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                 Spa Hopping in Scottsdale

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                  20 TOP BEAUTY TRENDSETTERS
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                                                                                            • Edimi products were developed to
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        t’s a Magazine! It’s a TV Show!
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                                                                                                                                                       Anne Dimon
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            We’re proud to bring you The Beauty Show
Magazine which premieres along with The Beauty Show
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zine is to keep you tuned in to what’s new – what’s the

latest in the world of living a beautiful lifestyle. You’ll get                   Contributing Writers Christina Fior                                       ust as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is a
                                                                                                                            beautiful lifestyle a subjective thing. For some it is
the most up-to-date developments on spa rejuvenation
                                                                                                       805-252-4490                                         quiet country living surrounded by a selection of
treatments, innovative health products, hot fashions, new
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fitness programs, the latest medical treatments, home spa                                                  Liz Podolinsky
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                                                                                                          Maria Camille                                  For others it is stylish condo living, high above bustling
                                                                                                                                                      city streets and moments from fine restaurants, live
                                                                                        Photographers Jesse Brossa                                    theatre and glitzy shopping. Still others find beauty in
                                                                                                               a life of travel to luxury resorts, exotic destinations or
                                                                                                          Linda Allen Blue                            pampering spa experiences.
                                                                                                                      Here at The Beauty Show Magazine we’re not going
                                                                                                          Deepa Jain*                                 to try to define “a beautiful lifestyle.” We’re going to
                                                       Maria Camille

                                                                                                                                                      leave that up to you. What we are going to do is bring
                                                                                                          Melissa G. Davis*                           you the news you need to create the lifestyle that suits
                                                                                                                       your individual definition of “beautiful.”
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                                                                                                                                                            Here at
                                                                                                                     The Beauty Show Magazine
                                                                                                          Jake Vantiger and Joe Beraldo
                                                                                                                                                        we’re not going to try
                                                                                                          *Brooks Institute of Photography                     to define
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                                                                                                                                                          “a beautiful lifestyle.”
 environments and behind-the-scenes visits to some of
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                                                           S PA

                                                                     S PA H O P P I N G
                                                                     S C OT T S DA L E
                                                                       BY MARIA CAMILLE AND ANNE DIMON

                            destination once synonymous with golf, Scottsdale’s increasing number
                             of luxury spas has turned the desert city into a year-round Mecca for spa
                               lovers. The Beauty Show™ visited in the heat of mid-summer to take
                      advantage of low season rates but we were surprised to find that these popular
                      resorts are just as busy during their so called “slow” season as they are during
                                              the peak fall and winter months.
                                   Here’s what we discovered on this spa-hopping expedition:

                       SANCTUARY RESORT
                  I  n the shadow of the Praying Monk - that
                     rocky, red outcropping perched high
                  above this luxury boutique resort is the
                  Sanctuary, a stylish property with a Zen
                      One of the features that sets the Sanc-
                  tuary Spa apart from others, not only in
                  Scottsdale but elsewhere, is how it embrac-
                  es nature. Here, the waiting area and the
                  treatment rooms have doors that open onto
                  a Zen-inspired courtyard offering guests an
                  up-close view of water and swaying ornamental grasses.
                      The path to the spa winds past the vast infinity pool, the largest in Scottsdale and through a Zen-inspired garden
                  where the scent of essential oils announces that the spa is nearby.
                      In keeping with its Eastern theme, one of the spa’s signature treatments is the Table Top Thai Massage. This ancient
                  massage, traditionally given while the client lies on a futon-like floor mat, is being North Americanized by having clients
                  lie on a table. Loose fitting Thai-style pajamas are worn and the therapist gently pulls and pushes limbs and kneads
                  muscles in patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic motion. It’s a simultaneous massage and stretch session that’s often
                  referred to as Yoga on the table.
                                                                      Another signature treatment is the Onsen Longevity Body Treatment
                                                                   which includes a full body exfoliation, a foot treatment with self-heating
                                                                   seaweed to help with detoxification, and the application of a firming gel
                                                                   applied to the entire body.
                                                                      Another point of distinction at Sanctuary is The Sanctum, a circular
                                                                   stone enclave open to the sky. With its open fire pit, hot tub and show-
                                                                   ers, it’s the perfect half-day or day-long hide-away for couples seeking
                                                                   a combo of pampering and privacy. Guest rooms and gourmet restau-
                                                                   rant Elements – offering a romantic 180 degree mountain view, are just as
                                                                   pleasing as the spa.

fall                                                                                                                                              2006
                                                                         S PA

                                 FOUR SEASONS RESORT SCOTTSDALE AT TROON NORTH

T    ransformed from a “no man’s land” in the ‘70s, this des-
     ert region hugging Pinnacle Peak is now a community
of fabulous homes anchored by the striking adobe-style
                                                                                                 The Optimum Hydration Body Treatment offers opti-
                                                                                              mum value and is an excellent choice if you can’t decide
                                                                                              which part of your body needs attention most. The 80-
Four Seasons.                                                                                 minute hydration combines a full facial with a hand treat-
   The Four Seasons Spa, not overly luxurious by Four Sea-                                    ment, a foot treatment, an extensive neck and shoulder
sons standards but certainly in keeping with the chain’s                                      massage and a scalp massage. For this treatment the spa
legendary service, offers an extensive menu of bodywork                                       uses Academie products from France. With apple water
therapies, specialty massages, Ayurvedic treatments, spe-                                     as the carrier, we’re told they allow for better penetration
cialty facials and health and fitness services including body                                  into the skin resulting in greater hydration.
composition evaluation and a take-home fitness profile.

