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					                            MIDWAY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
                                                 Founded 1850

             “Every member a STUDENT, a SERVANT, a SOWER, and a STEWARD”
                              4635 Dallas Highway, Powder Springs, Georgia 30127
                          Tel. 770.422.4974 E-mail.
                                         Rev. David Hall, Senior Pastor
                                        Rev. Gene Hunt, Associate Pastor
                                        Rev. Greg Doty, Assistant Pastor

   June 2007                                                                                   Vol. 29 No. 6
        from our Pastor                                         Toward the end of the month, more digging,
                                                            demolition, and re-arranging of things occurred.
                                                            We now have orange fences up to protect our
What a Month!!                                              young. Midway Covenant Christian School has
    I have to tell you: the month of May 2007 had           completed its tenth school year, culminating with a
to be one of the busiest, most productive months in         make-shift but very successful Field Day in late
our church‘s history. The opening days saw your             May. Several older buildings are slated to be razed
staff moving their offices to the portable trailers         after Memorial Day.
near the gym—they‘re really, pretty nice—while                  I want to express again my thanks to school
the abestos abatement process was carried out on            administrators, staff, and all who have been flexi-
buildings which will soon be razed. Meanwhile, in           ble during this process. Your church has not and is
your sanctuary, the newly formed Northwest Geor-            not shrinking back from the Lord‘s summons to
gia Presbytery held its stated meeting on May 1st.          press onward to the high calling of Christ.
Later that week, a crucial permit (Land Distur-                 Our contractor, Randall Redding, now has his
bance Permit) was cleared by Cobb County, while             team on the ground, and the building process prom-
much preparatory work was being done for the                ises to be exciting and challenging. I am impressed
May 6th First Sunday of May and Groundbreaking              with how much has been accomplished already in a
Celebration.                                                few weeks.
    God blessed us with a glorious and encouraging              While all this is ongoing, you are continuing to
Groundbreaking Service. If you missed it, pictures          be a very faithful church in your giving, prayer,
should soon be available on our website. And the            worship, and fellowship. We had one of our largest
lunch that followed was a rich time of fellowship           Evening Worship services of the year on May 20th
and renewal. At the afternoon service, the Midway           as we recognized the highest number of high
Cemetary Association announced that it was over             school graduates (and a fine crop at that) yet at our
60% toward it‘s goal of having a perpetual, self-           Youth Sunday service. And the Spring Recital just
sufficient fund to care for our cemetary‘s needs.           prior to that worship service was very well at-
    Then, during the second week of May, a num-             tended and provided an excellent offering by young
ber of vital meetings occurred between our com-             choristers who have worked so diligently. Many
mittees to prepare for road expansions, necessary           children completed a scripture or catechism memo-
site preparations, coordination with county agen-           rization program, and we‘ll recognize them June 3.
cies, and our own committees and staff.                         It‘s been an incredible month of May, and I
    Next, the big equipment arrived. Grounds are            praise the Lord for all that he is doing in our church
being cleared for the next steps forward. It is sad to      and in you. It is a great and rare blessing to be able
see all those trees felled and to lose buildings that       to praise God amidst so much flying dust. It re-
have rich memories for many. Yet, we are called to          minds me of how the apostle Paul taught that,
sacrifice for future generations.                           while our outward facades may waste away, in-
                                                            wardly we are being renewed day by day.
From the Pastor cont.
God is at work in our church, and we thank him for       uct&id=413]. It will leave you on the floor
the progress, challenges, and working of his Holy        laughing. But it‘s a spoof on evangelical
Spirit.                                                  churches that have followed the ways of se-
    Do, please, keep praying for your church, keep       cular marketing and tried to appeal to the
introducing your friends to our church, and support      basis of what people want, and what they
us in every way possible as we build for the future.     think the church ought to be like and ought
Thank you for your sacrifice and good spirit. May        to be doing, in order to get them to church,
God bless each of you with a restful and meaning-        and it‘s called Me Church.
ful summer.                                                   The video opens with a woman saying,
                                                         ―You know, my life is hard. I work hard,
Creation Ministries International                        I‘ve got a busy week, and when I get to
    Midway is pleased to host an outstanding             Sunday, it‘s hard for me to be on time. And
speaker and expert on biblical origins at our even-      I want to go to a church that starts when I
ing service, June 10th @ 6:00 PM. Dr. Jonathan           get there.‖ And then the narrator comes on
Sarfati, an author, a scientist, and speaker for Crea-   and says, ―OK, you join our church, and
tion Ministries International will visit Midway          when you arrive, we begin!‖
while he‘s in the USA. Do, please, plan to hear this          And then it zeroes in on a family hold-
