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					                                              LA FERIA INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                         REQUISITION FORM

  (1)           School/Dept.        La Feria High School                         (4) Approving Principal/Supervisor:

  (2)           Name of Co.                                                      (5) Approved:
                                                                                                                              Robert Rivera
  (3)             Address:                                                                                 Executive Director of Operations

                                                                                 (6) Date Submitted:

      Phone #                *
                                                                                          Account #
        Fax #                *

                       Please Note: Merchandise will automatically be ordered by this office unless you have made other arrangements.

  (7) Describe in Column 7 below, (or on the back) in layman's terms the object or service your are requesting.

                                                                                                  Cost                                 Program to be
                         * Item                                                        Page        of             Total                used(justified
         Quantity       Number                      Description                         No.       Item            Cost                 by statement)

                                                                                              Total         $             -

                        If information is not included, your request will be returned. PLEASE TURN TO THE BACK OF THIS PAGE

                    * Information absolutely required for these fields.
(8)     Be sure to sign below:

Teacher's/Originator's Signature                                                                                          Print Name

                                    Date received by Central Office:
FUND:                                             ORGANIZATION:
 101 Food Service                                 001 La Feria High School
 199 General Fund                                 041 W.B. Green Jr. High
     Local                                        101 Sam Houston
     State Compensatory                           103 C.E. Vail Elementary
     Bilingual                                    105 Dominguez Elementary
     Special Education                            701 Superintendent
     Career and Technology (state)                702 Board of Trustees
     Transportation                               703 Tax Office
          Athletics                               720 Business Office - Direct Cost
     Band                                         750 Business Office - Indirect Cost
 204 Title IV, Part A SDFSC                       999 Generic/ Organization
 211 Title I Part A
 212 Title I Part C Migrant
 242 Summer Feeding Program
 244 Vocational Education- Basic Grant
 255 Title II Part A - TPTR                       INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM:
 262 Title II Part D - Technology                 11 Basic Educational Services
 263 Title III Part A - English Language          21 Gifted and Talented
 269 Title V Part A - Innovative                  22 Career and Technology
                                                  23 Services to Students with Disabilities (Special Education)
FUNCTION:                                         24 Accelerated Education
  11 Instruction                                  25 Bilingual Education and Special Language Programs
  12 Instructional Resources and Media Services   26 Nondisciplinary AEP Basic Services)
  13 Curriculum and Instruction                   27 Nondisciplinary AEP Supplemental State Comp. Ed. Costs
  21 Instructional Administration                 28 Disciplinary Alternative Ed. Program – DAEP Basic Services
  23 School Administration                        29 DAEP State Compensatory Education Supplemental Costs
  31 Guidance and Counseling                      30 Title I, Part A Schoolwide Activities
  33 Health Services                              91 Athletics and Related Activities
  34 Transportation                               99194 Band
  35 Food Services                                99 Undistributed
  36 Co-curricular/Extra-curricular
  41 General Administration
  51 Maintenance and Operation
  52 Security and Monitoring Services
  53 Data Processing Services
  61 Community Service
  71 Debt Services
  81 Facilities Acquisition and Construction
  93 Payments to Fiscal Agents/Member Districts

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