                                                                                               CAMELBACK INN
                                                                T    his landmark resort, now a J.W. Marriott property, is one that originally helped put
                                                                     Scottsdale on the map.
                                                                   The signature Native Hot Stone Massage incorporates the Native American art of using
                                                                heated basalt stones to massage the body. It begins with the therapist placing hot rocks
                                                                along the client’s back and arms. It’s very relaxing but during the summer heat it can be
                                                                just – well – too hot! As an alternative, the therapist suggested a cooling aromatherapy
                                                                massage. Thoughtful, considerate and flexible. We like that in a spa.
                                                                   The Adobe Clay Purification Treatment is another winner. It begins with an exfoliation,
                                                                followed by the application of adobe clay to relax muscles and draw impurities from the
                                                                system. Aromatic conditioner is massaged into the hair and scalp. Southwestern-inspired
                                                                soap and cactus-fiber cloth are used during a shower to remove the clay, and a gentle
                                                                     application of warmed Juniper and Sage oils ends the treatment. You leave with a
                                                                      great feeling of relaxation and a nice little bonus – the soap and the cactus fiber
                                                                        scrubber. Nice touch.

                                  THE BOULDERS
H    ome of the Golden Door Spa, The Boulders Resort is located several hundred feet
     higher in elevation than many of the other resorts in the area so it tends to be a bit
cooler even during those triple-digit days of summer. Golf carts are used to take guests
along pathways that wind between rocks and beautiful desert vegetation to the private
and charming cottages that make for a delightful ambience.
   Inspired by the Native American belief that turquoise is a protective color, The Golden
Door Spa’s signature Turquoise Wrap is “staged” in a Vichy shower room. Beginning with
a turquoise-colored bath in a hydrotherapy tub, followed by a dry brushing with blue
organic cornmeal, then a body mask with ionized turquoise clay, the wrap treatment is
                                         rounded out with the shaking of rain drop reeds,
                                         a quick chant and the sound of native rhythms.
                                         Nice treatment, but one does feel a little rushed
                                         out the door at the end of it all.
                                            One of the more unique offerings at the re-
                                         sort is the boulder-climbing clinic. Yes, The
                                         Boulders truly does have boulders. Big boulders.
                                         A guided excursion here gives new meaning to
                                         “rocking on.”

fall                                                                                                                                                          2006
                                                                                   S PA

                                                                              SPA AVANIA

T   he newest star on the Scottsdale spa scene is Spa Avania
    at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale. Not only is it one of the
largest and most visually beautiful spa environments in this
                                                                                                   the body requires nutritionally at that time of day: things such
                                                                                                   as fresh berries and peppermint to detox and stimulate. Treat-
                                                                                                   ments - from massages to scrubs and wraps - also focus on the
spa-centric city, it also offers one of the most unique spa con-                                  system’s morning needs (such as detox and stimulating) with the
cepts.                                                                                          use of certain strokes, techniques and select essential oils.
   Yes, this is one spa that really works by the clock. And we don’t                          We loved the morning Aroma Mineral Massage delivered with berga-
mean that your spa treatment is simply “on time.” Spa Avania is the first                 mot and mint essential oils for their energizing effect, and the Nourishing
and only spa we know of to choreograph all details of the spa experience                 Vichy mid-day offering was truly invigorating. And, as far as we’re con-
to the science of time and the body’s internal time clock.                               cerned the Crushed Pearl Facial, made with real crushed pearl powder
   Impassioned spa director Kyra Johnson says, “we are mindful and re-                   from Parma, Italy, is good anytime of day or night. It leaves the skin with a
spectful of the body and what is happening inside during the different                   healthy, pearlescent glow.
times throughout the day.” For instance, there are 14 different music zones                 Another pillar is the tea program. Relaxing in one of several lounge
to guide spa guests from arrival to departure, and at various times of day.              areas you can sip rare and exotic blends from the Himalayas, China, Ja-
Johnson explains that music has been choreographed to have vitalizing,                   pan, Italy and Egypt. In between spa treatments, sipping tea, relaxing and
energizing or calming effects and to work with the biorhythms to subtly                  soaking in the mineral pool, there’s also a gym and fabulous yoga classes
stimulate the system for day, or to relax it in preparation for evening.                 by Yoga Away.
   Spa cuisine is also tied into time. The morning culinary offering, or                    For the seasoned spa-goer looking for something truly unique, it’s defi-
“morning flight” as it is called at Spa Avania, is made with ingredients that             nitely time to visit Spa Avania. The bar has been raised.

            For more on Scottsdale and Scottsdale spas you can visit the Scottsdale Convention & Visitors Bureau web site at
                                                                For more on the above resorts:
                                             Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain—
                                                              The Boulders—
                                                           Camelback Inn—
                                                          Hyatt Regency—
                                                        Four Seasons—

                                          ON LOCATION

                                     The Beauty Show™

    Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort
                                             SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA

                he Beauty Show visited The Sycamore Mineral Springs Retreat              these week-long all-inclusive retreats start at
                Resort in San Luis Obispo, California and discovered that the            $3,500 per person.
                three-year old resort is redefining the retreat concept by embracing          For more information please go to
                it as a “healing art.”                                          To find out
                   Deborah Coryell, director of health and wellness division of          when and where this segment of The
King Ventures, developers of the resort, explains, “the retreat as a “healing art”       Beauty Show will be aired please check our
is about stepping away from daily life and familiar environment, slowing down            listings at
enough to listen to one’s inner voice and connecting with one’s inner wisdom.”
   She says the elements they have identified as essential com-
ponents of the “retreat as a healing art” experience include:                                          Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort
the taking of waters (which is the original concept of the word                                        1215 Avila Beach Drive
“spa”), comfortable accommodations in a beautiful natural envi-                                        San Luis Obispo CA 93405
ronment; nourishing and nurturing food; walking/hiking trails;                                         (800) 234-5831
and healing therapies such as massage, yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong                               
and meditation. Sycamore Mineral Springs offers it all.
     Located on 125 acres in the Sycamore Forest just three
miles from Avila Beach, one of the most pristine beaches in
the state, the historic property was transformed into a 72-room
retreat by King Ventures in the spring of 2003. While the facil-
ity cannot be classified as “luxurious,” accommodations are
comfortable, the environment is naturally beautiful, there are nurturing meals,
groomed trails, a variety of healing therapies and, of course, the signature min-
eral springs that give the property its name.
   “One of our goals,” says Coryell, “is helping to create more informed consum-
ers.” With about 40 years of experience in the industry, Coryell brings her exper-
tise as a psychotherapist, nutritionist, herbalist and yoga instructor to the project.
“We are committed to educating about the true meaning of the word “spa,” she
says, “and the retreat as a healing art.”
   Retreats being offered in 2007 include those focusing on healthy aging; deal-
ing with grief, loss and change; couple’s relationship; and fasting. Prices for

fall                                                                                                                                                 2006
                                                T R E AT M E N T S A N D T R E N D S
                                                                                  While Einstein was the first to practically apply the use of scalar energy

