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                                 How to Register a New Zealand Liability Company
                                 Registering a New Zealand Look Through Company is a quick and easy process, consisting
                                 simply of incorporating a new New Zealand company and completing a single application
                                 for Look Through status.

                                 What do I need in order to incorporate a New Zealand Company?

                                 Before you apply to incorporate a New Zealand Company it is advisable to gather all of the
                                 required documentation which you will need for the procedure, such as:

                                        Proof of Identity
                                            o Certified copies of the passports for all of the proposed Shareholders and
                                        Proof of Residence
Development Manager at
                                            o Certified copies of a utility bill for all of the proposed Shareholders and
Abaconda Management                              Directors (can also be a local council rate bill, internet bill, cable TV bill,
Group , Director of AMG                          etc.)
Business Development.
                                 In order to incorporate a company, you should also prepare:

                                        A unique company name
Kirill Kruger is a young but            A Registered Office address for use by the company
experienced financial                   Details of all shareholdings for the company
consultant, with a
specialization in                How to incorporate a company?
international and New
Zealand taxation research,           1. The company must first reserve a unique name, which cannot be the same as any
management and planning.
                                        name already in use by a New Zealand company, and must end with “LIMITED” or
Being a successful
entrepreneur he has also                “LTD”. Once approved, the name will be reserved by the New Zealand Companies
authored advanced studies               Office for 21 days.
in the field of financial            2. The application to incorporate the company must be lodged via the Companies
academics, and regularly
                                        Office’s online facilities, where details of the proposed company are entered.
writes reports on current
affairs and developments in          3. Before the application can ne completed the nominated Directors and
international and New                   Shareholders need to complete and submit their Directors’ Consents and
Zealand finance, taxation               Shareholders’ Consents, which will be generated by the Companies Office. The
and management.                         forms must be returned as originals to the Companies Office, and scanned copies
                                        must be uploaded online.                    4. The copies of the passports and utility bills for all Directors and Shareholders must                      be submitted at the same time as the Consents.
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   5. Once all the forms as submitted, the application is processed on the following
      working day, and the Company should be approved within a few hours

How to elect for LTC status?

Before applying for LTC status, the company must first meet all the requirements for being
a Look Through Company.

The Company must:

      Have a maximum of 5 shareholders
      Only have shareholders who are individuals, Trusts, or other LTCs
      Ensure that the shareholders unanimously agree to elect for LTC status

The Company must pass a resolution stating that it meets the requirements for LTC status,
and that all shareholders agree to become an LTC.

The Company must submit an Inland Revenue Department’s IR 862 form. The processing
can take up to six weeks, and if approved, the company will be granted LTC status.


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