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              George Skonce (1915-2000)
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10 VA Proposes Change to Aid Veterans Exposed         CHP: DR Power Grader                           27
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12 DoD Programs Encourage Life-Saving Donations       firstStreet: Miracle Reader                    29
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4   The VOICE **MAY 2010
MAY 2010 ** The VOICE   5
                  NEWS FROM THE VA

Secretary Shinseki Releases Draft Gulf War Task Force Report

  VA Press Release, Washington-Secre-        of Medicine review of the scientific lit-
tary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinse-     erature, and is a part of VA’s on-going
ki announced that the Department’s           Gulf War studies. This rule, when
Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses Task            implemented, will make it easier for
Force has completed the final draft of a     Veterans to obtain disability compensa-
comprehensive report that will redefine      tion and related healthcare.
how the Department of Veterans Affairs         The mission of VA’s Gulf War Veter-
(VA) addresses the concerns of Veter-        ans’ Illnesses Task Force is to identify
ans who deployed during the Gulf War         both gaps in services as well as oppor-
in 1990 and 1991.                            tunities to better serve Veterans of the    Group, and other related sources. Some
  “Our mission at VA is to be advocates      Gulf War. Of the almost 700,000 service     of the Task Force’s recommendations
for Veterans,” said Secretary Shinseki.      members who deployed to Operation           include:
“This report’s action plans provide a        Desert Shield in 1990 and Operation           Improve data sharing with Depart-
roadmap to transform the care and            Desert Storm in 1991, more than               ment of Defense to notify Veterans
services we deliver to Gulf War Veter-       300,000 have filed disability claims and      of potential exposures, monitor their
ans. We must learn from the past and         over 85 percent have been granted             long-term health and inform them
take the opportunity to anticipate the       service connection for at least one con-      about decisions regarding additional
future needs of our Veterans.”               dition.                                       follow up.
  Notification of the draft written report     The Chairman of the Gulf War Veter-         Improve the delivery of benefits to
will be published tomorrow in the Fed-       ans’ Illnesses Task Force is John R.          Veterans with Gulf War-related dis-
eral Register, and the draft written         Gingrich, Chief of Staff at VA, a retired     abilities by:
report identifies seven areas where VA       Army officer who also served during the       Reviewing and, if necessary, updat-
will improve services for this group of      Gulf War.                                     ing regulations affecting Gulf War
Veterans.                                      “Reaching out to Gulf War Veterans is       Veterans.
  Among these improvements, VA will          not only essential to our transformation      Expanding training for VBA examin-
reconnect with Veterans from the 1990        of VA, for many of us it is also person-      ers on how to administer disability
– 1991 Gulf War, strengthen the train-       al,” said Gingrich. “Having commanded         claims with multiple known toxin
ing of clinicians and claims processors,     troops in the Gulf War, and then know-        exposure incidents.
and reenergize its research effort. VA       ing that some of these brave men and          Improve VA healthcare for Veterans
will also proactively strengthen part-       women have fallen to mysterious ill-          through a new model of interdisci-
nerships and medical surveillance to         nesses has been both a frustrating and        plinary health education and train-
address the potential health impacts on      saddening experience. We now have an          ing.
Veterans from the environmental expo-        opportunity to do something about this        Increase number of long-term, Vet-
sures on today’s battlefields.               situation — with this Task Force, I           eran-focused studies of Veterans to
  Earlier this month, VA published a         know that we will improve the care and        enhance the quality of care VA pro-
proposed rule that will enable VA to         services these Veterans have earned.”         vides.
grant service connection on a presump-         VA’s Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses           Transition from reactive to proac-
tive basis for nine specific infectious      Task Force recommendations build on           tive medical surveillance to help
diseases associated with military serv-      the excellent work and findings of The        better manage Veterans’ potential
ice in Southwest Asia after August 2,        Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Advisory          hazardous exposures.
1990, or in Afghanistan on or after Sep-     Committee, VA Research Advisory Com-          Find new treatments for Gulf War
tember 19, 2001. The proposed rule           mittee on Gulf War Illnesses, the inter-
change was based on a recent Institute       agency Deployment Health Working                              Gulf War => Page 12

6   The VOICE **MAY 2010
                        National President
                                             President’s Message
                         Charlie Flowers
                                  I would like to thank the staffs of    that we have pre-written letters on our Capwiz site that can
                                our Washington Office and                be emailed, or printed and mailed to your Congressional
                                The Senior Citizens League for the       Representatives. Just go to, and click on
                                outstanding job they did on the new      “Capwiz”.
                                office building. The move is com-          The Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront Hotel has been
                         plete and they had a wonderful Open             selected as the host hotel for the 2012 Convention. We will
      House to show off the new space.                                   be selecting a site for the 2013 convention while we are in
        If you have concerns about veterans’ issues, please con-         Tucson during the convention in September. I hope that you
      tact the Washington office to get the latest information. I        sent your choice of where you would like to go in 2013. Be
      know that everyone gets extremely concerned when they              sure and fill out the Registration Form -- it is not too soon
      hear something is about to affect our benefits. Research the       to make your reservations. Read all about the upcoming
      information with the Washington office before you send out         convention in this issue of The VOICE.
      the information. Let us all make sure that we are dispers-           By the time you read this issue, the Finance Committee
      ing actual and up-to date information, and not out-of-date         and the Board of Directors Mid-Term meeting will have
      information or rumors. The Washington Office is the place          taken place. We will also have selected a vendor for our
      to start. Their contact information is in the front of the mag-    membership renewal. Remember to contact the member-
      azine.                                                             ship coordinator at headquarters if you have a problem with
        In March, I traveled to Washington, DC to testify before         renewals. The Minutes of these meetings will be available
      the Joint House and Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.             on our website.
      Progress is being made on veterans’ issues, sometimes it             Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day in June.
      just isn’t in a timely manner. The committee is very active        Please participate in some type of Memorial Day celebra-
      in this regard, and we will keep you informed of develop-          tion.

      ments, both through our Weekly E-Mail Update and through             United We Stand!
      The VOICE. If you do not get our weekly update delivered
      to your e-mail box, just send a message to,
      and put “Add My Email” in the Subject line. Please note
Dear Editor

              Editor’s Note: In the March 2010           was not ever intended to be a “pen-       types helping hospitalized veterans
              issue, we failed to identify Representa-   sion”.                                    and our soldiers and Marines over-
              tive Tim Walz’s political party. Repre-    Bob Balick                                seas with “Care” packages.
              sentative Walz is a Democrat from Min-                                               Our flag retirement ceremonies are
                                                         TSgt, USAF (Ret)
              nesota.                                                                              held on Flag Day, June 14, each year
                                                         Rome, NY                                  and are conducted by MGySgt
              Dear Editor,                                                                         Daniel Kelley USMC and an all vol-
              In the March issue of The Voice,           Dear Editor,                              unteer military honor guard with
              there was an article under “Elimi-         Please pass this on to your readers!      Eagle Boy Scouts assisting.
              nating Homelessness“. I strongly           Please, don’t throw that American         When you send us a flag, please
              encourage TREA to ask VA Secre-            flag into the trash! Do you have an       enclose a donation for this service.
              tary Eric K. Shinseki to request Con-      old, frazzled flag that’s no longer fit   This allows us to continue and
              gress to fully repeal the USFSPA, 10       for display, that’s laying around your    expand our programs.
              USC 1408, the law that allows, but         office or home and you just don’t         We are located at the junction of
              doesn’t require, state divorce courts      know what to do with it? Just send        Highway 41 and Avenue 12 just
              to partition military retired pay as       your flags to the not-for-profit          down from the world famous red,
              jointly earned marital property in         Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922           white, and blue barn (with the fifty
              divorce settlements. This egregious        Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866          golden stars on the roof) on the way
              law has forced many retirees to            and we’ll dispose of your flags in a      to Yosemite National Park.
              become homeless or near-homeless           proper and dignified manner with          Charles Taliaferro
              due to the unconscionable taking of        full honors and dignity pursuant to
              a military retiree’s reduced current       the United States Flag Code Section       42922 Avenue 12
              pay for reduced current service.           8K (PL93-344). The Kitchen Table          Madera, CA 93636-8866
              Please note that military retired pay      Gang (formed over 16 years ago) is a                         Letters => Page 39
                                                         “rag-tag” bunch of patriotic military

  8     The VOICE **MAY 2010
                                  VA Proposes Change to Aid Veterans Exposed
                                               to Agent Orange
                                  Proposed Regulation Change Adds Illnesses to List of Diseases Subject to Presumptive
                                                       Service Connection for Herbicide Exposure

                                                                  on solid evidence.”
                                                                    Over 80,000 of the Veterans will have their past claims
                                                                  reviewed and may be eligible for retroactive payment, and all
                                                                  who are not currently eligible for enrollment into the VA
                                                                  healthcare system will become eligible.
                                                                    During the Vietnam War, the U.S. military used more than
                                                                  19 million gallons of herbicides for defoliation and crop
                                                                  destruction in the Republic of Vietnam. Veterans who served
                                                                  in Vietnam anytime during the period beginning January 9,
                                                                  1962, and ending on May 7, 1975, are presumed to have been
                                                                  exposed to herbicides.
                                                                    Used in Vietnam to defoliate trees and remove concealment
                                                                  for the enemy, Agent Orange and other herbicides left a lega-
  VA Press Release, Washington–Well over 100,000 Veterans         cy of suffering and disability that continues to the present.
exposed to herbicides while serving in Vietnam and other            The new rule will bring the number of illnesses presumed
areas will have an easier path to qualify for disability pay      to be associated with herbicide exposure to 14 and signifi-
under a proposed regulation published by the Department of        cantly expand the current leukemia definition to include a
Veterans Affairs (VA) that adds three new illnesses to the list   much broader range of leukemias beyond chronic lymphocyt-
of health problems found to be related to Agent Orange and        ic leukemia previously recognized by VA.
other herbicide exposures.                                          In practical terms, Veterans who served in Vietnam during
  “This is an important step forward for Vietnam Veterans         the war and who have a “presumed” illness don’t have to
suffering from these three illnesses,” said Secretary of Vet-     prove an association between their illnesses and their mili-
erans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “These warriors deserve med-      tary service. This “presumption” simplifies and speeds up the
ical care and compensation for health problems they have          application process for benefits.
incurred.”                                                          Other illnesses previously recognized under VA’s “pre-
  The regulation follows Shinseki’s October 2009 decision to      sumption” rule as being caused by exposure to herbicides
add the three illnesses to the current list of diseases for       during the Vietnam War are:
which service connection for Vietnam Veterans is presumed.          · AL Amyloidosis,
The illnesses are B cell leukemias, such as hairy cell              · Acute and Subacute Transient Peripheral Neuropathy,
leukemia; Parkinson’s disease; and ischemic heart disease.          · Chloracne or other Acneform Disease consistent with
  The Secretary’s decision is based on the latest evidence of     Chloracne,
an association with widely used herbicides such as Agent            · Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, (now being expanded)
Orange during the Vietnam War, as determined in an inde-            · Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2),
pendent study by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).                   · Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma,
  Even though this is a proposed rule, VA encourages Viet-          · Porphyria Cutanea Tarda,
nam Veterans with these three diseases to submit their appli-       · Prostate Cancer,
cations for compensation now so the Agency can begin devel-         · Respiratory Cancers (Cancer of the lung, bronchus, larynx,
opment of their claims and so they can receive benefits from      or trachea), and
the date of their applications once the rule becomes final.         · Soft Tissue Sarcoma (other than Osteosarcoma, Chon-
  Comments on the proposed rule will be accepted over the         drosarcoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma, or Mesothelioma).
next 30 days. The final regulation will be published after con-     Additional information about Agent Orange and VA’s serv-
sideration of all comments received.                              ices for Veterans exposed to the chemical are available at
  “We must do better reviews of illnesses that may be con-
nected to service, and we will,” Shinseki added. “Veterans
who endure health problems deserve timely decisions based

10    The VOICE **MAY 2010
MAY 2010 ** The VOICE   11
DoD Programs Encourage Life-Saving Donations                           <= Gulf War, from page 6
                                      Tricare Press Release, Falls       Veterans through new research.
                                    Church, VA – The military            Enhance outreach to provide information and guidance
                                    community is known for mak-          to Veterans about benefits and services available to
                                    ing sacrifices and giving its        them for injuries/illnesses associated with Gulf War
                                    all. Along with serving Amer-        service.
                                    ica and protecting lives, many       As a first step, VA is seeking public comments on the
                                    service members also donate        draft written report before final publication. The public
life to others by giving blood or bone marrow. Both are vitally        notice will be posted at, and the
important in operating rooms at home and around the world.             draft written report will be open for comment for thirty
  The easiest way to give someone the gift of life during April’s      (30) days. Comments may also be submitted via mail as
Donate Life Month is by giving blood. The Armed Services               described in the public notice. In addition, VA recognizes
Blood Program operates 22 blood donor centers in the United            that a great number of Gulf War Veterans use a computer
States and abroad,                                                     on a daily basis to socialize their issues and concerns, so
collecting blood and                                                   VA has also created a public discussion board on the seven
platelets used by                                                      recommendations at:
more than a million                                             
service members and                                                      To view the report without making recommendations,
their families. To                                                     you may view a copy on VA’s website at:
find the closest                                               
Armed        Services                                                    gwvi_draft_report.pdf.
Blood        Program
donor center and
make an appoint-
ment to donate go to:                                                                   VA Health Information                                                            Technology Improves Quality of
  It can take as little as ten minutes to collect one pint of blood,                    Health Care While Reducing
and blood donations can be made up to six times a year. Most                            Costs
adults in good health can donate blood, but there are restric-                            VA Press Release, Washington-The
tions for certain medical conditions, tattoos or overseas travel.                     Department of Veterans Affairs has shown
  Those unable to donate blood may still be able to serve as a                  that health information technology provides
bone marrow donor. Visit for more infor-              improved quality of health care and substantial cost sav-
mation about the Department of Defense (DoD) Blood Marrow               ings, according to a study in the public health journal
Donation Program and information on how to get on the Nation-           Health Affairs. The use of technology lowered costs while
al Marrow Donor Program registry.                                       producing improvements in quality, safety and patient
  Bone marrow is used to treat many diseases including                  satisfaction.
leukemia, lymphoma and genetic disorders. Donating marrow is              “VA has seen its investment in health information tech-
not as painful as it may sound, and getting on the bone marrow          nology pay off for Veterans and taxpayers for many years,
registry is quick and easy.                                             and this study provides positive evidence for this corre-
  Potential bone marrow donors provide a swab of cells from             lation,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shin-
inside their cheek or a small blood sample. Active duty service         seki. “The benefits have exceeded costs, proving that the
members, their family members, DoD civilians and National               implementation of secure, efficient systems of electronic
Guard or Reserve personnel in good health under the age of 60           records is a good idea for all our citizens.”
can register. This registration also places them in the National          The study, which covered a 10-year period between
Marrow Donor Program registry. Once a need is determined and            1997 and 2007, found that VA’s health IT investment
a match is found on the registry, the potential donor still has the     during the period was $4 billion, while savings were
choice to donate or not                                                 more than $7 billion. The authors noted that most of the
  The DoD Marrow Donor program provides the donor trans-                savings are in areas that also improve quality, safety and
portation to, and lodging where the donation is taking place,           patient satisfaction.
along with support and education on the donation process. By              More than 86 percent of the savings were due to elimi-
law, federal employees are allowed up to seven days of paid             nating duplicated tests and reducing medical errors. The
leave for bone marrow donation. Command approval is required            rest of the savings came from lower operating expenses
for active duty service members.                                        and reduced workload. The authors further noted that
                                                                        these were conservative estimates of net value, based on
                                                                        available literature and published studies.
                                                                          VA has also begun piloting health record exchanges

