contest Nivea wants to help inspire Americans to become more active and inform
them about ways to live healthy lifestyles.

Media Contact: Lisa Brock
               SPCM 381 Firm
               100A Downtown Drive
               Chicago, IL 60428
               (708) 555– 2830

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                                E-mail Pitch for Taste of Chicago

ABC 7 News Chicago Contact Information
Breaking news: (312) 750-7070
ABC 7 planning desk: FAX (312) 899-8019
Address: WLS-TV News, 190 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60601.

This media outlet will be contacted in all three method formats.

Instead of tickling your taste buds this booth will give your skin a sensation and allow you to
clean up for the next meal.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
                                  AGE AND THE IMAGE OF BEAUTY

         A study done by the Pew Research Center showed that 1 out of 3 people believe part of
becoming old involves a person losing their sexual attractiveness. It is a common belief that most
beautiful people are those that are young and physically fit. Everyone else is encouraged to
succumb to that image to remain beautiful. Americans are afraid to grow old.
         American society has always valued youth. In any commercial area the people chosen as
models are young and beautiful. This is evident from the 1960s to today with models like
Marylyn Monroe, Twiggy, and Naomi Campbell. There is a lot of pressure to remain young and
         This makes the American view of beauty become surrounded by youth. This has caused
people to do things like Botox, plastic surgery, and use numerous products to keep their skin
looking youthful. According to an article by Clean Cut Media, cosmetic surgery procedures for
people under 18 doubled in the last 10 years and 14 percent of Botox injections are given to
people in the 19-34 age range seeking “preventative treatments”.
         There have been television shows like “Extreme Makeover,” “I Want a Famous Face,”
“Little Miss Perfect,” and “Toddlers & Tiaras,” that are centered around raising the bar of what
is considered the norm when it comes to beauty, how Americans try to keep themselves young
and beautiful, and what it means to be beautiful. These things are engraved within American
         Nivea created its first skin firming crème to combat these issues of beauty around the
world. The company wanted women to be able to successfully retain their youth without going
to the drastic measures they do today. Today Nivea still stays on that journey and wants to let
people know that they can age beautifully. Nivea has set beauty products into specific categories
for consumer benefits. These categories include anti – age cleansing, anti –wrinkle care, lifting
care, firming care, and skin regeneration products.
         Forbes Women magazine said in an article called “Tweet of the Week: Beauty, Aging
and Self-Confidence”, “As we leave our 30s and enter our 40s and beyond, many women
struggle with both the physical and emotional issues of getting older.” Nivea does not want
                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
women to struggle with getting older. Therefore, Nivea has a research center where daily
research is done on possible products that can keep skin stronger, firmer, and looking younger.
         This is Nivea’s effort to help women cope with the societal norms that have been around
for ages. Using skin firming products that help people retain youth expresses to women that it is
not necessary to go to the extremes many women feel they have to choose today. And, most
importantly sends the message to women that they can age beautifully.

                                                       Works Cited
29, June. "Growing Old in America: Expectations vs. Reality." Pew Research Center. Web. 10
         Mar. 2011. <
"Beauty And The Boss -" Information for the World's Business Leaders - Web. 10 Mar. 2011. <
"Tweet Of The Week: Beauty, Aging And Self-Confidence -" Information for the
         World's Business Leaders - Web. 10 Mar. 2011.
"Unnaturally Beautiful Children: Image & Beauty | Clean Cut Media." Clean Cut Media. Web.
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                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                    Lunch Hour Procedures Aren’t So Convenient
Response to: Look better on your lunch hour - Thinking about plastic surgery? These procedures can help you look
better without breaking the bank or putting you under the knife.

