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					                  Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

Ledgewood Condominium
                         2010 Edition

 Management Office:     978-535-6022 8:30 am - 5 pm Monday- Friday
                        978-535-6022 24-Hour Emergency

 Office Fax:            978-535-7801

 Peabody Police         911 or 978-531-1212
 Peabody Fire           911 or 978-531-2244

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Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

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                         Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

You have chosen to live in one of the premier Condominium Complexes of Greater
Boston's North Shore! Ledgewood Condominium was established in 1980 as a phased
development of twelve buildings containing 327 residences, with the final building
number 12 completed in 1987. We are professionally managed by Crowninshield
Management Corporation, which is located right here in Peabody.

Ledgewood is within a thirty-minute radius to Boston, Maine, New Hampshire and the
renowned Massachusetts' ocean shoreline. Just minutes away are two major shopping
centers: The Northshore Mall and Liberty Tree Mall. Within a short ride, you can easily
gain access to the three major highway systems in our area: Route One, Route 128 and
US Interstate 95. Most major points on Cape Cod are approximately 90 minutes away!
We are proud to be citizens of the City of Peabody, one of the major municipality
success stories in our era.

                          Condo Living: A Paradoxical Dynamic
Living in a condominium is unlike many other living experiences. All unit owners are
in a sense co-owners and co-investors in a home, and governed by an Association that
must be run like a business. Condo Associations have Trusts Documents, By Laws, and
State statutes that must be adhered to.

As a single-family homeowner, you are the boss of your home and in charge of how it
must be maintained and cared for. As a condominium owner who must reside in
harmony with other owners, you have less control and rules and regulations to live by.
State Statutes require that Associations allocate certain funds for the adequate
replacement of elements of the common areas. A portion of your monthly fee must be
allocated to funding the replacement reserve fund so that future boards have financial
cushion available for replacement reserve items such as carpets, roofs, asphalt, etc.

Many people choose to move to condominiums to eliminate the need for worries about
maintenance such as grass cutting, snow plowing, exterior painting, etc. If all
condominium owners took the attitude that "it was someone else's job" to maintain the
common areas, we would never have volunteer trustees to ultimately take on the torch
of leading, maintaining, controlling costs, and preserving values. Ultimately some
owners must step forward from time to time and take responsibility for the rest of us
who "choose" not to worry. It is an interesting dynamic and paradox about condo
living, yet all too true.

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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

It is to the benefit of the overall success of the community that new and different
owners take on the responsibility of volunteering time and effort and become members
of a committee and/or run for the Board. It is very easy to criticize, anyone can do that!
It takes much more effort and commitment to be a proactive volunteer to be part of
constructive solutions and decisions that affect the lives of 327 families.

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Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

Your Unit Responsibilities

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                             Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

                         Master Deed, By Laws, Rules/Regulations
If you are new to condominium living, making yourself familiar with the Ledgewood
Master Deed, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations will make your living experience more
comfortable and harmonious. Your seller should provide you with these documents at
the time of your closing. If for some reason you do not have copies of these standard
set of documents, the Ledgewood Management will be glad to provide you with copies
for a nominal copying fee.

From time to time, the Board of Trustees finds it necessary to change Rules and
Regulations to adapt and evolve to different situations as they arise in the normal
course of events. For that reason, your seller may not have the most recent Rules and
Regulations as amended, and therefore we automatically provide the latest Rules and
Regulations as they exist at the time of your moving into your Unit.

                                      Description of Unit

                                 (As per the Master Deed p. 3)
"The designation of each Condominium Unit, a statement of its location, approximate area,
number of rooms, the immediate common area to which it has access, and its proportionate
interest in the common areas and facilities, are set forth on Schedule A attached hereto and made
a part hereof. The boundaries of each of the Units with aspect to the floors, ceilings, walls, doors
and windows thereof, are as follows:
a. Floors: The plane of the upper surface of the concrete plank floor.
b. Ceilings: The plane of the low surface of the ceiling.
c. Interior Walls: The plane of the interior surface of the wall studs or furring facing such
d. Exterior Walls, Doors, and Windows: As to walls, the plane of the interior surface of the
wall studs or furring facing such Unit; as to doors, the exterior surface thereof: and as to
windows, the exterior surface of the glass and of the window frames.
Appurtenant to each Unit are the following:
      The right to use one (1) or more parking spaces on a reserved basis.
      One storage area in the ground floor of the Building.
      A terrace or balcony, and as to some Units a greenhouse as described in each Unit Deed."
For exact description of your specific unit, please refer to your unit deed. Your unit deed also
contains the percentage interest of common areas. This percentage is utilized to determine your
common area fee assessments as well as your weighted vote when your participation is required
for elections and matters regarding official Association business. (As defined by the
Condominium Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

