The Outlook for Memphis: Risk and Reward by ProQuest


The US is urbanizing more and more rapidly, and by 2050, a full 75% of American people are expected to have located to a city. The reasons for this rising urban population are clear: cities are and have always been dynamic clusters of opportunity and culture. The rapid urbanization of America starkly illustrates the differences between the nation's cities. This new golden age of urban America should not obscure some other, very dark truths about the state of the national economy. The recovery from recession is happening too slowly for the 25 million Americans presently out of work. Memphis sadly reflects many of the most unfortunate national economic trends. According to the most recently available data, more than one in ten Memphians is out of work, and more than one in four lives below the poverty line; these numbers are even higher for African Americans, who make up more than two-thirds of the city's total population.

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