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									                              NATIONAL ACTIVE & RETIRED FEDERAL EMPLOYEES
                                                                 AUGUST—SEPTEMBER 2009

                                                                                           Volume 4, Issue 4

                        GEORGIA FEDERATION
                           OF CHAPTERS                                                       Jane Finley, GA Federation Editor

                 PRESIDENT’S LETTER                                                            LEGISLATIVE REPORT
                                                                                                         M. C. Stowe, Legislative Director
                                               by Joe Staiano, GA Federation President            Tom McKinney, Deputy Leg. Director
          August 1 – September 7, has         1. This is a                                  The time is here for that face to face meet-
been designated as “NARFE Grass Roots         very impor-                                  ing with your congressman! We trust you
Advocacy Month.” It is the time of the        tant referen-                                already have an appointment. If not, make
year when chapters and NARFE members          dum         that                             haste to get one! We should have a group
are asked to contact their members of         will affect                                  from each chapter making a contact. The
Congress while they are on summer re-         members,                                     congressman and/or staff members will also
cess in their home district to advocate for   chapters and                                 be available at town hall meetings, civic
NARFE’s legislative priorities and to in-     the Federa-                                  clubs and other functions. Your congress-
form them of their concerns. I urge all of    tion.                                        man needs to know that we are aware of his
you to take advantage of the time that                   The                               involvement and our NARFE concerns.
your representative is in his district to     NARFE                                                   What should I talk about with my
visit him at his office, or to attend any     magazine,                                    congressman??? Thank him ~ if he has
town hall meetings that he may be having,     Page 36, con-                                already cosponsored our two priority bills:
                                                                  Georgia Federation       1) Repeal of Social Security Government
to urge him to support premium conver-        tains a Spe-
                                                                 of Chapters President     Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provi-
sion (H.R. 1203/S.491) and Social Secu-       cial Voter’s
                                                                        2009-2010          sion (GPO/WEP), H.R. 235; and 2) Pre-
rity offset correction (H.R. 235/S.484)       Coupon for
                                                                       Joe Staiano         mium Conversion, H.R. 1203. If he is not a
bills. It would also be a good opportunity    members to
to tell him of your concerns over compre-     send in who cannot attend the chapter        cosponsor, encourage him to do so. Also
hensive health care reform and how it         meeting on which the vote will be taken.     ask if he would encourage Charlie Rangel,
might affect the Federal Employees            It is up to the chapter to determine how     Chair of the Wasys and Means Committee,
Health Benefit Program. They need to          this coupon will be considered. If chapter   to include H.R. 1203, Premium Conversion
hear from you, not just from NARFE’s          by-laws do not require a member to be        in the health care reform bill. The listing
legislative staff. The June issue of the      present to vote, this coupon can be          below of the co-sponsors.
NARFE magazine contains two articles          counted as an absentee ballot. If atten-                NARFE Gems reported on Friday,
on what you should do to plan for your        dance is required, the coupon can be con-    July 17, that “two of the three House com-
meeting and where you can get back-           sidered to be an “expression of interest”    mittees conducting marathon markups on
ground papers and points so that you can      when the chapter votes. The chapter          massive health card legislation, H.R. 3200,
have a productive meeting. Please report      might also solicit absentee ballots di-      completed their work this week.” Each
all contacts that you make to M.C. Stowe,     rectly. In any event, please make sure       Federal retiree should be informed of what
Legislative Director, at 770-779-2707, or     that input is obtained from as many chap-    is in this health care reform bill. If it will
you may email him at                          ter members as possible, not just from       affect our FEHBP plan and will we be pay-                       those who attend chapter meetings, as this   ing tax on the government’s part of our pre-
          The June issue of NARFE also        referendum affects everyone in the chap-     mium. It is our annuity, health insurance
contains an open letter to NARFE mem-         ter.                                         and COLAs that we are interested in pro-
bers regarding the proposed single dues                  The passage of the single dues    tecting.
structure for NARFE. President Baptiste       referendum is necessary to improve mem-      COLA is minus 2.1% for June; therefore,
urges you to fully brief yourself on this     ber retention. Many first year members       we are not expecting to receive a cost-of-
issue by reading the NARFE magazine           did not renew their second year as they      living incrase for this year (COLA).
and by going to the NARFE website over        were not aware of what their new com-        ”Under a hold harmless provision of federal
the next few months. I also ask you to        bined national and chapter dues would be.    law, basic Part B premiums cannot rise
hold discussions on this issue among your     A single NARFE dues would avoid this         higher than any year’s COLA. So a zero
chapter members in preparation for voting     sticker shock, as the member would know      COLA means that the basic premium
on the referendum which will be sent to       what the second year dues would be when      (currently $96.40 a month) is frozen. Ac-
all chapter secretaries around September:     the member joins.                            cording to AARP June Bulletin, this does
                                                                                           not apply to about 11 million beneficiaries
                                                         Continued on Page 2                            (Continued on Page 4)
AUGUST ~                                        GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                                        Page 2
SEPTEMBER 2009                                        CHAPTERS                                                     Volume 4, Issue 4
