Headway November 1989 by linxiaoqin


									                      Number 11     Volume 17	   November 1989

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           IV kg: "S Z"

Div	                              o Cha
RTD, Reorganization,                                            Q and A on the New
and SB 1                                                        Drug Policy
by Gar) Clar4 Interim Manager of Government Affairs
       ,                                                        by Barbara Olson, Senior Administrative Analyst

Reorganization. This term       Angeles Division, and           Contrary to the article in      employee's random drug
has stirred emotion,            labor, Senator Robbins          the October 4 issue of the      screen.
intensity, and uncertainty as   made SB 1 a "two-year" bill     Los Angeles Times, the               During the month of
a label for legislation         on September 15, 1989, so       random testing process is       November, employees and
pending before the State        as to provide him more          not "blind." Random             supervisors will have the
Legislature in Sacramento       time to seek resolution of      testing would not be an         opportunity to learn more
to merge the activities of      several of the more perti-      effective deterrent to          about revisions to the
the District and the            nent problem areas.             employee drug use if the        District's Drug and Alcohol
LACTC.                                The District's Board of   results were not used to        Policy through information
     This year, Senate Bill 1   Directors is opposed to SB      discipline the abuser.          sessions offered at divisions
(SB 1 — all bills are           1, while the Commission is           RTD's Drug and             and Headquarters. These
labelled numerically upon       supporting the bill with        Alcohol Policy will provide     information sessions are
introduction), authored by      amendments.                     the same discipline and         intended to provide
State Senator Alan Robbins            Furthermore, Gover-       discharge standards for         employees with an
of Van Nuys, seeks to reor-     nor Deukmejian is officially    results of random tests as it   opportunity to learn the
ganize local transit agencies   opposed to SB 1, as cur-        does for the current testing.   effects and consequences of
within Los Angeles County       rently drafted, and does not         "Blind testing" is a       drug use on personal
by creating a new Metro-        appear willing to sign the      quality assurance technique     health, safety, and the
politan Transit Authority       bill into law.                  required by the government      environment. They will
(MTA) through the                                               to verify that the collection   also receive an explanation
abolishment of the RTD                                          process and laboratory          of the policy revisions, and
and the subsequent "merg-                                       procedures comply with          have the opportunity to ask
                                          SB 1 seeks
ing" with the LACTC.                                            accuracy and security           questions about procedural
      Somewhat similar                  to reorganize           protocol. The District is       changes.
legislation by Senator                                          required to send fake urine          Prior to the informa-
Robbins passed the State                 local transit          specimens, clean or spiked      tion sessions, each em-
Legislature in 1987, but was                                    with various drugs, to test     ployee will receive a copy of
                                         agencies . . .
vetoed by Governor George                                       the collection and lab          the revised Drug and
Deukmejian. This year, SB                                       process. In no way does this    Alcohol Policy. Each
1 was approved by the State                                     impact the results of an            continued on page 3 . . .
Senate, by a vote of 21-13            Without considering
on May 15, and then was         the merits or weaknesses
approved by the Assembly        contained in the Robbins'
Transportation Committee        bill, it is important that      bill still fails to address     sion and renames the
on July 19. However, the        RTD employees are aware         several important areas         SCRTD the Southern
bill met a major roadblock      that if the bill should pass    which will lead to the          California Regional Transit
in the Assembly Ways and        the legislature and is signed   providing of better trans-      District. The bill will
Means Committee and was         by the Governor, it will        portation services for Los      carefully delineate the
held in Committee on a          probably not go into effect     Angeles County.                 duties and responsibilities
vote of 18 - 1 pending the      until January 1, 1991 or             In response to the         of each agency so as to
resolution of several of the    later. As currently drafted,    failure of SB 1 to provide a    eliminate the duplicative
bill's more controversial       SB 1 contains provisions        suitable reorganization, the    function of the current
sections.                       that will protect all current   District will sponsor a piece   structure.
     As a result of strong      employees. The District's       of reorganization legisla-          Headway will continue
Opposition from several         Opposition to SB 1 is based     tion that will be introduced    to update employees in the
groups including the Los        on the fact that SB 1 does      in January. Specifically, the   progress of the District's
Angeles County Board of         not provide the mechanism       District's. proposal retains    new proposal as it makes its
Supervisors, the League of      to achieve a more effective     the Los Angeles County          way through the legislative
California Cities - Los         transportation system. The      Transportation Commis-          process.

. . . continued from page 2     employees for random           Q: Can a supervisor send an
employee will be respon-
sible for reading, under-
                                testing. The process is so
                                random that it is possible
                                                               employee for a drug test if
                                                               they suspect the employee
                                                                                               State Review
standing, and complying         for the same employee to be    uses drugs?                     of Operations
with the policy and will be     called for testing two times   A: The new UMTA
encouraged to attend one of     in a row.                      guidelines provide for          Favorable
the information sessions.                                      supervisor-ordered drug
Supervisory personnel will      Q: How often will random       screens. However,               A state review of bus
receive additional training     tests be given?                supervisors cannot merely       operations found major
to help them administer the     A: Part of the nature of       suspect drug users, rather      gains in RTD bus mainte-
program, to be able to          random tests is that no one    they must observe and be        nance, lower absenteeism,
recognize the various           should know when they will     able to document specific       less-crowded buses, and
indicators of drug use and      occur. The Personnel           behaviors, physical             fewer accidents.
abuse, and to refer employ-     Department will make           evidente, performance                 The report, recently
ees to EAP or order drug        every effort to keep the       indicators, or patterns to      released by the state
 testing.                       times and frequency of         provide cause for testing.      Auditor General, also
       Some of the most         testing on an irregular                                        found that RTD carried
 common questions               basis.                         Q: What sorts of behaviors      more passengers and had a
 regarding the revised policy         MINI111n11111•1111       would trigger drug testing      lower per-passenger cost
 are addressed below.                                          for cause?                      than other California
                                                               A: There are many               operators.
Q: Who is affected by the                                      behaviors. Some general               "This report confirms
policy revisions?                          "I do not           areas which will be             that RTD riders are getting
A: Every employee is                                           considered are attendance,      better service in Los
covered by the revisions.                                      quality or quantity of work,    Angeles County," said RTD
                                          use drugs,                                           Board President Gordana
                                                               mood changes, physical or
Q: When does the new                                           verbal altercation, personal    Swanson. "There are 9,000
policy take effect?                       why should           appearance, and odor of         District employees working
A: We are required by                                          alcohol.                        very hard to provide quality
UMTA regulation to make                                                                        service," she said.
these policy changes by
                                         I be required                                               Among the Auditor
                                                               Q: Where can I get more
December 21, 1989.                                             information on the               General's findings:
                                           to take a           Employee Assistance                   • RTD employees'
Q: Will all employees be                                       Program?                        absenteeism (sick leave,
required to take random                                        A: Call Luanna Urie in          jury duty, long-term leave)
drug tests?
                                          drug test?"                                           dropped almost 25 percent
                                                               Personnel for a brochure
A: No. The federal                                             that briefly describes the       from 1986 to 1988.
regulations require drug                                       Employee Assistance                   • RTD kept its operat-
testing only for "safety                                       Program. The EAP service         ing cost per passenger to
sensitive" transit                                             is not run by District           $1.22 in Fiscal Year 1988,
employees. A                                                   personnel. It is a service       well below the average of
comprehensive list of           Q: I do not use drugs, why     provided under contract          $1.71 of other transit
personnel considered to be      should I be required to take   with the District by ESSCO       systems included in the
"safety sensitive" will be      a drug test?                   in Orange, CA. Any               audit.
provided at the meetings.       A: Drug testing promoten a     employee or family member             • An average RTD bus
                                drug-free workplace. Drug-     can call toll free (800) 221-    carried 57.7 passengers an
Q: How can employees be         free employees want their      0942 for additional              hour in FY 1988, signifi-
assured that random drug        co-workers also to be drug     information about the            cantly lower than the 70.6
tests are not used to single    free. Drug users create a      services offered by EAP.         average reported for FY
out certain individuals?        more hazardous work                                             1985, resulting in less-
A: UMTA has established         environment, as well as        Q: How can I learn more          crowded buses.
strict procedures to be         abuse their sick time more     about the revisions to the             • The number of miles
followed to ensure              than non-users. It is in the   Drug and Alcohol Policy?         driven between mainte-
employees are not singled       best interest of everyone to   A: Attend one of the              nance service road calls
out. We will use a              support drug testing as a      information sessions to be        increased nearly 51 percent,
computerized random             means of creating a drug-      conducted this month.             resulting in a 34 percent
number generator to select      free workplace.                                                     continued on page 8 . . .

                                                                                  NOVEMBER 1989 HEADWAY 3
Metro Rail Cost Increase Not as High as Projected
by Greg Davy, News Bureau Representative
An independent auditor has                                                                    on clearly identifying the
adjusted its initial estimate                                                                 allowances, contingencies,
of cost increases to Metro                                                                    and specified line item costs
Rail in its final report,                                                                     in presenting their final
lowering its original                                                                         report. This included a
estimate to between 3.8 and                                                                   consideration of the actual
7.5 percent.                                                                                  amount of outstanding
      Translated to dollars,                                                                  contractors' claims the
the percentages represent a                                                                   District is likely to pay
range of between $47                                                                          before completion of the
million and $93 million.                                                                      project.
      High-Point Schaer, an
Irvine-based engineering
firm hired by RTD to                                                                                   High-Point
reassess the projected final
cost of Phase 1 of the                                                                                Schaer offers
project, offers five methods                                                                          five methods
for approaching financial
management of the                                                                                   for approaching
remainder of the project,
which it termed "Unique in
its size and complexity."                                                                             management
Each method suggests            View of the tunnels below ground level at Seventh and
numerous ways that would        Flower streets.                                                           of the
progressively tighten
                                review states, "depending      budgeting practice is and                project.
control over expenditures.
     A low of $47 million       on how rigid and               how contingencies are
could be achieved, the          conservative an estimating     applied."                           The Board also
                                                                   "High-Point Schaer has     received September 21, a
                                                               presented us with a            copy of a letter from
                                                               responsible, objective         General Manager Alan
                                                               viewpoint of where our         Pegg to Keith Comrie, chief
                                                               project stands," said RTD      administrative officer of the
                                                               Board President Gordana        City of Los Angeles, stating
                                                               Swanson. "We intend to         that the City could be liable
                                                               carefully consider each        for an additional funding
                                                               suggestion to assure that      commitment of between
                                                               Metro Rail is completed as     $40 and $35 million, well
                                                               economically as possible       within the 10 percent cost
                                                               without compromising           increase contingency set
                                                               quality or safety."            forth in the original funding
                                                                   In its July, 1989, draft   agreement.
                                                               report, High-Point Schaer           "The District continues
                                                               predicted cost increases of    to be committed to every
                                                               between $64 million and        cost reduction effort," Mrs.
                                                               $102 million. The figures      Swanson said.
                                                               were revised downward               The first phase of
                                                               based on information           Metro Rail is about 40
                                                               supplied by a separate RTD     percent complete. The
                                                               consultant specializing in     initial cost estimate was
                                                               construction litigation.       81.25 billion.
Moving earth at the Fifth and Hill streets Station.                Reviewers concentrated

Light Rail Opening Well On Its Way
RTD is well on the way to         activities include the
bringing rail service back to     completion of the mid-
Los Angeles, and will be          corridor segment from
prepared to operate the Los       Willow Street to Washing-
Angeles to Long Beach             ton Boulevard and the
system's scheduled opening        delivery of 20 more light
in mid-1990, reported             rail cars by mid-November,
General Manager Alan              allowing RTD and LACTC
Pegg to the Board of              to begin performing
Directors on October 5.           integrated tests.
     "When the Los Angeles              In a separate report to
County Transportation             the Board, Pegg addressed
Commission (LACTC) is             some issues discussed in a
finished building the             light rail start-up review
system, we'll be ready to run     ordered by the LACTC and
it," he said.                     conducted by Deloitte/          On August 5, RTD and LACTC employees and fame
      During construction         Kellogg of Los Angeles:         members were invited on walking tours of the light rail
overseen by the LACTC,                                            tunnel system to view the progress as it descends from
the District:                          1111111111n11•1111•1
                                                                  street level at 12th and Flower streets to tonnett at 7th and
      • continues to work                   "When the             Flower streets at the Metro Center Station.
with the Commission to
determine a yearly operat-                   LACTC                     A peer review panel of        increased operating costs.
ing budget for the light rail                                     facility maintenance rail               Calling system security
system.                                     is finished           experts from the Buffalo,          a top priority in view of the
      • has hired 101 staff                                       Boston, and Philadelphia           increasing graffiti and
                                           building the
 members, including 25 of                                         was convened October 9             vandalism on RTD buses,
 the 32 Transit Police                     system, we'll          and 10 to discuss appropri-        Pegg expressed concern
 officers to be hired to                                          ate staff levels.                  about the review's recom-
 assure system security.                   be ready to                 "The system that will         mendation to hire private
      • has developed                                             open in Los Angeles has            security guards in place of
                                             run it."
 proposals for an insurance                                       some design features               District personnel.
 package.                                                         mandated by the LACTC                   In addition, RTD is
      • held a series of public                                   that are unusual for a light       keeping abreast of con-
 meetings in August and                "The review recom-         rail system," Pegg said.           struction delays and will
 September to develop an          mends restructuring of          "Some of these will require        present a proposed fare
 efficient bus/rail interface     RTD's basic operating           greater maintenance and            structure to the Board this
 plan for the rail corridor. A    organization to create an       manpower costs. Compar-            month.
 formal hearing on the final      assistant general manager       ing our staff and budget                Testing of the system is
 proposals is scheduled later     for rail operations. This       needs to other light rail          scheduled to begin May 15,
 this month.                      setup was considered more       systems is meaningless              1990, with the first day of
      "These are only a few       than 18 months ago, but         because of the substantial         operations later the same
 of the many behind-the-          rejected," Pegg said. "The      differences in design,             year. When complete, the
 scenes activities we're          District can manage more        technology, and operation."        system will streich from
 involved in while preparing      effectively by combining             As an example, Pegg            downtown Los Angeles,
 for opening day," Pegg said.     bus and rail operating          noted that most of the             where it will terminate at
 "They are all necessary to       functions as it is done at 75   station platforms along the         the the Metro Center
 assure a smooth ride when        percent of the nation's          21-mile route will be able to      Station at 7th and Flower
 the first passengers climb       transit agencies. I believe      accommodate only two rail          streets, about 21 miles
 aboard."                         we already are achieving         cars at a time. While this         south to Long Beach
      The LACTC reported          benefits as a result of our     will mean more frequent             harbor.
 that upcoming construction       approach."                       service, it also will result in

                                                                                        NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 5
                                                                Celebrating the
                                                                30th Anniversary
                                                                of the
                                                                Fair Employment
                                                                Practices Act

Govemor Edmund G. "Pat" Brown told the audience he
was proud of the legislation he had signed 30 years ago.

