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On May 1, 2003, 25 new members were inducted into the President’s Society. Over
200 Society alumni gathered to honor this year’s group of 26 graduating members and
to celebrate individual accomplishments and the promise of future successes.

Founded in 1968, The President’s Society is the highest honor society in the
University. It consists of those students who combine scholarship, integrity and
maturity with leadership skills demonstrated by their significant contribution to the
extracurricular life of the University.

Members of the Society are considered part of the President’s official staff and are
designated special duties at University functions. They are often paired with prominent
alumni, world leaders and well-known humanitarians. This is an opportunity to make
connections and build a network, as well as realize their role as leaders in something
even greater: the St. John’s Family.                                                        3


“The President’s Society
 offers our finest students
 the opportunity to tell
 and retell the St. John’s
 story in their own words
 to a variety of important
 Pamela Shea-Byrnes,
 Associate Vice President,
 University Ministry and
 Special Events, who also
 serves as coordinator of
 the President’s Society.
    Colleges and Schools

    S T.    JOHN’S         COLLEGE         OF     LIBERAL         ARTS      AND     SCIENCES

                                The College adds 18 new undergraduate
                                courses in biology, English, government and
                                politics, history, mathematics, physics,
                                psychology and sociology. A Master of
                                Science in Biology with a concentration in
                                biotechnology and a Master of Arts degree in
                                Criminology and Justice were also implemented.

                                Undergraduate enrollment rises, up 12%
                                from Fall 2001.

                                The Center for Psychological Services and           education for outstanding minority students
                                Clinical Studies celebrates its 15th anniversary,   from low-income families. In March, Ms. Lee
                                having provided psychological services to the       met with Bill and Melinda Gates to discuss
                                community while serving as a training site for      the impact of this program on her life and as
                                our doctoral students in clinical and school        a student at St. John’s.
  4                             psychology.

                                                                                    Cristina Ridgely, who is pursuing a degree in
                                Student Shari Lee, who is studying library and      the joint BA/MA program in History and a
                                information science, is awarded a Gates             minor in Africana Studies, completes a
                                Millennium Scholarship, a program set up to         semester long internship at the Kenya
                                reduce the financial barriers to a college          Mission to the United Nations. She will spend
                                                                                    the fall term studying abroad in Ghana.
                                                                                    Cristina is a Ronald E. McNair Scholar for the
                                2003-2004 academic
                                                                                    2003-2004 academic year. This
                                year. Tuchscherer, a
                                                                                    Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program
                                specialist in African
                                                                                    established by the U.S. Department of
                                history and languages,
                                                                                    Education assists first generation/income
    A Historic Fulbright        will conduct fieldwork
                                                                                    eligible college students and groups
                                on vanishing African
                                                                                    traditionally underrepresented in graduate
    Dr. Konrad                  alphabets in the
                                                                                    education. She is one of 15 students
    Tuchscherer, Assistant      western grassfield
                                                                                    accepted annually.
    Professor of History at     region of Cameroon.
    St. John's University, is   In 1999, Tuchscherer
    awarded a Fulbright         discovered the
    Scholar grant to            characters of an          travel abroad to
    conduct research in         extinct writing system    some 140 countries
    Cameroon during the         known as “Bagam.”         for the 2003-2004
                                                          academic year through
                                Tuchscherer is one of     the Fulbright
                                approximately 800         Scholar Program.
                                U.S. faculty and
                                professionals who will
A Revitalized Honors Program
St. John’s Honors Program has a new

headquarters, a new commons and a new
curriculum. With these changes St. John’s has
                                                   writing, research and critical thinking skills
welcomed a wealth of new Honors students.
                                                   gained are applied to an independent project
Dr. Lisa M. Dolling, Executive Director of the
                                                   of the student’s own design.
program, boasts, “We have students here
that could have gone to Vassar and Boston
                                                   The program offers a wide variety of special
College and Holy Cross and NYU…that
                                                   programs, services and facilities as well. Most
turned down scholarships to Villanova to
                                                   notable are the Preferential Residence Hall
come here because of the Honors Program.”
                                                   Assignments. Honors students who live
                                                   on-campus have the option of selecting a
The Honors Program features seminar-style
                                                   “quiet” wing of the residence hall where they
courses; opportunities for advanced research
                                                   can live among students who also seek a
and in-depth discussions with Honors professors;
                                                   more “study-friendly” atmosphere.
and the camaraderie of a diverse, close-knit
community of other remarkable students.
                                                   The revitalized Honors Program brings to the
                                                   University a stronger learning environment
All course work prepares students for a
                                                   and improved academic resources. The
“capstone experience.” This is where the
                                                   Program sponsors and promotes extra-
                                                   curricular activities at the University, from
                                                   guest speakers to reading groups. This is yet
                                                   another outstanding academic program that
                                                   provides every student with greater academic
                                                   and cultural opportunities here and after they
                                                   leave St. John’s.
            THE   SCHOOL    OF   EDUCATION

                           Graduate applications increase 49%.