Are lunch hour procedures really the answer to fixing cosmetic problems? There has got to be a
better way.
When something is quick and easy to do, it will usually quickly and easily wear off. To
constantly update a cosmetic procedure or surgery can become costly.
Healthy skin can be obtained if skin is cared for before and throughout aging. Twenty- year olds
should not be recommended treatment that last 3 months and cost them $300 to $1800. Choosing
cosmetic creams and lotions would be a better option. It would be more cost efficient to buy
cosmetic products that retain firmness and keep skin cells healthy.
The lunch hour procedures will cost a twenty year old $12,000 by the time they are thirty if they
spend $300 on procedures every 3 months. Most Americans start to worry about the signs of
aging at thirty, but by this time they have already spent a fortune.
Americans spent more than $13 billion in 2007 for cosmetic procedures. The number has since
risen and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons also predicts there will be more than 55
million procedures performed in 2015.
Products like NIVEA Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus for cellulite, or Nivea Visage Anti-
ageing Q10 Plus Night Cream have been proven to effectively reduced signs of age, and those
trouble spots the doctor mentioned. These products would cost at most $22. If a product does
not work you can stop using it and just try another one, but scars from cosmetic surgeries and
procedures are hard to get rid of.
People should be encouraged to use safe cosmetic products that are inexpensive, not to use their
lunch hours for dangerous procedures that could leave them permanent damage. Dr. Sidle even
said that these treatments are not pain free.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
Original Article for Opinion - Editorial
Look better on your lunch hour
Thinking about plastic surgery? These procedures can help you look better without
breaking the bank or putting you under the knife.
February 21, 2011, By Jen Weigel | Lessons for life

The Oscars are just around the corner, which means many Hollywood stars are getting nipped
and tucked. But did you know you could make yourself "red carpet ready" without having to go
under the knife?

"We sometimes call them 'lunch hour procedures,' " says Dr. Douglas Sidle, a double board-
certified Chicago plastic surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.” This means little bruising
or recovery time, and a significantly lower cost."

Want to suck the fat from your muffin top? Zeltiq could be just what you're looking for. This
relatively new nonsurgical procedure freezes fat cells in select areas for around $1,800 a

"You only need to go in once," says Sidle. "People can read a book while they're getting it done.
This is very appealing because you don't have to go under anesthesia; you aren't spending
thousands of dollars. But it isn't pain free."

Sidle says the results of a Zeltiq treatment aren't as dramatic as the suction procedures—but the
recovery time is shorter.

"People are worried about losing their jobs, so they aren't racing to take time off to have
cosmetic surgery," he says. "The ideal candidate for Zeltiq is already in relatively good shape,
but just can't seem to get rid of those trouble spots."

Sidle says because of the state of the economy, facelifts are being replaced by injections such as
Dysport. Like its older cousin Botox, these injections temporarily paralyze the muscles, therefore
reducing the appearance of lines or wrinkles.

"It's so much faster to get an injection than to have a surgery," he says. "Since Dysport came on
the scene in 2009, it's giving Botox some competition. In the last year, more and more people are
choosing it over Botox because they want what's new. They're very similar, though. And you
might be able to find Dysport for less because it's trying to be competitive."

Treatments cost between $300 and $800 depending on how many areas you inject, and can be
done in ten minutes. But beware of clinics who offer Dysport at a significant discount. They may
be diluting the product, which can mean you pay less up front, but have to go back sooner than

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

"If properly injected by someone qualified, these treatments should last 3 months," says Sidle.

Sidle says people are coming in for Dysport injections as early as in their 20s.

"It's no longer people who have wrinkles that want to minimize their age lines—now I'm seeing
women right out of law school who want to stop the wrinkles before they even start. You'll see
results within five days. It's easy and fast, and that's what people are looking for. And you can
come in for a treatment and go right back to work."

And men, don't forget about Propecia—it's not new, but this treatment for hair loss is effective,
and it's cheaper than ever.

"This is for men only," says Sidle. "I recommend this to any of my male patients suffering from
hair loss. Studies show 66 percent of patients can regrow hair, and while you still need a
prescription for Propecia, it only costs $1.70 a day."

Even though it's easier than ever to "get some work done," Sidle feels this in-and-out trend won't
last forever.

"I think once the economy gets better, more and more people will come back in for the
traditional facelifts. I'm already seeing an increase in women getting rhinoplasty, or what many
call 'nose jobs'. It's only a matter of time."