RTD officials joined            in the state of California      for such legislation: Of 238   15, 1959.
dignitaries from around the     and extends opportunity to      bank branches in Los                The passage of this act
state in celebrating the 30th   all state citizens regardless   Angeles, only four em-         came 19 years after Presi-
anniversary of the passage      of color, age, heritage, dis-   ployed Blacks in other than    dent Franklin D. Roosevelt
of the Fair Employment          ability, or their religion.     custodial jobs. No Blacks      issued a 1941 Executive
Practices Act on September           Some of the employers      had customer contact jobs      Order to establish the first
22 at a commemorative           represented and supporting      in Los Angeles department      federal commission to
luncheon held at the            the event included A T &T;      stores, nor were any           address employment
Biltmore Hotel.                 ARCO; Hughes Aircraft;          employed as waiters or         discrimination complaints
     Assistant General          Kaiser Permanente;              waitresses in dass A hotels.   based on race, creed, color,
Manager for Equal Oppor-        Northrop; Pacific Bell;         The employment picture         or national origin. The
tunity Walter Norwood was       Security Pacific National       was not any brighter for       president's order resulted
selected by the Southern        Bank; Vons; Columbia            Hispanics.                     from labor leader A. Phillip
California Employment           Pictures; Gibson, Dunn &             Authored by Assembly-     Randolph's (founder of the
Round Table, sponsors of        Crutcher; Lockheed;             man W. Byron Rumford           Brotherhood of the Sleep-
the luncheon, to serve as       Manatt, Phelps, Rothen-         and co-sponsored by            ing Car Porters) warning
chair of the event. Nor-        berg & Phillips; Munger,        Assemblyman Augustus           that unless something was
wood coordinated the effort     Tolles & Olson; Rockwell;       Hawkins, and 52 others, the    done, 100,000 Black
which succeeded in attract-     and Southern California         act, then known as AB 91,      workers would march on
ing many hundreds of            Edison Company.                 passed the Assembly. The       Washington to protest job
employers to the Biltmore            Prior to its passage in    legislation passed the         discrimination.
Bowl to commemorate the         1959, a study done by the       Senate and was signed into          Shortly after the
law which established a         Urban League strikingly         law by Governor Edmund         employment law victory, the
floor of decency for workers    made the point for the need     G. "Pat" Brown on April        same lawmakers introduced

Assistant General Manager Walter                              RTD Vice President Marvin Holen (left) and RTD General
Norwood escorted Associate Justice Joyce                      Counsel Suzanne Gifford (right) discuss civil rights
Kennard to the head table at the Fair                         developments in the state during the past 30 years with
Employment Practices Act                                      Virginia Unruh, (center). Mrs. Unruh is the widow of the
commemorative luncheon.                                       late Jesse Unruh, author of the Unruh Civil Rights Act which
                                                              prohibits discrimination in all business establishments andlor
                                                              public accommodations, and prohibits acts of racial, ethnic,
                                                              or religious violence.

legislation to end housing     has been designated the        MALDEF General Counsel           selection marks the ap-
discrimination. Known as       authority to enforce the       Antonia Hernandez. And,          pointment of the first Asian
the Rumford Act, the           Unruh Civil Rights Act and     honoring Congressman             woman to the Court.
statute prohibited discrimi-   the Ralph Civil Rights Act.    Edward Roybal, a co-chair        Opening with a characteris-
nation because of rate,        These acts prohibit dis-       of the California Commit-        tic no-nonsense firmness
color, creed, national         crimination in all business    tee for Fair Employment          that belies her warmth and
origin, or ancestry in         establishments and/or          Practices in the early 1950's,   charm, the justice congratu-
housing accommodations of      public accommodations,         was Executive Vice Chan-         lated the body on the
three or more units, in        and prohibit acts of racial,   cellor of the California         progress achieved within
public and redevelopment       ethnic, or religious vio-      State University Dr.             the state during the past 30
housing, and in owner-         lence.                         Herbert L. Carter. Assem-        years.
occupied single family             As the luncheon chair,     blywoman Lucille Roybal               Justice Kennard told
homes with public financ-      Norwood planned and            Allard accepted the award        the group in her stirring
ing.                           executed the event which       on behalf of her father.         account that discrimination
     During the first 20       included KCBS-Channel 2             Perhaps the most            was no stranger to her life.
years of the Fair Employ-      Anchorwoman Tritia             powerful and galvanizing of      Born in 1941 in East Java,
ment Practices Act its         Toyota as the luncheon         the luncheon's many              Indonesia, Kennard comes
coverage was expanded to       moderator, and a guest         speakers was Associate           from a mixed stock of
include sex, age, physical     appearance by Governor         Justice Joyce L. Kennard,        Indonesian, Dutch, and
handicap, medical condi-       Edmund G. "Pat" Brown          48, of the Supreme Court of      Chinese ancestry. A year
tion, and marital status.      looking spry as ever at 84.    California. Justice Kennard      after she was born the
     In more recent times,     PresentatiOns honoring         was appointed to the Court       Japanese invaded her
the State Fair Employment      Congressman Augustus           by Governor Deukmejian in        country and carted her
and Housing Department         Hawkins were made by           April 1989. Ms. Kennard's             continued on page 8 . . .

                                                                                  NOVEMBER 1989 H EADWAY 7
 . . . 30th Anniversary
    continued from page 7
                                                               Open Enrollment
father off to a prison camp    and was going on to get her     Open Enrollment season is            Enrollment is open
where he later died. Ken-      Ph.d. when she was con-         just around the corner.         for the month of December,
nard and her mother were       vinced by her employer, an      Once again, it's time to        and closes on December
taken to a separate camp       attorney, to go to law          reevaluate the medical and      28, 1989 with no exceptions.
where they remained till the   school. She entered USC         dental plans you've been             Open Enrollment
end of the war. After the      Law School and graduated        enrolled in for the past year   meetings with representa-
war, her mother moved          in 1973.                        to ensure that your needs,      tives of the various medical
them to Papua, New                  Making careful note of     and those of your family,       and dental plans are
Guinea to work for a Dutch     where California had been,      are being met.                  scheduled in the Board
petroleum company.             particularly when it came to                                    Room, Headquarters
Because Kennard and her        discrimination, Kennard         What is Open Enrollment?        Building, on the following
mother were not from the       reviewed early cases                 This is your opportu-      dates and times:
Netherlands they were          involving immigration           nity to add a dependent(s)      December 6 9:30 a.m.
treated as second-class        exclusion laws directed         or change your enrollment       December 6 1:30 p.m.
citizens. Eventually, the      primarily against the           in the medical and dental       December 13 9:30 a.m.
family moved to Holland        Chinese; ordinances that        plans for Calendar Year         December 13 1:30 p.m.
where Kennard was in-          required them to cut their      1990. This opportunity               Further information
volved in a life-threatening   queues, and assorted            comes only once each year,      can be obtained by calling
                               violations of constitutional    and you owe it to yourself      Ann Craver at (213) 972-
                               equal protection guaran-        and your family to find out     7186 or Ext, 27186.
                               tees.                           as much information as          UTU Heatth & Welfare
                                    Questions as to her        possible about these plans      Trust Fund
       Justice Kennard         political leanings compelled    before you make any final           Enrollment is open for
                               her to tell the audience in a   decisions. Some of the          the entire month of Decem-
        told the group         somewhat oblique fashion        plans currently offered may     ber. Individual counseling
     that discrimination       that she is staunchly           have some changes made to       sessions begin December
                               independent and makes           them. Remember, it's            11, 1989, at all operating
       was no stranger         decisions based solely on       difficult to make a wise        divisions. Renewal packets
                               her interpretation of the       decision without making an      will be mailed to the homes
          in her life.         law. She did, however,          informed decision. So plan      of UTU employees around
                               suggest to those who would      to attend one of the Open       the first of December.
                               judge her to use a criteria     Enrollment meetings listed      Further information can be
                               that asked if she had           below for your employee         obtained by calling the
accident which resulted in     exhibited the requisite         group.                          UTU Trust Fund Office at
the amputation of one of       c,ourage, the correct                                           (213) 624-6487 or (818)
her legs. She and her          judgment, the integrity, and    Non-Contract Employees          584-0680.
                                                               and Transit Police
mother lived in virtual        the nec,essary dedication to                                        continued on page 10 . . .
poverty until Kennard          the task. The luncheon
emigrated to the United        concluded shortly after
States. Declaring her fierce   Justice Kennard concluded       . . . State Review
spirit of independence: "I     her keynote address.                continued from page 3       competitive bidding. The
did not feel that the United        Other RTD employees        decrease in the number of       report noted, however, that
States owed me a living. I     and directors in attendance     road calls made.                RTD adopted additional
worked very hard for what I    included Board Vice                  • The number of            policies as of March 1,
wanted," she recounted her     President Marvin Holen,         preventable accidents           1989, to ensure that
first step toward destiny in   Director Joseph Dunning,        declined 8 percent over a       requirements are met.
her adopted country.           General Counsel Suzanne         two-year period from FY              The RTD carried
     Using a legacy of         Gifford, and Equal Oppor-       1986 to FY 1988.                416,634,000 passengers on
$5,000 left her by her         tunity Representatives               The audit also reported    about 2,300 buses in FY
mother, she started on her     Natalie Hernandez, Joseph       that out of 22 procurements     1988, which accounts for
education at Pasadena City     Adams, and Jack Clayter.        reviewed by the Auditor         nearly half of the entire bus
College. She earned a                                          General, five did not meet      ridership (842 million) in
master's degree in German                                      the requirements of             the state of California.

NOVEMBER 1989 HEADWAY                  8

                                                                                                   by Andrea Greene,
                                                                                                   News Bureau Representative
Los Angeles City Councilman Zev Yaroslavsky (center) posed with RTD Board Vice President
Marvin Holen (left) and RTD Board Director Larry Gonzalez (right) in front of a $160,000 bus
that was clean the night before, but after a day on the streets, emerged vandalized and sprayed
with paint. Declaring this "a ridiculous insult to RTD riders" and re-emphasizing the city's and
RTD's commitment to crush vandalism, Councilman Yaroslavsky presented a resolution
marking September 26 And-Graffiti Day.

Declaring graffiti to be an      we will set forth policy to      conference at RTD's              eliminate a nuisance which
assault on the sensibilities     fight graffiti because if we     Central Maintenance              has such a devastating effect
of RTD bus riders and an         don't, these senseless acts      Facility along with Holen        not only on RTD buses, but
expensive burden for Los         will spread to our Metro         and other RTD officials,         throughout the entire
Angeles County taxpayers,        Rail and light rail projects.    were State Senator Diane         county as well."
state and local officials        We need to spend our             Watson, Los Angeles City              Effective September 4,
joined with RTD at a             resources on providing           Councilmen Zev                   RTD Transit Police started
September 25 news confer-        first-class bus and rail         Yaroslavsky and Marvin           confiscating student bus
ence to proclaim September       service, rather than spend-      Braude, and Board of             passes from young people
26 "Anti-Graffiti Day."          ing them on the removal of       Public Works Chairman Ed         caught in the act of vandal-
     "The tost to clean,         graffiti," he said.              Avila. Together they urged       izing buses. Also, students
repaint, repair, and replace          To replace bus windows      the public to eradicate          cited for vandalism will
parts of vandalized buses is     taxpayers pay over $1.4          graffiti.                        have their RTD-issued
astronomical," said RTD          million, exterior repairs are         "We especially need         student identification cards
Board Vice President             valued at $2.2 million a         Legislation, like that           taken away. The special
Marvin Holen. "The               year, and the price to           proposed by Senator              student IDs allow students
District spent nearly $9         refurbish vandalized bus         Watson, that tackles graffiti    to purchase discounted
million last year in our war     interiors costs $4.2 million     and vandalism head-on,"          passes.
against graffiti. Every City     annually. Putting it another     said RTD Director Larry               In March of 1989, the
in the county suffers from       way, it costs taxpayers over     Gonzalez, chairman of            RTD Board set into motion
graffiti and vandalism, and      $4,000 a year just to repair     RTD's Police and Public          an aggressive program to
at RTD the problem has           one damaged bus.                 Safety Committee. "Only          attack the escalation of
mushroomed. We must and               Attending the news          by joining together can we           continued on page 10 . . .