     RETIREES COALITION                                                                VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT
                                                                                                           by Kurt Schuler, Vice President
           By Bill Douglas, 1st Vice President                                     In late August or early September, all chapter Secre-
                                                                         taries should receive a package from NARFE National with an
                                                                         official ballot for voting on the 2009 NARFE Dues Referen-
                                                                         dum. Your chapter completed ballot is due to be received by
Dear Chapter President:
                                                                         NARFE National no later than December 8, 2009. The refer-
          We need your support!! Please discuss with your Board
                                                                         endum proposes establishing a single NARFE dues of $40 for
of Directors or your membership at the next chapter meeting the
                                                                         all members. The August 2009 issue of the NARFE magazine
need for your chapter to join and contribute to the Georgia Fed-
                                                                         has an article by National Secretary Nathaniel Brown on page
eral/Military Retiree Coalition, (if you have not already done so).
                                                                         36 as well as a sample copy of the ballot that will be sent to the
GFMRC must have your help in order to sustain its efforts of pro-
                                                                         chapter Secretaries on pages 42 and 43. I urge all chapter
tecting and improving your benefits. In this time of economic
                                                                         Presidents to discuss this issue with their members and then be
downturn, governments are looking for ways to reduce their budg-
                                                                         certain to cast their ballots before the due date. The mailing the
ets and expenditures. You as a civilian or military retiree earn
                                                                         chapter Secretary receives should contain the number of dele-
benefits in the form of retirement pay and health benefits which
                                                                         gate votes your individual chapter is authorized. This number
are now being scrutinized as a way to accomplish reduced spend-
                                                                         is the one delegate for each fifty (50) chapter members or frac-
ing at the federal level. On the state level, we are greatly in-
                                                                         tion there of.
debted to GFMRC for the $35,000 tax exemption that we currently
                                                                                   Federation Web Master Buck Oliver has been revising
enjoy as residents of the State of Georgia. ~ but we cannot be
                                                                         our web site. He has just added information on the Dues Refer-
complacent! 2009 GFMRC’s goals include retaining the exemp-
                                                                         endum. Just visit our site at . Halfway
tion that we have and to increase the standard deduction on your
                                                                         down the opening page you will see a listing entitled “NARFE
state taxes. Are you aware that it has been decades since this de-
                                                                         DUES REFERENDUM & WEB POLE”. Click on this and
duction has been increased while the federal deduction has contin-
                                                                         you will be taken to a page with two PDF files entitled
ued to have incremental increases? This must be addressed!
                                                                         “Questions and answers” and “Referendum” along with a sur-
GFMRC has and will continue to fight to protect your benefits on
                                                                         vey form. Clicking on either of the PDF files will give you
the state level, but we need your help through financial support
                                                                         more information on the referendum. Taking the survey will
and membership to attain maximum effectiveness in representing
                                                                         let you give your opinion and then see a summery of the survey
YOU and to extend our special effort on the standard deduction
                                                                         results to that time. Please visit the site.
                                                                                   In case you were not aware, NARFE National has a
          When your chapter makes a contribution, you can name
                                                                         membership recruiting contest underway. There will be cash
one of your chapter members for a complimentary membership in
                                                                         prizes awarded to the chapters who bring in the most members.
GFMRC for each $10 that is contributed. Just mail your chapter
                                                                         The contest will end July 2010. Each of the following catego-
contribution to GFMRC, P.O. Box 406, Tucker, GA 30085-0406,
                                                                         ries has first, second, and third place prizes for the chapter.
along with the names of your members that you nominate for com-
                                                                         This brings the total number of awards to nine. First place is
plimentary membership.
                                                                         $500, second place is $300, and third place is $200. Categories
          AND ~while you are at it, emphasize to your individual
members the importance of joining GFMRC. In individual will
                                                                         Category I - Small sized chapters with 1 to 100 members.
mail in the $10 dues to the above address along with individual
                                                                         Category II - Medium sized chapters with 101 to 400 members.
name, mailing address, phone number, email address and NARFE
                                                                         Category III - Large sized chapters with 401 or more members.
Chapter number. Again, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!
                                                                                                (Continued on Page 3)
                                        Thanks, Bill
                                                                                   The July 2009 report, for the first two quarters of the

