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     Small Industries                              Japan International
                                          Japan International Cooperation Agency
Development Bank of India                     Cooperation Agency (JICA)

                                             Table of Contents

Sl.                                                Topic         Page No.
Chapter 1: How to use the Energy Saving Equipment List               5

Chapter 2: Energy Saving Equipment List                              7
Eligible Equipment/Technology
General                                                               7
1         Electrical                                                  7
2         Thermal                                                    10
3         Commercial Buildings                                       11
4         Renewable Energy Technologies                              14
5         Others                                                     15
Industry Sectors                                                     15
6         Glass                                                      15
7         Ceramics                                                   16
8         Pulp & Paper                                               18
9         Foundry                                                    18
10        Textile                                                    21
11        Engineering                                                30
12        Food Processing                                            33
13        Brick                                                      36
14        Auto Components                                            36
15        Castings & Forging                                         38
16        Leather                                                    40
17        Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drugs                                43
18        Mini Steel                                                 44
19        Metals                                                     45
20        Plastics & Polymers                                        45
21        Steel Re-rolling                                           47
22        Packaging                                                  47
23        Rubber                                                     48
24        Stone Cutting                                              49
25        Manufacturing of Electrical Equipments                     49
26        Printing                                                   50

Chapter 3: Equipment Suppliers Details                              52

Chapter 1: How to use Energy Saving Equipment List
The following sections present features of the Energy Saving Equipment List (the List), their inter-relations, and tips to make quick and efficient
use of the List. Readers are advised to obtain an updated version of the List from nearest SIDBI/WII office or download as PDF document from

The List has been classified into two categories namely, General and Industry Sectors. Each category consists of information fields, namely, ‘Sl.
No.’, ‘Eligible equipment/technology’, ‘Energy saving potential (%)’, ‘Advantages’, ‘Specifications’, ‘Financial/Fiscal Incentives’, and ‘Equipment
Suppliers’. These information fields provide details of each equipment / technology, and are explained as below:

(i)     Sl. No.: Each listed equipment / technology can be identified with a unique Sl. No. dedicated to it. The Sl. No. is in the form of XX.YY,
        where XX represents the General or Industry Sector and YY presents the unique position number of the particular equipment / technology
        within the General or Industry Sector.

(ii)    Eligible Equipment / Technology: All the equipment / technologies listed under this head are eligible for financing under the Project. The
        column presents the generic name of the equipment / technology.

(iii)   Energy Saving Potential (%): The column presents the expected energy conservation (in percentage value), if any eligible equipment
        / technology is installed and operated as against the otherwise most probable scenario for carrying out the same task in Indian MSME

(iv)    Other Advantages: Generally, each of the upgraded technologies mentioned in the List have added advantages other than energy
        savings, like improved quality or finishing, reduced rejection, increased automation etc. The section lists such important aspects associated
        with the listed technologies.

(v)	    Specifications:	The broad specification of each equipment / technology and reference thereof, Standards applicable are provided in the
        specifications column.

(vi)    Financial / Fiscal Incentives: The prevailing regulations in Indian MSME sector have provisions for promotion of specified new, upgraded
        and cleaner technologies for various end-use sectors. Deemed as highly useful information for quicker adoption of technology at reduced
        cost burden, such information has been listed out in this column as to whether the particular equipment/technology is eligible for further
        grant/assistance/subsidy under any or combination of presently ongoing initiatives like Credit Link Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) and
        Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS).

(vii)   Equipment suppliers: It provides some of the available / leading suppliers’ name for listed equipment / technologies from the available
        sources. The details of the equipment supplier will be available at separate section “Equipment Suppliers Details”.

The List of suppliers has been furnished for informative purpose only and is not binding on any user to select suppliers from the List. The user can
avail services of suppliers given in the List or from other suppliers for the same equipment/technology. Neither, SIDBI nor Winrock International
India acknowledges any responsibility towards cost, quality and operation of equipment from any of the suppliers and users are advised to
exercise their own discretion in this matter.

Chapter 2: Energy Saving Equipment List
Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages            Specifications          Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                             Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                        Incentives
1       Electrical
1.1     Variable Frequency        30~40%      Extended equipment         JEM201, 225, 226,                       * ABB India
        Drives                                life, reduced              227, C62.41.2-2002                      * Schneider Electric India
                                              maintenance, reduced                                               * Siemens Ltd.
                                              peak demand,
                                              safety against power
1.2     Energy Efficient Motors    3~7%       Longer life, lesser        JISC4212 Over                           * ABB India
                                              maintenance, less          98% High Voltage,                       * Crompton Greaves
                                              vibration and high         IS 12615, IS 325,                       * Siemens Ltd.
                                              reliability                IS4722, IEC 34,
                                                                         IEEMA : 19-2000,
                                                                         EFF1, BS EN 60034-
1.3     Energy Efficienct           70%       Increased efficiency at    IS 2026, 1180, 11171;   CLCSS           * Kotsons
        Transformers                          no and low loads           IEC 60076; ANSI                         * Sigma Electricals
                                                                         C57.12.20                               * Vijai Electricals Ltd.
1.4     Energy Efficient            25%       Longer life, less heat     Luminous efficiency                     * GE Consumer & Industrial
        Fluorescent Lamps                     produced                   over 60lm/w, JIS C                       India
                                                                         7601:2004                               * Phillips Electronics India Ltd.
                                                                                                                 * Surya Roshini Ltd.
1.5     Compact Fluorescent         25%       Produce little to no       Luminous efficiency                     * Havells India Ltd.
        Lamps                                 heat                       over 80lm/w, IEC/TS                     * Phillips Electronics India Ltd.
                                                                         62257-12-1 Ed.                          * Surya Roshini Ltd.
1.6     Metal Halides Lamps         25%       Longer life, equally       Luminous efficiency                     * Havells India Ltd.
                                              suited for indoor and      over 60lm/w, IEC                        * Phillips Electronics India Ltd.
                                              outdoor use                61167 Ed. 1.0:1992                      * Surya Roshini Ltd.
                                                                         (b), ANSI C78.1382-
                                                                         1996, ANSI
                                                                         C78.1376-1996, ANSI
                                                                         C78.1384-1997, ANSI
                                                                         C78.1379-1997, ANSI
                                                                         C78.1377-1996, ANSI
                                                                         C78.1378-1997, ANSI
                                                                         C78.1375-1996, ANSI
                                                                         C78.1374-1996, ANSI
1.7     High Pressure Sodium        25%       Long life, emits more      Luminous efficiency                     * Havells India Ltd.
        Vapor Lamps                           light energy in the        over 110lm/w, IEC                       * Phillips Electronics India Ltd.
                                              yellow/orange/red          60662 Ed. 1.1:2002                      * Surya Roshini Ltd.
                                              region of the spectrum     (b)
1.8     Light Emitting Diode        90%       High reliability, highly   BS EN 61347-2-13,                       * Havells India Ltd.
                                              rugged, produce no         ANSI/UL 8750                            * Phillips Electronics India Ltd.
                                              UV radiation and little                                            * Surya Roshini Ltd.
1.9      Microprocessor Based     20~30%      Reduces energy cost        NEMA, NEC, UL,                          * ABB India
        Intelligent Control                   by regulating light        IECFCC                                  * Crestron Electronics India
                                              output according to                                                 Pvt. Ltd.
                                              available daylight,                                                * Schneider Electric India
                                              increases lamp life

    Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages           Specifications         Financial/        Name of Equipment
            Technology                 saving                                                           Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                      potential                                                      Incentives
    1.10     Exclusive Transformer      15%       Compact, easy to          JIS C 8109:1999                        * ABB India
            for Lighting                          install, power quality                                           * Osram India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  enhancement, provide                                             * Schneider Electric India
                                                  speed/torque control,
                                                  safety enhancement
    1.11    Servo Stabilizer           7~12%      Gives stable output       IS 9815, IS 2026                       * Industrial Electrical
                                                  under severe                                                      Corporation
                                                  unbalanced voltage,                                              * Sai Electricals
                                                  increases equipment                                              * Wintech Power Private
                                                  life, low internal                                                Limited
                                                  impedance, works
                                                  over wide input
                                                  frequency range and
                                                  no waveform distortion
    1.12    Electronic Ballast          35%       Low internal core loss,   JIS C 8117:2008 , IS                   * Gayatri Electrotech Co. Pvt.
                                                  improved light output     13021 : Part 1 : 1991,                  Ltd.
                                                  quality, operate at a     IS 13021 : Part 2 :                    * Intelux Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  much higher frequency     1991, IEC 60929                        * Shah Electronics
                                                  than magnetic ballasts,
                                                  instant glow with no
                                                  flickering increases
                                                  tube life, no heat
    1.13    Energy Efficient Air      30~50%      Easy to install and       ASME B19.1                             * Atlas Copco India Ltd.
            Compressors / Blowers                 operate                                                          * Hitachi Industrial Equipment
                                                                                                                    Systems Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                   * Pecma Air Systems Pvt. Ltd.
    1.14    Energy Efficient Fans /   25~30%      Lesser heat generated, IEC 60335-2-40                            * Encon (India)
            Pumps                                 reduced maintenance                                              * Seemsan Pumps &
                                                  requirements                                                      Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                   * Usha International Ltd.
    1.15    Capacitors                  10%       Improve Power Factor,     JIS C 4908:2007,                       * ABB India
                                                  Release System            IS 2993 : 1998, IEC                    * Schneider Electric India
                                                  Capacity, Improve         831-1/2                                * Siemens Ltd.
                                                  Motor and Lighting
                                                  Performance, Reduce
                                                  Current and Losses
    1.16    Automatic Powerfactor       10%       Reduce reactive           IEC 831-1/2 , IEC                      * ABB India
            Controller                            power, reduce total       439-1, IEC/EN 61010-                   * Schneider Electric India
                                                  current from the          1, IEC/EN 61000-6-2,                   * Sai Electricals
                                                  source                    CISPR 11/EN 55011
    1.17    Soft Starter for Motors     15%       Provides smooth and       IEC 60947-1, IEC                       * ABB India
                                                  stepless acceleration     60947-4-2, EN 60947-                   * Schneider Electric India
                                                  and deacceleration of     1, EN 60947-4-2,                       * Siemens Ltd.
                                                  AC Induction Motor,       UL 508, CSA C22.2
                                                  less mechanical           No. 14 - M91, LRS
                                                  stress, improved          00/00154
                                                  power factor, lower
                                                  maximum demand
    1.18    Maximum Demand              15%       Energy Saving             IEC 60211 Ed.                          * Riken Instrumentation Ltd.
            Controller                            achieved by monitoring    1.0:1966 (b)                           * Schneider Electric India
                                                  power end use turn off                                           * Trinity Energy Systems Pvt.
                                                  non-essential loads                                               Ltd.
                                                  during higher power
                                                  end use
    1.19    Automatic Temperature       10%       Accurate temperature      BS EN 14597:2005                       * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
            Controller                            regulation, prolongs                                             * Meta Therm Furnace Pvt.
                                                  life of equipment                                                 Ltd.
                                                                                                                   * Yokogawa Electric Corp-
                                                                                                                    Yokogawa India Ltd.

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/       Energy       Other advantages            Specifications          Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                saving                                                             Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                 potential                                                        Incentives
1.20     High-frequency          10~15%      Higher efficiency          IEC 62076 Ed.                           * Doshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
        Induction Irradiation                due to skin effect by      1.0 b:2006, ISO                         * Eddymelt
                                             high frequency, non-       TC 244, ISO/NP                          * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
                                             contact in nature,         13577/13578/13579,
                                             less risk of workpiece     IEC 60519-1
1.21    High-frequency Melting   10~15%      Small volume, less         ISO TC 244, ISO/NP                      * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
        Furnace                              environmental              13577/13578/13579,                      * Inductotherm (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                                             pollution                  IEC 60519-1                             * Pioneer Furnaces
1.22     Highly Sensitive        10~15%      Reduce electrode           IEC 60239 Ed.                           * Doshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
        and Responsive Arc                   usage and refractory       4.0:2005 (b) , IEC                      * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
        Furnace                              wear, wide range           60676 Ed. 2.0, ISO                      * Tenova Hypertherm Pvt Ltd
                                             of current setting,        TC 244, ISO/NP
                                             hot and cold phase         13577/13578/13579
                                             compensation, longer
                                             furnace life
1.23    High-performance         25~30%      Uninterrupted              ISO TC 244, ISO/NP                      * Allied Consulting Engineers
        Electrolytic Furnace                 production & better        13577/13578/13579                        Pvt. Ltd.
                                             product quality,                                                   * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
                                             prolonged equipment                                                * Tenova Hypertherm Pvt Ltd
1.24     Electromagnetic           50%       Selective heating                                  TUFS            * Acmefil Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
        Irradiation                          (heats water rather                                                * Electricoil Super Thermal
                                             than substrate or                                                   Engineers
                                             surrounding air), ideal                                            * Tecknotrove Systems Pvt
                                             for materials with                                                  Ltd.
                                             non-uniform moisture
1.25    Infrared Irradiation      5~8%       Heats directly the                                 TUFS            * Indaid Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
                                             object by radiation                                                * Infrared Systems Pvt. Ltd.
                                             thus no energy loss in                                             * PSI Technologies Inc.
                                             heating air medium
1.26    Common Incinerator       91~99%      Destruction of             15A NCAC 02D            MNRE            * Selco International Ltd.
        Alongwith Power                      hazardous and toxic        .1204, UFC 3-240-                       * Shriram Energy Systems
        Generation Facilities                waste                      05A, 401 KAR 61:011                      Ltd.
                                                                                                                * Thermax Ltd.
1.27    Screw Compressor         30~50%      Low leakage levels         GB/T 13280-1991,                        * Atlas Copco India Ltd.
                                             and low parasitic          ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0                      * Hitachi Industrial Equipment
                                                                                                                 Systems Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                * Kaeser Compressors India
                                                                                                                 Pvt. Ltd.
1.28    Computer Desktop         50~80%      Multiple OS                                                        * Citrix R&D India Pvt Ltd.
        Virtual Machine                      environments can                                                   * Parallels Optimized
                                             exist, high reliability,                                            Computing
                                             disaster recovery                                                  * VM ware Software India Pvt.
                                             system                                                              Ltd.
1.29     Cooling Towers (Fills                                                                                  * Airtech Cooling Process
        with PVC Honey Comb)                                                                                     (Pvt.) Ltd
1.30    # Wide Belt Sander       15-20%      Easy to operate and        Wider sand belt (24”)                   * GRIGGIO SPA
                                             monitor the operation
1.31    # Spindle Moulder                    Higher productivity        Table Size-900 MM                       * GRIGGIO SPA
                                             due to higher spindle      x 350 MM,Spindle
                                             speed                      Diameter-25 MM
                                                                        or 30 MM,Electric
                                                                        Motor,3 Phase - 3 HP
                                                                        - 2800 RPM,Weight of
                                                                        Machine-300 KG
1.32    # Multi-boring machine   10-15%      With advance PLC                                                   * GRIGGIO SPA
                                             control for higher                                                 * Xinmin Bangyou
                                             productivity                                                        Woodworking Machinery

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages            Specifications          Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                  saving                                                             Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                        potential                                                        Incentives
     1.33    # Visicooler                45-50%                                                                        * Voltas Ltd.
     1.34    # Robot Arms                50-60%     Hihg efficient,                                                    * Changzhou Boer Precision
                                                    automated operation                                                 Powder Engineering Co. Ltd
     1.35    # Enginator based on         30%                                                                          * Dresser Waukesha
             Natural Gas
     1.36    # CNC Router                20-6-%     Improved product                                                   * Angel India Cad Cam Private
                                                    quality, less rejection,                                            Limited
                                                    higher productivity                                                * HSD S.p.A.
     1.37    # Vacuum forming           30-40%      PLC controlled, easy                                               * Bel-O-Vac
             machine with                           to operate,                                                        * Sai Thermoformers
             thermostat control
     1.38    # Edge Bander Sprint         95%       Fast heat-up time          “3 degree Approach                      * HOLZHER
             with Power-PC Control                                             Angle” allows easy
                                                                               feeding of large wood
     1.39    # Enterprise Resource                  Integration of design,     Integrated Production                   * Miven Mayfran Conveyors
             Planning (ERP) (with                   planning & production      Data Acquisition                         Pvt. Ltd.
             PPC module)                                                       (normal and fast
     2       Thermal
     2.1     Water-tube Boiler (by      10~25%      Handle high pressure       ISO R 831, IS                           * Ross Boilers
             replacing conventional                 and high temperature,      2825,TIMA, BS EN                        * Thermax Ltd.
             Smoke-tube Boiler)                     recover faster than        12952-1:2001, ASTM                      * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                    smoke-tube                 A 192/A 192M, ASME                       Private Ltd.
                                                                               BPVC SEC I
     2.2     Condensate Recovery        15~20%      High Temperature and       IS 10496 : 1983,                        * Precision Controls Pvt. Ltd.
             & Recycle System                       good quality Feed          ASME BPVC SEC                           * Thermax Ltd.
                                                    water, low blowdown        VIII DIV I                              * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                    losses, low water                                                   Private Ltd.
                                                    treatment costs
     2.3     Energy Efficient Boilers    6~10%      Reduces carbon             UL 2096, ASME                           * Cheema Boilers
                                                    dioxide emissions by       BPVC SEC VIII D1                        * Thermax Ltd.
                                                    around 12%                                                         * Transparent Energy Systems
                                                                                                                        Pvt. Ltd.
     2.4     Recuperators               12~15%      Increase in overall        BIS IS 12392:1988       TUFS            * ENCON THERMAL
                                                    efficiency                 (R2000), BIS IS                          ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
                                                                               6728:1972 (R2002),                      * Indaid Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                               UNI 8729:1997, UNI                      * Laimura Technology (P) Ltd.
                                                                               8729:1997, UNI
                                                                               8448:1991, NFE 38
     2.5     Cogeneration               30~50%      Waste heat utilization,    TS B 0022:2006 , JIS    MNRE            * Green Power International
                                                    lowers carbon              B 8124:2006, ASME                        Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    emissions leading to       PTC 22                                  * Thermax Ltd.
                                                    carbon credits                                                     * Transparent Energy Systems
                                                                                                                        Pvt. Ltd.
     2.6     Heat Pumps                 35~50%      Same systems used          ANSI/ARI 340-360-                       * Daikin Airconditioning India
                                                    for cooling & heating,     2004, ARI 210/240                        Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    extract available heat                                             * Thermax Ltd.
                                                    from the outside air,                                              * Trane India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    simplicity in operation
                                                    and maintenance
     2.7     Energy Efficient             25%       Less heat dissipation,     Turbo ref.COP 2.2up,                    * Blue Star India.
             Refrigeration System                   increase in                DIN EN 378-2:2009,                      * Frick India Ltd.
                                                    refrigeration capacity,    ASME B31.5-2001,                        * Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt.
                                                    low noise levels           ANSI/ASHRAE 15-                          Ltd.

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages              Specifications         Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                  saving                                                              Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                   potential                                                         Incentives
2.8     Automatic Combustion        5~10%      Ensures optimal fuel         JIS B 8412:1981, ISA                   * ENCON THERMAL
        Control for Boilers /                  and air ratio, reduce        MC96.1                                  ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
        Furnaces                               fuel wastage, safe                                                  * Technoplus Services
                                               & stable operation,                                                 * Yokogawa Electric Corp-
                                               improves equipment                                                   Yokogawa India Ltd.
2.9      Regenerative Burners        30%       Increase in production,      BS EN 267:1999, 40                     * Bloom Combustion India
        for Furnace                            furnaces size smaller        CFR 266.102                             Pvt. Ltd.
                                               for new installations                                               * Eclipse Combustion Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                   * The Wesman Engineering
                                                                                                                    Company Pvt. Ltd.
2.10     Heat Recovery              5~10%      Reduce equipment             NSF/ANSI 5                             * Atlas Copco India Ltd.
        Systems for Boilers                    size, reduce auxiliary                                              * ENCON THERMAL
        (Economizer, Air Pre-                  energy consumption,                                                  ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
        heater)                                reduce pollution                                                    * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                                                                                    Private Ltd.
2.11    Sludge Combustion            5%        Easy and flexible            40 CFR Part 503,       MNRE            * Cheema Boilers
        Boiler                                 operation, complete          ASME BPVC SEC                          * Energo Products Pvt. Ltd.
                                               inertization of the          VIII D1
2.12     Outdoor Intake Control    40~60%      Efficient air distribution   JIS B 8628:2003,                       * Johnson Controls India
        / Variable Air Volume /                in buildings enables         BSR/AHRI Standard                      * Trane India Pvt. Ltd.
        Heat exchanger                         control for better           1060-1997, 10 CFR                      * Zeco Aircon Industries Pvt.
                                               indoor air quality, air      434.517, AS 4254—                       Ltd.
                                               supply provdied on           2002, ASHRAE
                                               local thermal load and       Standard 62
2.13     High Efficiency DG Set    43~45%      Better power quality,        ARAI, BS 5514, ISO                     * Caterpillar (TIL Ltd. -
        for Power Generation                   lower emissions              8528/1, ISO 3046/1,                     Regional Indian Dealer)
        (Low Fuel Consumption                                               IS-10002, BS-5514,                     * Cummins India Ltd.
        with Pollution Control &                                            DIN-6271                               * Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
2.14     Waste Heat Recovery        7~19%      Reduce equipment             ASTM, ASME                             * Thermax Ltd.
        Boiler                                 size and auxiliary                                                  * Transparent Energy Systems
                                               energy consumption,                                                  Pvt. Ltd.
                                               reduces pollution                                                   * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                                                                                    Private Ltd.
2.15    Thermal Insulation for     6~10 %      Reduces surface heat         IS,BS, ASTM                            * ENCON THERMAL
        Hot & Cold Systems                     loss, emissions and                                                  ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
                                               increase safety                                                     * Llyod Insulation India Ltd
                                                                                                                   * Minwool Rock Fibres
2.16    Dehumidification Dryer       30%       Adsorbent is non toxic                                              * Aerodry Plastics Automation
                                               / non flammable &                                                    Pvt. Ltd.
                                               fully water washable,                                               * Bry-air
                                               minimum heat carry                                                  * Matsui Technologies
3       Commercial Buildings
3.1     Building Energy            20~35%      Controls - lighting,         BS EN 15603:2008,                      * Johnson Controls India
        Management System                      HVAC, lift, security         BS EN 15316-                           * Schneider Electric India
                                               management system,           4-4:2007, BSR/                         * Siemens Building
                                               facility management,         ASHRAE/IESNA                            Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
                                               reduce operation cost        90.1-1989R, ANSI/
                                                                            Standard 100-2006
3.2     Energy Eficient Air        20~40%      Less on / off cycle,         SEER 16-23, IEC        CLCSS           * Carrier Airconditioning &
        Conditioner                            better indoor air            60335-2-40                              Refrigeration Limited
                                               quality, low noise                                                  * LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd
                                               pollution                                                           * Trane India Pvt. Ltd.

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/       Energy       Other advantages            Specifications            Financial/         Name of Equipment
             Technology                saving                                                               Fiscal              Supplier(s)
                                      potential                                                          Incentives
     3.3      Energy Eficient           20%       Precise temperature        BEE rating (3 star - 5                     * Haier Appliances India Pvt.
             Refrigerators                        and defrost control,       star), IS 15750: 2000                       Limited
             (High Efficiency                     improve insulation                                                    * Samsung
             Compressors, Improved                                                                                      * Videocon Industries Ltd.
             Insulation and Precise
             Temperature and
             Defrost Mechanisms
             to Improve Energy
     3.4      Vapour Absorption         30%       Less operating             COP=0.65-0.70,                             * Hi Tech Cooling Systems
             Refrigeration                        cost, work on lower        DIN EN 378-2:2009,                         * Thermax Ltd.
                                                  evaporator pressure        ASME B31.5-2001,                           * Transparent Energy Systems
                                                  without affecting          ANSI/ASHRAE 15-                             Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  COP, no effect on          2007
                                                  load reduction on
                                                  performance, easy
                                                  automatic operation to
                                                  control capacity
     3.5     Heat Pumps               35~50%      Same systems used          ANSI/ARI 340-360-                          * Daikin Airconditioning India
                                                  for cooling & heating,     2004, ARI 210/240                           Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  extract available heat                                                * Thermax Ltd.
                                                  from the outside air,                                                 * Trane India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  simplicity in operation
                                                  and maintenance
     3.6      Fuel Cell                 22%       Stable opeartion in        Electricity generating                     * Horizon Fuel Cell
             Cogeneration System                  wide range of heating      efficiency > 35%                            Technologies Pte. Ltd.
                                                  value, 37% reduction                                                  * Panasonic Asia Pacific Pvt
                                                  of CO2 emission                                                        Ltd.
                                                                                                                        * Sukan Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
     3.7     Cogeneration             30~50%      Waste heat utilization,    TS B 0022:2006 , JIS     MNRE              * Green Power International
                                                  lowers carbon              B 8124:2006, ASME                           Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  emissions leading to       PTC 22                                     * Thermax Ltd.
                                                  carbon credits                                                        * Transparent Energy Systems
                                                                                                                         Pvt. Ltd.
     3.8     Energy Efficient           40%       Smooth & quiet             ASME A17.1, ASME                           * Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.
             Elevators                            performance, does          A17.5, CAN/CSA-                            * Kone India
                                                  not require extra          B44.1                                      * Otis India
                                                  lubrication, less heat
     3.9      Equipment, Machinery    10~30%      Eco-friendly               ISO 21931, LEED,         Rebate in         * Schneider Electric India
             and Construction                     construction material      GRIHA                    property tax,     * Siemens Building
             Material Contributing                saves water, metal,                                 reimbursement      Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
             to Increased Energy                  timber and other                                    of registration   * Trane India Pvt. Ltd.
             Savings                              natural resources;                                  fees, cash
                                                  improves occupants                                  incentives to
                                                  health                                              architects and
     3.10    Heat Reclaim               80%       Compact, smooth &          Temperature                                * Daikin Airconditioning India
             Ventilation / Air                    quiet operation, good      exchange                                    Pvt. Ltd.
             Conditioning System                  indoor air quality, load   efficiency(70-75 %),                       * Honeywell Automation India
                                                  reduction 20-30% of        Enthalpy Exchange                           Ltd.
                                                  air conditioning load      Efficiency (60-65%)UL                      * LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                             1812 (Ed. 2), UL 1815
                                                                             (Ed. 3)

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages            Specifications       Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                          Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                     Incentives
3.11    High Efficiency             30%       Redcue operational         ASME A17.1, ASME                     * Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.
        Escalator                             cost, operates             A17.5, CAN/CSA-                      * Kone India
                                              smoothly in all climatic   B44.1                                * Otis India
                                              conditions, caters
                                              continuous and large
                                              crowd, safe and
3.12    High Efficiency            2~3%       Protection from noise,     JIS A 4721:2005, DIN                 * Dorma India
        Automatic Door                        dust & dirt, reduce        18650                                * HOM Automation
                                              air conditioning and                                            * Toshi Automatic Systems
                                              heating load
3.13    High Efficiency            2~3%       Protection from noise,     JIS A 4721:2005, DIN                 * Dorma India
        Automatic Revolving                   dust & dirt, reduce        18650                                * HOM Automation
        Door                                  air conditioning and                                            * Toshi Automatic Systems
                                              heating load
3.14     Inorganic Textile         5~10%      Versatile and corrosion    JIS A 9510:2009,                     * Insulation Associates
        Insulator                             resistant material,        ASTM E96, CAN/                       * Llyod Insulation India Ltd
                                              used in both reinforced    ULC-S704, ASTM                       * Owens Corning
                                              and non-reinforced         C1289
                                              applications, good fire-
3.15    Woody Textile Insulator    5~8%       Highly absorbent,          JIS, ASTM                            * Danish Wood Insulation
                                              reinforce plastics,                                             * Owens Corning
                                              excellent acoustic                                              * Surajbhan Commodities Pvt.
                                              insulation, non-                                                 Ltd.
                                              flammable, easy to
                                              use, flexible and crack-
                                              resistant, ideal for
                                              cyclone & earthquake
                                              prone areas
3.16     Forming Plastic          30~40%      Durable & moisture         JIS A 9511:2006R/                    * Dow Chemical Int’l Pvt. Ltd.
        Insulator                             resistant                  AMENDMENT                            * Llyod Insulation India Ltd
                                                                         1:2009, ANSI/UL                      * Owens Corning
                                                                         1256, ASTM C666,
                                                                         ASTM E96, CAN/
                                                                         ULC-S704, ASTM
3.17    Heat insulating opening     35%       Thermal insulation         ASTM E96, CAN/                       * Colt India Pvt. Ltd.
        material                              stops transfer of heat     ULC-S704, ASTM                       * Tech Dry (India) Pvt. Ltd
                                              between inside &           C1289
                                              outside room
3.18    Air Sealing Support       30~40%      Controls hot or cold       ASTMC 1029, IS                       * Dow Chemical Int’l Pvt. Ltd.
        Material                              temperatures, fills        13205, CAN/ULC-                      * Llyod Insulation India Ltd
                                              cracks and crevices        S704, ASTM C1289                     * Owens Corning
                                              preventing bugs and
                                              vermices from entering
3.19    Other Building             5~8%       Reduce heat ingress,       IS-3792, JIS, ASTM                   * Dow Chemical Int’l Pvt. Ltd.
        Material Contributing                 make HVAC more                                                  * Llyod Insulation India Ltd
        to Increased Heat                     effective, resistant to                                         * Owens Corning
        Insulation Performance                moisture, resistant to
        of Building & Building                air infiltration
3.20     Heat Absorbing Glass     30~50%      Makes room warmer          E’MARK (ECE                          * Asahi Group AIS
        / Low Emissivity Glass                in winter and cooler in    43), DOT MARK                        * Gold Plus Group
        (Window Panel)                        summer                     (AMERICAN                            * Saint Gobain Glass India
                                                                         NATIONAL                              Ltd.
                                                                         STANDARD), JIS/
                                                                         JASO (JAPANESE
                                                                         STANDARD), ASTM
                                                                         C552 - 07

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/       Energy         Other advantages           Specifications        Financial/           Name of Equipment
             Technology                saving                                                            Fiscal                Supplier(s)
                                      potential                                                       Incentives
     4       Renewable Energy Technologies
     4.1     Windmills                Replaces      Clean form of energy,     EN 61400-2: 2006,    MNRE                 * Shriram EPC Ltd.
                                      fossil fuel   decentralized power,      BS 7671, G83/1: 2003                      * Unitron Energy Systems
                                                    negligible operation                                                 Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    cost                                                                * Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd.
     4.2     Solar Photovoltaic      Completely     Clean form of energy,     IEC 61215, IEC       MNRE                 * Kotak Urja Pvt. Ltd.
                                       replaces     decentralized power,      61730, MNRE                               * Reliance Solar Energy
                                      fossil fuel   negligible operation      guidelines, CAN/CSA-                      * Tata BP Solar India Ltd.
                                                    cost                      F378-87 (R2004),
     4.3     Micro Hydro             Completely     Clean form of energy,     IEC 60308 Ed.        MNRE                 * Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
                                       replaces     decentralized power,      2.0 b:2005, JIS B                         * HPP Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                                      fossil fuel   negligible operation      8103:1989, IEC                            * Pentaflo Hydro Engineers
                                                    cost                      61362 Ed. 1.0:1998
     4.4      Biomass / Bagasse      completely     Eco-friendly reduces      80-90% thermal       MNRE                 * Ankur Scientific Energy
             (Gasifier or              replaces     GHG emissions,            efficiency of                              Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
             Cogeneration)            fossil fuel   utilizes agricultural     gasifier, 70-90%                          * Southern Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    / industrial waste,       rated efficiency of                       * Thermax Ltd.
                                                    carbon credits can be     cogeneration
     4.5     Municipal Solid            40%         Reduces GHG               ASTM D4503 -08,     MNRE                  * Green Power International
             Waste Based Power                      emissions, reduces        401 KAR 61:011, UFC                        Pvt. Ltd.
             Generation                             waste by 60-90%,          3-240-05A                                 * Mailhem Engineers Pvt Ltd.
                                                    slurry produced can be                                              * Selco International Ltd.
                                                    used as fertilizer
     4.6     Biomass Gasifier        completely     Eco-friendly reduces      80-90% thermal       MNRE                 * Ankur Scientific Energy
             Based Hot Water           replaces     GHG emissions,            efficiency                                 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
             Generator                fossil fuel   utilizes agricultural                                               * Infinite Energy Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    / industrial waste,                                                 * Southern Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    carbon credits can be
     4.7     Solar Water Heater       Replaces      Reduction in operation    JIS A 4111:1997      MNRE                 * Borosil Glass Works Limited
                                      fossil fuel   cost, no pollution at                                               * Tata BP Solar India Ltd.
                                                    site, cost savings in                                               * Wipro Eco Energy
                                                    higher altitude regions
     4.8     Wind Ventilator (Wind     Replace      Wind powered, no                                                    * Shrijee Heavy Projects
             Powered Exhaust Fan)     fossil fuel   electricity is used                                                  Works Ltd.
     5       Others
     5.1     Common Effluent            40%        Reduce capital cost        BS EN 12255-         State Subsidy        * Advent Envirocare
             Treatment Plant                       & operating cost, less     14:2003, BS EN       - 25% of total        Technology Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   space requirement,         12255-16:2005        project cost,        * SSP Private Limited
                                                   proper disposal of                              Central Subsidy      * The Green Environment
                                                   treated waste, improve                          (MoEF) - 25% of       Services Co-op. Soc. Ltd.
                                                   recycling and reuse                             total project cost
     5.2      Vehicle using CNG /      Replace     Lower operational          ISO 11439 CNG-       100% income          * Force Motors Ltd.
             LPG as Fuel             diesel fossil cost, no spill or          3,4,IS 15716:2006,   tax depreciation     * Swaraj Mazda Ltd.
                                         fuel      evaporation loss,          ANSI                 on CNG kit           * Tata Motors Limited
                                                   replacement of diesel
     Industry Sectors