                                                                                       NOVEMBER 1989 H E A DWAY 9
. . . Vandals                   . . . Open Enrollment            Transit Police Bring on
  . continued from page 9          continued from page 8         8 New Officers
                                                                 Eight new Transit Police         they became members of
vandalism on District buses     TCU Heatth and Wetfare           candidates graduated from        the RTD's Finest and as
and property. Transit           Trust Fund                       Rio Hondo Police Academy         trainees are busily learning
Police graffiti task force                                       on September 8, 1989. Ef-        about transit law enforce-
resources have been tripled          Enrollment is open for      fective on their graduation      ment.
and a new paint configura-      the entire month of Decem-
tion for the District's buses   ber. Information packets
was developed, reducing the     will be mailed to all
cost of repainting buses by     employees and eligible
nearly 20 percent. RTD          retirees in early December.
also increased the number       Please be sure the Trust
                                Fund has your current
                                address. Further informa-
                                tion can be obtained by
                                calling the TCU Trust Fund
         We will set            Office at (714) 739-8476.
        forth policy
                                ATU Health and Wetfare
       to fight graffiti        Trust Fund

          or these                  Open Enrollment was
       senseless acts           held September 18, 1989
                                through October 13, 1989.
        will spread to          All enrollment changes           The new Transit Police Officers include, from left to right:
                                made by ATU employees            Floyd Alvarado, Sean Richardson, Gary Rush, Cesar
       our Metro Rail           durin b the Open Enroll-         Macias, Clifton Ladage, David Seay, Gar), Brown, and
        and light rail          ment period were effective       Thomas Trucinski. And, as Zsa Zsa would say: "They are
                                November 1, 1989.                all gorgeous!"

of bus cleaning and repair      windows and paint, since
positions by nearly 25          these actions deny the
percent. New anti-graffiti      vandals the pleasure of
bills passed by the legisla-    seeing their work trans-
ture are now awaiting the       ported all over the county.
governor's signature, and a     Unfortunately, all of this
massive community aware-        requires increased re-
ness program has been           sources which are currently
undertaken.                     not available to the District.
     Those joining the RTD           The District is urging
at the press conference aim     every citizen to become
for increased law enforce-      involved with anti-graffiti
ment, reparations, and          efforts by reporting vandal-
harsher penalties to stamp      ism on buses and public/         Investigator Luke Fuller begins the rounds of orientation
out graffiti. RTD is            private structures by calling:   for the new officers.
confident that the greatest        1. L.A.'s Anti-Graffiti
deterrents are the quick        Hot Line (213) 485-6651
removal of graffiti and            2. (818) S-P-A-R-K-L-E
replacement of vandalized          3. (213) C-L-E-A-N-U-P

Rayford Chosen Operator of                                      Pedini Selected Information
the Month                                                       Operator of the Month
Division 16 Operator                                            Telephone Information
Jimmy Rayford was chosen                                        chose Karen Pedini as the
Operator of the Month for                                       Information Operator of
August. Operator Rayford                                        the Month for August 1989.
came to the District in
March, 1967. During this                                            IIIMIZZOMMON
22-year period he has
                                                                      Her supervisors
worked at Divisions 2, 5, 9,
and 16. He has proven                                                   describe her
himself to be an outstand-
ing Operator in that he has                                             as a woman
never had a chargeable
                                                                        who erude
accident and currently has
the maximum accumulation                                                charm and
of merits. He has not had a      Division 16 Operator                                          Karen Pedini was selected
missout in the past 18 years     Jimmy Rayford was chosen                 exhibits             the Information Operator
and has only missed 8 days       Operator of the Month for                                     of the Month for August.
due to illness in the past 14    August.
    Rayford prefers to           commended," said General
work a regular assignment.       Manager Alan Pegg. "He is      Ms. Pedini has been an         tively interact with mem-
He is currently working the      a proficient Operator who      Information Specialist for     bers of the public. In
187 line which transports        can be depended an to          the past five years. Her       addition to her professional
passengers between Po-           perform well."                 supervisors describe her as    services, Ms. Pedini has
mona and Pasadena.                   Rayford has been           a woman who exudes charm       been active in various
    "Jimmy Rayford's             married for 25 years and has   and exhibits the profession-   District charitable cam-
record of accomplishment         a daughter 21, and a son,      alism, personal dynamics,      paigns such as the United
and overall excellent            18. He resides with his        and communication skills       Way and the Brotherhood
performance record is to be      family in Chino HIills.        that are required to effec-    Crusade.

Sanders Named Maintenance Employee of the Month
Division 1 Mechanic A                                                MIMIn                     has demonstrated excep-
Leader Frederick A.                                                                            tional expertise repairing
Sanders was chosen the                                                       He                air conditioning systems.
Maintenance Employee of                                                                        He exhibits his outstanding
                                                                            enjoys             leadership skills when
the Month for August.
     Sanders has been with                                                   the               acting as temporary super-
the District for 18 years and                                                                  visor or floor leader. Sand-
is assigned to the first shift                                            challenges           ers knows "how to get the
as a relief leader. He is                                                                      most from his crew"
                                                                             and               because the work flow is
described as the type of
employee that "all hands"                                               opportunities          consistent and production
enjoy working with. His                                                                        is high.
mechanical background is                                                      of                    In his leisure Sanders
well-developed and without       Division l's Frederick                                        enjoys rebuilding race cars
                                 Sanders was chosen the                troubleshooting.        and playing golf. He is
equal. He enjoys the
challenges and opportuni-        Maintenance Employee of                                       married and the father of
ties of troubleshooting and      the Month for August.                IMINn11111               two children.
                                                                                     NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 11
Who Says There Are No Free Lunches (or Steak Dinners)?
Celebrating an attendance                                                                       significant decrease in the
record never before                                                                             number of supervisor and
achieved, District manage-                                                                      service inspector write ups
ment treated Division 6                                                                         since March. "In fact, most
employees, both transporta-                                                                     of the reports received are
tion and maintenance, to a                                                                      commendations and OK
steak dinner on September                                                                       rides,"he reported.
11.                                                                                                  On hearing of the
     Division 6, now under                                                                      accomplishment, Director
the single-manager admini-                                                                      of Transportation Leilia
stration of Mike Lensch, on                                                                     Bailey was so impressed she
the Transportation side, ex-                                                                    spoke to General Manager
perienced the first nine days                                                                   Alan Pegg. Both agreed
of June without any ab-                                                                         that the employees should
sentes. They gathered                                                                           be rewarded for their
momentum and went                                                                               accomplishments. They
another 13 days without an      Division 6 Manager Mike Lensch and Alex Di Nuzzo along          authorized a steak dinner,
absence. This attendance        with Assistant Director of Transportation Ralph Wilson,         on the house, for all em-
record has never been           Equipment Maintenance Director Rich Davis, and                  ployees. With a check for
achieved in the history of      Assistant Equipment Maintenance Director Tony Chavira           $1200, Lensch bought
the District. Beginning         reward Division 6 employees for their attendance feat with      dinner certificates (valued
June 15, the division went 4    a certificates for a free steak dinner.                         at 88.50) from Stuart
weeks with no (0) absentee-                                                                     Anderson's Black Angus
ism. The division had pre-                                                                      restaurant and distributed
viously had an 8.2 absentee-    is without a doubt, the         has a lot to do with the        them to all Division 6
ism record.                     cleanest garage around.         change. Lensch and Di           employees. "The word is
                                The equipment is always in      Nuzzo--both were assigned       out that the general
                                an orderly fashion and they     to Division 6 in March          manager has made the same
        The division            constantly pass the surprise    1989--said what makes           offer to the rest of the
                                Safety Inspections with         Division work is the team       divisions," said Lensch.
        went 4 weeks
                                flying colors," said Lensch.    effort between the mechan-      Sounds like challenge to the
           with no              He has seen service atten-      ics and the operators. "Just    rest of you divisions!
                                dants who have discovered       as an example, the employ-
        absenteeism.            oil in the yard immediately     ees find it very easy to gain
                                put down absorbent              those unwanted pounds,"
     During the same pe-        material to clean up the oil.   said Lensch. "If John
riod, the Maintenance side,     "The operators say they         "Chief' Woodrow isn't bar-      Bus Roadeo
headed by Senior Supervi-       really enjoy the fact that      becuing downstairs, Opera-
sor Alex Di Nuzzo, reduced      they can come to work and       tor Melvin Braxton is           Update
its Lost-Time injuries from     are able to drive out of the    cooking something upstairs.
10.3 in the first quarter of    yard in the cleanest buses in   Both sides take part in any     Bus Roadeo Champ
the calendar year 1989 to       the system. They go down        festivity that the division     Crescencio Rodriguez came
zero (0) for the second         the street and point with       has going."                     in 19th out of 65 operators
quarter. They also went         pride saying, 'There goes            The employees at           participating in his classifi-
from June 15 for 43 days,       one of our buses,"' he said.    Division 6 are also very        cation as he competed in
having only 4 accidents         He said he takes a different    goal-oriented, said Lensch.     the International Bus
within that period.             approach these days. He         "They say their most            Roadeo held in Atlanta on
     Manager Mike Lensch        calls employees who are on      important goal is to provide    September 28. Over 111
maintains that everyone         the sick list to let them       prompt, reliable and safe       total operators competed in
comes to work at Division 6     know they are missed and        service to the riding public    the event this year. "This is
because they have pride in      needed.                         and they work very hard to      the best we have done in 8
themselves and their jobs.           Lensch also believes       accomplish that." Lensch        years," said Bus Roadeo
"The Maintenance garage,        the single-manager concept      noted that there has been a     Coordinator Vicki Varga.

                                                                  other hard-to-fill positions         Placing excellent
Employees, We Need You!                                           will marked, "Eligible for       employees in every depart-
                                                                  Referral Bonus" when             ment and Position helps all
Four words--"ELIGIBLE             referral for each applicant     posted.                          of us get our work done
FOR REFERRAL BO-                  you refer who is hired by            It's easy to refer your     better. So call your friends,
NUS"--can mean extra              the District. The finder's      friends to be considered for     find out if they meet the
money in your wallet!             fee is paid to the finder at    District employment.             qualifications stated in the
     Candidates for certain       the end of the new hire's       Come to or call the Em-          bulletin, and refer them as
key positions in Manage-          first 90 days of service.       ployment Office (Head-           applicants for District
ment Information Systems                The positions for which   quarters, Second Floor,          positions. A few minutes of
and Transit Police are in         the District currently offers   extension 7153) and ask for      your time could make you
high demand right now             the finder's fee are: Transit   an application, bulletin, and    $500 or $1,000 richer!
among all employers in our        Police Officer ($500),          referral slip. Fill out the           [NOTE: Personnel
area. You may have friends        Systems Project Leader          referral slip; have your         Department staff at Human
who are qualified to fill         ($1,000), Systems Program-      friend fill out the applica-     Resources Assistant level
these jobs.                       mer ($1,000), Senior            tion; attach the referral slip   and above, and assigned
     The District will pay        Programmer Analyst              to the application; make         department representative for
you a finder's fee of $1,000      ($1,000), and Programmer        sure your friend gets the        the selection, are ineligible
(for MIS) or $500 (for            Analyst ($1,000). The           application in before the        for the bonus.]
Transit Police Officer), per      bulletins for these and         closing date. It's that easy!

Mr. Arce aka Division l's Mr. Courtesy
Not only did Division l's         operators on their lines             Bethel took Mainte-         Bethel awarded Arce with
Fernando Arce win the             during August. "I started       nance Division 1 Manager         the Manager's Award, a
Manager's Award for               riding the Buses at random.     John Adams along on the          check for $25, and took him
August but he also scored         Operation was fine, but I       rides. Adams found the           to the Velvet Turtle
big on courtesy points as far     noticed most operators          rides beneficial regarding       restaurant for lunch. "It
as Division Manager Maceo         weren't calling out the         maintenance suggestions he       may just be coincidental,
Bethel is concerned.              stops. In the July newslet-     received. "We have found         but I noticed that Division 1
     According to Arce,           ter I issued a challenge to     it an effective division         is down by 4 percent for
although he drives some           Division 1 operators to be      program in solving a lot of      complaints in the month of
demanding urban lines, all        courteous for the entire        problems," said Bethel.          August," said Bethel with a
he tries to remember to do        month of August," said               On September 15             smile.
is " call out all the the stops   Bethel. Because it was
and smile a lot at the            summer, Bethel figured
people." It must work             tourists from all over the
wonders on shopworn               world would be in Los
patrons traveling on the          Angeles and, for many,
RTD at the end of the work        their first contact might be
day, because the 15-year          with an RTD bus Operator.
veteran won recently won          Bethel invited other staff
the Riders' Choice award.         members to ride the lines
"I try to leave any personal      with him. Several supervi-
problems I may have at            sors were freed up and rode
home when I get on the            various lines until August
bus," said Arce. "And,            31 at which time each
similariy, I leave a work         submitted a name of their
problem at work. It helps         most courteous Operator.
when you deal with                All the names submitted
people."                          were put in a hat and Arce      Division 1 Transportation Manager Maceo Bethel
     Arce's charm was             got lucky. "Fernando is a       presents Operator Fernando Arce with the Manager's
discovered when Bethel            real courteous, cool            Award and a free lunch as a reward for being chosen
started riding with the           Operator," he said.             the division's Most Courteous Operator.

