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									For All The Saints
                                   The Epistle of St. Paul Lutheran Church, The Grove, Texas
                                                                                        September 2011

Dear Fellow Redeemed:

Some might say what follows is not what should be shared on the first page of the Newsletter
on what is generally referred to as the “Pastor’s Page”. I am however going to disagree and put
on this first page not some deep theological thought or some pithy sayings, but am instead
going to share with you something that is critically important and vital to your life as a child of
God. Yes, I am going to list for you again your opportunities to be in the Word of God with
fellow believers, especially on Sunday mornings as we begin this new year of Christian
Education this morning.

I can tell you that much work has gone in to planning Sunday Morning Adult Bible Classes that
have much to offer to all of the members of our church family. Allow me to share with you the
topics and the schedule for the coming couple of months.

The Bible Class that meets in the sanctuary will continue our study of PRAYER, using the
Lord's Prayer as our guide. If you would like to learn more about this awesome gift of prayer
with which we have been blessed by our Heavenly Father, you are invited and encouraged to
join us each Sunday morning in the nave of the church.

The Bible Class that meets in the Multipurpose Room is studying the book of JONAH using the
theme: "Personal Witnessing in Contemporary Society and Contemporary Situations".
This class meets each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. in the Multi-purpose Room in the FAC.

The third Bible Class that will begin on September 25th will deal with CHRISTIAN PARENTING.
We are going to use materials that have been used by a few of our members in other settings.
They have all reported that the study is very beneficial. It will be held in the Parish Hall and will
be led by Mr. James Morrow.
So, with those classes in mind, allow me now to share with you our schedule for the next few
weeks since we have many important topics to cover before we get back into our routine. If you
are reading this before Bible Class we will begin with today, Sunday, August 28 , Christian
Education Sunday.

Date:                 Location:             Topic:                        Presenter:
August 28th           MPR                   Jonah Chapter 3               Dr. Sohns
                      Sanctuary             Prayer                        Pastor Heckmann

September 4th         MPR                   To be announced               Orville Michalk
                      Sanctuary             Prayer                        Pastor Heckmann

September 11th        MPR                   Grandparents’ Day             Dr. Sohns
                      Sanctuary             Prayer                        Pastor Heckmann

September 18th        Parish Hall           Missionaries Report           Tim and Michelle Miller

September 25th        MPR                   Jonah Chapter 4               Dr. Sohns
                      Sanctuary             Prayer                        Pastor Heckmann
                      Parish Hall           Parenting Seminar             Mr. James Morrow

October 2nd           MPR                   To be announced               Orville Michalk
                      Sanctuary             Jeremiah                      Pastor Heckmann
                      Parish Hall           Parenting Seminar             Mr. James Morrow

October 9th           MPR                   To be announced               Orville Michalk
                      Sanctuary             Jeremiah                      Pastor Heckmann
                      Parish Hall           Parenting Seminar             Mr. James Morrow

October 16th          MPR                   Personal Witnessing
                                            Seminar                       Dr. Sohns
                      Sanctuary             Jeremiah                      Pastor Heckmann
                      Parish Hall           Parenting Seminar             Mr. James Morrow

Once again, I remind you of the other Bible study opportunities that await you in the days
ahead. I encourage you to be a part of any of them as you continue as a student of the Word.
(The study opportunities that stop over the summer begin again on September 7th at 6:30 p.m.,
including our Midweek Religion Classes for all of our young people from pre-school to 12th

The Ladies’ Evening Bible Study will be studying a series entitled, Living Beyond Yourself:
Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit by Beth Moore. In this study they will consider the fruit of The
Holy Spirit as presented in the book of Galatians and be challenged to develop the fruit by
maintaining an intimate relationship with the Spirit of God. A Spirit-filled life truly results in living
beyond yourself. A sign-up sheet is on the table in the Narthex to give us some idea of how
many member books to order. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Deb Heckmann. This
group meets in the Parish Hall.
The Men’s Evening Bible Study will continue their studies of some of the stories of the Old
Testament. The series put out by Lutheran Hour Ministries has entitled these studies “What
They Didn’t Teach Me In Sunday School”. Each study is DVD based and has questions to
ponder as the men gathered for each study go deeper than what they did in Sunday School to
learn what God has to say to them through each of these accounts. This group will meet in the
Multipurpose Room in the FAC.