     6       Glass

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages           Specifications          Financial/          Name of Equipment
        Technology                  saving                                                            Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                   potential                                                       Incentives
6.1      Waste Heat Recovery       10~15%      Utilization of waste      Regenerative          CLCSS             * Dukhiram Maurya Engineers
        from Regenerative Tank                 heat, reduction in flue   chamber, counter flow                       & Refractory Works (India)
        Furnace                                gas equipment sizes       chamber, insulation                         Pvt Ltd
                                                                         “Calcium Silicate”                      *   Encon Thermal Engineering
                                                                                                                     Pvt Ltd
6.2      Wate Heat Recovery        10~15%      Utilization of waste      Radiant type, special   CLCSS           *   Dukhiram Maurya Engineers
        from Recuperative Tank                 heat, Reduction in flue   alloy fined tubes,                          & Refractory Works (India)
        Furnace                                gas equipment sizes,      insulation “Calcium                         Pvt Ltd
                                               Reduction in fuel         Silicate”                               *   Encon Thermal Engineering
                                               consumption                                                           Pvt Ltd
6.3     Insulation for Furnace      3~10%      Reduce heat loss,         IS 9428, IS8154,      CLCSS             *   Lloyds Insulation
                                               improve safety, better    BS3958, ASTM C533-                      *   Megha Insulation Pvt Ltd.
                                               temperature control,      90. AZS refractory
                                               prevent damage            bricks supported with
                                               to equipment from         Ceramic Fiber
                                               exposure to fire or
                                               corrosive atmosphere
6.4      Mechanical Conveyor         30%       Reduce cycle
        for Soda Ash (by                       time, productivity
        Replacing Pneumatic                    improvement, reduce
        Conveyor)                              wastage
6.5      Natural Gas Fired           30%       Utilize clean energy      Open 12 pot furnace,    CLCSS           * Encon Thermal Engineering
        Pot Furnace with                       source, productivity      pre-heating of                              Pvt Ltd
        Recuperator                            improvement, less         secondary air, heat                     * Shikovi Heat Gen
                                               harmuful to workforce     recovery ststem                             Technologies Pvt Ltd
6.6     Natural Gas Fired            20%       Utilize clean energy      Low pressure natural                    *
        Muffle Furnace                         source, productivity      gas burner with 10-
                                               improvement, less         12 sm3/hr, Silicon
                                               harmuful to workforce     Carbide muffels
6.7     Thermal Gasifier           35~60%      Utilize clean energy      Rated thermal output:   CLCSS           * Associated Engineering
        (Biomass / Coal as                                               15,00,000 Kcal/hr,                          Works
        Fuel)                                                            fuel: woody biomass,                    * Radhe Renewable Energy
                                                                         auxilary power                              Development Pvt Ltd.
                                                                         consumption: 12 HP
6.8      Oxy-Fuel Fired Glass      10~15 %     Increase production,                                              * Honeywell Automation India
        Melting Technology                     improve glass quality                                                 Ltd.
6.9     Automatic Controllers &     3~10%       Productivity            Monitoring &             CLCSS
        Recorders for Furnace                  improvement, furnace controlling flue gas
        Temperature / On-Line                  efficiency improvement temperature, CO,
        Oxygen Analyzer                                                 CO2 & Percentage of
                                                                        oxyzen in flue gas
6.10    LPG Fired Bead               20%       Better temperature,      Preheating of            CLCSS           * Encon Thermal Engineering
        Making Furnace                         improve product          secondary air                                Pvt Ltd
6.11     Horizontal Flat and        5~15%      Improve production & ECE R43, ANSIZ97.1           CLCSS           * Glass & Glazing
        Bent Glass Electric                    product quality, easy in GB9963                                       technologies (India) Pvt Ltd.
        Furnace for Tempering                  operation
        with Automatic
        Controller and
6.12    # Convectional             15-20%      PC based                                                          * Luoyang Land Glass
        Horizontal Roller Hearth               programmable logic                                                    Technology Co. Ltd.
        Tempering Furnace                      control system                                                    * SECO WARWICK Allied Pvt.
6.13    # CNC Based Glass          45-50%      Can cut different                                                 * CMS Industries
        Cutting Machine                        shapes, can
                                               optimize layout with
                                               optimization software
7       Ceramics

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/           Energy       Other advantages           Specifications           Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                    saving                                                             Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                          potential                                                        Incentives
     7.1     Insulation for Kiln, Top      3~10%      Heat loss reduction,      IS 9428, IS8154,                         * Lloyds Insulation
             Chamber & Furnace                        improve safety,           BS3958, ASTM C533-                       * Megha Insulation Pvt Ltd
                                                      prevents damage           90
                                                      to equipment from
                                                      exposure to fire or
                                                      corrosive atmosphere
     7.2     Low Thermal-mass             15~20 %      Productivity
             Cars                                     improvement, reduce
                                                      cycle time
     7.3     Recuperator for Kiln          5~10%      Utilize waste heat from   Radiant type, cross                      * Dukhiram Maurya Engineers
             (Hot Air Generation)                     Kiln cooling zone,        flow, high grade                           & Refractory Works (India)
                                                      elimination of fuel for   stainless steel                            Pvt Ltd
                                                      drying zone                                                        * Encon Thermal Engineering
                                                                                                                           Pvt Ltd
     7.4     Variable Frequency           15~35%      Energy saving             Variable frequency                       * Crompton Greaves Limited
             Drives for Circulation Air               depends on the            drive selection                          * Dynaspede Integrated
             Fans in Vertical Dryer                   motor loading, reduce     depends on horse                           Systems (P) Limited
                                                      motor heating and         power, torque and
                                                      stress                    speed characterstics
                                                                                of the motor
     7.5     Roller Kiln (by                50%        Productivity             Multiple speed                           * Micro Thermal Inc
             Replacing Conventional                   improvement, reduce       setting, multiple zones                  * Perfect Mechanical System
             Tunnel Kiln)                             cycle time to half        with IR Sensors, multi
                                                                                layer drying
     7.6      Ballmill with High          10~15%      Improvement in            Alumina balls of three CLCSS             * Laxmi Engineers
             Alumina Tile Lining,                     grinding, reduction in    different sizes are                      * Precious Fab Cast Pvt Ltd
             High Alumina Balls of                    grinding time             used
             Different Size (Raw
             Material Processing)
     7.7      Isostatic Press, Fettling   10~20%      Reduce breakage                                    CLCSS           * Rajesh Engineering Works
             Machine, Stacking                        & cracking, reduce
             Equipment (Fabrication)                  rejection & wastage
     7.8      Fully Automatic Vertical    10~20%      Reduce breakage                                    CLCSS           * Rajesh Engineering Works
             Copying Machine for                      & cracking, reduce
             Insulator (Fabrication)                  rejection & wastage
     7.9      Roller Head Machine                     Reduce breakage                                    CLCSS           * Rajesh Engineering Works
             for Cup & Saucer                         & cracking, reduce
             (Fabrication)                            rejection & wastage
     7.10     Pressure Casting Plant       4~10%      Reduce breakage                                    CLCSS           * Rajesh Engineering Works
             (Fabrication )                           & cracking, reduce
                                                      rejection & wastage
     7.11    Humidity Driver              25~30%      Less drying time, less                             CLCSS           * Via G.M. Dallari
             Chamber (Drying)                         tiles breakage
     7.12    Gas / Oil Fired Roller         30%        Uniform temperature                               CLCSS           * Machinotherm Engineers
             Hearth Kiln (Firing                      distribution, ease of                                              * Ramiconsultancy
             Section)                                 operation
     7.13    Gas / Oil Fired Tunnel       20~30 %     Lower maintanance,        Scientific design of     CLCSS           * Machinotherm Engineers
             Kiln (Firing Section)                    productivity              length of three zones,                   * Ramiconsultancy
                                                      improvement               use of low thermal
                                                                                mass cars
     7.14    Gas / Oil Fired Shuttle      20~30 %     Lower maintanance,                                 CLCSS           * Dukhiram Maurya Engineers
             Kiln (Firing Section)                    productivity                                                         & Refractory Works (India)
                                                      improvement                                                          Pvt Ltd
                                                                                                                         * Encon Thermal Engineering
                                                                                                                           Pvt Ltd
     7.15    Automatic Tile Pressing       5~10%      Uniform force on                                   CLCSS
             Unit                                     tiles, productivity
                                                      improvement, wastage

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/          Energy       Other advantages          Specifications          Financial/          Name of Equipment
        Technology                   saving                                                           Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                    potential                                                      Incentives
7.16     Alumina Brick                3~5%      Reduce heat loss,                                                * Modern Refractory Erectors
        Insulation for Electric                 improve safety, better
        Arc Furnace                             temperature control,
                                                prevents damage
                                                to equipment from
                                                exposure to fire or
                                                corrosive atmosphere
7.17    Improved Insulation for      3~5%                                                                        * Lloyds Insulation
        Ring Chamber                                                                                             * Megha Insulation Pvt Ltd.
7.18    Recuperator                 15~25%       Utilize waste           Radiant type, special                   * Dukhiram Maurya Engineers
                                                heat, reduce flue        alloy fined tubes,                        & Refractory Works (India)
                                                gas equipment            insulation “Calcium                       Pvt Ltd
                                                sizes, reduce fuel       Silicate”                               * Encon Thermal Engineering
                                                consumption                                                        Pvt Ltd
7.19    Control Instruments for      5~10%       Productivity                                    CLCSS           *
        Firing System                           improvement, quality
                                                improvement, redcue
                                                cycle time
7.20    Continuous Tunnel           20~30%      Higher safety, easy                              CLCSS           * New AVM Systech Pvt. Ltd.
        Dryer with Indirect Fired               to operate, less
        Hot Air Generator                       maintenance
7.21    Vertical Vibrating          15~25%      High productivity, 15-   ASTM C 76               CLCSS           * Qingzhou Water
        Machine                                 20% material saving,                                                 Conservancy Machinery Co.,
                                                better quality spigot                                                Ltd.
                                                and socket                                                       *   Suzhou Kexing Concrete
                                                                                                                     And Cement Product
                                                                                                                     Equipment Co.Ltd.
                                                                                                                 *   Weifang Ocean Construction
                                                                                                                     Machinery Co. Limited.
7.22    Mixing Plant with Pan       15~25%      PLC controled, 15-     ASTM C 685/C 685M, CLCSS                  *   Atlas Industries
        Mixture Alongwith                       20% material saving,   ACI 304.6R-91                             *   Macons Equipments
        Attachment,                             accurate quality of                                              *   Maruti Equipments Ltd.
        Computerized Weighing                   spigot and socket,
        Setup                                   higher productivity,
                                                less wear and tear
7.23    Oil Fired Tunnel Kiln         30%       Uniform temperature                       CLCSS                  * Laimura Technology (P) Ltd.
        with Recycling of                       control, continuous                                              * Machinotherm Engineers
        Waste Heat through                      process, higher                                                  * Sabin Enterprises
        Recuperators                            productivity, easy
                                                operation, low wastage
8       Pulp & Paper
8.1     Variable Frequency          30~40%      Extend equipment life,   JEM201,225,226,227,                     * ABB India
        Drive (by Replacing                     reduce maintenance,      C62.41.2-2002                           * Schneider Electric India
        Dyno Drives)                            reduce peak demand,                                              * Siemens Ltd.
                                                safety against power
8.2     Seven-effect Free Flow        50%       Liquid does not get                                              * Advanced Drying Systems
        Falling Film Evaporator                 overheated due to                                                * Raj Process Equipments &
                                                short hold-up time                                                   Systems Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                 * Shachi Engineering Pvt. Ltd
8.3     Chemical Recovery             30%       Utilise spent liquor                                             * Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
        Unit for Spent Liquor                   as fuel, saving in                                               * Hari Machines Ltd.
                                                chemicals like Urea                                              * Pressels Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
                                                and DAP in effluent
                                                treatment plant

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages             Specifications       Financial/          Name of Equipment
             Technology                  saving                                                           Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                        potential                                                      Incentives
     8.4      Conversion to Fluidized     5~8%      Less corrosion and          BS EN 45510-3-                       * Thermax Ltd.
             Bed Combustion Boiler                  erosion, easier ash         3:2000                               * Transparent Energy Systems
             from Stoker Boiler                     removal, low excess                                               Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    air, fast response to                                            * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                    load fluctuations, use                                            Private Ltd.
                                                    of low grade fuel
     8.5     High Efficiency Turbine    80~85%      Flexibility of operation,   ANSI B58.1, CE,                      * Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.
             Pump for Water Intake                  low initial cost, minimal   GS, EMC, CUL, DIN-                   * Mather and Platt Pumps Ltd.
                                                    maintenance cost            24256, ISO-2858, IS                  * Sintech Precision Products
                                                                                – 5120, HIS, IS - 1520                Ltd
     8.6     Boiler with Paper          80~85%      Lower particulate           BS EN 303-5:1999       MNRE          * Elite Thermal Engineers Pvt.
             Sludge & Other Solid                   emission, lower GHG                                               Ltd.
             Waste as Fuel                          emissions, 30-60%                                                * Thermax Ltd.
                                                    fuel cost savings,                                               * Transparent Energy Systems
                                                    carbon credits can be                                             Pvt. Ltd.
     8.7      Heat Recovery Boilers
             for Waste Combustion
     9       Foundry
     9.1      kWh Indicator for          5~10%      Monitoring & control                                             * ABB Ltd
             Induction Furnace                      of electrical energy
     9.2      Medium Frequency           2 ~ 7%     Cost saving by              Magnalenz Induction                  * INDOTHERM FURNACES
             Induction Furnace (by                  elimination of              Furnace                               PVT. LTD.
             replacing Arc Furnace                  electrodes                                                       * Magnalenz Furnaces Pvt.
             or Main Frequency                                                                                        Limited
     9.3      Heat Recovery System       5~30%.     Waste heat recovery                                              * Heatech Engineers
             for Stress Relieving                   system, reduction in                                             * Transparent Energy Systems
             Furnaces                               equipment size                                                    Private Limited
     9.4     Variable Frequency         25~30 %     Extend equipment life,      Frequency 48 to                      * ABB India
             Drive for Screw                        reduce maintenance,         63 Hz, efficiency at                 * Sirus Electronic India Pvt.
             Compressors                            reduce peak demand,         nominal power is 98%                  Ltd.
                                                    safety against power                                             * Vacon Drives and Controls
                                                    fluctuation                                                       Pvt Ltd.
     9.5     Oil Fired Core Drying        50%       Complete combustion,                                             * MV International (GBM
             Oven                                   easy to operate, low                                              Industries)
                                                    maintenance cost,                                                * NSW India Limited
                                                    better product quality
     9.6      Gas fired Aluminium       5~30%.      Reduction in Thermal        Mode of operation:                   * Electroil
             Melting Furnace                        Energy consumption          Batch/ Continuous,                   * Meta Therm Furnace Pvt.
             (replace Oil Fired                                                 Capacity : 2 to 1000                  Ltd.
             Furnace)                                                           Kg/hrs with PID
                                                                                control system and
                                                                                Automatic On/OFF
     9.7     Divided Blast Cupola       25~65%      Replace conventional        Design as per                        * Tata Energy Research
                                                    cupola with divided         requirement                           Institute
                                                    cupola furnace                                                   * WESMAN GROUP
                                                    reduces CO2
                                                    emissions by 10%
     9.8     Gas Fired Cupola            5~10%      Eco friendly, higher        Design as per                        * Mammon Furnace &
                                                    tapping temperature,        requirement                           Fabricators Co.
                                                    better melt quality,                                             * WESMAN GROUP
                                                    reduce thermal
                                                    energy consumption,
                                                    de-sulphrization not

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy      Other advantages           Specifications      Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                  saving                                                       Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                   potential                                                  Incentives
9.9     Oil Fired Rotary          20% & 10% Reduce initial /            Design as per                       * Axial Thermal Engineering
        Furnace                              subsequent heating         requirement                          Company
                                             time, auto on/off                                              * Prakash Fabricators
9.10    Induction Furnace with     10~25%    Flexibility to produce     Design as per                       * SECO Warnick Pvt. Limited
        Cooling Tower & Water                ferrous castings,          requirement                         * WESMAN GROUP
        Treatment Plant                      flexibility to select
                                             charge mix, better melt
9.11    Induction Ladle            10~25%    Value added casting,       Design as per                       * Doshi Associates
        Refining Furnace                     eco friendly               requirement                         * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
9.12    Natural Gas Based           5 ~10%   Environmental-friendly,                                        * DSR Power Systems
        Power Generating Set                 high efficient, low                                            * Reddy Generators
9.13     Intensive Mixers             10%    Reduce defective                                               * J K Foundry Engineers
        (Molding / Core)                     casting, better cast                                           * Sree Sakthi Equipments
                                             surface finish                                                  Company
9.14    Simultaneous Jolt /           10%    Higher productivity,                                           * L. S. Engineering
        Squeeze Moulding                     dimensional accuracy,                                           Corporation
        Machine                              less skill requirement                                         * The Zanvar Group of
9.15    Spun Pipe Casting          10~15%     Easy to install,                                              * LTP Engineering
        Machine                               resistance to                                                 * Maa Santoshi Casting
                                              corrosion, high impact                                         Company
                                              resistance, durable
                                              with high load taking
9.16     Induction Hardening         95%      Higher productivity,                                          * Balaji Engineers
        Equipment (100KW,                     consistency in quality,                                       * Dawei Induction Heating
        500Hz to 3KHz)                        can lead to saving                                             Machine Co. Limited
                                              in heat-treatment
9.17     Removable Hearth           5~15%     Better temperature        Design as per                       * WESMAN GROUP
        Type Chamber (F/C                     control, improve          requirement
        upto 1200 deg C with                  quality
        Computer Compatible
        Temperature Controller)
9.18     CNC Milling Machine       30~60%     Higher productivity,                                          * Macpower CNC Machines
                                              dimensional accuracy,                                          Pvt. Ltd.
                                              less skill requirement,                                       * TAL Manufacturing Solutions
                                              improve quality                                                Ltd.
9.19    CNC Lathe Machine          30~60%     Higher productivity,                                          * Macpower CNC Machines
                                              dimensional accuracy,                                          Pvt. Ltd.
                                              less skill requirement,                                       * TAL Manufacturing Solutions
                                              improve quality                                                Ltd.
9.20    CNC Milling (Pattern       30~60%     Higher productivity,                                          * Macpower CNC Machines
        Shop)                                 dimensional accuracy,                                          Pvt. Ltd.
                                              less skill requirement,                                       * TAL Manufacturing Solutions
                                              improve quality                                                Ltd.
9.21    Exothermic / Insulating    15~25%     Insulating and            Design as per       CLCSS           * Protech Industries
        Sleeves (Oven for                     exothermic sleeves        requirement                         * Quality Metal Products
        Baking Sleeves,                       improves feeding
        Molding Machines,                     efficiency upto 20%
        Vacuum System)                        and 25% respectively
9.22    Waste Heat Recovery          25%      Utilise waste heat,
        System for Exhaust                    reduce pollution,
        Gases                                 reduce auxiliary
                                              energy consumption

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/       Energy       Other advantages               Specifications          Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                saving                                                                Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                      potential                                                           Incentives
     9.23    Hot Blast Cupola          30~50%     Lower sulphur pick-up,        Cupola furnace range                    * FTL Foundry Equipment Ltd.
                                                  higher carbon pick-up         from 18 inches to 13                    * MS Furnace
                                                  (blast air temperature        feet
                                                  should be above 400
                                                  degree C)
     9.24    Induction Melting         2 ~ 7%      Converts up to 85% of        Design as per                           * Electrotherm Engineering
             Furnace for Aluminum                 expended energy into          requirement                              and Project Division
                                                  useful heat                                                           * Fluxotherm India Private
     9.25    Automatic Pouring        10~15%      Higher-quality casting        P³™ Control                             * Inductotherm India
             System                               with precision pouring,       Technology -                            * Sree Sakthi Equipments
                                                  eliminates underpours         Automatic Pouring                        Company
                                                  and wasteful                  system
     9.26    Energy Efficient          5~10%.     Thermal reclamation is        Reclamation plant of                    * J K Foundry Engineers
             Thermal Reclamation                  economical compared           capacity 1 Ton/hr to                    * Sree Sakthi Equipments
             Plant                                to mechanical                 10 Tons/hr is available                  Company
     9.27    Energy Efficient Short   10~15%.     Rugged design of              42” X 48” Super                         * Patel Furnace & Forging Pvt.
             Blasting Machine                     the machine reduces           Tumblast (14, 28, 34                     Limited
                                                  fettling cost, save           Cu. Ft.)                                * Precicut Engineers
                                                  labour cost, tooling
                                                  cost, reduce rejection
     9.28     Online Shot Blasting      20%       Airless centrifugal           27” X 36” Tumblast                      * Foundmatic Engineers
             Machine (for Cleaning                suitable for cleaning         Machines (5 Cu. Ft.)                    * Patel Furnace & Forging Pvt.
             the Returns)                         railway and power                                                      Limited
                                                  transmission casting
     9.29    High Efficiency          25~30%      Long life, abrasion           RB type centrifugal                     * Aerovent Projects Pvt.
             Centrifugal Fans                     resistant                     fans, supplies air 680                  * R. K. Engineering Works
                                                                                to 4500 CMH against
                                                                                system resistance of
                                                                                100 to 400 mm of WC
     9.30    High Efficiency Power     5~10%       Able to the rated load       Available range 7.5                     * Acoustic Power Gensets
             Generating Set                       within 10 seconds in          KW to 2.7 MW                            * Asian Diesel Corporation
                                                  a single step, high
                                                  reliability, low life cycle
                                                  cost, low operating
                                                  and maintenance cost
     9.31    Automatic Flaskless        15%.       Higher production                                                    * Sree Sakthi Equipments
             Molding Machine                      efficiency, mold                                                       Company
                                                  hardness is excess                                                    * Zeta India Inc.
                                                  of 85
     9.32    Core Setter and           5~15%      High-precision mould          Design as per                           * DISA India Ltd.
             Automatic Mold                       transport with no             requirement                             * Sree Sakthi Equipments
             Conveyor                             shifting, distortion                                                   Company
                                                  or displacement of
     9.33    Compact Vertical         15~20%      Higher production                                                     * DISA India Ltd.
             Moulding Machine                     capacity upto                                                         * Zeta India Inc.
                                                  350 moulds/hour
                                                  (uncored), PLC
                                                  system for optimum
                                                  production, less space
     9.34    Automatic Cold Box        5~15%      Can shoot in volume           Design as per                           * Galaxy Machines
             Core Shooter                         of 5 to 20 kgs, the           requirement                             * G. S. Machineries
                                                  average cycle time                                                    * Sree Sakthi Equipments
                                                  is from 10 second                                                      Company
                                                  onwards without
                                                  gassing, shoot and

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/          Energy       Other advantages           Specifications           Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                   saving                                                             Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                    potential                                                        Incentives
9.35    Electrically Heated Die-    25~30%      Uniform temperature,      Design as per                            * Deep Furnaces
        Heating Furnace                         pollution free            requirement                              * THERMOTEC Furnaces
                                                compared to                                                         (India)
                                                conventional furnace,
                                                Auto controll, noise
9.36    Electrically Heated         40~50%      Reduce use of working     Design as per                            * Manometer India Pvt. Ltd.
        Nitriding Furnace                       gas 50 - 100 times,       requirement                              * Welmech Engineering
                                                reduce treatment time                                               Company Pvt. Ltd.
                                                by 3 - 5
9.37     Mechanized Moulding        25~70%      High static & high                                                 * Moulding Machine
        Machines (with PLC                      dynamic squeeze                                                     Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.
        control)                                force results in high
                                                quality moulds,
                                                uniform moulds
                                                properties, reduce
                                                rejection, reduce
                                                mould preparation
9.38     Mechanical Sand            60~65%      Low running cost                                                   * I.M.F.
        Reclamation (PLC
9.39    Automatic On-line           60~65%      Low running cost                                                   * Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd.
        Sand Controller
9.40     Variable Speed Sand        10~30%                                                                         * Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd.
9.41     Computer Controlled                                                                                       * Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd.
        Sand Cooler-Mixer
9.42     Liquid Metal Supply        25~30%      Re-heating is avioded
9.43    Automatic Manganese         30~40%
        Phosphating Plant
10      Textile
10.1    High Efficiency             10~20%      No cleaning required,     Atomizers                                * Acmefil Engineering
        Atomizers in                            1/3 water flow            evaporation capacity                      Systems Pvt. Ltd.
        Humidification Plant                    required, lower           from 0.75 to 40 lit./hr,                 * Amoto Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
                                                flow due to better        air circulation (800-                    * Swish Technologies
                                                atomization, atomized     1600 Meter Cube/
                                                water density is          Hour)
10.2    Energy Efficient Fans         25%       Lesser heat generated,    IEC 60335-2-40                           * Castfab Engineering India
                                                reduced maintenance                                                 (P) Limited
                                                requirements                                                       * Mantra Composites
10.3    Variable Frequency          25~30%      Eliminates external       Reliability on single                    * Vacon Drives and Controls
        Drive for Humidification                humidification            system                                    Pvt. Ltd.
        Fan                                     controller
10.4     Synthic Flat Belt Drives    4~8%       Extraordinary tensile     DIN III, ISO 100                         * Kwality Power Ltd.
        (Replace V-belts)                       and high frictional co-
                                                efficient, light weight
                                                and narrower width
                                                reduce shaft load
10.5    Variable Frequency          15~20%      Smooth start / stop       Frequency 48 to                          * ABB India
        Drive for Autocore                      operation, better         63 Hz, efficiency at                     * Vacon Drives and Controls
        Suction Motor                           process control           nominal power is                          Pvt Ltd.
                                                                          98%, Range 0.18 kVA
                                                                          to 6000 kVA
10.6    Variable Frequency          25~30%      Smooth start / stop       Frequency 48 to                          * ABB India
        Drive for Water                         operation, better         63 Hz, efficiency at                     * Vacon Drives and Controls
        Circulating Pump                        process control           nominal power is                          Pvt Ltd.
                                                                          98%, Range 0.18 kVA
                                                                          to 6000 kVA

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/          Energy       Other advantages            Specifications         Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                   saving                                                            Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                         potential                                                       Incentives
     10.7    Transvector Nozzle for       5~10%      Sucks atmospheric          Thrust (power) in                      * Vortexair
             Cleaning Application                    air along with             oz. at 12-inch: 6,
                                                     airjet, reduce air         air consumption: 8
                                                     consumption by 50%         SCFM, air stream size
                                                                                at nozzle: 5/8”
     10.8     Fludised Bed                 4%        Efficiency                 Design as per                          * Elite Thermal Engineers Pvt
             Combustion Boiler                       improvement by 70-         requirement                             Ltd.
             (replacing Stoker Boiler)               79%                                                               * Energy Process Equipments
                                                                                                                       * MICRO Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.
     10.9    Yarn Conditioning           15~20%      Non corrosive              Capacity:300-1500                      * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd.
             Machine                                 stainless steel used for   kgs/batch, upto                        * Blue Moon Engineering &
                                                     construction, precise      120 Deg C, high                         Manufacturing Company
                                                     software with multi-       vacuum 710 mm-hg
                                                     cycle process facility,    to 755 mm-hg (99%),
                                                     maintenance free           connected load: 52-
                                                     trolley feeding unit,      144 KW
                                                     can run on electricity,
                                                     steam, oil
     10.10   Automatic Rotor             20~25%      Every spinning position    SDSI Single Drive                      * Oerlikon Textile India Pvt.
             Spinning Machine with                   shows production rate,     Sliver Intake, Intake                   Ltd.
             MRPS System                             spinning components        speed 0.1-8 m/min,
                                                     are directly accessible    draft range 20-450
                                                     & replaceable without      fold, upto 5 kg in
                                                     tools                      weight 360 spinning
                                                                                positions, rotor speed
                                                                                upto 130,000 rpm
     10.11   Open-width Continuous       15~20%      Controlled cloth           Working Width:                         * Swastic Group of Companies
             Scouring and                            tension, low chemical      1200-3200 mm,                          * Texfab Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
             Bleaching Range with                    consumption                Tight Strand: 60-200
             Microprocessor Control                                             meters, Combi-
                                                                                Steamer Capacity:
                                                                                900-1800 meters
     10.12   Ring Frame Machine          15~21%      Higher production rate                                            * Applied Automation Systems
                                                                                                                        Private Limited
                                                                                                                       * Blue Moon Engineering &
                                                                                                                        Manufacturing Company
     10.13   Speed Frame Machine         10~15%      Smooth start / stop                                               * Kirloskar Toyoda Textile
                                                     operation, better                                                  Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
                                                     process control                                                   * Sri Lakshminarasimha
                                                                                                                        Engineers (P) Ltd.
     10.14    Extruction Lamination      10~30%      Smooth start / stop
             Line with Frequency                     operation, better
             Control Motors                          process control
     10.15    High Speed Mouldar                                                                                       * Juki India Private Limited
     10.16    Warp / Raschel             25~30%      Inverters to control       Working width: 170                     * Fung Chang Industrial Co.
             Knitting Machine                        speed, operate             inches, 2 to 8 bars
             (Manufacturing of                       conveniently               fabrics can be used,
             Knitted Fabric)                                                    3-5 HP, 800 RPM,
     10.17    High Speed                 15~25%      Broken & lost end can      Size: 2500-4000 mm,                    * Rabatex Industries
             Computerized Warping                    be memorised               Maximum Warping
             Machine for Knitting                                               Speed: 800 mtr./min,
                                                                                Maximum Beaming
                                                                                Speed: 150 mtr./min
     10.18    Modern Industrial          90~95%      Ease to maintain,          Axial fans offer upto                  * Excel Airtechnics (P) Ltd.
             Humidification System                   longer life, multiple      4000 CFM / HP                          * Samarth Air Tech Pvt. Ltd.
             (for Controlling                        axial fans with direct
             Relative Humidity &                     drive, PVC diffusers

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages             Specifications         Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                             Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                        Incentives
10.19    Wet Fabric Spreading      20~30%     Excellent squeezing                                                * Ramsons Garment Finishing
        and Squeezing Machine                 and spreading                                                       Equipments (Pvt) Ltd.
        (Dyeing)                              performance, increase
                                              roller life
10.20    Roller Steamer /         10~20%      Less maintenance and                                               * Urja Process & Technologies
        Polymeriser (Dyeing)                  operating cost                                                      Pvt. Ltd.
10.21    Washing Range with        5~10%      Improvement in                                                     * Swastic Group of Companies
        Arrangement of Tension                product quality                                                    * Texfab Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd
        Free Fabric Drying
        and Reduced Water
        Consumption / Water
        Reuse System (Dyeing)
10.22    Hydro Extractor            20%.      Very high speed             Size: 24” 36” 48” 60”,                 * Sparrow Tex Engineering
        (Dyeing)                              results in quick and        Approximate Loading                     Works
                                              maximum hydro               Capacity (Polyester):                  * Swastic Group of Companies
                                              extraction, AC Inverter     27-45-63-90 kg
                                              drive for soft start
                                              / stop, dynamically
                                              balanced to high
10.23   Tumble Dryer (Dyeing)     15~20%      Fully programmable          Capacity: 25-100 kgs,                  * Prashant Manufactures
                                              electronic control,         1-3HP motor, Steam                      Company
                                              cool down feature           consumption: 40-150                    * Whirler Centrifugals Pvt Ltd.
                                              minimizes wrinkling         kg/hr
                                              & guarantees longer
                                              fabrics life, timer
                                              controlled operation
10.24    Multi Chamber Stenter    10~20%      Close circuit air                                                  * Stenmech Engineering
        (min 4 Chambers) with                 circulation chamber,                                                Works Pvt. Ltd.
        Arrangement of Oil /                  wide internal chamber
        Gas Heating (Finishing)               space for easy
                                              cleaning, zig-zag
                                              arrangement of motors
10.25    Radio Frequency /        15~20%      Optimum residual            2 & 3 pass                             * Swastic Group of Companies
        Infrared Radiant Gas                  shrinkage with softer,      tensionless drying
        Fired / Microwave /                   fuller, bulkier handle of   and shrinking system
        Loop / Relax Dryer                    fabrics, shape stability    with 3 /4 teflon glass
        (Finishing)                                                       conveyors, production
                                                                          capacity: 4-20 Tons
                                                                          / day
10.26    Heat Recovery System       30%       Utilise waste heat                                                 * Swastic Group of Companies
        for Stenters
10.27    Balloon Padding          10~15%      Compact in size, high       Speed ranges from                      * Q-tek CNC
        Machine                               durability, motors          0-50 Mtrs./min,                        * Swastic Group of Companies
                                              controlled by A.C.          squeezer Rollers                       * Whirler Centrifugals Pvt Ltd.
                                              invertors                   width of 1.4 meters
                                                                          covered with special
                                                                          synthetic rubber / PU
10.28   Slit Opener with            40%       Excellent Squeezing                                                * ANDRITZ Küsters GmbH
        Squeeze Mangle                        performance, increase                                               Eduard-Küsters-Straße
                                              in roller life
10.29   PLC Based                 20~30%      Sensitive load cells,       Nomex felt approx.                     * Swastic Group of Companies
        Compacting Machine                    variable frequency          20 mm thick, steam
                                              drive, PLC control,         heated chrome-
                                              lowest residual             plated center roller
                                              shrinkage values            of 400 mm diameter,
                                                                          compacting pressure
                                                                          roller, felt tension &
                                                                          center roller

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages             Specifications          Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                 saving                                                              Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                       potential                                                         Incentives
     10.30   PLC Based                 20~30%      Saving of dyestuff          Fabric Loading                          * Texfab Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
             Mercerizing Machine                   in subsequent               Capacity: 300-1000
                                                   processing, increase        kgs, Liquore Capacity:
                                                   penetration of printing     1200-5000 lts, Electric
                                                   paste, improve              Load: 12.5-33 HP
                                                   response to sueding or
     10.31   Fabric Reversing and       5~15%      Smooth and fast             Twist Detector                          * Eastman Exports
             Slit Opening Machine                  working                     consists of 2 sensor                    * Swastic Group of Companies
                                                                               rollers and one
                                                                               proximity sensor
     10.32    Air Tight Hot Air        25~30%      Electronic air flow                                                 * Harish Tex-Mach Pvt. Ltd.
             Stenter Machine (using                control, high efficient
             AC Interver Drive)                    drying zone, unique
                                                   air flow system with
                                                   individual blower for
                                                   top / bottom jet box
     10.33   Energy Efficient Boiler     15%       Measures & monitors         Boiler efficiency                       * Thermax Ltd.
             with Combustion                       for design parameters,      monitoring
             Control System (Steam                 safe working range,
             Heating System)                       facility for alarm
                                                   & tripping during
     10.34   Thermo Pac (Heating       10~25%      Easy access to parts        1.0 - 30.0 Lakh                         * Thermopac Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
             System)                               for maintenance, easy       kcal/hr, maximum
                                                   to monitor                  temperature 380
                                                                               degree C
     10.35   Biomass Gasifier           5~20%.     Reduce cost of              Waste heat recovery                     * Heatech Engineers
             Based Hot Water                       operation, reduce           system designed                         * Transparent Energy Systems
             Generator                             auxiliary energy            based on exhaust                         Private Limited.
                                                   consumption, reduce         temperature
                                                   Fuel consumption
     10.36   High Speed / Ultra        20~30%      Higher production rate,                                             * Virka Textile (P) Ltd.
             High Speed Knitting                   less maintenance,                                                   * Yuvraj MERCH-X
             Machines                              vibration absorbing
                                                   system for machine
                                                   legs, inverter controller
                                                   motor system, tripping
                                                   during emergency
     10.37   3 Thread Fleece           15~30%      Higher production                                                   * Yuvraj MERCH-X
             Machines (Ploy Plating)               rate, needle detector,
                                                   inverter controlled
                                                   motor, anti-dust
                                                   device, tripping during
     10.38   Interlock Knitting         5~20%      Higher production                                                   * Yuvraj MERCH-X
             Machines                              rate, needle detector,
                                                   inverter controlled
                                                   motor, anti-dust
                                                   device, tripping during
     10.39   RIB Pointel Jacquard      10~30%      Higher production                                                   * Yuvraj MERCH-X
             Machines                              rate, needle detector,
                                                   inverter controlled
                                                   motor, anti-dust
                                                   device, tripping during