                                                                                                                   IT => Page 38

12   The VOICE **MAY 2010
W ASHINGTON U PDATE                                                                    by Deirdre Parke Holleman
                                                                                       Washington Executive Director

  Since the last issue of The Voice, many dramatic events        islative goals. Again I emphasized the need to completely
have happened in Washington. Of course the most dra-             end the unfair practice of offsetting military longevity or
matic thing was that the health care overhaul was passed         medical retired pay with VA disability pay. There are still 2
and signed into law. And since there is an election in           groups of military retirees who are not receiving any relief
November when it is expected everyone in town believes           from this offset. Those who don’t qualify for Combat Related
that the Majority is going to lose many House and Sen-           Special Compensation (CRSC) and were either medically
ate seats the leadership is pushing very hard on many of         retired with less than 20 years of service or are longevity
their signature issues before it becomes even harder for         retirees with disabilities of 10% to 40%. They are still com-
them to win. That means that they are turning back to try        pletely subject to this unfair law. Additionally, we strongly
and pass environmental bills, financial regulation, voting       urge that simple fairness requires that TERA retirees should
rights for DC and more. But while all of that will be going      be treated as full longevity retirees. (After all that is clearly
on, we are also working on the next National Defense             what they were promised.) The Administration’s FY2011
Authorization and Appropriation Bills, numerous VA bills         DoD budget proposes that Medical Retirees with less than 20
and trying to get Congress to do something about the Doc         years of service to be able to collect both their retired pay
Fix.                                                             and their VA disability; however the budget provides no off-
  Additionally it should be noted that March was a huge          set money to pay for it as is required by the present PAYGO
month for TREA on the Hill. TREA President Charlie               rules. We have been fighting for Congress to find the money
Flowers testified before a Joint House and Senate Com-           (of course we know that Congress finds way to pay for things
mittees of Veterans Affairs Hearing on our veteran leg-          they really want PAYGO or no PAYGO). Still it is much better
islative goals. I also testified before separate SASC (Sen-      for the Administration to state they are in favor of this
ate Armed Services Committee) and HASC (House Armed              change rather than be against it or merely silent. We should
Services Committee) Personnel Subcommittee hearings              acknowledge that with an enormous deficit looming and
on DoD retiree and survivor legislative issues, and I par-       growing larger every day it is going to be harder and harder
ticipated in a Summit on the problems with the VA                to get new programs or enlarged programs that require new
                      Claims Adjudication procedures and         spending. That is the new reality. However, that is no reason
                         how to improve them called by           to let up. We must just keep pushing the many pending bills
                         House VA Committee Chairman             that would end this injustice.
                          Bob Filner (D-CA). So TREA was           Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is the sponsor
                       everywhere this month                     for S546, a bill that would completely and immediately end
                            1) Concurrent Retirement and         the offset for both groups. It still has 44 co-sponsors. Sena-
                          Disability Pay (CRDP) (commonly        tor Reid is in a very tough reelection race this year-so we
                          called concurrent receipt) and         don’t know how much attention he plans to devote to this
                          Combat Related Special Compen-         issue. So please, TREA members living in Nevada, keep con-
                            sation (CRSC)-As mentioned           tacting the Senator’s office with the message that this is
                               above, in March I had the honor   your crucial issue. In the House of Representative there are
                                  of testifying at hearings      3 bills concerning CRDP and CRSC. Representative Jim Mar-
                                     before both the Senate      shall’s (D-GA) HR333 would allow full and immediate VA
                                        and the House Armed      Disability Pay and either Combat Related Special Compensa-
                                         Services Committees     tion of Concurrent Retired and Disability Pay for all Military
                                          concerning retiree     retirees, whether longevity or medical. It has jumped to 143
                                           and survivor leg-     co-sponsors. On the other side of the aisle Representative
                                                                 Gus Bilirakis’ (R-FL) has introduced 2 bills concerning these
                                                                 issues: HR303 would allow all Longevity Retirees to imme-
                                                                 diately receive their VA disability pay and either Combat
                                                                 Related Compensation or Concurrent Retired and Disability
                                                                 Pay. It now has 126 co-sponsors. His HR811 would allow all
                                                                 medical retirees to collect their retired pay and either CRSC
                                                                 or CRSC. It has 6 co-sponsors.
                                                                   2) Reserve and National Guard Benefits-TREA is again
                                                                 making a major push to try to get another step towards early
                                                                 retirement for members of the Reserve and National Guard.
                                                                 In 2005 we made the first small step to this goal when in
                                                                 2005 Congress partially passed a proposal of Senator Saxby
                                                                 Chambliss (R-GA) which states that for every 90 a Guard or
                                                                 Reserve member is deployed his or her date to collect retired
                                                                 pay is dropped by 90 days. However, that bill only took effect
14   The VOICE **MAY 2010
for deployments made after the law was signed. Senator               of Congress. So if we are going to get this without finding
Chambliss (R-GA) and Senator John Kerry (D-MA) both pro-             another sponsor who feels passionate about this issue we
posed bills that would move this date back to 9/11/01. Sena-         need to do it THIS year.
tor Chambliss’ S644 has 13 co-sponsors while Senator                   Representative Walter B. Jones’ (R-NC) is the original
Kerry’s S831 support is still 27 co-sponsors. (The 2 Senators        sponsor of HR613. It has 60 co-sponsors. This bill would
have been working together across the aisle on this issue.           allow the family to keep the full month’s retired pay for the
Senator Chambliss was an original co-sponsor on Senator              month the retiree died. This would stop the present proce-
Kerry’s bill and is focusing his efforts to pass his bill-since as   dure of removing the full retired pay from the checking
the majority party’s bill it has a better chance.). At the SASC      account and then later returning a per diem amount reflect-
hearing I testified in, Senator Chambliss clearly came to the        ing how many days the retiree lived in his or her last month.
hearing to emphasis that he was pushing for this change this         It would make the law for retired pay the same as the pres-
year.                                                                ent law covering VA Disability Pay. This proposed change
  Representative Joe Wilson’s (R-SC) HR208 is a similar bill         would be a great help to survivors during their most difficult
in the House. It has 127 co-sponsors.                                time.
  The Gray Area Retiree TRICARE program is called “TRI-                Finally, Representative Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) has once again
CARE Reserve Retiree” (TRR). The latest word is that DoD             introduced HR809. It would reduce the age from 57 to 55
intends to have it up and running by October 1, but nothing          when DIC survivors could remarry without a loss of their DIC
official yet. They are still planning to set up a new TRICARE        payments. It still has no co-sponsors.
program with a risk pool separate from the TRICARE                     4) DoD Health Care-After coming back from their Easter
Reserve Select’s (TRS) pool, which we all believe will mean          break the Senate passed Senator Jim Webb’s (D-VA) S3148
that they plan to set higher premiums than those for TRS             by a voice vote. His bill is an exact duplicate of Chairman of
(where of course the member only pays 28% of the cost                the House Armed Services Committee Ike Skelton’s (D-MO)
rather than 100% in the TRR). Again, as soon as we have              HR4887. Both bills stated clearly that all the TRICARE
more information we will let you know.                               bills would qualify as “minimal essential coverage” under the
  3) Survivor Benefits-In my testimony before both the               civilian health care law. What does that mean? Simply that
SASC and the HASC, I emphasized how important it is to end           no TRICARE beneficiary could be fined for not having health
the unfair SBP/DIC offset. At the HASC hearing 2 military            care insurance that the federal government accepts under
widows movingly testified how this offset affects their lives        the new bill. So for the present time the new health care bill
and the lives of their children and how important it is to end       should have no effects on TRICARE beneficiaries (except for
it now. But it is going to be a very hard slog. The Committee        the fact that any huge change for everyone practicing civil-
included a representative from the Congressional Budget              ian health care must in some why effect every American.)
Office (CBO) as a witness to testify that ending the SBP/DIC         But down the road we must remember that DoD hates,
offset would require mandatory funding. And that would               absolutely hates, how much health care of retirees, and
mean that there must be a cut in some other DoD program.             active duty family members, and survivors is costing them.
But yet again we all know that when Congress really wants            We must be vigilant to make sure that no one proposes that
to do something they find the money. And we have huge num-           any of those groups be sent to the Medical Insurance
bers of co-sponsors NOW. Senator Bill Nelson’s S535 has 56           Exchanges when they are stood up. But that is a job for down
co-sponsors. Representative Solomon Ortiz’s (D-TX) HR775             the road.
is now up to 325 co-sponsors. Over 70% of all House mem-               Now the immediate health care problem that we must deal
bers! But is still being held up in Committee. In March, Rep-        with is the need to solve the Medicare’s Doc Fix. We are still
resentative Walter Jones (R-NC) submitted a Discharge Peti-          waiting for Congress to come to grips with this serious prob-
tion before the House. If half (218) of the House members            lem. (I know I have been writing to you about this problem in
sign the petition there must be a vote on the floor. But at the      every forum I have-The Voice, the weekly Update and Alerts.
moment there are only 7 signers. It was a politically daring         But that is because this is very important. The Medicare law
thing for Rep. Jones to do, so we should follow through.             presently requires a 21.2% cut for all doctors providing care
Please contact your Representatives and ask them to sign             for Medicare patients. This is because at the end of the ‘90s
the Discharge Petition.                                              Congress required that Medical costs could rise no faster
  Another important pending survivors bill is Representative         than the general Inflation Index. But we all know that med-
Steve Buyer’s (R-IN) HR2243. It now has 74 co-sponsors.              ical costs have been increasing at a much faster rate than
The bill would both increase the DIC payment to an amount            the rest of the economy. So every year Congress has delayed
that is 55% of the 100% VA disability pay level and end the          implementation of the cuts but they have not modified the
offset. This bill would make DIC’s monthly payment equiva-           statute. Year after year the percentages have been added
lent to other survivor provisions in the federal civilian sector.    together. So it has now reached 21.2%! Since TRICARE for
Again, it is simple fairness. Please remember, Rep. Buyer has        Life (TFL) is a second payer after Medicare this would affect
announced that he will be retiring at the end of this session
                                                                                                            LegUpdate => Page 16
                                                                                            MAY 2010 ** The VOICE              15
        <= LegUpdate, from Page 15
        all TFL beneficiaries. Additionally, since all       are eligible for these new presumptions.)
        TRICARE payment rates are based on                   These diseases are: Brucellosis, Campylobac-
        Medicare rates it will affect what doctors will      ter jejuni, Coxiella burnetii (Q fever), malaria,
        be paid to care for all TRICARE beneficiaries.       Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Nontyphoid Sal-
        Many Doctors are saying that they will either        monella, Shigella, Visceral leishmaniasis and
        stop taking any Medicare patients or will            West Nile virus.
        refuse to take any new Medicare patients if            6. BRAC-There is still nothing new to report
        this cut actually goes through. Congress has         but soon both the BRAC and the rebasing proj-
        passed another stop gap measure that will hold       ects will be a major focus.
        off the cuts through May. But a permanent fix          7. The Flag Amendment-There is still very
        must be developed. This is the critical medical      little push behind this issue. Senator David
        issue facing military retirees and their families    Vitter (R-LA) has introduced S.J. Res 2 and
        TODAY. Please call or write your Representa-         S.J. Res 15 and Representative Jo Ann Emer-
        tives and Senators as soon as possible.              son (R-MO) has introduced H.J. Res 8 and
          Finally, although the Administration did not       H.J. Res 47. All of them would permit Con-
        propose increases in TRICARE enrollment              gress to pass laws protecting the American
        fees, deductibles or co-payments we must stay        Flag from physical desecration. Rep. Emer-
        vigilant! While it is clear that they don’t want     son’s H. J. Res 8 still has 2 co-sponsors while
        a fight this year (they have enough on their         her H.R. Res 47 now has 80 co-sponsors. Sen-
        plate) we can’t let up. This is still a major goal   ator Vitter’s S.J. Res 2 has no co-sponsors
        for DoD.                                             while his S.J. Res. 15 has 26 co-sponsors.
          5) Veterans Benefits-TREA President Char-            8. Amendment to the IRS Code-Represen-
        lie Flowers forcefully testified about the cru-      tative Chris Van Hollen’s (D-MD) and Senator
        cial need to improve the VA’s claims processing      Jim Webb’s (D-VA) bills to allow military
        and adjudication systems when speaking               retirees under the age of 65 to pay for their
        before the House and Senate VA Committees in         TRICARE Premiums with pre-tax dollars to
        March. The reason why is clear-the pending           allow pre-tax payments (and federal civilian
        docket includes over 1,000,000 waiting claims        retirees to do the same for their FEHBP) have
        and the delays are growing and growing.              added more and more co-sponsors. This would
          This year’s Administration’s VA budget pro-        be a real help to military retirees under the age
        posal reached $125 billion (up from last year’s      of 65. (Including, hopefully, paying with pre-
        final budget of $114 billion). This includes         tax dollars for the new TRR program.) Repre-
        $2.149 billion to “support improved benefits         sentative Van Hollen’s HR1203 and has
        processing” through a combination of addition-       reached 210 co-sponsors while Senator Webb’s
        al staff, improved training and supervision          S491 is now 47 co-sponsors. Now that Con-
        practices and expanded technology (up 27%            gress has acted on their health care overhaul
        from last year) So it is clear that the Adminis-     the question should be why military retirees
        tration is aware of the problem and trying to        shouldn’t have the same tax treatment that
        deal with it. The VA budget proposal includes        active duty family members and federal civil-
        hiring 4,000 additional claims personal (1600        ian employees have. And the answer should be
        already hired under the stimulus bill). The          that they should be treated the same way.
        budget also includes approximately $7 billion          9. Education Benefits-One of the major
        more for entitlement spending for the new GI         gaps in the Post 9/11 GI Bill is that it only
        Bill of Rights and to pay and three new pre-         applies to degree granting institutions (Bache-
        sumptive illnesses due to exposure of Agent          lor and Graduate degrees). However, many vet-
        Orange. They are Parkinson’s disease,                erans want to enroll in vocational, technical or
        ischemic heart disease and B-cell leukemia.          certificate programs Over 70% of previous edu-
        The VA is saying that they expect 200,000 new        cation programs have been used for non-
        cases; other experts say it will be double or        degree programs. Senator Blanche Lincoln’s
        triple that.                                         (D-AR) S3171 (with 5 co-sponsors) and Repre-
          The VA also announced an additional 9 “pre-        sentative Joe Sestak’s (D-PA) HR3813 (with
        sumptive diseases” for veterans who served in        11 co-sponsors) solves this error by enlarging
        “Southwest Asia during the Gulf War or in            the statute to include any VA approved voca-
        Afghanistan on or after September 19, 2001”.         tional program.
        It is phrased this way since the Persian Gulf
        War has not officially been declared ended so
        veterans serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom

