Effectiveness and Ineffectiveness of Service Job Add by azymf


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									                   Effectiveness of Service Job Add

    “Build your career with us” is the starting note of the Add which motivate the
     person who read it.

    Firstly this add clearly define what the company is and its background a little bit
     but as much as an add want.

    Complete address of the company is user friendly indication.

    Clearly define the required post no ambiguity on this.

    And then clearly define the applicant requirement such as:

          Age
          Education
          Experience
    Skills

    Ending date of submission the CVs for required post is written in bold words.

    Applicants have option either email or post the application on the given address.

These are the points are shown effectiveness of the Add. It is simple, effective and short
Add which makes Add very effective.

                  Ineffectiveness of Service job add

    There is no starting note which motivate the person who read the add.
    There is no company introduction and background information in the add.
    Not clearly define the applicant requirement.
    Not clearly define the options of Male or Female.
    No clearly define the ending date of submission the CV.
    Not clearly define the job responsibilities and duties.
    Not clearly define the Specification of the job.

These are the points of ineffective add that shows the add ineffective that has no clear
information for the applicant.

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