                                    PRESIDENT’S LETTER (Continued from Page 1)
          The new NARFE dues would also provide much needed funds for the GA Federation and GA chapters whose chapter dues are
less than $9.00. This would allow the chapters and the federation to take advantage of matching funds to undertake recruitment activi-
ties, such as advertising and other projects intended for improving recruitment and retention. The yearly increase in the amount of dues
that a member would pay would depend partially on his/her current chapter dues; however, it most probably would not be much more
than the price of a cup of coffee or a McDonald's quarter-pounder. This is not much when you consider what NARFE does to protect
their earned benefits. In some cases, if the member switches to dues withholding, the new yearly dues might even be less than what he/
she is currently paying
          The Region III Leadership Development Biennial Seminar is being conducted in Columbus, GA, October 6 – 8, 2009. This
seminar will not only be an opportunity for current chapter leaders to refine their leadership skills, but a great opportunity for chapters
to develop leaders for the future by sending emerging leaders from their chapters. I encourage all who can to attend the Leadership
Seminar, as I think that it will provide a great return on your investment. Joe
Volume 4 ISSUE 4                                 GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                   AUGUST-
Page 3                                                 CHAPTERS                                       SEPTEMBER 2009

                                                                            NARFE FEDERATION’S PRESENCE AT
                                    Robert S. “Bob” Harrell
                                                                         USDA’S NATIONAL CONVENTION IN ATLANTA
The end of summer is fast approaching
and NARFE has had a very successful
year. In the mean time, most of our
chapters are resuming regular meeting
schedules. With the return to their
scheduled chapter meetings, many
choices need to be made. One very im-
portant decision is “how many of our
members are we going to assist with
attending the Region III Leadership                                   NARFE staffed a combined “member-recruitment/pre-retirement
Training in October”. In the past, this training seminar has          seminar advertising table” during the 2009 U. S. Department of
proven very beneficial to the members in attendance; thus,            Agriculture’s National Convention in Atlanta GA. Some 400
helping them to prepare for leadership roles in NARFE and             were in att3endance for the three-day event. Shown, left to right
their chapters. Also, each member has been or will be in-             are USDA Multi-Family Housing Specialist Paula W. Robinson;
formed of the importance of passing the “Dues Referen-                President of the Georgia Federation of NARFE Chapters, Joe
dum.” Each chapter will be voting on the referendum dur-              Staiano; and Director of NARFE’s Pre-Retirement Seminars,
ing their September to November meetings. The prepara-                Mary Pierson. (Not pictures: Mary Pierson’s husband, Don, and
tion for this referendum has been received as one step for-           President and 1st Vice President of Georgia’s Dunwoody Chapter
                                                                      2104, Tom and Sandy McKinney; and Past President of Geor-
ward. During the conventions and through correspondence
                                                                      gia’s Marietta NARFE Chapter 1033, T. Jerry Samples.
with chapters, it was revealed that many chapters do not
have news letters as a means of contacting their members.
Therefore, NARFE decided to include in the “NARFE” a                         HEALTH CARE REFORM MESSAGE
coupon whereby each member could complete and mail to                                 by Joe Staiano, GA Federation of Chapters President
their chapter president to indicate their preference on the
                                                                     Having received numerous questions, I submit the following:
referendum. The manner in which a chapter uses this addi-            At the National Federation Presidents meeting on July 22, 2009,
tional information must be determined by the members in              Dan Adcock, NARFE’s Legislative Director, gave a though pres-
attendance at the meeting when ballots are recorded.                 entation on the Health Care Reform bills that were being consid-
    The above items are very important to the future of              ered by both the House and Senate. Dan discussed what affect, if
NARFE. As each of you give serious consideration to this             any, Health Care Reform would have on FEHBP. According to
message, I will close with my many thanks for all you do             Dan, FEHBP and most group plans, would be exempt from the bill
for NARFE and for the support you have given me while                for five years. After five years, all plans would be subject to the
serving as Region III VP.                                            “essential benefits package”, the appeals process and must have
    See you in Columbus, GA, on October 6-8, 2009.                   preventive coverage without cost sharing. If anything, FEHBP
                                    Bob                              could contain more benefits than it does now. The insurance ex-
                                                                     changes that are being proposed would be modeled after FEHBP,
                                                                     but would not replace it. FEHBP would continue to not be opened
                                                                     to non-feds. If they were to open it to non-feds, NARFE would
                                                                     insist on there being separate risk pools. Also, under Health Care
                  VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT                            Reform, the government would be mandated to provide coverage
                    (Continued from Page 2)                          to some temporary and seasonal employees who are now not cov-
                                                                     ered by FEHBP, or pay 8% of payroll into the Exchange Fund.
           The July 2009 report, for the first two quarters of the   Also, individuals who are eligible for coverage under FEHBP
 year, shows Chapter 1435, Flint River, leading the Category II      would have to join or pay a penalty of 2.5% of modified AGI,
 chapters with a total of 51 new members so far. Quite an im-        unless they were covered by another plan. Individuals with access
 pressive tally which I hope will continue to increase. Within       to FEHBP would be eligible for premium and cost sharing credits
 the state of Georgia we have better than 150,000 active and         if their premium exceeds 11% of their income. This could be
 retired Federal Employees with only about 8300 of them being        helpful to lower wage/annuity enrollees. Dan said that Health
 NARFE members. This gives us a wealth of people to still            Care Reform would not do away with FEHBP, but rather might
 educate on the benefits of NARFE membership and involve-            strengthen it and that NARFE would vigorously fight any attempt
 ment and bring into the fold. Kurt                                  to do away with or water down FEHBP coverage.
 AUGUST-                                            GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                             Page 4
SEPTEMBER 2009                                           CHAPTERS                                           Volume 4, Issue 4

