Planning and Governance Agenda by DaronMackey


									                              West Hills College Lemoore
                           Planning and Governance Council
                       Wednesday – November 19, 2008 - 1:30 p.m.
                              Conference Center Rm. 256
Members Present:
David Babb, Student Learning Outcomes Chair
America Bryant, CSEA/Classified Representative
Bob Clement, Athletic Director
Stephanie Droker, Academic Senate President
Marty Ennes, CTA/Faculty Representative
Marlon Hall, Associate Dean of Educational Services, Evening College
Jose Lopez, Dean of Students
Teresa Macias-Quilici, CSEA/Classified Representative
Allen Moore, Director of Facilities & Auxiliary Services
Ron Oxford, Librarian
Rene Sanchez, Curriculum Committee Chair
Angela Tos, CTA/Faculty Representative
Don Warkentin, President
Members Absent:
Jan Young, Counselor/Advisor
Jacqueline Depue, Student Government Association Representative
Dave Bolt, Vice President of Educational Services

Call to Order
Mr. Warkentin called the meeting to order at 1:29 p.m.

Approval of minutes
The minutes of the November 5, 2008 meeting were approved (with corrections from David Babb) on
a motion by Bob Clement, seconded by Dr. Hall, all in favor, with one abstention, (Marty Ennes).

Action Items
 BP and AP 5050 Matriculation
Marty reported that the Faculty Association defers BP and AP 5050 to the Academic Senate.
Stephanie Droker reported that the senate has no changes. Mr. Warkentin asked if there were
comments. Angela Tos commented that BP and AP 5050 reflect the Title V regulations. Rene
Sanchez motioned to approve BP and AP 5050, it was seconded by Dr. Hall, all in favor, motion

 WHCL Educational Master Plan
Mr. Warkentin reported that the WHCL Master Plan went before the Board yesterday as a first
reading. There were errors found on page 59 and 61 as the numbers did not correspond. Also it was
discussed that the Board will not be able to approve this until January. Stephanie Droker would like
to see the corrections made prior to it being approved by PGC. Angela Tos had concern with the data
being incorrect as she had used the data to complete her area program review. Marty Ennes
questioned if there was anyone on campus that could go through and verify the accuracy of the
numbers and how it connects with what is in the text. Mr. Warkentin stated that having an
Educational Master Plan helps us for our accreditation process. This will be a fluid document and it
will be used to guide us by looking at demographics, etc. It could also attribute to our mission
statement revision. Stephanie Droker questioned why all this information is needed in one document.
Mr. Warkentin responded it is needed as he became aware of this plan after serving on an
accreditation team and an Educational Master Plan became a recommendation for that particular
college. Marty Ennes asked what the perception of people might be to look at such a document and to
Planning and Governance Minutes                                                     11/19/08
find errors. Mr. Warkentin responded that they would want to know how the college is using the
document. Angela Tos asked if the data from the site review was compared to the data in the
Educational Master Plan. Mr. Warkentin believes this is a comprehensive document and stated that
we will definitely have an Educational Master Plan. Marty Ennes stated that she can see the benefit of
a Ed Plan, but in looking through the program reviews the data doesn’t always match and gives a
skewed perspective; a different picture if looked at different from when program reviews are written.
Mr. Warkentin responded that the intent is that by 2011 all program reviews will be up to date. The
teams can then look at the Ed Plan and see that things are done and current. He recognizes that some
areas are not included in the Ed Plan. This is because they are not degrees. The Ed Plan is a living
document and will help guide us in making decisions. Marty believes it would be good to table this
item until we receive an updated version. Mr. Warkentin concurred and tabled this item at this time.
 Planning Calendar
Mr. Warkentin stated that the discussion of a WHCL Planning Calendar began as we were deciding on
a regular schedule to review our mission/vision statements. Marty Ennes questioned the April/ May
review of committee membership. She recommends this be changed to August/September. Ron
Oxford questioned the technology/strategic plan as listed to be reviewed biannually, as the technology
plan is an annual plan and is driven by program review. Ron would like clarification as to how this
ties in with program review. He will take this concern to the December WHCIST meeting. Rene
Sanchez motioned to approve the WHCL Planning Calendar with the recommended changes, it was
seconded by Marty Ennes, all in favor, motion passed.