speaker and invite some friends to learn. For more,      ing a young baby, and they say, ―You
see Mac Worley‘s description below.                      know, this little guy, he plays by his own
                                                         rules. We want to go to a church where if
General Assembly and Report                              he starts crying in the middle of the service,
    I am happy that Midway always likes to be in-        nobody looks at us and judges us, but they
formed about what is happening in Presbytery and         accept us.‖ And he says, ―That‘s all right. If
General Assembly. This year the PCA General As-          you come and join our church, your little
sembly will meet in Memphis, TN, June 12-15. I           guy starts crying, then everybody else
and your other representatives will give our report      around you, they‘ll just have to leave! And
on this important meeting to the Session and any         you can stay there.‖
interested members @ 7:30 PM on Monday night,                 And then another person comes on, and
June 18th. Do join us for the update if you can.         he says, ―You know, my wife Sherry and I,
                                                         we don‘t personally give a lot to the church,
                                                         but we like to know who does.‖ And then
                                                         the narrator comes on and says, ―All right,
    My friend Ligon Duncan, the pastor of First
                                                         you join our church and you‘ll know every-
Presbyterian, Jackson, MS, had this colorful appli-
                                                         body who gives, in detail!‖
cation in his sermon on Ephesians 5:8-14. While
                                                              And then a little guy comes on to the
we may chuckle, it also serves a good warning:
                                                         screen. He‘s on his bicycle. He says, ―If I
                                                         join the church, I want a pony!‖ And the
         ―That is one reason why in our ap-
                                                         narrator says, ―Look in your back yard!‖
   proach to evangelism and discipleship at
                                                              And then a lady comes on, and she‘s
   First Presbyterian Church we try to be dra-
                                                         reading a book, and she says, ―You know, I
   matically God-centered. We want to send a
                                                         want to know if I join the church, can I get
   message to everyone who comes in the
                                                         a buff and a wax? During the worship ser-
   doors that it‘s all about God – and that is
                                                         vice?‖ And the narrator comes on and says,
   radically counter-cultural, because our cul-
                                                         ―Not only a buff and a wax, but we‘ll do an
   ture thinks ‗It‘s all about me.‘
                                                         oil change and a tune-up, free!‖
        Some of you may have seen the hila-
                                                              And then another guy comes on, and he
   rious video that‘s circulating on the internet
                                                         says, ―If I join the church, I want tickets to
   now, called Me Church. If you haven‘t seen
                                                         the Big Game. I want tickets to the Super
   it, go to Google and type in ―Me Church‖
                                                         Bowl.‖ And the narrator says, ―Oh, that‘s
   and watch the video
                                                         asking too much.‖
From the Pastor cont. / Diaconate / Ruth Circle
   The narrator at first replies, ―Nope, no deal.
   If you don‘t get me tickets to the Big Game,
   then I‘m not joining.‖ But then, he says,
   ―All right, we‘ll throw in tickets to the Su-
   per Bowl.‖
        And the point of the video is that this
   church is completely built around them! It‘s
   Me Church! Well, one of the fundamental
                                                                RUTH CIRCLE
   things that God does in us when He brings
   us from darkness to light is He teaches us        Ruth Circle will continue to meet during the sum-
   ―It‘s not all about me. It‘s about God. It‘s      mer season on the third Tuesday of each month in
   about His glory. And my enjoyment, my             the church library /parlor, but our time and format
   pleasure, my fulfillment, my growth, my sa-       will be a bit different, meeting at 11:00 a.m. for a
   tisfaction, my meaning in life is only found      devotional and then a time of prayer.
   when I am decentralized, and when God is
   at the center of everything. When He is ex-       All ladies are invited even if you are not a regular
   alted, that is where I experience fullness of     attender of Ruth Circle during the rest of the year.
   joy forevermore.‖                                 We will especially be focusing on praying for our
         So you can‘t build a church full of         church and congregation as we embark on the
   people who are God-centered by saying to          building program. Nursery care will be available
   them ―It‘s all about you.‖ You can’t move         for children through 3 years of age, but please noti-
   people from being me-centered to being            fy the nursery staff of your need ahead of time at
   God-centered by being me-centered. So the         770-422-4974 ext. 1114.
   Apostle Paul is reminding us here in this
   passage that all of us who have come to           Please join us on June 19th, July 17th and August
   faith in Christ have come to realize in some      21st as we gather to pray for our families, our
   measure that it‘s all about God. It‘s all         church and our nation.
   about His glory; and my enjoyment in this
   world, my fulfillment, and meaning and sa-
   tisfaction is realized only when I realize it‘s
   all about God. And that begins to change
   everything in life.‖