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages             Specifications        Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                            Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                       Incentives
10.40   RIB Knitting Machines       30%       Higher production                                                 * Yuvraj MERCH-X
                                              rate, needle detector,
                                              inverter controlled
                                              motor, anti-dust
                                              device, tripping during
10.41    High Speed Single        10~25%      Higher production rate,     Speed:1300-1050                       * Virka Textile (P) Ltd.
        Jersey Knitting                       less maintenance,           feeder per inch                       * Yuvraj MERCH-X
        Machines                              anti-dust device            feeding system, 4
                                              Quality Wheel fear          track caming
                                              box, High quality cam
                                              surface for improving
                                              sinkers & needle
                                              lifetime and tripping
                                              during emergency
10.42   Single Jersey             15~30%      Higher production                                                 * Pardota Overseas
        Machines with Open                    rate, require less                                                * Yuvraj MERCH-X
        Width Take Up System                  manpower, less
                                              maintenance, smooth
                                              fabric edge cutting,
                                              compressor not
                                              required, tripping
                                              during emergency
10.43   Single Jersey Auto          10%       Faster pattern setting,                                           * Anusam Knitting Mills
        Striper Machines                      generous stitch-                                                  * Yuvraj MERCH-X
                                              forming area, minimum
                                              strain on yarn, reliable
                                              striping of even
                                              extreme fabric
10.44   Terry Knitting Machines   15~30%      Higher production           Single cylinder: 3.75                 * Yuvraj MERCH-X
                                              rate, Inverter motor        inches diameter,                      * Zhuji Fengzu Computer
                                              control, RS-485             Needles: 84 to 144                     Knitting Machine Co. Ltd.
                                              communication               needles, Double
                                              interface, less             picker point & double
                                              maintenance, Vibration      down picker, Speed :
                                              Absorbing system for        300-320 rpm
                                              machine legs, frame
                                              design to withstand at
                                              high speeds, Anti-dust
                                              device and tripping
                                              during emergency
10.45   Float Plating Denim       15~30%      Higher production rate,                                           * Yuvraj MERCH-X
        Machine                               less maintenance, high
                                              quality cam surface,
                                              increase needle
                                              life, tripping during
10.46    Double Knit Electronic   20~30%      Latest generation                                                 * Aroma Tech
        Jacquard Machine                      electronics
10.47    Woven Like Corduroy       5~15%      Higher production rate,                                           * Anusam Knitting Mills
        Machine                               less maintenance,                                                 * Yuvraj MERCH-X
                                              tripping during
10.48    High Speed Circular      20~25%      Higher production rate,                                           * Anusam Knitting Mills
        Knitting Machines                     less maintenance,                                                 * Yuvraj MERCH-X
                                              vibration absorbing
                                              system for machine
                                              legs, inverter controller
                                              motor system, tripping
                                              during emergency

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/       Energy       Other advantages            Specifications       Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                saving                                                          Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                      potential                                                     Incentives
     10.49   High Speed Flexible      30~40%      Sixth generation high-                                          * Juki India Private Limited
             Chip Shooter                         speed modular chip
                                                  shooter, combined with
                                                  the laser centering
                                                  system gives more
                                                  accurate components
     10.50   Grey Heat Setting        20~ 30%     PLC, suitable for          Speed: 3 - 5 meters/                 * Guruson International
                                                  removal of snarling        min, Motor load: 8                   * Jogindra Industries
                                                  and curling effects,       KW, Heating load: 32
                                                  stabilise moisture level   KW, Steam required:
                                                  in dry yarn, variable      100 Kg/Hr
                                                  frequency drive
     10.51   Soft Flow / Jet Flow     30~35%      Variable frequency                                              * Devrekha
             Dyeing Machine (Low                  drive for centrifugal                                           * Whirler Centrifugals Pvt Ltd
             MLR of 1:5 or Lower)                 pump in jet-dyeing
                                                  machine, energy
                                                  saving by avoiding
                                                  pressure loss across
                                                  control valve
     10.52   Squeezer with Slit       15~30%      PLC, magnetic             Working width:                        * Dezhou Yaxing Textile
             Opener                               stretcher, variable       1400mm, Speed: 3                       Machinery Co., Ltd
                                                  frequency drive           rpm, Power: 7.5kw                     * Guruson International
     10.53   Balloon Padding          10~25%      Compact in size, high     Speed range: 0 to 50                  * Q-tek CNC
                                                  durability                Mtrs./min, Variable                   * Swastic Group of Companies
                                                                            frequency control for
                                                                            motors, Squeezer
                                                                            rollers covered 1.4
                                                                            meters with special
                                                                            synthetic Rubber / PU
     10.54   Relax Dryer               5~30%      Optimum residual          2 & 3 pass                            * Swastic Group of Companies
                                                  shrinkage with softer,    tensionless drying
                                                  fuller, bulkier handle of and shrinking system
                                                  fabrics, shape stability with 3 /4 teflon glass
                                                                            conveyors, production
                                                                            capacity: 4-20 Tons
                                                                            / day
     10.55   Specialty Fabric          5~15%      Creaseless drying         Mangle Roll Diameter:                 * Swastic Group of Companies
             Finisher such as                                               300 mm, Roller Width:
             Brushing, Sueding,                                             1200 - 2400 mm,
             Raising, and                                                   Maximum Pressure:
             Compacting                                                     6 Tons, Power: 8 - 10
     10.56   PLC Based Package        10~15%      PLC controlled, highly                                          * Micro Services Group
             Dyeing Machine                       reliable
     10.57   Automatic Hank / Yarn    15~20%      Variable conveyor         Dyeing machine                        * Swastic Group of Companies
             Dyeing Machine                       speed, low fibre          for 54”, 72” and 96”
                                                  loss, equipped with       circumference Yarn
                                                  moisture controller
                                                  or automatic control
                                                  for moisture retention
                                                  prior to blending /
     10.58   Direct-drive, High         10%       Increase in feed,         Power Consumption:                    * Juki India Private Limited
             Speed, Lockstitch                    broadend sewing           400VA
             Machine with Automatic               range, prevent sewing
             Thread Trimmer                       problem

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages           Specifications          Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                            Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                       Incentives
10.59   Lockstitch Machine         5~10%      Easy to operate,          Power Consumption :                     * Juki India Private Limited
        with Automatic Thread                 sure thread trimming      650 VA
        Trimmer                               mechanism
10.60   Semi-dry-head, High       10~15%      Eliminate oil stains on   Maximum sewing                          * Juki India Private Limited
        Speed, Overlock Stitch                sewing product, cutting   speed: 6000 rpm,
        Machine                               edge dry technology       Auotmatic Lubrication
                                              to achieve lubrication
                                              free mechanism
10.61    Computer-                  25%       30 stitch patterns for    Speed: 4200 rpm,                        * Juki India Private Limited
        controlled, High                      buttonhole                Power Consumption:
        Speed, Lockstitching                                            600 VA
        Buttonholing Machine
10.62    Computer-controlled,       25%       Different sewing          Maximum sweing                          * Juki India Private Limited
        High-speed, Lockstitch,               patterns, better seam     speed: 1500 rpm
        Button Sewing Machine                 quality, auto lifter
                                              mechanism, oil stains
                                              are eliminated, sewing
                                              starting point can be
10.63    High-speed, Flatbed,     20~25%      Stitch type as per        Stitch type: 2 / 3                      * Juki India Private Limited
        Top & Bottom                          sewing items,             needles top and
        Coverstitch Machine                   simplified maintenance    bottom covering stitch
10.64    High-speed, Cylinder-    20~25%      Stitch type as per        Stitch type: 2 / 3                      * Juki India Private Limited
        bed, Top & Bottom                     sewing items,             needles top and
        Coverstitch Machine                   simplified maintenance    bottom covering stitch
10.65   Computer-controlled,      10~30%      Faster speed, high        Maximum sewing                          * Juki India Private Limited
        High-speed, Bartacking                productivity, better      speed: 2700 /
        Machine                               seam quality, wider       3000 rpm, Power
                                              sewing area, different    Consumption: 320
                                              sewing pattern            Watts
10.66   Servo-motor Stitching       63%       Clutch-less operation,    Speed: 4000 rpm,                        * Westchester Sewing
        Machines                              variable speed,           Variable speed DC                        Machine Co.
                                              Reverse Motor rotation    servomotor
                                              Up to 4000 RPM /
                                              High Torque 400 watts,
10.67   Clutch Motor Stitching      10%.      Accurate clutch                                                   * ADLEE Powertronic Co.
        Machines with 3-phase                 operation permits                                                  Limited
        Motor                                 instant start / stop,                                             * Wuhu Surmount Machinery
                                              vibration & noise is                                               & Equipment Co., Ltd
10.68   Computerized              15~20%      Advance Dahoo             9 needle, 20 head                       * Laxmi Creation
        Embroidery Machine                    program gives high        area, 1200mm with
                                              quality performance,      double alternate,
                                              colour LCD displays       memory storage of
                                              current embroidery        1000000 stitches & 99
                                              design, use               designs
                                              servomotor, high
10.69   Automatic Printing        10~30%      Auto start / stop         Printing width: 90” /                   * Jaya Industries
        Machine                               with auto counters,       140”, Table length:                     * Screenotex Engineers Pvt.
                                              aluminium honey           100”, Centre of lifting                  Ltd.
                                              comb pallets, half        lever: 1500 / 1200
                                              index to clean screen     mm

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages           Specifications         Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                 saving                                                           Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                       potential                                                      Incentives
     10.70    Industrial Washing       10~15%      Programmable              Capacity: 25 - 100                     * Whirler Centrifugals Pvt Ltd.
             / Drying Machine /                    electronic control,       (Kgs), Drive Motor:
             Tumble Dryers                         timer controlled          1440 rpm, 1 - 3HP,
                                                   operation, cool down      Blower Motor: 2800
                                                   feature to minimize       rpm, 1 - 3HP
                                                   wrinkle to guarantee
                                                   longer fabric life
     10.71   Draw Winder               40~50%      Inverter driven motor     Speed: 1200 meters/                    * Aalidhra Textile Engineers
                                                   drive system offers       min, Width: 10 -18 ft,                  Ltd.
                                                   stepless parameter        Height: 10 ft, Power:
                                                   setting in running        39.2 - 142.18 KW
     10.72   Air Draw Texturising      40~50%      Inverter driven motor     Width; 3.2 meters,                     * Aalidhra Textile Engineers
             Machine                               drive system offers       Height: 3.2 meters,                     Ltd.
                                                   stepless parameter        Power: 28.4 - 36.0
                                                   setting in running        KW
     10.73   Draw Texturising          40~50%      Inverter driven closed    Speed: 1200 meters/                    * Aalidhra Textile Engineers
             Machine                               loop speed control for    min, Power: 88.75 -                     Ltd.
                                                   individual drives         136.5 KW
     10.74   Filament Twisting         40~50%      Electronic NXG Power      Feed: 0.5 - 3.0 Kgs,                   * Aalidhra Textile Engineers
             Soultions                             Saver Control System      Speed: 200 meters/                      Ltd.
     10.75   Spun Twisting             40~50%      Electronic NXG Power      Feed: 0.4 - 2.8 Kgs,                   * Aalidhra Textile Engineers
             Solutions                             Saver Control System      Speed: 70 meters/min                    Ltd.
     10.76   Industrial Twisting       40~50%      Electronic NXG Power      Feed: 2.5 Kgs,                         * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt.Ltd.
             Solutions                             Saver Control System      Takeup: 2 - 10 Kgs,
                                                                             Speed: 200 meters/
     10.77   Thread Manufacturing      40~50%      Electronic NXG Power      Feed: 3.0 Kgs,                         * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt.Ltd.
             Solutions                             Saver Control System      Speed: 120 meters/
                                                                             min, Electronic thread
                                                                             break detector
     10.78   Crepe Yarn Solutions      40~50%      Electronic NXG Power      Feed: 3.0 Kgs, Single                  * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt.Ltd.
                                                   Saver Control System      & double deck design
                                                                             upto 50 meters/min,
                                                                             Electronic thread
                                                                             break detector
     10.79   Automatic Cone            15~20%      Variable frequency                                               * Nota Industries
             Winder                                draive controlled,                                               * Reshmi Industries (India)
                                                   vacuum sensor &                                                   Pvt Ltd.
                                                   electronic circuit to                                            * Veejay Lakshmi Engineering
                                                   optimize suction                                                  Works Limited
     10.80   Yarn Guided Machine       10~30%
             with Precision Crossing
             with Inverter Control
     10.81   Tape Winder (Using        10~30%                                                                       * Lohia Starlinger Ltd.
             Frequency Drive)
     10.82   High Speed Shuttleless                                                                                 * Ningbo Keguang Mechanical
             Velcro Machine                                                                                           & Electrical Products Co.
     10.83   Water Jet Looms             50%        High Speed, low          Shedding: Plain or                     * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   vibration, lowest power   Dobby, Power: 1.5
                                                   consumption per meter     - 2.7 KW
                                                   of fabric manufactured
     10.84   Air Jet Looms               50%       Lowest power              Shedding: Plain or                     * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   consumption per meter     Dobby or Jacquard,
                                                   of fabric manufactured    Speed: Upto 800 rpm,
                                                                             Power: 2.2 - 3.0 KW

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages               Specifications       Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                             Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                        Incentives
10.85   Rapier Looms                50%       Lower production              Shedding: Plain or                   * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd.
                                              cost due to higher            Dobby or Jacquard,
                                              efficiency                    microprocessor
                                                                            control, electronic
10.86   Jacquard Machine with                                                                                    * Bonas Textile Machinery NV
        Electronic Control
10.87   Water-tube Boilers (by     2~5%       Higher steam output,          Steam 120 TPH at                     * Alidhra Weavetech Pvt. Ltd.
        Replacing Conventional                higher pressures &            pressure 65 Kg / cm2                 * Fire Cad Technologies
        Smoke-tube Boiler)                    higher temperature            at temperature 500
10.88   Condensate Recovery       20~40%      Depend on the                 Designed based on                    * Forbes Marshal
        & Recycle System                      pressure during               exhaust temperature
                                              condensation, water
                                              temperature may
                                              be 100 degC or
                                              more. Sub-cooled
                                              condensate is below
                                              99 degC.
10.89    Heat Recovery             5~10%      Reduce auxiliary              Designed based on                    * Heatech Engineers
        Systems for Boilers                   energy consumption,           exhaust temperature                  * Transparent Energy Systems
        (Economizer, Air Pre-                 equipment size, fuel                                                Private Limited
        heater)                               consumption, pollution
10.90    High Efficiency Diesel     10%        Able to the rated load       Range: 7.5 KW to 2.7                 * Acoustic Power Gensets
        Generating Sets with                  within 10 seconds in          MW                                   * Asian Diesel Corporation
        High Specific Energy                  a single step, high
        Generation Ratio                      reliability, low life cycle
                                              cost, low operating
                                              and maintenance cost
10.91   Energy Efficient Fan,     25~30%      Lesser heat generated,        IEC 60335-2-40                       * Aerovent Projects Pvt.
        Blower, Pump                          reduced maintenance                                                 Limited
                                              requirements                                                       * R. K. Engineering Works
10.92   Energy Efficient Motor     3~7%       Longer life, lesser           JISC4212 Over                        * Dhara Electicals
                                              maintenance, less             98% High Voltage,                    * Hindustan Electric Motors
                                              vibration and high            IS 12615, IS 325,
                                              reliability                   IS4722, IEC 34,
                                                                            IEEMA : 19-2000,
                                                                            EFF1, BS EN 60034-
10.93   Variable Frequency        25~30%      Extended equipment            Frequency: 48 - 63                   * ABB India
        Drives for Fan, Blower,               life, reduced                 Hz, Range: 0.18kVA                   * Sirus Electonet India Pvt.
        Pump                                  maintenance, reduced          - 6000 kVA                            Ltd.
                                              peak demand,                                                       * Vacon Drives and Controls
                                              safety against power                                                Pvt Ltd.
10.94   Automatic Power             10%       Reduce reactive               IEC 831-1/2 , IEC                    * Baron Power Ltd.
        Factor Controller                     power, reduce total           439-1, IEC/EN 61010-                 * Epcos India Pvt. Ltd.
                                              current from the              1, IEC/EN 61000-6-2,
                                              source                        CISPR 11/EN 55011
11      Engineering
11.1    Energy Efficient Air      30~50%      Easy to install and           ASME B19.1
        Compressors                           operate
11.2    Variable Frequency        25~30 %     Extend equipment life,        Frequency 48 to
        Drive for Screw                       reduce maintenance,           63 Hz, efficiency at
        Compressors                           reduce peak demand,           nominal power is 98%
                                              safety against power

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages            Specifications           Financial/   Name of Equipment
             Technology                 saving                                                              Fiscal        Supplier(s)
                                       potential                                                         Incentives
     11.3    Heat of Compression         40%       Replacement of             Recyclable
             Air Dryers (Replacing                 desiccant air drier with   Refrigerated Dryer
             Desiccant Air Dryer)                  refrigerated dryer, less
                                                   maintenance as no
                                                   moving parts
     11.4    Variable Frequency        25~30%      Smooth start / stop,       Frequency: 48 - 63
             Drive for Oil Pimp in                 increase life              Hz, Range: 0.18kVA
             Hydraulic Power Pacs                                             - 6000 kVA
     11.5    Energy Efficient            25%       Improve in suction         Flow Rate: 19.04
             Exhaust Fans                                                     m3/s, Total Pressure:
                                                                              34.83 (mm of water
     11.6     Variable Frequency       25~30%      Smooth start / stop,       Frequency: 48 - 63
             Drive for Hot Air                     increase life              Hz, Range: 0.18kVA
             Circulation Fan for                                              - 6000 kVA
             Preheating Furnace
     11.7     Ceramic Fiber             2~4%.      Reduce surface             Design as per
             Insulation for Batch                  temperature,               requirement
             Furnaces                              minimised convention
                                                   & radiation losses,
                                                   improve safety
     11.8    Air Preheater (for         5~30%.     Reduce auxiliary           Design waste heat
             Furnace Flue Gas                      energy consumption,        recovery system
             Waste Heat Recovery)                  equipment size, fuel       based on exhaust
                                                   consumption, pollution     temperature
     11.9    CNC Cutting Machine       45~50%      Higher productivity,       Available in various
             with End Former                       dimensional accuracy,      specifications and can
                                                   require less manpower      customized
                                                   skill, consistency in
     11.10   Full Automatic CNC        45~50%      Automatic feed,
             Return Bender                         produce return bends
                                                   at high production
     11.11   Automatic Ring Sizing     45~50%      Higher productivity,       Rounding dies: 17
             and Loading Machine                   require less               pieces, Net / Gross
                                                   maintenance                Weight (Kgs): 50 / 75,
                                                                              Dimensions (mm):
                                                                              520 x 320 x 230,
                                                                              Shipping Volume
                                                                              (m3): 0.04
     11.12   CNC Verticial             45~50%      Higher productivity,
             Machining Centre                      dimensional accuracy,
                                                   require less manpower
                                                   skill, consistency in
     11.13    Vacuum Holding           25~30%      Higher productivity,
             for Non-Ferrous                       higher accuracy
             Components for High
             Speed Milling
     11.14    CNC Co-ordinate          25~30%      Higher productivity,
             Measuring Machine                     higher accuracy
     11.15    CNC Sharpening           15~30%      Higher productivity,                                CLCSS
             and Profile Grinding,                 dimensional accuracy,
             Automatic Broach                      require less manpower
             Shappening Machine                    skill, consistency in
     11.16   Turning Machine with      30~35%.     Variable frequency                                  CLCSS
             Variable Frequency                    drive, high speed
             Drive with Regenerative               machining
             Braking System

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages            Specifications       Financial/          Name of Equipment
        Technology                  saving                                                          Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                   potential                                                     Incentives
11.17   Servo Electric Turret      10~20%      Punching force: 20 /
        Punch Machine                          30 ton, compact size,
                                               low maintenance
11.18   Abrasive Assisted High     20~30%      High cutting speed,        Abrasive waterjet
        Pressure Water Jet                     Improve cutting            cutting head: 6200 /
        Cutting                                quality, no material       4100 bar
                                               deformation caused
                                               by heat, no change
                                               in metal structure, no
                                               heat affected zones,
                                               No hazardous fumes
                                               and vapours
11.19   Inverter Based Welding       60%       Faster response time,      IGBT-400. IGBT-500,
        Machine                                low ripple, smaller in     IGBT-600
                                               size & lighter in weight
                                               hence portable, better
                                               weld quality
11.20    CNC Plasma Cutting        40~45%                                                                      * CNP Engineers
11.21    Double Polishing            30%                                                                       * Pyung Chang Machinery
        Machine (with Inverter                                                                                     Co. Ltd
11.22    Pressure Die Casting                                                                                  * Buhler Druckguss AG
11.23    Semi Automatic Pillar     30~40%                                                                      * Flowmech Engineers (P) Ltd.
        Type Hydraulic Hot
        Moulding Press (with
        PLC Control)
11.24    CNC Electronic Spring                                                                                 * WAFIOS AG
        Control Machine
11.25    Fully Automatic           20~25%                                                                      *
        Hydraulic Hot Chamber
        with Diesel Burner
11.26    Rotary Table Machine      10~30%                                                                      * Surface Engineering
        for Surface Finishing
        and Polishing (with
        Inverter Speed
11.27    CNC Punching              25~30%      NC Control                                                      * Murata Machinery (Shaghai)
        Forming Machine                                                                                            Co. Ltd.
11.28    CNC Based Gear                                                                                        * Klingelnberg, Francis Klein &
        Tester                                                                                                     Co. Pvt. Ltd.
11.29    Open Back Double          30~40%                                                                      * Jiansu Yangli Group
        Point Press – PLC
11.30    Automatic Transfer Unit   35~40%                                                                      * Lee Yih Automation Co.
11.31    CNC Garter Spring         35~40%                                                                      * YHM Springtech Machinery
        Former                                                                                                     Co.
11.32    Electro-Hydraulic CNC     25~30%                                                                      * TRUMPF (India) Pvt. Ltd.
        Punching Machine                                                                                       * Murata Machinery (Shaghai)
                                                                                                                   Co. Ltd.
11.33   Automatic NC Control                                                                                   * TRUMPF (India) Pvt. Ltd.
        Bending Machine
11.34   Sensor Oxy – Height                                                                                    * Hypertherm, Inc.
        Control (OHC) and
        Sensor Plasma Height
        Control (PHC)
11.35   Gasifier Based Heat        20~30%      Utilize clean energy                                            * ENCON Thermal Engineers
        Treatment Furnace                                                                                          Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                               * Shanghai Esong Mining
                                                                                                                   Machinery Co.

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages           Specifications         Financial/          Name of Equipment
             Technology                  saving                                                           Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                        potential                                                      Incentives
     11.36    Insulated Gate Bipolar    30~40%      High power factor                                                * Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
             Transistor Based                       (0.95), can start up at                                              (Welding Products Business)
             Inverter                               any load, automatic
                                                    power & frequency
     11.37    Cylinder Block Boring     10~30%                                                                       * AMC-SCHOU AS
             and Milling Machine
             (with Variable Speed
             and Cycle Control)
     11.38    Duplex Roller Polishing   40~50%      Consistent cleaning,                                             * Innovative Technologies
             Machine                                60% time saving in
                                                    brushing operation,
                                                    easy brush
                                                    replacement, hi-speed
                                                    turbine blower for
                                                    inside hole cleaning
     11.39   Hollow Heading
     11.40   Heading Machine with
             Semi Cover
     11.41   Nut Former Machine
     11.42   Laser Marking Machine                                                                                   * Sahajanand Laser
                                                                                                                         Technology Ltd.
     11.43    Double End                                                                                             *
             Chamfering Machine for
     11.44    Heavy Duty Plano          10~30%                                                                       * Sagar Engineering Works
             Milling Machine (using                                                                                  * Simplex Engineering Works
             AC Variable Drive)
     11.45    Heavy Duty Multi-         10~30%
             coil Electromagnetic
             Rectangular Chuck
             (with Variable Control
     11.46    NC Hydralic Shearing
     11.47    NC Flame Cutting
     11.48    CNC Spring Making
     11.49    CNC Wire Bending
     11.50    Plano Miller with 3
             Cutting Head
     11.51    Electro Permanent         90~95%      No battery backup         Beam weight: 750                       * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
             Magnetic - Plate                       required, magnetic        - 3300 kg, Nos.
             Handling System                        power remains             of magnets: 5 - 8,
                                                    constant & will not       Lifting capacity: 2000
                                                    release the lifted load   - 16000 kg, Power
                                                    even if power fails, no   consumption: 15KW
                                                    maintenance               x 2sec
     11.52   Electro Permanent          90~95%      System length can         Beam weight: 1500                      * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
             Magnetic - Telescopic                  be adjusted based         - 3800 kg, Nos. of
             Spreader Beam                          on plate length being     magnets: 8, Lifting
                                                    handled                   capacity: 4000 -
                                                                              16000 kg

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages            Specifications            Financial/       Name of Equipment
        Technology                  saving                                                               Fiscal            Supplier(s)
                                   potential                                                          Incentives
11.53   Electro Permanent          90~95%      Self tilting mechanism,    Beam weight: 2000-                        * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
        Magnetic - Tilting Plate               spreader beam              4000 kg, Nos. of
        Handling                               fitted with elastic        magnets: 4 - 6, Lifting
                                               suspension, radio          capacity: 4000 -
                                               remote control             16000 kg
11.54   Electro Permanent          90~95%      Used for storing /         Beam weight: 800                          * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
        Magnetic - Billet                      unloading / handling       - 3000 kgs, Nos.
        Handling Machine                       of billet, handling of     of magnets: 4 - 6,
                                               Billets upto 600 degC      Lifting capacity: 4000
                                                                          - 16000 kg
11.55   Modular Electro            90~95%      Magnets safety factor      Self weight: 20 - 90                      * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
        Permanent Magnets                      of 3, multiple modules     kgs, Lifting capacity:
                                               can be added to            300 - 2000 kg
                                               handle longer plates,
                                               can be used as robotic
11.56   Battery Operated           90~95%      No battery power           Lifting falt load: 1500                   * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
        Electro Permanent                      required for magnets       - 5000 kg, Self weight:
        Magnetic Lifter                        to be on, radio remote     120 - 375 kg
                                               control, comfortable for
                                               operators even at odd
                                               site conditions
11.57   Heavy Duty EPM             90~95%      High clamping force,       Modular elements                          * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
        Systems for Rail                       accurate & uniform         with approximately
        Machining                              clamping, perfect          1000 mm length each
                                               alignment to the rail,
                                               absence of machine
11.58   EPM Modules for Fast       90~95%      Fail proof holding         Electrical Input: 15                      * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
        Mould Clamping                         system for mould           kVA, 25 kVA, 32 kVA,
                                               during power failure,      Magnet thickness: 50
                                               helps to change mould      - 53 mm
                                               very fast
11.59   Electro Permanent          90~95%      Universal clamping                                                   * East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
        Magnetic                               directly on magnetic
        Chucks(MAGNASLOT)                      chuck
12      Food Processing
12.1     Improved Oven             15~45%      Improve in quality,                                  CLCSS
        with Heat Recovery                     reduce breakage,
        Equipment (Puffed                      reduce pollution
12.2     Oil Fired Oven;           30~50%      Less wood                                            CLCSS           * Sahora Impex India Private
        Biomass Fueled                         consumption,                                                          Limited
        Multipurpose Drier;                    improve in working
        Energy Efficient Wood                  environment
        Fired Low Cost Bakery
        Oven (Bakery Products
12.3    Energy Efficient Boiler    20~30%      Reduce equipment           IS 14492:1997                             * Thermax Ltd.
        with Heat Recovery                     size, reduce auxiliary
        (Cashew Processing)                    energy consumption,
                                               reduce pollution
12.4     Energy Efficient Boiler   20~30%      Reduce equipment           IS 14492:1997                             * Thermax Ltd.
        with Heat Recovery                     size, reduce auxiliary
        (Parboiled Rice Mill)                  energy consumption,
                                               reduce pollution

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages        Specifications      Financial/       Name of Equipment
             Technology                 saving                                                     Fiscal            Supplier(s)
                                       potential                                                Incentives
     12.5     Biomass Gasifier         35~60%      Utilize clean energy                       CLCSS           * Ankur Scientific Energy
             Based Furnace                                                                                     Technology Pvt Ltd.
             (Namkeen Making)                                                                                 * Radhe Renewable Energy
                                                                                                               Development Pvt Ltd.
     12.6    Automatic Fruits          15~40%      Improve product                            CLCSS           * Jas Enterprises
             and Bottles Washing                   quality, better working                                    * SSP Pvt Limited
             Machine with Conveyor,                environment, improve
             Blower, Pump and                      productivity
             Agitator, Fruits and
             Vegetable Cutting
             Machine, Stainless
             Steel Double Walled
             Steam Jacketed
             Kettles, Boiler, Pulper
     12.7     Spice Grinding           20~30%      Improve product                            CLCSS
             (Cryogenic Grinding,                  quality, increase in
             Automatic FFS                         production by 2 / 3
             Packaging)                            times, improve product
                                                   shelf life
     12.8    Replacing Semi-           25~40%      Improve productivity                       CLCSS           * Pritul Machines
             mechanisation to                      & quality, require less                                    * Sarlech Electro Systems
             Mechanisation Bakery                  manpower
             Process, Replacement
             of Coal / Wood Fired
             Oven to Oil Fired /
             Electric Oven, Biomass
             Fired Multipurpose
             Drier, Energy Efficient
             Low Cost Bakery
             Oven (Wood Fired)
             Installation of Qualit
     12.9     Cashew Processing        15~30%      Improve productivity                       CLCSS           * Accurate Engineering
             (Boiler, Heat Exchanger               & quality, require less                                     Industries
             with Complete                         manpower                                                   * VARAJ Engineering
             Accessories, Packaging
             Machine, etc.)
     12.10    Rice Milling with        10~30%      Improve product                            CLCSS           * Perfect Equipments
             Rubber Roller Sum                     quality
             Sheller (Without
             Parboiling) and
             Modern Rice Milling
             with Parboiling (Paddy
             Cleaner, Destoner,
             Rubber Roller Cum
             Sheller, Paddy
             Separator, Boiler,
             Par- boiling System,
             Dryer, Colour Sorter,
             Cone Polisher, Quality
     12.11    Fryer Machine with       20~25%      Precise process                                            * Dynamech Engineers
             Conveyor Belt & Bucket                control, easy to                                           * Economode Food Equipment
             Elevator (Namkeen)                    operate, improve                                            Pvt Ltd
                                                   product quality
     12.12   Palates - Kukure Line     20~25%      Improved productivity                                      * Economode Food Equipment
             Machine with Packing                  and quality                                                 Pvt Ltd

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages             Specifications         Financial/          Name of Equipment
        Technology                  saving                                                             Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                   potential                                                        Incentives
12.13   Packing Machine - Bag      10~15%      Improve productivity &                                             * Akash Pack tech (P) Ltd.
        Maker & Weigher                        quality, high precision,                                           * Global K Associates
                                               improve product self

12.14   Namkeen Mixing             30~40%      Uniform mixing, Easy                                               * Economode Food Equipment
        Machine                                to operate                                                          Pvt Ltd
12.15   Oil Fired Rotary Rack      15~30%      Uniform baking,                                                    * HCS Enterproses
        Oven                                   improve quality                                                    * Naik Oven Manuafacturing
                                               through proper air                                                  Co.
12.16   # Prover                     35%       Separate system for  Nos. of Trays: 22 x                           * CS Aerotherm Pvt. Ltd.
                                               heating & humidity,  400 - 600 mm, Power:                          * Ningbo Sybo Machinery Co.
                                               durable & reliable   2.6 KW
12.17   Spiral Mixer                5~10%      Improve quality                                                    * Himalyan Equipment
                                               through homogeneous                                                 Manufacturing Co.
12.18   Automatic Rinsing,         10~15%      Improve productivity                                               * Meena Engineering Works
        Filling & Capping                      & quantity, easy to                                                * Pioneer Water Solutions
        Machine for PET                        operate & control
12.19   Automatic Rinsing,         10~15%      Improve productivity                                               * Meena Engineering Works
        Filling & Capping                      & quantity, easy to                                                * Pioneer Water Solutions
        Machine for Glass                      operate & control
12.20    Shrink Sleeve Inserting   10~15%      Improve productivity                                               * Bullion Flexipack Pvt Ltd
        Machine                                & quantity, easy to
                                               operate & control
12.21   # Dough Sheeter            10-30%      Variable speed              Cylinder length:                       * Artisan Engineering Works
                                               machine, chromium           570 mm, Cylinder                       * CS Aerotherm Pvt. Ltd.
                                               plated rolling cylinder     diameter: 60 mm,
                                               regulates to press and      Cylinder opening: 0 to
                                               roll thin or thick dough    40 mm, Motor: 1.0 HP
                                               perfectly, scraper can
                                               easily removed to
12.22   # Rotary Rack Oven         30-40%      Illuminating elements       Rotary Rack Oven                       * Artisan Engineering Works
                                               outside main heating        Tray Size: 450 mm x                    * CS Aerotherm Pvt. Ltd.
                                               chamber with off            450 mm, Connected                      * Pritul Machines
                                               facility                    load: 1.5 KW
12.23   # Deck Oven                25-30%      Special burner,             Heat load: 28 MJ/hr,                   * Artisan Engineering Works
                                               improved compartment        Gas consumption:                       * CS Aerotherm Pvt. Ltd.
                                               design                      0.48 kg/hr
12.24   # Planetary Mixer          30-40%      Performs efficient          Capacity: 9 - 72 Ltrs,                 * Artisan Engineering Works
                                               mixing, interlocked         Power: 0.3 - 3.0 HP                    * CS Aerotherm Pvt. Ltd.
                                               safety guard,
                                               emergency stop, motor
                                               cooling system to
                                               ensure safe & smooth
12.25   # Cookie Drop              25-30%      Adjustable speed &          Capacity: 100 - 120                    * CS Aerotherm Pvt. Ltd.
                                               time of depositing          Kg/Hr, Dropping point:                 * Goodlife Technologies Pvt.
                                               roller, adjustable          6 Nos. Power: 1.5 /                     Ltd
                                               speed of nozzle             2.5 KW
12.26   # Air Dryer                  40%       Provides pressure           Capacity range: 10.6                   * Delair India Pvt. Ltd.
        – Refrigerated Air                     dewpoint down to            - 996 cfm
        Compressor Type                        4°C, display to read
                                               dewpoint / operating
                                               status / fault indication

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/          Energy       Other advantages            Specifications             Financial/          Name of Equipment
             Technology                   saving                                                                Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                         potential                                                           Incentives
     12.27   # Cashew Peeling             25-40%     Increase temperature       Capacity: 100 kg/h,                        * Viet Mold Machine
             Machine with Screw                      automatically in           Power: 1.7kw, Air                            Production Trading Services
             Compressor                              short time span,           Pressure: 5 - 10 Kg                          Co Ltd.
                                                     continuously duty                                                     * Vinayaka Engineering Works
                                                     cycle, maintenance &
                                                     clearing easily
     12.28   Biomass Gasifier            35~60%      Utilize clean energy,                                 CLCSS           * Ankur Scientific Energy
             Based Furnace                           reduce CO2 emission                                                    Technology Pvt Ltd.
                                                                                                                           * Radhe Renewable Energy
                                                                                                                            Development Pvt Ltd.
     12.29    Carbon Molecuar Sieve      10~15%      Improve quality, longer                                               * MVS House
             for Nitrogen Generation                 life, low maintenance                                                 * Oxygengenerator
     12.30    Heat Recovery System       20~30%      Improve working
             for Aircondenser                        environment
     12.31    Improved Oil Burners        5~10%      Complete combustion,                                                  * Aerotherm systems
             (Biscuit Plant)                         improve working                                                       * Wesman India
                                                     environment, improve
     12.32   High Efficiency Fan at      10~15%      improve mechanical                                                    * Roots Enviro Systems (P)
             Wheat Godown                            driving system life,                                                   Ltd
                                                     lower noise, longer                                                   * Vaccunair Engineering Co
                                                     fan life                                                               Pvt Ltd.
     13      Brick
     13.1    Vertical Shaft Brick Kiln     50%       uniform temperature,                                  CLCSS           * Damle Clay Structurals (P)
                                                     occupy less space,                                                     Ltd.
                                                     less drying time, less
     14      Auto Components
     14.1     Falling Film Evaporator     5~10%      High heat transfer rate,                                              * Dalal Engineering Private
             (Re-refining of                         lower liquid circulation                                               Limited
             Lubricating Oil)                        rates (smaller pump),                                                 * Raj Process Equipments and
                                                     suitable at low                                                        Systems Private Limited
                                                     temperature difference
     14.2     Wiped Film Evaporator       5~10%      Evaporation at low                                                    * Dalal Engineering Private
             (Re-refining of                         temperature, short                                                     Limited
             Lubricating Oil)                        residence time, self                                                  * Raj Process Equipments and
                                                     cleaning or wiping of                                                  Systems Private Limited
                                                     heat transfer surface,
                                                     suitable for viscous
     14.3    Fine Grinding (CBN          10~30%      Better surface finish,                                                * Abrasive Technology
             Surface Grinding                        less material loss                                                    * Asia Machines
             Machine)                                                                                                      * Khan Machines
     14.4    Gas Fired / Oil Crucible    5~30%.      Superior fuel              Furnace temperature                        * Electroil
             Melting Furnace                         efficiency, precise        upto 1400 degC,                            * Meta Therm Furnace Pvt.
                                                     temperature control,       Power rating: 5 - 200                       Ltd.
                                                     central axis tilting       kw, Temperature
                                                     or lip axis hydraulic      control through PID
                                                     tilting type furnace are   controller and thyristor
                                                     excellent for melting
                                                     & pouring directly into
     14.5    CNC Wire Cut                30~60%      Good surface finish,                                                  * Sanki Machine Tools India
                                                     high performance in                                                    Pvt. Limited
                                                     machining                                                             * Savita Machine Tools Pvt.