                                                                                     NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D WAY 13
              CHEDUL                                        to Mechanic B.
                                                            Codina, Blanca L, from
                                                                                          to Bus Operator Full-time.
                                                                                          Figueroa, Jamie, from Bus

              ANGES                                         Bus Operator Trainee Part-
                                                            time to Bus Operator Part-
                                                                                          Operator Trainee Full-time
                                                                                          to Bus Operator Full-time.
                                                                                          Flores, Richard, from Bus
                                                            Cohen, Michael A., from       Operator Trainee Part-time
                                                            Senior Staff Assistant to     to Bus Operator Part-
Ahuja, Gopaldas U., from      Operations Supervisor to      Administrative Analyst.       time.
Bus Operator Trainee Full-    Assistant Division Trans-     Coman, Dorinel, from Bus      Flores, Roberto, from Bus
time to Bus Operator Full-    portation Manager.            Operator Trainee Full-time    Operator Part-time to Bus
time.                         Boeche, Marjorie E., from     to Bus Operator Full-time.    Operator Full-time.
Aitken, Terri D., from Bus    Service Director to           Cordero, Anthony P., from     Fradejas, Harry F., from
Operator Part-time to Bus     Supervising Service           Bus Operator Full-time to     Bus Operator Part-time to
Operator Full-time.           Director.                     Traffic Loader/Extra          Bus Operator Full-time.
Alvaez, Francisco M.,         Boss, Linda F., from Bus      Schedule Checker.             Frawley, Daniel P., from
from Bus Operator             Operator Trainee Full-time    Craft, Robert L, from Bus     Transit Operations Super-
Trainee Full-time to Bus      to Bus Operator Full-time.    Operator Trainee Part-time    visor to Assistant Trans-
Operator Full-time.           Brown, Barbara K., from       to Bus Operator Part-         portation Manager.
Andersen, Richard F., from    Bus Operator Trainee Full-    time.                         Frazier, Diane A., from
Planner to Senior Planner.    time to Bus Operator Full-    Dames, Roger F., from         Transit Operations Super-
Aparicio, Richard J., from    time.                         Contract Administator to      visor to Assistant Division
Bus Operator Part-time to     Brown, Eddie B., from Bus     Senior Contract Adminis-      Transportation Manager.
Bus Operator Full-time.       Operator Trainee Full-time    trator.                       Garcia, George T., from
Arias, Annette, from Typist   to Bus Operator Full-time.    Dhaliwal, Mohinder P.,        Bus Operator Part-time to
Clerk to Security Recorder.   Brown, Irma L, from Bus       from Bus Operator Trainee     Bus Operator Full-time.
Audelo, Saul, from Me-        Operator Part-time to Bus     Full-time to Bus Operator     Gill, Lourdes, from Bus
chanic C to Mechanic B.       Operator Full-time.           Full-time.                    Operator Part-time to Bus
Austin, Elizabeth, from       Burke, Michael A., from       Dorling, Jeffrey L, from      Operator Full-time.
Bus Operator Trainee Full-    Bus Operator Trainee Part-    Bus Operator Part-time to     Goldman, Roderick T.,
time to Bus Operator Full-    time to Bus Operator Part-    Bus Operator Full-time.       from Labor Relations
time.                         time                          Downs, Karl, from Transit     Assistant to Administrative
Avelino, Jose P., from Bus    Bury, Paul J., from Bus       Operations Supervisor to      Analyst.
Operator Part-time to Bus     Operator Trainee Part-time    Assistant Division Trans-     Gonzalez, Albert, from
Operator Full-time.           to Bus Operator Part-time.    portation Manager.            Bus Operator Trainee Full-
Avila, Gloria M., from Bus    Cabrera, Adolfo R., from      Duarte-Orive, Manual A.,      time to Bus Operator Full-
Operator Trainee Part-time    Bus Operator Part-time to     from Bus Operator Part-       time.
to Bus Operator Part-         Bus Operator Full-time.       time to Bus Operator Full-    Gonzalez, Kari L, from
time.                         Camacho, Gilberto R., from    time.                         Bus Operator Trainee Full-
Ballard, Famale R., from      Bus Operator Part-time to     Dunk, Edward G., from         time to Bus Operator Full-
Bus Operator Part-time to     Bus Operator Full-time.       Bus Operator Trainee Part-    time.
Bus Operator Full-time.       Camacho, Rogelio B., from     time to Bus Operator          Green, Demetres, from
Benavidez, Veronica I.,       Bus Operator Part-time to     Part-time.                    Bus Operator Trainee Part-
from Bus Operator Trainee     Bus Operator Full-time.       Duran, Eulojia L, from        time to Bus Operator
Part-time to Bus Operator     Campos, Francisca, from       Clerk to General Clerk II.    Part-time.
Part-time.                    Bus Operator Trainee Part-    Early, Charles W., from       Greene, Scott D., from
Bentley, Lee K., from Bus     time to Bus Operator Part-    Information Clerk to          Planner to Senior Planner.
Operator Trainee Full-time    time.                         Assistant Service Inspec-     Grimes, Charlette, from
to Bus Operator Full-time.    Candler, Lisa S., from Bus    tor.                          Bus Operator Trainee Full-
Bemal, Linda, from Bus        Operator Trainee Full-time    Farley, O'Rian R., from       time to Bus Operator Full-
Operator Trainee Part-time    to Bus Operator Full-time.    Transit Operations Super-     time,
to Bus Operator Part-time.    Canel, Luis F., from Bus      visor to Assistant Division   Gutierrez, Indolfo A., from
Bhular, Amjad N., from        Operator Trainee Full-time    Transportation Manager.       Bus Operator Part-time to
Programmer Analyst to         to Bus Operator Full-time.    Febles, Fausto A., from Bus   Bus Operator Full-time.
Senior Programmer             Castellanos, Ralph J., from   Operator Part-time to Bu      Gutierrez, Juan, from
Analyst.                      Bus Operator Part-time to     Operator Full-time.           Systems Electronic Com-
Boctor, Alfred F., from       Bus Operator Full-time.       Ferber, Juan A., from Bus     munications Technician to
Senior Transportation         Chau, To, from Mechanic C     Operator Trainee Full-time       continued an page 15 . . .

NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 14
. . .   continued from page 14   Lacour, Lena M., from        from Staff Aide to Office     to Bus Operator Full-time.
Rail Systems Electronic          Bus Operator Trainee Part-   Supervisor.                   Portillo, Frank L, from Bus
Inspector.                       time to Bus Operator         Mercado, Hugo, from Bus       Operator Trainee Part-time
Hain, Ervin W., from Bus         Part-time.                   Operator Part-time to Bus     to Bus Operator Part-time.
Operator Trainee Part-time       Lam, Calvin, from Me-        Operator Full-time.           Robles, Jesse M., from
to Bus Operator Part-            chanic B to Mechanic A.      Mijangos, Marcial F., from    Mechanic C to Mechanic B.
time.                            Lawson, Edward C., from      Bus Operator Part-time to     Robinson, Mary E., from
Hancock, Ray S., from Bus        Bus Operator Trainee Full-   Bus Operator Full-time.       Bus Operator Trainee Part-
Operator Trainee Part-time       time to Bus Operator Full-   Miller, Joe C., from Micro-   time to Bus Operator Part-
to Bus Operator Part-            time.                        film Technician to Micro-     time.
time.                            Luevano, Rudy, from Bus      graphics Coordinator.         Rodriguez, Daniel Navaro,
Harrison, Timmie, from           Operator Full-time to        Molano, Jose V., from Staff   from Bus Operator Trainee
Bus Operator Part-time to        Ran Facilities Mainte-       Aide to Human Resources       Full-time to Bus Operator
Bus Operator Full-time.          nance Inspector.             Assistant.                    Full-time.
Hawkins, Monica D., from         Lopez, Richard A., from      Muhammad, Al-Azeem B.         Rodriguez, Eliazer, from
Bus Operator Part-time to        Bus Operator Trainee Part-   S., from Bus Operator         Bus Operator Part-time to
Bus Operator Full-time.          time to Bus Operator Part-   Trainee Full-time to Bus      Bus Operator Full-time.
Henderson, Sandra R.,            time.                        Operator Full-time.           Rodriguez, Irene D., from
from Bus Operator Part-          Louie, Calvin S., from       Nathaniel , Lorenz() L.,      Bus Operator Part-time to
time to Bus Operator Full-       Administrative Analyst to    from Bus Operator Trainee     Bus Operator Full-time.
time.                            Senior Administrative        Part-time to Bus Operator     Rodriguez, Javier G., from
Hernandez, Allan A., from        Analyst.                     Part-time.                    Bus Operator Trainee
Bus Operator Part-time to        Luna, Jacqueline S., from    Nasa, Gerald A., from Data    Trainee Full-time to Bus
Bus Operator Full-time.          Bus Operator Trainee Part-   Base Analyst to Informa-      Operator Full-time.
Hemandez, Manuel D.,             time to Bus Operator Part-   tion Security Analyst.        Rodriguez, Milton M., from
from Senior Community            time.                        Navarrete, Heman Jose,        Bus Operator Part-time to
Relations Representative         Luna, Rodolfo A., from Bus   from Bus Operator Trainee     Bus Operator Full-time.
to Senior Public Affairs         Operator Part-time to Bus    Full-time to Bus Operator     Rodriguez, Pedro G., from
Representative.                  Operator Full-time.          Full-time.                    Bus Operator Trainee Full-
Hoccom, Barbara E., from         Malonzo, Virgilio L, from    Newton, Irene M., from Bus    time to Bus Operator Full-
General Clerk II to Typist       Senior Secretary to Staff    Operator Part-time to Bus     time.
Clerk.                           Assistant.                   Operator Full-time.           Rodriguez, Robert, from
Hoffman Robert J., from          Mann, George V., from Bus    Nicholson, David W., from     Bus Operator Trainee Full-
Bus Operator Part-time to        Operator Part-time to Bus    Service Attendant to Power    time to Bus Operator Full-
Bus Operator Full-time.          Operator Full-time.          Yard Sweeper.                 time.
Holland, Frank R., from          Marsh, William W., from      Orduna, Israel, from Bus      Ross, James, from Bus
Truck Driver/Clerk to            Contract Administrator to    Operator Trainee Full-time    Operator Part-time to Bus
Stock Clerk.                     Senior Contract Adminis-     to Bus Operator Full-time.    Operator Full-time.
Huerta, Sylvia G., from          trator.                      Oriseh, Dorahanna, from       Salcido, Vincent T., from
Bus Operator Part-time to        Masa, Gerald A., from        Bus Operator Trainee Full-    Bus Operator Trainee Part-
Bus Operator Full-time.          Information Security         time to Bus Operator Full-    time to Bus Operator Part-
Hurtado, Rene, from Bus          Analyst to Data Base         time.                         time.
Operator Trainee Part-time       Analyst.                     Ortega, David R., from Bus    Sanchez, Antonio C., from
to Bus Operator Part-time.       Matias, Emily Z., from       Operator Trainee Full-time    Bus Operator Part-time to
Jimenez, Josef W., from          Senior Secretary to Staff    to Bus Operator Full-time.    Bus Operator Full-time.
Bus Operator Trainee Part-       Aide.                        Passaretti, Joseph G.,        Sandoval, Francisco., from
time to Bus Operator Part-       Maxim, Priscilla B., from    from Bus Operator Trainee     Bus Operator Part-time to
time.                            Bus Operator Trainee Part-   Full-time to Bus Operator     Bus Operator Full-time.
Kempton, Bemey E., from          time to Bus Operator Part-   Full-time.                    Schneider, Thomas M.,
Mechanic C to Mechanic B.        time.                        Patron, Gonzalo, from Bus     from Bus Operator Part-
Kirsch, Linda L., from Bus       McDaniels, Joseph K., from   Operator Part-time to Bus     time to Bus Operator Full-
Operator Trainee Full-time       Bus Operator Part-time to     Operator Full-time.          time.
to Bus Operator Full-time.       Bus Operator.                Pierovich, Blaise, from       Sewell, Wanda R., from
Kraft, Berney E., from           Mejia, Dario W., from Bus    Bus Operator Part-time to     Staff Aide to Information
Customer Relations               Operator Part-time to Bus    Bus Operator Full-time.       Clerk.
Technician to Administra-        Operator Full-time.          Pilot, Teresa K. from Bus
                                                                             ,              Siddique, Adbul S., from
tive Analyst.                    Melendez, Lorraine M.,       Operator Trainee Full-time       continued an page 16   . . .

                                                                                 NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 15
 .. continued fron page 15

 Bus Operator Trainee Full-
 time to Bus Operator Full-
 time.                         Clopton, Valerie A.,began       Equipment Maintenance           with the District on May 25,
 Siddiqui, Guadalupe R.,       with the District on Novem-     Supervisor on July 31, 1989.    1975, retired as a Utility A
from Bus Operator Trainee      ber 2, 1978, retired as a Bus   Goodwin,Estelle,began           on August 31, 1989.