Receipts for April 2007               $129,999
Ahead of budget for April             $16,258
Building Fund to Date                 $4,252,779
Over and above Missions giving YTD    $4,490
Future Daughter Church Fund to Date   $10,960
(Since April 2003)
Future Daughter Church Planting
Receipts YTD 2007                     $860
For the Diaconate
In His Service
Reggie Harris
Special People/Special Announcements
       Happy Birthday Senior Saints                                   Ladies please join us for
                                                                      “A Mid Summers Night”
                                                                  A new bible study for the summer
        JUNE                      JULY                      When: Wednesday 7-9pm
    15 Pat Phillips          8 Dwight Allen                 Where: 5204 Old Mountain Court ( just around the
    16 Carol Roberts         16 Alma Scott                  corner from the church)
    25 Julie Morrison                                       For : Study of God’s word and His Covenant
                                                            Dates: Beginning June 20- August 8 (eight weeks)

                                                            Look on the WIC table soon for information and
                                                            study work books. Come grow with us this summer
                                                            as we dig into God’s word.
      Paige Richardson Forrester
      Camille Jackson        Stace Huff
      Shelley Remington      Sara Beth Wilson
      Kelli Shipman          Jennifer Nolan
      Amber Magee Michael
                                                                             BABY SHOWER
                                                            All ladies are invited to a Baby Shower for Sarah
                                                            Beth Wilson on Friday June 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the
                                                            Fellowship Hall. She is registered at Babies R Us
                                                            and Perrywinkles.

We join Mark and Amy Blalack in praising God for the
birth of their daughter Caroline Joy Blalack who was
born on May 2, 2007.

We join Dan and Missy Crew in praising God for the birth
of their triplets Eleanor Katherine Crew, Eli Charles       Please accept our heartfelt appreciation for all the
Crew, and Isaac John Crew who were born on Friday,          support that you have shown us after the death of
May 18, 2007.
                                                            Bob's Dad. Your visits at the funeral home, atten-
                                                            dance at the funeral, your many cards, prayers,
                                                            and words of sympathy have been a great comfort
                   GIFT CD’S                                and a witness to your love for us. It truly is a bless-
A CD of the Sunday morning sermon will be available         ing to be a part of God's Covenant Family.
to you as you leave the Sanctuary. These CD‘S are
complimentary and will be available each Sunday             Sincerely,
morning.                                                    Bob and Dianne Matthews

