SIMPLE WAY BUT GET MORE TRAFFIC

  I write this article because I think that it will helpful for newbie blogger who are interesting of how to make more traffic
  to their website/blog. Traffic still is the serious problem of newbie website owner/blogger, as I know many comments
  and questions were raised up in difference word and typical such as how to make traffic to website/blog, how to
  increase website/blog traffic, or how to get more visitors for website/blog. Don’t be worry if you have to same to the
  question above, the answer is you can use a powerful traffic service to do it for you but if you don’t want to invest with
  website/blog traffic. Here a few simple and useful tips to increase your website/blog traffic with effectively.

  Article is the most important and first one if you want to increase your blog or website traffic. The unique or original
  article makes Google happy and increases your search engine rank of their search engine list. Useful articles or tips
  can engage visitor to came back to you website or blog again and again.

  To increase your website or blog traffic by using article or tips, you have to answer few question such as who is you
  visitor, where are they, what they want to read about. After you get the answer of three questions above you will
  ability to select the tip and write the attractive article which can make you traffic increase faster. see about how to get
  dialy tips for you blog posting

  Submit you website or blog address to search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Answer, and so on. When
  people search on search engine website, they will type the keyword of what they want to know about. If the keyword
  was match to your website it will list on the result of search engine.

  Please note that more than 1000 website were publish and submit to Search Engine to such engine every day, I am
  not sure that you website address can found in the list of search engine but at least you have opportunity to appeal
  when the keywords match to you website. To make more chance to appeal on the result of the search engine, you
  have to make sure you already prepared the best search engine optimization.

  Articles directories can provide you the traffic with their target reader. When the reader of articles directories website
  interest with your articles and think that your article is useful for them, they will read and/or share your article with
  their social network. They will want to learn more about the related topics of the articles which they were read. Make
  sure that you have provided the link back or url to blog or website.

  Note** to prevent duplicated of you articles, please wait until Google Webmaster indexed you articles before submit it
  to articles directory website.

  Make sure that you have added the tag to every post of you website/blog. Tag is useful for search engine to identify
  what page will appeal in next of you blog and will index you post and increase search engine result of that post,
  especial for visitor it will help them to be more easily to navigated to other post when they click on the tag.


  Joint the social media network such as Twitter, Facebook, Dig, and/or other social media network. Search for the
  people who are interesting to your blog Tips and spend 20 to 30 minutes a day to communicate with this target

  Try to communicate with the people and provided them of help by using your blog articles. Invite them to see your
  blog and read the articles of your blog post. Please remember that you connect with people on social media network
  because you want to make social relationship with them, but not only interest of gaining traffic to your website. Many
  blogger did the mistake with social media network they chart with the people only interested of increase their blog
  traffic. This mistake will make them loss of social relationship which result make of loss of attractive communication.

  It is a good idea to invites the people to see your blog by comment other blog with opinion, interest, answer the
  problem. Commenting on other blog is a big source of website or blog traffic. There were two things run behind of
  your commenting, the first is the blog owner they will read your comment and reply it or they will go to your website or
  blog to see what you have wrote. The second is other visitors who are reading the blog articles which you have
  commented and the interested to you opinion, they will go to your website or blog to read more about what you have
  wrote in your website or blog.

  Meanwhile, please make sure that you have provided the link or url back to your website or blog when you write the

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