 Part-time to Bus Operator     Operator on August 8,           with the District on May 17,    Robinson, Billy R., began
 Part-time.                    1989.                           1979, retired as a Bus          with the District on July 23,
 Sira, Jawahar S., from Bus    Davie, Francis T., began        Operator on July 29, 1989.      1966, retired as a Bus
 Operator Part-time to Bus     with the District on July 11,   Gros; Mae E., began with        Operator on August 1,
 Operator Full-time.           1960, retired as a Bus          the District on June 14,        1989.
Spencer-Bozeman, Brenda        Operator on September 6,        1965, retired as an Informa-    Scott, Frank R., began with
J., from Senior Secretary to   1989.                           tion Clerk on June 28, 1989.    the District on May 21,
Staff Assistant.               Descombes, Robert A.,           Hill, Billy L, began with the   1966, reired as a Bus
Stringer, Nancy A., from       began with the District on      District on July 1, 1974,       Operator on July 31, 1989.
Bus Operator Part-time to      November 13, 1965, retired      retired as a Schedule           Shaw, Herbert E., began
Bus Operator Full-time.        as a Bus Operator on            Checker on August 31,           with the District on January
Suarez, Richard A., from       September 1, 1989.              1989.                           12, 1976, retired as a
Bus Operator Trainee Full-     Fondreaux, Hardy T., began      Jacobs, Larry J., began with    Service Attendant on July
 time to Bus Operator Full-    with the District on March      the District on September       17, 1989.
time.                          5, 1966, retired as a Bus       15, 1972, retired as a Bus      Sterling, Clarence W.,
Suchin, Suwat S., from Bus     Operator on August 31,          Operator on August 22,          began with the District on
Operator Part-time to Bus      1989.                           1989.                           August 27, 1966, retired as
Operator Full-time.            Gauthier, Jules, began with     Johnson, Calvin I., began       a Bus Operator on August
Trachter, Ira, from Pro-       the District on September       with the District on August     31, 1989.
gram Control Analyst to        19, 1946, retired as an         20, 1966, retired as a Bus      Sugarman, Charles M.,
Senior Program Control                                         Operator on August 27,          began with the District on
Projects Analyst.                                              1989.                           July 30, 1966, retired as a
Valdes, Tony J., from          Watkins, Darvin A., from        Lewis, Eddie C., began with     Bus Operator on August 1,
Transit Police Officer         Bus Operator Trainee Part-      the District on June 9, 1975,   1989.
Trainee to Transit Police      time to Bus Operator Part-      retired as a Bus Operator       Sylva, George R., began
Officer.                       time.                           on September 8, 1989.           with the District on July 19,
Vazquez, Gilberto M.,          Wert, Joan G., from Bus         Lucas, K. M., began with        1969, retired as a Schedule
from Bus Operator              Operator Part-time to Bus       the District on April 16,       Maker II on August 8, 1989.
Trainee Part-time to Bus       Operator Full-time.             1966, retired as a Bus          Willoughby, Clyde G.,
Operator Part-time.            Wheaton, Suprena D., from       Operator on July 18, 1989.      began with the District on,
Velasquez, Rachel, from        Bus Operator Trainee Full-      Marquardt, Robert, began        November 3, 1965, retired
Information Clerk to           time to Bus Operator Full-      with the District on August     as a Mechanic A on July 10,
Supervisor of Telephone        time.                           27, 1966, retired as a Bus      1989.
Information.                   Williams, Deborah D., from      Operator on September 5,        Wilson, Ellis E., began with
Villalobos, Barbara C.,        Bus Operator Part-time to       1989.                           the District on July 14,
from Bus Opertor Trainee       Bus Operator Full-time.         McClure, John M., began         1975, retired as a Bus
Full-time to Bus Operator      Wilson, Raymond E.,             with the District on January    Operator on July 31, 1989.
Full-time.                     from Equipment Service          25, 1974, retired as a Bus
Ward, Carolyn J., from Bus     Supervisor to Equipment         Operator on July 31, 1989.
Operator Trainee Full-time     Engineering Technician.         Mercadel, Walbert F.,
to Bus Operator Full-time.     Williams, Willa M., from        began with the District on
Warren, James G., from         Bus Operator Part-time to       January 12, 1973, retired as
Customer Relations             Bus Operator Full-time.         a Schedule Checker on
Technician to Administra-      Wong, Wing S., from             June 2, 1989.
tive Analyst.                  Mechanic B to Mechanic A.       Morales, Ignacio N., began

NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 16

                                                                 RTD Retirees were recognized at the September 14, 1989
                                                                 Board of Director's Meeting and were presented with plaques
                                                                 by RTD Director Joseph Dunning. Front row, from left to
                                                                 right: Division 18 Mechanic B Edward R. Guzman, Mrs.
                                                                 Claude H. Brown, Schedule Checker Claude H. Brown,
                                                                 Schedule Checker Walbert F. Mercadel and Mrs. Mercadel,
                                                                 and Mechanic A Bobby H. Brice. Back row, from left to right:
                                                                 Equipment Maintenance Director Rich Davis, RTD Director
RTD Retirees were recognized at the September 14, 1989           Joseph Dunning, Director of Schedules Robert Holland, and
Board of Director's Meeting and were presented with plaques      Assistant Director of Transportation Ralph Wilson.
by RTD Director Joseph Dunning. Front row, from left to
right: Division 9 Maintenance Manager Milo Victoria, Mr.
Hinrichsen, Division 9 7ypist-Clerk Norma Hinrichsen,
Division 15 Operator Valerie A. Clopton, Division 18
Operator Eddie C. Lewis, and Division 15 Operator Robert
Marquardt. Back row, from left to right: Division 10
Maintenance Manager Ray Kunkle, Equipment Maintenance
Director Rich Davis, Director Dunning and Assistant Director
of Transportation Ralph Wilson.

                                Mot Tang was chosen the General Services Employee of the Month for August. Tang has been
                                with the District since 1983. During his employment he has proven to be an important asset to
                                the department. Tang is one of 6 employees who service the entire CMF facility for General
                                Services. His attendance and work peiformance has been outstanding. He also comes to work
                                with an attitude and ability toward his duties that is nothing short of meritorious. From left to
                                right: General Services Supervisor Darryl Calmese, Mot Tang, and General Services Manager
                                Brian Soto.

                                                                                     NOVEMBER 1989 H E A DWAY 17
Division 10 Wins
First Bus Maintenance

                                                                With a little help from Transportation, the roadtest portion of
                                                                the Roadeo is laid out.

Division 2 was selected as the site for the First Maintenance

                                                                               Milo Victoria acted as
                                                                               Master of Cerenzonies.

Admittedly, watching any         tests which included the       serpentine winds, sharp          District departments to
person use an airgun, a          Power Train Defect requir-     turns, and reverse turnouts.     cooperate in a joint ven-
wrench, or a screwdriver         ing the members to identify         Families and friends of     ture. When we do this on
isn't the most exciting event    within 10 minutes seven        contestants came early for       an annual basis, I think it
in the world. But, put           engine or transmission         the event held at Division 2     will give the mechanics a
ihree people and a bus           problems rendering the bus     and cheered on their             new goal to strive for in this
bugged with defects to-          inoperable. This contest       favorite teams, especially       industry-accepted event."
gether with only 10 minutes      was followed by the Vehicle    generous with their ap-               CMF EMS Howard
to discover them, correct        Inspection Problem in          plause when they heard           Shelter said that the teams
them, and maintain an idle       which all members had to       bugged engines turn over.        were picked by the rank and
of 600 RPMS while a              discover 18 equipment          Coordinator of the event,        file through a vote. "I don't
cheering crowd observes--        defects planted inside or      Mike Stange said he was          think I c,ould have done
now that's excitement.           outside the bus in seven       pleased the roadeo went as       better myself in the selec-
     Ten divisions of three-     minutes. The last hurdle       smoothly as it did. "I think     tion. These are all top-
men teams each partici-          was the Obstacle Course on     it was a great opportunity       notch people," he said.
pated in this first-of-its-      which one member oper-         for the mechanics to show             Second-place finishers
kind event. The teams            ated a coach through lanes     off their diagnostic skills      in the Roadeo came from
competed in three different      of diminishing clearance,      and an opportunity for           Division 7 and included

NOVEMBER 1989 H EADWAY                    18
 Only mad dogs, English men, and Norma Flores and Dick
 Christie would be out in the midday sun judging hopeful
 mechanics on the obstacle course.

                                                                Marco Pedemonte (left) Miquel Enriquez, (center) and Javier
                                                                Castro (right) begin to "debug" the bus.

Instructors Ron Cotroneo and Richard Au decide how to bug
the bus for the Power Train Defect Test.

Hyen No (known as Dr.          to a Raiders game, and the        Enriquez has been with the       here helped us. This is just
No), Paul Rivera, and Dale     pleasure of maintaining           District for 9 years.            the greatest experience for
Sutherland. The second-        possession of the perpetual            Marco Pedemonte, 29,        me. I have never won a
place team members each        trophy. Division 10 team         gave credit to the confi-         trophy in all my life. I am
received $750, a plaque, and   members Enriquez, Pede-          dence he had in his team          just so glad that when I
two tickets to Universal       monte, and Castro repre-         mates. "We trained for            finally did, it was at the
Studios Tours. Division        sented the District at the       several hours each day. It        RTD."
15's team came in third with   national Roadeo in Dallas,       was the team effort and we             Those mechanics who
their team of Vic Uemura,      Texas, held October 14-16.       got lucky."                       put themselves on the line
Clyde Brawley, and James            Commenting on his                Javier Castro, 41, said it   in competition included,
Badgett. Each member           coup after the awards            was perseverance which            Division 1: Joe Drouin,
received $500, a plaque, and   ceremony, Miguel Enri-           paid off. "I think we won         Robert Scott, and Tri Tran;
two tickets to Medieval        quez, 33, said: "All it took     because of our training and       Division 3: Rosendo
Times restaurant.              was practice, practice,          just following through step       Jaurequi, Gerard Silva, and
     The now reigning first-   practice.... We also had a lot   by step. Our commünica-           Roger Priest; Division 5:
place winners, Division 10,    of people helping us. I          tion and our attitude were        Michael Junyk, Herbert
were awarded $1000 each, a     want to thank Salvador           factors. We always thought        Lewis, and Anthony Taylor;
plaque, a watch, two tickets   Bustos for all his help."        about winning. Everyone               continued on page 20 . . .

                                                                                   NOVEMBER 1989 HEADWAY 19
                                                                                                ‘rfäe 411‚4111111

                                                               The bus started and a happy Division 10 team goes an to the
                                                               next hurdle.

Every minute counts for the mechanics participating in the
Power Train Defect Test.

                                                               Judge Mike Marelli observes Marco Pedemonte's recording of
                                                               abnormalities during the Vehicle Inspection Test.

 "How much more time do I have?" shouts Enriquez.

. . . continued from page 19    and Jose Villa.                Division 7 Manager Emilio       that created the defects in
Division 6: Joe Williams,       Coordinator Mike Stange        Caballero, Senior Instruc-      the Buses that the mechan-
Ron Epps, and Joe               admits that the Roadeo was     tor Mike Bottone, Bus           ics had to correct included
Medrano; Division 9: Jesse      an involved undertaking        Roadeo Coordinator Vicki        Instructors: Ron Cotroneo,
Estrada, Jorge Perez, and       that would not have            Varga, EMS Robert               Julius Rakisits, Carlos
Jack Atkins; Division 18:       succeeded without a little     Parreco, EMS Mike               Rojas, Richard Au, and
Melvin Dunbar, Manuel           help from his District         Marelli, FM Supervisor          Mike Bottone.
Rojas, and Luke Logan;          friends. Those helpful folks   Russ Meek, and Senior                Volunteer judges were
CMF: Emmitt McGee,              included Division 18           Instructor Flank Cecere.        recruited from many
Frank Collison,                 Manager Max Martinez,              The maintenance crew        District departments.

CMF EMS Harold Torres came with his daughter Catrina, 5,
and caught up with Yolanda Perez' daughter, Monique (right).

                                                                                             Division 7 Mechanic Date
                                                                                             Sutherland gets a
                                                                                             congratulations handshake
                                                                                             from his supervisor an
                                                                                             completion of the obstacle

While watching her daddy,
Division 15 Mechanic A
Clyde Brawley compete,
daughter Brittany shows why
she got a dollar from the
tooth fairy.
                                                               Equipment Maintenance
                                                               Assistant Director Michael
                                                               Leahy came with his four-
                                                               year-old son, Michael.
                                                                                                    continue an page 2. .
These included Mainte-          Alvarez, Jackie Hill,          Tari Debretsion.                  The event was spon-
nance: Rosalyn Townsend,        Marsha Kearns, and Kevin           Director of Equipment     sored in part by Amni-
John Freeman, Ray Wilson,       Lappi; Facilities Mainte-      Maintenance Rich Davis        America (interior/exterior
Annie Zavala, Brenda            nance: John McElmon;           praised the event as a        bus advertisers), Goodyear
Cummins, Yolanda Perez,         Metro Ran: Mary Louise         challenge that worked to      Tire Co., Detroit Diesel
Allan Brown, Noreen             Rowsell; OCPM: Greg            inspire mechanics toward      Corp., Utility Industrial
Brown, and Steve Conlee;        Chornak and Barbara            greater excellence in their   Trophies, the Employee
Risk Management: Norma          Kasimates; Transportation:     craft. "And, I know our       Activities Department, and
Flores, Barbara Lorenzo,        Frank Cecere; OMB: Dick        team will give `em a good     the Equipment Mainte-
Marlene Allen, Norma            Christie; and Division 10:     kick down in Dallas."         nance Department.

                                                                                 NOVEMBER 1989 H EADWAY 21
. . . Roadeo
  . . . continue from page 21

                                                             Winning ain't half bad!

"Now that's a job well done," sighs one mechanic alter the
Power Train Defect Test.

                                                             Equipment Maintenance Director Rich Davis ends the
                                                             suspense and announces the runners-up and the winning

Vicki Varga congratulates Roadeo Coordinator Mike Stange
an a good show.

NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 22
Division 15 came in third place. The team members included,
left to right: James Badgett, Vic Uemura, and Clyde Brawley.

                                                                 Division 7 took second place. The team members were, from
                                                                 left to right: Hyen No, Paul Rivera, and Dale Sutherland.

Rich Davis congratulates the winners from Division 10, including their coach Orville
Steenbock. From left to right: Rich Davis, Miguel Enriquez, Javier Castro, Orville Steenbock,
and and Marco Pedemonte.

