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									                   Mari Jones MEng (Hons) CEng MICE
                                  54c Rothbury Terrace, Heaton, Newcastle. NE6 5XJ
             Telephone: 077855 296 046  email: 
        Postgraduate Researcher in long term changes of extreme weather phenomena under climate change
        Corporate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers since 2006
        Fluent in French to a high technical standard; aptitude for acquiring new languages
        Aspiring to make ideological thoughts and aims a reality through practical action
        Motivated to bridge the knowledge gap between ground breaking scientific research and users’ requirements

POST GRADUATE RESEARCHER, NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY                                                                2008 to present
The working title of my research project is "Quantifying a Hazard Index for Extreme Events". The project examines the
temporal clustering of extreme meteorological events, their atmospheric drivers and interactions both spatially and with other
similar events. My objective is to use these relationships to define the range of adaptive actions required for climate change
resilience in a more comprehensive manner.
I am an active member of the student community, representing postgraduate views on several committees. I provide
postgraduate and undergraduate teaching assistance, am a Supervising Civil Engineer for postgraduate researchers working
towards the Professional Review and a STEM Ambassador. The main skills which I have developed are:
 Oral communication - presentation of my work at international and national conferences in addition to teaching.
 Written communication - production of posters, journal articles, and tutorial materials.
 Research - able to analyse data objectively, patiently, thoroughly and using appropriate programming techniques.
 Self-motivation - from the definition of my project, through to learning the programming skills to complete the project.
STUDENT INTERN, THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT                                                                August - October 2010
Natural Environment Research Council awarded placement with the Climate Change Adaptation Team, to promote knowledge
exchange between policy makers and researchers. The main objectives were to support adaptation action plan development;
coordinate stakeholder input to the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (UKCCRA); compile literature on climate change
impacts and adaptation actions; and assist with producing Ministerial Briefings. Skills enhanced were:
 Facilitation - acting as a mediator between stakeholders and UKCCRA consultants; and facilitating group workshops.
 Communication - providing evidence in a clear, consistent and jargon free manner for use in policy making.
 Management - putting systems in place to define the project parameters and to monitor progress.
 Political awareness - understanding what is required by policy makers of the current science.
VOLUNTEER ENGINEER, QUICKEN TRUST                                                                             August 2008
A working holiday spent in Uganda, with a charitable organisation. My principal contribution was to review the existing and
proposed watering points, and sanitation facilities, suggesting improvements for both health and functionality. The main
requirement of any improvement was to develop “low regret” solutions which could be implemented cheaply by the community. I
was fortunate enough to visit some of the villagers to see the benefits of improved water supplies.
ACTING PRINCIPAL ENGINEER, AECOM (formerly Faber Maunsell)                                                          2005 to 2008
A rapid grasp of new concepts enabled me to move from a career predominantly in the domains of flood defence and water
resources to a focus on development infrastructure. I built a team to deliver strategic flood risk assessments and solutions for
critical water infrastructure; design sustainable urban drainage systems for large housing developments; and undertake a
range of flood risk support activities for smaller schemes. As Acting Principal Engineer, I had responsibility for daily resource
management of the infrastructure team and associated technical design management. I managed several projects with fees
in excess of £200k coordinating the design input from several teams for a range of projects; liaising with clients; and obtaining
approvals from Public Bodies; and providing technical advice at Planning Enquiries. In addition to my project work, I was an
Integrated Management Systems coordinator.
Principal skills achieved through my employment were:
   Project Management – all aspects from financial control, coordination of teams, time management and client liaison.
   Supervision – daily management of staff in addition to interviews, disciplinary action and training scheme implementation.
   Public consultation – attendance at pre-development consultations, and client representation at Planning Enquiries.
   Quality control – ensuring compliance with ISO management systems, and issue of fit for purpose documents.