    B Y K I M B E R LY J U S T I C E
                                                                               scientifically, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has taken this to a different level.
                                                                               Her Energy Enhancement System (EES) is a breakthrough technology,
                                                                               consisting of a precisely aligned custom computer array that produces a
                                                                               field of scalar waves. Applied on a holistic level, in an effort to bring about
SPAS WORLDWIDE ARE INTRODUCING                                                 healing of the mind, body, and spirit, those entering the EES environment
                                                                               are encouraged to enter a meditative state for maximum benefits. Dr. Mi-
A NEW WAVE OF THERAPY                                                          chael encourages clients to “ask for clarity of vision,” and “give their bod-
                                                                               ies permission to function perfectly.” Upon completion of a session, many
                                                                               have reported increased mental focus, decreased stress, and improved

                         hether it is in the atoms that make up our body       over all health.
                         or the air that surrounds us, scalar energy has ex-      The use of scalar energy does not stop here. Health professionals and
                         isted since the beginning of time in the vacuums      ministries of health worldwide are now looking at the effects that scalar
                         of empty space. First proposed by mathematician       energy could have on major diseases. Dr. Michael is in the process of
                         James Clerk Maxwell, demonstrated decades later       conducting studies along with a Mayo Clinic doctor on the effects of EES
                         by Nicola Tesla and practically applied by Albert     on diabetes. Others have proposed the benefits that scalar energy might
Einstein, scalar waves are now proving themselves to be an exciting new        have on cancer patients by boosting their low energy cells in an effort
trend in the arena of alternative healing.                                     to restore the optimum charge and encourage the body to heal. These
   All life is made up of unseen energy. The normal cell pumps 70-90           studies could prove to have profound effects on the way that disease
milivolts of energy at optimum health. As a person grows older, acquires       is treated, and with more and more people turning to alternative treat-
disease, or experiences stress, the voltage of the cell decreases. This        ments, scalar energy could soon be the new standard wave of healing.
decrease in energy has significant effects on the body, most significantly                            Scalar-Spa Energy Enhancement Systems are ideal
the decreased ability of the body to recuperate. This is where the appli-                                for medi-spas, wellness centers, retreats and
cation of scalar energy comes in. Scalar energy, as opposed to other                                          your home. For more information or to
forms of energy (such                                                                                            find a location near you, go to
as electrical or light),                                                                                 
tends to fill its envi-                                                                                               or call (888) 483-2283.
ronment as a field as
opposed to a simple                                                                                                     The Energy Enhancement
wavelength. It is able                                                                                                   System (EES) is a break-
to pass through solid                                                                                                    through technology, consist-
objects, such as hu-
                                                                                                                          ing of precisely aligned cus-
man cells, with no loss
of intensity. It acts                                                                                                      tom computer screens that
as a charger, boost-                                                                                                        produce a field of scalar
ing the voltage of the                                                                                                       waves. In this beautifully
cell, making the cell                                                                                                        designed center, there are
wall more permeable
and facilitating great-                                                                                                      over 80,000 crystals in the
er intake of nutrients and elimination of waste. In other words,                                                             ceiling and surrounding
every single cell detoxifies.                                                                                                 arches.


fall                                                                                                       2006

        HomeResorts    Private Residence Resort Spa Feel
                                                BY ANNE DIMON
                                         PHOTOGRAPHY BY JESSE BROSSA

                    ver the years, the inspiration for home

                    décor has come from a multitude of

                    places. Today, as a growing number of

                    hotels and resorts adopt a more upscale
                                                                       THE HOME: A 25-year-old, three
home style décor in their guest rooms and public                       bedroom, ranch style home near
                                                                       Laguna Beach, California
spaces, an increasing number of homeowners are
                                                                       THE INSPIRATION:
finding their inspiration on their travels. In this                     La Quinta Resort,
                                                                       La Quinta, California
regular feature, The Beauty Show Magazine looks at                     THE DESIGNER:
                                                                       Marlene Thompson,
homes that have been inspired
                                                                       Showcase Design Group,
by luxury resorts, hotels, inns                                        San Clemente, California

                                                                       Top & Middle: Family room of Laguna
and spas throughout the world.                                         Beach home (top) is designed to have the
                                                                       look and feel of the “big room” (above)
                                                                       sitting area at La Quinta.
                                                                       Left: Marlene Thompson on a bench from
                                                                              the “Zen Garden.”
fall                                                                                                                                                    2006