                                                                                    NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 23
Friends Remember Matthew
by Jim Montoya, Materiels

On Saturday, September 9,        UCLA homo game pos-
1989, at 10:45 p.m., fellow      sible.
employee Matthew Marti-               Matthew was born           Thanks for Job Well Done!
nez was tragically killed in     September 21, 1966. He          Division 3201           Rondy Harns
an automobile accident.          would have been 23 in two       Jacinto Lazo            Division 3209
     According to published      weeks had it not been for       R. W. Schlumpf          Lloyd A. Jennings
reports, Matt was traveling      his untimely death. Matt        Division 3203           Division 3215
east on the Pomona               had recently been engaged       Eimer Briscoe           Kenneth Keys
Freeway, just east of            to be married. He is            James Gardner           Christine O'Neil
Atlantic Blvd. He was            survived by a sister and both   Division 3205           Division 3218
slowing down to avoid an         parents. His father, Max        Frances Brown           Jimi Greene
earlier accident when his        Martinez, is the Division       Gerald Luke             L. C. Mitchell
vehicle was struck from          Maintenance Manager at          Dennis Washburn         Dianne F. Rose
behind and sent into             Division 18.                    Carl Winston            Department 7500
another lane. Once pushed             Our hearts and prayers     Division 3206           Andre Hanna
into the other lane, he was      go out to his loved ones.       Mary Collins            Department 3900
struck by an oncoming car        Words could not fully           Division 3207           Walter Seiler
and his car exploded.            convey the true feelings we     Gien Booth              Arthur Heywood
     Matthew had spent that      have for him. God Bless         Albert Evans            Division 9310
evening with friend watch-       him.                            Larry Feldra            Henry Macias
ing his beloved UCLA
Bruins in a football game at
the Rose Bowl. Those of
you who knew Matt, knew                      Merrill Lynch                               IN MEMORIAM
he was an avid Bruins fan.
     Matthew began at the
District as a Stock Clerk on                                                             Fann, Miles, began with the
December 17, 1984. He               We Are Just Downstairs                               District on January 9, 1948
worked throughout the                                                                    as a Bus Operator, passed
District at various divisions,       When you pick up your retirement lump sum dis-      away on September 5, 1989.
including South Park, and           tribution check at 400 So. Hope Street in down-      Flores, David, began with
eventually made his way to          town Los Angeles on the 9th floor.... also stop by   the District on January 14,
CMF. Matthew was known              the 3rd floor to see us.                             1975 as a Utility A, passed
by his co-workers as an                                                                  away on August 29, 1989.
outgoing individual who             FREE TO RTD RETIREES                                 Lewis, Eddie, began with
lived his life with gusto.                                                               the District on June 9, 1975
                                    • Retirement Consultation                            as a Bus Operator, passed
Those of you who knew him
                                    • Distribution Tax Analysis                          away on September 8, 1989.
personally, loved him for           • Information on getting the highest yield with
his outgoing manner and                                                                  Martinez, Matthew J.,
                                      the greatest safety
friendly personality. Those                                                              began with the District on
who knew him casually,                                                                   December 17, 1984 as a
                                                 Call for free information
admired him for his ability                                                              Stock Clerk, passed away on
                                                or to make an appointment
to get along with others.                                                                September 11, 1989.
     Matt's passions in-                Roberta Mitchell, Financial Consultant
                                                                                         Natawidjaja, Frieda, began
cluded baseball and foot-                (213) 236-2125 or (800) 669-6377 x 2125
                                                                                         with the District on July 26,
ball. He was a member of                    400 So. Hope Street, Suite 300,"
                                                                                         1979 as a Schedule Maker
RTD's softball team and                          Los Angeles, CA 90071                   II, passed away on Septem-
was known to attend every                                                                ber 4, 1989.

                                                              nating beaches, traffic         RTD bus specifications
                                                              gridlock, and other ills that   even though it was known
War and Rememberance of a                                     plague our area. In my          that there were many
                                                              humble but studied opin-        imperfections rampant in it.
Transit Operator                                              ion, it would seem to make      Even so, the District and its
by Allan Styffe                                               sense to work together to       employees went to work to
                                                              solve all of the problems in    make the program a success
                                                              a spirit conducive to getting   in spite of the shortcomings
The year 1989 marks the        for those who work to          the job done cooperatively
25th anniversary of RTD's      provide it. Be of good         with less emphasis on
role as the major transit      cheer though, for as long as   ideological differentes.                Just compare
Operator in the Los Angeles    I can remember, politicians         It is true that there
                                                                                                  District performance
area. Insofar as I retired     have used their transit        have been operating
from the RTD in January        systems as "whipping boys"     problems charged to the                with that of its
1986, I enjoyed a twenty-      here and elsewhere.            District and its employees
one year share of that RTD          RTD employees are at      over the past 10 years in
history and I can teil you,    least accomplishing each       particular, but many of
the RTD and its employees      day that which they are paid   these problems were forced      inherent in the then present
have done a spectacular job    to do. This is evidenced by    on the District's employees     state of the art. Oh, how
over the past quarter          the fact that the Buses roll   in the never-ending search      the complaints came in and,
century.                       dependably every day,          for the ultimate in operat-     oh, how the District and
     I am truly saddened by    which in itself is a notable   ing technologies which have     staff were criticized, but
the unrelenting attacks on     credit to each and every       been put into use without       somehow we prevailed with
the management and             employee of the District.      sufficient time for research    little understanding from
employees of RTD by                 Just compare District     and development. The            any one outside the Dis-
certain public figures whom    performance with that of its   chief rase in point in this     trict. This was just one ex-
I suspect have no real         detractors. I point to the     regard, in my opinion, was      ample of how programs can
concern for good public        unsolved problems of           the wheelchair lift mecha-      be legislated without really
transportation in the first    crime, homeless people, air    nism technology which was       knowing (or caring) how to
place and even less concern    pollution, sewers contami-     required to be included in      make them work.
                                                                                                     I won't comment at any
                                                                                              length on the current
                                                                                              dilemma on the subject of
                                                                                              Metro Rail problems, as
Ride Share Week                                                                               those are things to be
                                                                                              solved by the engineers, but
                                                                                              probably will be solved by
                                                                                              the politicians. At any rate,
                                                                                              there will undoubtedly be
                                                                    Shown encouraging
                                                                                              little credit given to the
                                                              people to take RTD to work
                                                                                              RTD staff and employees
                                                              are, left to right: RTD
                                                                                              who have worked so long
                                                              Assistant General Manager
                                                                                              and hard on the project
                                                              for Planning and Public
                                                                                              with unquestionable
                                                              Affairs Albert Perdon,
                                                                                              dedication and diligence.
                                                               Georgia Holt (Cher's
                                                                                              To me, there seems to be
                                                              mother), and Jackie Stallone
                                                                                               little to gain from trying to
                                                               (Sylvester Stallone's
                                                                                               demoralize these dedicated
                                                                                               employees, but for the sake
                                                                                               of political expediency, who
                                                                                                     RTD employees over
Celebrity moms joined the      California Rideshare Week,     agencies including the RTD       the past years, have re-
RTD and other transporta-      designed to encourage          ask that workers abandon         sponded to several out-
tion agencies in September     individuals to share a ride.   their solo commute and           standing challenges. In my
to help kick off the week of   October 5 was designated as    switch instead to rideshar-
October 2 through 6 as         the day when transportation    ing.                                continued on page 26 . . .

                                                                                 NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 25
   . . . Rememberance            be refurbished before being     "Great White Fleet" (see        ing operating concepts, but
     continued from page 25      placed in RTD service. As       photo).                         the District has marched
                                 a matter of fact, bus number         During this time, the      onward and I believe this is
opinion, the most notable        6501 which had been on the      Transportation Depart-          due to the combined
of these were the 1) 1974        property as Pacific Elec-       ment, which was led by Mr.      strength of its employees
gas shortage, 2) 1976            tric's test prototype diesel    John T. Johnston, took          who I believe will ensure
service re-design projects in    bus #2700, the forerunner       hold and placed every bus       quality transportation in
the San Gabriel Valley and       of diesel coaches used to       of this relic fleet into        Los Angeles long after the
other sectors, and 3) the        replace the red cars from       service the moment it was       District's critics here today
1984 Olympics.                   1949 on, was included in the    released by the Mainte-         will have been long forgot-
     I sincerely believe that    lot. This bus had been sold     nance Department. New           ten.
the response to the 1974 gas     to San Pedro Transit Lines      park-n-ride routes were              In closing, I'd like to
crisis was the most note-        in the Tate 1960's and          planned and put into            credit the basic enduring
worthy in that operating         returned once again to the      operation and supplemen-        management foundation of
changes as the result of this    RTD bus roster where it         tary service was added to       the District to the good
crisis, and the county           remained in Operation until     other routes. Operators         judgment and management
subsidized 25-cent flat fare     the mid-1980's as the           and schedulers worked long      leadership of George
program along with the           District's oldest bus.          hours and under conditions      Goehler, Jack Gilstrap,
short-lived 10-cent Sunday            Insofar as this fleet of   not experienced since the       John Johnston, and George
program put a greater            "Boomer" [Boomer is             trying days of World War II.    Powell, the men who were
strain on District resources     railroad parlance meaning       Bus riders were many and        our teachers, and to Sam
for an extended length of        equipment or personnel          tempers were short but the      Black, Joe Scatchard, and
time than anything else          who bounce from property        operators, instructors, and     Richard Powers who so ably
facing the District in its 25-   to property.] buses arrived     supervisors really came         guided the operations of
year life. Almost overnight,     in a variety of the colors of   through. This was the           the District into the early
service demands increased        their former owners, it was     shining hour for all District   1980's. And, last but not
by leaps and bounds. The         necessary to quickly repaint    employees.                      least, I salute Jeff Diehl,
District found itself short of   them so that they would be           Since 1974, times for      Russ Wilson, and Steve
workers in all departments,      presentable. A quick            the District and its employ-    Parry for the leadership and
and of adequate numbers of       decision was made to paint      ees have never been settled     successful outcome of the
buses with which to do the       the buses solid white. Ergo,    ones. Management leaders        1984 Olympics ordeal.
tremendous job that              this collection of relics       have come and gone,                  History will judge the
unfolded.                        became fondly known as the      resulting in many interest-     leadership qualities of the
     I believe that the then                                                                     managers and the employ-
General Superintendent of                                                                        ees over the next 25 years.
Maintenance, George                                                                              Good luck, and may those
Powell, and the entire                                                                           years be as prideful as the
Maintenance Department                                                                           past 25.
did the greatest job in its
history during 1974 and
1975. Their dedicated                                                                            Allan W. Styffe retired from
response was just short of a                                                                     the Operation Department
miracle.                                                                                         in 1986 as an Administrative
     In order to meet service                                                                    Services Officer. His long
demands a number of old                                                                          career in transit began when
buses which had been                                                                             as a teen-ager during World
retired and awaiting                                                                             War II in his native
disposal were reactivated                                                                        Worcester, Mass., he worked
and put into service.                                                                            on streetcar snow sweepers.
Additionally, 182 old buses                                                                      His first job paid him 75
were acquired from Atlanta,      Bus #6500, a GMC Model 4510, started its life with Pacific      cents an hour. Nine years
Fort Worth, Kansas City,         Electric Railway Co., in 1949. It was sold nearly 20 years      later in Los Angeles in 1952,
Memphis, and other cities        later by RTD to San Pedro Transit, was retired by them and      Styffe hired on with the Los
and were driven or hauled        sold back to RTD during the 1974 fuel shortage where it         Angeles Transit Lines as a
to Los Angeles. Those            served for nearly another decade as RTD's oldest bus assigned   streetcar operator.
buses were in various states     to various divisions including divisions 5 and 15.
of disrepair and needed to       (photo by A. W. Styffe)

      best keilt secret!

                                                           ammum BONUS DISCOUNT
                                      71111.11111                   .

a n«	                                                ting      mnna              TO RTD EMPLOYEES
  *siOUT nee
   fot you at
                             13s ad
                     'Bonus Ting, thi

             issue you e	 atld
                                    ount cald is wai nd
                                           with you aGaube
                                    card:This s iteras.
                              -01.1T ro.attses cesd
                                                                            n    65,000 sq. ft. Furniture De-
                                                                                 partment Store
                                                                                 Since 1949, L.A.'s smartest in-
                                                                                 terior decorators have brought
                   capetiTtg eeries and appliances excluded)
                 all illtriitUT
                              ,d                                                 their customers here. No other
    ttseci an 	
     (Sale iteuts,                                                          n    store offers our kind of selec-
                                                                                 tion, quality and prices. You'll
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                                                                                sale prices. Why? Low rent,
                                                                                family ownership and a small
num	                                                                        •   but expert sales staff means
                                                                                our overhead is a fraction of
MINN                                                                            other stores.
111111111211111                                                                 Charge It.
nnn1                                                                            Revolving Charge and 90-day
nnnn11                                                                          no interest (O.A.C.) Visa/
1111111M11                                                                      Mastercard/Discover/
                                                                                American Express.
1131111111111111              	         1111111•111111111111111•11111111111Z Sales Agency, Inc.                 n
                                            2027 S. Figueroa St. Los Angeles – (213) 746-3663
nnnnnnnn                           Tues.-Fri.: 10 AM-6 PM Sat.: 9 AM-5 PM; Sun.: Noon-5 PM
 . n ..	                                                                        ....... Closed Monda s
                                                                                      NOVEMBER 1989 H EADWAY 27
The Long .. .
                                                               Blessed Are the Generous of Spirit and Body
                                                               On September 26, 1989, the AIDS Project LA sponsored its
                                                               annual fund-raising walk. Of the many thousands of
                                                               Angelenos who participated, 14 were RTD employees.
                                                               They included (to name only a few known at press time):
                                                               Jacqueline Davidson, Margaret McHenry, Rebecca Smith,
                                                               Ron Stamm, and Marian Williams.
                                                                     After the last blood drive held at the District on
                                                               September 29, Senior Safety Specialist Jon Vandercook has
                                                               donated a total of 44 units of blood (5-1/2 gallons) since he
                                                               started donating in the early 1970's.