Journalist e-mail:

Web Link:

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                                               Print Advertisement
"Nivea Obesity Advocacy Ad” Full-page
GRAPHIC: Picture centered left in the page with a diverse group of obese teens from different
ethnic groups. The teens’ ethnicities’ are White-Caucasian American, African American, Asian
American, and Latin American. Their ages are 12 to 17. The camera will look up at them to
make them look larger. An American flag is in the background. There should be space for a text
on the right. The headline should be above the picture and the copy below with paraphrased
information to the right side of the picture.

HEADLINE: Say Hello to the Future
COPY: Is this someone you love? Is this you? Obesity is no joke. According to the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention almost two-tenths of American teens are obese. As they grow
the numbers get higher. Sixty-eight percent of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight or
obese. Gain control of your body weight. Visit the CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical
Activity, and Obesity (DNPAO) online at Ask them to help
reduce obesity and obesity-related conditions through state programs that promote healthy
Paraphrased information: “Among adolescents aged 12-19, obesity increased from 5 percent to
18.1 percent from 2007 to 2008, according to the CDC.”
Contact:           Lisa Brock
                   SPCM 381 Firm
                   100A Downtown Drive
                   Chicago, IL 60428
                   (708) 724 – 2830


                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
                                           Radio Advertisement (1)
Safe Cosmetic Products
Lisa Brock (708) 724-2830
June 1, 2011
30 seconds

Background Music               Low tone sad melody


Low, soft, serious tone
                               MADE HER SKIN TURN RED.--NOW TOO MUCH SUN MAKES

                               HER BURN AND ITCH.--WE THOUGHT IT WAS JUST A SKIN

                               TONER, BUT WE LATER FOUND OUT THAT IT HAD THE SAME

                               INGREDIENTS AS A POPULAR BLEACHING CREAM. ---LESS



                               SAFETY BY THE F-D-A. MAKE THE F-D-A APPROVE THEM

                               ALL. LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. --THIS MESSAGE IS

                               SPONSORED BY NIVEA, BEIERSDORF INC.


                                         Beauty and Health
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                                           Beauty in You

                                           Radio Advertisement (2)
Men and Skin Care
Lisa Brock (708) 724-2830
June 1, 2011
30 seconds

Background Music

SFX:                           Men lifting weights or working out
                               The sounds of a gym

Announcer: Must have           HEY YOU! YEAH YOU.-- DID YOU KNOW THAT MEN CARE
a male announcer
Raise volume and               ABOUT THEIR APPEARANCES NOW MORE THAN EVER?—
pitch: “HEY YOU!

                               NIVEA MEN FACE SCRUB EVERY DAY.-- IT’S IMPORTANT TO

                               TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. WE HAVE TO LOOK GOOD FOR

                               THE LADIES. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR

                               SKIN. IT’S WHAT REAL MEN DO.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You


    Primary Audience:            Youth age 12 – 25
Secondary Audiences:            Women and Men of ages over 25

Americans in the age group of 12 -25 are chosen as the primary audience for this campaign,
because right now they are the most unlikely to consume Nivea products. We want to draw the
attention of these people, so that we can ensure future popularity of Nivea in the U.S. If they start
using our products now, as they become older, we can rely on them buying our products in the
future. This will determine the success of the company in the United States.

Our Secondary Audience, women and men over the age of 25, is important, because the products
we currently sale in the United States should attract them to the brand. Nivea cannot forget about
this demographic because they do exist. Our best-selling U.S. products in general are the
products that promise to keep people looking youthful. This is why this demographic is

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
The campaign will progress from Monday, May 30, 2011 until Monday August 29, 2011.