                                                                                                                       aguna Beach, California: The chal-
                   In Laguna Beach, California                                                                         lenge, says interior designer Marlene
“We wanted to create a home escape, a place where the homeowners could just walk in the front door                     Thompson, president of Showcase De-
                                                                                                               sign Group in San Clemente, “was to design the
    and feel an instant sense of calm and comfort, so we picked up elements from La Quinta                     newly-renovated home so someone would walk
                                 and worked them into the home.”                                               in and connect with it immediately.” The leg-
                                                                                                               endary La Quinta Resort & Club - dating all
                                                                                                               the way back to 1927 and, during its heyday, a
                                                                                                               private, sophisticated enclave for Hollywood ce-
                                                                                                               lebrities – offered the spark of influence.
                                                                                                                  Thompson, a 13-year veteran designer, says
                                                                                                               she likes to start from scratch and work with
                                                                                                               builders and contractors to take a square box
                                                                                                               and create something unique. The project was
                                                                                                               a 25-year-old ranch-style Laguna Beach home,
                                                                                                               completely gutted with the intention to redesign
                                                                                                               and rehabilitate into the marketplace. The vi-
                                                                                                               sion was to stay within the parameters of the
                                                                                                               Italian, Mediterranean, Country Tuscan feel
                                                                                                               that’s has been very popular in the area for the
                                                                                                               last three to five years.
                                                                                                                  The two-level, 4,200 square foot property, its
                                                         Top: Master bedroom in Laguna Beach home
                                                                                                               backyard fronting the Nigel Golf course, sits on
                                                         using design elements of La Quinta’s
                                                                                                               a beautiful, private lot with mature trees and
                                                         bedroom (above).
                                                                                                               landscaping. “The home’s distinguishing fea-
                                                         Left: Side table in Laguna master bedroom
                                                                                                               tures are its cathedral ceilings, the location and
                                                         with “Chinese Money Plant” for floral and
                                                                                                               its extra-ordinary view,” says Thompson. “We
                                                         white flower picture to complement.
                                                                                                               wanted to create a home escape, a place where
                                                         Aromatherapy candle gives finishing touch.
                                                                                                               the homeowners could just walk in the front
                                                         Designer: Marlene Thompson, 949-439-3313              door and feel an instant sense of calm and com-
                                                                               fort,” she says, so we picked up elements from
                                                         Furniture: Ashley,            La Quinta and worked them into the home.”
                                                         Accessories: Lori Laverty Design, 949-488-0004
                                                         Floral: Domi Quintana, Plantrageous Worldwide            In keeping with the resort’s meticulously land-
                                                         714-546-2437                                          scaped grounds, where wide sweeps of garden
                                                         Candles: Brite Lites Soy Environments, 800-917-2368   add instant color, and fountains and pools cre-
                                                         Bedding: Dream Sack, 800-670-7661                     ate a sense of a desert oasis, Thompson wanted
                                                                                    the home’s entryway to be just as impressive as
fall                                                                                                                                                                   2006

its interior. The Mediterranean-style door is carved distressed oak and lining the           In the master bedroom “we went with a little more of an island feel,” points out
cobblestone walkway, glazed earth-colored pots are filled with bamboo and willow           Thompson. The canopied, Pan Casari four-poster bed in a rich pecan finish is
sticks. A stone concrete fountain in the centre of the walkway takes its cue from the     draped with creamy-colored gauze, covered with a citron-colored raw silk duvet ac-
water features at La Quinta. Just inside the home’s entrance, a smaller fountain          cented with a collection of pillows. An intricately-carved Thai-influenced wooded
mirrors the one on the outside and the sound of trickling waters lends a calming          screen adds an exotic touch to one corner of the room. Anchoring the foot of the
Feng Shui feel.                                                                           bed, the armchair’s curved wooden legs are painted in black satin to carry though
    In the spacious living and dining area the focal point is the view: jacaranda trees   with the Asian theme.
with their purple blooms and the velvet fairways of the golf course. Opposite this           “In the master bathroom we wanted a spa feel so we created the ambience with
wall of windows, a fieldstone fireplace reaches up to a natural wood ceiling. Re-           a sunken tub, a copper bowl that sits on a custom-designed rich-toned cherry wood
cessed arches, reminiscent of those in La Quinta’s lobby, flank the fireplace.              vanity, copper faucets and muted earth-toned tiles on splash boards and the floor,”
    “We wanted to go a little more elegant in this living space,” says Thompson, “a       says Thompson. Open shelves hold stacks of white towels, soaps, bath oils and
little more Old World Mediterranean.” She says the fabric and design of the Casa          other spa amenities. The vanity mirror, with its elegantly ornate frame, adds a
Molina collection from Wisconson-based Ashley Furniture fit the look and style             Mediterranean touch.
of the home beautifully. Picking up the color of the carpet, the living and dining           The family/media room with its dark wood floors “tended to be somber,” says
room walls are painted the same oatmeal color and trimmed with crown moldings             Thompson, “so we really turned up the vibrant volume with a bright pallet of reds,
bringing attention to the home’s elevated ceilings.                                       oranges and greens to give it a Caribbean feel.” Colors are thrown around the
    On the dining room table, Old World place settings are complemented with              room with the help of pillows, a throw rug, tall vases, candle and accessories neatly
candle sticks—some wooden and rod iron, others with glass teardrops to add a              placed on a wooden bookshelf. She says, against the dark floors, the color scheme
touch of elegance. A table tapestry adds accent colors of burgundy, copper and            “really conveys energy.” The attractive warm caramel-colored armoire, from the
gold, while an iron basket displays lush greenery.                                        Ashley Furniture Mellenium Collection, conceals a television set and a sound sys-
    In the living room, the Pan Casari sofa upholstered in soft cinnamon-colored          tem. “The room conveys a festive holiday atmosphere,” says Thompson.
shadow tapestry, sits on chunky cabriole legs. Two matching Bergere armchairs                From front entrance to bathroom and media room, the home exudes that re-
with cross bow backs, also from the Pan Casari collection complete the conversa-          laxed, comfortable, Old World ambience that envelopes La Quinta. “Walk through
tion area. Cinnamon throw cushions add punch and cut glass vases on the mantle            the door,” says Thompson, “and you really feel as if you’re walking into a resort.”
helps reflect the abundance of natural light that streams into the room.

                             S K I N C A R E

                    for nutrition
               hydration & protection

       face body hair
       Based on some of the most potent nutrient-rich
                 and therapeutic substances
                 that our planet has to offer.
                      No parabens, petro chemicals, or sulfates.


fall                                                                                                                                               2006
                                                              COOL CITIES

                                           Elegant and Eclectic
Recap of our Secrets:
                                                                                             BY CHRISTINA FIOR & LIZ PODOLINSKY