                           Two hundred-plus teacher’s certification
                           needs are served through on-line and
                           face-to-face courses supported by AT&T, the
                           U.S. Department of Education, the New York
                                                                          The School receives $175,000 from New York
                           State Board of Cooperative Educational
                                                                          State to supplement City funds for Teaching
                           Services and the New York City Department
                                                                          Fellows in mathematics.
                           of Education.

                                                                          Faculty and staff assist in the professional
                           New York City School Chancellor Joel Klein
                                                                          development of teachers in six
                           identifies St. John’s as having the best
                                                                          low-performing school districts in
                           Teaching Fellows program. This is a program
                                                                          Suffolk County.
                           through which people from fields outside of
                           education are prepared to become teachers.
                                                                          The largest Inner City Games in the country
                           The number of Fellows assigned to the
  6                                                                       is, once again, a huge success with 1,100
                           School doubled to approximately 140.
                                                                          children participating. The School receives

                                                                          grants totaling $525,000 towards a project
                                                                          designed to tutor children from City housing
                                                                          projects in computer and higher order
                                                                          reading skills.

            SCHOOL   OF   LAW

                           St. John’s School of Law moves to 69th from
                           89th place in the newly formatted U.S.News
                           and World Report Top 100 Law Schools list.

                           New York Archdiocesan Catholic Charities
                           Immigration Office partners with the School
                           to launch several new clinical and service
                           learning opportunities for students.

                           While the overall New York State bar passage
                                                                          Annual alumni giving funds numerous
                           rate drops to 76%, the School of Law
                                                                          student and faculty initiatives including a
                           improves to 83%.
                                                                          Loan Assistance Program that encourages
                                                                          graduates to take public interest jobs by
                                                                          helping to pay a portion of their student loans.
THE PETER J. TOBIN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS                         industry executives at the AAF National
                                                               Conference. This year’s team earns a wild
                                                               card berth, competes in the national finals
            The undergraduate core curriculum for
                                                               for the eighth consecutive year and places
            business majors is redesigned, focusing on
                                                               seventh out of 220 competing schools.
            flexibility and choice. Experiential leaning is
            mandatory. Transfer students carry over
                                                               The College is a charter member of the
            more credits. All programs are more
                                                               Student Committee of The New York Society
            attractive and competitive. Implementation
                                                               of Security Analysts (NYSSA). Finance students
            is set for Fall 2003.
                                                               gain first-hand experience in finance and
                                                               investment through formal mentoring and
            Experiential learning provides students with
                                                               internship programs. At one event, the
            opportunities to excel in “real world” settings:
                                                               First Annual Investment Research Challenge,
                                                               five students present their securities research
            “Stormfront Advertising,” St. John’s
                                                               report to a panel of Wall Street
            advertising team, places second in the
                                                               investment experts.
            Eastern Region Advertising Competition.
            The competition is about as real an “ad world”
                                                               The Student Managed Investment Fund is
            experience as there is. Teams develop all
                                                               established. A generous $250,000                    7
            aspects of a strategic advertising campaign

                                                               contribution by an anonymous donor lets
            for corporate sponsors. The top 16 teams
                                                               graduate students now manage and invest
            present their campaigns to a panel of
                                                               a fund under the tutelage of faculty and
                                                               advisory alumni. All returns are re-invested
                                                               in the Student Managed Investment Fund
            COLLEGE   OF   PHARMACY            AND     ALLIED         HEALTH      PROFESSIONS

                           Over 1,500 high school students and more
                           than 500 transfer students apply to the
                           program and pharmacy continues to lead
                           the University as its most popular major.        Pharmaceutical Association is region I First
                                                                            Place winner for Operation Diabetes.
                           The five-year entry-level Pharmacy D. program
                           gets underway.                                   Over 30 pharmacy organizations and 150
                                                                            students attend the Annual Pharmacy and
                           The CVS Foundation awards the college            Career Day Expo for on-site interviewing
                           $250,000 for renovations and technology          and education.
                                                                            Three fifth year students are elected to serve
                           The St. John’s Chapter of the Academy of         as officers of the Student Chapter of the
                           Students of Pharmacy of the American             Pharmaceutical Society of the State of New
                                                                            York: president, vice president and treasurer.

  8                                                                         The college is awarded over $687,427 in
                                                                            research and educational grants and


                           COLLEGE        OF    PROFESSIONAL               STUDIES

                                                                            The programs offered on the Staten Island
                                                                            campus saw significant growth. Enrollment
                                                                            increased by 9.2%, adding to the largest
                                                                            student body in 10 years. Student activities,
                                                                            both academic and social, continue to be
                                                                            added as enhancements to the educational

                                                                            The M.P.S. program in Criminal Justice
                                                                            Leadership has shown remarkable growth.
                                                                            Over 90 enrolled students are offered classes
                                                                            on the Queens campus and at the New York
                                                                            Police Academy. Following state approval,
                                                                            classes are introduced to the Staten Island
                                                                            campus where 17 students enrolled in the
                                                                            program are now pursuing degrees.
Locations                                         MANHATTAN
                                                  The installation of the wireless computing
                                                  platform is complete. Students enjoy 100%
                                                  coverage with a laptop and wireless software.

