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									                    WEETING PARISH REVIEW
    Editors: Mrs A Morgan (Chairman) and Mrs J Scarrott (Clerk to the Parish Council)

WEETING PLAYLAND                                                                         Issue 7
                                                                  Ann E Morgan          June 2009
For some considerable time Weeting residents and in
                                                                                    Inside this issue
particular the little ones, have bemoaned the lack of play
equipment in the village. In fact in a survey undertaken in                        Chairman’s Notes 2
2006, this was one of the items to be incorporated into the
                                                                                   Year End Figures 3
Village Plan.
                                                                                    News in Brief .. 4
The Parish Council have now made a formal application to                          Meet your Councillors
WREN for grant funding for a new Adventure Playland sited                                 .. 6
on the sports field. WREN – Waste Recycling Environmental
                                                                                     Parish Council
Ltd., provides grants from the Landfill Communities Fund for                          Meetings .. 7
projects within their operating areas. There is a landfill site in
                                                                                     Sunday League
Feltwell which means that Weeting fulfils the location criteria.                      Football .. 10

The bid will be considered over the next three and a half                         The Parish Clerk .. 11
months and we will know if we have been successful towards
the end of October with a view to the site being up and                           Your councillors .. 12
running in February 2009. The Council is proposing to use
equipment produced by Adventure Playgrounds similar to that
at Mundford which is largely made of wood as it was felt this
would fit into our rural setting. We hope to give you good
news in October.

                                                                                    Quality Parish

                                                            Artist’s impression

Being originally co-opted onto the Parish Council fairly late in my life,
over the last four or so years, I have learnt a great deal about the
way that local government works and is perceived in Norfolk. Having
some experience of the voluntary sector which travels from a local
branch, through county to national executives I am fairly familiar with
the type of organisation that is the National Association of Local

The Norfolk Association of Local Councils is based at County Hall in
Norwich. For an annual fee, all Parish and Town Councils in Norfolk
can become members and benefit from the advice and guidance
provided by the staff who work there. They cover areas of training,
Parish Liaison and business in the county. It is where you go when
you have a problem. The Norfolk Association has an Executive
Council made up of members who are drawn from all the District
Council areas; I am now a member of this Executive but am still
rather hazy as to just what I am doing!

As a Quality Council, Weeting is invited to specific events dealing with
local problems, such as the Unitary situation, Highway and
Community Rangers schemes and Asset Transfer and now are also
invited to “play with the big boys” at the Larger Council Meetings. At
least I can keep my ear to the ground and bring back ideas to
Weeting. The words “challenging” and “changing” times figure in
most of the editorials from both national and local Chairman of the
organisation but all appear to agree that it does give the first level of
government as we are known, the opportunity to exercise power.

So … if there is a pet project that you feel would benefit Weeting don’t
hide your light under the proverbial bushel, come and join us at the
monthly surgery held at 7.00 pm before the actual meeting and let us
talk about it. After all the Parish Council has been elected by the
residents of Weeting to do the best for the village and make decisions
on their behalf.

At long last there will be a web page for the village that is to be
current and anyone who has photos of local events, we would love to
have them. Full details will be available in the next edition of the
Weeting Parish Review.

                                                            Ann E Morgan.


The Chairman was recently co-opted on to the Executive of the
Norfolk Association of Local Councils whose meetings in Norwich
tend to be on the fourth Thursday of the month. The Parish Council
felt it of benefit to the village, that Mrs Morgan continue to be on this
Executive so very kindly agreed to move Parish Council meetings to
the THIRD THURSDAY OF THE MONTH at the village hall starting
with surgery at 7.00 pm, meeting at 7.30 pm.

welcome Mrs Buonocore and Mr Smith as newly co-opted members
of the Parish Council. Questions have been asked concerning the
procedures for co-opting new councillors. This is a legal process –
the vacancy or vacancies must be publicly notified i.e on local notice
boards. If within 14 days a poll is demanded by not less than 10
residents entitled to vote, then a by-election must be conducted in
accordance with the rules for ordinary elections. In practical terms,
the election would be between the nominated candidates in order to
fill the vacancies. The cost of such an election would have to be met
by the Parish, thought to be in the region of up to £1000. On this
occasion no such request was received by the Clerk and the existing
Councillors conducted a series of ballots and Mrs Buonocore and Mr
Smith were elected.

We must again remind everyone THAT DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED
ON THE PLAYING FIELD. The Junior Football teams use the area
regularly and you will see later in this Review that senior teams are
now interesting in playing. The Finance Committee met this Monday
evening at 7.00 in the Village Hall and councillors actually watched a
resident walking their dog on the further side of the field. PLEASE

We are holding our breath but since the visit of the remote
surveillance cameras at the recycling banks, the weekly (daily?)
dumping of household waste in the clothing bank seems to have
stopped for which we are all very thankful, not the least our
Handyman John.