The new and improved Youth Group will start meeting together on Wednesday evenings for
Bible Study and fellowship and maybe even a round or two of Bible Trivia. Right now we are
looking at two possible studies. One of them is based on Talk Sheets that deal with issues that
affect us in our day to day living as the children of God. They are very interesting and thought
provoking studies. The other one is a DVD based study entitled, “Life Choices, Trusting God in
Life’s Decisions and Challenges”. This group will meet every Wednesday evening upstairs in
the Youth Room. We will open with prayer, have a lesson/discussion and also play some Bible
Trivia. Please join us if you can. This will be a fun time of fellowship and an opportunity to grow
in our relationship with God and with each other. How exciting to have an opportunity for our
youth to continue to grow in their Christian faith.

And, just as another reminder, on September 25 th we are going to offer you a third Bible Class
opportunity on Sunday mornings, adding a class that will deal with CHRISTIAN PARENTING.

In HIS service and yours,

Pastor Heckmann
Hebrews 13:20-21

I want to thank Pastor Heckmann and Michael Heckmann for the prayers and also the church members
that called me while I was awaiting my cancer test results. The wonderful news is that I am cancer free. I
especially want to thank Rick Miller for taking me to the Georgetown Hospital when I didn’t feel like
driving. May God bless each and every one of you. Thanks, Alton Riske

  Our next Cotemporary Worship service at St. Paul Lutheran Church will be held SATURDAY,
  The service will be “Lutheran” through and through as we sing contemporary hymns, hear the
Word of God proclaimed to us, confess our faith in the historic words of the Creed, and receive
the forgiveness of our sins that our Heavenly Father has to offer to each of us.
   So, think of whom you will invite to this service and mark the date on your calendar so that
you can be sure to join us.
   Also, please note that we will be gathering on the second Saturday of the month this
year. The decision was made to try the second Saturday of the month so that those who
want to enjoy the music down the street from us on the third Saturdays will be able to
join us here for fine music and worship on the second Saturdays of each month.

Tim and Michelle Miller (Ellyn, Joel & Sarah)
You will remember the Miller’s from their visit with us a couple years ago or so when they were back in
America for a time of furlough from their Bible translating work.

As you will recall, Tim and Michelle Miller along with children Ellyn, Joel, and Sarah serve in Mainland
Southeast Asia as literacy and Scripture engagement specialists.

Many minority languages in the region already have the Bible in their language, and currently Bible
translation is in progress in over 60 languages through various partner agencies. In addition, well over 100
other language groups have been identified as needing Bible translation.

The Millers' ministry involves encouraging and supporting the efforts of local churches and language
communities in developing mother tongue literacy programs and materials. They also help these groups
develop and use scripture-based media in their local languages, and train church leaders to use scriptures
in ways that will engage people of all ages and lead to changed hearts and lives.

Tim grew up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, while Michelle (nee Kovac) was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and
spent her later childhood in Liberia, West Africa, where her parents were Bible Translators with LBT.
Tim and Michelle met while attending Valparaiso University. The Millers served as evangelistic workers
under LCMS World Mission from 1990 to 2005.

Ellyn, Joel and Sarah have had many rich life experiences growing up in Asia. They have enjoyed riding
on elephants, eating spicy-hot food, and singing praise songs in church. Ellyn begins her studies at
Wheaton College in 2011, while Joel and Sarah continue high school at an international school near their
home. The Millers are all eager to shine the light of Jesus wherever they are, and to be used by God to
bless the peoples of Mainland Southeast Asia with his Word.

They will be with us Sunday, September 18th to tell us how the work is going.
Imagine taking a walk with church friends on a cool, crisp morning in October! Mark your
calendar to join us at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, October 8 to walk in Mother Neff State Park. As
they did last year, our FACT group is planning on providing hotdogs and the trimmings for our
picnic lunch after the walking. If you have any questions right now talk with Donna Heiner or
watch your bulletin for more details as the date gets closer.
  It is time to begin collecting school supplies for Lutheran World Relief. We are in need of volunteers
                        to assist with sewing the "new" school bags for our school supplies that we
                        collect each fall. The design has changed this year and we will need to make as
                        many bags as we have kits. This last spring we sent 100 kits and hope to be able
                        to send just as many this year.
                            We also need medium to heavy fabric, no signs, emblems or religious designs
                        on it to use to make these bags, (upholstery material, denim, canvas, twill,
                        corduroy or such). We have a copy of the pattern for the bags if anyone is
                        interested in helping cut or sew.
                             Anyone who would like to help can contact Sue Brown. Thank-you

