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Search Engine Marketing                                                    Our Approach
Reach qualified prospects further along in the buying cycle
                                                                           Our search engine marketing is guided by 25+ years of direct
According to the Georgia Institute of Technology, 85% of prospective       marketing expertise with a focus on delivering ROI. Our experience,
customers use the Internet to find information on products and             coupled with our methodology and account management
services – and search engine marketing helps them find it.                 capabilities, enable us to manage your search engine marketing
                                                                           campaigns with an attention to detail that is unmatched.
And in a recent Jupiter Research report released in May 2004, the key
finding was that approximately two-thirds of search marketing              Our SEM campaign deliverables go beyond setting up and
services are currently done in-house, but demand for agency                monitoring your campaigns. We have relationships with a broad
involvement is emerging. In fact, the size of marketers’ budgets, the      range of search engines and related technologies. We leverage these
number of service providers, and the sophistication of search              relationships to help you maximize targeted site traffic from
campaigns are all growing – and driving agency demand and                  user-initiated search queries. We also build out your keyword list and
involvement in search marketing.                                           develop copy to improve relevancy and conversions, as well as
                                                                           increase volume.
More and more, it is the ancillary services surrounding bid
management that are becoming valuable to marketers and will
provide the strongest case for outsourcing SEM.                            Search Products
                                                                           We offer a complete portfolio of search marketing solutions:
Key Benefits of SEM:
                                                                              Product                   Description
          Refined Targeting – Position your company directly in
          front of users who are specifically looking for the products
          and services you offer.                                             Sponsored Keywords        Paid listings across all major search
          Easy segmentation – Quickly address specific segments of                                      engines and second-tier search traffic
          your market, allowing you to achieve the highest level of                                     sources
          market penetration.
          High flexibility – Define, redefine, adjust, tweak, and add to     Paid Inclusion             Paid URL directory listings on a variety
          your search engine marketing campaign on a moment’s                                           of specialized search engines
          Optimal branding – Create a campaign that reinforces your           Natural SEO               Technology solutions to ensure your
          brand messaging in a number of highly effective ways.                                         site is included in algorithmic listings
          Rapid ROI – Experience immediate reduction in costs over
          traditional media with the speed at which we implement
          your campaign.
                                                                           Sample MaxSearch Traffic Sources
                                                                           Google, Overture, Lycos,, FindWhat, Kanoodle, Enhance,
Key Features of MaxSearch:                                                 Looksmart, Search 123, Overture Site Match XChange and more.
With our unique, industry-leading approach, we work with
advertisers and agencies to deliver the following:
                                                                           Receive Syndicated Placement On:
                                                                           Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Ask Jeeves, InfoSpace, Netscape, AltaVista,
          Quality Traffic – Identifying and delivering prospects that
                                                                           Earthlink, etc.
          are further along in the buying cycle while minimizing
          less-targeted traffic.
          Traffic vs. Placement – Choosing keywords based on the
          ability to deliver potential conversions vs. the “need to be     Learn More:
          Customized Search Listings – Designing each search               Search Engine Marketing is just one of the online marketing tools we
          listing (title and description) to match the specific intent     provide. AJinteractive is dedicated to providing advertisers and
          and need of the user.                                            publishers with world-class search, direct marketing and media
          Niche Keywords – Utilizing the keywords that competitors         solutions. For more information on creating a successful online
          ignore because of low traffic levels; When aggregated, niche     marketing campaign, email us at
          keywords drive high volumes of traffic from the most
          qualified prospects.

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