Whilst we do appreciate that these are cumbersome and sometimes
difficult to store but please do not leave them out on the pavements
after collection as it could well cause an accident.

This matter rumbles on and currently we are awaiting the decision of
the Secretary of State on the preferred option. Should maybe know
the result in July.

The Parish Council are investigating the possibility of a new building
in the place of the old changing rooms and toilet block. Ideally we
would prefer to be able to incorporate a Parish Office, community
room, small kitchen and store rooms for the Village Handyman’s
equipment together with a refuse bin cupboard and very importantly,
with modern home/away changing rooms, showers etc for teams who
play sport on the field.

This is an ambitious project and plans are in their infancy. It is
possible for the Council to negotiate a fixed interest rate loan from the
Public Works Loan Board together with seeking grants from the
Football Foundation or Sport England for the sports part of the
building. Please let us know what you think of this proposal … e-mail
Jane on janescarrott@btinternet.com and Ann on

Along with proposals for under 12s playground, the Council intends to
pursue grant funding for a teen shelter plus other equipment for our
teenagers. Jane and I went to Methwold High School and met with a
number of Weeting kids and got their views on what they would like.
It is planned to locate this area on the playing field near to the existing
equipment and we will let you know how we get on.

The Council’s existing football posts unfortunately do not meet current
league requirements and with the advent of the new Weeting Football
Club, the Council has agreed that new posts and associated
equipment will be sought. Again it is proposed that grant funding will
be applied for from the Football Foundation – all those forms!

Councillor Tom Childerhouse, currently Vice-Chairman of the Weeting
Parish Council was born in Thetford some fifty-eight years ago, being
brought up in Park Cottage, Weeting where his parents still live. One
of four sons, he lived in Weeting until he was sixteen. His father
worked on Home Farm where his grandfather then lived. Grandfather
was a tenant of Lord Walsingham in the village of Tottington at
Mortimer Farm on the battle area and one of the village families
moved off the area in 1942 during the Second World War.

Relocated to Home Farm in Weeting, Mr Childerhouse Snr was a
tenant of the Ministry of Works and in the early 1960s, the family
bought the farm. Originally Grandfather Childerhouse was a Duck
Farmer and Tom remembers many of the villagers worked on the
farm at that time.

After school, Tom went to the Agricultural College at Easton,
specialising in Pig Husbandry and at the age of 18 was off to Canada
for a year to work and gain further experience. On returning, Tom
rejoined the family enterprise starting his very successful pig herd in
the mid-1970s. Originally an indoor herd, latterly they moved out of
doors as they are at present. His father then retired and Tom took
over the farm.

Rugby – he was Captain of Diss Rugby Team in 1985 – and the
Young Farmers Club were his hobbies. Tom met his wife Sheila
when she came to Diss on an exchange visit from her Young Farmers
Club in Kent and they were married in 1975. Sheila, having taught at
the local High School, is now very successful in public life being
Chairman of NHS Norfolk and a member of the East of England
Development Board. Tom and Sheila have a daughter Helen who
married Pete last year and is expecting their first grandchild any day
now. David, Tom and Sheila’s son is now a partner in the business
and was married just this month. He and his wife live in the house
their parents’ occupied before they moved into Home Farm.

Tom and Sheila still find time to go walking both across Europe –
especially Italy and locally on the Coastal Path and Peddars Way.
The proud owner of two Labradors and many pigs, Tom says that he
has never lost his real love of animals and describes himself as a
Stockman first and foremost.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS – last three months:
March saw the council meetings return to the Village Hall as their
permanent venue. Eight members of the public attended and voiced
their concerns about the LDF, conforming sites and the prospect of a
wind farm being developed in Weeting.

It was agreed to spend the allocation of £2000 from the budget on
repairs to the private road to the Village Hall and Sports field. There
was discussion on the future use and upkeep of this road. The
continuing problem of flytipping was discussed and the placing of
surveillance equipment at the site of the recycling banks.

The Chairman’s report highlighted some delivery problems with the
Review, the fact that she had been invited to join the Executive
Committee of the Norfolk Association of Local Councils amongst
other items and the Clerk confirmed the resignation of Councillors
English and Moore. Jane also confirmed that the vacancies had been
advertised in the village and three applications received.

The Weeting Youth Football teams had permission for a fixture to be
played on the sports field between Under 14 girls teams from Kings
Lynn and West Ham. The Parish Council agreed that it required
further information on the financial situation of the Bowls Club before
setting an annual rent.

Discussion on the possible location of a Christmas tree continued and
correspondence was received advising that Breckland District Council
intended to privatise their planning services. The Parish Council felt
very strongly that this was unacceptable and proposed to write to
Breckland advising the District Council of this decision.