              SUNDAY SCHOOL
During the summer, the Fellowship Class will be in-
volved in a DVD study entitled ―Battling Unbelief‖,
featuring Dr. John Piper. The study will begin on Sun-
day, June 10th and will run ten weeks. You are invited to
join us, especially those not yet involved in a class.
                                                                   Lord is I‘ll never know it all. There will always be some-
           MIDWAY-SUPPORTED MISSIONARIES                           thing new to learn in the area of horticulture. And scripture
Stanley and Donna Armes - MTW, South Africa                        offers deeper levels of understanding to those who read
Peter and Diane Bakelaar - MTW, Japan                              and meditate on it. Looks like this summer we will learn
David and Stacy Bergmark - MTW, Sweden
Ron and Gayle Clegg, World Harvest Mission- - Hungary              which plants are drought tolerant. This year will also be
David and Sue Cunningham - MTW, Australia                          the year to see how tolerant we church members are to
Jack and Kim Cunningham - MTW, Thailand                            changes due to construction.
Rob and Angie Edwards - RUF, University of Georgia
Alan and Chinglien Fiol - MTW , Taiwan                             The scripture Greg chose for his text was Colossians 2:6-
Dan and Rebecca Gregoire – MTW, Slovakia                           8. These verses were among the ones we had to memorize
Ester Hunter – WBT, Chad, Africa
Tim and Lois Hunter - WBT Orlando/Africa                           when taking the Navigator 2:7 class. And truly both plants
Scott and Tracy Ketrow - CCC, Italy                                and Christians need to be deeply rooted to grow.
Dale and Nancy Knudson - MTW, Philippines
Endi and Kati Kovacs, CRM, Hungary                                 Bob and Patty Meredith have served in Africa since 1989
John and Kathy Lesondak - MTW, Slovakia                            with The Navigators. For 14 years they worked in Zambia
Steve and Ann Lutz - SIM, Niger, Africa                            discipling university students. By October 2002 the Mere-
Tim and Nicole - MTW, Europe
David and Jill Martin - MTW, Ukraine                               diths had worked themselves out of their job and the tran-
Demetrios Marmaras - PEF, Greece                                   sition to national leadership for the Zambian Navigator
Mike and Robin McMahan - MTW, Ecuador                              ministry was complete. They now live in Nairobi, Kenya
Bob and Patty Meredith - NAV, Kenya                                where Bob is Africa Resources Director for the Navigator
Harry and Julie Miller - PEF, Atlanta/Bulgaria                     Africa Regional Team. The Merediths are briefly in the
Wayne and Amy Newsome - MTW, Japan                                 States for their daughter, Emily‘s graduation and to visit
Young and Soon Park - MTW, South Korea
Andy and Sue Peck - WBT, Orlando                                   supporters. They will be sharing at Midway Sunday even-
Clay and Darlene Quarterman - MTW, Ukraine                         ing June 17th. We are very excited to learn that two of
Palmer and Joanna Robertson - ABC, Uganda                          their Zambian Navigator Staff friends will be joining
Mike and Sheryl - MTW. Atlanta area                                them. Nelson Musipa and Mutinta Silenga will share their
Gullermo and Jeannie Salinas - PEF, Mexico                         testimonies. They are indeed the fruit of this ministry that
Jonathan Sawtelle - CO, Samford University                         Midway has invested in over the years.
Chuch and Wyema - MTW, Europe
Roger and Dianne Smalling - MTW, Latin America
John and Liz - MTW, West Africa                                    Also this month our Mexico Team will be heading to Zi-
Jan - MTW, Europe                                                  huatanejo, Mexico to work along side Guillermo and Jen-
Linda Summer PEF The Agape Puppets                                 nie Salinas. They have been asked to train the children‘s
Jim and Catalina Tate - MTW, Ecuador                               church teachers. There is a real need for more Bible con-
Johan and Stephanie Van Der Westhuizen, MTW, Chile                 tent in their lessons. In the mornings they will put their
Bruce and Barbara Wannemacher - MTW, South Africa
Becky White - MTW, Taiwan                                          hands to painting the children‘s classroom with a Bible
Linda Wixon - MTW, Japan                                           scene, adding child size table and chairs, bringing other
Steve and Kathy Womack – WBT, Kenya                                visual teaching tools and supplies. Please remember these
Pat Wood - PEF, Freedom Ministries                                 ladies as they go June 10th: Liz Vawter, Rebecca Boggs,
                                                                   Sandy Burton, Katie Burton and Kim Burton.
          Mission Organizations supported by Midway
         ABC --   African Bible College                            Upcoming Missions dates for your prayer:
         CCC --   Campus Crusade for Christ                        June 10 - 19 – Mexico Mission Trip
         CO --    Campus Outreach
         CRM--    Church Resource Ministries                       Sunday Evening June 17 – Bob and Patty Meredith, Africa
         MTW --   Mission To the World                             July 27 – August 4 – London Mission Trip
         NAV -    The Navigators                                   Sunday Evening July 29 – Ron Clegg, Hungary
         PEF -    Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship
         RUF -    Reformed University Fellowship                   October 5 – 7, 2007 – Missions Conference
         SIM -    Serving in Mission
         WBT --   Wycliffe Bible Translators                       Now that summer is here make time to sink your spiritual
                                                                   roots a little deeper into God‘s word. Deep roots are