   Lions clubs around the world have collected old eye glasses to help those individuals who
need, but can not afford to purchase, glasses. We are also collecting old hearing aids, in any
condition, for a program called "new eyes from old ears". The money raised from selling
recycled hearing aids goes to help purchase eyeglasses or support corneal transplant
   Please donate any old glasses or hearing aids in the box designated for these items located
on the table in the Parish Hall. If you have any questions you are invited to talk with one of our
newest members, Dick Riess.
                     Sunday School News
                                        By Kelli Alsup
        September Birthdays                               September Baptism Birthdays
            Eddie Bowser 1st                                         Grace Smith 5th
             Garrett Rush 4th                                         Dalton Cox 20th
              Isis Swofford 5th                                      Sarah Golden 24th
             Kinsley Wrisk 16th                                      Jenna Pietsch 26th
            Brandon Murillo 26th
             Sarah Terrell 27th
             Shaylei Wrisk 30th

                        July Sunday School Perfect Attendance
Amber Boswell, Jaiden Britt, Mikayla Heckmann, Kyndall Houchin, Bailea Rivera, Kaeden Sohns, Emily
        Thoe, Crystal Tuck, Devin Washington, Alaynah Wrisk, Brendan Wrisk, Shaylei Wrisk

                      September Offering/Guest Speaker
Tim and Michelle Miller will be visiting us on September 18. As many of you know, they are
  missionaries with Lutheran Bible Translators whom we have supported for many years.
Tim will be leading the adult Bible classes while Michelle will spend the hour with us in the
Sunday school department. Please make plans to join us and listen to their inspiring tales.
 For the month of September, our Sunday school/Bible class offerings will go to Lutheran
                Bible Translators to support the work of Tim and Michelle.

                             It’s that time of year…
 Midweek Religion classes will be starting on Wednesday, September 7 at 6:30. All
   children in grades 4-8 should attend. We will begin the evening with a group
opening and then divide into our classes. A parent orientation meeting will be held
  at 7:30. All midweek parents need to attend to receive important information
about the upcoming year. At this point in time, WE WILL NOT HAVE A CLASS FOR
CHILDREN IN KINDERGARTEN-3RD GRADE. The men’s and women’s Bible studies
 will also begin on Sept 7 as well as a new and exciting class for our LYF members.

                      Goodies with Grandparents
Every grandparent is invited to join us on Sunday, September 11
 at 8:30am in the Multi-Purpose room for breakfast. We will be
    serving breakfast casseroles. A special Bible class for the
 grandparents will be held in the MPR beginning at 9:00 with
Pastor Sohns leading the teaching.
                    Lutheran Women in Mission
                                   By: Deb Heckmann

Our LWML officially welcomed three new members, Mellissa Boswell, Leslie Bryant
and Staci Geiger, at our August meeting. We look forward to working with these

We also had election of officers for the 2011-2012 year. Our officers are:
President: Janell Winkler
Vice President: Sylvia Winkler
Secretary: Deb Heckmann
Treasurer: Doris Symm
Gospel Outreach: Mellissa Boswell
Mission Grants: Mary Alsup
FACT Coordinator: Pam Winkler
Secret Pal Luncheon: Trina Munz
Lutheran World Relief Coordinator: Sue Brown
Clothing Box Coordinator: Billie Winkler

October 2nd will be LWML Sunday. We are looking forward to participating in the
Worship Service that morning and joining the Life Chain in Temple from 2-3pm.