                                                 NARFE—PAC                 REPORT
              Report made by Joe Staiano for Virgil Halte, PAC Chair
          This report covers the first two quarters of the 2009-
2010 federal election cycle, January 1 – June 3, 2009. (Some
contributions may not be reflected in this report as they have yet
to be posted.) During this period, 144 Georgia NARFE mem-                          NARFE PAC
bers from 28 chapters contributed $3,082.00. This represents a              CONTRIBUTIONS BY CHAPTER
chapter participation rate of 62.2%. However, there are still 17
                                                                       Location         Chapter      Contributors     Total
chapters without members who have made a NARFE-PAC con-
                                                                       Augusta          0101           3             $245.00
tribution. Member contributions are critical to achieving
                                                                       Columbus         0219           2              $45.00
NARFE’s legislative priorities. Every district vice president and
                                                                       Flag City        0220           0              $0.00
chapter president should make a strong case for a strong
                                                                       Savannah         0249           2             $70.00
NARFE-PAC at every meeting. It is also recommended that
                                                                       Rose City        0316           2              $40.00
each chapter designate a person to collect NARFE-PAC dona-
                                                                       Tri-Cities       0375           0              $0.00
tions. As we defend our earned retirement benefits in the face of
                                                                       DeKalb County 0380             10              $41.00
unparalleled economic upheaval and trillion dollar budget defi-
                                                                       Rome             0545          16             $400.00
cits, the political stature we have on Capitol Hill, as a result of
                                                                       Athens           0548          23             $310.00
NARFE-PAC, has rarely been more important. For this reason,
                                                                       Gainesville      0599           2               $55.00
every member should give generously to NARFE-PAC in 2009
                                                                       La Grange        0619           0              $0.00
and 2010. NARFE-PAC brochures, contribution forms and pins
                                                                       Albany-SW        0643           3              $65.00
can be obtained by requesting them from the legislative staff by
                                                                       Griffin          0977           3              $50.00
either calling 1-800-456-8410, or by sending an email to
                                                                       Warner Robbins 1020            12             $195.00 Also, each issue of the NARFE magazine con-
                                                                       Tift Area        1027           0               $0.00
tains a form for members to submit NARFE-PAC contributions.
                                                                       Marietta         1033          19             $400.00
          The number of contributors from each chapter and the
                                                                       Azalea City (Valdosta)1044      1              $10.00
amount contributed is shown below. Special kudos goes to the
                                                                       Middle Georgia 1051             0              $0.00
Marietta chapter whose 19 members contributed $400.00!
                                                                       Brunswick-Golden Isles1075      3              $75.00
          Very few disbursements have been made to congres-
                                                                       Dublin           1080           1              $20.00
sional candidates in this non-election year, none in Georgia. In
                                                                       Americus         1084           0              $0.00
fact, the handful of candidate contribut5ions that have been
                                                                       Ga. Mountain (Blue Ridge)1125 2                $40.00
made went to federal friendly lawmakers who serve in key com-
                                                                       Button Gwinnett 1348           10            $296.00
mittee positions. However, this will change as we enter into
                                                                       Bi-County, Hawkinsville1417     0              $0.00
2010, therefore, we need to make our contributions now, so that
                                                                       CDC              1419          4              $70.00
there will be funds available to disburse.
                                                                       Flint River      1435          1               $25.00
                    LEGISLATIVE REPORT                                 Statesboro       1528          0               $0.00
                      (Continued from Page 1)                          Dalton Area      1551          1               $20.00
          not apply to about 11 million beneficiaries who do not       Dodge County 1569              0               $0.00
have Part B premiums withheld from their Social Security               Buckhead-N, Atlanta1573        0               $0.00
checks, or pay a higher Part B premium based on higher income,         Thomson          1634          0                $0.00
or newly enrolled in Part B.”                                          Jonesboro        1649          0               $0.00
          Again, August is NARFE Grass-Roots Advocacy                  Roswell          1750          0               $0.00
Month. Make it a priority to personally visit your congress-           N.E. Georgia     1818          5             $100.00
man.                                                                   Wm D. Lively, Douglasville1820 2               $70.00
          Following is the current recap of co-sponsors for our        Covington Area 1829            2               $70.00
two priority bills:                                                    Emanual Cty (Swainsboro)1869    0              $0.00
GPO/WEP Co-sponsors: Sanford Bishop (D-2nd); Lynn West-                Vidalia-Lyons 1886             0               $0.00
moreland (R – 3rd); Henry Johnson (D - 4th); John Lewis (D-5th);       Brasstown Bald 2045            1              $25.00
Jim Marshall (D – 8th); Nathan Deal (R – 9th); David Scott (D –        Dunwoody         2104          3               $0.00
13th). As information, Chambliss and Isakson are not cospon-           Eagle (Eatonton) 2117          0              $80.00
sors)                                                                  Rabun County (Clayton)2128      0              $0.00
Premium Conversation Co-sponsors: Sanford Bishop (D-                   Cherry Blossom 2142            8             $205.00
2nd); Lynn Westmoreland (R-3rd), John Lewis (D-5th); Jim Mar-          N. DeKalb        2187          2              $40.00
shall (D-8th); Nathan Deal (R-9th) Paul Broun (R-10th) John Bar-       Old Clinton (Gray)2304         0               $0.00
row, (12th) David Scott (13th). As information: Saxby Cham-            Tri-County (Hartwell) 2356     0               $0.00
bliss has co-sponsored; however, Johnny Isakson is not a signer.       .
AUGUST-                                     GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                               Page 5
SEPTEMBER 2009                                   CHAPTERS                                             Volume 4, Issue 4