                               What are Common Areas?
Common areas are places at Ledgewood that are shared by all owners. They consist of
all the land, the yards, lawns, gardens, driveways, walkways, fences, shafts,
foundations, structural columns, girders, beams, elevators, supports, interior walls,
interior floors, and ceiling joints, studding, roofs, common walls, and other
improvements including railings, exteriors lighting fixtures, water meter rooms,
elevator machinery rooms, electricity and telephone rooms, trash rooms, compactor
rooms, mail rooms, lobbies, Management Office on first floor of the Building One,
hallways, corridors, atriums, balconies, greenhouses, the security building, outdoor
tennis courts, swimming pool, clubhouse and storage areas on the ground floor.
Though unit balconies and unit storage areas are for exclusive use by one unit owner,
they are considered to be "limited" common areas.

                               Common Misconceptions

Ledgewood provides assisted living for the handicapped and elderly.
I am not responsible for my heating and air conditioning.
I am not responsible for leaks in my unit.

Ledgewood does not provide assisted living for the handicapped or the elderly. Many
residents who move to Ledgewood are moving from the responsibilities of single family
home ownership. However, there are still responsibilities as a condo owner. While
outside maintenance is completed by Ledgewood Management personnel and
contractors, inside maintenance is the responsibility of the unit owner. If, for example,
a faucet leaks, a heating unit breaks down, or a window is damaged, the unit owner
must hire a contractor to make repairs. For further information regarding Unit
Ownership, refer to your Master Deed.


It is very important that every unit owner contact their personal insurance company to
ensure that you have the proper insurance on your unit. All unit owners are
encouraged to purchase “loss assessment coverage and displacement coverage”. In
addition, each unit owner should be aware that as of October 31, 2005 Ledgewood
Condominium has a $25,000.00 deductible. It is imperative that all unit owners cover
this deductible in their “Coverage A” on their own HO6 policy. For more information,
please call the Management Office we will be happy to assist you.

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                         Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

                            The Master Insurance Policy

Ledgewood is insured by Rodman Insurance Company 781-247-7800 or For further Information regarding insurance refer to the Master
Deed Section 3, page 12. You may obtain a copy of Ledgewood’s Certificate of
insurance by calling Rodman Insurance or visiting their website.

                            Monthly Condo Fee Payments
Condominium fees are due on the first day of each month for that month i.e.: January 1
for January condominium fee. There is a $25.00 late fee if management by the tenth day
of the month does not receive payment. Please mail all condominium fees/assessments
to: Ledgewood Condominium C/O Crowninshield Management Corp., PO Box
66574, Phoenix, AZ 85082-6574 (Lock Box). The monthly payment coupons should
accompany your check to ensure your account is properly credited. Additionally please
write your unit number on your check. The Ledgewood Site office is not set up to
accept condominium fee payments from owners. As an added convenience, Unit
Owners may elect to have their condominium fees automatically deducted from their
checking account each month. This is process is known as EFT. Any Unit Owner that is
interested in the EFT program may contact the Management Office.

If your mailing address changes or if you have any questions concerning your account,
payment coupons or envelopes, or a particular balance, you are advised to contact Phil
Sherman at Crowninshield Management Corporation at 978-532-4800.

                           Extended Vacations/Snow Birds
If you are planning an extended vacation of a month or more, please contact the
Management Office and complete a Vacation/Snowbird Form, providing us with an
address and telephone number where you can be contacted and dates when you will be
departing and returning from your trip. Mail-out correspondence from this office will
be sent to your vacation address for your convenience.