                                                               Dance, Dance, Dance
                                                               A dinner-dance coordinated by Division 10 Mechanic
RTD Goes the Home Show
                                                               Rigoberto Banuelos to benefit the senior citizens of
RTD employees advanced the news of the advent of light rau
                                                               Apozol, Mexico will be held at the Casa Latina on Friday,
in the most entertaining way at the Vons Latino Home
                                                               November 10, 1989 at 8800 E. Garvey Blvd. in Rosemead
Exposition held at the Long Beach Convention Center on
                                                               from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. The price for the buffet and dance is
September 16. The Exposition was billed as a food and home
                                                               $15 per person. For more information, call Rigoberto at
show. The Marketing Department and Telephone
                                                               (818) 284-6177 or (213) 972-6310.
Information Department teamed up with a light rau "Wheel of
Fortune" that caught the eye of many of the attendees. From
left to right, behind the counter are: David Wilson, Cynthia
Gramajo, and Scott Smith. The event was timed to coincide
with Mexican Independence Day. RTD was one of the
sponsors along with KMEX-Channel 3 4. La Opinion, Radio
Station KSKO, Vons, and Coca-Cola.

Homemaking Homebodies
at the District
 It's no surprise to anyone that
Benefits Technician Andre
Hanna won three blue
ribbons for his cakes entered
 at this year's County Fair in
Pomona. First-place
recognition was awarded for                                     So Long RTD
his 2-layer yellow cake with a                                 Division 10 Mechanic A Renato Medina retired alter 32-112
pineapple cream cheese                                         years with the District. Family and friends gathered at the
frosting (which is pictured), a                                Division at noon to bid a final farewelL Equipment
first-time entry; and also for                                 Maintenance Director Rich Davis and ATU President Neil
other first-time entries of a 2-                               Silver were on hand to wich Medina a great retirement.
layer spice cake with caramel frosting and a 2-layer coconut   Medina's children and his wife, Marcela, were also in
cake. His German chocolate cake came in fourth place.          attendance at the farewell party. Medina told his friends that
Benefits Technician Ann Craver placed fifth for her counted    he liked his work and that he liked to work. "For that reason
cross-stitching of a landscape. Employment Manager Nikki       it is painfuL..it is hard to leave," he said. Enjoy your
Barnard came in second place with her entry of honey lemon     retirement Mr. Medina, you've earned it. With Medina are
creme cookies. And, Labor Relations Manager Brenda             from left to right: Neil Silver, Rich Davis, Medina, and Ray
Diederichs won fourth place for her table setting.             Kunkle.

                                                                       . . . and the Short of it

Division 3 Barbeque
On September 1 Division 3 I osted their long-awaited

barbeque. Farne and friends were invited to partake the
mouth-watering delicacies. Steered by Committee
Chairwoman Maria Flores, employees planned and presented
a fun-filled event which included a great menu, ganzes for the
children, and a dunking tank for the adults. Assistant
Manager Jack Owens was the good-sport Dunkee. Good               Lucky Jesse Castorena and Rick Van Der Geugten enjoy the
show Division 3! Cooks Kris Sharp (left) and Robert Gullart      finished product.
prepared the feast.

                                                                                                        Photo by Eastem Group Publishers, Inc.
                                 Jack Owens enjoyed the          Charity Golf Star
                                 barbeque in his wet bathing     Warranty and Equipment Mechanic Steve Mullaly won the
                                 trunks the entire time.         First Annual Andy Vargas Scholarship Foundation Golf
                                                                  Toumament held in September at Almansor Court in
                                                                 Alhambra. Proceeds from this event benefit graduated
                                                                 students of Glen Alta Elementaiy School who, after they
                                                                 graduate from high school, can become eligible for college
                                                                 scholarships. As a winner, Mullaly received a gigantic trophy
Operator Salvado Sanchez                                         for his first-place win with a score of 69. Steve is pictured in
can't resist dunking poor                                        the back toward the left, the one holding the biggest trophy.
Jack Owens with gusto.                                           He is surrounded by Glen Alta students.

                                                                                     NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 29
 Paean to the RTD en Espahol
Editor's Note: The following   Unos nacen optimistas          Venerable old people                 REFINANCE
poem was written by a          y con poco, se complacen,      with histories on their faces
passenger named Dario          otros nacen pesimistas,        Or youth of few years
Quiroga Enriquez. Mr.          lloran, aunque todo            looking for victories                       or
Quiroga is an optometrist           alcancen.
and a passenger on Division                                   With the lives you observe
9 Operator Jesus Leal's bus.   No se encuentra en la          You will have a special dass         PURCHASE
Mr. Quiroga's son, Oscar,           riqueza,                  Faces, truly happy
also happens to be an RTD      la mayor felicidad,            and others are funereal
employee. The original poem    Dios da el premio de la
was written in Spanish, for        dicha                      Perhaps rich and worried
the convenience of many of     al que reparte bondad.         and thus poor, some
our readers it has been                                           happier
translated into English.       Despues del bello paseo,       others more prepared to
                               notaräs, que has aprendido     enjoy the moments
Paseo Entretenido Y            a reforzar tu deseo,
Valioso                        de observer, lo acontecido.    Some are born optimistic        FOR 15 YEARS AT:
                                                              and with little are pleased
por Dario Quiroga Enriquez     --Los Angeles 1989             Others are born pessimistic       6% FIXED. GPM
                               Dedicada a la Companta         and cry although they have
                               RTD de Autobuses en los            everything                     AND SAVE
Si te quieres divertir
en apacible descanso,          cuales viajo confortable-                                        THOUSANDS
al Autobus debes subir         mente hace mas de 25 aiios     One does not find in riches
y observer con entusiasmo.     y en donde en la actualidad    the greater happiness             OF DOLLARS
                               trabaja mi Hijo Oscar          God gives the prize of good
Es un museo de gentes
                               Quiroga, como Ingeniero de     luck
                               Comunicaciones, en el          to the one who shares
con rostros interesantes,
de seres, tristes y alegres,   proyectado Metro Rad de        goodness                            MONEY IN 10 DAYS
inocentes o tunantes.
                               Los Angeles.
                                                              After the beautiful ride                 $17,500
                               An Entertaining and            you will notice that you
bellisimas entre bellas,
                               Valuable Ride                  have learned                      100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE
de jövenes ejemplares,
                                                              to reinforce your wish
asi tambien veräs feas,
                               If you want to take pleasure        to observe that which       o NO APPRAISAL REQUIRED
para que asf las compares.
                               in a peaceful rest             has been granted                 o ALSO FOR RENTAL UNITS
                                                                                              o NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY
Venerables ancianos,           get on a bus
sobre el röstro, con su        and observe with en-
                                    thusiasm                                                  RATES SUBJECT TO CHANGE
                                                                                                 SE HABLA ESPANOL
o jövenes de pocos arios,
que en busca van, de           It's a museum of people
                               with interesting faces                                                Office Hours:
                               of beings sad and happy                                                 Mon. - Fri.
                               innocent and roguish           --Los Angeles 1989                   8:30-8:30 p.m.
Con las vidas que tu
                                                              Dedicated to the RTD bus           Sat. 10:00-3:00 p.m.
tendräs una clase especiäl,    Beauties among beauties        company with which 1 have
                               of model youth                 traveled comfortae for                    CALL
caras, felices de veras
y que otras son de funeral.    you will also see ogres        more than 25 years, and
                               for your comparison            where my son, Oscar                       EAGLE
                                                              Quiroga, works as a                MORTGAGE BANKERS
Quizas ricos, preocupados
                                                              Communications Engineer            TEL. (818) 914-2796
y asf pobres, mas contentos,
algunos mas preparados                                        on the the Metro Rad
a disfrutar los momentos.                                     project.

                                                                hobbies that will last for
                                                                your now-Tonger lifetime.               JOIN THE
                                                                Find a way to stay in shape.             GREAT
                                                                Enjoy your favorite activity,
                                                                whether it's collecting ice            AMERICAN
                                                                cream scoops or sky diving.            SMOKEOUT
                                                                Discover a new zest for
                                                                living. KUDOS!                             TH URSDAY,
                                                                     • Put the money you                    NOV. 16
The Great American              group (a friend, co-worker,     would have spent on coffin
Smokeout: November 16,          spouse, or a gathering of       nails into a treat fund--
     Nag. Nag. Nag. You're
                                soon-to-be, former smok-
                                ers) to help you get through
                                                                you'll soon have saved
                                                                enough for a movie (in a
                                                                                                           I   AMERICAN
                                                                                                           f sociEry
tired of everyone reminding     the hard times that are         clean-air theater), new
you about why you should        inevitable when you're          clothes (that don't reek of             "Eliminate just one ta-
stop smoking. You already       addicted.                       smoke), a ski trip (that           blespoon of fat a day from
know all the facts. Sure,            Toss out those             won't leave you breathless),       your diet and you probably
you know more and more          expensive weeds and             or some other way to               won't gain weight when you
people are complaining          discover the many wonders       celebrate being in control         stop smoking," says Susan
about the stench. you know      that await you:                 of your life. HOORAY!              Schiffman, Ph.D., member
your teeth are yellow, and           • Within just 12 hours,         How will you know             of the Nutri-System Weight
that every morning you          your heart and lungs will       when your battle with              Loss Unit at Duke Univer-
wake up the entire              start to heal themselves.       nicotine is won? You'li            sity Medical Center. New
household with your             you'll probably feel worse      know you've taken control          research has found that
rasping cough. You know         for two or three days as        of your life...when you start      smokers burn an average of
nicotine is addictive. And      your body rids itself of        urging your friends to give        100 extra calories a day (the
you know that you and your      nicotine, a powerfully          up the filthy habit...when         equivalent of a tablespoon
family and friends who          addictive chemical. Be          you find that drifting             of fat), and tend to gain, on
breathe your clouds run a       ready to conquer tempta-        smoke irritates your               average, 5 to 10 pounds
greater risk of dying from      tion by keeping low-cal         nostrils...when you realize        when they quit smoking.
lung cancer a stroke            snacks and sparkling water      how silly people look with         "So if your excuse for smok-
emphysema heart disease         nearby, and keep your           weeds wrapped in paper             ing is that you'll get fat if
   or oral cancer.              hands BUSY. Take a nap if       dangling from their mouths.        you quit, cutting down on
     But, you argue, I've got   you're drowsy. Soak in a        CONGRATULATIONS!                   your fat intake a little is an
to die of something. And I      warm bath or sip herbal tea.    YOU DID IT!                        easy fix," Schiffman says.
don't want to gain the          Pamper your body for a          Quit Tips from the
weight	 take on if I quit.      change. CONGRATULA-
Come on, smoking reines         TIONS! You're on your           American Cancer
me. I just don't have the       way!                            Society
willpower. I really like to          • Within just a few         • Hide all ashtrays and
smoke. So get off my back!      days, you'll probably be able        matches.
     Quit kidding yourself.     to taste and smell again. If     • Lay in a supply of sugarless
If you smoke, your body is      you stop smoking now,                gum or carrot sticks.
addicted to nicotine. That's    you'll be able to relish the     • Drink lots of liquids, but
really not much different       subtle flavor of the stuffing        pass up coffee and alco-
from being addicted to          in your Thanksgiving                 hol.                               The percentage of
crack or any other street       turkey, or savor the scent of    • Tell everyone you're quit-      American adults who
drug, you know. You're          the season's first crackling         ting.                         smoke has dropped from 40
hooked on a drug.               fire. BRAVO! Life has            • When the urge to smoke          percent in 1965 to 29
     Join millions of other     some new joys.                       hits, take a deep breath,     percent in 1987, according
smokers around the world              • Before long, you can         hold it for 10 seconds,       to the Surgeon General's
and make November 16 the        enjoy your freedom from              and release it s-l-o-w-l-y.   latest figures. But the rate
first day of your new fresh-    coughing and bouts of            • Exercise to relieve the ten-    of decline was slower for
air life. Make a commit-        bronchitis. Instead, you can         sion.                         women (32 percent down to
ment to yourself. Your          concentrate your energy          • Try the buddy system and        27 percent) than for men
life's worth it. Go c,old        (and new-found money) on            ask a friend to quit with     (50 percent down to 32 per-
turkey, but find a support      developing new habits and            you.                          cent).
                                                                                    NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 31
                                                                "leaves" are called bracts       Keep the soil "damp" but
                                                                and they are actually            not wet. In October place
                                                                modified leaves located just     the plant in a dark closet in
Axel's Green Thumb                                              below the flower or flower       the evenings for a "good
                                                                clusters (not all plant          nights sleep" (away from
Mexican Christmas Flower                                        flowers have bracts). There      artificial light) for at least
                                                                are several colorful varieties   14 hours a night. The plant
This month I present the               The poinsettia was       of poinsettia available:         requires this low level of
poinsettia. This plant is        named after Dr. J. R.          bright red bracts, pinkish       light to produce the flowers
also is known as the             Poinsett, who is likely to     bracts, and white bracts.        for the winter. When the
Mexican Christmas Flower,        have first discovered it.      The red poinsettia is the        poinsettia is flowering, a
Christmas Flower, and            The family of plants that it   best for outdoor use.            sunny window is excellent
most commonly Poinsettia.        belongs to is EUPHORI-              The poinsettia will         but be careful of any sudden
     I include, here, the        ACEAE; this family has a       grow outdoors in our             drops in temperature -- the
botanical name (Latin) in        common trait of an acrid,      climate against a sunny wall     leaves could fall off as a
capital letters and the com-     milky sap which can cause      or a sheltered corner if you     protection against freezing.
mon names in lowercase of        irritation to the skin.        happen to live in an area             If you would like to
each plant. A plant is           Several of the plants          where it might get frosty.       purchase a poinsettia this
classified by its plant family   resemble cactus plants and     Plant in mid spring/early        season you may contact the
(basic characteristic of a       most are succulents. The       summer in the garden. The        Employee Activities office
group), its scientific name      flowers of this family are     poinsettia will become           at 213-972-4740. If you
or botanical name (Latin)        very small and are located     "leggy," up to 10 feet, so       place an order in advance
which includes the genus         in the center of colorful      you might prune it back to       you will obtain a special
and species, and the com-        bracts (modified leaves).      maintain a bushy growth.         discount.
mon name. There could be         The botanical name of the      This pruning also will                Next month I will cover
several common names that        poinsettia is EUPHORBIA        produce larger bracts            a few different indoor
are known to us for the          PULCHERRIMA.                   during blooming. While the       plants.
same plant; also several dif-         The poinsettia is a       plant is blooming, a
ferent plants could have the     native of Mexico and           fertilizer high in nitrogen
same common name. If you         blooms in the early winter     will produce richer colors,      Axel Heller is a Digital
purchase a plant by giving a     (November) to early spring.    but be cautious; using too       Technician with the
common name and you are          If you :ook carefully at the   much might burn the plant.       Facilities Maintenance
given a plant that is differ-    plant when it is in bloom,          If you want to maintain     Department and has a
ent from what you wanted,        you will notice small,         the poinsettia as an indoor      Bachelor's Degree in Park
don't blame the sales            yellowish, and inconspicu-     plant, trim the plant,           Administration/Ornamental
person because it might be       ous flowers above the          otherwise it will become         Horticulture from Cal Pe,
known by that name also.         showy red "leaves." These      too large for indoor use.        Pomona.