                                    SERVICE OFFICER REPORT
         NARFE Strongly Encourages a Service Officer for EVERY CHAPTER
                                                                       by Tim Jackson, Federation Service Officer
                                              Social Security Retirement Benefits

        Eligibility Requirements for Non-Disability Social Security Retirement Benefits

        1. You must have sufficient service subject to Social Security:
                a. 40 credits required for those born 1929 and later.
                b. Before 1978: One credit gained for each quarter of a year in
        which earnings from Social Security-covered service equaled at least
                c. 1978 and late: One credit is gained during a year if a speci-
        fied amount of money is earned during Social Security-covered service
        any time during the year. The specified amount changes each year. A
        maximum of 4 credits can be earned each year.

        2. You must reach a certain age.
                Early retirement age:
                 Age 62 for benefits reduced for age
               Full retirement age:
                          a. Age 65 for full benefits if born before 1938
                          b. Between 65 and 67 for full benefits f born 1938
        through 1959 (increased age is phased in).
                          c. Age 67 for full benefits if born 1960 and later.

Please notify Jane Finley, Federation Editor, at when there are Officer Changes
(President and Secretary) in order that the Federation Newsletter can be received by your current officers.
This is in addition to sending Secretary Lib Barnhart the Form F-7. The original F-7 goes to NARFE Head-
quarters. Please include the full address and zip code and an email address.

                                  GETTING UP WHEN YOU'RE FEELING DOWN
    Do you ever feel blah?                                                                 time. So, how do you pick
Ever wish you had a permanent "picker-upper"? If so, this yourself up when you're feeling down, without the aid of
may be for you. In the 1920s, if you were looking for a     Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda? Important reme-
little pick-me-up with your mid-afternoon snack, you might dies of the “why do I feel ‘blah’ puzzle are: talking about
have reached for a cold, refreshing glass of 7-Up. Well, it the reasons you're down, making needed changes, watching
wasn't called 7-Up back then, it was called "Bib-Label      your diet, getting enough exercise and sleep, developing a
Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda." Inventor C. L. Griggs' origi- positive mental outlook and utilizing spiritual resources all
nal recipe included the antidepressant lithium until the    help to rid the problem. But one important strategy for feel-
1940s as a "picker-upper." The original Coca-Cola formula ing better (and one that's LEAST used) is to find a way of
also included a "picker-upper" -- cocaine.                  helping others in need. Here are some suggestions:
    Today, people not suffering from serious depression     * Visit a shut-in neighbor. * Write a letter. * Call a friend
understand that they don't need mood-altering drugs to      who has been struggling.
cope with daily life. But most folks struggle with bouts of  * Volunteer at church, synagogue or the local food pantry.
mild depression, despondency or "the blahs" from time to          * Rake someone's leaves. Continued on Page 6)
AUGUST ~                              GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                         Page 6
SEPTEMBER 2009                              CHAPTERS                                      Volume 4, Issue 4