                             Security Recommendations
The Board has and continues to seek ways of improving security here at Ledgewood.
Some common sense on all of our parts will also go a long way. Here are some

      Since unit owners own their own door, check to see that your unit entry door
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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

      deadbolt has full clearance in the latch hole in the door frame. If the deadbolt
      does not go all the way, the locking mechanism may not prevent the bolt from
      slowly being pushed back with a screwdriver. This may allow an intruder to
      enter into your unit.

      Consult with your locksmith and look into the possibility of a second deadbolt.
      This would provide an extra security. If you purchase a deadbolt similar to the
      one you already have, the locksmith can adjust the second lock to be used by the
      same key as your original lock. Your locksmith may recommend other options
      as well.
      If you plan to be away, don't leave any clues. Have a neighbor pick up any
      newspapers, memos, leaflets, etc. from the front of your door.

      As of 2005, all Buildings have been upgraded to telephone entry systems (please
      refer to section on page 13 regarding the directory and entry system). If someone
      calls you via the front entry system, take the time to speak to them to identify the
      visitor, before letting them in. If for any reason, you feel your automatic entry
      system does not work, please call the office.

The "experts" say that the best security is everybody in the community working
together to become aware of all security risks. We hope that you help us make
Ledgewood as safe a community as possible. The weakest link in the chain is the
individual who does not pay attention to these concerns. The Board is making every
effort on its part, but we need your cooperation as well. It is really up to you! Your
neighborhood and your community will greatly appreciate your cooperation!

                                     HVAC UNITS
In 1984-1987 HVAC units were installed at Ledgewood. It is to be expected that if you
haven't had to replace your unit already that the time is very near. The original HVAC
Carrier Units are no longer manufactured. As a result, it is imperative that you contact
the office prior to the installation of a new HVAC site. The following are important
Association guidelines to keep in mind when replacing your HVAC unit.

      If you own a middle condominium unit you may install an HVAC system
      on your balcony or in the wall at the existing HVAC site.
      If you own an end unit in Buildings 9-12, you may install a through-wall
      unit or a split system on your balcony.
      If you own an end unit where the balcony does not abut the utility room,
      3rd & 4th floor units will be installed on the roof and 1st and 2nd floor
      units will be installed on the ground.
      All unit owners must save the existing grill. Due to concern with the
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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

      aesthetics of the exterior of the buildings, the old grill is to be reinstalled
      after the wall is closed up.
      All residents are responsible for ensuring that their contractor has obtained all
      applicable permits BEFORE beginning any work within the building.

Remember you have an obligation to inform the Association of the specifications and
plans for taking such action.

1. The Board will endorse any window from recommended manufacturers that follow
specifications set forth by the engineering firm of Tsiang Engineering. This commercial
grade aluminum window, correctly installed, will stop water infiltration into the unit
and common areas for many years. Unit owners must notify the Association of any
proposed window replacement on storm window installation in writing prior to any
work being done.

The Board will allow rolling light slider storm windows with screens to be installed on
existing windows, but cannot endorse this as a long term solution to preventing future
leaks, since it does not follow the specifications endorsed by our engineer. A unit
owner who chooses storm windows must accept the responsibility for his/her choice. If
an installed storm window fails to prevent water infiltration and damage results, the
unit owner will be held responsible. If the Association detects water infiltration from a
unit owner’s window and it is determined that the unit owner’s window is the cause of
damage to common areas and/or other units, the owner will be held responsible for the
corrective measures as described above. Unit owners must disclose this information to
the Association. All owners should disclose their obligations if the unit is being sold.

Prior to installing windows or storms, you must notify the office of the work. The
Association requires that flashing be installed under your windows to prevent future
leaks. The Association will reimburse an allowance for the installation of flashing.
Again, as in HVAC replacements, you must contact the office prior to such work.

                                      Dryer Vents
Dryer vents at Ledgewood are much longer then the typical vents in a single family
home. As a result, they get clogged with lint causing a clothes dryer that does not dry
clothes efficiently.. When this happens it is necessary for you to have your dryer vent
cleaned out. Please note that keeping your dryer vent free from debris is the unit
owner's responsibility and it is not uncommon for a dryer vent to need cleaning

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                        Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

When replacing your dryer vent, please ensure that it is replaced with the proper
aluminum ductwork which is required by code. For more information please call the
Management Office. Please remember to clean your lint screen every time you dry a
new load of laundry.