The village plan was then discussed and initial thoughts on the
upgrade of the changing rooms passed to Mr Kileen. Highways items
seem to reoccur each month and we are still awaiting a road sign for
the cul de sac section of Cromwell Road to be installed. However,
the Parish Council keeps pressing these points.

April saw the return visit of 2 Police Community Support Officers
(PCSO) who explained that their role was building up relationships
with their communities. Thanks were passed to a resident of Weeting
who had voluntarily undertaken to repair and repaint the seats on
Parrotts Piece.

A survey of local playgrounds visited by the Chairman and Clerk had
been circulated to councillors prior to the meeting and recommended
the Council give their preference for equipment from Adventure
Playgrounds. Again the question of the private road to the village hall
and sports field was discussed. The Clerk then confirmed that she
had had a reply from the Highways Department concerning the
councils’ past requests and Highways clearly stated that it is the
adjacent landowners who are responsible for roadside hedges
and trees and they should not allow vegetation to obstruct the
public highway.

It was agreed to change the bank mandate in order that any two of
three councillors should be official cheque signatories and that the
Clerk’s name should be removed. As before, the question of a
Christmas Tree was discussed but it was felt the tree on the Lorry
Park by the recycling banks was unsuitable.

Mr Monson, our Norfolk County Councillor was asked to look into the
trees overhanging the Grimes Graves Road and the junction of All
Saints and Methwold Road which appears to be collapsing due to
previous work undertaken on that section. It was also noted that the
sign for Peppers High Hill needed replacing. Mr Kileen reported that
he has spoken to the junior football club in relation to both changing
facilities and posts and who provides funds.

There then followed an election amongst existing councillors to fill the
two vacancies on the Council. Two ballots were carried out and the
successful applicants were Mrs Sonia Buonocore and Mr Bernard
Smith who were them duly co-opted as members of Weeting with
Broomhill Parish Council.

Finally, Mr Monson reported that the County Council budget had been
set, efficiency savings made but Highways funding would remain the
same as it had been possible to transfer money from funding waste.

May brought election time round again as the Chairman and Vice
Chairman of the Parish Council only serve for one year. Mrs Morgan
was elected unopposed as Chairman. Mr Childerhouse and Mr
Prosser were both proposed as Vice Chairman and after a secret
ballot, Mr Childerhouse was elected. Mrs Morgan thanked Mr
Prosser for his support over the previous year.

Election of Officers for committees:

Planning Committee:       Mrs M Burlingham, Mrs S Buonocore
Finance Committee:        Ms Morgan, Mr Childerhouse, Mr Killeen,
                          Mrs Buonocore.
Bowls Club Rep:           Mr D Charlton
Village Hall Re:          Mr N Kileen
Lighting Officer:         Mrs M Burlingham

The Chairman and Clerk attended a training day on legal aspects of
Rights of Way and Common Land. From the information gained, the
Council decided to take legal advice before contacting anyone in
connection with the private road and its use. It was also noted that
some residents in All Saints were parking on the council’s private land
and this and the rear access to their properties needs to be clarified.
It was agreed to consult Mr N Hancox, the Solicitor recommended by
the Norfolk Association of Local Councils.

Both the Chairman and the Clerk attending training on “Well Being”
and this training which enables Councils more freedom on spending
money for the benefit of their own communities, is mandatory for the
remaining members of the council. Sessions can be shared with
other local parish councillors. They also attended a further session of
the Quality Council Network where a presentation on the
development of services to parishes, Norfolk County Council
Community Rangers scheme and the transfer of assets from principal
authorities to town and parish councils were all discussed.

It was very pleasing to note that Recycling for the year had earned
the village £2390 – all of which is being “ring fenced” for use in
relation to the new playground. The 2008/9 balance sheet was
presented to councillors and approved. Having read the Chairman’s
report on her meeting with the Bowls Club Secretary, councillors
agreed to keep the annual rent of £246.75 for 2009/10 but that it be
formally reviewed when setting the precept for 2010/11 at the August

Returning to the question of renovation/replacement of the changing
rooms, it was suggested that the council should consider the
possibility of taking a loan to finance a new building. It was
suggested that the Finance Committee should meet to make
recommendations on the question of loan finance. It was confirmed

that an application would be made to WREN for play equipment and
to NCC Playbuilder grant funding for equipment for over 12s.

A number of highways matters were again raised and it was
confirmed that Mr Monson and the Highways Engineer had made an
inspection visit. Concern was reiterated about the storage of tyres,
propane and oxyacetylene bottles in the back garden of a property in
Jubilee Close.


As many of you will know, over the years Weeting has been very well
represented in senior amateur football, winning many successes,
trophies and accolades in both league and cup tournaments. The
time has now come to revive this proud tradition and to this end four
local men, Andrew Challiss; Rob Page; Nick Squibb and Joe Green,
are putting together a Sunday League team to play in the forthcoming
season, starting in August.