Information/Discussion Items

1. BP and AP 4225 Course Repetition (first reading)
Marty Ennes distributed senate area comments which she had compiled and discussion incurred.
These are based on Ed Code.

2. AP 4227 Repeatable Courses (first reading)
Marty believes this is confusing. Part of this is covered under 4225 and is contradictory in part. This
does not align with the other administrative procedures. Marty moved that these be tabled and
returned to DLC. Mr. Warkentin tabled BP & AP 4225, AP 4227, AP 4228, AP 4229, and AP 5075
until which time DLC meets.

3. AP 4228 Course Repetition – Significant Lapse of Time (first reading)
This item will be tabled at this time.

4. AP 4229 Course Repetition – Variable Units (first reading)
This item will be tabled at this time.

5. AP 5075 Course Adds and Drops (first reading)
This item will be tabled at this time.

6. Bids for Multi-use Sports Complex
Mr. Warkentin reported that last Thursday he and Bob Clement had traveled to Bakersfield to watch
the bid openings. Bids were initially opened last August and the low bidder was Hilbran out of Yuba
City for $22 million. The next lowest was $24 million. 9 contracting firms were there with sealed
bids. The low bidder is Greg Opinsky out of Merced who was awarded the bid. Two protested the
bid. Mr. Warkentin explained that this is a thorough and competitive process. The architect had
never seen so many bids so close together. The good news is that the Board will most likely accept the
Planning and Governance Minutes                                                     11/19/08
bids. Within 45 days the contractor will begin moving their equipment to campus. This is a sixteen
month project. The building will be 53,000 sq. ft., double the size of the library.

7. Student Center Planning
Mr. Warkentin reported that planning for the student center has begun. Food service is currently the
topic of discussion. We know we have to have a bookstore, and other areas being discussed for
possible inclusion are a transfer/career center, a staff lounge with videoconferencing, and staff
bathrooms. The student center is an $8 million project. It is $400 per sq ft. which equals
approximately 20,000 sq. ft. There will be wireless internet. The Academic Senate will make
recommendations for planning committee members. The first set of bonds will most likely be sold in

8. Student Planning Retreat – February 27, 2008
Mr. Warkentin announced that retreat will be solely focused on students. Lunch will be provided.
This will include this council. RSVP’s will be necessary as the time approaches.

9. Curriculum Committee Report
Stephanie Droker reported that IGETC was approved. There were several kinesiology courses and a
human service program, i.e. eligibility workers, substance abuse, paraprofessional and certificates.
Area E reflects a multitude of choices for students. You can now take several psychology classes.
Angela Tos commented that this is good news for students.

10. Academic Senate Report
Stephanie Droker reported that they are going over the basic policies. One concern brought forward
by Mike Rodriguez is serious security issues for the OE lab. PGC should look at doing more training
for faculty and staff to keep classrooms safe. Faculty are confused about who to contact with safety
concerns. Angela Tos stated that faculty wants to know who to address security related concerns to.
Marty Ennes recollected that Vince Montoya, the previous M & O Director, had a sticker on the back
of his business card listing numbers for faculty to call. Stephanie gave an example of one time when
she was on campus after hours and accidentally set off the alarms. Angela would like to have a code
word for times when they may be doing personal counseling with students. Allen Moore would like
some counselor representation at the Safety Committee meeting in order to establish protocol.
Lemoore Police Dept. 911 calls are at least 10-15 minutes away. Allen stated that he recognizes a need
for security. Marty suggested that Allen e-mail Stephanie Droker and she will solicit Senate
volunteers. America Bryant shared that on Friday there were no administrators on campus and it was
financial aid disbursement day which brought many disgruntled students. Security protocol could be
a duty day topic in the spring. Angela recommends sending out an e-mail to notify staff as to when
administrators are going to be off campus. Allen stated that he can bring additional security guards
on campus to cover special events if he is notified. America does not have the official date for spring
financial aid check disbursement but she will send it to Allen. Mr. Warkentin reported that this will
be an activity for duty day to include 911 procedures. He would like the disbursement dates to be
submitted to Allen and additional security brought on campus. There will be security at our X’treme
Registration event on January 9, 2009.