                                 Unit Owner Doors
The unit doors are the responsibility of the unit owner. Management and the Trustees
reserve the right to prescribe repairs or paint work to your door as it affects the
aesthetics of the common area hallways.

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Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010


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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

                                 The Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees consists of five members, who represent the Condominium
Association and serve for a two-year term. Trustees are voted in by unit owners (Your
unit vote is determined and tallied by your percentage of interest which can be found in
your unit deed). They meet typically once a month. Anyone can run for Office of
Trustee in an election, when a position becomes available. Ledgewood Newsletters
announce Trustee Elections and available positions. Trustee terms of office are
staggered. Three trustees are elected and start two year terms on even years (i.e.: 2008-
2009) and two trustees are elected and start two-year terms in odd years (i.e.: 2009-
2010). Elections are typically held in October of each year prior to each term. Rules of
candidacy are sent to residents who submit their applications in the September time
frame. Refer to your Master Deed pp 1-7 for more detailed information regarding the
powers and duties of the Board of Trustees.

                                Monthly Board Meetings
The Board of Trustees meets monthly to discuss the affairs of the Association which
includes but is not limited to the financial status and any outstanding unit owner
concerns. Regular Meetings are open to the Unit Owners however, your notice to
attend must be submitted to the Management Office (3) days prior to the meeting.
Owner participation in Regular Meetings is strictly prohibited. However, if an owner
would like to bring an issue onto the table for discussion, you may do so by submitting
a written request (7) days in advance. Time permitting, the Board will grant you a 15-
minute slot to speak.

                       Crowninshield Management Corporation
Ledgewood Condominium is professionally managed by Crowninshied Management
Corporation. Crowninshield has been managing this property for over 15 years. Their
job is to advise the Board of Trustees on matters related to finances, maintenance,
insurance, reserves and condominium laws.

                            On- Site Property Management
As part of Crowninshield Management Corporation, Ledgewood is assisted by a full
time maintenance staff and On-Site Property Manager who ensure that the daily needs
of the Association are maintained. The Management Office is open Monday through
Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. The office is located at Building One.

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                           Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

1. Pet Relief Areas: For your convenience, a site map of Pet Relief Areas is included in
this package. In an effort to keep our community clean, we ask that all residents bring
their pets to the designated areas only. Do not relieve your pet on neighboring grounds
outside of Ledgewood Association property near Bourbon Street. Puppies and kittens
are still learning about their new environment, and may not quite make it to the pet
relief areas in the first few months. Mutt Mitts are available for your convenience at the
Pet Relief Areas. If you notice that the Mutt Mitt dispensers are empty, please notify
the management office. We will fill them at once.

2. Leash rule: All pets, cats & dogs, must be on a leash at all times.

Smoking is prohibited in the common areas at Ledgewood. This includes the balconies,
garages, hallways, and storage areas. Residents found smoking in the common areas
will be subject to a $25 fine. Residents that do smoke must be sure to dispose of their
cigarette/cigar debris appropriately.

                                 Emergencies/Fire Alarms

What is An Emergency? An emergency can be defined in many ways. Most common
emergencies are fires or floods. There are also security issues such as an inoperative
garage door; a front entrance door that won't close; or an inoperative elevator. In case
of emergencies regarding common areas, please call the main office number 24 hours a
day. An on call maintenance person will return your page. Please remember that you
must leave your name, telephone number and building and unit number in order for
the maintenance staff to return your call and effectively address your emergency.

If you notice a common area problem that is not an emergency, please do not call the
24-hour number after hours. Please wait until the next business day to call.

Fire: All buildings of Ledgewood have common area alarm systems that will
automatically be triggered at the sensation of high heat. The triggering of this system
will automatically notify the Peabody Fire Department. If you are aware of fire or
smoke and no alarm has sounded, please make sure that the Fire Department has been
notified by calling them at:

Fire Department (978) 531-2244 or 911     Police Department (978) 531-1212 or 911

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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

If your building alarm is triggered, then it is strongly advisable to leave your unit and
go outside at once! Please do not reenter the Building, until you have been given an all
clear signal from either a Fire Department Official or a management representative.
Just because you do not smell smoke and do not see fire, does not mean that an
emergency does not exist! Always proceed with safety first in mind!