16   The VOICE **MAY 2010
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                                   TREA Legislative Action Center.
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                                     Simply enter your zip code, and you
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                                     Remember to “Tell A Friend” about
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20   The VOICE **MAY 2010
  by Al Ballok, National 2nd VP/Nominating Chair               throughout the year. If you are interested in running for a
  To all TREA Members: Anyone interested in running for        position, you have until June 1 to submit your resume so that
one of the Officer Positions at the 2010 Convention in Tuc-    it can be included in the convention packet and be published
son, AZ, now is the time to start getting your resume to       in the July Voice magazine. Resumes must be submitted on
TREA Headquarters.                                             TREA Form 100-3, which is available on our website at:
  The following positions will be open: President, 1st Vice You can also contact
President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, Treasur-    TREA HQ at 800-338-9337 to request a copy. Qualified mem-
er, and two Directors. The Retired Enlisted Association will   bers can wait until the convention to be nominated from the
be accepting resumes for the 2010-2011 National Board of       floor; however it is your responsibility to provide each con-
Directors until June 1, 2010.                                  vention delegate a copy of your resume.
  You must be a member of TREA and meet the eligibility          Chapter Presidents will receive a copy of resume forms and
requirements as outlined in Bylaws Article IX, Section 2.      other pertinent convention information at a later date.
The Officer responsibilities are many and will keep you busy

                                         by Al Ballok, National 2nd VP/ Credentials Chair
     Membership -                        Calling All MALs - Members-At-Large (MALs) should attend the upcoming
                                       Convention in Tucson, AZ as a delegate and vote on issues presented. In order to
      Recruiting                       be a delegate at the convention you must complete a Registration Form and attach
                                       the Registration Fee. You must also submit a MAL Accreditation (Form 100-1M).
                                       Both of these forms must be sent to TREA HQ. The Registration Form is available
by Butch Liebaert
                                       in this issue of The Voice or on our website. A registered MAL Delegate attending
1st VP and Chairman
                                       the convention may also carry one proxy vote for another regular MAL who has
  The following members recruited new
                                       given his/her proxy voting authorization by completing (Form 100-2M).
members during February and March
                                         Calling All Chapters-All Chapters will be notified in May of the number of Del-
2010. Congratulations, and keep up the
                                       egates that they are authorized. Each Chapter Delegate may carry ONE Proxy, up
good work.
                                       to the total number of Delegates authorized for the Chapter.
                                         Each Chapter Delegate must complete a Registration Form and attach the prop-
Alexander Ballok -Chapter 90
                                       er Registration Fee. Registration Forms, Accreditation Forms and Proxy Forms
Kenneth Banik -Chapter 29
                                       must be returned to TREA Headquarters.
Jack Cotton -Chapter 35
                                         All Accreditation and Proxy Forms are available on our website at:
Jose Cruz -Chapter 88
                              or you can contact TREA Headquarters.
Michael Davis -Chapter 3
                                         Remember all forms must be sent to TREA Headquarters on or before
Ralph Donais -Chapter 115
                                       August, 1, 2010.
Mary Hall Gray -Chapter 24
Dennis James -Chapter 119
Dennis Klepsky -Chapter 98
Thomas “Butch” Liebaert -Chapter 119
                                                 Chapter Start-Up & Assistance
Stephen Olbrish -Chapter 88
                                         by Al Ballok, National 2nd Vice Presi- I’ve sent him a list of MAL’s and
Leroy Raposa -Chapter 79
                                       dent - We started the year with six instructions on what needs to be done
C.D. Rice, Jr. -Chapter 3
                                       prospective chapters in the works: New in starting a chapter. As of 3/30/10 he
Donald Walton -Chapter 47
                                       Castle, PA; Hope/Prescott, AZ; Great is having a hard time getting enlisted
                                       Falls, MT; Houston, TX; Lawton, OK; retirees interested in a chapter, but he
Total Recruited for Febriary and
                                       and Peach Tree City, GA.                    will keep trying.
March, 2010: 45
                                         New Castle, PA – After sending a list       Lawton, OK – Attempting to contact a
Total NEW Members for February and
                                       of MAL’s and the other info on what couple of individuals in the area, no one
March 2010: 285
                                       would have to be done, the individual has returned any phone calls yet.
Total RENEWALS for February and
                                       decided that he did not want to devote        Great Falls, MT – Waiting to hear
March 2010: 457
                                       the time necessary to pursue starting a back from individuals.
                                       chapter.                                      Nothing in the works for Houston or
Get out there and RECRUIT!!!
                                         Peach Tree City, GA – Contacted Joel Hope/Prescott as of this date.
                                       Kinsman, he has contacted others                              CSU&A => Page 26
                                       about starting a chapter in the area.

                                                                                      MAY 2010 ** The VOICE              21
                      Legislative Affairs                                                                   VSO
  by Art Cooper, Legislative Affairs Chair     instructions on the websites of every
  It’s an honor for me to serve TREA           member of Congress on how to do that.          Veteran Affairs in Operation
members this year as chairman of the           We have been told by Congressional staff
Legislative Affairs Committee. I believe       members that they read every one of            “The Retired Enlisted Association is
this is one of the most important com-         those emails.                                definitely gaining popularity among
mittees we have in our organization and          Whatever way you chose, always be          state agencies from Puerto Rico to Alas-
its work is very important for all mem-        sure to be respectful. Make sure you         ka”, said TREA National VSO C. D. Rice,
bers of TREA. Every year legislation           have your facts straight and respectfully,   Jr. Rice attended the National Associa-
passed by Congress can affect us for           but firmly, make your opinion known.         tion of State Directors of Veterans
good, or for ill.                                                  ****                     Affairs (NASDVA) Conference in the
  Many things have happened already on           I also want to impress upon you the        Washington, D C area a few weeks ago.
my watch: important bills were passed;         need to get involved locally. Here’s one     C. D. said the thing that impressed him
others are being considered; and other         example of how you can do that. Twenty-      most at the conference was the amount
organizations have put out erroneous           six states, including my state of Mary-      of time V.A. Secretary Eric K. Shinseki
information or rumors, all of which we         land, continue to tax our retirement pay.    spent with the directors in a “Question
have tried to clear up or correct before       This is a potent issue and one that can be   and Answer” session following his pres-
passing them along to our members. I           used to attract new members to our           entation.
would ask each of you to be very careful       ranks. I have actively assumed the title
before you circulate information on            of spokesperson for all retired enlisted
behalf of TREA that you have heard or          persons in the state of Maryland. Not
received, especially when you receive it       only am I asked to give testimony for
by email. There are lots of rumors being       retirees but also for veterans on all
spread through mass emails and it is           our issues. I have served in this capaci-
probably fair to say that most of them are     ty for seven years. During this time I
either partially or totally false. If you      have advised retirees of many other
have any questions about whether or not        states trying to have their retirement
the information you have received is           pay exempt from state and local taxes.         NASDVA, along with the National
true, feel free to check with our Wash-        So far we’ve gotten $5,000 of our retire-    Association of County Veterans Service
ington office for its authenticity. It could   ment pay exempted from state income          Officers (NACVSO) allows TREA mem-
give you some much needed piece of             taxes. I have vowed I will not rest until    bers to call from anyplace in the United
mind and it will help insure that we are       we have 100%. I encourage you to find        States to TREA Headquarters and
not spreading fear and inaccurate infor-       out about the situation in your state and    obtain immediate information about vet-
mation.                                        take action if it’s appropriate.             erans benefits and services, as well as
  I also encourage you to personally con-        There are other ways to be involved in     locating a veterans service officer (VSO)
tact your own Congressional representa-        your states and local areas that can ulti-   in his/her area. As for members sta-
tives and let them know what your con-         mately benefit TREA. For instance, I am      tioned overseas, TREA’s VSO will refer
cerns are. Along that line, if you are not     a forming member of Advocates For            the person the country’s Embassy.
a registered voter, please register.           Excellence (AOE), a group of profession-       Three Directors (Lonnie Wangen, ND;
  TREA has a web site and a weekly             als from all careers who feel it in our      John E. Lee, WA; and Verdie A. Bowen,
update on all legislation that directly        best interest to be involved with our        AK) joined TREA. Rice also acquired the
affects us, so if you have not already         youth. This was started at Meade High        names of several other prospects who
done so, please sign up to receive the         School, with the hope of expanding it to     pledged to join later. Commissioner Wan-
updates. We must insist on knowing and         as many schools as possible. TREA mem-       gen, not retired yet from the military,
sharing the TRUTH.                             bers have joined in this effort to mentor    said he joined TREA because he now
                   *****                       through being involved, speaking and         works for and comes in contact with
  Personally contacting your own Sena-         engaging our youth. I also coordinate all    many National Guard enlisted personnel;
tors and Representative is critically          awards, RADs, and veterans musters in        Alaska Director Bowen, stated that his
important in winning the legislative bat-      an around the Baltimore-Washington           voice is carried with other enlisted mem-
tles that affect us and that we care so        area and I speak at every event where        bers to impact future benefits enhance-
much about. Our Washington Office has          TREA can be shared.                          ment before Congress; and Washington
advised me that the most effective way           These are just a few ideas for being       State Director, John Lee indicated that
to make your voice heard is to either call     involved in your state or community          by joining TREA this would ensure that
their offices and give them your opinion       while still advancing TREA and our           the Association gets a foot hold in his
and encourage them to vote your way, or        cause. Just be a little creative and have    state. Also, TREA is a voice for him as
to go to their website and send an email       a willingness to be active.                                          VSO => Page 26
through their websites. There are
 22    The VOICE **MAY 2010
                                              TREA’S 47th National Convention –
                                                  September 15 –18, 2010
                                                      Tucson, Arizona
  Wake up to the classic, colorful sunsets of Tucson while           *Silent Auction-This year TREA will have a silent auction,
attending TREA’s 47th National Convention in Arizona!              instead of a live auction, at the President’s Dinner. Proceeds
  Save money and take advantage of the early bird registra-        from the auction go to The Memorial Foundation. Bring your
tion fee by sending your registration form to TREA National        bidding skills and wallet to snag a great deal, and don’t for-
Headquarters before August 2, 2010. The registration rate is       get to send your donated auction items to TREA HQ, or you
$195.00, and will go up to $245.00 after August 2. The Con-        can bring them to Convention. If you or your chapter would
vention Registration Form is on Page 23 or is available on         like to support the Convention monetarily, you may send a
our website at            check to TREA HQ or through TREA’s website.
  *Hotel – The Doubletree Reid Park Hotel will be our loca-          *Airline Discount-Discounts on airfare have been arranged
tion for the Convention. You can call and make your reserva-       with United Airlines. Book your ticket at least 30 days prior
tions at 1-800-222-8733 or by going to:                            to departure to take advantage of the best discounts. United          Airlines will offer a 7-10% discount for travel from Septem-
  TUSBTDT-REA-20100910/index.jhtml.                                ber 6-22, 2010. You must make your reservations with the
  (A link to this website is also available on the TREA web-       United Specialized Meeting Center at 1-800-521-4041. This
site.) Use the group code “REA” when you make your                 discount is not valid online. The United Airlines group code
reservation to get TREA’s negotiated rate. TREA’s Conven-          for TREA is 586KF.
tion hotel rate is $95+++ ($108.45) for single or double occu-       *Tour/ Activities-Calling all shop-a-holics!!! The hotel shut-
pancy or $105+++ ($119.66) for triple or quadruple occu-           tle will take guests to Park Place Mall anytime you like. Get
pancy. These rates can be booked from September 7-21,              your souvenirs and a little (or a lot of) something for yourself
2010; but are based on availability of the room block. These       with this convenient service. Shuttle rides are based on
rates cannot be guaranteed after TREA’s room block is full or      availability.
after August 2, 2010 (whichever comes first). Be advised             There will be a casino shuttle to the Desert Diamond-
that September 16, 2010 is Mexican Independence Day and            Nogales Casino on Friday, September 17, 2010. The shuttle
a celebration period in the Tucson area. Make your reserva-        will depart the hotel at 6pm and return from the casino at
tion early to avoid the holiday booking rush.                      10pm. Use the signup sheet on page 37 to reserve your spot
  TREA guests will be offered free airport shuttle service         (send it in to TREA HQ)! Space is limited on the shuttle and
and in-room wireless internet access. The hotel currently          available on a “first come first served” basis only. TREA
charges for these services; however TREA has been given an         guests who sign up with the Desert Diamond Players Club
exemption. Make sure to tell the hotel representatives that        will receive a $5 dining coupon and a free gift.
you are with the TREA group and you will not have to pay for         A tour will be offered to San Xavier Mission and PIMA Air
these services.                                                    and Space Museum on Saturday, September 18, 2010. The
  If you have special needs, please inform the hotel of your       Gray Line Tour Registration Form is on Page 25. More
requirements during reservation. Rooms are available on the        details of the tour and the registration form are available on
court yard level or close to the lobby floor in the tower build-   our website at:
ing, but we encourage you to make your reservation early to          *Golf Tournament-Because of low participation for the past
guarantee a room that can accommodate your needs. The              few years, TREA will no longer host a golf tournament. How-
hotel has an airport shuttle equipped with a wheel chair lift;     ever, there are two golf courses directly across the street
please make sure to specify your requirements upon arrival.        from the host hotel; Dell Urich and Randolph North. Guests
  If you plan on bringing a guest to Convention, you can pur-      at the Doubletree are given the state resident discount for
chase single event tickets for them. Single event tickets will     their golf reservation, as long as they mention they are stay-
be sold until September 9, 2010. No single event tickets           ing at the Doubletree Reid Park. Rates range from $37 for 18
will be sold after that date! Ticket prices are $60.00 for the     holes and $23 for nine holes (includes cart and green fees).
TREA Awards Luncheon, $85.00 for the President’s Dinner            Equipment rentals are also available at the courses. To make
including social hour, $50.00 for the Auxiliary Awards             a reservation, contact Jessica Urrea or Robert Spikes at the
Luncheon, and $100.00 for the Installation Ceremony includ-        Tucson City Golf Administrative Office at 1-520-837-8000
ing social hour. Contact Art or Shannon at TREA HQ or              (Mon–Fri, 8am-5pm). to purchase           TREA’s National Convention Committee is finalizing plans
your tickets. Hospitalities are not included with single event     to ensure your trip is magnificent. Stay tuned for more
tickets. Individual tickets will not be sold for hospitalities.    updates on the treats we have in store!
TREA is looking for volunteers to staff the hospitalities on                                                 Convention => Page 26
Tuesday, September 14 and Friday, September 17. If you are
interested, please contact TREA HQ.

