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									Deer                                                                 Tracks
Volume 6, Number 10                                                                                       June 2008

                                     Letter from the Principal

Dear Deer Park Families,

As the 2007-2008 school year draws to a close, we have a flurry of activities planned for this week. The sixth
graders attended a three-day camping trip at Camp Highroads, kindergarten is rehearsing for their Blast-Off
Program, we had a special visit from some of the Harlem Globetrotters, and all of our classes are celebrating
the close of the year with lots of great activities.

This has been a wonderful year at Deer Park. We have been fortunate to have the support of the PTA to provide
many wonderful assemblies and funding for transportation for field trips. Thanks to your support, we have
purchased additional Smart Boards, and hope to purchase at least ten more this summer. Your support also
provided funding for the chorus’s Jungle Book production in April and funding for our patrol captains for the
upcoming school year to attend a week-long safety camp this summer.

Over the summer, our school office will be open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. This summer we will host
Rec Pac and summer services for our preschool autism class and selected preschool students.

We have had a number of “improvements” throughout this school year including the addition of handicapped
accessible swings to the playground, resurfacing the parking lot, re-carpeting the library and one of the music
rooms, and tiling the downstairs hallways and pod area. Over the summer, the upstairs hallways and pod areas
will be tiled. We also will have a secure access system installed on our exterior doors including our front doors.
Be sure to have proper identification with you to gain entry to the school when you come during the school day
next year.

We are already making plans for 2008-2009! Our theme for next year is “We Place Value on Fitness.” This will
incorporate the math curriculum with health and fitness. We are all also excited about implementing full-day
kindergarten! Our school will also expand our Responsive Classroom
program, which you will hear more about when we return in the fall. We
hope you all have a wonderful summer!! Remember to read, read, read!!
Spend some time each day practicing math facts and writing. A little time        In This Issue
each day will help ensure you are ready to get started again in the fall.
Have a happy and safe summer!!                                                   Market Day Summer Sale 2
                                                                                 Counselors’ Corner 3
Sincerely,                                                                       Planet 3
                                                                                 $5,000 Winnings! 3
                                                                                 PTA Meeting Minutes 4
Carol Larsen
Principal                                                                        ‘08-‘09 School 5

Deer Park Plants the Seeds of Learning                                                                                   Page 1
Deer Tracks                                                                June 2008

                                  Events/General Information

Deer Park Yearbooks: There are a limited                     Golf Tournament
amount of yearbooks still available for sale. If you         Rescheduled: The Deer Park PTA
would like to purchase one, please submit to the office      golf tournament has been rescheduled
as soon as possible, a check for $20 payable to the          to Monday, June 23. If you have not
Deer Park PTA in an envelope marked Yearbook. Be             registered and would like to play on the
sure to include the student's name, teacher's name           new date, please register at
and a contact phone number. For more information    If
contact Gina Buckley, 703-830-5236.                          you registered for the April tournament date and are
                                                             not available to play on June 23, please contact Matt
                                                             Cervarich at or 703-473-5819.
                Box Tops Summer
                Collection Sheets: Please save
                the Box Tops summer collection               Market Day Summer Sale: Thank you for
                sheets that came home in last week’s         supporting all of our Market Day sales this year. We
Thursday folder. Each student returning a                    have made over $1,900 since January to help
completed sheet by the Fall deadline will receive a          support Deer Park programs.
prize! Additionally, ALL sheets returned will
be eligible for a WEBKINS and WEBKINS-related                                               If you can't live without
products drawing!                                                                           Market Day, don't worry!
                                                                                            We will be having a
                                                                                            special summer sale in
Special Education Programs: The                              July. Summer sale order sheets are available in the
"Regulations Governing Special Education                     Deer Park office. If you are planning on dropping your
Programs for Children with Disabilities in Virginia"         form off at school, please turn it in no later than July 7,
are being revised. Between April 28, 2008, and               2008. You do not need a form to order. You can also
June 30, 2008, the Virginia Department of                    order online at Our school number
Education will accept written public comments                is 26716. Internet orders are due by noon on July 11,
regarding the proposed revisions. Comments may               2008. All orders will be available for pick up on
be emailed to;               Thursday, July 17, in the Deer Park Cafeteria from 5-6
faxed to (804) 786-8520; or mailed to Special                PM. If you place an order, you will receive a reminder
Education Regulations Revision Process, Office of            call the day before pickup. Any orders that are not
Dispute Resolution and Administrative Services,              picked up will be sent back to Market Day and your
Virginia Department of Education, P.O. Box 2120,             account will be credited. As a special bonus for the
Richmond, Virginia, 23218-2120.                              summer, you can receive a Market Day travel tote for
                                                             $2.99 with any Market Day order! Questions? Please
Nine public hearings will also be held. Additional           call or email Melissa Lottchea 703 815-2401,
                                                    or Tricia Warren 703 830-1906,
information about the proposed revisions, public
hearings or submitting public comments is available
                                                             Pentagon Memorial Car Wash - a
                                                             Huge (HOT) Success ! It was almost too hot
Attention Parents of                                         even for a car wash, but several families persevered
Current Fifth Graders:                                       and raised almost $900 for the Pentagon Memorial
                                                             Fund!! A huge thank you to the Heise,Baynes, Feichtl,
Your child must receive a booster dose of the Tdap           Buckley and Cayere families and the other kids who
vaccine prior to entering sixth grade and provide            came out as well to help wash cars - we could not do
documentation to the school by June 17, 2008.                this without all of you! And, of course, thank you so
                                                             much to all of the families who spread the word to
                                                             friends and who came out with your cars and your
                                                             generous donations!