                          EMERGENCY ACCESS POLICY
In the event an alarm of any kind (fire, water heater alarm, carbon monoxide, etc.) is
sounding within a unit, the Management Office, Maintenance Personnel and/or
anyone acting on behalf of the Association must be accompanied by the Peabody Fire
Department when entering a unit in which alarm is sounding. If the Association has
your unit key on file, Ledgewood personnel will make every effort to produce it so
that the Fire Department does not have to resort to means of forced entry into the

It is strongly advised that you consider providing a key to your unit to the
Management Office or leaving a key with a trusted neighbor. While every emergency
situation is different, we will do our best to produce your keys to the Fire
Department. In addition, it is critical that the Management Office has your updated
contact information so that we may reach you in the event of an emergency. If you
are in need of a Unit Owner Information Sheet, please call the office or log on to our
website (on our letterhead).

You may also want to contact your insurance carrier to make sure you have sufficient
coverage if for any reason the Fire Department must enter the unit forcibly.

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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

If you notice any unusual behavior on the property call the Peabody Police Department
immediately. If your unit has been broken into or suspect a robbery, call the police
department first. Do not call the Management Office until you have called the police.
Your safety always comes first! For any civil or potentially criminal disturbances call
the Peabody Police:

                                 Moving at Ledgewood
Before moving at Ledgewood, owners must contact the Management Office at least (5)
five days in advance. At that time moving rules and regulations can be obtained;
moving paperwork can be completed; and a Moving deposit/fee can be paid. Please see
Appendix A. Under no circumstances should moving home furnishings or deliveries of
appliances or furniture, etc. in or out of a unit occur without first contacting the
Management Office. Please refer to Moving Rules and Regulations for a complete
definition of a Move. Please be aware that illegal moves are subject to a $100 fine.

                                  Selling your Condo:
When selling your unit at Ledgewood, remember to supply your realtor with all
necessary information. You can begin to do this by obtaining a copy of the Ledgewood
Lender Information Document, which will be a requirement for most buyers’ banks.
The Management Office cannot disclose information to realtors or buyers regarding any
information about the Association. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to disclose
all information to a prospective buyer. Ledgewood Condominium Association and the
management staff cannot become a part of any sale. The Association is only obligated
to serve the common area needs of current owners of record. If you are unclear about
your legal obligations as a seller, please contact your attorney. If your buyer contacts
the office for information about Ledgewood, you must sign a seller release form before
we can offer any information.

When you leave your completed Owner or Renter Information Sheet including your
telephone # with the Management Office, the directory at the entrance of your building
will be updated with your name and unit number.

The intercom system uses your home telephone line. Though it is not required, it is
recommended that you obtain "call waiting service" from the phone company when you
have your phone service hooked up. This will allow you to receive visitors while you
are having a telephone conversation. To use the system, a visitor will call the number
listed on the directory in the lobby. This will ring your unit telephone. To open the
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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

door, press and hold the number that is coded to your building on your telephone key
pad until you hear a click. This click indicates that the door lock has been released and
your visitor has entered the building. If you do not know the code you should press on
your telephone keypad, please call the management office we will be happy to provide
that to you. Please note that for security purposes cell phone numbers will not be
programmed into the intercom system.

                                 Complaint / Incident:
If you have a genuine complaint or have witnessed a questionable occurrence, please
feel free to contact the office and Management Staff will complete an incident report.
Circumstances which would warrant an incident report include, but are not limited to
the following:
        Anyone injured in a common area
        Car accident on Ledgewood property
        Traffic violations on Ledgewood property
        Rules/Regulation Violations
        Criminal Activity already reported to police


Monthly Newsletters are published to keep the Association informed of upcoming
events, important information, special projects and much more. Memos and special
bulletins are always posted in the common areas whenever there are upcoming
important events or messages need to be delivered. Our goal is to keep the line of
communication open with the members of the Association. Therefore, we encourage
everyone to share their comments, complaints, suggestions general requests etc. Please
email us at if you can. You may also email us with work orders.