                                                                                           MAY 2010 ** The VOICE               23
THIS FORM MAY BE PHOTOCOPIED AS NECESSARY                                      Send Completed form and payment to:
Convention Dates: September 15-18, 2010                                               The Retired Enlisted Association
Doubletree Tucson at Reid Park                                                  1111 S. Abilene Ct., Aurora, CO 80012
445 South Alvernon Way                                                           Fax: 303-752-0835 or 888-882-0835
Tucson, AZ 85711                                                              Register online and pay through PAYPAL
RESERVATIONS: 1-800-22-8733 or                                        , click on “Convention”,
Group code: REA Dates Available :September 7-21, 2010
*$95+++ ($108.45) single/double occupancy                                 Refunds subject to a 25% Processing Fee
*$105+++ ($119.66) triple/quadruple occupancy
*TREA rates are available until the room block is filled or until Aug 2, 2010, whichever is first

Attendee #1:
                       TREA                   TREA                 TREA                 TREA
                       Auxiliary              Auxiliary            Auxiliary            Auxiliary
                       Check if you serve as Chapter President            Not attending as a Delegate
First Name: __________________________ Last Name: ____________________________________
Name As It Should Appear on Name Badge (PRINT OR TYPE LEGIBLY): _______________________
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________ State: ________ Zip Code: __________ Tel#: _____________________
Member No.: ________________     Member of Chapter #_________     Member at Large (MAL)
Email address: __________________________________________
Attendee #2:
                       TREA                   TREA                 TREA                 TREA
                       Auxiliary              Auxiliary            Auxiliary            Auxiliary
                       Check if you serve as Chapter President            Not attending as a Delegate
First Name: __________________________ Last Name: ____________________________________
Name As It Should Appear on Name Badge (PRINT OR TYPE LEGIBLY): _______________________
     Check if Same as Attendee #1
Address: ______________________________________________________________________________
City: __________________ State: ________ Zip Code: __________ Tel#: _____________________
Member No.: ________________      Member of Chapter #_________    Member at Large (MAL)
Email address: __________________________________________
REGISTRATION FEE: $195 ($245 after 8/2/10)             Attendee #1 $__________________
                    $195 ($245 after 8/2/10)           Attendee #2 $__________________

Single Event Tickets:       TREA Awards Luncheon           No.   _____ x    $65.00     Total: ______________
(deadline 9/9/2010)         President’s Dinner             No.   _____ x    $85.00     Total: ______________
                            Installation Banquet           No.   _____ x   $100.00     Total: ______________
                            Auxiliary Awards Lunch         No.   _____ x    $50.00     Total: ______________

Emergency Contact Name/Phone #            Grand Total:                      $_____________________
(not attending Convention with you)       I am paying by:   Check Check #__________
                                             Visa         Master Card         Discover
                                          Card # ________________________________________
Dietary Restrictions: #1 _______________ Expiration Date: _______________________________
                      #2 _______________ Print name as it appears on card: ________________________

Are you flying:     Yes     No
24   The VOICE **MAY 2010
  ADVERTISING RATES FOR                                        TREA BOOSTER FORM
     Full Page - $325 (7x10)                  Yes, I want to support TREA            Chapter # ______ or        MAL
      1/2 Page - $200 (5x7)                  and make a donation for the
     1/4 Page - $125 (3.5x5)                National Convention in Tucson,               Cash      Check     Visa
                                                  AZ. Enclosed is my                     MasterCard      Discover
  Business Card - $75 (2x3.5)
                                              Donation in the amount of              Credit Card #
   Ads may be either B&W or                         $_____________.                  _______________________________
 Color, and the ad deadline is                                                       Exp Date _____________________
              7/10/10                       Please note: Boosters will be            Signature For Credit Card:
    If you need help with ad                listed in the Convention
                                            Brochure. Deadline to be                 _______________________________
   design or layout, contact
                                            included in the brochure is July             THANK YOU FOR YOUR
 Tammy Clowers at TREA HQ,                  10, 2010. You do not have to                        SUPPORT! or                   attend the convention to be a              Send to: TREA HQ, 1111 S.
        call 800-338-9337.                  BOOSTER!                                            Abilene Ct.
     Checks may be sent to:                                                                 Aurora, CO 80012
                                            Print Legibly:                                 Any amount helps!!!
             TREA HQ
                                            Name: ________________________                  United We Stand!
         1111 S Abilene Ct                                                            Booster donations can also be
        Aurora, CO 80012                    Address: _____________________            made on our website through
   Credit Cards are accepted                                                                     PAYPAL:
       through Paypal at:                   _______________________________   
                                            Tel #: ____________________                    convention.html
         convention.html                    Email: ________________________

                                          Call or mail registration forms to Gray Line Tours by September 10, 2010.
                                          No refunds after September 10, 2010.
3594 E Lincoln Street, Tucson, AZ 85714   Tour is subject to cancellation if tour minimums are not met. If a tour is
Phone: 800-276-1528 Fax: 520-622-8838     cancelled due to low participation, refunds will be processed. Tour is on a first            come, first served basis.

Name: ____________________________________________________________Phone: _______________________________

Address: ____________________________________________City: ________________ State: _______ Zip:______________

Credit Card #: ____________________________________________ Exp: ______/______ CV Code: ____________________
(American Express/Mastercard/Visa/Discover or check made payable to Gray Line Tours)

Signature: _________________________________________________________________

Saturday, September 18th, 2010                                        9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Board coaches at DoubleTree Hotel lobby and depart for the Mission San Xavier del Bac! Celebrating its 213th Birthday,
the beautiful “White Dove of the Desert”, Mission San Xavier del Bac has been claimed as being one of the finest exam-
ples of mission architecture in the world. It is a graceful blending of Moorish, Byzantine and late Mexican Renaissance.
After the Mission, explore aviation history at the Pima Air and Space Museum. Home of the largest privately owned
collection of historical aircraft in the country. From a full-scale model of the Wright Brothers’ 1903 Wright Flyer, to a
mock-up of the world’s fastest aircraft, the X-15, more than 275 military and civilian aircraft are here on display, along
with the engines, flight simulators, uniforms and other aviation memorabilia.

Number of passengers: _____@ $40.00 each           Total $_______

                                                                                      MAY 2010 ** The VOICE               25
<=Convention, from Page 23                                             <=VSO, from Page 22
TREA’s Convention at a Glance                                          an enlisted individual. Rice thanked Terry Schow, Utah
Mon., 9/13: Various TREA National Committee Meetings:                  State Director and President of NASDVA, for his support in
               Convention Committee and Foundation                     this endeavor.
Tues., 9/14: Various TREA National Committee Meetings: TSCL                                               Pictured l-r, TREA
Wed., 9/15: TREA Store & Registration-12 PM                                                               VSO C.D. Rice, Jr,
               Aux PreCon Board Meeting-8 AM                                                              NASDVA President
               TREA PreCon Board Meeting-9 AM                                                             Terry Show, Lonnie
               Joint Board Luncheon w/PNP’s & spouses – 12 PM                                             Wangen (ND), Verdie
               PNP Council Meeting-4 PM                                                                   Brown (AK) and Jim
               Opening Ceremonies – 7 PM                                                                  Young (WI)
--Dress Code: Attire for BOD/PNP’s: Blue/White blazers,
gray/black slacks/skirts, white shirt/blouse, black tie and TREA
cap. Attire for Members: Chapter uniforms or white windbreak-             Jim Young, Vernon County (Viroqua, WI) Veteran Service
ers, white shirt/blouse, black tie and TREA cap.                       Officer and 1st Vice President of the National Association
Thur., 9/16: TREA Store & Registration-7 AM                            of County Veterans Service Officers (NACVSO), and a mem-
               Silent Auction-7 AM-7 PM                                ber of TREA’s VSO Committee, was also present. He pre-
               TREA Nat’l President Q&A with Chapter                   sented a case of asking NASDVA to enter into a Memoran-
               Presidents/Chief Delegates (Invite only) 7:30 AM        dum of Understanding (MOU) with NACVSO in a partner-
               Auxiliary 1st Business Meeting– 8 AM                    ship aimed at enhancing services to veterans and their fam-
               TREA 1st Business Meeting– 9 AM                         ilies. TREA entered into an MOU with NACVSO about five
--Dress Code: Attire for Members: Chapter uniform or windbreak-        years ago.
ers, white shirt/blouse, black tie, black slacks.                         VSO Rice thanked the state directors for everything they
Attire for BOD/PNP’s: Blue/white blazers, gray/black                   do for those who have served, for those who are still serv-
slacks/skirts, white shirt/blouse, and black tie.                      ing, and for their continued support of TREA’s VSO Pro-
               TREA Awards Luncheon-12 PM                              gram. Non-financial Work-Share Agreements between NAS-
--Menu: Tortilla soup, chicken enchiladas, refried beans, spanish      DVA and The Retired Enlisted Association were established
rice, chips, guacamole, salsa, & pecan flan.                           in 2001.
--Dress Code: Same as business meeting                                    Rice stated, “It gives me great pleasure in praising the
               Social Hour – 6 PM                                      good qualities of TREA and ensuring that it is seen by, and
               President’s Dinner: “Charlie’s Cactus Patch” – 7 PM     known to, as many individuals and organizations as possi-
--Menu: Salad, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, &      ble. I am humbled, to say the least, that my “Higher Power”
orange crème cake.                                                     has given me such opportunity and an amazing life during
--Dress Code: Casual, no shorts and tank tops.                         the past nine years to impact others in this undertaking.
Fri., 9/17 TREA Store & Registration-7 AM                              Because my actions, I believe, have greatly benefited many
               TREA & Auxiliary 2nd Business                           TREA and non-TREA members.”
               Meetings/Elections – 8 AM
--Dress Code: Attire for Members: Chapter uniform or windbreak-
ers, white shirt/blouse, black tie, black slacks.
                                                                       <= CSU&A, from Page 21
Attire for BOD/PNP’s: Blue/white blazers, gray/black
slacks/skirts, white shirt/blouse, and black tie.                        Chapter 124 in Orlando, FL decided to return their Char-
               Auxiliary Awards Luncheon-11:45AM                       ter. We tried to assist the chapter to keep it going but to no
--Menu: Tamarind BBQ Chicken Salad with dessert                        avail. An emergency meeting was held on January 16 to
               Casino Night at Desert Diamond-6 PM                     discuss either keeping the chapter active or disbanding the
               Hospitality-7 PM                                        chapter. Out of 125 members on their roster, only eight
Sat., 9/18 FREE DAY                                                    showed up and no one would step up to be officers. As of
               Tour (San Xavier and PIMA) – 9 AM (separate cost)       March 1, Chapter 124 turned in their Charter and Chapter
               Aux & TREA PostCon BOD Meetings-9AM                     records.
               Installation Social Hour – 5 PM                           Anyone that is interested in joining other members in
               Installation Banquet: “The Grand Desert Sunset” – 6     starting a chapter in above listed areas please contact me
PM                                                                     and I’ll forward your information to those individuals
--Menu: Salad, grilled sirloin, green chili mashed potatoes, grilled   already working on organizing chapters in those areas.
veggies, white chocolate raspberry brulé cheesecake.                     Anyone desiring to start a TREA chapter should start by
--Dress Code: Tuxedos, military uniforms, business suits, After 5      going to the TREA website ( and Click on the
Attire                                                                 “Committees” button and then Click on the CSU&A button.
                                                                       At the bottom of the page is “Ten Steps of Starting a New
                                                                       Chapter”, this will give you an idea of the process in start-
                                                                       ing a chapter. Then contact TREA National or me. My con-
                                                                       tact information is on Page 3 of The VOICE.
26    The VOICE **MAY 2010
MAY 2010 ** The VOICE   27
                             The USO and RocketLife Join Forces to                        USPS Honors
                               Connect Troops and Their Families                          Bill Mauldin
                            Soldiers and families can now create and send Per-              The U.S. Postal
                            sonal Photo Books to each other overseas for free             Service honored one of
                             USO Press Relealse, Arlington, VA - The USO and Rock-        the nation’s favorite
                           etLife, inventor of award-winning new media technolo-          cartoonists of World
gies, announced today a heart-warming opportunity for men and women of the                War II with a postage
armed forces and their families.                                                          stamp. During World
                                            The Personal Photo Book program               War II,
                                          enables troops serving abroad and their         Wi l l i a m
                                          families to create 20-page personal photo       “Bill”
                                          books and ship them to any APO/FPO              Mauldin
                                          address — for free. These full-color, cus-      created
                                          tomized photo books are small enough to         two mud-
                                          fit in a soldier’s cargo pocket yet can hold    covered,
                                          more than 60 photos of loved ones. Rock-        combat-
                                          etLife will print the books for free, and the   weary
                                          USO will pay for shipping.                      charac-
  Last year the USO and RocketLife piloted the program in USO centers located in          ters, Willie and Joe, who brightened the
Kaiserslautern and Mannheim, Germany; Ft. Drum, N.Y.; and Ft. Carson, Colo. All           spirits of U.S. soldiers and gave Ameri-
four centers praised the program, as did families who participated.                       cans at home a better understanding of
  “I wanted to sincerely thank the USO for the opportunity to send my husband a           the day-to-day life of an infantryman.
photo book,” said military spouse Michelle Medeiros. “He truly enjoyed the book           Willie and Joe were often wet and cold,
and was very excited to receive it! The book was very easy to put together and            and the cartoons captured the grubbiness
send. Having it sent for free was awesome!”                                               of fighting, while infusing a degree of
  This year, the USO and RocketLife are extending the offer to all US military sup-       humor. In 1945 he received a Pulitzer
porters. Now everyone has the opportunity to create and send a photo book to any          Prize for his work.
service member stationed abroad. To get started, all supporters need to do is visit
the following website and download the RocketLife software:
  With RocketLife’s Smart Arrangement technology, anyone can create a unique
photo book in as little as three minutes, or take more time and customize it exten-
  The USO and RocketLife hope this personal gift from home will bring warmth to
the lives of our soldiers overseas and help them connect more closely with their
families and supporters.

