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									Georgia Teacher Evaluation Program

An effective evaluation program results
    when teachers and evaluators are
    successful in using evaluation to
   improve teaching in the classroom.
    Purpose of the GTEP
 To identify and reinforce effective
  teaching practices;
 To identify areas where
  development can improve
  instructional effectiveness;
 To identify teachers who do not
  meet the minimum standards so
  that appropriate action can be
    Objectives of Orientation

   Explain the 3 purposes of the Georgia
    Teacher Evaluation Program
   Describe the procedures for GTEP
   Describe the procedure for using the
    Georgia Teacher Duties and
    Responsibilities Instrument
   Identify the dimensions of effective
    teaching in the Georgia Teacher
    Observation Instrument
               Steps in the
              GTEP Process
            Turn to pages 4 and 5
   STEP 1
       Orientation
          Required before evaluation
          Must receive a copy of the evaluation
          Overview of the process, content, and
           terminology in the GTEP
     The Process, continued
   STEP 2
       Pre-Evaluation Conference
          Not   required, however . . .
               Must be conducted at the request of the
                teacher or evaluator

               Purposes of the Pre-Evaluation Conference
                   Clarification of the GTEP
                   Sharing of information about students
                    and/or the classroom
                   Other information that may impact
     The Process, continued
   STEP 3
     Observations
       Teachers must be notified of
        the process and guidelines
        under which they will be
 STEP 3 - Observations
         Standard Process
              (Page 7)
 Minimum of 3 unannounced
 Observations at least 20 minutes in
 Results recorded on GTOI Form:
  Standard Form (Page 74)
 New teachers to a system OR to
  teaching must have their first
  evaluation by November 15th
 STEP 3 - Observations
    Standard Process, continued
 A teacher cannot have back to back
  evaluations – You must have
  feedback from the first evaluation
  and an opportunity to request and
  have a conference
 Results of an observation are
  returned within 5 working days
    STEP 3 - Observations
   The Standard Process is utilized
    for teachers with:
     Fewer than 3 years of teaching
     Teachers with 3 or more year of
      experience but are newly employed by
      a school system;
     Teachers not in categories above but
      received unsatisfactory status
      according to the standard evaluation
 STEP 3 - Observations
       Formative Process
              (Page 8)
 Minimum of 1 unannounced
 Results to teachers within 5 working
  days (Page 76)
 Observations are for diagnostic
  purposes only
 May be placed in Standard Process
  at any time by principal
    When an evaluation should
      not be conducted . . .
 Silent reading;
 Independent writing;
 Listening to a story;
 Taking a test;
 Watching videos;
 Listening to guest speakers;
 Similar activities to all listed above.
    Extended Phase (Page 9)
 Required with 5 or more NI’s (needs
  improvement) in standard
  evaluation process;
 Pre-conference required;
 Minimum of 1 unannounced full
  classroom observation required;
 Post observation required.
Extended Phase, continued
 Scores in this phase are used for
  diagnostic purposes only and must
  not be used to determine annual
  evaluation ratings
 One additional standard observation
  is required so that teacher has a
  total of 4 standard observations
 Annual evaluation is based on the
  best 3 out of 4 standard
          STEP 4 - GTOI
      Scoring and Written Comments
   Scored by “Dimension”, S or NI
   Written comments for each of 3 tasks
   Observation Record to teacher within 5
    working days
   Written comments submitted by the
    teacher within 10 working days – must
    be attached to Observation Record
   Conference must be held – if requested-
    with 10 working days
     Teaching Tasks &
            (Page 27)

       Teaching Task I:
    Provides Instruction
Dimension A: Instructional Level
Dimension B: Content Development
Dimension C: Building for Transfer
   Tasks & Dimensions
         Teaching Task II:
     Assesses & Encourages
        Student Progress
Dimension A: Promoting Engagement
Dimension B: Monitoring Progress
Dimension C: Responding to Student
Dimension D: Supporting Students
   Tasks & Dimensions
        Teaching Task III:
     Manages the Learning
Dimension A: Use of Time
Dimension B: Physical Setting
Dimension C: Appropriate Behavior
         GTOI FORM

Take a look at the

     Page 74
    Georgia Teacher Duties &
   Responsibilities Instrument:
           Turn to Page 66
 To describe the expectations for
  teachers in addition to the teaching
  tasks outlines in the GTOI.
 Evaluation of the performance of
  these duties and responsibilities will
  be based on school wide
  observations of teachers throughout
  the school year.
All items are scored SATISFACTORY
     unless prior to the annual
     summary the teacher has:
1. Been notified in writing;
2. Received written documentation
     on each incident serving as the
     basis for the unsatisfactory;
3. Had a conference concerning
     unsatisfactory performance.
To receive an UNSATISFACTORY on
   the GTDRI, both of the following
   conditions must have been met:
1. Failed to perform a duty or
   responsibility which is part of the
   employee’s job description and
   local board of education policies;
Committed an act prohibited under
 local board of education or State
 Board of Education rules;
Received written notification that the
 act was prohibited prior to
 committing the act;
2.   Had the opportunity for
     remediation, has failed to
     remediate the conduct . . . And
     has received notification of the
     subsequent deficiency.

(Both 1 and 2 must be met in order to
   record an unsatisfactory.)
STEP 5: Post Observation /
   Notification Conference
Post Observation Conference
 Required if requested by teacher or

Notification Conference
 Required for first notification and
 documentation of any new deficient
 area on the GTDRI
STEP 6: Annual Evaluation
        Summary Report
 Provides an overall evaluation
 Provides information on areas of
  strength, improvement, and for
  professional development
STEP 7: Annual Evaluation
 Required – presented with GTOI
  and GTDRI summary/results
 Provides an opportunity to:
     Communicate overall evaluation
      results for the school year;
     Review specific areas of strength and
      those identified for improvement;
     Sign, date, and receive copies of the
      Annual Summary Report (Page 80)
STEP 8: Professional
        Development Plan
   Step initiated only if needed:
     GTDRI is unsatisfactory
     May be used to notate deficiency area
      even when GTDRI is satisfactory
   Points to Remember
 Results are confidential and are to
 be shared ONLY with appropriate

 Can be transferred to schools in the
 same district but cannot be
 transferred to other school districts
You are an important part
   of a child’s life . . .
. . . if you could only
sense how important
 you are to the lives
  of those that you
meet; how important
  you can be to the
  people you never
  meet . . .there is
something of yourself
  that you leave at
 every meeting with
   another person.

Fred Rogers, The World
According to Mister Rogers,
    Your Homework 
Review your Georgia Teacher
 Evaluation Program Manual – THE

Consult with your principal regarding
 any questions, concerns,
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