In 2006 Voice Broadcasting was introduced to Ledgewood. This communication tool
allows the Management Office to send out messages simultaneously to those that
participate in the program regarding important meetings, news, events, etc. The
messages are sent via telephone. You may use your cell phone or landline. All
owners/renters are strongly encouraged to participate in Voice Broadcasting.

                             Replacement Reserve Account:
The Replacement Reserve Account is like a savings account for the Association. These
funds are used to cover the costs for replacement of common area assets. When you
own your own home and you need roof repairs, a new paint job, or new carpeting, you
might take money from your savings to cover these costs. Much like a savings account
for a single-family home, the Condominium Association replacement reserve account
meets the needs of property maintenance. The difference here is that Condominium
Associations are required by law to adequately fund reserves.
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Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

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Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010


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                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

                              Common Area Maintenance:
The Ledgewood On-Site Maintenance Staff is proactive in maintaining the common
areas of the property. However, if at any time you notice an area of concern, please call
the Management Office. This has proven to be an efficient process that works well for
our staff when all residents comply.

                                 Winter at Ledgewood

1. Snow Plowing: Ledgewood Maintenance is responsible for plowing the parking lots.
Clearing out the parking spaces and clearing off vehicles are the responsibilities of the
unit owner. However, as a courtesy, if you wish to move your car while maintenance is
plowing, your parking space will be plowed.

2. Balcony Shoveling: Please make every effort to remove excess snow from your
balcony. You will do yourself and your neighbors a favor by preventing any possible
moisture penetration into your unit or units and common areas below you.

3. Storage Rooms: Valuables and property that can be damaged by moisture should not
be stored in storage rooms. Given the winter precipitation, storage units will be damp
and cold and not appropriate for items that require controlled temperatures.

4. Security: During the holidays, there are numerous people in and out of our
buildings. As a result, be very cautious about buzzing visitors into building entrances.
Remember to confirm who is at the front door; and if any common area door or garage
door is not operating properly, please call the office immediately.

                            Holiday Trees and Decorations
                                    Fire Safety Awareness

                        (Excerpted from the U.S. Fire Administration)

Each year fires occurring during the holiday season injure 2,600 individuals and cause
over $930 million in damage. According to the United Sates Fire Administration (USFA),
there are simple life-saving steps you can take to ensure a safe and happy holiday. By
following some of the outlined precautionary tips, individuals can greatly reduce their
chances of becoming a holiday fire casualty.

                                        Page 20
                          Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

Preventing Holiday Tree Fires

      Holiday Trees: Special fire safety precautions need to be taken when keeping a
      live tree in the house. A burning tree can rapidly fill a room with fire and deadly

      Selecting a Tree for the Holiday
      Needles on fresh trees should be green and hard to pull back from the branches,
      and the needle should not break if the tree has been freshly cut. The trunk should
      be sticky to the touch. Old trees can be identified by bouncing the tree trunk on the
      ground. If many needles fall off, the tree has been cut too long, has probably dried
      out, and is a fire hazard.

      Caring for Your Tree
      Do not place your tree close to a heat source. The heat will dry out the tree, causing
      it to be more easily ignited by heat, flame or sparks. Be careful not to drop or flick
      cigarette ashes near a tree. Do not put your live tree up too early or leave it up for
      longer than two weeks. Keep the tree stand filled with water at all times.

      Disposing of Your Tree
      When the tree becomes dry, discard it promptly. (At Ledgewood, to avoid needles
      in hallways, please discard over your balcony and notify the office and the
      maintenance staff will pick it up.

   Holiday Lights

      Maintain Your Holiday Lights
      Inspect holiday lights each year for frayed wires, bare spots, gaps in the insulation,
      broken or cracked sockets, and excessive kinking or wear before putting them up.
      Use only lighting listed by an approved testing laboratory.

      Do Not Overload Electrical Outlets
      Do not link more than three light strands, unless the directions indicate it is safe.
      Connect strings of lights to an extension cord before plugging the cord into the
      outlet. Make sure to periodically check the wires - they should not be warm to
      the touch.