                                                  The campus receives approval from the New York
                                                  State Education Department for The Peter J. Tobin
                                                  College of Business to offer three master’s
                                                  programs, an MBA in Accounting and Finance
A new Freshman Center, located in Flynn
                                                  and an MS in Accounting.
Hall, provides all incoming freshmen with
additional assistance in meeting their academic
                                                  The Claire and Joseph Smetana Gallery is
and personal goals. During this inaugural
                                                  constructed. It will be the future home to digital
year, advisors conduct nearly 800 individual
                                                  portraits of Insurance Hall of Fame members.
Developmental Advisement sessions.

A master’s degree in Criminal Studies is
designed to provide more opportunities for
                                                  In celebration of Founder’s Week, a roundtable
students in the field of law enforcement.
                                                  discussion and video of St. Vincent de Paul’s rich
                                                  history informs and enlightens new and veteran
The 25th Staten Island Scholarship Dinner
                                                  students and employees.
draws over 327 alumni and friends. This event
raised $40,455 to expand the Staten Island
                                                  Throughout the year several students serve in
Fund, a scholarship program for local students.
                                                  Rome Caritas centers for the homeless.

                                                  An academic agreement between the Master of
                                                  Business Administration program Rome campus            9
A third doctoral education cohort begins          and John Cabot University in Rome allows

Spring 2003. Total registration in educational    students from John Cabot to enroll in the MBA
administration on the campus tops 100 students.   and bypass foundational courses satisfied by
                                                  their undergraduate degrees.
The master’s degree in Library Science
program expands course offerings in the fall      Maintaining a global perspective, the keynote
and spring semesters.                             speaker at this year’s Seminar Series,
                                                  Ambassador Rinaldo Petrignanai, President of
The Cultural Care Au Pair Program brings an       Boeing Italia, lectures on the state of European
average of 100-200 international guests to        and Italian relations before, during and after the
the campus from countries such as Poland,         Iraq war.
Germany and Australia for a week of Cultural
Care education and an introduction to             The Rome campus switches to Mega Virtual
American culture prior to living with their       Private Network, for a faster, more reliable and
host families.                                    cost effective Internet connection.
     Academic Support Services


                     Nearly 14,000 Developmental Advisement sessions
                     are conducted on the Queens campus alone.
                     The Center inducts 742 students into the Phi
                     Eta Sigma National Honor Society and raises
                     $40,000 towards the endowment fund
                     established in 2002.

                                              THE     LEARNING         RESOURCES            CENTER

                                                                       The tutoring staff doubles. The scope of
                                                                       services expands. Students receive help
                                                                       preparing for the LAST-ATS-W teacher
                                                                       certification exam and the LSAT law school
                                                                       admission examination.

                                           UNIVERSITY           LEARNING         SUPPORT          SERVICES

                                                                       A new tutoring site opens in Century Hall.
                                                                       Its residence hall location and late night
                                                                       hours satisfy a growing resident population.
                                                                       Peer and professional tutors provide
                                                                       assistance in math, science and English three
                                                                       evenings a week.

                     The Center provides support for particular
                     constituencies and hosts a day-long event for
                     the science faculty conducted by Ethel
                     Stanley, the Director of the college biology
                     curriculum project BioQUEST.

                     As a Vincentian University, St. John’s upholds
                     a moral and ethical learning environment and
                     so the civility and plagiarism workshops are
                     some of the most important contributions to
                     University culture.
ENROLLMENT   MANAGEMENT                                            of 18% over last year, a new attendance
                                                                   record. All enjoy an eventful day of
             Total freshman enrollment increases to 2,976,         introductions to St. John’s.
             the largest entering class in 14 years.
                                                                   Two programs catering to honor students
             The average composite SAT score for                   are launched: an Internet landing page for
             standard admitted students at Queens                  early registration and a Scholars Dinner
             increases by more than 20 points.                     for students with a least a 90% high school
                                                                   average and 1200 SAT. 132 prospective
             St. John’s welcomes 273 new international students.   Honors Students and Presidential
                                                                   Scholars attend.
             Eleven hundred and one prospective
             freshmen turn up at Open House, an increase


                                                   ON-LINE         INSTRUCTION                                   academics
                                                                   The New York State Education Department
                                                                   approves on-line master’s degree and
                                                                   Professional Diploma programs in educational
                                                                   administration - the first of its kind in the
                                                                   state of New York.

                                                                   St. John’s unique approach to on-line
                                                                   instruction results in tuition grants exceeding
                                                                   $150,000, securing a position as the
                                                                   University to emulate when implementing
                                                                   new teaching technologies.

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