ANIMAL FARM
                                REVIEW QUESTIONS
Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper and study them. They will go along
way in helping you prepare for future quizzes/tests.

Chapter I

   1. Q: What picture did Old Major give of their miserable lives?

   2. Q: who did he say was the cause of all their evils, and what message did he wish to
   pass on to the animals before he died?

   Chapter II

   1. Describe the different characters of the three most prominent pigs.

   2. What silly tales did Moses tell them about Sugarcandy Mountain? Why was he
      hated by many of the animals and especially the pigs?

   3. Why did the three cows set up a loud lowing, and what happened to the milk?

Chapter III

   1.Why did it fall upon the pigs to organize the work and help the animals with all
   their difficulties with the tools and implements?

   2. Why did they feel so happy in spite of all their hard work? What difference was
      there between their life now and in Mr. Jones’ time?

   3. Who were the most active debaters at the Meetings? Why did the Wild Comrades’
      Re- education Committee, like most of Snowball’s other projects, prove a
      complete failure? Why didn’t Napoleon take any interest in his plans?

Chapter IV

   1. What was their first reaction when they heard of the rebellion on Animal Farm,
      and what made them change their tune later on?
   2. How did they celebrate the victory and what was the official name given to the
Chapter V

   1. Why did snowball want to build a windmill? Where did he get his ideas for its
      construction, and where did he work out his plans?
   2. What were Napoleon’s arguments for opposing the whole project, and how did he
      demonstrate his contempt for snowball’s drawings?

Chapter VI

1. What new policy did Napolean decide upon?

2. .Who was hired to handle the affairs of Animal Farm?

3. What sight brought a certain pride to the animals?

4. What commandment did the pigs break? How did they cover it up?

Chapter VII

4. What rumor was circulating about Snowball?

5. Who was said to be in league with Snowball?

6. Who had difficulty believing Snowball was a threat?

7. What did Napolean award himself?

8. Which animals were the first killed by Napolean?

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