ENGINEER, HALCROW GROUP                                                                                            2001-2005
Between 2004-5 I was based within the Ports and Coastal division, responsible for technical design on UK and international
new shipping ports, as well as feasibility studies for new oil terminal facilities. My role on a project commissioned by the
Kingdom of Morocco was to check design proposals, compile expert opinions, and assist with translation of contractual and
technical reports; all communications were in French.
I was employed on tidal and fluvial flood defence projects for the Environment Agency between 2001-4. Projects included
computational hydrodynamic modelling to investigate standards of flood protection, feasibility studies and technical design of
flood defences. Following my involvement with a 27 year flood defence strategy for the tidal Broads, I was also commissioned
to assist with the Environment Agency’s Review of Consents process. I managed, and worked in collaboration with, a small
multi-disciplinary team to develop the hydrodynamic model to investigate water quality issues.
PRE-GRADUATION EMPLOYMENT                                                                                         1997-2000
Powys County Council              Student Engineer in the Highways, Transport and Property section             Summer 2000
Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd. Assistant Site Engineer on highways construction projects                   1998 and 1999
Bechtel Water Technology          Year in Industry Student, sewerage networks division                            1996-1997
National Centre for Atmospheric Research, Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium                             June 2011
Newcastle University, Post Graduate Research Student                                           September 2008-present
Chartered Professional Review, Institution of Civil Engineers                                               October 2006
Undergraduate Formation                                                                                        1997-2001
2001             MEng (Hons) Civil Engineering with French: 2:1                       University of Nottingham
2000             Génie Civile, “Batîment et Urbanisme” (Building Services and Supply) INSA Toulouse
1997             NEBS Management Certificate                                          Pershore Business College
Secondary Education                                                                                           1989-1996
1996             A-Levels:          Maths, Further Maths, Physics (A A B)             Christ College, Brecon
                 A/S Levels:        Art, General Studies
1994             GCSEs:             8 grades A-B                                      Christ College, Brecon
1993             GCSEs:             2 grade A                                         St David’s Ursuline Convent, Brecon
Journal Papers (submitted)
Jones, M., Fowler, H.J., Kilsby, C.G., Blenkinsop, S., “An assessment of changes in seasonal and annual maxima in the UK
between 1961-2009” (Int. J. Clim)
Journal Papers (in preparation)
Jones, M., Kilsby, C.G., Fowler, H.J., Vitolo, R., Stephenson, D.B., “A model to characterise seasonally driven extreme
rainfall in the UK.”
Jones, M., Kilsby, C.G., Fowler, H.J., Blenkinsop., “Long term changes in the behaviour of extreme wet spells in the UK”
Conference Papers
Jones, M., Fowler, H.J., Kilsby, C.G., Blenkinsop, S., 2010: “An updated regional frequency analysis of United Kingdom
extreme rainfall 1961-2009”. In: BHS 2010: Role of Hydrology in Managing Consequences of a Changing Global
Environment, Proc. BHS Third International Symposium, Newcastle, 19-23 July 2010.
Fowler, H.J., Ekstrom, M., Blenkinsop, S., Kendon, E., Jones, M., 2011. Climate Change and Precipitation Extremes in
Regional Climate Models. International Statistical Institute 58th World Congress, 21-26 August 2011, Dublin. (Presenting
Jones M., 2011. Towards a Climate Hazard Index for Extremes. Visiting Scientist Brown Bag Seminar, IMAGe, National
Center for Atmospheric Research, 27 June – 2 July 2011, Boulder, Colorado.
Jones, M., Castella, M., Dewes, C., Keellings, D., Photiadou, C., 2011. Extreme Hot Spells in Europe and atmospheric
circulation. Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium on Statistical Assessment of Extreme Weather Phenomena under
Climate Change, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 6-24 June 2011, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
Jones, M., Fowler, H.J., Kilsby, C.G., Vitolo, R., Stephenson, D., Cook, I. and Michel, G. 2011. UK Rainfall Extremes: trends,
non-stationarity and clustering. European Geosciences Union General Assembly, 4-8 April 2011, Vienna, Austria.