May 30th
      Newsletter is printed
      News releases for Skin Cancer Awareness Project and Pure and Natural are sent out
      Nivea Factsheet is sent out to media outlets
June 1st
        Skin Care Awareness Project – Nivea will team up with the Skin Cancer Foundation and
        place tips on keeping skin healthy in the summer. This will end Aug. 29, 2011.
        Debut of Pure and Natural - Nivea Pure and Natural will hit the shelves in the U.S.
        Debut of Nivea Make – Up – Nivea make-up will hit shelves in the U.S. market
        Nivea Men Image Restoration – Nivea Men Advertisement will incorporate more
       Nivea News – Newsletter is distributed to employees, especially those in America to talk
       about Nivea plans during and after this campaign.
       Print and Radio Advertisements will go out regularly. This will last through Aug. 29,
June 24th – July 3rd
       Taste of Chicago - Nivea will set up a booth at the annual Taste of Chicago event that
       attracts about 3.5 million people a year to the city. The booth will be in close proximity to
       the portable toilets where our products will be placed in the fountains provided by the
       city of Chicago in exchange we supply soap and lotions. The Informational brochure
              about Nivea will go out at this time.
July 8
              Media Alert for Nivea Get Active even is sent out to media outlets
July 16th
        Nivea Get Active– The event in Jackson Park where families come together and find
        ways that they can become active together, while sampling Nivea products.
July 19
        Backgrounder and Op-Editorial is released to various media outlets

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                                                  Budget – 100,000
Labor $7500
Cost to print tips on products for duration of campaign $10,000
Taste of Chicago $4000
         Labor $1000
         Booth Rent $3000
         Fountains – Courtesy of the City of Chicago
Printing (Promotional Material) $2500
         Newsletters, Brochures, Posters,
New Product Production (Beiersdorf Wilton, CT) $ 60,000
Event 16,000
         Total $100,000
This campaign will be evaluated in January of 2012, or approximately 5 months after the
campaign has finished. The plan was successful if sales of Nivea products in the United States
rise. If sales in the United States raise by 5 percent and people ages 12 -25 increase favor in
Nivea products we have met our first objective. In order to know whether favor among Nivea
products has increased among the age demographic research will have to be conducted after the
campaign. We can also decipher whether or not this has worked if products we decided to import
to the U.S. for that demographic sell well during the summer campaign
The second objective is an action that Nivea has to do in order to gain popularity and raise sales.
We need to promote and make available more products for female customers. Once we have
promoted new Nivea products for woman, and gained higher amounts in sales of those products
designated for women we have completed our second objective.
The third objective can be evaluated by monitoring an increase of sales in Nivea Men. Nivea
Men is the best-selling product line of Nivea in the U.S. If we raise sales in that category we
have met our third objective.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                                       Event Plan- Get Active

About this event:
Jackson Park
6401 S. Stony Island Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637                                 THIS EVENT IS FREE TO THE PUBLIC
Phone: 773.256.0903
July 16, 2011 at 10:30 am – 10:30 pm

Purpose of Event:
The purpose of this event is to create awareness for Nivea. This event is going to be incorporated
within the overall campaign plan objectives. Our objective for this event is that it helps us meet
our overall campaign objectives. We will create awareness for the product focusing on specific
products that are for teens, women, and men. This event is using something that Americans are
already concerned about to draw attention to the Nivea brand, in coherence with the overall

Strategy – How do we expect to meet the objective stated in the purpose?
Family events in the summer attract many people, especially when they are free. Everyone tries
to find a reason to be outside. This happens very frequently in Chicago, because it is below 70
degrees most of the year and warmest during June, July, and August. This naturally pulls people
out of their homes; we will give them something to do together. By having this event we will get
young people, because most will do things with their families. We will attract a demographic of
women and men by promoting family time or just a lot of fun. Flyers and brochures for this
event will be distributed at the Taste of Chicago where people will also be allowed to register for
the event. By doing this, we are building an image, expanding the number of consumers, and
have promoted Nivea to families and people most likely to attend the event.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

Tactics – What exactly will happen at this event?
This will get families playing and staying fit together. Nivea will host sport contests with Bike
races, Tennis, Baseball/ Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Flag Football activities for families.
For young children there are three playgrounds in the park. Tables will be set up outside of the
activity sections with free Nivea products.

