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					        E n vi r o Vu e H o m e I n s p e c t i o n                                               Volume 1, Issue 2

                                                                                                  January 26, 2004


                              MOLD                THE           NEXT ABESTOS?
                              Have you ever seen water
                              stains during your pre-listing
                              inspection and recommended
                              painting over the stains in
                              preparation for the sale?

                              Have you ever asked a client
                              to clean mold/mildew on a
                              wall near a bathroom or laun-
                              dry room?
       Steven Ramos
       Home Inspector         Have you ever listed a prop-
                              erty where you had knowledge
                              of previous water damage
                              and did not recommend to
EnviroVue Value Package
                              your seller/buyer that a test
                              for mold be conducted?
• 400 Point Home Inspection

• Free EnergyCheckup          If you answered yes to any of
                                                                Fastener problems often lead to roof leaks even in new homes
                              these questions then you
• Free Money Back Guarantee   were in a position of liable.
                              Yes, even though you are not
                              an environmental expert your      understand what mold is, how      based materials in our envi-
• Limited Mold Inspection
                              clients are expecting that you    we identify when there is a       ronment (i.e. Wallpaper, fram-
• Child Safety Inspection     , the Real Estate Professional,   mold problem, and what spe-       ing, plywood, strand board ,
                              properly advise them when         cific actions we can take to      and building paper—all of
• Free Escrow Billing         and where they may be at          protect our clients.              which are found in homes
                              risk?                                                               today). Fungi need three
                                                                What is mold?                     things to survive; moisture,
                                                                Mold is a naturally occurring     food, and warmth. Common
                              What to do?
                                                                fungi. It exists in different     sources of moisture in homes
                              First and foremost, the best                                        are leaky pipes, improperly
                              way to protect yourself is to     forms in all 50 of the United
                                                                States. Fungi are responsible     ventilated bathrooms, and
                              protect your client. To answer                                      roof leaks that go undetected.
                              that question we must first       for decomposing cellulose

                              ABOUT            THE       AUTHOR
                              Steve Ramos is a professional     Institute as a professional       estate and technology. His
 Making Home a Safer          home inspector for EnviroVue      home inspector. He is also        strong communications skills,
   Place for Family           Home Inspection. He has           certified as a Residential En-    excellent reporting tech-
                              lived in Sonoma County since      ergy Inspector by the Califor-    niques, and strong technical
                              1975. His hobbies include         nia Public Utilities Commis-      training make him a good
      Call Toll Free          baseball and hiking. Steve        sion. Previous to the home        choice to represent your cli-
                              has been a home inspector         inspection industry Steve held    ents in their next real estate
     866-541-2283             since November of 2002. He        numerous Sales and Market-        transaction. For more infor-
                              is certified by the American      ing positions in a variety of     mation please contact Steve
                              Home Inspectors Training          industries, including: real       at 866-541-2883.
E n v i r o Vu e H o me          ABOUT ENVIROVUE HOME INSPECTION
1222 Vintage Greens Drive        EnviroVue Home Inspection is a locally owned family run company with advanced qualifications to
Windsor, CA 95492                conduct General Home Inspections, Mold Assessments, and EnergyCheckups. We are certified by
                                 the American Home Inspector Training Institute, members of The California Real Estate Inspection
Phone: 866-541-2VUE
                                 Association, and Certified Energy Inspectors with EnergyCheckup.
                                 We serve a wide variety of clients. Families with young children will receive maximum value from our
                                 service offering which includes:
                                           1.      ChildSafe Report— safety tips for parents with small children
                                           2.      Limited mold inspection– visual inspection for evidence of mold and mildew
                                           3.      Home energy report- recommendations for savings on energy costs

    2 for 1                                4.      Free Money Back Guarantee- you are protected
                                 In addition to our 400 point comprehensive home inspection (complete with a narrative style report
                                 and high resolution digital photos), our clients receive the following:

EnviroVue is offering a 2 for    1.    Buy one get one free program — purchase a home inspection for the property you are buying and
1 home inspection package.             we will complete a complimentary home inspection on the house you are selling $300 savings
To qualify, all you need to      2.    Free Escrow Billing - most companies charge for escrow billing, we offer it without additional cost
do is purchase one home
inspection at full retail cost
for the home you are             Add it all up and your clients are receiving $500 in savings and value for the price of one home in-
buying and we will do a          spection. Call today for details on these programs.
FREE home inspection on
the property you are selling.
                                 MOLD THE NEXT ASBESTOS CONTINUED
                                                                                                            guidelines set by the New
                                 How do we know we have a                                                   York Department of Health.
                                 mold problem?                          of mold present in the home.
                                 The problem of mold is not so                                              For Real Estate Professionals
                                 much a water problem as it is          Mold Testing
                                                                                                            Mold is the single biggest
                                 a moisture accumulation                Mold testing takes various          liability in the field of Real
                                 problem. The first and best            forms. Three of the most            Estate. Insurance companies
                                 way is to evaluate whether or          popular are swab testing, air       are excluding coverage, net-
                                 not you have a mold problem            sampling, and carpet testing.       work television is giving it
                                 is to have a qualified home            Each of the techniques are          primetime billing, and your
                                 inspector (preferably one              used depending upon the             customers are scared to
                                 trained in moisture analysis           results of the initial visual       make a $500,000 mistake.
                                 and mold assessment) thor-             inspection.
                                                                                                            Despite the enormity of the
                                 oughly inspect your home. A                                                legal challenge, there is one
                                 visual inspection will reveal          I have a mold problem- what         thing we can do together to
                                 clues such as:                         do I do now?                        better serve and protect our
                                                                        The first thing to do is to cor-    clients and that is educate
                                 • Water staining or discol-            rect the moisture problem. If       them. The best way to edu-
                                      ored walls                        you fail to correct the mois-       cate your clients is to encour-
                                                                        ture problem, cleaning the          age them to have a qualified
                                 • Discolored carpet/flooring           mold is pointless because it        home inspector evaluate their
                                 • Sheetrock nails that are             will return. Remember, no           home prior to buying or sell-
                                      "popping"                         moisture accumulation, no           ing.
                                 • Moldy smell or mold stain            mold problem. After the mois-
                                                                        ture problem has been cor-
                                 These symptoms, if found,              rected, you must replace any
                                 may indicate that there is a           damaged assemblies of the
                                 mold problem and that further          structure and clean the re-
                                 testing is required to confirm         maining mold. We recom-
                                 or deny the type and volume            mend you hire a professional
                                                                        if the mold quantities exceed