Jones, M., Fowler, H.J., Kilsby, C.G., Blenkinsop, S., 2010. An updated regional frequency analysis of United Kingdom
extreme rainfall 1961-2009. British Hydrological Society Third International Symposium: Role of Hydrology in Managing
Consequences of a Changing Global Environment, 19-23 July 2010, Newcastle.
Extended Abstracts and Posters
Keelings D.J., Jones, M., Dewes, C., Photiadou, C., 2012. Investigating Drivers of European Hot Spells Using Extreme Value
Analysis. American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 21st Conference on Probability and Statistics in the Atmospheric
Sciences, 22-26 January 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.
Jones, M., Kilsby, C.G., Fowler, H.J. and Blenkinsop, S. 2010. Changes in the annual largest daily rainfall totals. BHS 2010:
Role of Hydrology in Managing Consequences of a Changing Global Environment, Proc. BHS Third International Symposium,
Newcastle, 19-23 July 2010. Poster Presentation.
Jones, M., Kilsby, C.G., Fowler, H.J. and Blenkinsop, S. 2010. Changes in the annual largest daily rainfall totals. 11th
International Meeting on Statistical Climatology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 12-16 July, 2010. Poster Presentation.
Jones, M., Kilsby, C.G., Fowler, H.J. and Blenkinsop, S. 2010. Robust detection of changes in extreme rainfall? European
Geosciences Union General Assembly, 2-7 May 2010, Vienna, Austria. Poster Presentation.
Jones, M., Kilsby, C.G., Fowler, H.J., Blenkinsop, S. 2009. Changes in the Ten Largest Storms per year. Risks Rare Events
and Extremes Final Conference, 9-13 November 2009, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. Poster Presentation.
Jones, M., Kilsby, C.G., Fowler, H.J., Blenkinsop, S. 2009. A Climate Hazard Index for Extreme Events. British Hydrological
Society Peter Wolf Symposium for Young Hydrologists, Liverpool University, June 18-19 2009. Poster Presentation.
Jones, M., Li, B., Fleming, C. and Reeve, D. E. 2002. Classification of beach behaviour using singular vectors. 28th
International Conference on Coastal Engineering, Cardiff, July 2002. Poster Presentation.
Language:         English – Mother tongue; French fluent; Welsh fluent; Spanish basic; German basic.
Computing:        Proficient with Office 2010; R; AWK; Matlab; WinDES; ISIS; FEH; WINFAP; AutoCAD; ArcGIS
2011              NCAR/US CLIVAR Advanced Study Program Summer Colloquium scholarship
2010              NERC awarded Policy Placement with the Scottish Government
2010              School of Civil Engineering Post Graduate Researcher Conference, 1st Prize (Water) oral presentation
2009              School of Civil Engineering Post Graduate Researcher Conference, 1st Prize (Water) poster presentation
2009              British Hydrological Society Young Hydrologists Symposium, 2nd Prize poster presentation
2008-2011         NERC (University awarded) Post Graduate Research Studentship
1999-2000         Erasmus Scholarship: awarded for the period of study in Toulouse
1997-2001         Queen’s Jubilee Scholarship (ICE); Thomas Evans Bursary (Brecknock Borough Council); Top Flight
                  Bursary (Engineering Council)
Conference Convening/Organisation:
Organising Committee for BHS Third International Symposium, Newcastle upon Tyne, July 2010.
Reviewer for journals:
International Journal of Climatology; Extremes; Geography
Undergraduate Stage I                Fluid Dynamics Laboratories
Undergraduate Stage II               Civil Design Project, lectures in Project Management and Group Tutor
Postgraduate MSc                     Quantitative Methods for Hydrology; supervisor for individual projects

Date of Birth:             7 April 1978                                 Nationality:               British

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