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					                                                 Panhellenic Minutes
                                                  January 14th, 2009

Call Meeting to Order- At 5 pm on January 14, 2009, President Officer Cori Ritter called the meeting to order
Recite Creed-
Roll Call- Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Phi, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Zeta, Phi Mu, Chi Omega, and Alpha Gamma
Delta were present.
Phil McDaniel: Introduced himself and asked if everyone introduce her selves. Encouraged greater chapter attendance at
Panhellenic meetings. Reviewed “chalking” rules: NO chalking under overhangs or on brick, and NO liquid chalk. IFC Rush
week begins next week. There are “NEW” online submission forms: Community Service hr/donations, Fraternity and
Sorority Times, and Greek Calendar. Turn in Social Event Forms at 48 hours in advanced and by Friday if event is held on
Monday or Tuesday of the next week.

President: Cori Ritter

       Greek Tailgate on Jan 31st, 2009
       Adopts a Highway
            o As of February each chapter will require five to ten representatives for clean up. February 22, 2009 is the
                official date of first highway sweep.
       Talent Show
            o Pairings: Phi Mu, SAE, SAO; ADPi, KA, Fiji; AGD, Sigma Nu, Zeta Phi Beta; Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Chi,
                KAPsi, Delta Sigma Theta; Tri-Sigma, ATO, PiKPhi; Chi Omega, Omega Psi Phi, TKE; Delta Zeta, PIKE,
                Sigma Gamma Rho, Lambda Omicron Alpha; Alpha Phi, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Alpha
            o Will be in Burney Center on April 5th, 2009.
            o Talent show committee will be created; applications will be available January 21, 2009.
            o Theme for 2009 Greek week is, “ Turn Loose Your Teal.”

Vice President of Operations: Erica Gilley

       Sister Sororities!
            o Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Xi Delta
            o Alpha Phi and Sigma Sigma Sigma
            o Delta Zeta and Phi Mu
            o Chi Omega and Alpha Gamma Delta
            o POINTS
                 - Recognition = 1
                 - Mixer     =2
                 - Event     =3
                 - Philanthropy = 4
       “Greeks Go Green” Recycling bins will be place in all sorority suites on campus
        Chair Position Information and Application Applications for various committee positions were handed out and
        given to delegates to take back to chapters. Asked to encourage members to apply who are not currently
        holding a position.

Vice President of Scholarship: Stella Celenza

       Recognition Program
       Outstanding member from each soroiety to be featured in Bi-monthly Fraternity and Sorority Times online
       “A” Box will be passed around starting, January 21, 2009, for anyone who receives and A on a test/paper; prize
        will be given

Secretary: Clare Narron
      “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic
       concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.
      Email me at if you would like anything sent out to Panhellenic Officers, delegates, or
        chapter presidents.
      Bring completed, Chapter Officer Contact sheet, to next weeks meeting
      Remember to hand in Chapter Reports before you leave.

 Vice President of Recruitment: Tristan Manley

 No Report- Reported

               Spring recruitment- Fill out intake form and turn in to Phil

               2009 Recruitments date: September, 8th-14th

               2009 Hurricane rescheduling dates: September, 22 nd -28th

 Treasurer: Jen Carta

 No Report

Chapter Reports:

Alpha Phi - Will be attending AGD’s “Charity Denim” philanthropy event, Preparing for the 2 nd Annual King of Hearts
 Pageant which is being held on 2/13/09, and is having a few mixers in the near future.

Alpha Delta Pi - Bible Study tonight (1/14/09), officer Transition was on January 11, 2009, will be having an Executive
 Board sleepover, Pop Tabs fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House, and will be attending AGD’s “Charity Denim”
 philanthropy event.

Alpha Gamma Delta – “Charity Demin” is on 1/15/09, sisterhood event to see, “Bride Wars”, and Dinner at Panera
 Bread on, 1/21/09.

Alpha Xi Delta – Officer Transition, G Harmony done around Valentine’s Day, COB events in February.

Chi Omega – Initiated women last weekend (January 10 th and 11th), will have a “70’s” themed mixer with Delta Chi on
 January 15th, 2009, Mixing with Phi Mu on the 29 th, and are participating in the our homecoming weekend.

Delta Zeta- Had a talent show meeting on 1/13/09, had officer transition on 1/11/09, and is participating in

Phi Mu – Movie at Mayfair (Bride Wars) on 1/14/09. “Dance Marathon” on February 7 th, and mixing with Chi Omega in
 near future.

Tri-Sigma- Chair Training on January 24th, 2009, and will be participating in Homecoming weekend

Old Business:

 New Business:

Meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m. on January 14, 2009.