                       Lutheran World Relief School Kits
Thank you for your generous support of this mission project. We will continue to
gather items for the Lutheran World Relief School Kits during the month of
September. A list of needed supplies is printed elsewhere in the newsletter so
you can take advantage of all the school supply specials going on at area stores.
A box is in the Parish Hall for donations. Please note the changes to the supply
Upcoming Events:
Immanuel Lutheran Church Food Pantry- September-Canned Fruit
LWML Bible Study-September 20th
LWML Sunday & Life Chain at Temple Mall-Oct. 2nd
Heart to Heart Spirit of Hope Retreat,
     Glen Lake Camp, Glen Rose, TX-Oct. 7-8th
LWML Meeting and Bible Study-Oct. 18th
LWML Fall Rally-Oct. 22nd
                                       SCHOOL KITS
  Our LWML’s Lutheran World Relief project this year will again be school kits. A list of needed
  supplies is printed below so you can take advantage of all the school supply specials going on at
  area stores. A box is located in the Parish Hall for donations along with a sample kit for you to
                          view. Complete kits are not required for donation.
   Education is important for any community, especially where poverty or disaster has limited the
   options for young people to reach their potential. School kits contain essential supplies to help
   children-and in some cases, adults-continue learning despite the hardships they face. And that
            learning leads to a better life for them, their families and their communities.

       For all projects, please also follow these guidelines:
• Please give new items only -- Sending top quality items makes a caring statement to the recipient
about the giver.
• Please do not donate items with any religious symbols, messages or with your parish’s name -
- Religious references could be misinterpreted by the governments of the receiving countries,
jeopardizing the delivery to the people who need the items most.
• Please do not donate any items decorated with a U.S. flag, patriotic or military symbols, or
references to the armed forces, including camouflage -- LWR and our overseas partners have
access to areas of the world others do not because we are impartial humanitarian organizations. If
our intentions are misinterpreted as being politically motivated, our work, our partners and the
people we assist could be endangered.

Include the following items in each School Kit- Note Changes
           Four 70-sheet notebooks of wide- or college-ruled paper
            approximately 8” X 10 1/2”; no loose-leaf paper
           One 30-centimeter ruler, or a ruler with centimeters on one side and
            inches on the other
           One pencil sharpener
           One BLUNT scissors (safety scissors with embedded steel blades
            work well)
           Five unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers; secure with a rubber band
           Five ballpoint pens (no gel ink); secure together with a rubber band
           One eraser approximately 2 ½” long
           One box of 16 or 24 crayons

We will be making the backpacks or purchasing some in bulk for anyone who
would like to assist with them. If you would like to help with making the
backpacks or donate towards the cost of them please contact Sue Brown at
541-2323(cell) or 986-2290 Thank-you!
                          Mission Project Opportunity
   The Ladies of the LWML have decided that the Immanuel Food Pantry would be one of
the mission projects they will support for the coming year. We are once again encouraging
the members of our congregation to help with this project.

    The Immanuel Food Pantry is open every Wednesday afternoon for two hours. The
clients go through a screening process to try and find those who are truly in need of help.
The number of clients varies every Wednesday. Clients are only allowed to come once a
month. Gertrude Kunkel is the lady from Immanuel that is in charge of the food pantry. It is
her responsibility to make sure that there are three workers there every Wednesday. She also
makes sure that there is enough food available to hand out. She is also responsible for
stocking the shelves with all the food that is donated. That can be an overwhelming task
when McLane’s makes a delivery of grocery items that are soon to expire.

   This is the schedule for 2011:

      September    Canned Fruit
      October      Peanut Butter and Jelly
      November     Cereal
      December     Member’s Choice

    This is just a guide line to help Immanuel in their purchase of food. You can donate
anything at anytime. I will be happy to take it there. If anyone finds a really good bargain,
please let me know so that Mrs. Kunkel can make the most of her budget. If you have any
questions or suggestions, call me, Mary Alsup, at 778-1888.
                                Friends And Christ Together

                This is a group of 5th through 8th graders sponsored by LWML.
 We get together once a month and have a bible study and do a fun activity. This group was
 developed so that the kids in this age group could bond and grow together in their Christian
   faith as they become young adults in the LYF. In addition to the fun activities we also
   serve in various ways such as Helping Hands in the community, helping with the Feast of
 Caring and Sharing, giving to the local food pantries, providing Advent and/or Lenten meals,

                                    FACT Members:
5 graders: Aubbrie-Anna Reigle, Kaeden Sohns, Sarah Terrell, Morgan Winkler, Sariah Winkler
6th graders: Matthew Fischer, Lucky Murillo
7th graders: Noah Duran, Alexander Fischer, Christine Fischer, Noah Miller, Luke Offen, Colton Smith,
             James Terrell, Emily Thoe, Destenne Winkler, Nickolas Winkler
8th graders: Danielle Morgan, Brandon Murillo, Courtney Pietsch, Garrett Rush, Holly Sohns, Crystal Tuck,
            McKenzie Winkler

                                     FACT Coordinator: Pam Winkler

On August 21st we had our FACT kick-off party at the Bangsund/Winkler pool. We enjoyed our lunch of
pizza, cookies, and soda and then Michael Heckmann led us in a Bible study on Joshua 1:7-9. Afterwards,
we voted on our activities/outings for the year, and swam. We were thrilled to have our new fifth graders
join us.