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages            Specifications         Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                            Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                       Incentives
14.6    CNC Milling               30~60%      Higher productivity,                                              * Macpower CNC Machines
                                              dimensional accuracy,                                              Pvt. Ltd.
                                              require less manpower                                             * TAL Manufacturing Solutions
                                              skill, consistency in                                              Ltd.
14.7    CNC Lathe                 30~60%      Higher productivity,                                              * Khan Machines
                                              dimensional accuracy,                                             * Macpower CNC Machines
                                              require less manpower                                              Pvt. Ltd.
                                              skill, consistency in                                             * TAL Manufacturing Solutions
                                              quality                                                            Ltd.
14.8     Gas Based Generator        10%       environmental-friendly,    Power rating: 80                       * DSR Power Systems
        set                                   economical, high           - 1430 KVA & 1606                      * Reddy Generators
                                              efficient, low emission,   - 8150 KVA
                                              low noise and etc.,
                                              energy saving
                                              potential assessed
                                              based on energy cost
14.9    Computerized                10%       Help to provide coating    Design as per                          * Metal Colours Limited
        Automatic                             on various metals like     requirement                            * Nirankari Electro Platers
        Electroplating / Zinc                 zinc, nickel, silver,                                             * Rama Machinery
        Plants                                gold, etc., reduce                                                 Manufacturing Industries
                                              labour cost, improve
                                              quality, reduce
                                              environment pollution
14.10   Heavy Duty Horizontal     30~60%      Higher productivity,                                              * Macpower CNC Machines
        Machining Center                      consistency in quality,                                            Pvt. Ltd.
                                              excellent finish                                                  * TAL Manufacturing Solutions
14.11   CNC Hydraulic Press       30~60%      Improve quality,        Capacity: 80 - 3000                       * NuGen Machineries Ltd.
        Brake                                 accuracy & productivity MT                                        * Machine Tool Manufacture
                                                                                                                 Co. Ltd.
14.12   Automatic Electrostatic   10~15%      Uniform & deep power       Manual & Automatic                     * Gallant Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
        Powder Coating                        penetration, higher        series
        Machine                               transfer efficiency,
                                              quality finish
14.13   Conveyorised Powder         5%.       Precise temperature        Temperature range:                     * A K Enterprises
        Coating Curing Oven                   control, longer            upto 2500 degC, Fuel:                  * Red Line Industries Limited
                                              functionality              electric or fuel fired
14.14    CNC Milling Machine      30~60%      Higher productivity,                                              * Macpower CNC Machines
        – Vertical Machining                  consistency in quality,                                            Pvt. Ltd.
        Centre                                low maintenance                                                   * TAL Manufacturing Solutions
14.15   PVD (Multi-arc Ion)       10~15%       Low running cost,         Range: Small,                          * Huicheng Vacuum
        Coating Machine                       higher productivity,       medium and large                        Technology Co. Ltd.
                                              less pollution             PVD System                             * Sanovac Technology Limited
14.16   CNC 3 Axes Hobbing        25~35%      Dry cutting without                                               * Kashifuji
        Machine                               using coolant, improve
                                              quality, improve
14.17   Sealed Quench             15~25%      Prevent oxide              Temperature range:                     * J.R. Furnace & Ovens (P)
        Furnace (use of                       formation as treatment     upto 1100 degC                          Ltd.
        Thyristor Power                       is in protective                                                  * Uma Shankar Engineers
        Controller and PLC)                   atmosphere, automatic                                             * WESMAN GROUP
                                              operation of treatment
                                              / transfer, quick
                                              change-over, require
                                              less space

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages            Specifications        Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                  saving                                                           Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                        potential                                                      Incentives
     14.18   Paint Shop with Waste        25%       Utilise waste heat,        Design as per                         * Transparent Energy Systems
             Heat Recovery System                   reduce pollution,          requirement                            Private Limited
                                                    reduce equipment                                                 * WESMAN GROUP
                                                    size, reduction
                                                    auxiliary energy
     14.19   # CNC Hydraulic            25-30%      Cutting angle                                                    * Singhal Power Presses Pvt.
             Guillotine Shearing                    automatically adjusted                                            Ltd.
             Press                                  to sheet thickness,
                                                    programmable by
                                                    CYBELEC control unit,
                                                    versatile machine
     14.20   # CNC Turret Punch         25-30%      Higher productivity,     Auto Index machine.                     * Trustwell Industries
             Press                                  produce variety of       Table length: 3.0
                                                    components without       meters, Ssheet size:
                                                    re-tooling, suitable for 1270 x 3000 mm
                                                    regular & repetitive job (auto repositioning
                                                                             beyond 1500 mm),
     14.21   # Heavy Duty Injection     15-25%      Variable speed drive,    Hydraulic gear                          * Bosch Limited
             Pump Test Bench (with                  expandable compound pump motor: 1.0                              * Maneklal and Sons (Exports)
             Variable Frequency                     pulley system, dual      HP, Electronic Multi
             Drive)                                 belt fitting, auto align Stroke: 100 - 1200 in
                                                                             steps of 100 strokes,
                                                                             Injector nozzle: 175
     14.22   # Continuous Gas                       PLC automatic system                                             * Thermotech Engineering
             Carburising Furnace                    with Hmi & computer                                               Company
             with Endogas                           controlled                                                       * Vibrant Thermal Engineering
     15      Castings & Forging
     15.1     Mechanical Pneumatic        15%       Higher productivity,                             CLCSS           * Charika Industries
             Clutch Operated Crank                  lower cutting loss,                                              * Ravi Power Press
             Type Billet Shearing                   lesser wear &                                                    * Shailesh Group of Industries
             Press (Stock Cutting)                  maintenance, reduce
                                                    operating cost
     15.2     Pneumatic Double            30%       Higher productivity,                             CLCSS           * N-Teryair Equipment Pvt. Ltd
             Acting Hammer (Forge                   less maintenance cost,                                           * Pioneer Intertrade
             shop)                                  high forging accuracy,                                           * PRD Rigs
                                                    higher blow frequency,
                                                    easy & safe operation
     15.3    Microprocessor Based         25%       High productivity,                               CLCSS           * Dhiwren Hydraulics
             Energy Controlled,                     controlled blow                                                  * Hari Machines Limited
             Pneumatic Clutch                       pattern, less                                                    * NKH Hammers
             Operated, Screw                        manpower skill
             Friction Presses (Forge                requirement
     15.4    Hydraulic Double             60%       Precision forging, high                          CLCSS           * Anyang Forging Press
             Acting Hammer (Forge                   productivity, reduce                                              Machinery Industry Co. Ltd.
             Shop)                                  maintenance                                                      * Haian Baixie Forging
                                                                                                                      Hammer Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                     * LASCO Umformtechnik
     15.5    Multi Station Horizontal   30~40%      Precision forging to                             CLCSS           * Harbin Machinery Imp. &
             Formers (Forge Shop)                   minimise post forging                                             Exp. Co., Ltd.
                                                    operation, less raw                                              * Shanghai Electric
                                                    material wastage,                                                  International Economic &
                                                    high production rate,                                              Trading Co. Ltd.
                                                    automation feasible                                              * Vision Screws Machinery
                                                                                                                       Manufacture Co. Ltd.

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages           Specifications       Financial/       Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                         Fiscal            Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                    Incentives
15.6    Hot Shearing              15~20%      Lower operation         AS 4024.3002           CLCSS           * A.S. Precision Machines
        Automatic Forging                     cost, require less                                              Pvt. Ltd.
        Presses (Forge Shop)                  manpower, high                                                 * Ravi Power Press
                                              productivity, better                                           * Santec Exim Private Limited
                                              control systems
15.7    Reduce Rolling            20~30%      Higher productivity,                           CLCSS           * A.S. Precision Machines
        Machine (Forge Shop)                  require less                                                    Pvt. Ltd.
                                              manpower, operation                                            * Singhs Industries
                                              at various cross                                               * SMT Machines (India)
                                              sectional area & length                                         Limited
15.8     Gas Fired High           10~15%      Reduce scale loss,      DEF STAN 02-746,       CLCSS           * Dhanaprakash Industrial
        Temperature Furnace                   facilitate automation,  BS EN 14597:2005                        Corp.
        with Automatic                        quality improvement                                            * ENCON THERMAL
        Temperature Controller                                                                                ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
        & Recorder (Heat                                                                                     * Meta Therm Furnace Pvt.
        Treatment)                                                                                            Ltd.
15.9     Fluidized Bed Heat       50~75%      Flexible operation                             CLCSS           * Agnee Engineering
        Treatment Line with                   to handle small                                                * Fluidtherm Technology Pvt.
        Controlled Atmosphere                 batche, controlled                                              Ltd.
        & Recuperators (Heat                  atmosphere minimize                                            * Pyromaster Furnaces Pte.
        Treatment)                            decarburisation,                                                Ltd.
                                              require less space,
                                              reduce scale loss
15.10    Medium Frequency           10%       Rapid heating and         IEC 62076 Ed.        CLCSS           * Doshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
        Induction Heaters (Heat               quenching, less           1.0 b:2006, ISO                      * Eddymelt
        Treatment)                            oxidation loss, improve   TC 244, ISO/NP                       * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
                                              quality, low operating    13577/13578/13579,
                                              cost,                     IEC 60519-1
15.11    Natural Gas Fired        30~70%      Eco-friendly, low power    ISO 3046-1, VDE     CLCSS           * Cummins India Ltd.
        Power Generating Set                  generation cost, high     0530                                 * Green Power International
        (Utility)                             fuel efficiency                                                 Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                             * Sudhir Gensets
15.12    CNC Turning Center         25%       Precision machining,      ASME B5.57, ISO      CLCSS           * Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd.
        (Tool Room)                           improve quality, higher   14649, EN12478                       * Macpower CNC Machines
                                              productivity                                                    Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                             * Proteck Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
15.13    CNC Milling Machine        25%       Precision machining,      BS 4656-30, ISO      CLCSS           * Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd.
        (Tool Room)                           improve quality, higher   14649                                * Ravi Power Press
                                              productivity                                                   * Sunita Engineering
15.14   Electro Discharge         40~60%      Precision machining,      DIN EN 12957,        CLCSS           * Rajsen Machines Tools
        Machine (Tool Room)                   improve quality, higher   JIS B 6361-2:1999                    * Sanprem Consultants
                                              productivity                                                   * Savita Machine Tools Pvt.
15.15    CNC Wire Cut Machine     15~30%      Suitable to cut           IS 5574,             CLCSS           * Electronica HiTech
        (Tool Room)                           intricate shapes and      B107.37:2003                          Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
                                              tight radius contours,                                         * MD Corporation
                                              precision machining,                                           * Param TechnoSystem Pvt.
                                              better dimensional                                              Ltd.
                                              accuracy with high
                                              quality surface finish,
                                              improve quality
15.16    Fully Automatic CNC      30~60%      Better tolerance &        IS 13360,            CLCSS           * Santec Exim Private Limited
        Injection Moulding                    accuracy, improve         EN201:2009, GOST                     * Tata Precision Industries
        Machine (Tool Room)                   repeatability, produce    26689:1985                            (India) Ltd.
                                              smooth & finished                                              * Windsor Machines Limited
                                              products that require
                                              no further finishing

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/       Energy       Other advantages            Specifications         Financial/          Name of Equipment
             Technology                saving                                                            Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                      potential                                                       Incentives
     15.17   Bell Annealing Furnace   20~30%      Uniform temperature,       JIS B 6911:1999, IS                    * Meta Therm Furnace Pvt.
                                                  improve & consistent       10810                                   Ltd.
                                                  product quality,                                                  * Technotherma India (Pvt)
                                                  efficient use of furnace                                           Ltd.
                                                  by cooling in inner                                               * The Wesman Engineering
                                                  cover, require less                                                Company Pvt. Ltd.
     15.18   Cold Forging Bolt          60%       Produce no material        BS 1473, ASTM                          * Daljit Engineering Works
             Former                               waste, high product        A1014/A1014M-09                        * Devindra Industries
                                                  strength, high                                                    * Singla Forging Pvt. Ltd.
     15.19   Thread Rolling           20~30%      Increase in material       IS 11715, 12296,                       * Rekofa Small Tools Pvt. Ltd.
             Machine                              hardness, smooth           8405                                   * Singhs Industries
                                                  surface finish, chip not                                          * Wellcut Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd.
     15.20   Friction Drop Hammer       20%       Suitable for precision     BIS IS 11372, PN 81/                   * Charika Industries
                                                  forging, longer            M-66800                                * Rattan Hammers
                                                  durability                                                        * Wellcut Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd.
     15.21   Metal Gathering          40~50%      Simultaneous heating                                              * Keje Thermoweld
             Machine                              & forming, lower                                                   Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
                                                  material wastage, no                                              * Perfect Forging
                                                  heat / fume / exhaust                                             * Sohal Electric Works
                                                  gases emitted,
                                                  minimise scale loss
     16      Leather
     16.1    Hydraulic / Pneumatic    20~25%      Fast production rate,               ISO           IDLS, CLCSS     * BRUSTIA & C. S.p.A.
             Automatic Counter                    high accuracy, less        16916:2004, DIN ISO                    * Torielli
             Moulding Machine                     wastage                    24233 (2009-08)                        * Wenzhou Zhuda Shoes-
                                                                                                                     Making Machinery Co. Ltd.
     16.2    Automatic Seat Lasting   10~15%      Accurate & faster,      DR AS/NZS 2210.1          IDLS, CLCSS     * ALPE SPA
             Machine (Heal Seat                   require less space,                                               * CERIM S.p.a.
             Lasting)                             require less manpower                                             * MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA
     16.3    Automatic Pounding         50%       Improves quality of the                           IDLS, CLCSS     * ALPE SPA
             Machine                              final products.                                                   * MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA
                                                                                                                    * Wenzhou Zhuda Shoes-
                                                                                                                     Making Machinery Co. Ltd.
     16.4     Automatic Buffing &     20~30%      Precision buffing          BS 5131-4.1:1975       IDLS, CLCSS     * Excel Machines India
             Roughing Machine with                operation, fast                                                   * Focus Machines India Pvt
             Microprocessor Control               production rate                                                    Ltd
             Mechanism                                                                                              * MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA
     16.5     Automatic Combined        40%       Both operations by one BS 5131-4.1:1975           IDLS, CLCSS     * ALPE SPA
             Rougher and Cementer                 machine, require less                                             * CERIM S.p.a.
             (Buffing and Adhesive                space, fast production                                            * MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA
             Application)                         rate, reduce adhesive
     16.6    Cement Dryer &           10~25%      Increase production                               IDLS, CLCSS     * Focus Machines India Pvt
             Flash Activator                      rate, better drying                                                Ltd.
             Machine (Drying and                  quality                                                           * Liang Jiang Shoes Making
             Reactivation)                                                                                           Machines Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                    * MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA
     16.7    Thermo Cementing         10~25%      Reduced wastage of                                IDLS, CLCSS     * EPM Italia Machine Pvt. Ltd.
             Machine for Upper &                  adhesive, accurate                                                * MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA
             Sole                                 operation                                                         * Wenzhou Zhuda Shoes-
                                                                                                                     Making Machinery Co., Ltd.
     16.8    Mackey Sole Stitcher       40%       Fast production rate,                             IDLS, CLCSS     * Jinjiang Sheng Da Shoes
                                                  better accuracy &                                                  Machine Trading Co. Ltd.
                                                  product finish                                                    * Nanhai Xiangda Machinery
                                                                                                                     Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                    * RAM SRL

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages           Specifications       Financial/        Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                         Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                    Incentives
16.9     Fine Turning machine     20~35%      increaes production                            IDLS, CLCSS     * CERIM S.p.a.
        (for Last)                            rate                                                           * Focus Machines India Pvt
                                                                                                             * Torielli
16.10   Roughing Machine for      10~15%      increaes production        GOST 27291:1987,    IDLS, CLCSS     * Focus Machines India Pvt
        Plastic Blocks                        rate                       PN EN 930:2002,                      Ltd.
                                                                                                             * PALSER
                                                                                                             * Satellite Plastic Industries
16.11    Computerized Lasting       30%       New product                AS/NZS 2210.2:2009, IDLS, CLCSS     * Focus Machines India Pvt
        Turning CAD/CAM CNC                   development, acurate       ISO 20344:2004,                      Ltd.
        Controlled Machine                    copy of sample last,       MOD, ISO/DIS 10717                  * MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA
        Including Designing and               programmable cement                                            * Toriell
        Interface Software                    distribution
16.12    CNC Milling Machine        25%       Right sole mould              SAC GB/T IDLS, CLCSS             * Cosmos Impex India Pvt.
        with 3/5 Axis & EDM                   development          21949-2:2008,                              Ltd.
        (CNC Sole Mould                                            AS ISO 14649.1-                           * DMG India Pvt. Ltd.
        Development)                                               2004,    BS 4656-                         * Tengzhou Good CNC
                                                                   30:1992                                    Machine Co. Ltd.
16.13   Hydralic Automatic        20~40%      Optimum performance, ANSI B11.2-1982, JIS IDLS, CLCSS          * Hydromech Automation Pvt.
        Press Moulding Press                  easy to operate      B 6403                                     Ltd.
                                                                                                             * Power Hydraulics
                                                                                                             * Presswell Industries
16.14   Automatic Injection       30-60%                                                                     * Dyna Creation Pvt. Ltd.
        Soling Moulding                                                                                      * Technocrat Mouldings Pvt.
        Machine                                                                                               Ltd.
16.15   Single/Double width       10~20%      Accurate product                               IDLS, CLCSS     * Gopi Engineering Works
        Fleshing Machine                      quality, high                                                  * Mosconi SpA
                                              productivity                                                   * Young-pearl Machinery Co.
16.16   Single/Double width       10~20%      Accurate product                               CLCSS           * Gopi Engineering Works
        Uhairing Machine                      quality, high                                                  * Guleryuz Tannery Machinery
                                              productivity                                                    Ltd.
                                                                                                             * Mosconi SpA
16.17    Through Feed             30~50%      Higher precision                               IDLS, CLCSS     * Bharath Engineering Works
        Double width Machine                  product, improve                                               * Changzhou Sanding
        (Shaving)                             leather grade                                                   Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                             * Strojosvit
16.18   Through Feed Double       10~20%      High productivity,                             IDLS, CLCSS     * Changzhou Sanding
        width Machine (Setting)               produce better leather                                          Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                              quality                                                        * FangHua Leather Machine
                                                                                                              Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                             * Young-pearl Machinery Co.
16.19    Double Width through       40%       High precision, high                           IDLS, CLCSS     * Changzhou Sanding
        Feed Splitting Machine                productivity, produce                                           Machinery Co. Ltd.
        (Splitting)                           better leather quality                                         * DMT Hydraulics
                                                                                                             * Strojosvit
16.20   Vacuum Dryer              15~25%      Uniform & better                               IDLS, CLCSS     * Changzhou Sanding
                                              drying, shorter drying                                          Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                              time                                                           * Krishna Engineering
                                                                                                             * Raj Process Equipments &
                                                                                                              Systems Pvt. Ltd
16.21    Hydraulic Press with     20~40%      Easy to operate            ANSI B11.2-1982, JIS IDLS, CLCSS    * Hydromech Automation Pvt.
        Automatic Time and                    & maintain, high           B 6403                               Ltd.
        Temperature Controller                productivity                                                   * Power Hydraulics
                                                                                                             * Presswell Industries
16.22   Auto Spray with Dryer     15~20%      Uniform spraying &                             IDLS, CLCSS     * Advanced Drying Systems
                                              drying, pattern control,                                       * Shachi Engineering Pvt. Ltd
                                              fine atomization, high                                         * Raj Process Equipments &
                                              production rate                                                 Systems Pvt. Ltd

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy      Other advantages           Specifications        Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                  saving                                                         Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                        potential                                                    Incentives
     16.23   Variable Frequency         30~40%      Extend equipment life, JEM201, 225, 226,                       * Atlas Copco India Ltd.
             Drive for Pumps for Hot                reduce maintenance,    227, C62.41.2-2002                      * Schneider Electric India
             & Cold Water Supply                    reduced peak demand,                                           * Siemens Ltd.
             (Pre-tanning Section)                  safety against power
     16.24    Steam Heating               20%                              UL 2096, ASME                           * Raj Process Equipments &
             (Replace Electrical                                           BPVC SEC VIII D1                         Systems Pvt. Ltd.
             Heating)                                                                                              * Thermax Ltd.
                                                                                                                   * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                                                                                    Private Ltd.
     16.25   Variable Frequency         30~40%      Extend equipment life,   JEM201, 225, 226,                     * ABB India
             Drive for Screw                        reduce maintenance,      227, C62.41.2-2002                    * Schneider Electric India
             compressors (Dyeing                    reduced peak demand,                                           * Siemens Ltd.
             section)                               safety against power
     16.26   Variable Frequency         30~40%      Extend equipment life,   JEM201,225,226,227,                   * Atlas Copco India Ltd.
             Drive for Hydraulic Oil                reduce maintenance,      C62.41.2-2002                         * Schneider Electric India
             System in Vacuum Drier                 reduced peak demand,                                           * Siemens Ltd.
                                                    safety against power
     16.27   Combined Through           10~15%      Accurate buffing                               IDLS, CLCSS     * DMT Hydraulics
             Feed Single/Double                     operation, easy to                                             * FangHua Leather Machine
             width Buffing Machine                  operate                                                         Co. Ltd
             with Dusting Operation                                                                                * Young-pearl Machinery Co.
     16.28   Roto Press and Roto        30~40%      Uniform pressing         DIN 19306-3 (2002-    IDLS, CLCSS     * Jyoti Industries
             Print                                                           04)                                   * Skandia Sales & Services
                                                                                                                    Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                   * Tyagi Engineering Works
     16.29   Energy Efficient Chiller   25~30%      Low specific power                                             * Blue Star Limited
                                                    consumption                                                    * Frick India Limited
                                                                                                                   * Kirloskar Chillers (P) Ltd.
     17      Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drugs
     17.1     Flash Dryers or           28~64%      Low cost instant drying                        CLCSS           * Raj Process Equipments &
             Rotary Vacuum Dryers                   with no pulverizing,                                            Systems Pvt. Ltd.
             (Product Drying)                       low initial investment                                         * Shachi Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    as compared to                                                 * Sunrise Process Equipments
                                                    spray dryer, control
                                                    batch drying process,
                                                    control of material
     17.2     Use of Biomass              70%       Utilize agricultural &                         MNRE            * Ankur Scientific Energy
             Gasifier with                          industrial waste, heat                                          Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
             Slurry Economizer                      recovery system, eco-                                          * Infinite Energy Pvt. Ltd.
             (Incinerator)                          friendly, carbon credits                                       * Southern Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    can be earned
     17.3     Nauta Mixers                20%       Grains do not break,     UL 763, NSF/ETF/CE    CLCSS           * Mikrons
             (Blenders)                             no manual charging                                             * Raj Process Equipments &
                                                    / discharging, shorter                                          Systems Pvt. Ltd.
                                                    mixing time, easy                                              * Srinidhi Engineers
                                                    addition of liquid &

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages            Specifications         Financial/          Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                            Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                       Incentives
17.4    Blister Packing            30-35%     Reduce edge cutting         Forming Film                          * Europack Machines (India)
        Machine (using Variable               wastage, improve           Thickness: 0.2 - 0.3                   * Rapidpack Engineering Pvt.
        Frequency Drive)                      blister quality            mm, Forming Film                           Ltd.
                                                                         Width: 120 mm
17.5    Semi Automatic            20-30%      PLC controlled,            Output: 25000                          * Anchor Mark Private Limited
        Capsule Filling Machine               loader disengaged          - 30000 capsules/                      * Pankaj Industries
        (with AC Frequency                    automatically, different   hour, Power: 0.25
        Drive)                                speed to fill different    HP (loader), 1.5 HP
                                              type of powder /           (Auger)
                                              pellet, drug hopper
                                              design reduce time
                                              to dismantle / unload
                                              powder, auto-drug
                                              hopper feed-in
                                              mechanism reduce
                                              weight variation &
                                              improve productivity
17.6    Variable Frequency        30~40%      Extend equipment life,     JEM201, 225, 226,                      * Atlas Copco India Ltd.
        Drive for Fluidized Bed               reduce maintenance,        227, C62.41.2-2002                     * Schneider Electric India
        Boiler Blower                         reduce peak demand,                                               * Siemens Ltd.
                                              safety against power
17.7    Condensate Recovery       15~20%      High temperature feed      IS 10496 : 1983,                       * Precision Controls
        & Recycle System for                  water, low blowdown        ASME BPVC SEC                          * Thermax Ltd.
        Boiler Feedwater                      loss, low water            VIII DIV I                             * Veesons Energy Systems
                                              treatment cost                                                        Private Ltd.
17.8    Regenerative              25~35%      High flame                 40 CFR 60, ASTM                        * Dukhiram Maurya
        Furnace & Refractory                  temperature, lower         C1223 - 09                                 Engineering & Refractory
        Recuperator                           emissions                                                             Works (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                *   Indotherm Furnace and
                                                                                                                *   Laimura Technology (P) Ltd
17.9    Co2 Flue Gas Recovery       30%       Less corrosive effect                                             *   Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd.
        Plant Based on Flue                   on inner surface,                                                 *   The Dow Chemical
        Gas System                            carbon credits can be                                                 Company
                                              earned                                                            *   Wittemann India
17.10   Flaker with Silo and       5~10%      Automatic operation,       ASTM F2432 -04         CLCSS           *   Darshini Engineers
        Screw Conveyer (Ice                   no spillage, no water,                                            *   GEA Refrigeration India
        Flaker)                               no latent heat loss                                               *   Hi Tech Cooling Systems
18      Mini Steel
18.1    Blast Furnace Hot         10~15%      Improve combustion         NSF/ANSI 5                             * Laimura Technology (P) Ltd.
        Stove Heat Recovery                   heat efficiency                                                   * Thermax Ltd.
                                                                                                                * Transparent Energy Systems
                                                                                                                    Pvt. Ltd.
18.2    Coal Moisture Control      6~9%       Improve coal quality       ASTM D3302 /                           * Ardee Business Services
        System                                                           D3302M -09                                 Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                * Honeywell International India
                                                                                                                    Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                * Metallon Holdings Limited
18.3      Power Generation        15~20%      Reduce auxiliary                                                  * Thermax Ltd.
        from Blast Furnace                    energy usage, reduce                                              * Transparent Energy Systems
        Exhaust Gases                         emissions                                                             Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                                                                                    Private Ltd.

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy     Other advantages             Specifications     Financial/          Name of Equipment
             Technology                 saving                                                       Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                       potential                                                  Incentives
     18.4    Sinter Cooler Waste      60% & 34% Reduce coke                                                     * Laimura Technology (P) Ltd.
             Heat Recovery                       consumption, redcue                                            * Thermax Ltd.
                                                 emission, can                                                  * Transparent Energy Systems
                                                 avail cabon credit,                                                Pvt. Ltd.
                                                 applicable for circular
                                                 type or linear type
     18.5    Coke Dry Quenching          80%     Improve on coke                                                * Nippon Steel Engineering
                                                 quality & strength,                                                Co. Ltd.
                                                 reduce water usage                                             * Stork India
                                                                                                                * Thermax Ltd.
     18.6     Waste Gas Recovery       20~30%      Lower carbon                                                 * Nippon Steel Corporation,
             from Oxygen Converter                 monoxide emissions                                               Plant and Machinery
                                                                                                                    Division (Kaohsiung Plant &
                                                                                                                    Machinery Co. Ltd.)
                                                                                                                *   Siemens VAI Metal
                                                                                                                *   Suzhou Fangzhou Aerial-
                                                                                                                    model Co. Ltd.
     18.7    High Efficiency            5~15%      Furnace calliberation      BS EN 14597:2005                  *   Eclipse Combustion Pvt. Ltd.
             Combustion Control                    is not required, less                                        *   ENCON THERMAL
             System in Pre-Heating                 furnace maintainence                                             ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
             Furnace                                                                                            *   Pyrotech Engineers & Mfrs.
     18.8    Heat Recovery from        40~50%      Improve combustion                                           *   ENCON THERMAL
             Blast Furnace Hot                     heat efficiency, preheat                                         ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
             Stove Waste Gases                     combustion air / fuel                                        *   Siemens VAI Metal
                                                   gas for blast-furnace                                            Technologies
                                                   hot stove                                                    *   Suzhou Fangzhou Aerial-
                                                                                                                    model Co. Ltd.
     19      Metals
     19.1    High Efficiency             30%       Regenerative               NFPA 86C-                         * Allied Consulting Engineers
             Industrial Furnace in                 burner system,             1999, ISO/NP                          Pvt. Ltd.
             Aluminum Factory                      advanced software          13577/13578/13579                 * ENCON THERMAL
                                                   based operator                                                   ENGINEERS (P) LTD.
                                                   & management                                                 * The Wesman Engineering
                                                   automatic system,                                                Company Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   reduce system
     19.2    Electrical Resistance       30%                                                                    * Simplicity Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
             Heat Treatment
     19.3    Manganese Steel Heat      25~30%
             Treatment Furnace with
     19.4    Hi Chrome Grinding
             Media Oil Fired Heat
             Treatment Furnace with
     19.5    Wire Drawing (with                                                                                 * Ajit Machine Tools Industries
             Variable Frequency
             Drive Control)

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages          Specifications          Financial/          Name of Equipment
        Technology                  saving                                                           Fiscal               Supplier(s)
                                   potential                                                      Incentives
19.6     Spooling Machines                                                                                      * Assomac Machines Ltd.
        (with Variable
        Frequency Drive
20      Plastics & Polymers
20.1     Multi Layer Film          25~30%                                                       CLCSS           * R. K. Engineering Works
20.2     Solvent Less                                                                           CLCSS
        Lamination Machine
20.3     Servo Motor Plastic       30~70%      Better molding stability,                        CLCSS           * Ferromatik Milacro
        Injection Machine                      lower cycle time                                                 * Modern Plastics & Polymers
                                                                                                                 Infomedia Pvt. Ltd.
20.4    PET Moulding Machine       40~45%       Fast production rate,                           CLCSS           * Shyam Plastic Machinery
                                               uniform production
                                               quality, require less
20.5    Fully Automatic Micro        50%       Homogeneous force                                CLCSS           * Guru Harkrishan Hydraulics
        Processor Controlled                   applied, improve
        Plastic Injection                      productivity, reduce
        Moulding Machines                      wastage
20.6    CNC Milling Machine        10~15 %     Productivity             Travel: 120 / 350 mm    CLCSS           * Jyoti CNC Automation Pvt
                                               improvement, improve (X / Z axes), Y axis:                        Ltd
                                               quality, easy to operate 25 mm, Max turning                      * LMW India Ltd.
                                                                        length: 300 mm, Max
                                                                        turning Dia: 200 mm,
                                                                        Spindle speed range:
                                                                        50 - 3000 rpm, Min
                                                                        axis increment: 0.001

20.7    PLC Controlled              5~10%      Productivity                                     CLCSS           * Santec Exim Private Limited
        Hydraulic Press                        improvement, improve
                                               quality, easy to operate
20.8    Pultrosen Machine          10~20%      Productivity                                     CLCSS           * Ashirwad Industries
                                               improvement, improve                                             * SVS Hydraulics
                                               quality, easy to operate
20.9     Infra Red Heaters /       30~40%      Reduce cycle time                                CLCSS           * Matrusree Electro Heats
20.10    Microprocessor            10~20%       High productivity,                              CLCSS           * Bombay Hydraulic (India)
        Controlled Fully                       imporve quality                                                  * Ferromatik Milacron
        Automatic Extrusion /
        Injection Blow Moulding
20.11    Plastic Injection           30%       Eliminate voltage dip,                                           * Chuam Lih Fa Machinery
        Molding Machine with                   reduce starting shock                                             Works Co. Ltd
        Variable Pump                          on motor / coupling /                                            * Ferromatik Milacron
                                               gear, improve process
                                               control, reduce motor
                                               heating / stress
20.12   Fully Automatic – HM/        35%                                                                        * Gurucharan Industries
        LDPE (using Variable
        Frequency Drive)
20.13    Corona Treater (using                                                                                  * Eltech Engineers
        Advanced IGBT
20.14    Slitting Machine (Using                                                                                * Fadia Engineers
        AC Frequency Drive)                                                                                     * Skyflex Engineering
20.15    Pneumo Hydraulic                                                                                       * Om Suntronics Converting
        Edge Guide System                                                                                        Equipments

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/         Energy       Other advantages          Specifications        Financial/       Name of Equipment
             Technology                  saving                                                         Fiscal            Supplier(s)
                                        potential                                                    Incentives
     20.16   Three Layer Brown Film       20%                                                                      * Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd,
             Plant (using Variable
             Frequency Drive)
     20.17   Standy Zipper Pouch                                                                                   * Jartolia Engineering Works
             Making Machines
             (using AC Frequency
     20.18    Rotary Cap                                                                                           * Magnum Machine & Tools
             Compression Moulding                                                                                   (P) Ltd.
     20.19    Laminated Tube Body                                                                                  * Jinbaotian Packing
             Maker Machine                                                                                          Machinery
     20.20    Screwing Cap Machine                                                                                 * Jinbaotian Packing
     20.21   Thermoforming Sheet                                                                                   * R.R. Plast Extrusions Pvt.
             Extrusion Machine                                                                                      Ltd.
             (using Variable
             Frequency Drive)
     20.22   Thermoforming                                                                                         * Rajoo
             Machine with Infra-red
             Heaters (using Variable
             Frequency Drive)
     20.23    Scrap Grinder                                                                                        * R.R. Plast Extrusions Pvt.
     20.24    Automatic Strap Bend      25~30%                                                                     * Jumbo Steel Machinery Co.
             Making Machine                                                                                         Ltd.
     20.25    Automatic High Speed                                                                                 * Mamata USA Inc
             Bag Making Machine
     20.26    Flex Lamination                                                                                      * Canara Flex
     20.27   Bottom Seal Bag                                                                                       * XL Plastics
             Packing Machine
             (with Micro Processor
     20.28    Plastic Injection         15~20%                                                                     * Negri Bossi S.p.a
             Machine (with Variable
     21      Steel Re-rolling
     21.1    Pusher Type                20~30%      Reduce scale loss        IS 1786:1985 (clause                  * Allied Furnaces Pvt Ltd.
             Reheating Furnace                                               3.1)                                  * Encon Furnaces (P) Ltd.
             with Suspended Roof,
             Multi Fuel Capacity and
             Automated Temperature
     21.2     Provision of IR Sensors    3~7%        Quality improvement,                                          * Matrusree Electro Heats
             for Material Movement                  waste minimization
     21.3     AC and DC Drives for      10~30%      Eliminate voltage dip,   Selection of drive                    * Crompton Greaves Limited
             Control of Fuel and Air                reduce starting shock    depend on motor                       * Dynaspede Integrated
                                                    on motor / coupling /    horse power, torque &                  Systems (P) Limited
                                                    gear, improve process    speed characterstics,
                                                    control, reduce motor    full load amp rating,
                                                    heating / stress         voltage rating
     21.4    Liquid and Gaseous          5~10%       Reduce scale loss                                             * Diligent Micro Controls
             Fuel Ratio Controllers                                                                                * Wesman India
     21.5     Heating and Pumping        5~10%      Improve combustion                                             * Encon Thermal Engineers
             Units                                  efficiency                                                      Pvt Ltd
                                                                                                                   * Macro Furnaces Pvt Ltd.
     21.6    High Efficiency Burners     5~10%       Multi fuel handling                                           * Aerotherm Systems
             with Multifuel Capacity                capacity                                                       * Wesman India