Deer Park Plants the Seeds of Learning                                                                            Page 2
Deer Tracks                                                             June 2008

Counselor’s Corner We made it! The                           Planet Aid Program Stone Middle School has
students have worked hard all year and we are                begun a partnership with the Planet Aid program. It is
enjoying the last few days of a successful school            called the “Recycling for Development Partnership in
year. We know you will enjoy celebrating their               Education School Program for Students K-12”. As part
accomplishments with them this summer as you all             of this program, Stone MS now has two Planet Aid
          enjoy some time for relaxation.                    donation bins in the school parking lot. You can donate
                                                             used clothes, shoes, and toys using these bins.
            We have information on a class for
            parents on “Children with Behavioral             Planet Aid will arrange and help
            Problems: What Parents Need to                   facilitate communication between
             Know.” This class is being offered by           Stone MS and rural African schools
             the National Institute of Mental Health         and communities. They will also host
             on June 25th from 7:00p.m.- 9:00p.m.            Stone students on a tour to their
             and will take place at Johns Hopkins            Maryland Recycling facility, while
             University in Montgomery County (9601           educating them on the processes
             Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD). If        involved in Global Recycling of used
            you are interested in this event, please         clothing, shoes and toys. In addition,
            call 301/594-8705 or e-mail:                     Planet Aid will donate $0.01 per
                         pound collected. The calculation is made quarterly.

            Additionally, there is a 3-Day                   This program is an easy and beneficial way to donate
Bereavement camp offered by Heartland Hospice of             used clothes, shoes, and toys. Children’s books are
Fairfax for children that have lost a family member          also great donations! (Please put books in a plastic bag
or close friend. If you want more information, you           before dropping them in the yellow box.)
can contact Mrs. Ford or Mrs. Leonard.                       Your donations are tax deductible. Please send the
                                                             following information via e-mail or phone and they will
If you need information on additional recreation             mail the tax deductible receipt to you:
camps or classes, please contact Mrs. Ford or Mrs.               Name of the school where the donations were
Leonard and we will do our best to help.                         dropped off
                                                                 Your first and last name and mailing address
We hope you all have a fun and safe summer with     or phone:1-800-368-1101
lots of learning opportunities. Remember to stay
safe and we’ll look forward to seeing everyone               Please help this wonderful program succeed by
again in the fall. Best wishes to our wonderful Deer         donating your used clothes, shoes, toys and books
Park 6th graders as they begin middle school.                today and throughout the year.

Have a great summer!
                                                             Great News! Deer Park is one of only 150
                                                             schools nationwide to win $5,000 in school supplies
PTA National Experts Offer Tips for                          through the Sharpie signature contest! We have
Parents In today's fast-paced society it seems our           already received three shipments and approximately 17
responsibilities and our children change and grow            boxes of school supplies! Thanks goes out to everyone
daily. A little advice and direction can go a long way!      who signed the sheets we had out during PTA
That's why PTA is offering a LIVE webcast on June 17         meetings, the Applebee's Pancake Breakfast, Spring
at 2 p.m. (Eastern) for parents and families about           Fling and various other events last year. It's great to
addressing every day issues to enhance children's            think that less than 400 signatures brought in so much
health, safety and educational success. Featuring PTA        for our students and faculty.
National President Jan Harp Domene, and a very
special guest, viewers will have the opportunity to ask      Special thanks goes out to Nicolle Moritz
questions via e-mail and have them answered during           who worked exceptionally hard on
the live webcast. This LIVE webcast will be a one-stop       the Sharpie Contest, as well as Box
shop for parents and families looking for answers.           Tops, Labels for Education (getting the Globetrotters
Whether you're just watching this LIVE or asking a           visit!), Giant Bonus Bucks and numerous other
question, we encourage you to register at                    programs that benefit Deer Park!