                                               “A SEGWAY TOUR” OF THE AMERICAN RIVIERA
Segway of
Santa Barbara:
24 East Mason St.             Once a quaint beach town where the wealthy flocked to           sign haven, to eateries and spas. We motored noiselessly
(805) 963-7672            enjoy its year-round warm climate and fresh ocean breez-       past sailboats and kayakers circling the famous frolicking
                              es, this historic hideaway is now home to celebrities, great   dolphin fountain at Stearns Wharf.
Delicious Dining:             cuisine, a lively art scene and natural beauty - an American      Our first stop was Avia Spa: The East West Sanctuary,
Le Bon Café:                  Riviera on the Pacific. For a 21st century ride in this Cool    for a tanning session. This Zen-like haven calmed our
138 E. Canon Perdido St.
(805) 965-7025                City, we stepped aboard our Segways for a mini, guided         senses with its bamboo fountains and earthen textures of             tour of Santa Barbara, California.                             wood and stone. The full-service spa offers a customized
                                 Maria Camille, Founder and Publisher of The Beauty          facial with a comprehensive skin diagnosis. We poured
Ruby’s Diner:                 Show Magazine, Val-                                            over skin care products including Avia’s own line sold in
601 Paseo Nuevo Mall
(805) 564-1941                erie Rodriquez, Co-                                            the spa’s boutique.           Executive Producer,
                              and I took a Santa
Taj Café:                     Barbara joy ride with
905 State Street
(805) 564-8280,               Trish Caron of Seg-
Ventura, Ca.                  way Tours, each on
(805)652-1521            our own Segway, the
                              stand-up, self-balanc-
Altamirano Mexican            ing and emission-free
Grille:                       human transporter.
422 North Milpas
(805) 882-1390;
5838 Hollister Ave,
Goleta (805)-681-3292.

Spa Serenity &
Health Services
Avia Spa:
350 Chapala St.
(805) 730-7303                                                                                  Next, Trish led us to locally-owned Crimson Day Spa
                                                                                             which uses only plant-based products. Crimson Day Spa’s
Crimson Day Spa:                                                                             signature facial features YonKa aromatherapy to restore
31 Parker Way                                                                                health and beauty to the skin. The spa’s old-world archi-
(805) 563-7546                                                                               tectural space with turn of the century rugs and elegant
                                                                                             maple furniture provides an intimate retreat. We browsed
                                                                                             its selection of organic clothing and jewelry, blissfully sip-
                                We Segway-ed around this Cool City stopping every            ping a cup of herbal tea.
                              now and then to enjoy some of its “best kept secrets” - ev-       As we Segway-ed north on State Street’s sidewalks,
                              erything from a dog-friendly hotel to an exotic home de-       Santa Barbara’s main drag, zipping past art galleries and


fall                                                                                                                                                 2006
                                                                 COOL CITIES

palm trees, Trish explained that the Spanish arrived here in the 1500s, claiming the Santa
Barbara region from the Chumash Indians.
   Their military fortress, the Presidio, still stands. It’s an elegant whitewashed adobe struc-
ture which offers a perfect setting for weddings and chamber music concerts. Across the
street, Le Bon Café serves up specialties such as salads, salmon and lamb—mostly organic
and free-range. Vietnamese/French Chef, Jean Paul Luvanvi and his co-owner mother Kim
Shaw combine raw food with Pan-Asian textures to create eclectic health food. Jean Paul,
along with his team of consulting nutritionists and physicians, offer nutritional workshops,
catering and custom-designed menus.
   Spanish, Mediterranean, and Moorish architectural styles dominate Santa Barbara and
its landmark Courthouse is a gorgeous example of Moorish influence. The historic prop-
erty features exotic sunken gardens and an 85-foot tall clock tower which we climbed for a
stunning panoramic view of the city!
   Three blocks away, The Taj Café offers patrons a taste of East India. Here, tradition-
al village-style cooking bursts with exotic flavors as fresh spices meet ancient recipes.

Dishes are lean, healthy                                                                                                   Qui Si Bella Medi-Spa:
                                                                                                                           3311 State St. (Loreto Plaza)
and delicious.                                                                                                             (805) 682-0003
   Altamirano Mexican                                                                                            
Grille serves traditional
flavors of Old Mexico.                                                                                                      Santa Barbara
The family’s chicken                                                                                                       Chiropractic:
                                                                                                                           1926 De La Vina Street
mole is the best this                                                                                                      (805) 687-8100 ,
side of Puebla! Car-                                                                                                       Los Angeles
                                                                                                                           (323) 655-6558,
men Ortiz, Altamirano’s                                                                                          
owner who is affec-
tionately called “mom”                                                                                                     Microscopic, Cosmetic
cooks without lard and                                                                                                     and General Dentistry:
                                                                                                                           1809 Cliff Dr, Ste D
offers vegetarian dish-                                                                                                    (805) 963-1222
es, seafood and tender                                                                                           
homemade tortillas.
   Guiding us further into Old Mexico, Trish led us to the Mission Santa Barbara, the only California mission to be con-   Comfy
tinuously used as a church by the Franciscan Order to this day. The Queen of the Missions originally built in 1786, sits   Accommodations:
                                                                                                                           Secret Garden Inn and
regally in front of the mountain’s dramatic backdrop. We spun 180 degrees to get a dazzling view of the Pacific Ocean!
                                                                                                                           Cottages/Bed and
   Back downtown at Paseo Nuevo Mall, we each ordered the Ruby’s Diner signature Vanilla Black Cherry Shake and            Breakfast:
vowed to return for their classic burgers, veggie dishes and french fries made with fresh Idaho potatoes cooked in         1908 Bath St.
healthy vegetable oil.                                                                                                     (805) 687-2300
   Time for bed! Santa Barbara hosts an average number of 29,000 regional, national and international visitors per day.
One of our favorite properties is Secret Garden Inn and Cottages/Bed and Breakfast. Guests can choose to stay in the       The Beach House Inn:
main house, a cottage room, a suite or a private cottage. Owned and run by Dominique Hannaux, Secret Garden’s quaint       320 West Yannonali St.
gardens offer tranquility - and a yummy continental breakfast.                                                             (805) 966-1126
   If you want to fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, and don’t want to leave Rover at home, The Beach House Inn
is a cozy, dog-friendly, 12-unit get-away with high-speed internet access. Some units also have kitchens and fireplaces.    Molina Home
Built around a flowered and shady courtyard, the Beach House Inn is the perfect choice for guests who like to gather        Furnishings:
and mingle over a cup of tea or a glass of Santa Barbara wine. From here, it’s an easy stroll to the beach and Tuesday’s   by appointment only
                                                                                                                           (805) 962-2425
Farmer’s Market on State Street.                                                                                 
   We spent a few evenings together enjoying Santa Barbara’s rich artistic culture. The historic Arling-
ton Theatre, the venue for the Santa Barbara Symphony and performing arts, also screens first-run
movies. Santa Barbara Museum of Art anchors the city’s many art galleries.
   We couldn’t get enough of Santa Barbara’s elegant and eclectic style so we stopped in for a private
showing of Molina Home Furnishing’s Moroccan pillows and a very hip global fusion of Moroccan,
Spanish Reviva, and Asian design.
   Qui Si Bella, meaning “The beauty from within” in Italian, is a serene getaway blending East/West
traditions of holistic wellness, combined with advanced beauty treatments. Experience jade stone
rituals, the Renaissance Man treatment and acupuncture. Wednesdays, first time clients or seniors
( 65 or older) can take advantage of the special $50 price for a one-hour massage or facial.
   For More Information on Santa Barbara, Call the Conference and Visitor’s Bureau: 805-966-9222.

