Connecticut jury deliberates over sentence of a con man for the fifth day

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					               Connecticut jury deliberates over sentence of a con man for the fifth day

AUBURN, Nebraska (December 11, 2011) – On their fifth day of deliberations, the Connecticut jury is still
unsure on giving life imprisonment or a death penalty sentence to a man convicted in October for killing
a woman and her two daughters in their own homes in late 2007. The jurors were all confused as to
what form of punishment might seem to be equally appropriate to the devastating act Joshua
Komisarjevsky had done on the three innocent victims.

Initial reports reveal that the mother, Jennifer Hawke-Petit, was strangled by to death by
Komisarjevsky’s accomplice – a man named Steven Hayes, now facing death row punishment – while the
other two girls, 11 and 13, were tied to the bed and were left to burn to death. Hayes was initially
sentenced, taking about quite a long time, so jurors are expecting to undergo the same critical decision-

Whatever the jurors may decide on, it is very much obvious that Komisarjevsky will sentence his crime
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Description: Jury deliberates over the sentence of Joshua Komisarjevsky.