      Never Leave Holiday Lights on Unattended

                                         Page 21
                           Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

Holiday Decorations

      Use Only Nonflammable Decorations
      All decorations should be nonflammable or flame-retardant and placed away
      from heat sources.

      Artificial Holiday Trees
      If you are using a metallic or artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant.

Candle Care

      Avoid Using Lit Candles
      If you do use them, make sure they are in stable holders and place them where
      they cannot be easily knocked down. Never leave the house with candles

      Never Put Lit Candles on a Tree
      Do not go near a holiday tree (plants, or live decorations) with an open flame -
      candles, lighters or matches.

Finally, as in every season, have working smoke alarms installed on every level of your
home, test them monthly and keep them clean and equipped with fresh batteries at all
times. Know when and how to call for help. And remember to practice your home
escape plan.
         Ledgewood strongly recommends the use of fire rated artificial trees!

                                    Driving & Parking
1. Speed Limit: The speed limit is 15 miles per hour when driving on the complex.
Anyone seen driving over 15 miles per hour will be fined. School children wait for the
bus near the Front Entrance and are vulnerable to speeding cars. Please adhere to the
speed limit to ensure safety for all.

2. Where is parking prohibited? Any vehicles parked in front of elevators, fire panels,
or illegal zones designated "no parking areas" will be towed at the owner's expense.
Residents are encouraged to report these incidents 24 hours a day by calling the Main

1. Idling Vehicles: Warming vehicles in the garages for extended periods is prohibited.
Exhaust fumes in an enclosed area present a life threatening condition.

2. Garage Remote Controls: When a remote control needs repair or replacement, it is
                                          Page 22
                           Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

the owner's responsibility. Typically, the remote control either needs to have the 9V
battery replaced or it needs to be recoded. Recoding can be done at the management
office. If you need to purchase a new remote, you may do so at the management office.
The current price for a new remote is $31.50. Please call the management office to
ensure that your building’s remote is in stock before stopping by!

Elevator emergency phones are provided in each elevator at Ledgewood. If an
emergency should occur while you are in an elevator, simply press the emergency
button on the elevator phone. This will automatically ring the office or the answering
service, which will send immediate assistance.

Building Keys:
The front door system is equipped with the Medeco Key System. Medeco Keys are a
specially designed defense against unauthorized key duplication. Only trained security
experts can duplicate Medeco keys. It is a lock program designed to give residents
absolute control over the keys. The keys are solid brass; the locks are drill resistant, and
pick resistant. Keys can only be purchased from the Management Office. The cost is $15
per key.

                                      Unit Lock Out:
The Management Office provides lock out service to any resident during normal
business hours Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm free of charge. However, if you
are locked out of a unit after these hours, you will be charged $50 payable immediately
in cash to the maintenance person who is on call.

                                    Trash & Recycling
1. Trash: When disposing of trash at Ledgewood, please be considerate of your
neighbors. Kindly refer to these guidelines and rules for disposal of garbage, trash and
other items:
a. No loose garbage or trash is permitted in the trash chutes and auxiliary dumpsters.
Wrap and bag the following items and similar items securely in plastic before throwing
them down the chutes or placing them in the auxiliary dumpster:
       Items that cannot be put in your garbage disposal, such as, uncooked rice or
       pasta, bones, seafood shells, etc.,
       Soiled diapers, personal items, pet waste (not kitty litter), baby food and other
b. All Cardboard items must be broken down flat and placed in the recycling bins.
c. Kitty Litter must be bagged securely and placed in the auxiliary dumpster. Do not
throw kitty litter down the chutes.
d. Glass items must be bagged securely and placed in the auxiliary dumpster.
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                           Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

e. Hours of Operation: Do not throw items down the chute after 9:00 pm and before
7:00 am.
f. Oversized items must be transported to and placed in the 10-yard dumpster adjacent
to Building 4. If you have a water heater or appliance to dispose of, have your
contractor dispose of these items off the complex. Do not dispose of carpeting,
furniture, TV’s, computer monitors, mattresses, etc. in the 10-yard dumpster!
g. Hypodermic needles: The following is the legal procedure for the disposal of
hypodermic needles:
       Obtain a sealable container, i.e. a Sharps Container, or an empty Bleach bottle
       with a lid.
       Break off the tips of the hypodermic needle.
       Drop them into your container.
       Seal the container.
       Hand carry your container to the auxiliary dumpster.
h. Protect hallway carpets! Make sure trash bags do not leak. Double bag or purchase
heavy-duty trash bags.

