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									       Virginia Rural Health Association (VRHA)

                   2265 Kraft Drive

               Blacksburg, VA 24060

            Request for Proposal
Marketing of the Virginia Rural Health Plan

                Issue Date: August 20, 2009

              Point of Contact: Beth O’Connor

                   Phone: 540-231-7923


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                                 Table of Contents
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RFP Project Overview                                   3
VRHA Overview                                          3
Proposal Instructions and Administration               3
             Overview                                  3
             Announcement of Award                     3
             Liability                                 3
             Nondisclosure                             3
             Proprietary Information                   3
             Proposal Protocol                         4
             Single Point of Contact                   4
             Evaluation Process                        4
             Timetable                                 4
Proposal Scope                                         5
             Background                                5
             Scope of Proposal                         5
             Proposal Components                       5
             Funds Available                           6
             Promotional Items                         6

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RFP Project Overview
The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to solicit proposals to establish one or more contracts
for the development of marketing messages for the Virginia Rural Health Plan. These contracts will also
give the vendors the option of including pricing for production of promotional items.

Timely proposals received in response to this RFP will be evaluated by VRHA. Once the proposals have
been evaluated, VRHA will be in a position to determine the best course of action. VRHA may, at its sole
discretion, make one award, multiple awards, or none at all.

VRHA Overview
VRHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of health available in the rural
areas of Virginia. VRHA works closely with the Virginia Department of Health Office of Minority Health
and Public Health Policy and the National Rural Health Association.

Proposal Instructions and Administration

This RFP was developed to provide potential vendors with the information required to prepare
proposals. This section outlines the administrative procedures and guidelines for preparing a proposal.
Nothing in this RFP constitutes an offer or an invitation to contract.

Announcement of Award

Upon the award or the announcement of the decision to award a contract as a result of this solicitation,
VRHA will publically post such notice on the VRHA website for a minimum of 10 business days.
Successful vendors will be contacted directly by the VRHA Executive Director


The issuance of this document and the receipt of information in response to this document will not
cause VRHA to incur any liability or obligation, financial or otherwise, to any vendor. VRHA assumes no
obligation to reimburse or in any way compensate a vendor for expenses incurred in connection with its


All proposal information will be treated as confidential prior to contract award and will not be disclosed
except as required by law or court order.

Proprietary Information

VRHA reserves the right to use information submitted in response to this document in any manner it
may deem appropriate in evaluation the fitness of the proposal(s) submitted. Ownership of all data,

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materials, and documentation originated and prepared for VRHA pursuant to the RFP shall rest
exclusively with VRHA.

Proposal Protocol

In order to be considered for selection, a vendor is to submit a complete response to this RFP no later
than 5:00pm local time on September 25, 2009. Proposals received after that time will not be
considered. VRHA requires that all proposals be submitted electronically via e-mail to the VRHA
Executive Director. Hard copy and fax submissions will not be accepted. All proposal materials are to be
provided in either Microsoft Word or Excel. Format for submissions is as follows:


        message subject: Rural Health Plan RFP

        message body: name of vendor

                          mailing address

                          e-mail address


Single Point of Contact

Submit all inquiries concerning this RFP by e-mail, with the subject “Questions on RFP” to:

        Beth O’Connor – VRHA Executive Director

VRHA cannot guarantee a response to question received less than five (5) working days prior to the
proposal due date. No questions will be addressed orally.

Evaluation Process

Submitted proposals will be evaluated by a sub-committee of the VRHA Board of Directors. Evaluation
will be based on information provided for the “Proposal Components” section below. If necessary, the
sub-committee will conduct a telephone or face-to-face interview with one or more potential awardees.


Activity                                              Target Date
Release of RFP                                        September 1, 2009
Deadline for all questions                            September 18, 2009
Proposals due                                         September 25, 2009
VRHA requests for clarifications and revisions        TBD
Contracts awarded                                     TBD

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Proposal Scope

VRHA, in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Health – Office of Minority Health and Public
Health Policy is working to support the implementation of the Virginia Rural Health Plan ( VRHA is focusing on marketing the Plan and encouraging other organizations to support the

Scope of Proposal

VRHA wishes to contract with a vendor who will wordsmith marketing messages encouraging
organizations to support the plan. Vendor products can include, but are not limited to press releases,
newsletter articles, templates for presentations, talking points, poster presentations, and language for
flyers and postcards. The marketing messages will be used by VRHA staff, board members and VRHA
partners to promote the Plan. The VRHA staff and board members will be available as a content

Note that the Scope of Proposal is for ‘wordsmithing’ only. Time and resources for graphic design shall
not be included in the proposal.

Proposal Components

The proposals shall include the following components:

        Name of vendor and contact information
        Consultant Qualifications
        List of previous clients (at least three) for whom similar services have been provided, including
        contact information
        Samples (at least five) of previous work
        Proposed cost and timeline to develop each of the following:
             o Presentation – talking points with national and then state specific rural health content
                 and VHRA’s role in the Virginia Rural Health Plan and background on the planning
                 process (max 15 slides)
             o Press release – talking points on the Plan, VRHA’s involvement in the Plan and two
                 quotes, one from a VRHA board member, one a VRHA partner organization
             o Press release – for new partners demonstrating the benefits derived from their
                 involvement in the Plan
             o Newsletter article – a 4-part series of articles that (1) follow the planning process, (2)
                 the development of the councils and their role, (3) positive results of implementation of
                 council recommendations, and (4) where are we now a year out of the Plan being

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            o     Postcard –a postcard VRHA partners could download and adhere their own mailing
                  labels to promote the Plan
            o     Poster presentation – a mini-display that the partners could “check out” for their own
                  health fair or professional meetings based upon the generic talking points

Funds Available

VRHA anticipates $2500 to be available for this RFP. VRHA reserves the right to increase the amount
available during the request for revisions. VRHA also reserves the right to issue a contract extension to
the selected vendor(s) without re-issuing the RFP.

Promotional Items

In addition to the proposal for creating the marketing messages, VRHA will give the vendors the option
of including pricing for production of promotional items (e.g. stickers, bookmarks, pens, mugs, etc.).
Promotional items should be listed as an appendix to the proposal.

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