                TRICARE and VA Work Together
                   Tricare Press Release, Falls Church, VA– Service members who
                 became ill or injured while serving on active duty and are then
                 medically retired have health benefits available to them through           Mauldin experienced firsthand the life
both the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.                        of which he drew. Mauldin was a rifleman
  Like all retirees, medically-retired veterans can choose TRICARE Prime where            in the 45th Infantry. He started drawing
it’s available, or TRICARE Standard and Extra. Their family members have the              cartoons of training camp, and his work
same TRICARE choices. Retirees who are also eligible for Medicare because of              began appearing in a newspaper that was
disability must maintain Medicare Parts A and B to keep their TRICARE coverage            distributed to his division. When his unit
  Retirees eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health benefits along         shipped overseas to Sicily, the cartoons
with their TRICARE retiree health care benefits can receive care from VA or TRI-          began appearing in the military newspa-
CARE. TRICARE covers beneficiaries even if they received treatment through the            per, Stars and Stripes. Soon Mauldin was
VA for the same medical condition in a previous episode of care.                          assigned to work full-time covering the
  Retirees with a service-connected disability rated by VA at 50 percent or higher;       war as an editorial cartoonist. Mauldin
are unemployable due to the service-connected disability; or are seeking care for         was an enlisted man just like the soldiers
the service-connected disability are eligible for high-priority care from the VA.         he drew for; his gripes were their gripes,
  Almost all VA health care facilities are part of the TRICARE network, however           his laughs were their laughs, his
treatment of TRICARE beneficiaries is provided on a space and resource available          heartaches were their heartaches. He
                                                                                          was one of them.
                                                                  Together => Page 39       He died at a Nursing Home in California
                                                                                          in 2003 at the age of 81.
28    The VOICE **MAY 2010
MAY 2010 ** The VOICE   29
        Chapter News
                                           Director Harold Atwood, Treasurer
        MacDill AFB, FL
58                                         Allan Adams, auxiliary member Reiko
                                           Sharpe, Past President Hermon Sharpe
                                           and auxiliary members Luz Arana and
  Editor’s Note: In the March 2010 maga-
                                           Rita Adams. Other volunteers not pic-
zine, the wrong picture was added for
                                           tured were Geoffrey Parker, Orville        Chapter President Wally Jones pres-
Chapter 58 – we sincerely apologize for
                                           Desjarlais, Jim Moser and Louis Arana-    ents a plaque to the Guest Speaker,
the error.
                                           Barradas, and Auxiliary member Emilia     CSM Lonnie Cupp (Ret).
  The Chapter elected its 2010 Board of
                                           Atwood. The festival attracted more
Directors during their general member-
                                           than 100,000 visitors. The chapter sold
ship meeting and holiday party at
                                           more than $5,500 worth of toys at the
MacDill AFB. The new board is Louis
                                           fest. (Photo by Louis Arana-Barradas)
Arana, President; Leonard Black, 1st
Vice President; Harry Johnson, 2nd
Vice; Allan Adams, Treasurer; Juanita
Anspach, Secretary; and Geoffrey Park-
                                           98 Acme, PA
                                             The chapter had a recruiting table at
er, Harold Atwood, Peter Gathers and
                                           the Laurel Mall Flea Market over two
Carlos Barradas, Directors. The board
                                           weekends in February. Shown manning         Several other chapters sent represen-
                                           the table (L-R) Tom Caldwell, Jim Sims,   tatives to the celebration. Shown is
                                           Jim Hall, Bob McWilliams, and Walter      Marge Santos and her guest from Chap-
                                           Dorula.                                   ter 20, and Jerry and Doris Bryant from
                                                                                     Chapter 113. Members from Chapter 3
                                                                                     and Chapter 39 also attended.

                                                                                     88 Killeen, TX
                                               Colorado Springs, CO
                                           1                                          The Chapter installed their new
                                                                                     Board of Directors at their annual ban-
                                            The Chapter held their annual            quet.
also named Gene Idziak an honorary
                                           Anniversary Ball. National President
Director. During his acceptance speech
                                           Flowers and National Auxiliary Presi-
President Arana said that it was a good
                                           dent Sandy Ott are shown cutting the
year for the chapter and they had added
                                           anniversary cake.
14 new members and encouraged
everyone to get involved in events in
  The chapter operated a booth at the
MacDill 2010 Airfest where they sold
toy aircraft. Working at the souvenir
booth were, left to right, President
Louis Arana, 1st Vice Leonard Sharp,                                                   Chapters and MALs: We need your photos
                                                                                     and stories. Email them to:
                                                                                       You can also send them through USPS:
                                                                                       TREA - The VOICE
                                                                                       Attn: Chapter News
                                                                                       1111 S Abilene Ct.
                                                                                       Aurora, CO 80015
                                                                                       Note: pictures will not be returned unless
                                                                                     accompanied by a SSAE.

30   The VOICE **MAY 2010
                                           Birthday and to remember patriots who
128 San Diego, CA                          have served, those patriots who are
                                           now serving, and to recognize tomor-
  The Chapter installed their 2010
Board of Directors. Pictured, l-r, Chap-
ter Founder and Past President Fred
Langston administering the oath of
office, President Foy Jones, VP Norm
Creteau, Adjutant Nihil Smith, Chaplain                                               phal, Ken Banik, Dick Fraser, and Dean
Jens Burkhart, and Secretary Sally                                                    Fuelling. Not pictured is Dick
Burkhart.                                                                             Stradinger.
                                                                                        Chapter 1st VP Dean Fuelling and
                                                                                      Auxiliary President Jan Stradinger laid
                                                                                      a wreath at the Sturgis, SD, Four Chap-
                                           row’s patriots. Pictured, l-r, President
                                           C.C. Cameron, Secretary Debby
                                           Ramirez, 1st VP John Viles, Jr., and
                                           Keynote Speaker, Colonel Jerome Pen-
                                           ner, III, USA Commander Madigan
                                           Army Medical Center.

          Tacoma, WA
74                                         29 Rapid City, SD
  The chapter participated in the            Past Chapter President John Mar-
“Massing of the Colors” in Carey The-      tinez, on behalf of the Past Presidents
ater on Joint Base Lewis-McChord.          of Chapter 29, recognized the outstand-
“Massing of the Colors” commemorates       ing service of 6 members with plaques.
President George Washington’s 278th        Shown l-r is Dave Summarell, Ed West-
                                                                                               More Chapter News on Page 34
                                                                                       MAY 2010 ** The VOICE              31
Chapter 1                                   Chapter 35                                       Chapter 55
Colorado Springs, CO                        Portsmouth, NH                                   Marina, CA
Apr-Aug - 3rd Wednesday, 7 pm; and          Seacoast Chapter meets the 3rd Saturday          3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM -
Sept-Mar - 3rd Saturday 9 am at the Club,   of each month (except January and                at the VFW Hall, 3131 Crescent, Marina
834 Emory Circle. Contact club for more     August) at the Greenland House of Pizza          CA. MALs in the area are invited to attend
info - 719-596-0927,,     (GHOP), 437 Portsmouth Ave (Rt 151),             our meetings. For info contact Michael Come join us for the       Greenland, NH. For additional info, contact      O’Brien, 831-238-6429 (Cell),
Breakfast Buffet at 8 am (not hosted -      President Jack Cotton 603-431-6350,    
$4). BOD meets 2nd Wed of each month                            Chapter 58
at 7 pm.                                    Chapter 37                                       Tampa Bay, FL
Chapter 3                                   Enid, OK                                         All meetings at Surf’s Edge Enlisted Club
Aurora, CO                                  The Red Carpet Chapter meets the 3rd             (Heritage Room) MacDill AFB, FL. General
General Membership meetings the last        Thursday of March, June, September, and          Membership at 1300: Mar 17/Jun 16/Sept
Saturday of the month, 7 pm, BOD Meet-      November at 1 pm, Enid’s Golden Corral.          15/Dec 15. BOD at 1300: Feb 17/Apr
ings last Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.     POC: Gerald Pope, 580-402-2377(C) or             21/May 19/Jul 21/Aug 18/Oct 20/Nov 17.
Both at the Chapter, 1599 Dayton St. For    580-864-7650(H),                                 All active and retired military members are
info contact the club at 303-343-1921,                          invited to attend our meetings – you don’t,                       Chapter 38                                       have to be a member of TREA. Contact                   Columbia, SC                                     Pres Louis Arana, 813-684-5414,
Chapter 7                                   3rd Friday of each month, Moncrief Army, or Sec Juanita
Portland, OR                                Hospital, Ft. Jackson, SC. 4:30 pm dinner        Anspach, 813-837-5065,
3rd Thursday of the month at 10 am at       in the hospital dining facility (chow hall),
the Home Town Buffet Restaurants, 10542     meeting at 5:30 pm in Hospital Confer-           Chapter 59
SE Washington St, POC: Wayne Harvey,        ence Room, 3rd Floor. For info contact           Valdosta, GA
503-590-2747 or          President Jim Rodgers 803-740-2319,              2nd Monday at 6 pm, Lowndes Coun-
Chapter 9                          or Ellen Geriner at         ty/Valdosta Sr. Center. For info contact
Baltimore, MD                               803-419-7739,                 President Howard Bell, 229-242-2800,
1st Saturday of the month at 3 pm at the    Chapter 39                             
5th Regiment Armory, located at 200 W       Aurora, CO                                       Chapter 64
Hoffmen St, Baltimore. Contact President    3rd Wednesday of each month at 1900 at           Bayamon, PR
Ransom Williams, 410-945-1723               chapter, 15821 E Centretech Cir. Aurora,         Membership Meetings at Centro Comunal,
Chapter 16                                  CO 80011. Contact club for more info –           Urb. Summitt Hills - Olympic Street, #504,
Salina, KS                                  303-340-3939, fax: 303-340-4516,                 San Juan, 3rd Sat of
Midway USA meets the second Friday of                             Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec at 1300. BOD
each month, 1:00 pm – Russell’s Restau-     Chapter 41                                       Meetings at same location 1st Saturday of
rant, 649 Westport Blvd (exit #92 at I-     Joplin, MO                                       Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec at 1300. Auxil-
135) Salina, KS. Contact J.Q. Rodriguez     2nd Monday of each month at Joplin’s             iary meet at same time. For more info
785-827-1132.                               Memorial Hall Veterans Room – every              contact Pres Isadoro Cerpa, 787-733-9117
Chapter 19                                  other month we meet for a dine-out social        Chapter 66
Jacksonville, FL                            meeting. MALs in the area are encouraged         Appleton, WI
4th Wednesday of each month (except         to join us. Contact President George Pope,       Fox Valley Chapter meets the 1st Saturday
Dec) at 1 pm, Fleet Reserve Hall, 7673      417-358-7485.                                    of Mar/Jun/Sept/Dec (spouses are wel-
Blanding Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32244.     Chapter 46                                       come), West Wisconsin Diner, 3011 W.
Contact Brownie Edmonds at 904-771-         Cheyenne, WY                                     Wisconsin. Contact: Holly Hoppe, 920-
8696, or Elbert Sawley at 904-772-8622      Pioneer Chapter General Membership               993-8560, fax: 920-834-6805,
for more information. MALs always wel-      Meetings are the 3rd Saturday of the   
come.                                       month (except May; Jul; Aug; & Dec) at           Chapter 68
Chapter 20                                  10:00 am at the VAMC Basement Auditori-          Mobile, AL
Pueblo, CO                                  um. MALs are encouraged to attend and            3rd Thurs of the month at 6:30 pm at
2nd Tuesday of each month, 7 pm. 1521       join the Chapter. For additional info, call Al   Ryan’s Steakhouse in Tillman’s Corner.
Moore, Pueblo, CO. Contact Chapter, 719-    Buss,                         POC: Robert Wallace, 251-957-6341, cell:
545-4467                                    Chapter 47                                       251-402-4388,
Chapter 24                                  Fayetteville, NC                                 Chapter 69
Fort Meade, MD                              2nd Wednesday of every month at 12:45            Wausau, WI
3rd Thursday of each month @ 7:30 PM,       pm. Contact President Don Walton for info        Meets the 2nd Tuesday of
Arrgone Hills Chapel Center, Room 109.      910-426-0155                                     Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec at Annie’s Café
Please contact Art Cooper, 443-336-1230,    Chapter 51                                       (17th Ave and Stewart Ave) at 9 am. POC:; or Jesse Jones, 301-    Plainfield, NJ                                   Bob Reuter, 715-693-2518
399-1453,                3rd Thursday of the month (except                Chapter 70
Chapter 29                                  Jul/Aug/Dec) at 4pm at the NJNG Armory           Philadelphia, PA
Rapid City, SD                              (corner of Leland Ave and E 7th Ave).            Meets quarterly at Willow Grove NAS NCO
3rd Saturday of each month at the Chap-     POC: President Robert Hammond, P.O. Box          Pitcairn Club. Meeting dates/times are
ter, 1981 E. Centre St., Dinner -           3173, Plainfield, NJ 07063, 732-752-2512.        announced in Chapter quarterly newsletter
5:30/Meeting - 7:00. Contact Chapter,       Chapter 53                                       mailed before each meeting. Contact Larry
605-341-8791                                Palmdale, CA                                     Cohen 610-678-5812.
Chapter 34                                  High Desert Chapter meets at 0830, 1st 
Glendale, AZ                                Saturday of every month, at VFW Post             Chapter 72
3rd Saturday of the month at 3 pm, Thun-    3000, 4232 W Ave L in Quartz Hill. Con-          Pittsburgh PA
derbold Club, Luke AFB. POC: George         tact Pres. David L. Bates for more info at:      For info, contact President David Williams,
McAfee, 623-386-2113,              Auxiliary meets at          724-457-7072, or Bob Covington,                           the same time.                         