Life an the Line                 By George Escalera


                                                                up in a relationship with       has done. It's an expensive
                                                                the novelist, but I discov-     gift, running forty-eight
RTDI                           2ES                              ered I wasn't interested in
                                                                seeing whether their
                                                                                                dollars at Crown Books.
                                                                                                On a slightly less expen-
                                                                relationship would slowly       sive level, there are a
                                                                disintegrate. Instead, I        number of books about

MOVITES                                                         turned off the VCR and
                                                                turned to American Movie
                                                                Classics, where they were
                                                                                                Batman, the series, the
                                                                                                movies, and the c,omic
                                                                                                books, although I would
                               Tama Janowitz's book, I'm        running Laura, starring         use parental discretion
Our Rating System              a fan of Bernadette Peters'      Gene Tierney. If you            about the comic books if
***** A classic; something     work, and have been for a        haven't seen that one, try      you're considering buying
     you'll want to see        long time. She's primarily       to catch it on cable; it is     them for a kid. Many of
     again                     a stage actress, so we don't     not, unfortunately out on       them are not suitable.
                               get the pleasure of her          video.                                In the video field,
**** Excellent; worth          presence on the screen that           Part of the problem        Batman is coming out this
    paying full admission      often. I wasn't worried          may lie in the fast that the    month, the film's distribu-
    price for                  when the film came and           stories Slaves is based on
                               went in a week; it only          are tied to the New York
*** Average; does what it      played at a few of the           artistic community; the
     sets out to do and no     "artsy" theaters on the          atmosphere just doesn't                    Boy, am I
     more                      West side, which is not my       seem to translate that well
                               normal stomping ground           outside of Manhattan. Yet,                    glad I
*#   Fair; has some good       (I absolutely refuse to ever     When Harry Met Sally is                      waited
       moments, but badly      go to a movie at Westside        also very much a New York
       flawed                  Pavilion again. You have         story, and it translated very                 until
                               to allow forty-five minutes      well. Do yourself a favor.
* Poor; a waste of time        before the film to find a        Don't rent this film just                     it was
                               place to park. On a              because it's in the new                     on video.
BOMB King Richard and          Wednesday. Even Beverly          release section. It's not
    the Crusades -- "War,      Center is easier.) Movies of     even worth a ninety-nine             111111111111111•111n1111
    war, war. That's all       this ilk don't attract a large   cent rental.
    you think about, Dick      crowd, so it's not profitable                                    tors striking while interest
    Plantagenet!"              for theater owners to keep       Department of Various           is high. When Harry Met
                               it running for very long.        and Sundry                      Sally is also out this
Slaves of New York - *         Slaves came out in June; the     Christmas is coming, and        month, probably for the
     I've been lucky; it's     video came out at the end        it's time to think of Christ-   same reason. And there are
been a long time since I've    of September.                    mas gifts. If you have a        a number of video gift
seen a film that merited             Boy, am I glad I waited    movie buff on your list (or     packs featuring John
only one star. The research    until it was on video.           are a movie buff), there are    Wayne, Cary Grant, and
for this column is done              It's not that the movie    a number of goodies to          Astaire and Rogers.
outside of the office, and     is bad; it just has no point.    consider. To start the list     Running about sixty dollars,
my time away from work is      Basically, Bernadette            off, there are some beauti-     they're actually a bargain,
far too precious to waste      Peters plays a struggling hat    ful books on both The           packaging three movies
seeing films that I know I     designer who's caught in a       Wizard of Oz and Gone with      together with a background
won't like, or that I've had   slowly disintegrating            the Wind, pictorials with       booklet. Considering the
people I trust teil me are      relationship with a strug-      behind-the-scenes stills and    films usually run at least
bad (This is why slasher       gling artist. She's attracted    anecdotes. If special effects   twenty-five dollars each, it's
films are not reviewed here     to another man, a strug-        are your field, there is a      not a bad deal.
and why I still haven't seen    gling novelist, but he's        large "coffee-table" book            If you know that
The Abyss; I've had too         involved in a slowly            on the artists at Industrial    someone just likes movies,
many friends make the joke      disintegrating relationship     Light and Magic, George         owns a VCR, and aren't
that it was "abyss-mal").      with another woman, who,         Lucas' special effects firm.    certain what to get them, a
I'm certain yours is too.       each time we see her, walks     This is filled with color       reference book on movies
     The problem is, I          on, makes a rude comment        pictures of matte paintings,    might be the answer. The
wanted to see Slaves of New     and leaves. It looked like      models, and storyboards for     one I've been using this year
York; while I haven't read      Peters was going to end         the films that the company          continued on page 34 . . .

                                                                                   NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 33
. . . RTD Movies
   continued from page 33              YOU + Your Employee Assistance Program
                                                                                                    (800) 221-0942 or (714) 978-7915
is Mick Martin & Marsha
Porter's Video Movie                         Calculate the Benefits for You and /or your family
Guide 1989. I actually like
Leonard Martin's Movies on
Television and Video better,                                                       a personal or family problem
but this one has the advan-
tage of being dedicated
solely to what's on video                                                  a licensed, experienced counselor
tape. "A new edition comes
out every year, so don't
worry if they have one                                                                             cost effectiveness (free)
     Finally, a friendly piece
of advice. Christmas is also                                                                               the problem
a time when many people

                                                                                                   a happier, relaxed YOU!
        In the video

        is coming out
         this month.
                                                                           .,....	                   SunAmerica Securities
                                                                                                     A SunAmerica Company
buy new electronic equip-
ment, such as VCRs. I
                                                                                                 TOTAL FINANCIAL PLANNING FOR
don't care if you feel like                                                                   INDIVIDUALS-BUSINESSES-CORPORKfIONS
the salesman is just trying                                                                        A DISCOUNT BROKERAGE FIRM
to make more money in
                                                             *STOCKS *BONDS *MUTUAL FUNDS
commission, buy the                                       *LIMITED PARTNERSHIPS *GOLD *SILVER
extended service policy. If                   *IRA'S *ROLLOVERS *SEP's *COLLEGE FUNDING *INSURANCE *CD's
your machine dies on you,                                ****SERVING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA****
the repair bill could cost                                                                                     CONTACT
almost as much as buying a
new machine. A service                                                             BEVERLY FROHM, MBA OR ROBERT SHORMAN
policy will cover this, and                                                        (714) 997-3341	                     OR (619) 244-1377
could save you a bundle. As                                                                              Member NASD and SIPC
the machines become more                       :.....••••	   •	   '	 ••	      ,	    .	   •	    ,

and more sophisticated,
there's more that could go
wrong. By the way, my
machine died last night,                 Neither the Headway nor the RTD endorses the
destroying a tape. Yes, I        products or verifies the accuracy of the claims made in the
did buy the policy, thank         advertising which has appeared, appears, and will appear
goodness.                         on the pages of the Headway. The advertising is simply a
    Be seeing you --             revenue-generating measure. Further, we reserve the right
    Carolyn Kinkead                            to reject any objectionable ad.

NOVEMBER 1989 H E A D W A Y 34
12	       Whispers - Universal Amphitheatre $22.00              Plan B - $60.00 - 3 Great Laker Garnes, colonnade seats
17	       Lakers vs. Denver $12.00                                  plus 3 action packed nights of boxing.
18	       Juan Gabriel - Universal Amphitheatre $27.00              Laker Garnes:
26        Kenny Rogers Christmas Show - Universal                   Sun., Dec 3 Lakers vs. New York Knicks
          Amphitheatre $28.50                                       Fri., Jan 26 Lakers vs. Milwaukee Bucks
                                                                    Fri., Feb 23 Lakers vs. Philadelphia 76ers
 1	       Kenny G - Universal Amphitheatre $22.00
4	        Kings vs. Soviet Union (Hockey) $16.50
7	        Lakers vs. Phoenix $12.00                             District Basketball League Sign-Up
10	       KROQ Xmas Show - Universal Amphitheatre
          $13.00                                                Start practicing your basketball skills, and get your teams
16	       Joan Baez - Universal Amphitheatre $1930              organized. The District league will begin in January 1990.
17	       Narada Xmas Show - Universal Amphitheatre             Team sign-ups will be taken through December 29, 1989.
          $15.50                                                Team fees are $300.00
30	       Barry Manilow - Universal Amphitheatre $36.00
                                                                Mobile Unit Hours
It's not to early to start shopping for Christmas. The          Monday through Thursday
Employee Activities Department is once again offering           9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
goodies at discounted prices.                                                            Location
                                                                November	         14	   Division 6
      See's Candy regular $7.90 per pound is yours for $5.90.                     15	             5
      Order forms are available. All special orders must be                       16	            18
      received by November 24.                                                    20	             4
                                                                                  21	            12
      Grandma's Fruit Cakes $4.70 to $17.50                                       22	       SP/DIV. 2
      Available for Thanksgiving.                                                 23	          OFF
                                                                                  27	             1
A variety of stuffed animals and gift items are available.                        28	            10
                                                                                  29	          CMF
Lakers Tickets                                                                    30	             3
In order to get any of the better Laker game tickets this
    season, the Forum is selling the Lakers package with        December	        4	                 9
    Boxing. We have two plans available and this is the                          5	                16
    only way these tickets will be sold. No Exceptions - No                      6	                15
    Substitutions.                                                               7	                 8
                                                                                 11 	               7
Plan A - $85.00 - 3 best Laker games @$11.50 colonnade                           12	                6
    seats plus 6 action packed nights of boxing. 9 Thrilling                     13 	               5
    Nights of Forum Fun for less than $10.00 per event.                          14                18
    Laker Garnes:
    Fri., Dec 1 Lakers vs. Detroit Pistons                      For more information an these and other Employee
    Wed., Feb 7 Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls                        Activities call 972-4740. Open for business Monday
    Sun., Feb 18 Lakers vs. Boston Celtics                      through Friday 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

                                                                                  NOVEMBER 1989 HEADWAY 35
     CARRILLO REALTY                                                            Merrill Lynch
     Serving the San Fernando Valley

    * RESIDENTIAL	                 * COMMERCIAL                         INSURED CD'S
    * INCOME	                      * INVESTMENT
                                                                                     o FDIC/FSLIC insured
                                                                                       o $1,000 minimum
                                                                                        o No Commission
                                                                               We shop for the best rates for you!

     us and receive FREE a Hume                                                 Call for free information today!
     Protection Plan and tauch, 'Auch
     more. FOR DETAILS CALL:                                                         Roberta Mitchell
                                                                                   Financial Consultant
         ( 818 )843-5001                                                   (213) 236-2125 or (800) 6694377 x 2125
                                                                              400 So. Hope Street, Suite 300
                                                                                   Los Angeles, CA 90071
           S   AUGUSTO "Gus" CARRILLO
                1803 W. Magnolia Bl.,
                Burbank, CA 91506

                                                                  Southern California
                                                                  Rapid Transit District
                                                                  425 So. Main St., 2nd Floor
                                                                                                       BULK RATE

          HEMM                                                    Los Angeles, CA 90013               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                     Los Angeles, Ca.
                                                                                                     Permit No. 32705
        Published monthly for the employees and retirees of the
  Southern California Rapid Transit District.
       Editorial input and suggestions are welcome. Deadline
  for receipt of editorial copy is the first day of each month.
  Send black-and-white photographs only. Requests for
  photographic coverage of District events must be preceded by
  72 hours notice.

      Mailing address: Headway, 2nd Floor, 425 South
  Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013. (213) 972-7165
                      Mary E. Reyna, Editor
                Carolyn Frazier, Business Manager
                           Staff Writers:
                      Paul Lonquich, M.D.,
                Carolyn Kinkead, and Luanna Urie.
                 Typesetting, design, and makeup:
               Scheduling and Operations Planning
                  Typesetting & Layout Section

              Layout Supervisor Susan Chapman,
                Typesetting & Layout Operators:
             Michael Laichareonsup, Jean Williams.
    Printed by: Scheduling and Operations Planning Printing
                      Al Moore, Manager
      Special Thanks to Nancy Niebrugge Public Relations


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