Thanks to those that offered entries in our t-shirt contest. We forgot to vote on the t-shirts at our
meeting so we will have a short meeting after church on Sunday, August 28th, to vote on our t-shirt

Our activities this next year will be held on the third Saturday of each month (if possible.) Times will be
announced as we near that month’s activity. This year’s activities are: Bowling/movie night in September
(depending if we can find a bowling alley that will let us bowl on a weekend), Hiking at Mother Neff Park
with congregation in October, Spirit Fest in November at Dell Diamond, Caroling with congregation in
December, Skating in January, Paintball in February, Helping with the Feast of Caring and Sharing in
March, Planetarium in Killeen in April, and Austin Park and Pizza in May. We will also have three
fundraisers: Advent meal, Lenten meal, and car wash.
                        ...LYF News...
                                    By Chelsey Rush
                                    ~ LYF NEWS ~
  - August 13th the LYF held a gathering at the
  Duran's house. A short Bible study was led by
  Miranda Brown with help from Julia Smith. The
 LYF made their Grandparent's Day gifts then ate
   a yummy supper of sandwiches and chips with
 different kinds of dip. All together there were
   12 youth attending, 4 counselors, and a even
      some visitors (who were a great help!)
 - The next LYF meeting was held after church on
                 August 21, 2011.
                                    ~ BIG NEWS ~
     We have some fired up Youth Group members and counselors who want to start meeting
together on Wednesday evenings for Bible Study and fellowship and maybe even a round or two
 of Bible Trivia. One of their newest counselors, Tonya Duran says it like this regarding this new
study time for all of our members in grades 9 through 12: “Starting on September 7th there will be
a mid-week class offered to those who are in high school. We will meet every Wednesday evening
  upstairs in the Youth Room. We will open with prayer, have a lesson/discussion and also play
     some Bible Trivia. Please join us if you can. This will be a fun time of fellowship and an
                opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and with each other.


Your casserole can be freshly baked for you that morning
and be piping hot and ready to serve for your Sunday

Or, if you do not want the casserole cooked, but frozen and
ready to slide into the oven for a rainy day meal, that is fine
too. We will have them frozen for you.

Watch the August bulletins for order forms and price.
                      MENU CHOICES:
               (dessert will also be provided)
August 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings from a very hot Central Texas. This summer has been a summer of record heat.
In Central Texas we set the record for most 100-degree days in a row and most 100-degree
days for an entire summer. This summer I worked again at Jack Hilliard Distribution, a
Budweiser distribution center, as a delivery helper. Just like last summer I rode along in the
18-wheeler and helped unload and stock beer at the various gas stations and convenience
stores in Temple. My last day of work was August 19th, and I am taking a week and a half
off to relax and get my stuff ready to go back to St. Louis.

This summer I also had the opportunity to get a lot of experience helping out at different
churches in my father’s circuit. Throughout the summer I was able to go around to different
churches and preach and help out with their worship services. At my home church I was
able to preach a couple of times, lead worship services, and lead a Bible study over the
book of Amos.

Now that the summer is coming to an end it is time to once again focus on the upcoming
school year. This year classes start on September 6th, the day after Labor Day. I am
planning on leaving September 1st, spending the night in Rolla, Missouri and then move in
early on the 2nd. This will give me a couple of days to get everything ready for the upcoming
quarter. In the fall quarter I will be taking 15 hours, which is 5 classes. I will be taking
Homiletics II, Systematics I, History of American Christianity, Synoptic Gospels, and
Literature and the Gospels. With five classes the homework load will be a little bit heavier
than usual but I am looking forward to starting these classes.

I will also have the opportunity to participate more at my fieldwork congregation this year.
Throughout the school year I will preach, help out with worship services, and lead Bible
studies. The first week I am back in St. Louis I will be preaching at a dual parish in Perry
County, Missouri, so I will be able to get some more experience right from the beginning.

In Christ,
Michael Heckmann

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