                                                                   needed to make it through the dry times.
―You‘re not there yet!‖ was the title of Rev. Doty‘s mes-
sage for the youth Sunday services. Whether at the top of a
hill in the middle of a race or graduating from high school        Becky Blades, for the Missions Committee
it is not the time to stop and rest. It does seem like life is a
series of goals that as soon as one is reached another needs
to take its place or we just sit down and quit living. Much
of what I enjoy about gardening and my walk with the
 Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
                                                               evolved from non-living chemicals) will frequently ar-
There is a rare opportunity available to us on Sunday          gue against a sort of ―straw-man‖ creationist position,
evening, June 10th in the Midway Sanctuary. Renowned           railing against claims that we have never or would never
Creation author Dr. Jonathan Sarfati will be a guest in        make. They presume to control the debate but setting
our pulpit and will present a compelling theological de-       the terms and claiming their own ―ground rules‖. Dr.
fense of the book of Genesis as he speaks on “Design,          Sarfati‘s presentation will both encourage and equip you
Deluge, & Dilemma”. In addition to authoring at least          to be prepared for when this specific opportunity arises
ten books, Dr. Sarfati is a research scientist and editorial   once again. For example, did you know that creationist
consultant for Creation Ministries International (CMI).        Edward Blyth thought of the concept of Natural Selec-
An outspoken defender of the faith, he is one of the co-       tion 25 years before Darwin‘s Origin of Species was
editors and contributors to Creation magazine and the          published? Bible-believing creationists know that Natu-
peer-reviewed Journal of Creation. His book Refuting           ral Selection is a providential, conservative process that
Evolution is a devastating critique of the so-called best      removes defective organisms, thereby improving the
evidences for evolution, and is the largest-selling crea-      health of the population as a whole. Only (naturalism-
tion book ever written. His third book, Refuting Com-          believing) evolutionists contend that Natural Selection
promise, is already regarded by many as the most com-          has been creative, and science does not support the posi-
prehensive scientific and theological defense of a             tion.
straightforward, historical view of Genesis ever written.
                                                               A few hours of reading will leave you more prepared to
This is an event that you simply must plan to attend.          gain the most from our guest speaker. Refuting Evolu-
Even if your confidence in the authority of Scripture has      tion is a powerfully concise little book, and at just 139
never caused you to feel drawn into the debate over the        pages, can be finished in just a couple of evenings of
origin of life (or it‘s timing), the logical beauty of this    reading. Used (for $1) and new copies of Refuting Evo-
man‘s persuasive arguments will be a profound encou-           lution may be found at Alternatively,
ragement to you and to your friends. Yes, you should           several copies are available for loan from Mac Worley,
definitely invite your friends, especially if you have         ―while supplies last‖. Call Mac or send email to
wondered about their faith in the authority of Scripture;
many souls have been drawn to the Lord through the
simple, yet powerful logic of this author and speaker.
Dr. Sarfati was born in Ararat, Australia in 1964. He
moved to New Zealand as a child. He obtained a
B.Sc. (Hons.) and then a Ph.D., both in Chemistry.
He has co-authored papers in mainstream scientific
journals, including a paper on high-temperature su-
perconductors published in Nature when he was
only 22 years old. A Christian since 1984, he has
long been interested in apologetics, the defense of
the faith, and was a co-founder of the Wellington
Christian Apologetics Society (New Zealand). Cre-
ation vs evolution is of course a vital subject to him,
because of the ramifications for the doctrines of
Creation, the Fall which brought death into the
world, and their links to the doctrines of the Incarna-
tion, Atonement and Bodily Resurrection of the
God-man Jesus Christ. In August 1996, he re-
turned to Australia to take up his current position
with CMl in Brisbane. In this capacity, he is co-
editor of Creation magazine, and also writes and
reviews articles for Journal of Creation, CMI’s in-
depth peer-reviewed publication, as well as contri-
buting to CMI’s CreationOnTheWeb website.
As many Christians have witnessed firsthand, propo-
nents of ―macro-evolution‖ (the claim that people
 Nursery Ministry
        Midway Nursery News:                                    JUNE 3
As the year winds down and the summer months are
upon us, I am trying to make sure the Nursery is covered        8:30 Jennifer Acree, Sandy, Katie & Kim Burton, Ju-
and everyone is aware of our times that we are available              lie, Bryan & Cole Dykstra, Mickie Roberts
by reservation.                                                 9:45 Amanda Caden, Heather Cartwright, Ruth Dew-
                                                                      hurst, Melissa Klein, Joel & Sandy Kroese,
Of course Nursery is open at all the regular sessions on              Chris Spicer
Sunday (8:30, 9:45, 11 & 6) no reservations needed.             11:00 Karen Burnsed, Lori & Chris Cowley, Ken Dew-
                                                                      hurst, Bobbi & Michelle Mitchell, Mike Snider,
Nursery is also open with a very small staff for choir                Derek Spicer, Leila & Marshall Chumley
practice on Wednesdays 7 to 8:30 p.m. Midway Choir is
                                                                6:00 Thomas Chumley, Sherri Taylor, Allen, Susan,
requested to call the Nursery Office only if canceling the
permanent reservations for their two families.                        and Andrew Scott