11. Student Government Association
    In the absence of Jacqueline Depue, no report was given.
Planning and Governance Minutes                                                     11/19/08
12. Report from Committee Representative
a) Student Learning Outcomes Committee
David Babb reported that there are slo’s for five courses still missing. Mr. Warkentin asked that
David e-mail those missing to him. Angela Tos said that counseling is currently working on slo’s for
IS 2 and will be done by the beginning of the spring semester. GS 61 is being taught by faculty who’ve
never taught it. David reported that the meetings have been poorly attended. The committee
membership calls for an instructional and non instructional dean. David questioned if a designee
could be sent in lieu of the actual named dean. Mr. Warkentin replied affirmatively. David has
submitted a slo implementation plan which is included in the mid-term report. Mr. Warkentin
explained that we actually began our slo process a year earlier than stated. David reported that they
still have no software and will continue reviewing software packages. He has only looked at two so

b) Student Learning Committee
Due to the absence of Dave Bolt, no report was given.

c) Budget Allocation Committee
Due to the absence of Dave Bolt, Jose Lopez reported that a meeting is scheduled next week. Mr.
Warkentin announced that the district has imposed a budget freeze. They have also frozen conference
costs out of the general fund; therefore, upon return for travel and reimbursements will need to be
charged to a categorical budget or foundation dollars. If there is a conference you must attend you
can put in a request for potential categorical budget, or a foundation budget number in order to
attend conferences. Basic skills and lottery dollars may be available. The district will no longer
approve general fund 11 travel.

e) Employee Success and Development Committee
Due to the absence of Dr. Hall at this time in the meeting, no report was given.

f) Student Success Committee
Mr. Lopez reported that they will meet this Friday.

g) Facilities, Safety and Auxiliary Services Committee
Allen Moore reported that they will meet next week. They will also meet with a student center
planning team. Allen distributed and reviewed incident reports. He would like to develop a portal
site for the posting of pictures during the building process and a location for safety procedures to be

h) Technology Committee
Ron Oxford reported that the Technology Committee meeting attendance had been poor. They are
going to look at stream lining this committee. WHCIST is also being restructured. When this is
discussed Ron intends to make it clear that this Technology Committee is the campus point of contact
for requests/approvals.

13. Accreditation
     Mid-Term Report
In the absence of Dave Bolt, the following he e-mailed concerning the mid-term report.
    The reason for this email is to provide you with information and background on agenda item
    #13, our Follow-up Report for WASC. I have attached the most recent draft for your review.
    Please review it and consider this a first reading. Please distribute and talk it up with your
Planning and Governance Minutes                                                        11/19/08
   constituency groups as we need your support and approval at the next PGC meeting if we are
   going to be meeting our deadline.

   Admittedly, this is a DRAFT and I guarantee that it will morph into a different version within the next
   month. If any of you (or your constituency group) wish to suggest changes to the document please let me
   know as soon as possible; I would prefer to know what your proposed changes are prior to the next PGC
   Meeting so that a new version of the Follow-up Report can be given to all at that time.

   I emphasize that this is a dynamic document meaning that you will be basically approving it “in
   concept.” What you see is generally the near-final product so please consider this in your approval

Jose Lopez reported that the last meeting evolved around new software called “Sorbotch”. This
software provides in-depth snap shots of students. SARS, which has already been purchased, can do
almost as much as this product.

15. President’s Holiday Reception - 12/12/08
Mr. Warkentin announced that he has decided that this reception will be specific to the community
between the hours of 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. with staff and faculty to join in thereafter.

16. Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Reschedule
The December 3rd PGC meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m. followed by a Strategic Planning Committee
meeting at 1:30 p.m. Please e-mail Strategic Planning Committee meeting agenda items to Glenda.

17. Agenda items for next meeting
     BP and AP 4225
     Mid Term Report
     Ed Master Plan Review

18. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

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