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					                                   Busch Gardens Trip Sheets


4:30 am              Load Buses at Holly Shelter
5:00 am              Leave Holly Shelter (if you’re not there, we WILL leave you!)
7:00-7:30 am         Breakfast
11:00 am             Arrive at Busch Gardens
6:00 pm              Head for the buses
6:30 pm              Depart Busch Gardens
12:00 am             Arrive at Holly Shelter

Please have respect for the chaperones and be on time to pick up your child. When
we are thirty minutes from home, we’ll have the students call you. If you can’t pick up
your child, please make arrangements IN ADVANCE for someone else to do so.
Chaperones are not allowed to take students home. Any student who has to wait for 30
minutes or more for a ride may not be allowed to attend any other field trips with the
band for the remainder of his/her time at Holly Shelter.

Once students arrive at the park, they will get their tickets from the chaperones.

                                              Park Rules
   1. Students are to have a "buddy" at all times. This is for your own safety! Any student
      found wandering the park alone will stay with a chaperone until he or she can find
      another "buddy".
   2. Students are not allowed to leave the park for any reason at any time! Doing so will
      result in expulsion from the park (to sit chaperoned on the bus for the rest of the trip),
      suspension upon returning to school, and exclusion from ALL OTHER TRIPS FOR THE
   3. Students are to be on their best behavior at all times. This is a school field trip, and
      school rules still apply. Any student exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be dealt with
      according to the school discipline policy.
   4. Students are to respect all chaperones and park personnel. The chaperones have as
      much authority as the teachers. Failure to obey a chaperone will result in possible
      suspension and definite exclusion from all other band trips.
   5. If you need a chaperone for any reason during the day, you should go to the “Big Ben”
      (a big clock in “England”). A chaperone will be there constantly to assist you in any
   6. Students are not to skip in line for rides! This is against park rules, and if you are caught,
      you will be ejected from the park! If I catch you, you will walk around with me for the
      rest of the day. I realize other people may be doing this, but that does not give us the
      right to do so. It is rude! Students can not "hold a place in line" for a friend. This is still
      skipping! If you are too impatient to stand in the lines, you should not be going on the
                                              Bus Rules
1.   Students will be assigned seats once they board the bus. Students are responsible for
     the seat and surrounding area of their original assigned seat, even if they switch seats
     later on. Any damage to the students’ assigned seat will be billed to that student. Each
     student is also required to clean the area around his/her seat at the end of the trip.
2.   Any book bags or purses are subject to search by the chaperones before they load the
     bus. This is for the safety of all students and chaperones. They will also be searched at
     the park entrance by park personnel.
3.   Students must stay seated at all times. Do not roam around the bus while it is in motion.
4.   Loud and unruly behavior will not be tolerated.
5.   Food and drinks are not allowed on the bus.
6.   Students may take books, games, mp3 players, etc., but assume full responsibility for lost,
     damaged, or stolen items. Electronics items must have headphones or volume knobs
     which can be turned down.
7.   Any videos must be cleared by the chaperones.
8.   Any student exhibiting inappropriate behavior will sit next to a chaperone for the
     remainder of the trip.

                                     Trip Tips/Miscellaneous
1.   Students should bring clothes for different types of weather. It may be a good idea to
     watch the weather channel prior to the trip so that you know what to expect.
2.   For the day in the park, I would suggest cool and comfortable clothing. Comfortable
     shoes are a must! You will be walking all day on hot pavement. I would suggest tennis
     shoes, not sandals. You may not be allowed to ride some rides with sandals.
3.   Sunscreen would be a good idea for all students! You will be in the sun for a very long
4.   Anything you carry into the park will be your responsibility to keep up with. In the past,
     bookbags have been lost or stolen, or have been rummaged through while students are
     on rides. I would suggest taking only the essentials........ money, sunscreen, cell phone.
     You can put these items in a zip lock bag to keep them from getting wet on water rides.
     This will also keep money from falling out of loose pockets on rides.
5.   Students will need enough money for breakfast and dinner at a fast food restaurant, and
     lunch/dinner/snacks/souvenirs in the park. I would suggest $40-$60.
6.   Several parents have inquired about what happens if it rains that day. Unfortunately, we
     just get wet. The parks don’t issue rain checks. If it rains, we’ll have to make the best of
     our situation.
7.   If a parent needs to contact Ms. Hinson, Mr. Milligan, or Ms. Gattuso at any time on April
     15th , you may call the numbers below. Please do this ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY!!!
         a. Ms. Hinson – (910) 232-2506
         b. Mr. Milligan – (910) 540-9344
         c. Ms. Gattuso – (410) 353-2421
                              Busch Gardens Permission Slip

Student Name                                         Student Cell Phone

Parent Name                                          Parent Cell Phone

Emergency Contact Name/Number

Please list any medical conditions or medications your child is taking that I should be
aware of:

Ms. Hinson will make a copy of this form to keep on file with the First Aid Station in the
park. Each student will have a wristband with his/her name on it, so that if a student
comes to the First Aid Station, the attendants will be able to look up any medical
information necessary to treat your child.

I give permission for my child to attend the Busch Gardens Field Trip on Friday, April 15,
2011. I also give permission for my child to receive any medical attention necessary in
the event of an emergency.

Insurance Company

                                                    Parent Signature

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