Therefore, if any Titus 2 groups would like to meet at          JUNE 10
Midway on Weds., Nursery will be open for them. We              8:30 Alicia Bartlett, Susan & Whitney Brookins,
would need the Titus 2 Mother needing Nursery or the                  Taylor & Hayden Johnson, Robby & Dana
Titus 2 leader to call the Nursery Office if they will be us-         Langston, Jeffrey & Paige Siewert
ing the Nursery and make reservations. Because if there         9:45 Paul & Mary Katherine Keel, Richard & Beth
are cancellations through the choir parents we will still             Ann Bowers, Shelley Spratlin, Elizabeth Taylor,
be open for Titus 2 provided we know they are coming.                 Liz Vawter
                                                                11:00 Dina Dropp, Kevin Kahle, Ruth Ann Knight,
The Ruth Circle has requested Nursery the third Tues-
day morning of each month (June19th, July 17th, August
                                                                      John & Brandy Marchant, Jeff & Jean Ross,
21st) maybe for an hour or so, for prayer time.                       Zack, Grace, Greta Taylor
                                                                6:00 Barbara Bokhoven, Kay Johnson
Anytime Nursery is needed during these quiet months,
we need reservations and cancellations so that our staff        JUNE 17
are not sitting here twiddling their thumbs, not knowing if     8:30 Lauren Crumbley, Leslie & Taylor Nichols,
anyone is coming.                                                     Jennifer & Halie Siewert, John & Andrea Sim-
                                                                      mons, Nicole Neumeier, Katie, Maribeth &
                                                                      Christy Wichterman, Rachel Zimmerman
                                                                9:45 Billy & Rebekah Resh, Mary Burton, Chuck &
          SUMMER QUARTER:                                             Linda Dunehew, Shannon Howard, Debbie
                   SUNDAY STAFF                                       Zimmerman
Infant Areas: 8:30 & 9:45 Cathy Wallen                          11:00 Jill & Lucy Barrett, Olivia Burdine, Luke Bur-
                11:00 Leanne Doty                                     ton, Larry & Mary Judy, Katherine Matthews,
Sunday School Teachers:                                               Shari Purdue, Lauren Kirschner
Rainbow Room: Bob & Rose Wichterman                             6:00 The Pritchett‘s
Lion's Den: John & Cindy Tartal, Phil & Patti Schrock
                                                                JUNE 24
Nursery Desk: 8:30 & 9:45 Kindy Moore                           8:30 Chris Acree, Jeffrey Baxter, Jerry & Becky
               11:00 Beth Godwin                                      Blades, Tina Cantwell, Carol DeMar, Jessica
Evening Nursery: Sandy Burton,                                        Kuipers
                                                                9:45 Mark & Connie Jennings, Doug & Dena Clapp,
Beth Leslie: June, Kindy Moore: July
                                                                      Cliff & Christie Cook, Cheryl Marsh, Jodine
                                                                      Poole, Lynn Wagoner
                                                                11:00 Samantha Clapp, Evodia Fonji, Jonathan & Kel-
                                                                      sey Hutson, Morgan Kennedy, Megan Martin,
                                                                      Denise & Joe Monroe, Lori, Katherine & Allie
                                                                      Peterson, Rachel & Rebecca Wilson,
                                                                6:00 Zack Wagoner, Dan & Karen Widner
 Nursery Ministry cont.
JULY 1                                                      AUGUST 5
8:30   Taylor Brittingham, Carolyn Sqrow, Lance & Son-      8:30  Jennifer & Jeffrey Siewert, Taylor & Hayden
       ja Cooper, Rachel , Asa & Aaron Cooper, Jennifer           Johnson, Jennifer Acree, Rachel Zimmerman
       Acree                                                9:45  Mark & Connie Jennings, Shannon Howard,
9:45   Todd & Tricia Ver Steeg, Jennifer Pursley, Cyn-            Chuck & Linda Dunehew, Debbie Zimmerman,
       thia Brittingham, Kelly Stout, Jeremy & Theresa            Mary Burton
       Fix                                                  11:00 Larry & Mary Judy, Jill & Lucy Barrett. Lori &