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages           Specifications          Financial/         Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                            Fiscal              Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                       Incentives
21.7    Semi Automatic High        20~30%     Eliminate voltage dip,    Selection of drive                       * Crompton Greaves Limited
        Speed Rolling Stands                  reduce starting shock     depend on motor                          * Dynaspede Integrated
        with DC Drives                        on motor / coupling /     horse power, torque &                     Systems (P) Limited
                                              gear, improve process     speed characterstics,
                                              control, reduce motor     full load amp rating,
                                              heating / stress          voltage rating
21.8    Energy Efficient Motors   10~30%      Eliminate voltage dip,    IEC 34-1; IS                             * International Copper
        with Variable Frequency               reduce starting shock     12615:1989;                               Promotion Council (India)
        Drive                                 on motor / coupling /     Performace (IS 325/                      * The Indian Electric co.
                                              gear, improve process     IEC 60034-1)
                                              control, reduce motor
                                              heating / stress
21.9    Dry Type Starter for        4~5%
        Slip Ring Motor
22      Packaging
22.1    Automatic Corrugated      25~30%      High productivity,                                CLCSS            * Acme Machinery Company
        Making Plant                          better quality, lesser                                             * Challenger International
                                              space & manpower                                                   * Senior Print-Pack Machinery
                                              requirement, high                                                   Company
22.2    Thermic Fluid Boiler or   80~84%      Fuel flexibility, heats   DIN 4754                CLCSS, Excise    * Thermax Ltd.
        Steam Boiler using Agri               roll uniformly                                    / customs duty   * Transparent Energy Systems
        Residue                                                                                 exemption, 80%    Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                accelerated      * Veesons Energy Systems
                                                                                                depreciation      Private Limited
22.3    Web Based Coating           30%       Eco-friendly,                                     CLCSS            * Kohli Industries
        Machine for Water                     recyclable, free from                                              * Mukand Industries Pvt. Ltd.
        Based Coating                         fire hazard                                                        * Taskar Engineering
22.4    Multi Colour Flexo          40%       Faster drying, large                              CLCSS            * Micro Engineers India
        Printer Slotter for                   size printing                                                      * Paper Board Machinery
        Flexographic Printing                                                                                     Company
                                                                                                                 * Surjeet Industries
22.5    Automatic Corrugated      30~35%      High productivity,                                                 * Acme Machinery Company
        Board Plant with                      better quality                                                     * Senior Print-Pack Machinery
        Printing Die Cutter                                                                                       Company
        using Thermic Fluid for                                                                                  * Super Sujata
22.6    Fully Automatic PLC       15~20%      Higher productivity,                              CLCSS            * Kirtee Engineering
        Hydraulically Operated                better quality, simple                                             * Prem Machine Tools (India)
        Moulding Machine                      operation                                                          * Raj Industries
22.7    Automatic Board Plant     25~30%      Less space                                        CLCSS            * Acme Machinery Company
                                              & manpower                                                         * Challenger International
                                              requirement, higher                                                * Senior Print-Pack Machinery
                                              productivity                                                        Company
22.8    Case Maker & Printer      15~20%      Instant drying, simple                            CLCSS            * Acme Machinery Company
        Slotter                               to operate & maintain                                              * Alliance Engineers
                                                                                                                 * Paper Board Machinery
22.9    High speed Automatic      30~35%      Less space                                        CLCSS            * Challenger International
        Board Line &                          & manpower                                                         * HIC Print Pack Machine
        Converting Line                       requirement, higher                                                * Senior Print-Pack Machinery
                                              productivity                                                        Company
23      Rubber
23.1    Roto-cure Machine         20~30%      Continous production,                             CLCSS            * Qingdao Judong Industry
                                              wastage minimum,                                                    Co. Ltd.
                                              high productivity                                                  * Sant Engineering Company
                                                                                                                 * Unique Industries

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/          Energy          Other advantages       Specifications      Financial/       Name of Equipment
             Technology                   saving                                                       Fiscal            Supplier(s)
                                         potential                                                  Incentives
     23.2    Cold Feed Extruder            50%          Rubber compound        ANSI B151.7-1982/88 CLCSS          * Bharaj Machineries
                                                        warming operation                                          Company Pvt. Ltd.
                                                        prior to extrusion is                                     * Sant Engineering Company
                                                        avoided, required less                                    * Santosh Rubber Machinery
                                                        space                                                      Pvt. Ltd.
     23.3    Multi Channel Extruder       15~20%        Rubber band            ANSI B151.7-1982/88 CLCSS          * Bharaj Machineries
                                                        manufactured from dry                                      Company Pvt. Ltd.
                                                        rubber                                                    * Genca Inc.
                                                                                                                  * REIFENHÄUSER (India)
                                                                                                                   Marketing Ltd.
     23.4    Thermic Fluid Heaters        10~15%        Uniform heating,      DIN 4754            CLCSS & TUFS    * Energy Machine
                                                        automatic control                                         * Thermax Ltd.
                                                        setting, operational                                      * Thermotech Systems Ltd
     23.5    Bio-mass Gasifier           completely     Utilize agricultural                      MNRE            * Ankur Scientific Energy
             Based Drying Furnace          replaces     & industrial waste,                                        Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
                                          fossil fuel   reduce GHG emission,                                      * Infinite Energy Pvt. Ltd.
                                                        carbon credits can be                                     * Southern Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
     23.6     Fully Automatic             30~40%                                                                  * Bharaj Machineries Pvt. Ltd
             Vacuum Hydraulic
             Machine (with PLC
     23.7    Rubber Injection             25~30%
             Moulding Machine with
             Electronically Controlled
             Hydraulic Pump
     23.8     PLC – Rubber (Plastic)                                                                              * DaLian Rubber & Plastics
             Dispersion Mixer                                                                                      Machinery Co. Ltd.
     24      Stone Cutting
     24.1    Laser Technology              5~10%        Capability to mass-                       CLCSS           * B.R.M. Machine Tools
             Duplicating Machines,                      produce intricate                                         * The Penn Group
             Pantographs, etc.                          product patterns, high                                    * Vinay Engineering Works
             for sculpting and                          precision
             duplicating artwork and
     25      Manufacturing of Electrical Equipments
     25.1    Automatic Coil Winding         15%         Material saving,                          CLCSS           * Acme Electronics
             Machine                                    improve insulation,                                       * Coils India
                                                        choice of coil                                            * Electromech India
                                                        packaging methods
     25.2     Vacuum Impregnation           15%         Reduce rejection, high                    CLCSS           * Aditya Engineering
             plant                                      productivity, longer                                      * CEE DEE Vacuum
                                                        equipment life                                             Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                  * NACH Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
     25.3    Semi Automatic Press          8~15%        Variable displacement IS:4592, 15318                      * Bemco Hydraulics Limited
                                                        with high performance,                                    * Ravi Power Press
                                                        high productivity                                         * Singhal Power Press Pvt.
     25.4    Automatic CNC Core           45~50%        Reduce rejection, high                    CLCSS           * NRS Welding Technologies
             Cutting Machine                            productivity, longer                                      * Rishi Laser Ltd.
                                                        equipment life                                            * Vishwakarma Engineering

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages             Specifications          Financial/       Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                              Fiscal            Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                                         Incentives
25.5    Hi Speed Precision        15~20%      High indexing               IS:4592, 15318                          * Bemco Hydraulics Limited
        Power Press with                      accuracy, less noise                                                * Ravi Power Press
        Computerized Control                  & vibration, high                                                   * Singhal Power Press Pvt.
                                              productivity, require                                                Ltd.
                                              low maintainence
25.6    Vacuum Impregnated          15%       Reduce rejection, high                              CLCSS           * Aditya Engineering
        Plant                                 productivity, longer                                                * CEE DEE Vacuum
                                              equipment life                                                       Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                  * NACH Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
25.7    Automatic/CNC Coil          15%       Material saving,                                    CLCSS           * Acme Electronics
        Winding Machine                       improve insulation,                                                 * Coils India
                                              choice of coil                                                      * Electromech India
                                              packaging methods
25.8    Temperature Control         10%       Prodcue better quality,     BS EN 14597:2005        CLCSS           * GBM Industries
        Drying Oven                           long equipment life,                                                * Memco Machinery Mart
                                              low heat loss                                                       * Meta Therm Furnace Pvt.
25.9    Amorphous Metal Core        70%       Improve efficiency          IS 2026, 1180, 11171;   CLCSS           * Kotsons
        Transformers                          at no & low load            IEC 60076; ANSI                         * Sigma Electricals
                                              condition                   C57.12.20                               * Vijai Electricals Ltd.
25.10   CNC Core Cutting          45~50%      High precision &                                    CLCSS           * NRS Welding Technologies
        Machine                               dimentional control of                                              * Rishi Laser Ltd.
                                              product                                                             * Vishwakarma Engineering
25.11   Natural Gas Based         10~15%      Reduction in no load        IS 4473 : 2002          CLCSS           * Dhanaprakash Industrial
        Oven                                  losses, decrerased                                                   Corp.
                                              rejection rate                                                      * ENCON Thermal Engineers
                                                                                                                   (P) LTD.
                                                                                                                  * NSW India Ltd.
25.12   Microprocessor Based        10%       High reliability, better    IEC 60239 Ed.           CLCSS           * Doshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
        Electric Furnace                      quality production,         4.0:2005 (b), IEC                       * Electrotherm (India) Ltd.
                                              measurement &               60676 Ed. 2.0, ISO                      * Tenova Hypertherm Pvt Ltd
                                              controls / alarm            TC 244, ISO/NP
25.13   Plasma Cutting Inverter     60%       Light weight, more          IGBT technology,        CLCSS           * Arc-Tec Systems Ltd.
                                              powerful, longer life,      Flow pressure:                          * Electro-Plasma Equipments
                                              higher reliability,         4.8 bar, H class                         Pvt. Ltd
                                              quality cutting             insulation, no load                     * Plasma House
                                                                          consumption < 0.1
25.14   Catalytic Enamelling        30%       Improve product                                                     * M H Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
        Machine                               quality, require less                                               * Nagpur Krishma Machine
                                              manpower                                                             Tools Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                                                                  * Paramount Conductors Ltd.
25.15   Extruder with             30~40%      Improve coating for                                 CLCSS           * Fantasy Machine Ltd.
        Temperature Control,                  better insulation                                                   * Sai Engineering Company
        Pre-heating, Speed                                                                                        * Sarvasv Industrial
        Control                                                                                                    Corporation
26      Printing
26.1    Multi Color Offset        40~60%      High productivity, four                             CLCSS           * Fair Deal Pvt Ltd.
        Machine                               color printing in single                                            * Sahil Graphics
                                              operation, higher                                                   * Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
                                              flexibility in operation,
                                              require less space
26.2    Programme Cutting           60%       Longer equipment life,                              CLCSS           * Acme Machinery Company
        Machine Computerized                  ease of operation                                                   * Senior Print-Pack Machinery
        Control                                                                                                    Company
                                                                                                                  * Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.

     Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages           Specifications      Financial/        Name of Equipment
             Technology                 saving                                                        Fiscal             Supplier(s)
                                       potential                                                   Incentives
     26.3    Fully Automatic Folding     50%       High productivity, less                       CLCSS           * Acme Machinery Company
             Machine with Computer                 wastage, low vibration                                        * Sahil Graphics
             Control                                                                                             * Suba Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
     26.4    Auto Control Punching     10~20%      Better accuracy,                              CLCSS           * Creed Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
             Machine with                          smooth operation                                              * Ningbo Obinder Co. Ltd.
             Computerized Control                                                                                * ZheJiang sini Machinery Co.
     26.5    Lamination Machine        30~40%      Accurate operation,                           CLCSS           * Hy Tek Print Mac
             with Computerized                     short chageover                                               * Macro Print Engineers
             Control                               time, improve quality,                                         (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   versatile application                                         * Sheth Printograph Pvt.Ltd.
     26.6    Thermal Lamination        30~40%      Accurate operation,                           CLCSS           * Fair Deal Engineers
             Machine Computerized                  short chageover                                               * Macro Print Engineers
             Control                               time, improve quality,                                         (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   versatile application                                         * Sheth Printograph Pvt. Ltd.
     26.7    Multi Colour                40%       Enhance printing       DIN 19306-3 (2002-     CLCSS           * Alpha Roto Machines Pvt.
             Rotogravure Printing                  quality & speed,       04)                                     Ltd.
             Machine                               less rejection, high                                          * Fadia Engineers
                                                   productivity                                                  * Jyoti Industries
     26.8    Flexographic Printing     30~40%      Motor speed control by                        CLCSS           * Alpha Roto Machines Pvt.
             Press with Inverter                   inverter                                                       Ltd.
             Speed Control                                                                                       * Jyoti Industries
                                                                                                                 * XL Plastics Ltd.
     26.9    Adhensive Label (logo)    30~40%      Better accuracy, less                                         * Heilongjiang Xinyuanda
             Die-cutting                           wastage, flexible                                              international Trade Co. Ltd.
                                                   operation                                                     * Huali Hongxin Printing
                                                                                                                  Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                                                                                                 * Rui’an City Donghai Printing
                                                                                                                  Machinery Co. Ltd
     26.10   Digital Colour Press      15~20%      On demand color           IEC 60826-1, CAN/                   * Kodak Graphic
                                                   printing, high quality    CSA C22.2 No.                       * Monotech Systems Ltd.
                                                                             60950-1-03                          * Xerox India Ltd.
     26.11   Fully Automatic Flat        50%       Improve production                            TUFS            * Indian Textile Engineers
             Bed Screen Printing                   rate, smooth operation,                                       * Screenotex Engineers (P)
             Machine with 12 Colors                high precision colour                                          Ltd.
                                                   registration                                                  * Texprint Engineers (P) Ltd.
     26.12   8 Colour Paper Printing     50%       Minimise wastage,        DIN 19306-3 (2002-   CLCSS           * Fadia Engineers
             Machine with Auto                     better printing quality, 04)                                  * Koley Converting Machinery
             Registration System                   easy operation                                                 Pvt.Ltd.
                                                                                                                 * Mohindra Mechianical Works
     26.13   Programmable High         20~30%                                                                    * Heidelberg India Pvt. Ltd.
             Speed Cutter
     26.14   Stahlfolder (Folding      20~25%                                                                    * Heidelberg India Pvt. Ltd.
     26.15   CPT UV Shatter                                                                                      * basysPrint Headquarters
     26.16   Violet Photopolymer                                                                                 * Monotech Systems Limited
     26.17   Auto Color Registering                                                                              * Om Suntronics Converting
             Controller                                                                                           Equipments
     26.18   Micro Processor                                                                                     * HCI Converting Equipment
             Controlled Doctoring                                                                                 Co. Ltd.
     26.19   Slitting Machine                                                                                    * HCI Converting Equipment
                                                                                                                  Co. Ltd.
     26.20   Automatic Book                                                                                      * Meccanotecnica S.p.A.
             Sewing Machine
     26.21   Flex Printer                                                                                        * LIPI Marketing (P) Ltd
     26.22   Coding Machine                                                                                      * Videojet Technologies Inc.

Sl. No. Eligible Equipment/        Energy       Other advantages       Specifications    Financial/       Name of Equipment
        Technology                 saving                                                  Fiscal            Supplier(s)
                                  potential                                             Incentives
26.23   Ultra Violet Acqua Card
        Board Varnish Coating
26.24   Ultra Violet Curing
        Machine along with
        Infrared Dying
26.25    Web Offset Printing                  Automatic adjustment                                    * K.K. Printing Machines Mfg.
        Machine                               for registration of                                      Co. Pvt. Ltd.
                                              4 colours on each
                                              side of web, Variable
                                              speed motorised
                                              dampening, fitted with
                                              disconnection clutch

     Chapter 3: Details Equipment Suppliers
     A K Enterprises                                           Acmefil	Engineering	Systems	Pvt.	Ltd.
     147A/1, Girish Ghosh Road                                 Plot No. 535, Phase II
     Near Bajarang Bali,Ghusuri                                G.I.D.C, Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382 445
     Howrah -711107, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.              Gujarat - INDIA
     Ph: 91-33-26559543, 91-33-26550073,                       Contact no.efax: + 91 - 79 - 2589 7872 / 2589 0722
     91-33-30975401, 91-33-30975402                            Fax: +91 79 2589 0722
     A.S. Precision Machines Pvt. Ltd.
     Bhadla Road, Khanna Side,
     Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, India.
     Contact person: Mr. Ajit Singh                            Acmefil	Engineers	Pvt.	Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-9814092073, 9814225847,                  Plot No. 535, Phase II G.I.D.C, Vatva Ahmedabad - 382 445
     Email:                         Gujarat - India.
     Web:                            Contact no.: +91-79-25897872/25890722, Email: info@acmefil.
     Aalidhra Textile Engineers Ltd.
     2, Functional Estate, Road No.6
     Udhyognagar, Udhna, Surat-394210                          Acoustic Power Gensets
     (Gujarat) India                                           511, 8-3-945, Srinilaya Estate
     Contact no.e: +91-261-2279520-30                          Ameerpet, Hyderabad,
     Fax: +91-261-2278789                                      Andhra Pradesh – 500073
     E-mail:                             Ph: 040 - 23745489‎
                                                               Aditya Engineering
                                                               Survey No. 33/1/1,
     ABB India                                                 D4, Chintamani Residency, Building D4, Backside of Bharti
     49, Race Course Road, Bangalore, India.                   Vidyapeeth,
     Contact person: Mr. N. Venu                               A/p. - Ambegoan Budruk,
     Contact no.: +91-9845193809, +91-80-22949355              Pune - 411046. Maharashtra, India.
     Email:                                  Contact no.: +91-9822463601, 9767598975
     Web:                                        Email:
     Abrasive Technology
     123, Shivkrupa Industrial Estate,                         ADLEE Powertronic Co. Limited
     L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (West),                             No.4, Lane 989, Chungshan Rd, Shenkang,
     Bombay - 400 083. INDIA., Contact no..: 91-22-25779440,   Taichung 429 Taiwan.
     Email:                               Contact no. No : 886-4-25622651
     Web:                                  Fax No : 886-4-25628289
                                                               E-Mail :
     Accurate Engineering Industries
     Plot No B7/5, MIDC Area, Kudal, Dist:Sindhudurg-416550,   Advanced Drying Systems
     Maharastra.                                               5-B, Madhu Kunj, Vinod Baug, Upashna Lane,
     Web:                           Off Juhu Lane, Andheri (West),
                                                               Mumbai - 400 058, Maharashtra, India.
     Acme Electronics
                                                               Contact person: Mr. C.R. Kamath
     780/A GIDC Industrial Estate
                                                               Contact no.: +91-9820000907
     Makarpura, Vadodara - 390 010 (India).
     Contact person: Mr. Alpesh PaContact no.
     Contact no.: +91-9825153237
     Email:                                 Advent Envirocare Technology Pvt. Ltd.
     Web:                             Labh-102, Shukan Towers,
                                                               Near Judges’ Bungalows, Bodakdev,
     Acme Machinery Company
                                                               Ahmedabad-380054. INDIA.
     1, Vaibhav Indl. Estate,
                                                               Contact no.: +91-79-6841282,6840437
     Near Contact no.ecom Factory,
     Sion - Trombay Road, Deonar, Mumbai-88 India.
     Contact no.: +91-22-2551 8978                             Aerodry Plastics Automation Pvt. Ltd.
     Email:                             F-52, Sector-11,Noida-201301, U.P.
     Web:                               Contact person: Mr. Arun Pundir
                                                               Contact no.: +91-0120-4766777

Aerotherm Systems                                       ALPE SPA
Plot No 1517, PhaseIII, GIDC, Vatva,                    Via Noventana No. 18835027, Noventa
Ahmedabad-382445, India.                                Padovana - Padova, Italy.
Web:                            Contact no.: +39-049-8934400
Aerovent Projects Pvt. Limited
A-209, Vardhaman Industrial Complex,
L. B. S. Marg, Vikhroli, (West),                        Alpha Roto Machines Pvt.Ltd.
Mumbai - 400 083, Maharashtra, India.                   Plot No. 22/B, Survey No. 408/2P,
Contact No.: +(91)-(22)-25798653 / 2579854 / 25786222   Sarkhej - Bavla Highway Road.
                                                        B/h. Sarvoday HoContact no., Near Rotomac Pen,
Agnee Engineering
                                                        Village - Moraiya. Taluka - Sanand.
26,Godavari, Tungareshwar Indl. Complex
                                                        Dist - Ahmedabad - 382 213.
1, Village Sativali, Vasai-(E),
                                                        Contact no.: +91-079- 65121730
Dist. Thane - 401 202 Mumbai-India.
Contact no.: +91-0250-248 1421
Web:                                 AMC-SCHOU AS
                                                        Røddikvej 82, DK-8464 Galten, Denmark
Airtech Cooling Process (Pvt.) Ltd
                                                        Contact No: +45 87545454
B-93, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II,
New Delhi-110020
Contact No: 011-26385711                                AMOTO Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Contact person: Mr. Lalit Kumar                         A - 5, Nandkishore Industrial Estate, Off Mahakali Caves Road,
email :                       Andheri (E),
Web:                   Mumbai - 400093 (INDIA)
                                                        Contact no..: +91-22-56926020 / 26871177
Ajit Machine Tools Industries
                                                        Fax: +91-22- 26870709
2381,Sewak Pura, Street No.8,
                                                        Email: /
Back Side Dera Kalsian,
LUDHIANA – 141003, Punjab.
Contact No: 0161-2538656                                Anchor Mark Private Limited
email:                            Plot No. 101 A, Kandivili Co-Op. Ind Estate Ltd,
Web:                        Charkop, Kandivili (West), Mumbai - 400067.
                                                        Contact No: +91-22-28682001
Akash Pack tech (P) Ltd.
89, HSIDC Indl Estate, Sector-59,
Faridabad, Haryana.                                       ANDRITZ Küsters GmbH Eduard-Küsters-Straße
                                                        1 47805 Krefeld Germany,
Alidhra Weavetech Pvt.Ltd.
                                                        Postal Postfach 101255, 47712 Krefeld,
Plot No. 195, Rd 6-F New Estate,
Udyognagar Udhna SURAT, GJ – 394210.
                                                        Contact No.: +49 2151 34 0
                                                        Fax: +49 2151 34 1206
Contact No. : +91-261 - 2278674, 2278374
Fax : +91-261 - 2278438
E-mail :                      Angel India Cad Cam Private Limited
Web:                             J-21, Udyog Nagar, Rohtak Road, Nangloi
                                                        New Delhi, Delhi - 110 041, India
Alliance Engineers
                                                        Mr. Jugmohan Miglani
J-126B, Vishnu Garden, New Delhi, India.
                                                        Ph.: +(91)-(11)-25487071/ 25487072/ 25487073
Contact person: Mr. Manjit Singh
Contact no.: +91-9810626661
Email:                           Ankur	Scientific	Energy	Technologies	Pvt.	Ltd.
Web:                              ‘Ankur’ , Near Navrachana School,
                                                        G.I.P.C.L Circle,Sama, Vadodara - 390024,
Allied Consulting Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
                                                        Gujarat - India.
Allied House, Road no. 1, Opp. BMC office,
                                                        Contact person: Mr. Ankur Jain
Chembur, Mumbai-71.
                                                        Contact no.: +91-0265-2793098
Contact no.: +91-22-25284028
                                                        Anusam Knitting Mills
Allied Furnaces Pvt. Ltd.
Allied house, Road No1, Chembur,
                                                        Contact No. : +91 421 3200580, +91 4255 255151, +91 4255

     Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.      Asia Machines
     Changjiang Road, High-tech Zone,                       50, Baleshwar Upvan, Opposite Pokar Timber,
     Anyang City, Henan P.R. ,China.                        Bopal-Ghuma Road, Ahmedabad - 380 058,
     Contact person: Ms. Marie Yang,                        Gujarat, India.
     Contact no.: +86-13949504376                           Contact No.: +(91)-(281)-2466702
     Email:,                   Mobile: +(91)-9824289848 / 9687628899
     Web:                            Email:
     Applied Automation Systems Private Limited,            ASIAN Boilers Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
     Post Box No. 193,                                      130-A, Golanji Hill Road, Sewree,
     3rd Floor, Veera Towers,                               Mumbai - 400015, Maharashtra, India.
     Near Brooke, Bond, 93,                                 Contact no. : (022) 24131630 /24130803 / 24131838
     Krishnaswamy Mudaliar Road                             Fax : (022) 24139624 / 56602967
     Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu - 641 001, India.               E-mail :
     Contact person: Mr. Ravi Chandran D
                                                            Asian Diesel Corporation
     Contact no.eContact No. : +(91)-(422)-2542879
                                                            No. C-20, Works Center, DSIDC Comlpex,
     Fax : +(91)-(422)-2547346
                                                            Kalyanpuri, Delhi - 110 091. India.
     Arc-Tec Systems Ltd.                                   Contact No.: +(91)-(11)-22725153 / 22783052
     501, Prathamesh Tower ‘A’ Wing,                        Mobile: +(91)-9810049163 / 9212069163
     Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W.),                 Email:
     Mumbai-400013.                                         Web:
     Contact no.: +91-22-24933300
                                                            Associated Engineering Works
                                                            Gaminini Compound main Road,
     Ardee Business Services Pvt. Ltd.                      Web:
     Plot No. 1, Siripuram,Balaji Nagar,
                                                            Assomac Machines Ltd.
     Visakhapatnam, A.P., India.
                                                            26/2, South of GT Road, B.S. Industrial Area,
     Contact person: Dr. G V Ramana
                                                            Ghaziabad, 201009, Uttar Pradesh.
     Contact no.: +91-891-2702852 / 2702853
                                                            Contact No: 120-2866505
                                                            Atlas Copco India Ltd., Atlas Copco
     #23, Railway Feeder Road,
                                                            Unitech Cyber Park - Ground Floor, Tower C,
     Tirupur - 641 601. INDIA.
                                                            Sector-39, Gurgaon, India.
     Contact no. : 91-421-2200626, Fax : 91-421-2200436
                                                            Contact person: Mr. Abhijeet Jain
     Email : &
                                                            Contact no.: +91-9310955501
     Web :
     Artisan Engineering Works                              Web:
     Street No-52, Jafrabad, Seelampur,
                                                            Atlas Industries
     Delhi - 110053, India.
                                                            Plot No. 14/1, G.I.D.C. II, Dediyasan,
     Contact No.:91-11-22566315/2026056
                                                            Mehsana - 384004, Gujarat, India.
                                                            Contact no.: +91-98240 40565
     Asahi Group AIS                                        Email:
     Global Business Park, Tower-B,                         Web:
     5th Floor, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road,
                                                            Axial Thermal Engineering Company
     Gurgaon, India.
                                                            105-C, Sanganoor road, Ganapathy, Coimbatore-641006
     Contact person: Mr. Rakesh Awasthi
                                                            Contact no. No. 91-422-2236475
     Contact no.: +91-9910999124
     Email:                         B.R.M. Machine Tools
     Web:                                5, Ambica Building, Swathicomplex,
                                                            K. G. Halli.j. H. West, Bangalore, India.
     Ashirwad Industries
                                                            Contact person: Mr. Reni Emmanuel
     Plot No. 1907, Phase II,
                                                            Contact no.: +91-9448463501
     G.I.D.C Chhatral - 382729,
     Dist: Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

Balaji Engineers                                                Bharath Engineering Works
C-26, Shyamdarshan Society,                                     1/128,M.C.Road,Near Lord Murugan temple, Valayampet,Vaniy
Near Bapa Sitaram Chock, Nava Naroda,                           ambadi,
Ahmedabad - 382346, Gujarat, India.                             Vellore district, Tamilnadu.,
Contact No.:91-79-22803428                                      Contact person: Mr.R. Manoharan,
Fax:91-79-22803428                                              Contact no.: +91-4174-232 155,
Baron Power Ltd
No, 1, Second Cross Street,
Seethamma Colony Extension,                                     Bloom Combustion India Pvt. Ltd.,
Teynampet, Chennai - 600018                                     City Centre, Office No. 405 A,
Contact no.: 044-24356383, 044-24356384, 044-24356386,          Karve Road, Erandwane, Pune, India.,
044-42131849, 044-42131850, 044-24356385                        Contact person: Mr. Rahul Pathak,
Email:                                 Contact no.: +91-9881001342,                    Email:,
Web:                                  Web:
basysPrint Headquarters                                         Blue Moon Engineering & Manufacturing Company
Punch Graphix International nv,                                 Rd. No. 6E, Udhna, Udhna Udyog Nagar
Duwijckstraat 17, 2500 Lier Belgium.                            Surat, Gujarat - 395 003, India
Contact No: +32 (0) 3 443 13 11                                 Contact person: Mr. Shabeer Kalavadwala
Email:                                    Contact no.eContact No. : +(91)-(261)-2278873/ 2279573
Web:                                 Mobile : +(91)-9825120452
                                                                Fax : +(91)-(261)-2274873
                                                                Email :, smk@bluemoonmachines.
143 W. Lincoln St., Ste 11, Banning,
Ca 92220-4527, JB
Direct Line: 951-741-4822.
Fax Number: 951-922-1494                                        Blue Star India.,
Email:                                           Kasturi Building, Mohan T Advani Chowk, Jamshedji Tata Road,
                                                                Mumbai, India.,
Bemco Hydraulics Limited
                                                                Contact no.: +91-22-66654000,
Udyambag, Belgaum,
                                                                Email:, Web: www.
Karnataka- 590008, India.
Contact no.: +91-831- 4219000, 4219008
Email:, engineering@              Bombay Hydraulic(India),,                                            Street No1, Near A.T.I, Gill Road,
Web:                                    Ludhiana-141003, Punjab, India.,
Bharaj Machineries Company Pvt. Ltd.                            Bonas Textile Machinery NV,
Plot No. 12 & 13, Survet No. 66,                                M. Vandewielestraat 7, B - 8510
Hissa No. 1/1, Naik Pada, Village-Waliv,                        Marke (Kortrijk), Belgium.
Taluka, Vasai (East), Dist-Thane-401208                         Contact No: + 32 56 24 32 11,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.                                     Web:
Contact no.: (95250) 2452115, 2452116
                                                                Borosil Glass Works Limited,
                                                                Khanna Construction House, 44,
                                                                Dr. R. G. Thadani Marg, Worli, Mumbai, India., Contact person:
Bharat Fritz Werner Ltd.,                                       Mr. Vinayak Patankar,
Off Tumkur Road, Bangalore, India.                              Contact no.: +91-22-24930362, 24930366,
Contact no.: +91-80-28395745, 39821100,                         Email:,
Email:,                        ,
Web:                                           Web:
Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.,                                  Bosch Limited,
BHEL House, Asiad, Siri Fort,                                   Post Box No. 3000, Hosur Road,
New Delhi, India.,                                              Bangalore - 560 030.
Contact person: General Manager (Hydro), Contact no.: +91-11-   Contact No: +91 - 080 - 2299 9233,
26001010, 66337000, Email:,,          Web:
                                                                BRUSTIA & C. S.p.A.
                                                                27029 Vigevano (PV) Italia Via G. Uberti, 11
                                                                Contact no.: +39 - 0381-346970

     Bry-air                                                          Changzhou Sanding Machinery Co. Ltd.,
     21 C, Sector 18, Gurgaon - 122015 India.                         1, 2nd floor, Homgmei Technology Park,
     Contact no.: +91-0124-4091111                                    Changzhou - 2.,
     Email:                                         Contact person: Ms. Cookee Lee,
     Web:                                              Contact no.: +86-519-83022055,
     Buhler Druckguss AG
     CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland.
     Contact No: +41-71-9551212                                       Charika Industries,
     email:                          495, Industrial Area - B, Ludhiana - 141003, Punjab, India.,
     Web:                                         Contact person: Mr. Purish Singla,
                                                                      Contact no.: +91-9417058656,
     Bullion Flexipack Pvt Ltd
     437, GIDC, Makarpura,
     Baroda-390 010, Gujarat.                                         Cheema Boilers,
                                                                      S.C.O. 523 - 24, Sector 70, SAS Nagar, Chandigarh, India.,
     Canara Flex, Opp. Bostik Findley (I) Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                      Contact person: Mr. Harjinder Singh Cheema, Contact no.: +91-
     Next to Bommasandra Indl. Area, Kachanayakanahalli, Bangalore
                                                                      172-5090487, 5055666, Email:,
     – 562199
     Contact No: +91- 80 - 7831113                                    Chuam Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd; No.17, Lane 360,
                                                                      Chung Cheng S. Road,
     Carrier Airconditioning & Refrigeration Limited
                                                                      Yen-Hang, Yuen-Kang City, Tainan, Taiwan 71008 R.O.C.,
     Delhi - Jaipur Highway, Narsingpur,
                                                                      CONTACT NO. : 886-6-2532111,
     Gurgaon, Haryana, India.
     Contact person: Ms. Himani Jashi
     Contact no.: +91-9873388116                                      Citrix R&D India Pvt Ltd.,
     Email:,,   69/3, Millers Road Bangalore - 560052, India., Contact no.: +91
     Web:                                        80 41341000,
     Castfab Engineering India (P) Limited
     S.F.No: 610/3A, Goldwins,                                        CMS Industries,
     Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore - 641 014                       via A. LocaContact, 49 24019 Zogno (BG) Italy. Contact No:
     Contact No. : +91 422 6529280                                    +39.0345.64111,
     Caterpillar (TIL Ltd. - Regional Indian Dealer), E47/7, Okhla
     Industrial Area, Phase II,
     New Delhi, India.                                                CNP Engineers,
     Contact no.: +91-11-2683108, 09.                                 313, Kohinoor Bldg., Opp. Daily Prabhat Near Vijay Talkies,
     Email:                                    Narayan Peth, Pune - 411030.Maharashtra.
     Web:                                                 Contact No: 020-24480976,
     CEE DEE Vacuum Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
     Plot No. 81-B/16, General Block, M.I.D.C.,
     Bhosari, Pune 411 026 Maharashtra (India).                       Coils India,
     Contact no.: +91-020-2712 6253                                   1, 9th cross, Manjunatha Nagar Magadi Road, Bangalore - 560
     Email:                                     023 Karnataka India.,
     Web:                                Contact no.: +91-98444 60305,
     CERIM S.p.a. ; Novara, 218 - 27029 Vigevano (PV) - ITALY.,                 Colt India Pvt. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +39 0381 20905, E-mail id:, Web:     205 Amrapali Plaza, E-2, Amrapali Marg,                                                    Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur – 302021
                                                                      Rajasthan, INDIA.
     Challenger International,
                                                                      Contact no. . Office : 91-141-3244191, 4028542
     269 C, East Mohan Nagar, 100 Feet Road, Amritsar, Punjab,
                                                                      Mobile : 09314509340
                                                                      Contact no.efax : 0091-141-2357974
     Contact person: Mr. Kuldeep Singh,
                                                                      Email :
     Contact no.: +91-183-2581850, 2581186, Email: associat2003@,                                                       Cosmos Impex India Pvt. Ltd.
     Web:                                      COSMOS HOUSE, 85/2 Atladra,
                                                                      Padra road, Vadodara - 390012.
     Changzhou Boer Precision Powder Engineering Co., Ltd.
                                                                      Contact person: Mr. V. Nagesh
     No. 229 Western Hehai Road, Hi-Tech District, Changzhou,
                                                                      Contact no.: +91-265-3927000 / 98980-74696,
     Jiangsu, China

