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					                          CHARLESTON DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL

                                                  Fundraising Tips
Ask Everyone
Ask for donations from all the people you have supported for various charitable events in the past.

In addition to friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, seek out restaurants, hair dressers, other businesses you visit, your
doctor, dentist, etc. for donations.

Asking for specific amounts works better than a vague request for "a contribution." Gauge your audience; even those who have
less to give will give something if it sounds reasonable.

Give tangible examples for how much your donors are giving. For example, ask a donor to "Give up one nice dinner out on the
town and donate $20" or "Give up going out to see one movie, donate $10."

Provide Food
Provide donuts, bagels, brownies, cookies, etc. at your place of work and sell each for a $2 donation.

Car Wash or Garage Sale
Recruit friends and family to host a Saturday morning car wash or clean out your garage with all proceeds going to your Dragon
Boat Team.

Make it Clear!
Make it clear why you are raising money. The more you understand about where the money goes, the more excited and proud
you'll sound, and the more positive responses you will get!

SAMPLE LANGUAGE: Charleston Dragon Boat Festival benefits Dragon Boat Charleston which has been serving lowcountry
cancer survivors since 2003, providing a positive model for our community demonstrating courage, determination and team
cooperation. In 2007 and 2008, Dragon Boat Charleston participated with a National Cancer Institute – MUSC/Hollings Cancer
Center research grant to study the beneficial effects of physical activity in cancer survivorship. In 2009 and 2010, Dragon Boat
Charleston worked with Roper St Francis Cancer Center to further outreach. Our goal for 2012 and forward is to work with all
the lowcountry cancer centers, offering cancer survivors the wellness benefits of Dragon Boat Charleston. As part of the mission,
Dragon Boat Charleston is also expanding their abilities to grow the healthy benefits of dragon boating to the entire community.

Remind everyone about the tax-deductible nature of their donation (100% tax deductible).

Matching Gifts
Ask if their company has a corporate matching program. If so, this is a wonderful way to double your money. Your $100
donation could turn into $200!

Send Reminders
Enclose pre-addressed stamped envelopes with any letters you may send out to make it even easier to send payment. Return all
calls from those you have solicited promptly. Respond to friends and family using e-mail, a quick and easy service to stay in

Thank Everyone
Send thank you notes or make thank you calls after the event, letting your sponsors know how helpful their contribution was to
the program and how much you appreciated their support. Showing appreciation is one of the biggest motivators for
encouraging repeat behavior and your sponsors have several charities asking for contributions all year long, so make sure they
know how much their choosing YOUR charity means to you!

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