ICWall Tiled display for Education and Visualization by dffhrtcv3


  Tiled display for Education
       and Visualization

         vrije Universiteit
Hans Spoelder, Luc Renambot, Henri Bal,
Desmond Germans, Tom van der Schaaf
Partners in the MultiVla project
    IT Innovation in Education

   Vrije Universiteit
    Division of Physics and Astronomy
    Division of Mathematics and Computer Science

   Universiteit Twente
    Dinkel (Development Institute for Knowledge, Education and Learning)
Objectives (VU)
Create a large display infrastructure,
 suitable for:
 Education (classroom)
 Modern scientific applications that
 need to visualize large data-sets
 Interactive Virtual Reality applications
Develop applications for MNW and BMT
Create programming environment for
collaborative work
ICWall: an "off-the-shelf" video wall
 High-end graphics is very expensive
 Use tiled display with many projectors
 Use standard (inexpensive) components
  PCs, graphic and network cards
  'PowerPoint' video projectors (~ 1 kg)
 Similar idea as cluster computing,
   but applied to graphics
4x2 projectors
 1024x768 pixels
 (4096x1536 total)

 Back-projection, ~5.5m
 x 2m

PC cluster
 8 nodes + 1 server
 Myrinet network
 Dual AMD Athlons
 Nvidia GeForce 3
Making a single image
  Mechanical alignment of
 projectors is difficult
  Projectors have different
 colors, brightness, etc.
  Project test image
  Observe image with a camera
  Analyse difference between original and observed image
  Compensate for differences in software
User perspectives
Show multiple information sources simultaneously
  Slides, images, animations
High-resolution interactive visualization, e.g.:
  Laser diodes (Physics)
  Root canal (ACTA)
  Human hearth (Medicine)
  Height maps (Geology)
  Gait cycle (Human movement)
Near future:
  Tele-learning over the Access Grid
  3D stereoscopic view
User interface
 Much standard software available:
  Powerpoint, media player, web browser, acrobat reader, OpenDX ...

 Windows and Linux desktop interface are available
 User will get Web interface to
  Upload files to the ICWall
  Position windows on the screen
Our to-do list
Turn S1.11 into an Access Grid node
  Teleconferencing over Internet
3D stereoscopic view (depth)
  2 projectors (left/right eye) per tile
Better interaction
  Smartboard, wireless network,
  user tracking
Research in visualization
  Parallel rendering, computational steering,
  remote collaboration
Plans for using the ICWall
  MultiVla project: MNW (Medical Life Sciences)
  OKF project: all other VU-FEW programs
  (about 15 courses)
  SCHOMS conference (18 April)
  Surf/Gigaport seminar:
  the Grid explained (12 June)
  Nauta lectures prof. Folkers,
  ETH Zurich (21-28 June)
   Faculty of Sciences
   Mechanical Workshop
   Electronic Workshop
   VU estate and facility management

  More information
Inauguration, Last Friday

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