11:00 Laura & Evan Keesee, Terri & Melody Kayler,                 Chris Cowley, Shari Purdue, Luke Burton
       Chris Cowley, Susan Chewning, Bob & Debi Tan-        6:00  Kay Johnson, Barbara Bokhoven, Sherri Taylor
       go, Austin & Lauren Tango
6:00   Sherri Taylor, Claire & Courtney Pursley, Laura,     AUGUST 12
       Austin & Tyler Joseph                                8:30  Chris Acree, Jeffrey Baxter, Jerry & Becky Blades,
                                                                  John & Andrea Simmons, Taylor & Leslie Ni-
JULY 8                                                            chols, Whitney & Susan Brookins, Taylor Brit-
8:30   John & Andrea Simmons, Charles Joseph, Anne &
       Emily Hart Herbert, Anna & Sarah Dudt, Susan &
                                                            9:45  Kelly Stout, Cynthia Brittingham, Cheryl Marsh,
       Whitney Brookins                                           Paul & Mary Katherine Keel, Abby Jane Eller,
9:45   Mary Katherine Keel, Chris Jackson, Janice Fur-            Cliff & Christie Cook
       long, John & Jeannie Fair, Paco & Sarah Combes
                                                            11:00 Bob & Debi Tango, Joe & Denise Monroe, Rachel
11:00 Dean, Kim & Alex Wardlaw, Jeff & Sandra                     & Rebecca Wilson, Lori Peterson, Allie & Kathe-
       O‘Hara, Sarah Beth & Matt Wilson, Richard &                rine Peterson, Megan Martin, Jonathan & Kelsey
       Polly Vogh, Rachel & Sarah Howard, Anna Han-
       kal, James & Joseph Boggs                            6:00  The Pritchett Family
6:00   James & Joy Scott, Mac Hunt
JULY 15                                                     AUGUST 19
8:30  Katie, Maribeth & Christy Wichterman, John Ro-        8:30  Katie Wichterman, Carolyn Sqrow, Nicole
      berts, Nicole Neumeier, George & Kim Jones, Ty-             Neumeier, Lauren Crumbley, Lance & Sonja
      ler & Emily Jones, Keira Hall                               Cooper, Rachel, Asa & Aaron Cooper
9:45  Billy & Rebekah Resh, Becky Jackson, Larry &          9:45  Lynn Wagoner, Todd & Tricia Ver Steeg, Billy &
      Abby Jane Eller, Christopher Braaksma                       Rebekah Resh, Jennifer Pursley, Jeremy & Theresa
11:00 Ann Kistner & Sarah Kistner, Gene & Bobby                   Fix
      Cork, Kim, Michael & Katherine Matthews, Sarah        11:00 Laura & Evan Keesee, Katherine Matthews, Lau-
      & Maggie Eller                                              ren Kirschner, Terri & Melody Kayler, Susan
6:00  Dave & Sandra Westerfield, Zack Wagoner                     Chewning, James & Joseph Boggs
                                                            6:00  Dan & Karen Widner, Zack Wagoner, Claire &
JULY 22                                                           Courtney Pursley
8:30  Mickie Roberts, Jessie Kuipers, Julie, Bryan &
      Cole Dykstra, Tina Cantwell, Sandy, Kim & Katie       AUGUST 26
      Burton                                                8:30  Charles Joseph, Anne & Emily Hart Herbert, Sarah
9:45  Chris Spicer, Jodine Poole, Joel & Sandy Kroese,            & Anna Dudt, Tina Cantwell
      Melissa Klein, Ruth Dewhurst, Heather                 9:45  Jodine Poole, Chris Jackson, Janice Furlong, John
      Cartwright, Amanda Caden                                    & Jeannie Fair, Paco & Sarah Combes, Doug &
11:00 Bobbi & Michelle Mitchell, Derek Spicer, Mike               Dena Clapp,
      Snider, Evodia Fonji, Ken Dewhurst, Samantha          11:00 Jeff & Sandra O‘Hara & family, Sarah Beth &
      Clapp, Karen Burnsed, Leila & Marshall Chumley              Matt Wilson, Richard & Polly Vogh, Morgan
6:00  Paula Wilson, Barbara Kline, Thomas Chumley                 Kennedy, Rachel & Sarah Howard, Anna Hankal,
                                                                  Evodia Fonji, Samantha Clapp
JULY 29                                                     6:00  Laura Joseph, Tyler & Austin Joseph
8:30  Paige & Halie Siewert, Robby & Dana Langston,
      Carol DeMar, Jennifer Acree, Alicia Bartlett,
      Dylan Crumbley
9:45  Liz Vawter, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Spratlin, Ri-
      chard & Beth Ann Bowers
11:00 John & Brandy Marchant, Zack, Greta & Grace
      Taylor, Jeff & Jean Ross, Ruth Ann Knight,
      Morgan Kennedy, Kevin Kahle, Dina Dropp
6:00  Allen, Susan & Andrew Scott
          Midway Presbyterian Church
               Class of 2007