There will also be seminars on Healthy Eating, Exercise Fun, and Energy Foods.
Free gifts of sample size Nivea products will be given to all participants. Other prizes are
Nintendo Wii System, Xbox Kinect, and a 47’ inch Plasma 3-D TV for the top 3 winning
families. One hundred chairs are set for each seminar. A power point and overhead projector
with slide shows and videos will be used..

If someone wants to buy a product they are given a sample product. We will also have a list of
vendors in the Chicago and surrounding areas within a 100 mile radius. This will also help us
establish how far people have come for the event. The family with the 3 highest collective game
points wins. Families must consist of four to five people. The cool down room will be swamped
with Nivea test sample products and information about the company on water bottle labels.

         Healthy Eating Seminar- This seminar will address the average mistakes Americans
         make in their diets. The food pyramid will be presented. The Speaker will talk about
         portions, the importance of knowing when your body is satisfied, and so much more.

         Exercise Fun – This seminar will talk about how to lose weight having fun. Using
         research and statistics this seminar will explain how people have and can lose weight
         doing fun actives.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
         Energy Foods – This seminar will enlighten the audience on the types of foods that keep
         you energized. It describes what food a person can use for stress, energy, endurance, and
         other boost food is used for.

At the end of each seminar Nivea products and what they offer will be explained to the audience.
These seminars will also give the audience another chance to obtain sample products. Our main
purpose it to attract people to Nivea and meet our campaign objectives.

         Bike races                                          Tennis
         Baseball/ Softball                                  Volleyball
         Soccer                                             Flag Football

Three playgrounds are available for young children to play, but we require that participant in the
games must be at least 12 years old for safety reasons. In addition, 12 years and beyond is a part
of our age demographic and it is important to stay focused on that.

Each game that is played is worth points a family can win. There are ten points for winning a
game and five points for participating. Each person of the Activity Regulation Staff has modified
the games so that they last 30 minutes in duration.

Primary Audience: Families with teens
Secondary Audience: People interested in health and fitness

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

9:30 am – Set up and preparation for the event will begin
10:30 am – Event will begin
              Games will begin and last throughout day
11:00 -11:30 - Healthy Eating Seminar
11:30 -12:00 – Exercise Fun work out
1:00 – 1:30 - Energy Foods
2:00 – 2:30 – Healthy Eating Seminar
2:30 – 3:00 – Exercise Fun work out
3:00 – 3: 30 - Energy Foods
5:00 – 5:30 – Healthy Eating Seminar
5:30 – 6:00 – Exercise Fun work out
7:00 – 7:30 – Energy foods
8:00 pm – Prizes will be awarded
         Free gifts of sample size Nivea products will be given to participants. Other prizes are
         Nintendo Wii System, Xbox Kinect, and 47’ inch Plasma 3-D TV for the top 3 winning
8:30 pm - Participants are allowed to play games freely without competition
10:30 pm – Event will end, tear down and clean up should begin

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

Budget – 16,000
Labor $2000
         Seminar Staff $600
         Activity Regulation Staff $1400
Overhead projector $450
Tables (26) $312
Sample Products
Designated Parking $2000
Promotional Material $1000
Jackson Park Rental $1335
         Including game equipment $1200
         Application fee $35
Labeled Bottle Water $5000
         Bottle Water $4000
         Labels $1000
Cost of Prizes $3600
         3-D 47’ inch Plasma TV $3000
         Kinect Xbox 360 $ 300
         Nintendo Wii System $200
Total: 15,697

This event will be evaluated by how many sample products we distribute at the event and the
amount of participants we have the sign up for the internet Newsletter. If we see a rise in the
awareness of the brand and an increase of sales we have met our objectives for the event.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                                          Jackson Park Description
Once the site of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, Jackson Park’s 600 acres provide
recreational opportunities for athletes, nature lovers, and beach goers alike. With a new state-of-
the-art fitness center and a variety of expansive gardens, Jackson Park offers something for
After the state legislature created the South Park Commission in 1869, the renowned designers of
New York's Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, were hired to lay out the
1055-acre park. Known originally as South Park, the landscape had eastern and western divisions
connected by a grand boulevard named the Midway Plaisance. The eastern division became
known as Lake Park; however, in 1880 the commission asked the public to suggest official
names for both the eastern and western Divisions. Jackson and Washington were proposed, and
the following year, Lake Park was renamed Jackson Park to honor Andrew Jackson (1767-1845),
the seventh president of the United States.