 32   The VOICE **MAY 2010
Chapter 73                                     Chapter 92                                    Chapter 107
Manitowoc, WI                                  Cherry Point, NC                              Austin, TX
4th Thursday of Mar/June/Sept/Dec              2nd Saturday of the month, at Fleet           1st Saturday of the month at 2 pm at VFW
(Christmas Party) at 7 pm at Amvets Post       Reserve Assn Hall. Breakfast 0900, Meeting    Post 8787, 8503 VFW Dr. POC: Nathaniel
99.                                            0930. Contact Edward Jacques, 252-447-        Bullock, 512-923-2936,
Chapter 74                                     5235,             
Tacoma, WA                                     Chapter 93                                    Chapter 111
Puget Sound Chapter meets every 3rd            Shreveport/Bossier City, LA                   Akron, OH
Tuesday at 1900, at American Legion Post       2nd Saturday of the month at 1 pm at VFW      3rd Saturday of the month at 10 am, VFW
138, 7515 Cirque Drive W, University Place,    Post 5951, 1315 Northgate Rd. Bossier         Cpt Brady Post #3703, 500 VFW Pkwy,
WA. POC: Pres C.C. Cameron, 253-535-           City, LA 71112.                               Kent, OH. POC: Andrew Frank, 330-206-
5882 or Debby Ramirez,                         Chapter 94                                    4169,,                         Warner Robins, GA                   
Chapter 76                                     The Eagle Chapter meets the second            Chapter 113
Sheboygan, WI                                  Thursday of every month at 508-1 Osigian      Fountain Valley, CO
1st Monday of each month except July, at       Blvd in the conference room. Meeting          First Thursday of every month at 7 pm, at
Sunny Ridge ,3014 Erie Ave., Sheboy-           begins at 7 PM and last about 1 hour.         the Military Order of the Purple Heart,
gan,WI. Contact Pres. Burton Hughes, 920-      Email:,                Chapter 423, 2 Carson, Cir, Fountain, CO
457-7910,                                        80817. POC: Jerry Bryant,
Chapter 77                                     Chapter 96                           719-391-9879
Eau Claire, WI                                 Hibbing, MN                                   Chapter 115
Indianhead Chapter meets the 3rd Thurs-        Northern Lights Chapter meets 3rd Satur-      St. Cloud, MN
day of Feb/May/Nov at the National Guard       day of the month Mar/Jun/Sept/Dec, 11         Time and location of meetings available on
Amory, 1900. Aug 19 meeting is picnic in       am - Veterans Quarters Memorial Bldg.,        chapter website: For
Brauns Bay. POC: Maryann Christopherson,       400 E. 23rd, Hibbing, MN. Contact Leon        more info, contact Ralph Donais, 763-441-
715-834-8362,            Schanlaub, 218-741-9270,                      2630, or one of the
Chapter 79                                                chapter officers
Newport, RI                                    Chapter 97                                    Chapter 119
2nd Saturday of each month (except Feb-        Dallas, TX                                    Superior, WI
ruary and July) - 10 am - VFW Hall, 132        2nd Thursday of                               The Lake Superior Chapter meets the 3rd
Shove St, Tiverton, RI (starting with Janu-    Jan/Mar/May/Jul/Sept/Nov. Dinner at 6:30      Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the Elks
ary 2009 meeting)                              pm and Meeting at 7:30 pm, Charco Broiler     Lodge, 1503 Belnap St (Belnap & Hughittt
Chapter 80                                     Steak House, 413 Jefferson, Dallas, TX.       Ave) in Superior. For more info, contact
San Antonio, TX                                Contact Rex Walthers 972-245-3390,            Butch Liebaert at 715-398-3152,
4th Wednesday of each month - lunch 12                   
noon, meeting 1 pm at Gateway NCO Club,        Chapter 98                                    Chapter 120
Lackland AFB. Contact: President Oscar         Acme, PA                                      Schenectady, NY
Pais, 3903 Mas Frio, San Antonio, TX           For info, contact President Robert            The Empire State Chapter 4th Tuesday of
78223-2813, 210-359-6063,        McWilliams,                    the Month (not December-January (unless
Chapter 81                                     Chapter 100                                   needed), 7 pm – St Paul Episcopal Church,
D’Iberville, MS                                Paragould, AR                                 1911 Fairview Ave. For info contact Robert
The Magnolia Chapter meet on the 2nd           1st Tuesday of the month, at Grecian Steak    Harris,, 518-377-
Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at the       House at 7:00 PM. Contact Steve Higgs,        3377.
Vandenburg Hall in the Triangle Area across, 309-716-0160             Chapter 121
the street from Welch Theater at Kessler       Chapter 101                                   Greenville, TN
AFB. Food and refreshments are available       Clarksville, TN                               The Davy Crocket Chapter meets the 1st
for purchase. Contact Pres Larry McKean,       3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm at      Thursday of the month, 7 pm, at the
228-374-5922, 377-3252, or 860-2858,           Campbell’s Kitchen, 555 Dover Road. POC:      Bewely Properties Center, 615 W, Main St.,                             President Russell A. Cain, 931-648-4596,      Greenville. POC: John Hicks, 423-638-
Chapter 84                                              6786,
Las Vegas, NV                                  Chapter 102                                   Chapter 123
3rd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at The        Beckley, WV                                   Quad City Area
“Dock”, (east end of the old hospital build-   2nd Saturday of each month at 10 am at        Rock Island Arse-
ing on Nellis AFB)                             the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building,   nal/Moline/Davenport/Bettendorf meets 3rd
Chapter 88                                     South Kanawha St. For info contact Harvey     Thursday at 7:00 pm, American Legion
Harker Heights, TX                             Davis,             Post 26, 702 W 35th St, Davenport, IA.
4th Saturday of the month at 9:00 am at        Chapter 103                                   POC: Damon Frison, 563-323-8605,
American Legion, J.Q. Adams Post 223,          Chattanooga, TN                     
208 S Park St. Killeen, TX. Come join us       3rd Saturday of the month at 1 pm in the      Chapter 125
for non-hosted breakfast buffet ($5). POC:     Tennessee State Office Building, 540          Oklahoma City, OK
Elijah King, Jr,,    McCallie Avenue. (1st Floor Auditorium).      2nd Saturday of each month at Tinker AFB
254-553-3288                                   Contact Ray Belvin, 423-910-0545,             Club. Meeting starts at 10am, but come
Chapter 90                                                       early and join us for buffet breakfast (no
Chicago, IL                                    Chapter 105                                   host). Contact: Ed Orr, 405-722-7703,
2nd Saturday of the month at 10 am, Des        Johnstown, PA                       
Plaines American Legion Hall, 1291 Oak-        3rd Monday of the month (not
wood Ave. For more info call Al Ballok, Jr,    Dec/Jan/Feb) at 7 pm at American Legion
847-662-2840,               Post 849, 390 Oakridge Dr, Johnstown PA.
                                               For info contact Louis Foreback, 814-479-
                                               4873, .
                                                                                                               Continued on Page 34

                                                                                             MAY 2010 ** The VOICE             33
                                          <= Chapter News from Page 31
More Chapter Meetings                                                                ment/Assisted Living Facility. Facility
                                          lain’s Ceremony. The Four Chaplain’s       Director requested the ceremony. They
Chapter 126
Depew, NY                                 Ceremony is held annually to remember      work with veterans and/or spouses who
The Niagara Frontier chapter meets on     the Chaplain’s who gave their lives to     need help with long-term care in an
the 3rd Thursday of every month at 9      save others when the S.S. Dorchester       assisted living facility. The flag flies in
am for breakfast, meeting starts at 10
                                          was sunk off the coast of Greenland on     front of the facility 24/7.
am, at Holiday Showcase Restaurant,
3765 Union Rd, Cheektowaga, NY. For       February 2, 1943 (see insert below).
                                            A “New American Flag” ceremony
                                                                                     24 Ft Meade, MD
info, contact President Gerald Kaczmar-
czyk, 716-685-4768,                       was held at the Somerset Court Retire-
Chapter 127
LaCrosse, WI                                                                          The Chapter held their annual JROTC
7 Rivers Chapter meets the 3rd Tuesday                                               Scholarship Raffle. Winners were:
of each month at American Legion Post                                                George Hatcher, Severn, MD ($100),
#417 on French Island at 7:30 pm.
POC: Jim Snyder, 608-783-8291,                                                       Rich Allen, Odenton, MD ($75), and                                                                    Alvin Jones, Valdosta, GA ($50).
Chapter 128
San Diego, CA
1st Saturday of each month at Sizzler
Restaurant, 3755 Murphy Canyon Dr (off
Aero Dr & I15). no-host “Linner” at
1300, meeting at 1400. POC: Pres. Foy
Jones, cell 858-449-2315, (h) 858-576-
Chapter 129
Rolla, MO
2nd Monday of the moth at the Rolla
                                                                  THE FOUR CHAPLAINS
National Guard Armory. POC: Jerry            A convoy of three ships and three
Bumpus, 573-458-2001,                     escorting Coast Guard cutters passed                        through “torpedo alley” aboiut some
                                          100 miles off the coast of Greenland at
                                          about 1 am on February 3, 1943. The
                                          submarine U-223 fired three torpedoes,
                                          one of which hit the midsection of the
                                          Dorchester, a U.S. Army troopship with
                                          more than 900 men on board. Ammonia
                                          and oil were everywhere in the fast-sink-
                                          ing vessel and upon the freezing sea.
                                          The four Chaplains on board, two
                                          Protestant Pastors, a Catholic Priest and
                                          a Jewish Rabbi, were among the first on
                                          deck, calming the men and handing out
                                          life jackets. When they ran out, they
                                          took off their own and placed them on waiting soldiers without regard to faith or
                                          race. Approximately 18 minutes from the explosion, the ship went down. They were
                                          the last to be seen by witnesses; they were standing arm-in-arm on the hull of the
                                          ship, each praying in his own way for the care of the men. Almost 700 died, mak-
                                          ing it the third largest loss at sea of its kind for the United States during World War
                                             The Coast Guard Cutter Tampa was able to escort the other freighters to Green-
                                          land. Meanwhile the cutters Comanche and Escanaba, disobeying orders to contin-
                                          ue the search for the German U-Boat, stopped to rescue 230 men from the frigid
                                          waters that night.
                                             The four Chaplains were Father John Washington (Catholic), Reverend Clark Poling
                                          (Dutch Reformed), Rabbi Alexander Goode (Jewish) and Reverend George Fox
                                          (Methodist). These four Chaplains were later honored by the Congress and Presi-
  This poster can be downloaded,          dents. They were recognized for their selfless acts of courage, compassion and
   printed, and posted wherever           faith. According to the First Sergeant on the ship, “They were always together, they
           veterans are!                  carried their faith together.” They demonstrated throughout the voyage and in their
               Go to:                     last moments, interfaith compassion in their relationship with the men and with       each other. Ln 1960 Congress created a special Congressional Medal of Valor, never
                                          to be repeated again, and gave it to the next of kin of the “lmmortal Chaplains.”
  34   The VOICE **MAY 2010
MAY 2010 ** The VOICE   35
                                            U.S. Senate Rejects $250 Payment for Social
                                                   Security Recipients & Veterans
                               by Mike Watson
                               Legislative Assistant
  In October 2009, the Social Security      was offered by Sen. Richard Burr (NC)     ments. Many senior citizens are facing
Administration (SSA) announced that         and would have funded the payment         unprecedented hardship this year after
Social Security recipients would not        with unobligated funds from the Ameri-    not receiving a Social Security COLA in
receive a cost-of-living-adjustment         can Recovery and Reinvestment Act, bet-   2010. Medicare premiums have risen
(COLA) in 2010. Shortly after the           ter known as the “stimulus.” The Sen-     and many seniors are reporting reduced
announcement by SSA, President              ate rejected a motion on Sen. Burr’s      Social Security checks. The $250 pay-
Obama announced his support for pro-        amendment by a vote of 38 Yeas to 57      ment would have provided modest help
viding Social Security recipients a one-    Nays. Following the vote on Sen. Burr’s   for many struggling seniors. As of this
time $250 payment to offset the lack of     amendment, Sen. Bernard Sanders           writing [March 2010] there has been no
a COLA in 2010. Despite the President       (VT) offered an amendment which           further action on an “emergency COLA”
including the payment in his Fiscal         would have paid for the $250 payment      for 2010. TSCL will continue to push
Year 2011 budget request and numer-         with funds from the Social Security       for an “emergency COLA” for 2010
ous opportunities to include it in legis-   Trust Funds. The Senate also rejected a   along with a more fair COLA, based on
lation, Congress has yet to pass legisla-   motion on Sen. Sanders’ amendment by      the way seniors spend their money.
tion to disperse the proposed payment.      a vote of 47 Yeas to 50 Nays. Thankful-     To learn more about TSCL’s legisla-
  During debate on the Tax Extenders        ly, Sen. Charles Schumer (NY) stated      tive work; to read the weekly legisla-
Act (H.R. 4213) in March of this year       shortly after the vote that he would      tive updates; or to learn more about
the Senate rejected two amendments          continue to push to include the $250      TSCL’s key issues, please visit
which would have provided Social            payment in upcoming legislation.
Security recipients and veterans with a       TSCL was disappointed to see the
$250 payment. The first amendment           Senate reject both of these amend-

                                TREA Memorial Foundation
  TREA Memorial Foundation Chairman, and his wife, Bill          dren aged 3 to 12. The toys will be given to children who
and Alice DeBoer, presented four huge boxes of children’s        have a parent serving in the War on Terror in Afghanistan
toys Command Sergeant Major Jim Nault and Becky Mullins          and Iraq.
of the Family Readiness Support Assistance Office at Fort          The TREA Memorial Foundation/Armed Forces Aid Cam-
Carson, CO. The toys were donated to the Armed Forces Aid        paign send a box of snacks and phone cards to military per-
Campaign by Henry Korschner of Ventura, CA, and included         sonnel assigned to Qatar. They received the following “Thank
trucks, airplanes, dolls, bears, and books, suitable for chil-   You”.
                                                                   “The package arrived today, thank you SOO much! Wow, I
                                                                 was not expecting so much, it’s awesome. We have many
                                                                 happy people with so many treats in hand. It’s because of
                                                                 people like you and your associates that so many deployed
                                                                 members feel appreciated and connected to the American
                                                                 people Trust me, it does matter knowing we’re supported
                                                                 from the home front. Again, thank you so much for your con-
                                                                   /s/USCENTCOM Personnel

36   The VOICE **MAY 2010
                                 SIGN UP FORM
                                 Friday, September 17, 2010

Guest Full Name 1: ___________________________________          Phone: _________________________

Guest Full Name 2: ___________________________________          Phone: _________________________

Guest Full Name 3: ___________________________________          Phone: _________________________
Desert Diamond Buses will depart Doubletree at 6:00 pm and return from the Desert Diamond Casio
 at 10:00 pm. Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis only. Space is limited.
                        This is a free service provided by Desert Diamond.