Creed Engineers Pvt. Ltd.                                         Darshini Engineers,
4/37, Pace City Phase-1, Gurgaon-122004.                          Plot No. 5227/A, Phase 4, G.I.D.C., Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.,
Contact person: Mr. Ramesh Bajaj                                  Contact no.: +91-79-65456412,
Contact no.: +91-9811043825                                       Email:,
Email:                                         Web:
                                                                  Dawei Induction Heating Machine Co. Limited,
Crestron Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.                              No153,Road Nortt ChongQing, QingDao,ShanDong,
D-6, Sector - 61, Noida,
Uttar Pradesh, India.
Contact no.: +91-120-4276297                                      Contact no.:+86-131-55965571,
Email:                                     Fax: +86-799-7232075,,
Web:                                   ,
Crompton Greaves Limited
CG House, 6th Floor,                                              Deep Furnaces
Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli,                                     Works: Plot No. 33, HSIIDC, Sector-59,
Mumbai - 400 030, INDIA.                                          Faridabad-121 004, Haryana (INDIA).
Web:                                            Contact No.: +91-129-4013558, 4016559
                                                                  Fax: +91-129-2307558
CS Aerotherm Pvt. Ltd.                                            Email:,
103, Shresta B Homi 87, K. R. Road,
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560004                                     Delair India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No: 080-6506066                                           Web:

Cummins India Ltd.                                                Devindra Industries; 3857, New Janta Nagar, opp. I.T.I., Gill
Power Generation Business Unit,                                   Road, Ludhiana, Punjab, India., Contact person: Mr. Kuldeep
35A/ 1/ 2, Erandawana, Pune, India.                               Singh Jhans, Contact no.: +91-161-2491453, 2491956,
Contact person: Mr. Ajay Dusane,                                  Email:,, Web: www.
Contact no.: +91-9822192240                             
Email:                                  Devrekha
Web:                                         A-2, 6/102, GIDC, Sachin-394230.(GUJ.)INDIA.
Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd.,                           Contact no. : +91-261-2398881/2398882
12th Floor, Building No. 9, Tower A, Cyber City, DLF Phase        Mobile : +91-9374508711
- III, Gurgaon, Haryana, India., Contact person: Mr. Sanjeev      Fax: +91-261-2398883
Gianchandani, Contact no.: +91-124-4555444,                       e-mail :
Web:                                          web site :

Dalal Engineering Private Limited,                                Dezhou Yaxing Textile Machinery Co.
Village Kavesar, Thane-Ghodbunder Road, Thane, Maharashtra        Ltd. China (Mainland)
- 400 601, India.,                                                Contact no.eContact No.: 0086-0534-8943823
Ph: +(91)-(22)-25976201 / 25976202                                Mobile Contact No.:13053410857

DaLian Rubber & Plastics Machinery Co. Ltd.,                      Dhanaprakash Industrial Corp.
Zhoushizi Square, Dalian, China                                   Plot No L-34/2, MIDC, Kupwad,
Contact No: 0086-411-6651697,                                     Sangli 416436, Maharashtra, India.
email:,                                            Contact no.: +91-233-2645701,03,04
Web:                                        Email:
Daljit Engineering Works,
880, Industrial Area-A, Near Powerhouse, Ludhiana, Punjab,        Dhanaprakash Industrial Corp.
India.,                                                           Plot No L-34/2, MIDC, Kupwad,
Contact person: Mr. Kamaljit Singh,                               Sangli 416436, Maharashtra, India.
Contact no.: +91-9814097185, 9855108655, Email: info@             Contact no.: +91-233-2645701,03,04,                                            Email:
Web:                                    Web:

Damle Clay Structurals(P) Ltd.,                                   Dhara Electicals
‘Anant’, Plot No. 98, Lane 5, Natraj Society,Karvenagar, Pune -   Ahmedabad
411 052                             Ph: 079-5830941

Danish Wood Insulation,                                           Dhiwren Hydraulics
Bjørn Henriksen, Vindingvej 4, Bryrup, Denmark.,                  Moynagarh, Ganipur, Maheshtala,
Contact no.: +45-21448021, 87982210,                              Kolkata, India.
Email:,                                      Contact person: Mr. Satyajit Ghosh
Web:               Contact no.: +91-9830236622

     Diligent Micro Controls                                          DSR Power Systems,
     Bhatia Compound No-2,                                            HNo-2-4-1074/3, Samatha nagar, Mamathanagar X Road, Nagole
     Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Thane-400602                           (Near uppal), Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy Dist- 500017, Andhra
     Web:                               Pradesh, India., Contact No./Fax: 040-66807399,
                                                                      Mobile: (0) 9246888812
     DISA India Ltd.
     Regd. & Corporate Office, 5th Floor,                             Dukhiram Maurya Engineering & Refractory Works (INDIA)
     Kushal Garden Arcade,                                            Pvt. Ltd.,
     1A, Peenya Industrial Area,                                      B-304, Universal Business Park, kamani Oil Mill Road,
     Peenya 2nd Phase, Bangalore - 560 058.                           Chandivali, Andheri, Mumbai - 400 072, India.,
     Ph: 080 4020 1400 to 04                                          Contact person: Mr. Rajnath Maurya,
     Fax 080 2839 1661                                                Contact no.: +91-9820512934, Email: response@dukhiram-
     Email:                         ,
     DMG India Pvt. Ltd.
     64, Jalahalli Camp Cross, Off MES Road,                          Dyna Creation Pvt. Ltd.
     Yeshwanthpur.                                                    M-576, 1st Floor, Guru Harkishan Nagar,
     Contact no.: +91-80-41131281                                     Paschim Vihar, New Delhi-110087
     Email:                                         Contact No: +91-11-65496285
     Web:                                            email: dynacreation@airContact
     DMT Hydraulics ;
     A-11, Export promotion Industrial ,                              Dynamech Engineers
     U.P.S.I.D.C. Shashtripuram, Agra, U. P.,                         214, Palsikar Colony, Indore,
     Contact person: Mr. Rajendar Singh,                              Madhya Pradesh-452 004, India.
     Contact no.: +91-9897070440, +91-562-2510693,          
     Email:, Web: www.
                                                                      Dynaspede Integrated Systems (P) Limited
                                                                      508 Pragathi Tower 26, Rajendra Place,
     Dorma India,                                                     New Delhi-110 008
     14, Patullos Road, Mount Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600 002-    Web:
                                                                      East Coast Magnets Pvt. Ltd.
     Contact person: Mr. Raghunandan,
                                                                      44/1/6, IDA Phase I, Jeedimetla,
     Contact no.: +91-9342209752,
                                                                      Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 055.
                                                                      Contact No: +91 (0) 40 2309 8262
     Doshi Associates,                                                email:
     976/6 GIDC, Makarpura, Baroda - 390010, Gujarat, India.,         Web:
     Contact no.: +91 265 264 4458, 98240 97502 (Mobile), Fax: +91
                                                                      Eastman Exports (A Division of Eastman Exports Global
     265 265 3173
                                                                      Clothing Pvt Ltd.,)
     Doshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,                                    5/591, Sri Lakshmi Nagar,
     863/6- G.I.D.C. Makarpura, Vadodara,                             Pitchampalayam Pudur,
     Gujarat, India.,                                                 Tirupur 641 603, INDIA
     Contact no.: +91 265 263 4985,                                   Contact No. : +91-421-4301234
     Email:,                                Fax : +91-421-4301205
     Web:                             Email :
     Doshi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
     863/6- G.I.D.C. Makarpura, Vadodara, Gujarat, India.,            Eclipse Combustion Pvt. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91 265 263 4985,                                   Plot No. 3/B, D-1 Block,
     Email:,                                Chinchwad Indl. Area,
     Web:                             Chinchwad, Pune,
                                                                      Maharashtra- 411019. India.
     Dow Chemical Int’l Pvt. Ltd.,
                                                                      Contact person: Mr. V.R. Kulkarni
     Corporate Park, Unit No. 1, V. N. Purav Marg, Chembur, Mumbai,
                                                                      Contact no.: +91-9371233523
     Contact no.: +91-22-67978553, 25245830 (extn. 553), Email:
     Web:                                 Economode Food Equipment Pvt Ltd
                                                                      B-6, 5 Acre, Kothari compound,
     Dresser Waukesha,
                                                                      Tikuji- Ni- Wadi Road, Manpada,
     1101 West St. Paul Avenue, Waukesha, WI 53188-4999 U.S.A.
                                                                      Thane -400 607, Maharastra.
     Contact No: 262-547-3311,

Eddymelt                                                          Encon (India),
C-87 M.I.D.C. Hingna Industrial Estate,                           2B/06 Shivkripa, N.C. Kelkar Road, Dadar(West), Mumbai
Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440025                                      400028,
Contact person: Mr. Anand Ganu                                    Contact no.: 91-22-24306578,
Contact No.: +91-9226595148                                       Email:,
Email:                                       Web:
                                                                  Encon Furnaces (P) Ltd.,
Electricoil Super Thermal Engineers                               14/6, Mathura Road, Fridabad-121003, Haryana, INDIA., www.
151, Small Factory Area, Bhandara Road,                 
Nagpur – 440008.
                                                                  ENCON Thermal Engineers (P) Ltd.
Contact no.: +91-712-2767998
                                                                  297, Sector-21B,
                                                                  Faridabad-121 001, Haryana, India.
                                                                  Contact person: Mr. Puneet Mahendra
Electroil,                                                        Contact no.: +91-9971499079
151, Small Factory Area, Bhandara Road, Nagpur - 440008.          Email:
Contact no.. : + 91 - 712 - 27679                                 Web:
Electromech India,                                                Energo Products Pvt. Ltd .
4, Subramanyaoura Post, Uttarahalli Road Bangalore - 560 061      E-42/2, Okhla Industrial Area,
INDIA., Contact person: Mr. Ragunath,                             Phase-II, New Delhi, India.
Contact no.: +91-80-2666 1200/ 2666 3005, Email: emech@blr.       Contact no.: +91-11-30854900, 01, 02,                                                      Email:
Web:                                     Web:
Electronica HiTech Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Elektra Chambers,       Energy Machine
44, Mukundnagar,                                                  444, IV th Phase GIDC, Vitthal
Pune, India.,                                                     Udyognagar-388 121, Anand, Gujarat India.
Contact person: Mr. Sarang S. Sirdeshpande, Contact no.: +91-     Contact no.: +91-2692-232662
9373569711,                                                       Email:
Email:,                                 Web:
                                                                  Energy Process Equipments
Electro-Plasma Equipments Pvt. Ltd.,                              Vadodara - 391 243, Gujarat, India.
104 Acme Industrial Park, I. B. PaContact no. Rd, Goregaon (E),   Contact No.: +(91)-(265)-2830375 / 2830373
Mumbai - 63, India.,
                                                                  Epcos India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact no.: +91-22-40203456,
                                                                  Ph: 91-80-40390615
Web:                                     EPM Italia Machine Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                  RR-4, Anandapur, East Kolkata Township,
Electrotherm (India) Ltd.,
                                                                  Kolkata - 700107, West Bengal, India.
72, Palodia, Via Thaltej, Ahmedabad -382115, Gujarat, India.,
                                                                  Contact person: Mr. Soumen Bagchi
Mr. Suneel Kulkarni : +91-9909963280,
                                                                  Contact no.: +919830328297
                                                                  Europack Machines (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Electrotherm Engineering and Project Division,
                                                                  52, Bindal Industrial Estate, Sakinaka,
102, Padamarao Nagar, Laxmi Apartment, Sec’bad –500 003.,
                                                                  Andheri (East), Mumbai 72, India.
Mobile : 098480 72870, Email: electrothermsouth@electrotherm.
                                                                  Contact no.: 2 852 6477, 2 850 2151
                                                                  Fax: 9122+5 694 2977
Elite Thermal Engineers Pvt. Ltd.,                                Email :
Hall No. 2, ‘’C’’ Wing, Shree Balwant Niwas, 1846/47, Sadashiv
                                                                  Excel Airtechnics (P) Ltd.
Peth, Pune, India.,
                                                                  B-10, Nethrambigai Apartments.
Contact person: Mr. Amol Atre,
                                                                  # 15, Vembuliamman Koil Street,
Contact no.: +91-9225534088,
                                                                  K.K.Nagar West,
                                                                  Chennai -600078, Tamilnadu, INDIA
                                                                  Contact no.fax : +(91)-(44)-23640757, 23640408
Eltech Engineers,                                                 Email
A-108, Diamond Industrial, Estate, Ketkipada Road, Near Toll      Contact person :Mr.M.Janakiraman
Naka,                                                             Web:
Dahisar East Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 068.
Contact No: 022-28972424,

     Excel Machines India                            Fluidtherm Technology Pvt. Ltd.,
     H-60, M.I.D.C., Waluj,                          SP132, III Main Road, Ambattur Industrial Estate, Chennai, India.,
     Aurangabad - 431136. Maharashtra, India.        Contact no.: +91-44-26357390, 26357391, Email: info@
     Contact no.: +91-9325212290           ,
     Email:           Web:
                                                     Fluor Daniel India Pvt. Ltd.,
     Fadia Engineers                                 DLF Square, 14th Floor, Jacaranda Marg,
     9, Boscovilla Flat,                             DLF City, Phase - II, Gurgaon, India.,
     Opp: Management Enclave,                        Contact no.: +91-124-2560651, 4570700,
     Nehrupark, Vastraput,                           Web:
     Ahmedabad - 380015
                                                     Fluxotherm India Private Limited,
     Contact No: 079-55452111
                                                     138, SIDCO Industrial Estate, Near By Patravakkam Railway,
                                                     Station, Ambattur, Chennai - 600 098, Tamil Nadu, India.
                                                     Contact No.: +(91)-(44)-26248666 / 26248777
     Fadia Engineers
                                                     Focus Machines India Pvt Ltd.,
     B-1, 90/6, B/H. Satyam Weigh Bridge,
                                                     C-32, Sector-10, Noida-201 301,
     Near Nika Tube Char Rasta, Phase-1,
                                                     Gautam Budh Nagar (U.P.) INDIA.,
     GIDC, Vtva,
                                                     Contact no.: +91-120-2532101,
     Ahmedabad - 382445, Gujarat, India.
     Contact person: Mr. Vipul Fadia
     Contact no.: +919898523254
     Email:                  Forbes Marshall,
     Web:              Manufacturing and Head Office, P B # 29, Mumbai-Pune Rd.,
                                                     Kasarwadi, Pune - 411 034 DID: 91 (0) 20-27149012,
     Fair Deal Engineers
                                                     Contact no. : 91 (0) 20-27145595 / 39858555,
     66, Ram Sarup Colony, Mujessar,
     Near Sector-24,
                                                     Corporate OfficeThermax Ltd., Thermax House, 14 Mumbai-
     Faridabad – 121 005, Haryana, India.
                                                     Pune Road, Wakdewadi, Pune 411 003,
     Contact no.: +91-9810608509 / 9810158509
                                                     Contact no.: 91-20-66051200/25542122, Fax: 91-20-25542242,
                                                     Force Motors Ltd.,
     FangHua Leather Machine Co. Ltd.
                                                     Mumbai-Pune Road
     Bailian Industrial District, Ruian City,
                                                     Akurdi, Pune 411035 India.,
     Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China.
                                                     Contact person:Mr.Sunil Dhadiwal,
     Contact no.: +86-13736708822
                                                     Contact no.: +91-9822094713,
     Fantasy Machine Ltd.
                                                     Foundmatic Engineers,
     Shed No. 9, Pradhan Market,
                                                     St. Thomas Street, Santhosh Nagar, Kandhanchavadi, Chennai
     Chandra Vihar, Nilothi Ext. New Delhi-110041.
                                                     - 600 096, Tamil Nadu, India.,
     Contact person: Mr. R K Mohanani
                                                     Contact No.: +(91)-(44)-24961683 / 24961683 / 65492916 /
     Contact no.: +91-9811011157
     Web:                         Frick India Limited,
                                                     809, Surya Kiran, 19 K. G. Marg, New Delhi 110 001.,
     Ferromatik Milacro
                                                     Ph : 23322381/384/391, 23738693/694,
     209/29 Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-III,
                                                     Fax : 011-23322396.,
     New Delhi-24.
                                                     FTL Foundry Equipment Ltd.,
     Fire Cad Technologies
                                                     Designers & Suppliers of Moulding & Material Handling Systems,
     1-51-5/2/, Plot 86/1, Sector-1, MVP Colony,
                                                     6-11 Riley Street, Willenhall, West Midlands WV13 1RH England.,
     Visakapatnam - 530017
                                                     Contact no.eContact No.: (+44) (0)1902 630222,
     Flowmech Engineers (P) Ltd.                     Fax: (+44) (0)1902 636593,
     No. C-196/2, IInd Floor,                        Email:,
     Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase-II,             Web:
     New Delhi - 110 064, Delhi
     Contact person: Mr. A. K. Mittal
     Contact No: 011-28116456
     email : flowmech@airContact

Fung Chang Industrial Co.                                      Glass & Glazing technologies (India) Pvt Ltd
No. 9, Shih Chi Tzu, Kaoping Village, Lungtan Hsiang Taoyuan   302, Raheja Plaza, Off Andheri Link
Hsien, 325 Taiwan, R.O.C.                                      Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 053.
Contact no.: 886-3-4717824 / 4717825 / 4717453                 Web:
Fax: 886-3-4717702 / 4580170
                                                               Global K Associates
                                                               Plot A-100/2, D.P.S Society, Flat # B-503,
G. S. Machineries                                              Noida, Uttar Pradesh., Web:
No.6, Thiruveeka Nagar, Jothipuram,
                                                               Gold Plus Group
Coimbatore - 641047, Tamil Nadu, India.
                                                               Gold Plus House, G-192, Prashant Vihar
Contact No.:91-422-6583752
                                                               Delhi, India.
                                                               Contact no.: +91-11-47000500, 27564007
Galaxy Machines                                                Email:
Gat No.1567, Shelar Vasti,                                     Web:
Behind Agarwal Industrial Estate, Chikhali,
                                                               Goodlife Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Pune - 412114, Maharashtra, India.
                                                               A-20, Sector-58, Noida – 201301
Contact no.. No : +91-20-32510600
                                                               Uttar Pradesh, India.
Mobile: 09823834421, 09823364421
                                                               Contact No.:91-120-2490141
Web:                                Gopi Engineering Works
                                                               2/72, M.C. Road, Madanur,
GALLANT Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
                                                               Vellore District.
104M, Karunamoyee Ghat Road,
                                                               Tamilnadu, Pin-635 804, India.
Micheal Madhusudan Park,
                                                               Contact person: Mr. J.Ganesh Moorth
Kolkata-700082, West Bengal, India.
                                                               Contact no.: + 919443256280
Contact No. : + 91– 33– 24029656 / 9657
Email :
Gayatri Electrotech Co. Pvt. Ltd.
                                                               Green Power International Pvt. Ltd.
2791 1/2, Varuntirth Ves, Shivaji Peth,
                                                               E-12/A, Sector - 63, Noida, India.
Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.
                                                               Contact person: Mr. Sanjeev Puri
Contact person: Mr. Deepak Deshpande
                                                               Contact no.: +91-9818313779
Contact no.: +91-9422406549, 9527003272
GBM Industries
                                                               GRIGGIO SPA
RZ-B-27, Dabri Extn.
                                                               Via C Brion,
East New Delhi - Delhi, India.
                                                               40, Reschigliano di Campodarsego,
Contact person: Mr. Manish Verma
                                                               Padova, Italy – 35011
Contact no.: +91-9810773597
                                                               Contact No: +39 049 929.9711
                                                               Guleryuz Tannery Machinery Ltd.
GE Consumer & Industrial India
                                                               Bergama cad. Camii Kebir Mah.
The Millenia, Level 6, Tower B, 1 & 2,
                                                               Uluyol Mevkii Menemen-Izmir, Turkey.
Murphy Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore, India.
                                                               Contact person: Mr. Ali Guleryuz
Contact person: Mr. SN Sharma
                                                               Contact no.: +90-232-8329462
Contact no.: +91-80-41434000
Web:                                        Guru Harkrishan Hydraulics
                                                               F-578-580, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Marg,
GEA Refrigeration India
                                                               Badhkal Road, N.I.T
Pune, India.,
                                                               Faridabad-121001, India.
Contact person: Mr. Rohit Arora
Web:                                  Gurucharan Industries
                                                               C-155, Industrial Estate, Baikampady,
Genca Inc.
                                                               New Mangalore – 575011, Karnataka.
9600 18th St. North, St.Petersburg, FL 33716, USA.
                                                               Contact No: 0824-2409556
Contact person: Ms. Ellie Andrade
Contact no.: 1-727-489-1164

     GURUSON International                                Heatech Engineers
     2512/10 (9B/3), Industrial Area-A Extension,         33/3 C, Ganesh Layout,
     Backside R.K. Machine Tools,                         Nallampalayam, Ganapathy Post
     Ludhiana - 141003, Punjab, India.                    Coimbatore - 641 006, Tamil Nadu.
     Contact No.:91-161-5056246/5015297                   Contact No.: +(91)-(422)-6576521
                                                          Mobile: +(91)-9791713389
     Haian Baixie Forging Hammer Co. Ltd.
     No.6 Yangmanhe Industrial Park, Haian,
     Jiangsu province, China.                             Heidelberg India Pvt. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +86-513-88838848                        333 GST Road, Jameen Pallavaram
     Email:                                Chrompet, Chennai - 600 044.
     Web:                          Contact No: 044-43472000
     Haier Appliances India Pvt. Limited
     B-1/A-14, Mohan Co-operative Industrial
     Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi, India.              Heilongjiang Xinyuanda international Trade Co. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-11-66214000, 5000                   No. 28 Nanshi Street Mudanjiang City
     Email:                           Heilongjiang Province Zip code: 157000.
     Web:                              Contact person: Ms. Alice
                                                          Contact no.: +86-453-6256122
     Harbin Machinery Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd.
     188, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China.
     Contact person: Mr. Xu Joe
     Contact no.: +86-13945073339                         Hi Tech Cooling Systems
     Email:                           4510,GIDC, Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India.
     Web:                     Contact person: Mr. Pravin PaContact no.
                                                          Contact no.: +91-9428324770
     Hari Machines Limited
     Sugam Business Park, 7th Floor,
     J-6 Block EP & GP, Sector-5,
     Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India.                      HIC Print Pack Machine
     Contact person: Mr. Nirmal Sanyal                    6-7, Gokal Ka Bagh, 100 Feet Road
     Contact no.: +91-33-30925000 to 5004                 Amritsar - 143 001, Punjab, India.
     Email:,   Contact person: Mr. Khushvinder Singh
     Web:                            Contact no.: +91-9417205595 / +91-9780258148
     Harish Tex-Mach Pvt. Ltd.
     Plot No. 65, Vishwa Gulab, 1st Floor,
     N. S. Road No.1, Juhu Scheme,                        Himalyan Equipment Manufacturing Co.
     Vile Parle (W), Mumbai – 400056                      Plot No G-5, UPSIDC Industrial area,
     Contact No: +91-22-2612 4180                         Sarojni Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
     email:                         Web:
                                                          Hindustan Electric Motors
     Havells India Ltd.                                   Mumbai.
     E-1 ,Sector 59 ,Noida -201307 UP India.              Ph: 28201316, 28360651, 28380080, 28380081
     Contact person: Mr Sunil Sikka
                                                          Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-0120-2477777
                                                          3rd Floor, ABW Elegance Tower,
                                                          Jasola District Centre,
                                                          New Delhi 110 025, India.
     HCI Converting Equipment Co. Ltd.                    Contact person: Mr. Piyush
     26, 7th Road, Taichung Industrial Park               Contact no.: +91-11-4060 5252
     Taichung, Taiwan                                     Email:
     Contact No: 886-4-23590632                           Web:
                                                          5120 Westinghouse Blvd, Charlotte,
     HCS Enterprises                                      NC 28273, USA
     F-53, Kushak Road No-2                               Contact No: (704) 587-3400
     Near Gurudawara, Saroop Nagar, Delhi.                email:
     Web:                          Web:
                                                          HOM Automation
                                                          109 Pocket-1, Jasola, New Delhi 110025
                                                          Contact no.: +91-9958560764

Honeywell Automation India Ltd.                         Hypertherm, Inc.
56 & 57, Hadapsar Industrial Estate,                    P.O. Box 5010, Hanover, NH 03755 USA
Hadaspar, Pune.                                         Contact No: 603-643-3441
Contact No: 020-662039400,                              email:
Web:                   Web:
Honeywell International India Pvt. Ltd.                 I.M.F.
1st floor, Unitech Trade Centre,                        832/8, 3rd Main Road OMBR Layout,
Sushant Lok, Phase I, Gurgaon, India.                   Banaswadi, Bangalore – 560043.
Contact person: Mr. Shobhit Taneja                      Contact No: 080-42921818
Contact no.: +91-124-6715000                            email:
Email:                     Web:
                                                        Indaid Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies Pvt. Ltd.                C22 to 24, Industrial Plots,Mugappair
51, Science Park Road 04-23, The Aries,                 West,Chennai - 600 058 Tamilnadu.
Singapore Science Park II ,                             Contact person: Mr. K. Kalyan Sundaram
Singapore -117586                                       Contact no.: +91-044-26243396
Contact no.: +91-65-6872 9588                           Email:
Email:                        Web:
                                                        Indian Textile Engineers
HPP Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd.                            C-1, B-4, ‘F’ Road, Opp. B.O.B., Phase – I,
G 21, Sector - 63, Noida,                               G.I.D.C, Vatva,
Uttar Pradesh, India.                                   Ahmedabad – 382445. (Guj) India.
Contact person: Mr. Divyankur                           Contact no.: +91-79-5830192
Contact no.: +91-120-4699111                            Email:
Email:,   Web:
                                                        Indotherm Furnace and Engineers
HSD S.p.A.                                              Indotherm House 12/13,
Via della Meccanica, 16, 61100 Pesaro (Italy)           Swami Vivekanand Nagar, Mhada Colony,
Contact No: +39 0721 439638                             Pawar Nagar, Thane (west) 400 602.
Email:                                Contact no.: +91-22-21730857/28553222
Web:                          Email:
Huali Hongxin Printing Machinery Co. ltd.
Linxin Industry Zone Ruian Zhejiang 325200.             INDOTHERM Furnace Pvt. Ltd.
Contact no.: +86-577-65161186/65161187                  6B, Bondel Road, Ground Floor,
Email:                             Kolkata 700019, India.
Web:                                  Contact No. : +91 033 22809560 / 22809853
HUICHENG Vacuum Technology Co. Ltd.                     Inductotherm (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Yanwu Village, Dalingshan Town,                         Shri Kishorebhai D. Vyas Building, Bopal, Ahmedabad 380 058
Dongguan - 523000,                                      Gujarat, India.
Guangdong, China.                                       Contact No.: +91-2717-231961,
Contact No.:86-769-85611172                   ,
Fax:86-769-85611411                                     Web:
Hy Tek Print Mac                                        Industrial Electrical Corporation
1442/1456, 3rd Main,                                    602, Phase - IV, GIDC Vatva,
Magadi Main Road                                        Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
Bengaluru - 560 091, Karnataka, India.                  Contact person: Mr. Mahendra PaContact no.
Contact person: Mr. Farhad Tayeb                        Contact no.: +91-79-25831047
Contact no.: +91-9448489618                             Email:,
Email:                         Web:
                                                        Infinite	Energy	Pvt.	Ltd.
Hydromech Automation Pvt. Ltd.                          1 floor,”Baba house”,
WZ-3158/A, Mahindra Park,                               149 A, kilokri, Opp. Maharani Bagh,
Rani Bagh New Delhi - 110 034, India.                   New Delhi 110014.
Contact person: Mr. D. S.Tanwar                         Contact no.: +91-9212084933
Contact no.: +91-11-27014283                            Email:
Email:                   Web:

     Innovative Technologies                          Jinbaotian Packing Machinery
     50 / A, Shankar Estate, Revabhai Estate Road,    West Side of Vinhe Bridge
     C.T.M. Amraiwadi, Ahmedabad - 26, INDIA          Tongzhou Development Zone, Tongzhou City,
     Contact person: Mr. Arvind Motka                 Jiangsu Province, China.
     Contact No.: +91-98253 98702                     Contact No: +86-513-86552222
     Fax : +91- 79- 2586 0943                         email:
     Email :        Web:
                                                      Jinjiang Sheng Da Shoes Machine Trading Co. Ltd.
     Insulation Associates                            No.816,Chenquan Road, Chendai
     402/B, GIDC, Phase-II, Near Water Tank,          Town, Jinjiang City, Jinjiang,
     Vatva, Ahmedabad, India.                         Fujian, China (Mainland).
     Contact person: Mr. Zalak Kaushik                Contact person: Ms. Wenjuan Zhao
     Contact no.: +91-9879514648, 9824021589          Contact no.: +86-0595-26883888
     Email:             Web:
                                                      Jogindra Industries
     InContact no.ux Electronics Pvt. Ltd.            R- 5/69, Rama Road, Near Metro Station,
     Unit 2, Electronic Co-Op Estate,                 Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi - 110 015, India.
     Pune-Satara Road, Pune, India.                   Contact person: Mr. Jagjeet Singh
     Contact no.: +91-20-24223734, 82, 83             Contact no.eContact No. : +(91)-(11)-25415338 / 25434786
     Email: marketing@inContact
                                                      Johnson Controls India
     Web: www.inContact
                                                      # 507,Delphina Building, 2nd Floor,
     International Copper Promotion Council (India)   CMH Road, Indiranagar - 1st Stage,
     602, Omega, Hiranandini Gardens, Powai,          Bangalore- 560 038.
     Mumbai – 400076                                  Contact person: Mr. Varun Parashar
     Contact no.:022-66937989                         Contact no.: +91-9739777709
     Web:                         Email:
     J K Foundry Engineers
     62, Shreyas Park, B/h. ISRO, Jodhpur Tekra,      Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd.
     Ahmedabad - 380 054, Gujarat, India.             No.1, East Main Road Annanagar
     Contact No.: +91 - 79- 26925154                  Western Extension, Chennai - 600 101.
     Email:              Contact person: Mr. V. Jagannathan
                                                      Contact no: +91-044 - 26152200 (6 lines)/9381010029
     J.R. Furnace & Ovens (P) Ltd.
     No. L-4, S.I.D.C.O. Industrial Estate,
     Villivakkam, Chennai - 600049,
     Tamil Nadu, India.                               Juki India Private Limited
     Contact No.:91-44-45552449/65264893              Bangalore Office
     Fax:91-44-26173262                               “Ozone Manay Tech Park” 1st Floor, B-Wing,
                                                      Survey No, 56/18 & 55/9, Hosur Road,
     Jartolia Engineering Works
                                                      Hongasandra Village, Bangalore – 560 068
     E-64, Sanjay Colony, Sector – 23
                                                      Contact No: 080 – 42511900
     Faridabad – 121 005, Haryana
     Contact No: 9810849971
                                                      Web :
     Jas Enterprises
                                                      Jumbo Steel Machinery Co. Ltd.
     60, Shreenathji Estate, Panna Estate road,
                                                      No. 4, Roar 12, Taichung Industrial Park,
     Rakhial, Ahmedabad , Gujarat.
                                                      Taichung, Taiwan
                                                      Contact No: 886-4-23590788
     Jaya Industries                                  email:
     369, Ulaipalar Street,                           Web:
     Vellakinar Post, Coimbatore.
                                                      Jyoti CNC Automation Pvt. Ltd.
     Mobile : 098430-43231
                                                      FA-18, First Floor, Crown plaza, Sector 15A,
     Jiansu Yangli Group                              Mathura Road, Faridabad-121007.
     No.99 Middle Yangtze Road, Yangzhou City,        Web:
     Jiangsu Province, China.
                                                      Jyoti Industries
     Contact No: 0086 514 87848251
                                                      B-60/A - Sudershan Pura Industrial Area
                                                      Jaipur - 302006 Rajasthan India.
                                                      Contact person: Mr. R. K. Jangid
                                                      Contact no.: +91-9414770502

K.K. Printing Machines Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd.       Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.
Plot No. 36, DLF Industrial Area, Phase – I,    UCO Bank Building, Parliament Street,
Faridabad – 121003, Haryana, India              New Delhi, India.
Contact No.: 91-(0)129-4044518, 4084519         Contact person: Mr. Vivek Shingari
Fax: 91-(0)129-4043634                          Contact no.: +91-9810056522
Mobile No.: +91-9810429567, +91-9910306205      Email:,,
Email:,               Web:
                                                Kirloskar Toyoda Textile Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
                                                Plot 10 -13, Phase II, Jigani Industrial Area,
Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd                      Jigani., New Delhi, Delhi -560105, India.
Kolsite House, 31, Shah Industrial Estate,      Contact person: Mr. Ashok Juneja
Veera Desai Road , Andheri(W), Mumbai.          Contact No.: +(+91)-(80)-27826201 / 27826206 / 27826215
Contact No: 022-26734822                        Mobile: +(+91)-9844639043
Email:                   Fax No: +(+91)-(80)-27826207
Web:                     Web:
Kaeser Compressors India Pvt. Ltd.              Kirtee Engineering
810, Northex Tower,                             Plot No. 6/1, Gat No. 48, Opp. Simens Ltd.,
A-09, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitam Pura,         MIDC, Waluj, Aurangabad - 431136,
New Delhi, India.                               Maharashtra, India.
Contact person: Mr. Amit Rajpal                 Contact no.: +91-98227 50131
Contact no.: +91-9818380792                     Email:
Email:                   Web:
                                                Klingelnberg, Francis Klein & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
Kashifuji                                       92-93, C-Wing, Mittal Court, Nariman Point,
Head office and factory: 28 Kamota,             Mumbai-400 021.
Kamitoba, Minami-ku Kyoto 601-8131 Japan.       Contact No: 0091-22-2825007
Contact No. F81-75-661-5273                     email:
Fax F81-75-661-5270                             Web:
Keje Thermoweld Equipments Pvt. Ltd.            Kodak Graphic
T-105, Bhosari, M.I.D.C., Pune, India.          3rd Floor, Kalpataru Synergy Vakola,
Contact person: Mr. Shankar Mahbubani           Santacruz E, Mumbai India 400055
Contact no.: +91-20-27120943, 27122213          Contact no.: +91-22-6641-6383
Email:,                        Web:,
                                                Kohli Industries
                                                F-88, M.I.D.C, Anand Nagar, Ambernath,
Khan Machines                                   Thane, Maharashtra, India.
Plot No. C-13, JJ Nagar,                        Contact person: Mr. Kaku Kohli
Mugappair Industrial Estate,                    Contact no.: +91-251-2621717,18,19
Mugappai West, Chennai - 600 037                Web:
Tamil Nadu, India.
                                                Koley Converting Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No.: +(91)-(44)-65477215
                                                4/1, Halder Para Lane,
Mobile: +(91)-9841050531
                                                Howrah - 711101, West Bengal, India.
Kirloskar Brothers Ltd.,                        Contact person: Mr. Manish Ranjan Biswas
Udyog Bhavan,Tilak Road,Pune 411 002, India.,   Contact no.: +919830011359
Contact no.: +91-020 24440770,                  Email:
Email:,                Web:
                                                Kone India
Kirloskar Chillers (P) Ltd.                     No:50-55&58 Vanagaram Road
Office No 104,First Floor, Tower-P3,            Ayanambakkam, Chennai-600 095, India.
Pentagon, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar,            Contact person: Mr. B.R. Chandran
Pune 411028 (India).                            Contact no.: +91-9940079691
Contact No. : +91-20-66859800 (Board)           Email:
Fax : +91-20-66859802                           Web:
E-mail: .in
                                                Kotak Urja Pvt. Ltd.
Web Site :
                                                311, Lotus House, 33A V, Thackersey Marg,
                                                New Marine Lines, Mumbai, India.
                                                Contact no.: +91-22-22092139, 41

     Kotsons                                                         Lee Yih Automation Co.
     A-208 IInd Floor, R.G City Centre, Motia Khan,                  No.9, Alley 102, Lane 261, Jhutouzai Rd,
     Pahar Ganj, New Delhi-110055 INDIA.                             Sihu Township,
     Contact no.: +91-11-43537460                                    Changhua Country 514, Taiwan
     Email:                                      Contact No: 888-4-8810805
     Web:                                            Email:
     Krishna Engineering
     No. 7, Khodiyar Estate, Near Sakariba Estate,                   LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.
     Behind Indo Ahmedabad 382 445,                                  Plot No 51, Surajpur Kasna Road,
     Gujarat, India.                                                 Greater Noida, UP, India.
     Contact person: Mr. Bhupat PaContact no.                        Contact person: Mr. Sumit Bajaj
     Contact no.: +91-9426064890                                     Contact no.: +91-120-2560960
     Email:                                    Email:
     Web:                                       Web:
     Kwality Power Ltd.                                              Liang Jiang Shoes Making Machines Co. Ltd.
     S. N. 2, Dhaneshwari Building, Ram Nagar Housing, Vastu Udyog   186-8 Tung Ho Rd., Tsao Tun Chen,
     Yojana No. 2, Bhosari                                           Nantou Hsien, Taiwan, Republic Of China.
     Pune - 411039, Maharashtra, India                               Contact no.: +86-769-833-1168
     Contact No. +(91)-(20)-65309787                       
     Email:,                                  Web:
                                                                     LIPI Marketing (P) Ltd.
                                                                     32, Nehru Nagar, 1st Link Street,
     L. S. Engineering Corporation                                   Old Mahabalipuram Road, Kottivakkam,
     Opp. HoContact no. Jawahar, Central Hospital Road,              Chennai - 600 041
     Ulhasnagar - 421003, Maharashtra, India.                        Contact No: 044 24540737
     Contact No.:91- 251 2530524 / 2525711 / 2525866 Fax:91-251-     Email:
     2706177,                                                        Web:
     Email: web: www.
                                                                     LiContact no. Infrared Systems Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                     J-284, MIDC, Bhosari, Pune- 411 026 India.
     Laimura Technology (P) Ltd.                                     Contact no.: +91-020-2712 1848/0564/7631
     Punwani Chambers                                                Email: sales@liContact
     7B, Kiran Shankar Roy Road,                                     Web: www.liContact
     3rd Floor Kolkata 700001 India.
                                                                     Llyod Insulation India Ltd
     Contact person: Mr. Aditya Tibrewal
                                                                     Post Box No. 4321, Punj Star Premises,
     Contact no.: +91 33 22430468/69
                                                                     Kalkaji Industrial Area, Kalkaji,
                                                                     New Delhi – 110019
                                                                     Contact person: Mr. Ashu Sharma /
     Larsen & Toubro Ltd. (Welding Products Business)                Mr. K.K Mitra
     EWAC Administrative Building, 2nd Floor,                        Contact no.: +91-9868970770
     Gate No. 3, Powai Campus, Saki Vihar Road,                      Email:
     Mumbai – 400072                                                 Web:
     Contact No: 022-67051250
                                                                     LMW India Ltd.
                                                                     Perianaicken palayam, SRKV Post,
                                                                     Coimbatore, Tamilnadu - 641 020.
     LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH                                        Web:
     Hahnweg 139, 96450 Coburg, Germany.
                                                                     Lohia Starlinger Ltd.
     Contact person: Thomas Kranich
                                                                     D-3/A, Panki Industrial Estate,
     Contact no.: +49 (0) 95 61 / 642-236
                                                                     Kanpur - 208 022
                                                                     Contact No: +91 512 3045100
     Laxmi Creation                                                  Web:
     528, World Trade Center, 1st Floor, Ring Road,
     Surat - 395002, Gujarat, India.
     Contact No.:91-261-3050222
     Laxmi Engineers
     G-588(B), 2nd Phase, M.I.A, Basni,
     Jodhpur-324005 India.