                      2009-10                                             2009-10
                                                         FEDERATION OFFICERS
             DISTRICT VICE PRESIDENTS                                    PRESIDENT
DISTRICT I               Jack Fordham (Pat)                               Joe Staiano
                         478-237-7400                       2856 Oak Ave. Tucker GA 30084-3521
                             770-621-3808 Email:
DISTRICT II              Carolyn Oliver (Buck)                      VICE PRESIDENT
                         334-298-6239                                  Kurt H. Schuler
                           6639 Gigi Drive, Flowery Branch 30542-5565
DISTRICT III             Carolyn Garner                  770-967-9173 Email:
                         803-279-4575                                  SECRETARY
                                    Elizabeth F. Barnhart
DISTRICT IV              Nathan Johnson (Lula)      112 D Westcliff Circle, Warner Robins GA 31093-3097
                                                    478-923-2554 Email:
                                                               William E. McClain (Cynthia)
DISTRICT V               Jimmy Coleman (Shirley)          85 McClain Drive, Toccoa, GA 30577-9369
                         770-467-1164                                  706-886-6048
                                     LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR
DISTRICT VI              Ben Tuggle (Barbara)                       M. C. Stowe (Amelia)
                         706-788-3047                      P. O. Box 25, Eastanollee GA 30538-0125
                         706-779-2707 Email:
              GA Federation web site address:              DEPUTY LEGISLATIVE DIRECTOR
                                          Tom McKinney (Sandy)
*Spouse’s name notated in parenthesis.                                  Townhouse #5
                                                       4101 Dunwoody Club Dr., Atlanta GA 30350-5208
                                                        770-396-3598, Email:

                                                       Getting Up when You are Feeling
         2010 GA FEDERATION                                        Down!
                                                                 (Continued from Page 5)
         NARFE CONVENTION                           * Volunteer at church, synagogue or the local food
             RAMADA INN                             pantry. * Rake someone's leaves.
                                                    * Bake homemade bread for a new neighbor. *
                  640 Broad Street                  Wash your spouse's car. * Volunteer to baby-sit for
                    Augusta GA                      a young mother. * Plan an unexpected act of kind-
                                                    ness. * Give a gift for no reason at all.
                                                       The needs are abundant, and those who put
                 MAY 5-6, 2010                      aside some regular time to do something kind for
                                                    others will often forget they were feeling low. Why
                                                    does is work? I don't know … it just does. Reach
              Mark your calendars                   out and lift somebody else up and for some won-
                                                    drous and magical reason, you lift yourself up, too.
                      &                                Corrie Ten Boom beautifully said, "The measure
                Save the date!                      of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its dona-
                                                    tion." And if you've been feeling low, the best time
                                                    to donate a piece of yourself is now. (Taken from
                                                    Steve Goodier article)
  AUGUST–                                    GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                            Page 7
  SEPTEMBER 2009                                  CHAPTERS                                          Volume 4, Issue 4

                             MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW TO ATTEND
                                      REGION III
                      OCTOBER 6, 7 & 8, 2009
                   HOLIDAY INN, COLUMBUS GA
   All members are invited to attend and bring emerging leaders from each chapter for this opportunity to
   develop new skills and learn how to conduct effective meetings, learn what works and what doesn’t, get
   new program ideas, membership and retention tools, communication within and with other chapters, pro-
   vide assistance needed on the subjects required to be an effective leader and have an active, vibrant chap-
   ter. This will be an interactive seminar with the opportunity to learn from NARFE headquarters person-
   nel as well as NARFE members from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina, Puerto
   Rico/Virgin Islands.
                            See Page 8 for Registration/Lodging Information
                              in this edition of the GA NARFE Newsletter.

                                       ALZHEIMER’S REPORT
                                                                  By Marie Douglas, GA Federation Alzheimer’s Chair

I have been informed that the Alzheimer’s Association (National) is publishing a weekly newsletter on Wednesdays.
You can sign up for it on, scroll down to “Quick Links” at the bottom right side and click on the e-
newsletter signup button.

A recent e-newsletter reported that eating a heart healthy diet and moderate exercise keeps your mind sharp as you age,
according to recent studies. It is believed that staying mentally active by engaging in mentally stimulating activities
also helps.