    1111 S Abilene Ct., Aurora, CO 80012 Fax: 303-752-0835 or 888-882-0835
         No phone calls or emails for Casino Transportation Reservations!

                                                                      MAY 2010 ** The VOICE            37
  NEX Customers Will                                       TRICARE Records Processing System Reaching
   Receive Five Cent                                       Milestone
  Credit for Using Eco-                                       Tricare Press Release, Falls Church, VA – In just six years, almost a
 Friendly Reusable Bag                                      billion TRICARE Encounter Data records have been processed, a
   NEX Press Release - Navy                                 milestone event for the system that has come a long way in quickly
 Exchanges worldwide are initi-                             and efficiently processing data records for TRICARE services
 ating a new program to help                                around the world.
 customers save money and                                     Civilian providers complement the direct care provided at military
 help the environment. Begin-                               treatment facilities for TRICARE beneficiaries worldwide. Rapid
 ning Wednesday, April 21, cus-                             data record processing, courtesy of TRICARE Encounter Data
 tomers will receive a five cent                            (TED), helps civilian providers get paid promptly for their services.
 credit toward their purchase for each eco-friendly           How quickly and easily claims are paid is an important feature for
 reusable bag used to bag their purchase. Customers providers when they consider accepting patients from health care
 may either bring their reusable bag into the store or plans. The TED system gives providers an incentive to participate in
 purchase a reusable bag from the NEX.                      TRICARE, and increased participation in TRICARE networks pro-
   “The Navy Exchange System is continually working vides beneficiaries better access to health care.
 to find ways to help save its customers money and to         “We all sincerely appreciate the hard work and innovation involved
 help the environment at all its locations worldwide,” in this milestone,” said Rear Adm. Christine Hunter, deputy director
 said Rear Adm. Steven J. Romano, Commander, Navy of the TRICARE Management Activity. “TED has helped TRICARE
 Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM). “We are provide outstanding health care around the world. The efficiency
 hoping that this program will encourage patrons to and ingenuity has strengthened the TRICARE network.”
 reduce, reuse, recycle and save by promoting the use         TED allows TRICARE to process records for provider payments in
 of reusable shopping bags. This program will also less than 24 hours in most cases. Providers submit claims for pay-
 help reduce the amount of disposable plastic bags ments to their regional contractors, who after processing the claim
 used at the NEX which will save money and keep send a TED record to TRICARE. TED verifies and analyzes the infor-
 additional plastic bags out of the waste stream.”          mation in each record, allowing payments to occur promptly.
   The five cent credit program applies to all NEX            Since it began in 2004, TED’s speed and efficiency has been con-
 retail and direct run service facilities where bags are stantly improved. It’s now one of the fastest claim processing sys-
 normally provided. It does not apply to our contract tems in the world, able to process 700,000 records in just over three
 operations such as food vendors and mall kiosks that hours. TED collects, verifies and tracks purchased care claims for
 are operated within NEXs. The program also does not the Military Health System. TED has processed $140 billion of pur-
 apply to disposable plastic bags that are being chased care services for TRICARE beneficiaries worldwide since
 reused.                                                    2004.
                                                              In addition to faster purchased care claims processing, TED
                                                                                           records prevent payment for duplicate,
<=IT, from Page 12                                                                         fraudulent or erroneous claims. The
                                                                                           information in the TED records also
with the Department of Defense and patients with diabetes had better glu- provides data for developing health
private-sector providers. These pro- cose testing compliance and control, care trends and budget projections.
grams are paving the way for the seam- more controlled cholesterol, and more                 “TED’s simple, innovative global
less, lifetime exchange of the health timely retinal exams compared to interface allows purchased care
care records of Veterans, regardless of Medicare’s private-sector benchmark. records to be transferred seamlessly
where they live.                             Retinal damage can be caused by dia- from providers to TRICARE and back at
  VA has been using health IT systems betes. VA averaged about 15 percent- remarkable speed and volume,” said
for more than 20 years to improve med- age points higher than the private sec- John Arendale, chief of TRICARE Pur-
ical outcomes and efficiency in deliver- tor on preventive care for patients with chased Care Integration. “This mile-
ing care. The use has grown to support diabetes.                                           stone reflects the solid, tangible value
the full range of patient care, including      The study authors are associated with of electronic claims processing in help-
computerized patient records, bar- the Center for Information Technology ing TRICARE provide the Military
coded medications, radiological imag- Leadership, a research organization in Health System and its beneficiaries the
ing, and laboratory and medication Charlestown, Mass., which is focused best possible health care.”
ordering.                                    on guiding the health care community            TED processed 189.5 million records
  The study looked at the success in in making informed strategic IT invest- for TRICARE in fiscal year 2009, repre-
meeting clinical guidelines through the ment decisions.                                    senting $22.3 billion in paid claims.
use of electronic health records and           The study is available on the Internet TED processing was built and is main-
computerized physician alerts. Chronic at:                                                 tained by the Resources Division of the
illnesses such as diabetes, which               Defense Health Services Systems.
impacts about 25 percent of VA                 cgi/content/full/29/4/629.
patients, was a focus of the study. VA
38    The VOICE **MAY 2010
<=Together, from Page 28
basis only. When choosing to use their
TRICARE benefit, retirees may be author-
ized to receive care at participating VA
medical centers, a military treatment
facility (MTF) or a TRICARE network
provider. Representatives are available at
VA facilities to assist veterans who are eli-
gible for TRICARE and VA health care,
and VA liaisons and benefit counselors are
available at many MTFs to assist veterans
transferring from Defense Department to
VA care.
  Retirees can learn about the different
financial responsibilities for TRICARE-
covered services and VA benefits by con-
tacting their TRICARE regional contrac-
tor, or VA Health Benefits Service Center
at 877-222-VETS. Regional contractor
contact information can be found at
  There are many programs available
through TRICARE, VA, the armed servic-
es and TRICARE’s regional contractors
supporting veterans who became ill or
were injured serving on active duty. Go to
the Warrior Care Web site at or TRICARE’s
Wounded, Ill and Injured Toolkit at for more information
about these resources.                          USFSPA & Divorce
                                                in Oklahoma
                                                  Some progress was made on fixing
<=Letters, from Page 8
                                                the Uniformed Services Former
Dear Editor,                                    Spouse Act in Oklahoma. On March
I’m an Executive Recruiter and I have a         30, the Oklahoma House of Repre-
large client who is looking to hire some-       sentatives passed Oklahoma State
one for a management position near Ft           bill H.R.1053, which would change
Bragg. They would prefer to hire some-          the status of military retired pay. It
one who is retired from or about to retire      would no longer be considered mari-
from the Army, who has experience in
military purchasing and would be open to
                                                tal property to be divided but could
                                                be used temporarily for alimony. The
                                                                                              Visit Us!
an opportunity in the Fayetteville NC           bill now moves to the Oklahoma
area. If anyone would like more informa-        Senate for further consideration.
tion, please have them contact me direct-                                      
Charles Campbell
Search Team Manager
Information Technology & Finance
and Accounting
1983 S. Liberty Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403

                                                                                         MAY 2010 ** The VOICE   39
                           Well it is finally Spring and things   did! Look out folks for Charlie’s cow. I’m looking forward to
                           are beginning to blossom and           a great Convention in Tucson and hoping to see old faces as
                           grow. Convention is just around        well as new.
                           the corner. As you read through          Remember the deadline for Auxiliary resumes for the Board
                           The Voice you will find information    of Directors is June 1, and should be mailed to Sherry Eller.
                           on the 2010 Convention on regis-       Any direct correspondence will be sent to the Auxiliary Chap-
                           tration, hotel rooms, tours and        ters after Mid-term in May.
                           activities. I encourage all of you       I attended the 47th Anniversary of Chapter 1 and the 25th
                           planning to attend the Convention      Anniversary of Chapter 39. Both Chapters had a delicious
                           to make your reservations early.       meal and great entertainment afterwards. It was great to see
                           The Doubletree Hotel in Tucson         everyone and I want to say “thank you” for inviting me and
                           has a pool, sauna and exercise         Paul. We enjoyed visiting with everyone.
                           room.                                    Just a reminder, if anyone has correspondence for me please
                             As you remember, last year in        send it directly to my home address.
       Sandy Ott          Rapid City there was a chicken at         United We Stand!
   National Auxiliary     the Convention that got kid-
       President          napped. Well this year when we
                          get to Tucson for planning, guess
what was sitting in front of President Flowers place? Not a
chicken but a COW, that sounds worse than his chicken ever
                 CORNER                                  TREA AUXILIARY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM
                 by Doris Bryant
                                                               PO Box 91180, Washington DC 20090-1180
                 National Auxiliary
                  Let us remember to               Yes, I want to join        Please renew my TREA Auxiliary Membership
                 keep the Word of the              TREA Auxiliary                         Member No: _____________________
                 Lord in prayer. We
                 need to experience          Name: ______________________________________________________________
  each day with open arms accepting
  both victory and strife, welcoming         DOB: ________________              Telephone No.: ___________________________
  the good along with the bad and
  when we do this we will know the joy       Address: _____________________________________________________________
  of life.
    Lately we have experienced both          City: _______________________ State: ____________            Zip: ____________
  sickness and death in chapters. Lets
  pray for each other, our organization      Spouse’s Name: ____________________ Spouse Member #: _________________
  and country because through prayer         Widow/Widower                 Chapter of Assignment: ____________________
  all things are possible. “Keep on          Recruiter: _________________________Recruiter Member No.: ______________
                                                                                                                                  Code: XV0510

  doing things that you have learned
  and received and heard and seen in                     1 year - $15        2 years - $30         3 years - $45
  me, and the God of peace will be with
  you”. Philippians 4:9                                      Make checks payable to TREA National Auxiliary
  Many blessings                                      Membership Inquiries   Benefits and Service      TREA Legislative Office
                                                      800-808-4517, X1010      800-808-4514               703-684-1981
  Auxiliary Chaplain, Doris

40    The VOICE **MAY 2010

        Colorado Springs, CO

   The chapter celebrated their 47th
Anniversary with a Banquet. Shown
performing the cake cutting ceremony                                               88A Killeen, TX
from are, l-r, Auxiliary Chapter Presi-                                             The Chapter Auxiliary installed their
dent Pauline Watkins, Guest Speaker                                                Board of Directors at their Annual Ban-
CSM (Ret) Lonnie Cupp, National Aux-                                               quet.
iliary President Sandy Ott, Chapter
President Wally Jones and TREA
National President Charlie Flowers.

                                             Auxiliary President Pauline Watkins
                                           presents a check to Chapter President
                                           Wally Jones.

Nominating Committee
   We would like to encourage every-
one to think about submitting a
resume for an office on the Auxiliary
Board this year. The offices open are
President, Vice President, Treasurer,
1-1yr. Director, and 2-2yr Directors.
You do not have to be affiliated with a
chapter to hold office. Members at
large (MAL) are eligible. It would be
great having some new ideas and new
people getting involved with the Aux-
iliary. Anyone wishing to run for office
should complete TREA Auxiliary Form
100-3A, Resume for Candidate for
Elected office and mail no later than
June 1, 2010 to:
   Sherry Eller
   Nominating Committee Chairman
   4952 Durasno Terrace
   Colorado Springs, CO 80911
   Home phone 719-391-8323
          John Abbott-Chapter 7, OR (USAF)           Clarence Inns-MAL, TX (USAF)
          John Adair-Chapter 53, CA (USAF)         John Jackman-Chapter 7, OR (USA)
            Loren Adams-MAL, KS (USAF)               Willie Jackson-MAL, CA (USAF)
                Carl Aery-MAL, AZ (USN)                Robert Jones-MAL, AL (USN)
              John Ander-MAL, MS (USAF)               Edward Jones-MAL, CO (USA)
            Charles Baker-MAL, LA (USAF)           Jack Jordan-Chapter 39, CO (USAF)
         Vester Baker-Chapter 128, CA (USN)        Nicholas Kakunes-MAL, GA (USA)
           Richard Barney-MAL, CA (USAF)       John Korzeniewski-Chapter 58, FL (USAF)
           Charles Bell-Chapter 3, CO (USA)            Morris Lamb-MAL, IL (USAF)
          Donald Blackburn-MAL, ID (USN)             Eugene Lauver-MAL, TX (USAF)
            Robert Boswell-MAL, CA (USN)               Earl Lawlyes-MAL, CA (USN)
             Clifford Boyd-MAL, VA (USAF)        Francis Luczycki-Chapter 19, FL (USN)
           Ronald Brown-MAL, OH (USMC)            Hobard Luke-Chapter 83, GA (USAF)
         Warren Casey-Chapter 1, PA (USAF)       Kenneth Lyttle-Chapter 39, CO (USAF)
             Ronald Clark-MAL, AR (USA)         Joseph Manriquez-Chapter 55, CA (USA)
         William Clark-Chapter 128, CA (USN)         Charles Mattics-MAL, AZ (USN)
           Landsdale Clark-Chapter 98, PA          George McMahon-MAL, CA (USMC)
           Anthony Corrado-MAL, FL (USN)        Fred Miklasevich-Chapter 55, WI (USAF)
        Barbara Cramer-Chapter 53, CA (USAF)         Richard Modlin-MAL, SC (USAF)
         Robert Criss-Chapter 24, MD (USAF)             A.D Moore-MAL, CA (USA)
            William Crosier-MAL, PA (USA)              Harry Mori-MAL, NY (USAF)
          William Darby-Chapter 3, CO (USA)           Donald Ness-MAL, MD (USAF)
           Parker Douglas-MAL, VA (USAF)        Leonard Newsome-Chapter 55, FL (USA)
          Larry Ellis-Chapter 39, CO (USAF)             Karl Osier-MAL, KY (USA)
           Francisco Fabian-Chapter 53, CA            Calvin Perkins-MAL, GA (USA)
               Carl Fisher-MAL, AZ (USN)             Edward Pettit-MAL, CA (USAF)
             Robert Fries-MAL, AZ (USAF)            George Prescott-MAL, IA (USAF)
                 Edgardo Gaela-MAL, FL                 Willie Preston-Chapter 1, CO
            Michael Gazey-MAL, PA (USA)               Donald Price-MAL, GA (USAF)
          Henry Groen-Chapter 3, CO (USAF)            Albert Reuter-MAL, MO (USA)
             Ted Groves-MAL, WA (USAF)                  Erwin Rosso-Chapter 1, NE
            Herschel Hall-MAL, CA (USAF)             Carlton Spiers-MAL, FL (USAF)
           Hadley Hanson-MAL, AZ (USAF)              Garritt Stekeur-MAL, NY (USA)
            James Harrison-MAL, AL (USN)           Morgan Vanevera-MAL, OR (USAF)
           Dean Hastings-MAL, CO (USAF)               Leonard Werth-MAL, VA (USA)
               John Hayes-MAL, CA (USN)              William Wilcox-MAL, FL (USAF)
        Pastor Herbert-Chapter 58, FL (USAF)       Burnis Wilson-Chapter 4, KS (USA)
            Edward Hock-MAL, OH (USAF)          Dewayne Woerpel-Chapter 1, CO (USAF)
        James Hoffman-Chapter 29, AZ (USAF)         Charles Woodbury-MAL, MI (USN)
             Ronald Hunt-MAL, FL (USAF)