Joe Green said “As kids we used to watch those league and cup
games with a great sense of pride in our village team. Our aim is to
bring back that sense of pride and we have been really excited by the
level of interest shown in the revival of Weeting FC. Even with the
turning down of our offer for Wayne Rooney, we are confident we can
recapture those past glories and put the name of Weeting FC back on
the map.”

Working with the Parish council, not only will Sunday football be
returning to Weeting, it is hoped that there will be a joint concerted
effort to improve the playing field facilities, with the possibility of new
changing rooms, incorporating additional provision for other village

A number of fund raising events are likely to be held over the next few
months, so look out for details and support your local team. Members
of the club will also be in attendance at this year’s Steam Engine
Rally, so pop along for a chat, and give our boys some
encouragement. If you would like to get involved, in any capacity, or
if you are interested in sponsoring the team or are able to give a
donation of any size, please contact the club secretary, Joe Green, on
(01842) 810578.

Some of you will have heard us refer to Jane, our Parish Clerk but
many will be uncertain as to what role she plays in the organisation.
Like other areas the term Clerk has a different meaning than in the
past and the Parish Clerk now has the opportunity to take on
responsibility for ensuring the timely and efficient running of the

Quaintly being referred to as the “proper officer of the council” Jane is
required to sign summonses for councillors to attend meetings but the
extent of her authority over the council’s affairs is governed by the
wishes of the council. Jane, however, has been appointed
“Responsible Financial Officer” for the council and thus is responsible
for the accurate and lawful use of public funds and for organising
annual internal and external audits. All this responsibility requires her
to work in “good faith” and to ensure that councillors are fully up to
date with the financial position of the council, that accounts are paid in
a timely fashion and that financial records are complete. She is also
called upon to attend council meetings, take minutes and has the
custody of the councils books, deeds and documents.

In order for Weeting with Broomhill Parish Council to seek and obtain
“quality” status, the Parish Clerk had to have the relevant professional
qualification; in this case, Jane had successfully obtained her
Certificate in Local Council Administration or CILCA as it is
affectionately known to all. The council also has to demonstrate it
has the ability and capacity to take on the enhanced role and
responsibility that quality status will bring but you cannot even start
unless your Clerk holds the relevant qualification.

Jane is also responsible for guiding councillors in their legal
responsibilities – such as for instance the legal requirements for co-
opting councillors to fill vacancies, publishing accepted minutes on
public notice boards and ensuring councillors have the opportunity to
declare any personal interests they may have in items on the
meetings agendas.

The Clerk is an employee of the Parish Council, their Line Manager
the Chairman of the Parish Council. The position is subject to the
European Working Time Regulations and by all other employment
and health and safety at work legislation. Nowadays the Parish Clerk
should be a valued member of the team in the first tier of local

Your Councillors:

Mrs A Morgan (Chair)        Mr T Childerhouse (Vice Chair)      Mrs S Bottorff
2 Cromwell Close            Home Farm                           9 Station Terrace
WEETING                     WEETING                             WEETING
Nr Brandon                  Nr Brandon                          Nr Brandon
Norfolk IP27 0RW            Norfolk IP27 0RA                    Norfolk IP27 0PH
Tel: 01842 814986           Tel: 01842 811469                   01842 814395

Mrs Sonia Buonocore         Mrs M Burlingham                    Mr D Charlton
48 Shadwell Close,          54 Castle Close                     6 The Row
WEETING                     WEETING                             WEETING
Nr Brandon,                 Nr Brandon                          Nr Brandon
Norfolk IP27 0RH            Norfolk IP27 0RQ                    Norfolk IP27 0QG
Tel: 01842 814928           Tel: 01842 811177                   Tel: 01842 - 812874

Mr N Killeen                Mr J Prosser                        Mr Bernard Smith
6 Jubilee Close             The Old Rectory                     22 Hereward Way,
WEETING                     Rectory Lane                        WEETING
Nr Brandon                  WEETING                             Nr Brandon.
Norfolk IP27 0RJ            Norfolk IP27 0PX                    Norfolk IP27 0QL
Tel: 01842 819533           Tel: 01842 812672                   Tel: 01842 811062

Parish Clerk:               Breckland District                  Norfolk County Councillor
Mrs J Scarrott              Councillor                          Mr I Monson
Warren House                Mr R Childerhouse                   Church Road
Brandon Road                Lynn Lodge                          OXBOROUGH
METHWOLD                    WEETING                             Kings Lynn
Norfolk IP26 4RL            Nr Brandon                          Norfolk PE33 9PS
Tel: 01366 728238           Norfolk IP27 0QS                    Tel: 01366 328296
or 01842 819603             Tel: 01842 813624


Your local MP:
Mr C Fraser
House of Commons
Tel: 020 7219 3000
Shirley House
23 London Road
Tel: 01760 336633


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