 fall                                                                                                                                 2006
                                                          O N L O C AT I O N

                            TSetters                                                               EDITORIAL STYLIST
                                                                                                   Veronica Bessey (Carrollton, TX)

                                                     N O R T H A M E R I C A N H A I R S T Y L I N G AWA R D S

                                                         OSMOPROF North

                                                         America, one of the

                                                         beauty industry’s most

                                       important trade shows, took place in

                                       Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Con-
                    AVANT GARDE
                    Nicholas French    vention Center, July 16-18, where it
                   (Matrix Academy,
                  West Hampton, NY)    honored the most talented stylists

                                       during the North American Hair

                                       Styling Awards gala ceremony.

                                       Some of the finalists are....

                                        STUDENT STYLIST OF THE YEAR
                                                                 Kirby Keomysay
                                      (Capitol School of Hairstyling, Omaha, NE)

  Lorraine Wilkins
  (Enviro Trends, St. Thomas, ON)

                                          Jackie Elliott
                  before                  (Vault Salon & Spa, Winnipeg, MB)

                                                                                     Dusty Simington
                                                                                     (Salon Gregorie’s,
                                                                                     Newport Beach, CA)


                                                                    Adriana Balea                                 LONG HAIR
                                                          (JC Salons, Toronto, ON)                                DRESSING
                                                                                                                  Ann Bray
                                                                                                                  (The Masters,
                                                                                                                  Huntsville, AL)

Heather Wenman                                                             Enviro Trends
(Entrenous/Academy Heather Wenman, London, ON)                          (St. Thomas, ON)
                       Living a Beautiful Life
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                                                  Sabai™ products embrace
                                                  this in every sense.

Sabai Spa™

 face body spa
     •          •

                                                   Sabai™ products are naturally manufactured in
                                                   Thailand where herbal healing has been used for
                                                   centuries and is the system of belief based on the
                                                   powers of nature and earth. All Sabai™ products
                                                   adhere to the Thai Government’s national
                                                   standards to ensure quality and authenticity.
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fall                                                                                                                                              2006

       HAUTE PICKS            D
                                      uring the year, The Beauty Show™ attends events worldwide to bring you the latest, great-
                                      est and most innovative people, products and services – our Haute Picks! The Beauty Show™
                                      scours international spa trade shows, competitions, beauty expos, and trend-making spas and
                              salons, hand-picking the cream of the beauty crop for you and making gift shopping online easier.
                              Here are the “haute picks” we love—sure to “pique” all your senses!

                               The Natural                                                   Jenteal Body Care

                                                                                                          For precious new members of the family,
                                                                                                          Jenteal’s beautiful Baby Schmear line is
                               Bath &                                                                     dedicated to keeping
                               Body:                                                                       a baby’s skin soft
                                           The Buddha                                                      and protected. Rear

                              1           Baby Collec-
                                          tion is an en-
                                          chanting line
                                          of products for your wee one. The collection
                                          includes hair & body wash, gentle cleanser,
                               baby powder, baby oil, and Shea lotion stick (for a baby’s
                               sensitive parts) all made with pure ingredients and offer-
                                                                                             Schmear, for instance, is a natural
                                                                                             ointment for soothing dry and
                                                                                             chapped skin. Though it will not
                                                                                             heal diaper rash, it claims to be
                                                                                             highly effective in preventing
                                                                                             diaper rash. Tested on friends and family-- Schmear also
                                                                                             works great on dry elbows, cuticles, and chapped lips!
       AND LIZ PODOLINSKY      ing baby fresh scents.                                      

                                                            Sensual                                                 Nature’s Body
                                                            Light™                                                  Beautiful
                                                             Here’s a candle that does                              Therapeutic Living Clay (TLC) from
                                                            double duty. Formulated                                Nature’s Body Beautiful specializes
                                                            with soy, jojoba and                                  in environmentally-friendly
                                                            sweet almond oil, this                               cosmeceuticals containing all natural
                                                            clean-burning candle                                and therapeutic Calcium Bentonite
                                                           will fill a room with                                Clay. Their products show that the
                                                        natural fragrances plus soften                        health benefits of clay can also be
                               your skin! Light the candle while luxuriating in your bath,                  luxurious. Their whipped body soufflé,
                               and when you’re done, your warm body oil moisturizer                        with its powerful, active clays, is an

                               melted oils and delight your skin with a
                               sensual massage.
                                                                           2 4
                               will be ready for use. You can also dip your fingers in the                  enriching meal for the skin.