                  Mr. Michael Baxter
             Son of Ray and Andrea Baxter
        Graduating from McEachern High School
       Future Plans: Jacksonville State University

                  Mr. Randy Blount
               Son of Christine Blount
        Graduating from Cherokee High School
                     Future Plans:

                 Miss Olivia Burdine
         Daughter of Jeff and Marge Burdine
       Graduating from McEachern High School
         Future Plans: University of Georgia

                  Miss Emily Conger
         Daughter of Russ and Nancy Conger
       Graduating from McEachern High School
        Future Plans: Valdosta State University

                  Mr. Terry Dykstra
             Son of Dan and Julie Dykstra
       Graduating from McEachern High School
        Future Plans: Valdosta State University

                 Miss Natalie Johnson
         Daughter of Grant and Nancy Johnson
        Graduating from McEachern High school
          Future Plans: Chattahoochee Tech

                 Mr. Brannon Joseph
           Son of Charles and Laura Joseph
         Graduating from Harrison High school
                  Future Plans: Work

                  Miss Sara Kistner
           Daughter of Greg and Ann Kistner
           Graduating from Kings Academy
             Future Plans: Lee University

                   Miss Lexi Keesee
          Daughter of Scott and Laura Keesee
  Graduating from Atlanta Classical Christian Academy
Future Plans: North Georgia College and State University

                 Miss Jessie Kuipers
      Daughter of Patsy and the late Ray Kuipers
     Graduating from North Cobb Christian School
         Future Plans: Anderson University
   Midway Presbyterian Church
        Class of 2007

            Mr. Paul Nichols
    Son of John and Jennifer Nichols
    Graduating from Kell High School
Future Plans: Georgia Southern University

           Mr. Wiley Pritchett
   Son of Rodney and Nancy Pritchett
     Graduating from Home school
        Future Plans: US Army

          Miss Paige Siewert
  Daughter of Jeff and Jennifer Siewert
    Graduating from Home School
      Future Plans: Cosmetology

           Mr. Alex Whitaker
    Son of Bob and Cindy Whitaker
Graduating from McEachern High school
    Future Plans: Covenant College

         Miss Katie Wichterman
 Daughter of Bob and Rose Wichterman
Graduating from McEachern High School
Future Plans: Kennesaw State University
Midway Presbyterian Church
                   4635 Dallas Hwy
                Powder Springs, GA 30127

               ACTIVITIES AT A GLANCE:
 8:30 a.m. -   Early Morning Worship (Nursery ages 0 – 3)
 9:45 a.m. -   Sunday School (Nursery ages 0-3)
11:00 a.m. -   Morning Worship (Nursery for ages 0 – 3)
 4:30 p.m. -   Adult Choir Rehearsal
5:15 p.m. -    Prayer time for Missionaries in the parlor
 6:00 p.m. -   Evening Worship Service (Nursery ages 0-3)
 7:00 p.m. -   High School Discipleship

 6:00 a.m. - Men‘s Early Prayer, Gene Hunt‘s office
7:00 p.m. - Adult Choir Rehearsal
 7:00 p.m. - Adult Study, Prayer Meeting

7:30 p.m. - Young Adults