LTP Engineering                                             Macro Print Engineers (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Sdn Bhd Plot 54, Jalan Johan 1/6,                           SF No.169, Macro Nagar,
Kawasan Perinductrian Pengkalan                             Saravanampatty (Post) Coimbatore - 641 035,
2, Jalan Pusing, 31550 Pusing,                              Tamil Nadu, India.
Perak, Malaysia.                                            Contact person: Mr. P. Veeramuthu
Contact no.: +6(05)-366 3269, +6(05)-3663266                Contact no.: +91-9843086656
Fax: +6(05)-366 3418                                        Email:
Email:                               Web:
                                                            Magnalenz Furnaces Pvt. Limited
Luoyang Land Glass Technology Co. Ltd.                      B/4, Shakriba Estate, Mehdavad Road
Guangjian Building, No.12, Wangcheng road,                  G.I.D.C. , Phase IV,
Luoyang city, China.                                        Vatwa, Ahmedabad. Gujarat.
Contact No: +86-379-65298883                                Contact No.: +91-79-25841065 /30917163/ 55120554
Contact person: Mr. Joe
                                                            Magnum Machine & Tools (P) Ltd.
                                                            48, S.N.Roy Road, Kolkata- 700 038, India
                                                            Contact No: 033-24037963
M H Engineering Pvt. Ltd.                                   email:
340/21, Street No.-1, Friends Colony,                       Web:
Industrial Area, Shahdara, Delhi-110095.
                                                            Mailhem Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Contact no.: +91-91-120-2659203
                                                            #401, 4th floor, Abhinav Sankul, ITI Road,
                                                            Aundh, Pune - 411007, Maharashtra, India.
Maa Santoshi Casting Company                                Contact person: Ms. Anushree. L
Heli Mandi Dadawas Road,                                    Contact no.: +91-9373597455
Village - Mandpura Pataudi,                                 Email:
Gurgaon Haryana, India.                                     Web:
Contact person : Mr. Pritam Singh (Director)
                                                            Mamata USA Inc
Mobile:+919210214839, +919810675799, Contact No.:91-1251-
                                                            2275, Cornell Ave.,
                                                            Montgomery, IL-60538. USA
Machinotherm Engineers                                      Contact No. : +1 630 801 2320
1/9, Sucheta Nagar, (1st floor), Haltu,                     Fax     : +1 630 801 2322
Kolkata-700 078, West Bengal, India.                        Email :
Contact no.: +91-98310 96835                                Web :
                                                            Mammon Furnace & Fabricators Co.
                                                            Jalna Road, Chikalthana M. I. D. C.
Machinotherm Engineers                                      Aurangabad - 431 005, Maharashtra, India.
/9, Sucheta Nagar, (1st floor), Haltu,                      Contact No.: +(91)-(240)-2484235
Kolkata-700 078, West Bengal, India.                        Email: ,
                                                            Maneklal and Sons (Exports)
Macons Equipments                                           237 / 239 Perin Nariman Street Fort,
Plot No. 37/C, Phase-1, G.I.D.C Estate,                     Mumbai - 400 001, INDIA.
Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382445, Gujarat, India.                  Contact no.: (+91 22) 22618951 / 22618962
Contact person: Mr. Snehal Roy                              Fax: (+91 22) 22618903
Contact no.: +91 9909003759
                                                            Manometer India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                            Plot No F-6/4, Road No 22, Wagle Estate,
                                                            Thane - Mumbai 400604, Maharashtra.
Macpower CNC Machines Pvt. Ltd.                             Contact No.: 022 – 25821571
2234 Kranti Gate, GIDC, Metoda,                             Email:
Rajkot, Gujarat, India.
                                                            Mantra Composites
Contact person: Mr. Rupesh Mehta
Contact no.: +91-2827-287930
                                                            Contact No. No.: +(91)-(731)-2343438
Web:                                    Maruti Equipments Ltd.
                                                            Plot No. 2601 / B , Ph - IV, G.I.D.C,
Macro Furnaces Pvt. Ltd.
                                                            Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382 445 Gujarat India.
Plot no2, 16/2, Matura Road,
                                                            Contact person: Mr. Jivanlal Dodia
Faridabad, Haryana.
                                                            Contact no.: +91 98795 38299
Ph: 0129-2260004/4080430

     Mather and Platt Pumps Ltd.                                   Metal Colours Limited
     101 Centre Point, 1st Floor, Andheri Kurla                    9 Cambridge Avenue, Trading Estate,
     Road, M.V.Road, J.B Nagar Andheri East,                       Slough, Berkshire, SL1 4QG
     Mumbai.                                                       Contact no.: 01753 526644
     Contact person: Mr. Sandeep Pansare                           Fax: 01753 692454
     Contact no.: +91-9820421086                                   Email:
                                                                   Metallon Holdings Limited
                                                                   30/1 A, Suhasini Ganguly Sarani,
     Matrusree Electro Heats                                       Bhowanipur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Contact person: Mr.
     1-1-475/1, Gandhi Nagar, New Bakaram, Hyderabad - 500 080     Navin Mishra
     Web:                                        Contact no.: +91-33-24191150
     Matsui Technologies
     B-7, Sector 7, Noida - 201301,
     Distt Gautam Budh Nagar, India.                               MICRO Dynamics Pvt. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-0120-424-3862                                T-178 , MIDC Bhosari, Pune 411 026
     Web:                                       Maharashtra, INDIA.
                                                                   Contact No.: (+91-20) 27120839 / 30685470
     MD Corporation
                                                                   Fax: 020 27122678 / 020 30685466
     A-128 Lower Gr. Floor,
     Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi, India.
     Contact no.: +91-11-26674911, 46178833
     Email:, mdcorp@airContact   Micro Engineers India
     Web:                                      603 Peninsula Plaza, A-16
                                                                   Fun Republic Lane
     Meccanotecnica S.p.A.
                                                                   Opposite Laxmi Industrial Estate Andheri (W)
     Via Casale, 16,
                                                                   Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra (India).
     24060 Torre De’ Roveri (BG) - ITALY
                                                                   Contact person: Mr. Iqbal Singh Bhurjee Contact no.: +91-
     Contact No: +39 035 585 185
     Meena Engineering Works
                                                                   Micro Services Group.
     113, New Modella Ind Estate,
                                                                   P.O. Box 589, West Point, GA,
     Behind Automatic Electric Co,
                                                                   USA, 31833-0589
     Padwal Nagar, Wagal Estate,
                                                                   Contact No. 706.643.2422
                                                                   Fax 706.643.2100
     Megha Insulation Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                   Micro Thermal Inc
     A-11/6th Floor, Dadasahed Jain Flats,
                                                                   416, Chhatral - Isand Road,
     Kalanala, Bhavnagar - 364001, Gujarat - India.
                                                                   Behind Denish Chem. Lab.,
     Web: www.
                                                                   Chhatral, Taluka - Kalol North Gujarat, India.
     Memco Machinery Mart                                
     4094 1st Floor Kuch Dilwali Singh
     Ajmeri Gate Delhi - 110 006, Delhi, India.
                                                                   35/36, 2nd Floor, Secretrait Colony, Kilpauk, Chennai - 600 010,
     Contact person: Mr. Sarfaraz Baig
     Contact no.: +91-9810590603
                                                                   Contact person: Ms. Anita Soundar
                                                                   Contact no.: +91-9840072017
                                                                   Email: mikron@airContact
     Meta Therm Furnace Pvt. Ltd.                                  Web:
     B-5 / 106, Green Land Apartment,
                                                                   Minwool Rock Fibres
     J.B.Nagar, Andheri (East)
                                                                   8-2-598/A/1/15, Plot no.15, Road No.10,
     Mumbai - 400 059, Maharashtra, India.
                                                                   Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, India.
     Contact person: Mr. C.H. Khandelwa,
                                                                   Contact person: Mr. Arjun
     Contact no.: +91-9869135567
                                                                   Contact no.: +91-40- 23351114, 15, 17.

Miven Mayfran Conveyors Pvt. Ltd.                  Mukand Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Sirurs Compound, Karwar Road,                      BXXX, 2185/C, 203/1, Phase - 7, Focal Point,
Hubli -580 024, Karnataka.                         Ludhiana - 141010 Punjab (India).
Contact No: 0836-2212201                           Contact person: Mr. Lokesh Bansal
Email :                      Contact no.: +91-9814035722
Web:                  Email:
Modern Plastics & Polymers Infomedia
18 Ltd., Special Interest Publications Division,   Murata Machinery (Shaghai) Co. Ltd.
Ruby House, “A” Wing, J. K. Sawant Marg,           135 Fu Te Xi Yi Rd., Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone,Pudong,
Dadar (West), Mumbai - 400 028.                    Shanghai, CHINA                   Contact No.:+86-(0)21-6921-2300
Modern Refractory Erectors
118, Mangalagiri Complex, Gajuwaka,                MV International (GBM Industries)
Visakhapatnam –530 026,                            RZ-B-27, Dabri Extn., East New Delhi
Andhra Pradesh, India.                             Delhi. PIN - 110045                           Ph: +(91)-(11)-25390743/65471839
Mohindra Mechianical Works                         MVS House
RZ-73, Nursing Garden, Near Khyala Village,        E-24, East of Kailash, New Delhi.
New Delhi - 110018, India.               
Contact person: Mr. Mohinder Singh
                                                   NACH Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Contact no.: +919999778804
                                                   208, ‘Patil Plaza’, Mitramandal chowk,
                                                   near Saras Baug, Parvati,Pune - 411009,
MOLINAeBIANCHI SpA                                 Maharashtra, India.
Viale Industria, 213/5-27029                       Contact person: Dr. Nikhil Chaudhary
Vigevano - Italy.                                  Contact no.: +91-9422890889
Contact no.: +39-0381-345015                       Email:
Web:                         Web:
Monotech Systems Limited                           Nagpur Krishma Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.
3rd floor, City Centre, 66,                        1No. U-81, M. I. D. C. Industrial Area, Hingana
Thirumalai Road, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600017        Road Nagpur - 440 016, Maharashtra, India.
Contact No: 044-28157928                           Contact person: Mr. K. V. S Sarma
Email:                           Contact no.: +91-9923699266 / 9823405152
Web:                               Email:
Mosconi SpA
Viale del Commercio,                               Naik Oven Manuafacturing Co.
7 - 37135 VERONA (ITALY),                          8, Suchita I.E, Talwar Compound,
Contact person: Mr. Giancarlo Marconi              Pokhran Road No2, Maji Wada,
Contact no.: +39-045-8200490                       Thane, Maharastra.
Email:                      Web:
                                                   Nanhai Xiangda Machinery Co., Ltd.
Moulding Machine Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.           No. 2,nanxing road, hong gang village, li shui
3, Madhav Villa, Plot No. 40,                      town, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong
Sindhi Society, Chembur, Mumbai – 400071.          province, China.
Contact No: 022-25204041                           Contact person: Ms. Candy Zhou
Contact person: Mr. D.S. Sahajwala                 Contact no.: +86-0757-85661928
Email:                       Web:
                                                   Negri Bossi S.p.a Viale Europa
MS Furnace                                         64 - 20093 Cologno Monzese Milano – Italy
Address G.T.Road, Near Apollo Hospital,            Contact No: +39-02-273481
Sherpur Chowk, Ludhiana (Punjab),                  Email:
Contact person: Mr. Joginder Singh (Prop.)         Web:
Mobile +91 98150-09200
                                                   New AVM Systech Pvt. Ltd.
Contact no.. 0161-4638930
                                                   1/2, Kunal Puram, Mumbai-Pune Road,
                                                   Pune, Maharastra, India.

     Ningbo Keguang Mechanical & Electrical Products Co., Ltd.       NSW India Ltd.
     701#, Zhenluo West Road, Luotuo Town,                           C-255, Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase – II,
     Ningbo, Zhejiang, China                                         New Delhi -110064, India.
     Contact No: 86-574-86583740                                     Contact no.: +91-11-28112609
     Web:                       Email:
     Ningbo Obinder Co., Ltd.
     188 Donghanmen south road,Yuyao,                                N-Teryair Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
     China 315400.                                                   A-1, Tirupati Udyog Nagar, Sativali Road,
     Contact person: Mr. Linua                                       Vasai East, Thane- 401 208
     Contact no.: +86 13958345321                                    Maharashtra, India.
     Email:                                         Contact no.: +91-250-6450239
     Web:                                            Email:
     Ningbo Sybo Machinery Co. Ltd.
     Rm.1104-1105,Xintiandi Building 12Th,                           NuGen Machineries Ltd.
     No.689 North Shijidadao                                         17 Changodar Industrial Estate,
     Ave,Ningbo,315040,China                                         Sarkhej-Bawla Highway, Town Changodar 382
     Contact no.: 86-574-87736070                                    210., Ta. Sanand Dist. Ahmedabad,
                                                                     Gujarat, INDIA.
     Nippon Steel Corporation,
                                                                     Contact no.: +91-2717-250380/250963/250964
     Plant and Machinery Division (Kaohsiung Plant & Machinery Co.
     Room No.1521, Eros Corporate Tower,                             Oerlikon Textile India Pvt. Ltd.
     Nehru Place, New Delhi, India.                                  EIL Complex 414,
     Contact no.: +91-11-4223-5360                                   Senapati Bapat Marg Lower Parel
     Email:                                            400 013 Mumbai
     Web:                                 Contact No.: +91 22 565 27 900
                                                                     Fax: +91 22 565 27 90
     Nippon Steel Engineering Co., Ltd.
     Osaki Center Building, 1-5-1 Osaki,
     Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-8604, Japan.
     Contact no.: +81-3-6665-2000                                    Om Suntronics Converting Equipments
     Web:                                          C1-B/805, G.I.D.C. Makarpura, Nr. G.C.E.L,
                                                                     Baroda - 390010
     Nirankari Electro Platers
                                                                     Contact No: 0265-2631592
     Plot No. 350, Sector - 58, Electroplating Zone,
     Faridabad - 121004, Haryana, India.
     Contact No.:91-129-2307098,
     Fax:91-129-2307098                                              Osram India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                     Signature Towers ,11 th Floor ,
     NKH Hammers
                                                                     Tower -B,South City -1,Gurgaon -122001.
     Plot No. 1, Link Road, Industrial Area-A.
                                                                     Contact person: Mr Chandan Bhattacharjee
     Extn., Ludhiana, Punjab, India.
                                                                     Contact no.: +91-124-4081581
     Contact person: Mr. Jasmer Singh,
     Contact no.: +91-9815011330,
     Email:                                      Otis India
     Web:                                         Magnus Towers, 9th Floor, Mindspace,
                                                                     Link Road ,Malad ( West), Mumbai 400 064
     NOTA Industries
                                                                     Contact person: Mr. Milan Chaudhari
     Nota Market, Opp. Punjab & Sind Bank,
                                                                     Contact no.: +91-022-28449700/66795151
     Focal Point, Sherpur Road, Ludhiana-141010.
     Punjab, (INDIA.)
     Mobile ; +91-98723-67567, +91-93165-74700.
     Web :                                    Owens Corning                                701, 7th Floor, Alpha Building, Hiranandani
                                                                     Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, India.
     NRS Welding Technologies
                                                                     Contact person: Mr. Abdulkader Bengali
     56, Hastsal Village, Uttam Nagar, New Delhi,
                                                                     Contact no.: +91-9819987696
     Contact person: Mr. Dinesh Chand Pandey Contact no.: +91-
     Web:                     Oxygengenerator/ ING. L&A.
                                                                     Boschi, India; Okhla Industrial area,
                                                                     New Delhi.

PALSER                                                         Pecma Air Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Via Ronchetto, 321030 Mesenzana, (VA),                         301-302, Competent House, 7, RBC,
Italy.                                                         Commercial Complex, Nagalraya,
Contact no.: +39 0332 576414                                   New Delhi – 110046.
Email:                                        Contact person: Ms. Nikita Pandit
Web:                                             Contact no.: 011-28520437
Panasonic	Asia	Pacific	Pte	Ltd.		
2nd Floor,Plot no. 31 Echelon Institutional Area,Sector - 32
Gurgaon, Haryana -122001                                       Pentaflo	Hydro	Engineers		
Contact no.: +91-124-4596800                                   Plot No. 6, New DLF Industrial Area,
Web:                                         Faridabad, Haryana, India.
                                                               Contact person: Mr. K. C. Arora
Pankaj Industries
                                                               Contact no.: +91- 9868320222, 9810410408
Gala No. 5, Indo Industrial Estate No. 3,
                                                               Email: pentaflo@airContact
Navghar, Village,Vasai Road (E),
Thane - 401 210, Maharashtra (India)
Contact No.: +(91)-(250)-2390273/2390734                       Perfect Equipments
                                                               No.7, Multi Industrial estate,
Paper Board Machinery Company
                                                               Gerugambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
115, D.L.F. Industrial Area Phase - 1,
Faridabad - 121003, Haryana (India).
Contact person: Mr. Bharat Nagpal,                             Perfect Forging, 2, Umakant Pandit
Contact no.: +91-9810256789, 9811071540,                       Udyognagar, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.
Email:                                    Contact person: Mr. Nitin PaContact no.
Web:                      Contact no.: +91-9825175011
Parallels Optimized Computing
Contact person: Mr. Jack Zubarev,
Contact no.: +91-9833464440                                    Perfect Mechanical system
Email:                               8-A, National highway, Lakhdhirpur road,
Web:                                         Opp: Saheb Ceramics, Morbi-363642,
                                                               Gujarat, India.
Param TechnoSystem Pvt. Ltd.
C6-11,12, Hojiwala Industrial Estate,
Road No.7, Sachin Palsana Road,                                Phillips Electronics India Ltd.
Surat, Gujarat, India.                                         Motorola Excellence Centre, 5th floor , 415/2,
Contact person: Mr. Bharat Chaudhari                           Mehauri, Gurgaon Road, Sector -14,
Contact no.: +91-9925580000, 98243 76263                       Gurgaon -122001
Email:                            Contact person: Mr R.Nandakishore
Web:                                 Contact no.: +91-124-4091900
Paramount Conductors Ltd.
32, MIDC Industrial Area, Nagpur - 440 028
INDIA.                                                         Pioneer Furnaces
Contact no.: +91-7104-237316, 237288                           Plot No. 146-148, G.I.D.C., D1/34,
Email: info@paramountconductors.comn                           Khira Nagar, S. V. Road, Vitthal Udyognagar –
Web:                               388 121, Santacrux(W), Via Anand,
                                                               Gujarat, India.
Parota Overseas
                                                               Contact No.: +91-2692-36182/236197/237458
A-9, 1st Floor, Roshan Market, Vishwakarma Chowk, Ludhiana
- 141003,
Punjab, India
Contact person : Mr. Kamal Saini (Proprietor)                  Pioneer Intertrade
Contact No.:91-161-5021720                                     301-303, “A” Wing, Durian Estate,
Mobile:+919878016041                                           Goregaon - Mulund Link Road, Goregaon (E), Mumbai India.
                                                               Contact no.: +91-22-66787700
PaContact no. Furnace & Forging Pvt. Ltd.
(Shot Blasting Division), A/2-510, G.I.D.C.
Estate, Makarpura, Baroda - 390 010, Gujarat.
Ph. : +91 265 2644864/ 2640406                                 Pioneer water solutions
                                                               No.18, 1st Floor, 8th street, Ashok Nagar,

     Plasma House                                          Pressels Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
     Work Shop No. 9 & 12, B/3, Ankur Building,            B-13,Industrial Estate, Madhupatana,
     Gokuldham, Film City Road, Goregaon (East),           Cuttack-753010, Orissa, India.
     Mumbai, Maharashtra.                                  Contact no.: +91-671-2344746
     Contact person: Mr. Ganesh Suvarna                    Email:
     Contact no.: +91-9892798796                           Web:
                                                           Presswell Industries
     Power Hydraulics                                      Plot No-152, Sector-24 Faridabad -121007,
     Plot - 19, Tass Industrial Estate, Sidco,             Haryana, India.
     Ambattur Chennai - 600 098,                           Contact no.: +91-129-2233665
     Tamil Nadu, India.                                    Email:
     Contact person: Mr. M. Anandan                        Web:
     Contact no.: +91-9444914349
                                                           Pritul Machines
                                                           K-1, U.P.S.I.D.C. Industrial Area Begrajpur,
                                                           Muzaffarnagar-251 203 (U.P.) India.
     Prakash Fabricators                                   (N.H. 58, On Delhi-Dehradun National
     1034, E, Rajaram Road, Kolhapur - 416008              Highway)
     P.O. Box 207, Maharashtra-India.                      Contact no.: +91-9557000410,+91-9557000411
     Contact No. No.: 0091-231-2657328 / 2655379           +91-9557000412
                                                           Web: /
     Prashant Manufactures Company
     Gujarat.                                              Protech Industries
     Ph: +91-281-6596495                                   S.F. No. 837/B, Idigarai Rd., Thekkupalayam,
     PRD Rigs
                                                           Post, Coimbatore-641020
     351, Sankari road, Tiruchengode,
                                                           Contact person: Mr. Murugan
     India - 637209.
                                                           Contact no : (0422 ) 6532030
     Contact person: Mr. T. T. Paranthaman
     Contact no.: +91-9843110011                           Proteck Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
     Email:                              3rd Floor, No 7, 1st Main Road,
     Web:                                  Gandhi Nagar Adyar, Chennai - 600 020 India.
                                                           Contact no.: +91-44-24450 715, 24450 716
     Precicut Engineers
     Plot No. F-21/1, M. I. D. C. Area, Chikalthana,
     Aurangabad - 431 210, M.S., India.
     Contact no.. No. : (W) : +91 -240 -2484293, 2481473   PSI Technologies Inc.
     Mobile :+91- 98220 61276                              127/1, D.V.G. Road, Basavanagudi
                                                           Bangalore - 560 004, Karnataka, India.
     Precious Fab Cast Pvt Ltd
                                                           Contact no.: +91-9886006908/9886377991
     4809, Phase - IV, G.I.D.C., Nr. Water Tank,
     Vatva, Ahmedabad - 382445, INDIA.
                                                           Pyromaster Furnaces Pvt. Ltd.
     Precision Controls
                                                           A13, Sidco Industrial Estate Villivakkam,
     General Block 115/2/1 Bhosari MIDC
                                                           Chennai 600 049 Tamil Nadu, India.
                                                           Contact no.: +91-93828 43998
     Contact person: Mr. Harish Rajput
     Contact no.: +91-9921880174
     Web:                   Pyrotech Engineers & Mfrs.
                                                           1050, 5th Street, Cross Cut Road
     Prem Machine Tools (India)
                                                           Gandhipuram Coimbatore,
     1M. C. F. 284, Jeewan Nagar,
                                                           Tamil Nadu - 641 006, India.
     Near Sector 55, Gaunchhi Road,, Opposite
                                                           Contact person: Mr. P. Karunakaran
     Shyam Medical Store Faridabad - 121 004,
                                                           Contact no.: +91-9843272639
     Haryana, India.
     Contact person: Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma
     Contact no.: +91-9212167826
     Email:                   Pyung Chang Machinery Co. Ltd
     Web:   #1066-20, Eobang-Dong, Kimhae City,
                                                           Kyungnam, Korea.
                                                           Contact no: +82-55-326-2300

Qingdao Judong Industry Co., Ltd.                                Raj Industries
RM1102 02 Building ,Longjijiayuan, No.77                         Sr. No. 15/1, Dwarkesh Industries Estate,
Lushan Road, ETDE Qingdao, 266555 China.                         Gulve Vasti, Bhosari, Pune - 26.
Contact no.: +86-13953215299                                     Contact person: Mr. Abhijeet Mane
Email:                                       Contact no.: +91-9689108978
Web:                                          Email:
Qingzhou Water Conservancy Machinery Co., Ltd.
No.2317 Middle Tuoshan Road,                                     Raj Process Equipments & Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, China.                         Jai Ganesh Vision, 3rd Floor B Wing,
Contact person: Ms. Linda Lin                                    Jai Ganesh Fame Buildi
Contact no.: +86 13853650116                                     Contact person: Mr.Manish Athavale
Email:,                            Contact no.: +91-9766441144
Web:                                              Email:,
Q-tek CNC, Coimbatore
Edan garden FCI Road,Bharathiyar Nagr Ganapathy                  Rajesh Engineering Works
Coimbatore- 641006                                               New Nehrunagar Main Road,
Contact person: Mr Rajan                                         Plot No. 7, 2 - Kailashpati Society, Dhebar
Contact no.: 0422 - 2512282                                      Road (South), Opp. PaContact no. Arts, “ATIKA”
Mob: 9894061700                                                  Industrial Area, Rajkot - 360 004
                                                                 (Gujarat - INDIA)
Quality Metal Prodcuts
Anand Nagar, Addl. Ambernath, Dist.Thane-421506.
Contact person: Mr. Vishnu Bhat                                  Rajoo
Contact no : 9867114499                                          Survey No. 210, Plot No.1, Rajoo Avenue,
                                                                 Industrial Area, Veraval (Shapar),
R. K. Engineering Works
                                                                 Rajkot - 360 002. Gujarat
No. 2 - 11/ A, Ram Mandir Estate,
                                                                 Contact no: 02827-252701
Near Sharma Estate, Goregaon
East Mumbai - 400 063, Maharashtra, India.
Contact no: +(91)-(22)-26851497 / 26852023
                                                                 Rajsen Machines Tools
R. K. Engineering Works
                                                                 2/2 Reddipalyam Road, Mugappair West
A-43, Street No. 6, Anand Parbat Industrial
                                                                 Industrial Estate, Chennai, India.
Area, New Rohtak Road,
                                                                 Contact person: Mr. V. Senthilkumar,
New Delhi - 110005, India.
                                                                 Contact no.: +91-44-43537446, 26242111
R.R. Plast Extrusions Pvt. Ltd.                                  Email:
B-3, Nand Jyot - Ind. Estate, Safed Pool,                        Web:
Sakinaka, Andheri - Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai - 400 072.
                                                                 RAM SRL
Contact no: 022-28520396
                                                                 Via S. Felice, 17-25012 Calvisano, Italy.,
                                                                 Contact person: Mr. Roberto Rodella
                                                                 Contact no.: +39-030-9968587
Rabatex Industries                                               Web:
C-1/356 GIDC Estate, Opp. Housing Colony,
                                                                 Rama Machinery Manufacturing Industries
Odhav, AHMEDABAD 382415
                                                                 107, Industrial Estate, Ambala Cantt - 133006,
Contact No. : 0091 79 22871356 , 22891366 , 22976844,
                                                                 Haryana, India.
22891996 , 22892483
                                                                 Contact no:91-171-2699288/2651998
Fax : 0091 79 22872851 , 22891975
E-Mail : /
Web:                                      Ramiconsultancy
                                                                 A/8 Jivan Park Co. op. Housing society ,
Radhe Renewable Energy Development Pvt Ltd.
                                                                 Nr. Samrat Nagar, Isanpur Chokdi, N.H.No.8,
Plot No. 2621/2622; Road No-D/2,
                                                                 Ahmedabad-382 443, India.
Gate no.1; Lodhika, GIDC, Methoda, Kalvad
Road, Rajkot
Contact no.: 0287-287888/287889                                  Ramsons Garment Finishing Equipments (Pvt) Ltd.
Web:                                          Contact No.: 91-421-2209311/2249180/2206461

     Rapidpack Engineering Pvt. Ltd.                               Reshmi Industries (India) Pvt Ltd.
     Rapidpack House, Survey No. 66,                               S. F.No -274, Vilankurichi Road,
     Plot No.18, Village Waliv, Vasai (East),                      Anna Pvt Industrial Estate,
     Dist. Thane – 401208, Maharashtra.                            Coimbatore - 641 035.
     Contact no: 0250-2480749                                      Contact no.: +91-422-3251294 /
     Email:                                     +91-422-3251296
     Web:                                        Fax +91-422-2513966
     Rattan Hammers
     Mundian Khurd, Chandigarh Road,
     Ludhiana, Punjab, India.,                                     Rhino Machines Pvt Ltd.
     Contact person: Mr. Jagmeet Singh                             Plot no 1, GIDC Phase II, Vithal Udyognagar-
     Contact no.: +91-9876120925,                                  388 121, P.O. Karamsad, Dist. Anand,
     +91-161-2685234                                               Gujarat.
     Email:                                  Contact no: +91-2692-653099
     Web:                                     Email:
     Ravi Power Press
     56, Hastsal Village, Uttam Nagar,                             Riken Instrumentation Ltd.
     New Delhi, India.                                             369, Phase 2, Industrial Area, Panchkula,
     Contact person: Mr. Varun Bembi                               Haryana, India.
     Contact no.: +91-9899568881, 9350781106                       Contact person: Mr. Vinayak Parashar
     Email:              Contact no.: +91-172-2591651
     Web:                                   Email:,
     Red Line Industries Limited
     232 Kaliandas Udyog Bhavan,                                   Rishi Laser Ltd.
     Behind Century Bhavan, Prabhadevi,                            611,Veena Killedar Industrial Estate,
     Mumbai - 400025, Maharashtra, India.                          10/14 Pais Street, Byculla(W),
     Contact no. : +91-22-24324737 / 24324787 / 32968954           Mumbai-400 011
     Fax : +91-22-66466936                                         Contact person: Mrs. Sunu Reji
     Email:                    Contact no.: +91-9821845074
     Reddy Generators
     12-13-200, Sri Nilayam, First Floor,
     Street No#1, Tarnaka, Secunderabad- 500017 Contact no: 040-   Roots Enviro Systems (P) Ltd
     27017399                                                      26/2, Snuff mill street, Kolkata-700 056,
                                                                   West Bengal.
     REIFENHÄUSER (India) Marketing Ltd.
     229, Udyog Bhavan,Sonawala Road,
     Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400 063, India                        Ross Boilers
     Contact no.: +91-22-2686 2711                                 33, Al Ameen Society, Gultekdi,
     Email:                            Pune, Maharashtra, India.
     Web:                                     Contact person: Mr. Suhail Shaikh
                                                                   Contact no.: +91-20-24269393, 24272293
     Rekofa Small Tools Pvt. Ltd.
     10542, St. No. 9, Partap Nagar,
     Ludhiana, Punjab, India.
     Contact person: Mr. Jaspal Singh                              Rui’an City Donghai Printing Machinery Co. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-9814021475, 9888200084 Email: info@          No. 508, Rui’an-Wenzhou Road, Wenzhou City,,                                              Zhejiang Province. China.
     Web:                                      Contact person: Ms. xu Spring
                                                                   Contact no.: +86-15857780518
     Reliance Solar Energy
     Building No. 5C,1 st Floor,
     Reliance Corporate Park, Thane- Belapur                       Sabin Enterprises
     Road, Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai, India.                           Punwani Chambers 7B, Kiran Shankar Roy
     Contact no.: +91-22-44770000, +91-11-40658565,413             Road 3rd Floor Kolkata 700001 India.
     Email:                            Contact person: Mr. Govindan Sasidharan
     Web:                                         Contact no.: +91 33 22430468/69

Sagar Engineering Works                                       Sanovac Technology Limited
419, Industrial Area - A, Ludhiana – 141003,                  Rm.804, Sino Centre, 582-592 Nathan Rd.,
Punjab, INDIA                                                 Kln.H.K, HongKong, P. R. CHINA.
Contact person: Mr. Jaswant Singh Sagar                       Contact no: +852-23840332
Contact No.: +91-161- 2227174, 2227175, 5199010,              Email:
Fax :+91-161- 2601336
                                                              Sanprem Consultants
                                                              31 Indira Nagar, Avanashi Main Road
Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.                              Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, India.
E-30, Electronic Estate, G. I. D. C.,                         Contact person: Mr. Arun Raj
Sector - 26, Gandhinagar - 382 028, Gujarat.                  Contact no.: +91-9994775848
Contact No: +91.79 .232 874 61                                Web:
                                                              Sant Engineering Company
Web: /
                                                              9, community center,vasant vihar,
Sahil Graphics                                                New Delhi, India
Plot No 62, Sector-59, HSIDC Industrial Estate                Contact person: Mr.Prem Bimbra
Faridabad, Haryana - 121 004 India.                           Contact no.: +91-9812069660/9215539909
Contact person: Mr. Shafiq Ahmad                              Email:
Contact no.: +91-9810130039                                   Web:
                                                              Santec Exim Private Limited
Web: /
                                                              Plot No. 92/6, Road No. 1, Mundka Udyog
Sahora Impex India Private Limited                            Nagar, Mundka Ex.
411-A, Bharathiyar road, New Siddhapudur,                     Contact person: Mr. U.K. Sangal
Coimbatore-641044., Tamilnadu                                 Contact no.: +91-9811664677, 9717598990
Web:                                            Email:,
Sai Electricals
Sai Dhaam, Victoria Park, Meerut,
Uttar Pradesh, India.                                         Santosh Rubber Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Contact no.: +91-121-2762660, 2760512                         15, Vishveshwar Nagar, Off Aarey Road,
Email:                               Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400 063
Web:                                   Contact no.: +91-22-28742134
Sai Thermoformers
25, DSIDC Shed
Okhla Industrial Area Phase-1                                 Sarlech Electro Systems
New Delhi-110020, India                                       14698, Bhagwan nagar, near dada motors,
Contact No.: +91-11-32913304, 29956897, 40501799              G.T Road, Ludhiana; Punjab.
Residence: +91-11-40501799                                    Web:
Mobile: +91-9999777308, 9312505493
                                                              Sarvasv Industrial Corporation
Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd.                                 A-153, Shivalik, Opp. Aurobindo College,
A-1 SIPCOT Industrial Park, Sriperumbudur,                    New Delhi - 110 017, India.
Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India.                      Contact person: Mr. Amit
Contact no.: +91-4111- 262832, 39.                            Contact no.: +91-11-66401582, 66401583, 26371583
Web:                                   Email:,
Samarth Air Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No. : 91-79-29295056/25841742                         SaContact no.lite Plastic Industries
Mobile : +919825234539                                        2-A2, Court Chambers, 35 New Marine Lines
                                                              400 020 Mumbai INDIA
                                                              Contact person: Mr. Haren Sanghav,
Contact no.: +91-1800 110011, 30308282., Web:
                                                              Contact no.: +91-22-22006477
                                                              Email: saContact
Sanki Machine Tools India Pvt. Limited                        Web:
301 / 302, Deepali Darshan, Jayprakash Nagar,
                                                              Savita Machine Tools Pvt. Limited
Road No.5, Goregaon (East), Mumbai - 400063, Maharashtra,
                                                              Plot No - 2560, Sr. No. 595/2, Behind Kolhapur
                                                              Axle, Near M. I .D. C., Shiroli,
Contact no : +91-22-26861326 / 65215111 / 65215005 , 91-80-
                                                              KOLHAPUR - 416122, Maharashtra., INDIA
41213976 (Bangalore)
                                                              Contact no: 93711 00524
Fax : +91-22-26864311
Email: / s_m_t@vsnl.