        5          Sprayology offers a line of homeopathic and vitamin oral sprays to promote beauty and well-being
                   from within. Suitable for men, women and children, the sprays combine natural ingredients proven
                   to help the body increase its ability to function at optimum levels. Sprayology tells us that for-
                   mulas are all FDA-approved and tested by medical experts and homeopaths to assure a balance
       between modern technology and holistic health. 800-377-5787

                                                6            Relish
                                                              We discovered Relish
                                                              Beauty to be an essential
                                                “condiment for the skin.” Their luscious
                                                skin care line is infused with vitamins,
                                                botanical extracts, anti-oxidants, marine
                                                                                                           Brenda Christian cosmetics provide women
                                                                                             with several interesting products that give solutions to
                                                                                             their skin care and makeup needs
                                                                                             that are not usually seen in a make up
                                                algae, shea butter and other nourishing      line. Something to “keep your eye on”
                                                ingredients. Their strong focus on sun       is the Prima Firm, a treatment which
                                                protection also makes the line attractive    lifts, firms and hydrates delicate eye
                                                to travelers heading to the                  lids, evens skin tone and repairs loss
                                                tropics.                                                        of elasticity, giving
                                                                                 a noticeably more
                                                212-734-7877                                                   youthful eye appearance. We also found
                                                                                                               PHATTENUP - a lightweight, moist, con-
                                                                                                                centrated lip treatment with natural pep-
                                                                                                                tides that helps restructure collagen in
                                                                                                                the lips, increases hydration and reduces
                                                                                                                lip furrows.
fall                                                                                                                                               2006

                                                                                             Best Private Spa Events

             Romancing                                                                       Laura Regan, owner of Divine Laser in Phoenix, Arizona,
             the Hair                                                                        says laser treatments are becoming so popular with both
               More curls and natural                                                        men and women that she’s making her divine digs available
               colors are predicted for                                                      for private events.
 2007 and beyond. “The square cut-
 ting and hard textures of the past
 couple of years is becoming passé,”
 says styling expert and Beauty Show
 advisor Michael Leonetti. The trend is
 the “round cut” which allows the hair
 to flow naturally with the hair line. “The
                                                                                                Catering to demand, Regan allows groups of
                                                                                             customers - from five to 15 - to book her facili-
                                                                                             ties after-hours for private services. She says
                                                                                             birthday and bachelorette parties are very
                                              popular and while women make up the majority of business, “we’re seeing more men com-
                                              ing in with spouses, on their own or in a group.” Mostly, she says, “they love the laser treatments for hair
                                              reduction but they are also going for Botox injections mostly in the forehead.” Beard Sculpting and laser
 way hair is going now is soft, flowing        treatments to front and back of neck are most popular with male clients.
 and with beautiful natural colors,” he       Divine Laser, 4030 E. Bell Road, Suite 109, Phoenix, AZ
 says. Recently landing in Scottsdale 602-787-8888
 after a stint in Los Angeles, the stylist

                                                  Spa:The Sensuous Experience
 and technical educator is now the fea-
 tured artist at The Salon at La Camaril-
 la Racquet, Fitness & Swim Club - one
 of the most established tennis facilities
                                                  Award-winning spa architect and designer Rob-
 in Scottsdale.
                                                  ert D. Henry presents a “well-curated collection”
                                                  of the world’s most sensuous spas in Spa: The
                                                  Sensuous Experience. His fifty havens of luxury
                                                  and well-being include thermal, hotel, resort,
                                                                  day, thalasso, destination, medical

                                                                  and wellness spas. Each spa type
                                                                  – from the eco spa at Daintree Eco
                                                                  Lodge and Spa near Australia’s
                                                                  Great Barrier Reef to the thermal
                                                                  spa at Liquidrom Therme Bath
                                                  in Berlin and the isolated Orient Retreat Spa in
                                                  Taiwan – is introduced by a spa expert. Design
                                                  writer Julie V. Iovine, for instance, leads you
                                                  through the historic rituals of Salus Per Aqua
                                                  – health through water - and describes where
   With regard to hair hues, “the stark
                                                  these rituals were practiced.
 goth colors are gone and we’re see-
                                                  $65. Published by Images Publishing Group,
 ing warmer more natural shades,” he
 says. Blondes are going more golden,
 brunettes are adding lighter golden
 highlights and a lot of women are going
 for the more golden red hues. Lighter                                                        Edimi
 colors are framing the face with natu-
 ral-looking darker colors underneath.
   Styling will also be a lot easier, Le-
 onetti predicts, “because we’re going
 from flat iron – for that straight and
 edgy look – to the curling iron for soft
 full curls.” Very big, soft romantic curls
                                                                                              Edimi Penetrating Tightening Gel is the non-
                                                                                              toxic, non-invasive answer to Botox. Devel-
                                                                                              oped in France, the topical gel uses trans-
                                                                                              dermal infusion, a process that helps the   11
                                                                                              skin to self repair. Modern life - poor diet,
                                                                                              stress, environmental toxicity - creates skin damage.
                                                                                              The key active ingredient, Pal-KTTKS, A French pat-
 (bends, Leonetti calls them) falling                                                         ented peptide enhances the synthesis of collagen to
 back and to the sides. If women want                                                         combat skin damage and dramatically reduce wrinkle
 to add extensions they would be soft                                                         depth and volume, with no harmful side effects.
 curl extensions, he says.                                                           805-737-0307
   With more than 25 years of the beau-
 ty business under his belt, Leonetti’s
 approach to hair design is intuitive         Vemma                                           Raw Botanicals
 with cuts and colors to suit the indi-       Nutritionally challenged with stale snacks      This luxury organic skin care line is hand made in small
 vidual client’s personality and lifestyle.   from vending machines, greasy airport           batches, using the freshest, raw ingredients Costa Rica
 “Most importantly,” he says, “a cut must     food, or theme park fast food? Vemma            has to offer. The company
 be easy, simple and versatile so the                                   is the ultimate       carefully researches and
 client can maintain the look when she                                  travel compan-        dermatologically tests each
 leaves the salon.”                                                     ion! Vemma will       product such as Mango
 The Salon at La Camarilla                                              help meet your        Dream Cream, Papaya
 5320 E. Shea Blvd.,                                                    nutritional needs     Facial Renewing Polish,
 Scottsdale, Az 85254                                                   when on the run       Chocolate Mint Mineral
 480-609-1133                                                           or on the road.       Soak all with organic Costa
                                                                        The potent liquid     Rican ingredients and old
                                                                        antioxidant and       world knowledge of herbs
                                                                        vitamin supple-       and fruits.
                                                                        ment provides
                                                                        superior nutri-       506-777-9090
                                                      tionand tastes great! Comes in a

                                                      convenient 2oz. travel size.

fall                                                                                                                                               2006