Deer Park Plants the Seeds of Learning                                                                       Page 3
Deer Tracks                                                           June 2008

Highlights from June 3, 2008                                   Motion was made and passed to provide $100
PTA Meeting                                                    for petty cash to help offset the cost of postage,
                                                               supplies for advertisement and for prizes to
                                                               help with Boxtops, Labels, eScrip programs.
    Guest Speaker – Scott Phillips, new Principal
    for Stone Middle School, attended today’s PTA              Need help from others in cutting the box top
    meeting to introduce himself and to answer any             labels, if you are interested please contact
    questions for rising 7th grade parents. There is           Nicole Moritz.
    a new program for new Stone students called                Deer Park won the Sharpie contest and
    Project Panther – it is an orientation program             received $5,000 in school supplies for the
    for rising 7th graders. He is partnering with              school. Supplies will be distributed to the
    Northrop Grumman to retool Stone’s website. If             teachers.
    you have any questions, please feel free to                Have raised almost $2000 with Market Day this
    email him or visit the school. Summer School at            year. There will be a Summer sale in July – a
    Stone will be 3 weeks (not 5) and for rising 7th           reminder will be sent out via the Yahoo group.
    graders it is to give them a leg up for middle             We are averaging 10 new customers each
    school for rising 8th and 9th graders it is to             month. Dates have been set for next year.
    focus on an area needing improvement. Call to              Made $4000 on Spring Fling theme baskets –
    Parents – Need help from parents to be                     huge success.
    involved. There are lots of opportunities – PTA            Marty Bouveron recognized Nicole Moritz and
    is one of the ways and there is also the School            Melissa Lottchea for all of their hard work. She
    Planned Parent Committee. Prior to coming to               also recognized our two outgoing officers –
    Stone, Mr. Phillips worked at Chantilly High               Denise Higgins (President) and Laura
    School. He was the Assistant Principal at                  Raymond (VP for Membership) and presented
    Stone, and spent 4 years as the Summer                     each of them with a beautiful arrangement of
    School Principal - he will not be performing this          flowers. In addition, our two new offices were
    role this year. He has 2 sons (4 and 6) and has            introduced – Maria Vetsch (President) and Pam
    family near Deer Park.                                     Gehle (VP for Membership)
    Spring Fling was a huge success!
    We owe $9,000 for the book sale and $1,000             School Schedule for 2008-2009
    for Spring Fling.
    After all payments have been made, we will be          September 2, 2008           School Begins
    able to buy 3 more SmartBoards for the school!         October 13                  Columbus Day Holiday
    Mrs. Larsen thanked the PTA. Deer Park’s PTA
    provides a lot for the school, especially              October 31                  First Grading Period Ends
    compared to other schools.                             November 3 - 4              Student Holidays
    Parent Input Forms are due 6/13/08. Forms are          November 26
                                                                                       Students Released Two Hours
    available in the office.                                                           Early
    Spanish Flex Camp for Summer has been                  November 27 - 28            Thanksgiving Holidays
    cancelled.                                             Dec. 24 – Jan. 2, 2009      Winter Vacation
    RecPack will be at Deer Park this Summer.                                          Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
                                                           January 19
    Friday – 6/13/08 – will be a full day for students.                                Holiday
    The Awards Program for 3-6th graders will be           January 20                  Inauguration Day Holiday
    at 8:45a.m.
                                                           January 23                  Second Grading Period Ends
    Kindergarten curriculum is available on line at
    FCPS.EDU                                               January 26 - 27             Student Holiday
    The Committee Chair List was passed around             February 16                 President's Day Holiday
    for participants to update on their ability to         April 2                     Third Grading Period Ends
    serve next year. We need help for a number of
                                                           April 3                     Student Holiday
    committees for next year!
    The Washington Glory Event was a lot of fun.           April 6 - 10                Spring Vacation
    Deer Park’s chorus sang the National Anthem            May 25                      Memorial Day Holiday
    and Mrs. Larsen threw out the first pitch of the       June 15                     Graduation On or After This Date
    game. For more information about the team, go
    to:                    June 18                     Last Day of School

Deer Park Plants the Seeds of Learning                                                                    Page 4

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