     Schneider Electric India                                         Shah Electronics
     A-29, Mohan Cooperative Industrial                               A-3, Manohar Villa, New Naroda, Nicol Road,
     Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044, India.                   Nr. Naroda Canal, Nicol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
     Contact person: Mr. Amit Chadha                                  Contact person: Mr. Hitesh Shah
     Contact no.: +91-9953330043                                      Contact no.: +91-79-22820421,22813396
     Email:                                 Email:
     Web:                                Web:
     Screenotex Engineers (P) Ltd.                                    Shailesh Group of Industries
     Mohmad Sarif Devdiwala Compound,Near                             10, Bhaktinagar Station Plot, Rajkot - 360 002,
     Weizmann Ltd., Narol-Vatva Road, Narol,                          Gujarat, India.
     Ahmedabad - 382 405 Gujarat State (India).                       Contact no.: +91-281- 2461102
     Contact no.: +91-79-25715288                                     Email:
     Email:                                     Web:
                                                                      Shanghai Electric International Economic & Trading Co., Ltd.
     Sea Bird Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd.                                 F5-6, No. 268 Zhongshan Road (S),
     282, Patparganj industrial Area, Patpar ganj,                    Shanghai 200010, P.R. China.
     New Delhi, India.                                                Contact person: Mr. Ban Gong Shi
     Contact person: Mr. Vijay Kumar Maini                            Contact no.: +86-21-51156622
     Contact no.: +91-11- 22155684, 22148267                          Email:, Web:
                                                                      Shanghai Esong Mining Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                                                      Contact person: Wayne
     SECO Warnick Pvt. Limited, Allied House                          Contact No.: +86-21-60820915
     Road No.1, Opp. B.M.C.Office, Chembur,                           Cell: +86-15000238754
     Mumbai - 400 071, INDIA.                                         Fax: +86-21-60820909
     Contact no: +91-22-2528 4028,29,30,31,32, +91-22-6797            Email:
                                                                      Sheth Printograph Pvt.Ltd.
     Seemsan Pumps & Equipments Pvt. Ltd.                             E-21 Sector XI Noida 201 301, U.P. India.
     M-5&7, Samrat Bhawan, Ranjeet Nagar, New                         Contact person: Mr H V Sheth
     Delhi, India.                                                    Contact no.: +91-9810125836
     Contact person: Mr. Sanjay Dimri                                 Email:
     Contact no.: +91-11-25708648                                     Web:
                                                                      Shikovi Heat Gen Technologies Pvt Ltd
                                                                      W-369, MIDC, Rable, Post- Ghansoli, Navi
     Selco International Ltd.                                         Mumbai - 400701
     H. No. 1-1-336/49, Viveknagar, Chikkadpally,                     Web:
     Hyderabad 500020, Andhra Pradesh
                                                                      Shrijee Heavy Projects Works Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-40-27630677
                                                                      A-504 / 505, Dynasty Business Park,
                                                                      J.B. Nagar, Andheri-Kurla Road,
                                                                      Andheri (East), Mumbai- 400059.
     Senior Print-Pack Machinery Company                              Contact no: +91 22- 40501000
     15-3-4 to7, Prajay Mall Complex, Gowaliguda Chaman,              Email:
     Hyderabad - 500 012                                              Web:
     Contact person: Mr. Kawaljit Singh
                                                                      Shriram Energy Systems Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-9391046397
                                                                      7-1-29, United Avenue (North End),
                                                                      G1 B – Block Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500016,
                                                                      Andhra Pradesh
     Shachi Engineering Pvt. Ltd.                                     Contact no.: 040 -23739552
     7, Brilliant Chambers,                                           Email:
     84, Mayur Colony, Kothrud, Pune, India. Contact person: Mr. M.
                                                                      Shriram EPC Ltd.
     S. Shanbhag
                                                                      No.9, Vanagaram Road, Ayanambakkam,
     Contact no.: +91-9822019088, 9371026954 Email: shachi_
                                                                      Chennai, India.,
                                                                      Contact person: Mr. T Shivaraman
                                                                      Contact no.: +91-44-26531592, 26533313

Shyam Plastic Machinery                                       Singla Forging Pvt. Ltd.
C-1/4512, Phase-IV, GIDC, Vatva,                              165-166, I.D.C., Hissar Road, Rohtak,
Ahmedabad-382445, Gujrat, India.                              Haryana, India.
Contact no: 079-2584 1258                                     Contact person: Mr. Pankaj
Web:                                     Contact no.: +91-1262-267628, 270628
Siemens Ltd.,
384, Phase II, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon,                          Sintech Precision Products Ltd
Haryana, India.                                               C-189/190, Bulandshahar Road Industrial Area,
Contact person: Mr. Lalit Maheshwari –                        Site no. 1, Ghaziabad – 201001 ( U.P.) - INDIA.
Business Unit Head                                            Contact no.: +91-120-4176000(30 Lines)
Contact no.: +91-124-4578100                                  Email:
Email:, contact.india@siemens.   Web:
                                                              Sirus Electronet India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                              203, Shiva Towers
Siemens VAI Metal Technologies                                1-10-245, Ashok Nagar Extn,
384, Phase II, Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana,                 Hyderabad - 500 020, Andhra Pradesh
India.                                                        Contact person : V. Sridhar
Contact person: Mr. Lalit Maheshwari –                        Contact No.: +91 40 27636398, 27675001
Business Unit Head                                            Email:,
Contact no.: +91-124-4578100
                                                              Skandia Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd.
Email:, contact.india@siemens.
                                                              1-B, General Collins Road, Choolai P.O.,
                                                              Chennai - 600 112, India.
                                                              Contact person: Mr. G. S. Tyagi
Sigma Electricals                                             Contact no.: +91-9810526719
A - 10 Friends Estate, Pokhran Road No. 1,                    Web:
Upavan, Thane - 400 606. Maharashtra, INDIA.
                                                              Skyflex	Engineering	
Contact no.: +91-22-65771497
                                                              1D/2 BP, 2nd floor, Hardware Chowk, NIT
                                                              Faridabad- 121001, Haryana
                                                              Contact no: 9310840177
Simplex Engineering Works                                     Email:
Address G.T. Road, Amritsar Bye Pass Chowk
                                                              SMT Machines (India) Limited
Batala, Punjab – 143505, India
                                                              P. Box. 71, G. T. Road, Mandi Gobindgarh,
Contact person: Mr. Sahil Aggarwal
                                                              Punjab, India.
Contact No.: +91-1871-242518
                                                              Contact person: Mr. Raman Mittal
Fax: 91-1871-242518
                                                              Contact no.: +91-9357755555, +91-1765-256337
Mobile: +91-9988155952
                                                              Sohal Electric Works
Simplicity Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
                                                              13243, Link Road, Dholewal Chowk,
B-99, Mayapuri, Phase – I, New Delhi – 110064
                                                              Ludhiana, Punjab, India,
Contact no: 011-28115978
                                                              Contact person: Mr. Darshan Singh Sohal
                                                              Contact no.: +91-9815703366, +91-161-2532255
Singhal Power Press Pvt. Ltd.                                 Web:
202, Karma Stambh, Industrial Estate,Opp.
                                                              Southern Carbon Pvt. Ltd.
MTNL Office, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (w),
                                                              6/590 B Industrial Development
                                                              Area,Binanipuram P O, Cochin,
Contact no.: +91-22-67969652
                                                              Kerala, India 683502
                                                              Contact person: Mr. Binoy Haris
                                                              Contact no.: +91-9995821114
Singhs Industries                                             Email:
203, East Mohan Nagar, Amritsar,                              Web:
Punjab, India.
                                                              Sparrow Tex Engineering Works
Contact person: Mr. Onkar Singh / Ms. Deepali
                                                              Surat - 395 005, Gujarat.
Contact no.: +91-183-2582049, 2588050
                                                              Contact nos: +(91)-(261)-2892173

     Sree Sakthi Equipments Company                                     Sudhir Gensets
     898/2, BETTATHAPURAM, KARAMADAI,                                   Plot No-1, Sector-34, E.H.T.P., Gurgaon, India.,
     Coimbatore - 641104, Tamil Nadu, India.                            Contact no.: +91-124-4168000
     Contact no:91-4254-273135/272165                                   Email:
     Fax:91-4254-272495                                                 Web:
     Sri Lakshminarasimha Engineers (P) Ltd.                            Sukan Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
     C-11, Private Industrial Estate, Kurichi, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu   302, Acme Plaza, Andheri Kurla Road,
     - 641 021, India,                                                  Andheri(East), Mumbai, India.
     Contact person: Mr. G. Sudhinder                                   Contact no.: +91-22- 28235705, 06, 07, 09.
     Contact No.: +(91)-(422)-2675411/2344882                           Email:
     Mobile: +(91)-9843113575                                           Web:
     Fax: +(91)-(422)-2675411
                                                                        Sunita Engineering Corporation
     Srinidhi Engineers                                                 D-3, MIDC, AMBAD, Nasik, India.
     C401, Kshitij C.H.S, Wagheshwari Temple,                           Contact person: Mr. Nitin Kelkar
     Filmcity Road, Goregaon East,                                      Contact no.: +91-253-3262111, 3262555
     Mumbai 400063                                                      Email:
     Contact person: Mr.Ramachandra K Kamath                            Web:
     Contact no.: +91-9869008165
                                                                        Sunrise Process Equipments
                                                                        A -102, Rameshwar Tower, Shimpoli Road,
                                                                        Near Gokhale High School,Borivali (West),
     SSP Private Limited                                                Mumbai - 400092.
     13 Milestone, Mathura Road, Faridabad,                             Contact person: Mr.Ravi Bhosekar
     Haryana, India.                                                    Contact no.: +91-9321062105
     Contact person: Mr. Shaukat Ali                                    Email:
     Contact no.: +91 - 129 - 2277442, 2275968                          Web:
                                                                        Super Sujata
                                                                        271-A, East Mohan Nagar, Amritsar,
     Stenmech Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd.                               Punjab, India.
     Gujarat,                                                           Contact person: Mr. Kawaljit Singh
     Contact no: 91-261-2399620                                         Contact no.: +91-183-2581186, 5094792
     Stork India
     A-305, Somdutt Chambers-1,
     5-Bhikaji Cama Place New Delhi -110066.                            Surajbhan Commodities Pvt. Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-11-26716517                                       137, Canning Street, 3rd Floor, Room No.41,
     Email:                                     Kolkata, India.
     Web:                                            Contact person: Mr.Vinod Kr. Agarwal
                                                                        Contact no.: +91-9830062971, 9830079995
     Vrchlického 22 794 01 Krnov eská republika.
     Contact person: Ing. Petr Jonáš,
     Contact no.: +420 554 691 469                                      Surface Engineering
     Email:                                         Via Quadretto 20013, MAGENTA (MILAN),
     Web:                                             ITALY
                                                                        Contact no: +39-0297003431
     Suba Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
     29, Devadi Street, Mylapore, Chennai
     Tamil Nadu - 600 004 (India).
     Contact person: Mr. V. Vaidyalingam                                Surjeet Industries
     Contact no.: +91-44-32978312/45012070                              491, Patparganj, F.I.E. Industrial Estate,
     Email:                                     Delhi-110092 INDIA.
     Web:                                        Contact person: Mr. Surjeet Singh
                                                                        Contact no.: +91-9811212574 / 9811893322 Email: surjeet@
     Sud and Waren Pvt. Ltd.
     Plot No. - 72, Sector-6, Industrial Estate
     Faridabad - 121 006, Haryana, India.
     Contact person: Mr. R.R. Garg
     Contact no.: +91-129-2242342

Surya Roshini Ltd.,                                    Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI),
Motorola Excellence Centre, 5 th floor                 Habitat Place, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003.
415/2,Mehauri Gurgaon Road,                            Contact no: 011-24682100 or 24682111
Sector -14, Gurgaon -122001.                           Fax. 011-2468 2144 or 2468 2145
Contact person: Mr B.B Pradhan
                                                       Tata Motors Limited
Contact no.: +91-11-25759051
                                                       Bombay House,
                                                       24, Homi Mody Street, Fort, Mumbai, India.
                                                       Contact person:Mr. Debasis Ray
Suzhou Fangzhou Aerial-model Co., Ltd.                 Contact no.: +91-22-66657209, 66658282
MaoPeng Road, 658#, XuKou industrial park,             Email:
SuZhou, JiangSu, China.,                               Web:
Contact person: Mr. Jiang Jian Er
                                                       Tata Precision Industries (India) Ltd.
Contact no.: +86-512-68081280
                                                       Industrial Area No.2, A.B.Road, Dewas,
                                                       Madhya Pradesh, India.
                                                       Contact person: Mr. Deepak G Gehani
                                                       Contact no.: +91- 7272- 258373, 258374
Suzhou Kexing Concrete And Cement Product Equipment    Email:
Co.Ltd.                                                Web:
Shed No. 127A,H.S.I.D.C.Ind.Area,Sector-59,
                                                       Tech Dry (India) Pvt Ltd.
Faridabad-121005, India.
                                                       #769, 1st Cross, Krishna Temple Rd,1st Stage,
Contact person: Mr. Shalabh Jain
                                                       Indiranagar, Bangalore 560 038.
Contact no.: +91 129-4154489
                                                       Contact no: 080-25255406/294
                                                       Technocrat Mouldings Pvt. Ltd.
SVS Hydraulics
                                                       847 M.I.E. Part A, Bahadurgarh - 124507
Shed No.2, AP Agro Work Shop Complex, HMT
                                                       Haryana (Near Delhi)
Town Ship, Chintal, Hyderabad - 500 054
                                                       Contact no: + 91 - 9811144615, 9911504010
                                                       Technoplus Services
Swaraj Mazda Ltd.
                                                       Plot No.18, Suresh Nagar Main
S.C.O. 204-205, Sector 34-A
                                                       Road,Valasaravakkam,Chennai - 600 087
Chandigarh- 160022
                                                       Contact person: Mr. N Raghu
Contact person:Mr. Ravinder
                                                       Contact no.: +91-9840900155
Contact no.: +91-172-2667873
                                                       Technotherma India (Pvt) Ltd.
Swastic Group of Companies, Ahmedabad.
                                                       CB- 210 Basement, Ring Road, Naraina, New
Contact no: 079-6543 5017, 2274 3553/2274 9068
                                                       Delhi, India.
Swish Technologies                                     Contact person: Mr. N. Vijayan
Coimbatore                                             Contact no.: +91-11-25771257, 25774387
Contact No. : +91-422-2647790                          Email:,
TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.
TATA Motors Campus, Chinchwad- 411033                  Tecknotrove Systems Pvt Ltd.
Contact no: +91 20 66135509 (Front Office)/ 66135550   501 Samarpan Complex, New Link Road Sahar
(Marketing)/ 66135620/5501 (Operations)                Chakala, Mumbai 400099 India.
Email: /              Contact no.: +91-22-66754730
Taskar Engineering
53, Satyakam , SaContact no.lite Road, Ambawadi,
Ahmedabad – 380 015.                                   Tengzhou Good CNC Machine Co., Ltd.
Contact no.: +91-9824074457, 9898911154                455 South Tengfei, Tengzhou, Shandong,
Email:                   China, (Mainland) - 277500
Web:                        Contact person: Ms. Lisa Du
                                                       Contact no.: +86-632-5555900, +86-15866238443
Tata BP Solar India Ltd,
78, Electronics City, Hosur Road, Bangalore,
Contact person: Mr. Vivek Tambe,
Contact no.: +91-9886072040, +91-80-22358465

     Tenova Hypertherm Pvt Ltd, 2093                          Thermax Ltd.
     Oberoi Garden Estates, Chandivli, Andheri (E),           14 Mumbai-Pune Road, Wakdewadi,
     Mumbai 400 072, India.                                   Pune, India.
     Contact no.: +91-22-66810200                             Contact person: Mr. Nitin Singh
     Email:              Contact no.: +91-9873932780
     Web:                                 Email:
     Texfab Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd
     Road No.57, Plot No. 5716, GIDC Estate,                  Thermopac Boilers Pvt. Ltd.
     Surat- 395 003, Gujarat, (India)                         Plot No.349, Kashi-Mira Road,
     Contact person: Mr. Mukesh Pachauri                      Near Rly. Crossing, Bhayander (E),
     Contact No.. : +(91)-(261)-2397243/2397844/2397047       Dist Thane - India
     Mobile : 09898042000 / 9327442000                        Web:
                                                              Thermotech Engineering Company
     Texprint Engineers (P) Ltd.                              E-48, SIDCO Industrial Estate,
     Textprint House, Chakudia Mahadev Road,                  P.O.Box No.4432, Coimbatore-641 021,
     Rakhial Ahmedabad - 380 023 Gujarat - India.             TAMIL NADU, INDIA.
     Contact no.: +91-79-2274 2808                            Contact No.:+91-422-2672570                            Fax :+91-422-2438168
     Web:                               E-mail:,, warriers@
     The Dow Chemical Company
                                                              Contact person: K.Suresh Warrier
     Corporate Park, Unit No.
                                                              Mobile: +91-9363143675
     1, V. N. Purav Marg, Chembur, Mumbai, India.
     Contact no.: +886-225478732, +91-22-67978553             THERMOTEC Furnaces (India)
     Email:                                   Plot No. 1, Sector - 16-18, Dividing Road,
     Web:                                 Opposite Jain Mandir,
                                                              Faridabad - 121001, Haryana, India.
     The Green Environment Services Co-op. Soc. Ltd.
                                                              Contact person: Mr. Davendra Verma
     Plot No. 244, Phase II - GIDC Vatva
                                                              Mobile: +919891066986, +919818342474
     Ahmedabad, India.
     Contact person: Mr. Bipin R PaContact no.                Thermotech Systems Ltd.
     Contact no.: +91-79-25892283, 25832520                   Plot No. 2608, GIDC, Phase - 4, Vatva,
     Email:                                   Ahmedabad - 382 445, Gujarat, India.
     jatinpaContact                       Contact no.: +91-79-25842387/25840233 Email: thermotech@
     The Indian Electric Co.
     Bharat Bhavan, 1360 Shukrawar Peth, Natu                 Torielli
     Baug, Pune-411 002, India.                               10, Siri Fort Road, II floor,
     Web:                              New Delhi 110049 – INDIA.
                                                              Contact person: Mr. Jan Surya Sharma
     The Penn Group
                                                              Contact no.: +91-11-26258572
     336 West 37th Street New York, United States.
     Contact no.: +1-212-695-4074
     Web:                                    Toshi Automatic Systems
                                                              D - 132, BSR Industrial Area, Ghaziabad –
     The Wesman Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd.
                                                              Noida 201009, India.
     Wesman Center, 8 Mayfair Road,
                                                              Contact person: Mr. Sanjeev Sachdev
     Kolkata, India.
                                                              Contact no.: +91-120-2700941, 2701072
     Contact no.: +91-33-40020300
     Web:                                      Trane India Pvt. Ltd.
                                                              612 - 614A, International Trade Tower,Nehru
     The Zanvar Group of Industries, Ashta Liners Pvt. Ltd.
                                                              Place, New Delhi, India.
     47, Shivaji Park, Kolhapur - 416 001,
                                                              Contact person: Mr.Anurag Agarwal
                                                              Contact no.: +91-9871160690
     Contact nos: 91-231-2537395, 537961
     Fax: 91-231-2573418

Transparent Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.               Usha International Ltd.
Pushpa Heights,1st Floor, Bibwewadi Corner,        Surya Kiran,19, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New
Pune, India.                                       Delhi, India.
Contact person: Mr. Sudhanva S. Gharpure           Contact person: Mr. K. B. Singh.
Contact no.: +91-20-24211347, 24212390             Contact no.: +91-11-23318114
Email:                       Email:                             Web:
                                                   Vaccunair Engineering Co Pvt Ltd.
Trinity Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.                   Near Gujrat Bottling, Rakhial, Ahmedabad-380
366 / A / 12, G.I.D.C. Estate, Makarpura,          023, Gujarat.
Vadodara, Gujarat, India.                          Web:
Contact no.: +91-265-2645738, 2633270
                                                   Vacon Drives and Controls Pvt Ltd.
                                                   Ph: 044-24490029
                                                   Vaigunth Ener Tek (P) Ltd.
TRUMPF (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   No: C1/20, Rajesh Nagar 1st Main Road,
Raisoni Industrial Park, S. No. 276, Hissa No.1,
                                                   Narayanapuram, Pallikaranai, Chennai, Tamil
Village Mann, Taluka: Mulshi,
                                                   Nadu, India.
District: Pune – 411 057, Maharashtra.
                                                   Contact person: Mr. S. Manoharan
Contact No: +91-20-667-59800
                                                   Contact no.: +91-44-45575552, 45575559
Trustwell Industries
                                                   VARAJ Engineering
R/537, T.T.C. Industrial Area, M.I.D.C., Rabale,
                                                   Plot No.9/1, G Block, Near MIDC Corner
New Mumbai - 400 701.
                                                   Chowk, YCM Hospital road, G Block, MIDC,
Contact no: 022-27641127
                                                   Bhosari, Pune-411026.
Contact person: Mr. Suraj R. Taide
Web:                              Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Limited
                                                   Sengalipalayam, Coimbatore 641 022,
Tyagi Engineering Works
                                                   Tamilnadu, India
B-166, Hari Nagar, New Delhi - 110064, India.
                                                   Contact no: +91 (422) 2460662, 2460365, 2460561, 2460562,
Contact person: Mr. G. S. Tyagi
                                                   2461564, 2461672
Contact no.: +91-9810526719
                                                   Fax: +91 (422) 2461565, 2460453
Uma Shankar Engineers
                                                   Veesons Energy Systems Private Limited
C- 143, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - I,
                                                   1256, C-14/2, Industrial Estate ,
New Delhi - 110 020 India.
                                                   Thuvakudi, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.
Contact no: 41613675
                                                   Contact person: Mr. Shanmugkanathan
Mobile No. : 9810188622 / 9871701133
                                                   Contact no.: +91-9361615150
Email :
Unique Industries
                                                   Via G.M. Dallari
63/8, NH-7, Nagari Madurai – 625 221 Tamil
                                                   2 - 41049 Sassuolo (MO) – Italy
Nadu, India.
                                                   Contact No.: +39-0536-801207
Contact person: Mr. R. Rajasudhakaran
                                                   Fax: +39-0536-807248
Contact no.: +91-94421 24636
Web:                 Vibrant Thermal Engineering
                                                   No. 11/27, North Mada Street, Poonamallee
Unitron Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd.
                                                   Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600 056, India
Plot No. 25, Sanjay Park, Airport Road,
                                                   Contact no: +(91)-(44)-26272680/ 9444063455
Pune, India.
                                                   Contact person: Mr. S. Venkatraman
Contact person: Mr. G.K. Rao
Contact no.: +91-20-26687006, 26684399             Videocon Industries Ltd.
Email:                     14 Km Stone, Chitegaon, Paithan Road,
Web:                         Aurangabad – 431005.
                                                   Contact no.: +91- 2431- 251501, 02, 03, 04.
Urja Process & Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Contact No.: +(91)-(20)-27691800

     Videojet Technologies Inc.                    
     1500 MitContact no. Boulevard, Wood Dale IL, 60191-     Contact no: 805-658-0207
     1073, USA                                               Fax: 805-658-2789,
     Contact no: 630-860-7300                                Email:
                                                             WAFIOS AG
                                                             Silberburgstr. 5, D-72764 Reutlingen, Germany
     Viet Mold Machine Production Trading Services Co Ltd.   Contact no: (+49) (0)7121 146-0
     138A Dinh Bo Linh St, Ward 26, Binh Thanh               Email:
     Dist, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam                        Web:
     Contact no: 84.8.62537904
                                                             Weifang Ocean Construction Machinery Co. Limited.
                                                             No.111,Anqiu ST, WeiFang, China (Mainland).
                                                             Contact person: Ms. Ocean Bao
     Vijai Electricals Ltd.                                  Contact no.: +(86)-(536)-4749153
     6-3-648/1&2, Off Raj Bhavan Road,                       Email:
     Somajiguda, Hyderabad, India.                           Web:
     Contact no.: +91-40-30617777
                                                             Wellcut Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd.
                                                             C-137, Phase-V, Focal Point, Ludhiana,
     Vinay Engineering Works                                 Contact person: Mr. S. Balbir Singh
     Plot No. 400/12, Opp. R.D.L. Quarters, G.I.D.C          Contact no.: +91-9814341253, 9814001859
     Estate, Vitthal Udyog Nagar-3880121                     Email:,
     Dist : Anand, Gujarat India.                            Web:
     Contact person: Mr. R.M. Chauhan
                                                             Wellcut Tools (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
     Contact No.: +91- 9426041660
                                                             Plot No. 1, Link Road, Industrial Area-A. Extn.,
                                                             Ludhiana, Punjab, India.
                                                             Contact person: Mr. Jasmer Singh
     Vinayaka Engineering Works                              Contact no.: +91-9815011330, +91-161-5011755
     Plot No. 254, 8th ‘A’ Road, Industrial Area,            Email:
     Baikampady, Mangalore - 575011,                         Web:
     Karnataka, India
                                                             Welmech Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd.
     Contact no: 91-824-2407939 / 2501977
                                                             No. 11-A/1, Development Plot,
     Virka Textiles (P) Ltd.                                 SIDCO Industrial Estate,
     862, Industrial Area A                                  Ambattur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600 098, India.
     Ludhiana (India)                                        Contact person: Mr. R. G. Satagopan
     Ph: 91-161-2607592, 4696592                             Contact No.:: +(91)-(44)-42270222/ 26252880/ 26256364
     Fax: 91-161-2602592                                     Mobile : +(91)-9840908343
                                                             Wenzhou Zhuda Shoes-Making Machinery Co. Ltd.
     Vishwakarma Engineering Works                           No.98,Jiashe Road Ouhai Baixiang Industrial
     4/336, Sonawala Cross Road No. 2,                       zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang,
     Beside R. S. Ind. Estate, Goregaon (E),                 China (Mainland)- 325015
     MUMBAI, Maharashtra, India.                             Contact person: Mr. Ryan Chen
     Contact person: Mr. Jay Kumar Arvind PaContact no.,     Contact no.: +86-577-85699555
     Contact no.: +91-22-26856141                            Web:
                                                             WESMAN GROUP
                                                             Wesman Center, 8 Mayfair Road,
     Vision Screws Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.           Kolkata 700 019, India.
     No. 2 ,Kongtiao Road, Xiangfant Distt.,                 Contact no: +91 (33) 40020300
     Harbin, China.                                          Fax: +91 (33) 22908050, 22816402
     Contact no.: +86-451-86060028                           Email:
     VM ware Software India Pvt. Ltd.
     165/2, 3rd Floor, Doraisanipalya, IIM Post,
     Bannerughatta road, Bangalore-560076
     Contact no.: +91 80 41341000
     Voltas Ltd.

Westchester Sewing Machine Co.                                  Xinya Machine Tool Manufacture Co. Ltd.
PO Box 447 , Nanuet NY 10954,                                   Bowang Special Economic Industry Park,
Artisian Sewing Supplies, 6470 Corvette Street,                 Ma’anshan, Anhui, China.
Commerce, CA 90040 U.S.A.                                       Contact person: Ms. Zheng
Contact no: 800-225-8342 / 845-627-8873,                        Contact no:+86-0555-6761710
Fax number: 845-627-6949,                                       Fax:+86-0555-6767838
Toll Free: (888) 838-1408 -                                     Email:,
Toll Free Fax: (866) 838-1508, International
                                                                XL Plastics Ltd.
Contact no.: 01-323-838-1408
                                                                303/2 Makarpura Ind. Estate,
Fax: 01-323-838-1508
                                                                Vadodara 390 010, India.
                                                                Contact no.: +91-265-2638125/2638026/ 2652118
Whirler Centrifugals Pvt Ltd.                                   Web:
1213, Phase-3, GIDC Ind. Estate, Vatva,
                                                                YHM Springtech Machinery Co.
Ahmedabad - 382 445, Gujarat, India.
                                                                No.83,Hsing Kung 1st Rd., Beidou Town,
Contact no: +(91)-(79)-25890021
                                                                Changhua Hsien 521, Taiwan.
                                                                Contact No: +886-4-887-1086
Windsor Machines Limited                                        Email:
Shah Industrial Estate, C Building, 1st Floor,                  Web:
Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (East),
                                                                Yokogawa Electric Corp- Yokogawa India Ltd.
Mumbai, India.
                                                                Plot No.96, Electronic City Complex, Hosur
Contact no.: +91-22-28570060, 28571354
                                                                Road, Bangalore - 560 100 India.
                                                                Contact person: Mr. Avnish Garg
                                                                Contact no.: +91-80-4158-6000
Wintech Power Private Limited.                                  Email:
B 69/3, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi, India.                 Web:
Contact person: Mr. Ankur Jain
                                                                Young-pearl Machinery Co., Ltd.
Contact no.: +91 - 9811131223, 9811049370
                                                                No.35 , Jiangyang East Rd. , YZ , JS , CN
                                                                225003 Prc.
                                                                Contact no.: +0514-87233712/87229185
Wipro Eco Energy                                                Email:
88, SB Tower, 5th floor,B Wing, MG Road,                        Web:
Bangalore, India.
                                                                Yuvraj Merch - X
Contact person: Mr. Sudarshan Ananth
                                                                Agent : Pailung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd.,
Contact no.: +91-80-41365104
                                                                Yuvraj Trade Centre, 1/1(B)-1, Gandhi Road,
                                                                Avinashi Main Road, Annupparpalayam (p.o),
                                                                Tirupur - 641652. India.
Wittemann India                                                 Contact no. : 0091-421-4343700 / Fax : 0091-421-4343733
Plot 454, GIDC, N. H. 8, Por – Ramangamdi,                      Contact person: Mr. M. M. Elango
Vadodara, Gujarat, India.                                       Mobile : 0091 - 98940 - 47400
Contact person: Mr. Rakesh Lonial                               E-mail :
Contact no.: +91-9891509509                                     Web:
                                                                Zeco Aircon Industries Pvt. Ltd.
                                                                DDA Shopping Complex, E Block, 2nd Floor,
Wuhu Surmount Machinery & Equipment Co. Ltd.                    New Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, India.,
WUHU MACHINERY & INDUSTRIAL ZONE,                               Contact no.: +91-11-45666111
Wuhu, Anhui, China (Mainland) /241100                           Email:
Contact no: 86-553-8732158                                      Web:
Fax: 86-553-8731866
                                                                Zeta India Inc.
Xerox India Ltd.                                                B-238, 6th Main Road, Peenya Industrial
5th & 6th Floor, Block One Vatika Business                      Estate, Bangalore - 560 058, INDIA.
Park Sector-49, Sohna Road Gurgaon - 122018, Haryana, India.,   Contact no : 80 – 2836 3753, 2836 4322
Contact no.: +91-124-39400400
                                                                ZheJiang sini Machinery Co. Ltd.
                                                                188 Donghanmen south road,Yuyao,
                                                                China – 315400.
Xinmin Bangyou Woodworking Machinery Works                      Contact no.: +86-0577-65563517 65562786
Shenyang                                                        Email:
Contact no: 86-24-87721353,13604211457                          Web:

     Zhuji Fengzu Computer Knitting Machine Co.
     Datang Industrial Area Shaoxing Zhejiang 311801, China
     Contact No.:86-575-87113480


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