42   The VOICE **MAY 2010
                      Hospice Care

  There is a common misconception that
hospice services are only for those who
are actively dying or in their last month
of life. Not true! Hospice services can be
initiated any time an individual meets the
specific criteria based on his or her med-
ical condition and functional status. The
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Servic-
es (CMS) has developed eligibility crite-
ria for nine specific conditions —cancer,
dementia, failure to thrive, heart disease,
liver disease, lung disease, kidney dis-
ease, stroke, and functional decline.
Having a nursing assistant provide bath
and personal care can be tremendous
relief for a family. The nurse eases rela-
tive’s anxiety and the burden of handling
all the small details that go along with
maintaining comfort in someone’s final
hours. Medicare and Medicaid pay for
hospice care and provide it in an individ-
ual’s home, nursing home, assisted-living
facility, and specially designated hospice
units. An entire team of professionals
that includes a registered nurse, a home-
health aide, a social worker, and a chap-
lain is available to assist you and your
  Services are provided on a weekly
schedule based on a patient’s needs, and
a registered nurse is available 24 hours a
day for urgent concerns. Services include
assessment of the medical condition,
bathing, assistance with dressing and
grooming, counseling and support for you
and the patient, spiritual guidance, and
advance planning for the end of life. Hos-
pice also provides all medical equipment
and supplies, and a “comfort kit” is
issued to each patient containing medica-
                      Hospice => Page 44

                                              MAY 2010 ** The VOICE   43
                       WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU
                             GONNA DO
                        WITH YOUR OLD CELL
                 Recycle it and you'll help Mother               911, emergency only, communications. "Cell
                 Nature and those in need of                     phones contain many toxins and are very haz-
 emergency communication.                                        ardous to our environment and they should not
 The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) is part-                end up in landfills."
 nering with to collect                  All cell phones, regardless of age or condition,
 used cell phones on an on-going basis for the                   will be accepted. Make certain to deactivate your
 benefit of TREA programs. TREA will receive a                   phone and remove any personal information.
 monetary donation for each phone recycled.                      go to
 The phones can be recycled and sent to areas                    to    print  out      a postage-paid     shipping
 with economic necessity. Some phones are also                   label/packing slip and donation receipt.
 refurbished and given to those who are in need of

                                                                            <= Hospice, from page 43
Medicare Enrollment
  The Social Security Administration has streamlined the Medicare           tions for pain, fever, and excessive saliva. To
application process, making it convenient, quick and easy for qualified     determine if hospice care is appropriate and
seniors to apply online for Medicare benefits—even if they’re not           whether he or she is eligible, first, talk to the
ready to retire. You just go to the online Medicare application site at:    health care provider about his or her medical, read the instructions,          condition and plan of treatment. If prognosis is
gather any information you need, and then fill out the online form. The     less than six months and it is his or her wish to
Social Security Administration estimates that the whole process can         receive supportive and comfort care only, a refer-
take less than 10 minutes or as much as half an hour, but the average       ral is made to hospice for an evaluation visit.
time is about 15 minutes. Once your application is submitted elec-          The initial visit is completed by a registered
tronically that’s usually all there is to it. In most cases, there are no   nurse who performs a complete assessment and
forms to sign and no documentation is required. The Social Security         compares the results to the eligibility criteria for
Administration will process your online application, contact you            the patient’s primary diagnosis. If they meet at
directly if they need more information, and mail your Medicare card         least three of the criteria, they will be enrolled
when it’s ready. You don’t have to be retired or even planning to retire    in services for three months.
in the near future to sign up for Medicare benefits. You can use the          Once receiving hospice services, a patient will
online Medicare application if you:                                         be reevaluated every three months, and if he or
    Are at least 64 years and 8 months old; and                             she still meets the criteria, the services will be
    Want to sign up for Medicare; and                                       extended for another three months. If the condi-
    Do not want to start receiving Social Security benefits in the next     tion improves, he or she might be discharged
    four months; and                                                        from hospice but can be reenrolled in the future
    Live in the United States or one of its commonwealths or territo-       if his or her condition deteriorates. Hospice pro-
    ries (applicants who live outside the United States should contact      vides much-needed support for caregivers,
    the nearest U.S. Social Security office, or the U.S. embassy or con-    whether you provide care yourself or need the
    sulate for their area).                                                 peace of mind that they are receiving care and
  Before you start your application, it is recommended that you get an      support because you cannot be there to provide
estimate of your retirement benefit. It will help you to answer some of     assistance. The goals of hospice — maintaining
the questions on the application. You can do so by clicking the appro-      quality of life and comfort — are what we all
priate tab on the website. You may want to print or save the estimate       wish for our family during their final years. Talk
to refer to during your application. If you plan to delay receiving         with them, and plan ahead for when hospice care
Social Security retirement benefits until you are past the age of 65,       might be needed. You will not regret the decision
you can still apply for Medicare benefits only. To make sure you under-     and comfort that comes from knowing you pro-
stand how such a decision may affect your income and your medical           vided the best care at the end of his or her life.
coverage be sure to review the information in the Social Security           To learn more about hospice services or to find a
Retirement Planner titled, “Applying for Medicare Only-Before You           hospice organization in your location refer to
Decide” at::                                                      

44   The VOICE **MAY 2010
       Membership Application

Membership Categories:
Regular Members - Any enlisted person, retired from an active or reserve component of the Armed Forces, either for length of serv-
ice or permanent medical disability shall be eligible for regular membership. A retired member advanced to commissioned or Warrant
Officer status, either through recall to active duty or on the retired list shall remain eligible for regular membership as long as his/her
dues are kept current. Active duty, Reserve and National Guard enlisted personnel with 10 or more years retirement creditable serv-
ice shall also be eligible, but membership (including life membership) shall be withdrawn if the person fails to retire from the Armed
Forces. The term “regular member” encompasses both charter and life members of TREA.
Associate Members - Widows/widowers of members and non-members, who were eligible for membership at the time of their death,
are eligible to join The Retired Enlisted Association as associate members. Associate members are not eligible for life membership.
Associate members shall enjoy the privileges of regular membership, except the right to make motions, vote, or hold office.

   Yes, I want to take advantage of the great benefits that TREA offers and be a member of an organization that is fighting
to protect the retirement benefits of all military enlisted retirees and active duty personnel of the Armed Forces.

Name: ________________________________________________________________ DOB: __________________________

Address: ______________________________________                   City: ___________________ State: ______ Zip: ____________

Phone: (           )______________________________ Branch of Service: ___________________ Grade: ________________

Years of Service: ________ to ________ Date of Retirement: __________ VA Disability Rating, if applicable: __________

Email: ________________________________________________ TREA Chapter (if applicable): _____________________
Spouse Name: ________________________________________________
Recruiter (if applicable): _________________________________ Recruiter Member No:____________________________
            - 1 Year - $20            - 3 Years - $45                   - Lifetime - $300*
            - *Lifetime, paid in 10 quarterly payments (attach first payment of $30)
        Member Type:           Regular                 Associate     Renewal of Membership No.: _____________________
        Charge my dues to:           VISA       Mastercard Card No.: ___________________________ Exp: ____________
        If paying by check, make checks payable to TREA.
        Send completed application to: TREA, PO Box 98187, Washington DC 20090-8187
                                                                                                     Code: TV0510

                         CHANGE OF ADDRESS/CHAPTER ASSIGNMENT                                                     TREA Form 100-8 - 10/99

Name: ____________________________________________                         Member No: ____________________________________

Old Address: _______________________________________            New Address: ___________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________         City, State, Zip: __________________________________
Phone: ( )_______________________________________ Phone: ( ) ____________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________
Change of Assignment:
   - Member-At-Large to Chapter # _____
   - Chapter #_____ to Chapter # _____
   - Chapter # _____ to Member-At-Large
                   Signature: _____________________________ Date: _________________
TREA Form 100-85

                                                                                                MAY 2010 ** The VOICE                       45
                                      TREA WEAR AND ACCESSORIES ORDER FORM
SHIRTS:                                                                            PATCHES:
Golf Shirt (4341). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       $30.00    Red Bullion Patch (4311RBL) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18.00
       Small     Medium                Large              XLarge                            Life Member                      Regular Member
        2XL       3XL (4342). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            $35.00        TREA 3.5-inch Logo Patch (4311TLP) . . . . . . . . $2.50
    Colors:     White            Stone                                                 Life Member Patch (w/rocker) (4311TLMP) . . . $3.50
Golf Shirt (two tone collar) (4343). . . . . . . . . .                   $35.00        American Flag Patch (4311AFP) . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00
       Small     Medium                Large              XLarge                   PINS:
        2XL       3XL (4344). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            $39.00    Chapter Board of Director Pins (Silver) (4309CP). . $5.00
Colors:   Khaki      Blue          Green          Gray          Burgundy               President (P)                           1st Vice President (1VP)
HATS:                                                                                  2nd Vice President (2VP)                3rd Vice President (3VP)
    Overseas Cap (Male) (4306) Size: __________ . . $21.00                             Treasurer (T)                           Trustee (TR)
    Overseas Cap (Female) (4306A). . . . . . . . . . . . . $21.00                      Director (D)                            Secretary (S)
        Small           Medium                  Large                                  Parliamentarian (PA)                    Sgt-At-Arms (SAA)
        Auxiliary            TREA                                                      Chaplain (C)                            Past President (PP)
Lettering: ______________________________ . . . . . . . . $0.60/ea                 Lapel Pins (4309) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5.00
_________________________________________                                 letter       Gold (LPG)       White (LPW)
(4318-Lettering is $.60/letter) (takes 4-6 weeks)                                      Gold Life Member (LMLP)
    Sportsman Hat (White) (4328) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $13.00                Retirement Pins (4309) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.00
    Fleece Headband (Blue) (4325) . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00                     Army (A)                                Navy (N)
Baseball Hats (4308) (NEW) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12.00                Marines (M)                             Air Force (AF)
    Blue Mesh (WRM)                  Blue & Natural (TB)                               TREA Stick Pin (Gold) (4314) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00
                    White (SW)                                                     MISC:
TIES:                                                                                  Travel Mugs (tumbler) (4339) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12.00
    Men’s Tie (4307)                                                                   Colors:     Red           Blue
        Regular (MT) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11.00          Valet Key Chains (4340) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.50
        Clip On (CMT) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11.00           Colors:     Red            Blue
        Extra Long (XMT) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12.00              Black Funeral Arm Band (4312) . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.00
    Ladies Tie(4307LT) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00            Money Clip (4310) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4.00
    Tie Tack (4313) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.75        Super Mini Umbrella (4323) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.00
                                                                                       JrROTC Award (4330) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10.50
WINDBREAKERS AND VESTS:                                                                (Medal/Pin/Certificate/Navy Blue Cover)
White Windbreaker (TREA & Auxiliary) (4302) . . . $65.00                               Personalized Note Cards (4326) . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.50/
       Small     Medium           Large                 XLarge                     Service Seal or Initial ____________________________ Set of 10
       XXLarge      XXXLarge                                                                                  (ie, USMC, USNR “Q”)
Microfiber Wind Vest (Navy Blue) (4327). . . . . . . . . $40.00                        Line #1: _______________________________________
       Small     Large             XLarge                                              Line #2 ________________________________________
Microfiber Wind Vest (Navy Blue) (4327). . . . . . . . . $42.00                        Line #3 ________________________________________
       XXLarge      XXXLarge                                                       “REMEMBER OUR VETERANS”
DECALS AND BUMPER STICKERS                                                             Magnetic Auto Ribbon (4333) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3.00
   Vehicle Auto Medallion (Gold/Black)(4335). . . . $6.00                              Silicone Bracelet (4334) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.00
   Window Decal (3”)(4315) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $.50            *************
   12” Vinyl Decal (4315L) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6.00             Neck Wallet - $3.00 Enzyme Wash Baseball Cap-$5.00
Bumper Stickers (4305) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1.00           Luggage Tag - $2.50           Colors:             White                Navy
       Army (A)                     Marines (M)
       Navy (N)                     Air Force (AF)
       Coast Guard (CG)                                                            Order Total                                                     ____________
                                                                                   Tax (Colorado residents add 8.1%)                               ____________
                                                                                   Shipping Minimum Shipping - $4.95
                                                                                             $20.01-$60 - $8.50
Check Enclosed:    Amount $__________ Check No.: ______                                      $60.01-$100 - $12.50
             **Make Check Payable to TREA**                                                  $100.01 & over:
 **Print legibly and send complete page when ordering**                                        $12.50 + $2.50 for each $10 over                    ____________
                **Prices subject to change**                                       Total Amount Due:                                               ____________
                                                                                   Bill my Credit Card:
Mail completed Order Form to: TREA Headquarters, Order Dept.
1111 S. Abilene Ct., Aurora, CO 80012                                              Number: _________________________________________________
Credit Card Orders may be faxed to: 303-752-0835 or 888-882-0835                   Expiration Date: _________________________________________
Or call directly at 303-752-0660 or 800-338-9337.                                  Amount to Charge: $_________________________
Orders can also be places securely online:,
                                                                                   Cardholder Signature: ___________________________________
click on “TREA Store”                                                              Shipping Information:

                                                                                   Name: _____________________________________________

                                                                                   Address:      ___________________________________________

                                                                                   City: ___________________ State: ____ Zip:_________

                                                                                   Phone #: __________________________________________

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