                  Contributions by chapter for the period May and June 2009 are as follows:
Chapter                 Nat’l for Research               Local

249 – Savannah                          $ 50
545 – Rome/NW GA                    31
977 – Griffin                       41
1033 – Marietta                                            50
1051 – Middle GA (Blue Ridge) 25
1080 – Dublin                     100                       100
1125 – GA Mountain                 20
1435 – Flint River (Fayetteville)    50
1820 – William D. Lively            50
1829 – William O. Craig                                     112
2045 – Brasstown Bald              100
2104 – Dunwoody                          300
0000 – GA Federation               549                ______
          TOTAL                 $ 1,316             $ 262
AUGUST           GEORGIA FEDERATION OF             Page 8
SEPTEMBER 2009         CHAPTERS          Volume 4, Issue 4
AUGUST–                                        GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                                    Page 9
SEPTEMBER 2009                                      CHAPTERS                                                  Volume 4, Issue 4

                            GEORGIA NARFE MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARDS
The committee received twelve nominations for this prestigious award. Committee Chair Carolyn Oliver and Commit-
tee Members reviewed nominations and selected two nominees:
          Chapter Level, ~ Cecil O. Smith                                 Executive Level ~ Elizabeth F. Barnhart
Cecil served as Chapter President in 1985 and                   Elizabeth has served as Georgia Federation Secretary for
1984 and in 1990 he became the Alzheimer’s                      three years. She plans Executive Board meetings and the
Chair. The Chapter was seeking a service project                Annual Conventions. She executes plans to
for member involvement with fund raising for Alz-               provide for efficient and effective Georgia Federation meet-
heimer’s Research. He started with yard sales and               ings and conventions.
had much success. He collected building materials               She maintains proper records for the Federation, and con-
by salvaging heart pine lumber from an old house.               ducts communication with Federation officials to provide
He constructed 30 birdhouses and sold them to                   for effective dissemination and collection of information.
Chapter members and friends at $8.00/$12.00 for                 She has held the position of Warner Robins Chapter 1020
the Birdhouse/Bird Feeder Project with proceeds                 Secretary for three years and is currently serving as Chap-
going to Alzheimer’s Research. Since this project               ter 1020 President in her fourth year. She worked with the
received such a favorable response, an annual                   American Association of University Women (AAUW) Book
Chapter Christmas Auction was established in the                Fair. The profits from the sale of these donated books pay
1990’s. This is a closed auction with members pro-              for new books which are given to students in elementary
viding items for sale. Each year Cecil makes 5 to               schools in Warner Robins. As a professional tax preparer,
10 birdhouses donating his time and houses to the               she completes tax returns for senior citizens (without
auction. Members look forward to the auction and                charge) who do not have to file a return in order for the
actively participate by contributing baked goods,               person to get the low income credit on the Georgia state
Christmas decorations and other items. This fund                return. She also prepares returns free of charge for stu-
raiser assures an increase in meeting attendance.               dents.
Cecil, donned in his leopard tailored sport jacket
and snazzy hat, never lets up until all items are               The awards were presented by Committee Member,
sold. He has a way of bringing members together                 NARFE Member of the Year, and District VI Vice Presi-
for lots of fun and a will to spend their money.                dent, Ben Tuggle, in the Absence of Carolyn Oliver, Chair
Through Cecil’s outstanding leadership in the Ath-              at the Georgia NARFE Convention Banquet in Albany,
ens Chapter as Alzheimer’s Chair, the Athens                    Georgia on May 7, 2009. You will be able to complete the
Chapter was presented a certificate signed by                   nominations form for 2010 Member of the Year on line at
NARFE National President Margaret Baptiste in                   the GA Federation web site: Watch for
recognition of the Georgia chapter making the                   the notice in the GA Federation Newsletter. Carolyn
largest contribution in our state to the National               Oliver, Chair, GANARFE Member of the Year
Alzheimer’s Association for Research.

Our federal government is deeply involved with significant changes that are having an impact on our credit, our housing, our auto
mobiles, our climate, and now our health care. Did I leave out the education of our children and grandchildren? That, as well, can
be expected to be the subject of reform. Is there any significant aspect of our financial wellbeing that is not being touched by the
government? At the state level, there is more news that is difficult to digest. We are told that we are in the middle of the worst
recession in the memory of most of us. We hear of double digit unemployment and furloughs. You could add to the list. In the
midst of all the economic bad news that we hear about nightly on TV and have in the newspaper with our morning coffee, we as
retired military and federal civilian personnel have our special needs to be protected. Who is representing our interests in Con-
gress and in the Georgia Legislature? Are our senators and representatives aware who we are and how our needs are unique? The
benefits that we hold dear in health care and other retirement benefits are at risk! It is time to let them know! Call or write Sena-
tors Chambliss and Isakson and your District US Representative. And while you are at it, contact your state senator and represen-
tative. We have worked hard for the state benefits we have earned and currently enjoy! Are you confused about all of this? So
are most of us to one degree or another.
                                                        (Continued on Page 10)
  AUGUST—SEPTEMBER 2009                            GEORGIA FEDERATION OF                                                   Page 10
                                                         CHAPTERS                                                 Volume 4, Issue 4

                                                          MY POINT OF VIEW
                                                                                                 By Jane Finley, Editor, GA Federation