                              Thinnies™ Spa Shorts                                             Aromafloria
                              Whether you sit or sprint, you’ll know that your Thin-           Aromafloria Herbal Therapy continues to seduce the
                                                    nies™ will be enhancing the forces of      senses with their unique array of aromatherapy prod-
                                                                                               ucts. We loved their new Asian-inspired bath, body

                                                    nature for you.
                                                    These comfort-                             and home aromatherapy collection inspired by ancient
                                                    able shorts                                recipes and rituals.
                                                    and the potent                   
                                                    cellulite cream
                                                    that goes with are the stylish “silent”
                                                    partners to the medical practitioner,
                                                    dietician, and massage therapist, yet
                                                    they “scream” results, as attested to
                                                    by cosmetic surgeons and derma-
                                                    tologists across the country. When

                                                    worn regularly during workouts of
                              any intensity, Thinnies™ continue the weight loss process
                              – comfortably, fashionably, and steadily. Shedding cellulite
                              and unwanted extra pounds is now as easy as “a walk in
Gem of                        the park!”
the Seas             805-737-0307
Could seaweed soon re-
place the pearl as the new
               gem of the                                                                      Lemon+Ade

14 16          seas? Mozu-
               ko fucoidan,
               harvested in
                the South-
                ern Pacific
Ocean, is considered to
be one of the purest and
                                                                                               Skin Prophecy Clinic
                                                                                               AAAH! Relief
                                                                                               Lemon Ade is a versatile product
                                                                                               that treats irritations caused by;
                                                                                               sunburn, windburn,eczema,
                                                                                               insect bites, waxing and skin
                                                                                               resurfacing procedures. It
most potent forms of
                                                                                               contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin
seaweed. Found on the
                                                                                               E, Lemon Extracts and
seaweed exterior, it’s very
rich in nutrients and heal-
                                                                                                  Skin Prophecy Clinical
ing properties and is often
                                                                                               Skin Care compounds
used in products to treat a
                                                                                               are of the highest phar-
number of degenerative ill-
                                                                                               maceutical grades avail-
nesses. One of the newest
                                                                                               able in the industry. They
products on the market to
                                                                                               are developed to work
contain mozuko fucoidan
                                                                                               at the cellular level. This
is Mozique, a two-part skin
care system from Califor-
                               Sabai™ Herbal Compresses                                        calming balm is must for every
                               The popular Hot Stone Massage may soon be                       medicine cabinet.
nia-based Mozique Skin
                               replaced by the Thai Herbal Compress Massage. We      
                               love these fist-sized poltices stuffed with herbs. After         805-969-6454
                               just one treatment we feel they will become the next
                               “big thing” in North American spas. The Thai herbal
                               compresses we tried come from Thailand-based
                               Sabai™ Spa. 804-897-0873
                                                                                              19                 Anakiri
                                                                                                                 Visionary Anakiri is creating products
                                                                                                                 that lead the field of bio-energetic
                                                                                                                 medicine, herbology, aromatherapy
                                                                                                                 and phyto-nutrition. Their skin care
                                                                                                                 line includes the latest anti-aging
East to West
                                                                 On the west coast Kamala Day Spa and            advancements designed to work in
                                                                 Salon in San Francisco incorporates the                            conjunction with the
Ayurvedic                                                        ancient practice of Ayurvedic into a lavish
                                                                setting influenced by the Raj Era in East
                                                                India. The spa menu offers more than 16
                                              specialized body treatments including Shirodhara (balanc-
                                              ing essential oils are slowly poured onto the forehead in
                                              a calming 40-minute massage), the Bindi body treatment,
                                              a customized Dosha facial, and a variety of hair and scalp
                                                                                                               20                   body’s subtle ener-
                                                                                                                                    getic balances

                                              240 Stockton Street 7th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94108

                                             On the east coast located on trendy and bustling Wash-
                                             ington Street in Hoboken, N.J., Roop Ayurvedic Day Spa
                                             transports guests to an atmosphere reminiscent of the
                                             ancient world of India.
                                                The menu lists approximately 19 specialized therapies
                                             for body and soul including Rudraksha pyramid therapy,
                                             Shirodhara, Pizhichil for arthritis and nervous disorders,
                                             Nasyam for nasal infusion for relief of sinus headaches
                                             and Udvarthanam for cellulite reduction. All treatments
                                             are made with 100% natural herbs and organic oils, and an
                                             Ayurvedic doctor is on board to insure the integrity of the
                                             therapeutic services provided.
                                             69 10th Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
                                                             SPA EASTMAN

              Page Twenty – Back Cover Spa Relais Ad
Centre-du-Québec                LE SPA CHÉRIBOURG            STONEHAVEN RELAIS & SPA
RELAIS-DÉTENTE SPA              Hôtel Le Chéribourg          1 866 333-7772
Hôtel et Suites le Dauphin      1 877 868-0101
1 877 931-7272
                                NORDIC STATION               SPA SANTÉ LE BALUCHON
SPA DÉTENTE DU LAC WILLIAM      1 866 414-5200               Auberge Le Baluchon
Manoir du Lac William                                        1 800 789-5968
                                SPA EASTMAN
1 800 428-9188
                                1 800 665-5272               Montréal
Chaudière-Appalaches                                         OVARIUM
PARFUM DE MER                                                1 877 356-8837
                                CENTRE DE SANTÉ
Auberge du Faubourg
                                MONTAGNE COUPÉE              SPA EASTMAN MONTRÉAL
1 800 463-7045
                                Auberge la Montagne Coupée   (514) 845-8455
RELAXARIUM                      1 800 363-8614
                                                             Québec Region
Le Georgesville
                                SPA DU LAC TAUREAU           LE NORDIQUE SPA ET DÉTENTE
1 800 463-3003
                                Auberge du Lac taureau       (418) 848-7727
Eastern Townships               1 877 822-2623
                                The Laurentians              CENTRE DE DÉTENTE
Manoir des Sables
                                OFURO SPA                    PARFUM DE FJORD
1 800 663-9848
                                1 877 884-2442               Auberge des 21
                                                             1 800 363-7298
                                Hôtel Club Tremblant
                                1 800 567-8341

1 800 788-7594 •

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