In 1890, Chicago won the honor of hosting the World's Columbian Exposition, and Jackson Park
was selected as its site. Olmsted and Chicago's famous architect and planner Daniel H. Burnham
laid out the fairgrounds. A team of the nation's most significant architects and sculptors created
the "White City" of plaster buildings and artworks. The monumental World's Fair opened to
visitors on May 1, 1893. After it closed six months later, the site was transformed back into
parkland. Jackson Park featured the first public golf course west of the Alleghenies, which
opened in 1899. Today, two structures remain as impressive symbols of the World's Columbian
Exposition. The "Golden Lady" sculpture is a smaller version of Daniel Chester French's Statue
of the Republic which originally stood at the foot of the Court of Honor. The original Fine Arts
Palace now houses Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.


                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                    Crisis Communication Management Plan

Possible Crisis Situation: Laws of trade do not allow Nivea to continue sales of product
because of certain elements within the products.

Statement: Nivea has sold many products all over the world. None of Nivea’s products have
ever harmed anyone. Nivea products are tested on humans in an advance research center and are
periodically regulated for safety.

Media Q & A
Why do you use harmful chemicals?
Many health and beauty care product producers use chemicals that are harmful in their basic
form. Once we alter the chemical molecular form we are able to ensure all the chemicals are
safe, test them and ensure they are ready for sale.

How can you be sure something is safe by testing it?
We do not put our products in stores unless human study participants have used the product for
at least a year without having any negative side effects.

Why are these chemicals legal to be sold in places outside of the U.S.?
Our research center has devoted more time than most American cosmetic resource center
because we deliver to such a vast amount of people in the world.

Employee Communication: Employee’s preferably will say that they are not sufficiently
informed enough to answer questions. If this crisis was to arise SPCM 381 Firm will designate a
company representative to approach the issue. That one person will be the only one to do so.
However, if employees must comment then employees would say that they have never seen any
negative effect of using the products. The products are frequently tested and safe.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You
Regulatory Communication: We need to stay in constant communication with the Food and
Drug Administration, because this is the government department America has designated to
handle the issue of permissible chemicals in beauty and health products. Before we begin to sell
the products we need to make sure the chemicals we use are legal in all U.S. states. For that we
will need to stay in constant contact with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Customer Service Scripts
How do I know Nivea products are safe to use?
Nivea sales over 500 products in over 200 countries, and in 149 of those countries Nivea holds
number one slots in Men Face, Hair, and Deodorants. If there was a Nivea product seriously
damaging to the human body we would know by now. The products we will sale in America are
also product we sale all over the world now.

                                         Beauty and Health
                                              for the
                                           Beauty in You

                Crisis Communication Management Plan (2)
Possible Crisis Situation: American Consumers overall dislike the samples of Nivea products
they are given. This campaign consists of making people aware of the products we assume they
will love. If they don’t like the products this will affect the campaign as a crisis.

Statement: Americans are an unique consumer popularity; they drive in the left side driver seat
while most people choose to drive on the right. We will alter our products to meet the left side
driver seat. The best we can do is our best to meet consumer needs.

Employee Communication: Employee’s preferably will say that they are not sufficiently
informed enough to answer questions. If this crisis was to arise SPCM 381 Firm will designate a
company representative to approach the issue. That one person will be the only one to do so.
However, if employees must comment then employees would say that Nivea does its best to
meet consumer needs.

Regulatory Communication: This is an internal issue within the campaign so regulatory
communication with governmental agencies will not be necessary. However, Nivea will have to
consistently communicate with Beiersdorf Inc. in Wilton, Connecticut.

Social Media Site: USA:!/pages/Nivea-


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