            Mike Causey writes in his July 31, 2009 article for         ance ~ although in good times, we might consider it a waste of
Federal News Radio of disturbing thoughts surrounding our               money ~ but WOW, how important it is when we need it! It
future and the benefits that we currently receive. The article is       has been a while since we have seen the true necessity of repre-
entitled “D-Day Coming in September.”                                   sentation and a fight for our earned benefits, but it appears we
( Quoting from Mike’s arti-             are in the “count-down” now. NARFE is vital in its availability
cle, “It will be sometime in September before federal workers           and strength of representation for us in situations such as the
and retirees learn the fate of a something-for-everyone package         above quoted “D-day Coming in September.” Think how much
embedded in the Defense Authorization Bill (H.R. 2647 and S.            your annuity and health benefits mean to your future. Do you
1390) The wait is making some civil servants sick. Both liter-          believe for one moment that alone you can combat the forces
ally and figuratively. They don’t know whether to retire now,           brewing in Congress. Yes, there are “other organizations” that
wait to see what happens or start burning up their use-it-or            represent all retirees, but who ~ just who ~ (other than
lose-it sick leave. Approval of the overall Defense package is a        NARFE) is committed to represent YOU and your total interest
sure thing. The question is which version, the House or Senate          exclusively as an active or retired federal civilian employee? If
plan or a combination of the two, will be sent to the President.-       it is really the money about which you are concerned, (and I
- - - - - - - - - The gray-lining to this possible silver cloud comes   find it difficult to comprehend that persons on federal annuity
in the form of Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK). When he forced the               will even realize a difference in spending because of the small
Senate to drop the pro-fed provision he said, ‘- - -if you are a        amount of this dues referendum particularly when divided by
federal employee and unhappy with me trying to defeat this              twelve months) why not take the money you now invest in
amendment, you should pay attention to something. There is              those “brand X” organizations that represent everybody and
no guarantee to your federal pension based on the economics             invest it in the organization that is dedicated to representing
we face today in this country. If you think it is guaranteed,           you? That would more than compensate for the increase. With-
you have another thought coming because the world eco-                  out NARFE and its legislative team representing us, we become
nomic system is going to determine whether we can honor the             the lame “golden goose.” I’m not willing to take the risk! I
pension. That is what is coming. We are very close.’ ~ ~ ~              seldom assume the role as an editorial writer (only the editor of
What Coburn said isn’t popular inside the beltway (or to the            others’ articles); however, this stirs deep in my emotions re-
OK feds at Tinker Air Force Base).                                      garding our economic future, and we all need to have a reality
            Editor’s Note: NOW, for those of you who have               check and analyze what is best for our future. Let’s be a team
thoughts that we are snug and smug, and that there are other            and pull together for strength rather than allowing others to
organizations to represent our concerns other than NARFE, I             divide and weaken us! If Congress saddles us with payment of
am asking that you rationally re-think the situation! Consider          tax on the government’s portion of the health benefits portion
how important the NARFE organization is to you and the bene-            of our premium because we were still fighting about a member-
fits that we all enjoy as a result of NARFE’s work over the past        ship dues increase to adequately fund the work being done on
years. Think how small a large NARFE PAC contribution                   our behalf by NARFE, we will be the real loser! Sometimes we
would be if it preserved your benefits during these tough eco-          have to deploy rational thinking and realize the necessity of a
nomic times ~ think how small the impact of enacting the pas-           slight dues increase to attain the long term goal of successfully
sage of the dues referendum would be compared to the devas-             defending our future and retaining our current benefits. When
tating blow we will take at the hands of Congress with senators         it’s gone, it’s gone! Come on, folk ~ climb aboard and do some
deciding our future as stated in Mike Causey’s quotes above.            twenty-first century thinking. You don’t have to agree, but do
NARFE PAC and membership dues are like purchasing insur-                some thinking for your future.

GFMRC President’s Comments by Jerry Johnson
                                                        (Continued from Page 9)
          Within the Georgia Federal/Military Retiree Coalition, we have experts on these matters that we hold dear. They represent
us and have let us know that we are being called to action and what we should say. These people are not paid one dime to do what
they do on our behalf. They are all like the rest of us – retired from the military or federal work force. They are one of us! Day-to-
day they ask only that we contribute the small amount that GFMRC has set for membership dues. You are a member, but is your
friend or neighbor? Share this newsletter with them and encourage them to join The Coalition. I am asking one more thing of you.
Please send a check – whatever you can afford – to GFMRC as a donation to support our representation of you with Congress and
the Georgia Legislature. If we are to continue to provide support and representation of you at the level we have in the past, we must
have your financial support through a contribution. Your donation can make a difference! As our motto says, WORKING TO-
GETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ~ and with your support, we will!

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