Please be advised that improper disposal of any item is not only a Rules and Regulations'
infraction, for which subsequent expense incurred will be charged to the offending unit owner,
but also causes odors through out your building and may cause the chutes to back up and break
down. In the case of hypodermic needles, improper disposal is illegal.

   1. Recycling: Please make every effort to recycle paper goods within your building.
      Recycling bins are located within all buildings for your convenience. The more
      Ledgewood recycles paper, the more Ledgewood will save on our trash removal
      services. The following items are recyclable: Junk mail (including plastic
      window envelopes), newspaper, shredded office paper, copy paper, phone
      books, cereal boxes (without plastic liner), mixed office paper, magazines,
      drawing paper, cardboard and boxes.

                             Appliances/Construction Debris
Unit owners are responsible to remove all appliances and construction debris from the
property when having any work done in their unit. Under no circumstances should
furniture, appliances, carpeting, construction debris, etc be left at the dumpsters on the
property. Please ensure that you make the proper arrangements to have your debris
removed from the property.

Ledgewood Condominium is a multi level condominium dwelling. Potential water
leaks can come from anywhere. In order to understand and better respond in the event
of a leak, you must understand the potential for water leaks at Ledgewood. Water
Infiltration is a result of either an exterior or interior leak.
                                             Page 24
                           Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

                                       Exterior Leaks
An exterior leak is water infiltrating into your unit from rain or melting snow. Though
sometimes difficult to determine, common sources are windows, sliders, roofs, siding
and dryer vents. All leaks should be reported to the Management Office immediately.
Once a leak is reported, the Maintenance Department will investigate and water test
your leak to determine the source. Upon the determination of the source, the
appropriate action will be taken

                                      Interior Leaks
An Interior leak is water that is leaking from within a unit. It might be coming from a
sink, toilet, hot water tank, dishwasher, washing machine, tub, condensation, or heat
pump unit. When you discover that water is leaking from above, visit the unit owner
above you to determine the source. Once the source is determined, immediately shut
off the source of the water.

If for some reason you fail to contact the resident of the suspected leak source or fail to
ascertain the source of the problem, call the Ledgewood main number (978) 535-6022.
As a standard procedure, we never want to enter a unit without prior permission of the
owner/resident. We will try our best to contact the emergency number that the
owner/resident has provided us on the information sheet.

Please be advised that there will be times in an emergency situation, when we have
exhausted all means of contacting an owner and we have failed to reach the emergency
contact provided to us. Then, we will have no choice but to enter a unit suspected of
the leak source, with the pass key provided to us. As a last resort, if there is no key to
the unit and there is no possible way to enter the unit suspected of fire source or leak
source the Fire Department or management representative will have to enter a unit in a
forcible way. The unit owner who did not provide management with a pass key to
his/her unit will be responsible for any damages caused by forcible entry. It is our
sincere hope that neither we nor the Fire Department ever have to enter anyone's unit
by this means in an emergency!

We hope that you understand that the safety and well being of residents and
preservation of property assets (common and private) is the main concern here! We can
all pitch in!     Make sure we have a pass key and adequate phone numbers of
friends/relatives by making sure the information sheet we have on file for your unit is
up to date and accurate! (You may even want to give an extra key to a trusted
neighbor in the complex!)

There are times when a leak is coming from a tub or toilet and a plumber is the only one
who can determine this and correct the problem. Because the leak is occurring behind
                                        Page 25
                         Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

the wall you will not see any water. The owner responsible for the leak's source must
call a plumber at his/her expense to make necessary repairs.

If your unit experiences extensive damage as a result of a leak from a neighbor, your
homeowner’s policy will cover this damage. Your homeowners' insurance policy is
designed to cover the cost of any damage to your unit including water damage from a
neighbor's leak. Note that your neighbor may not be at fault in any way. The neighbor
may not have had any knowledge of the leak until you discovered the water.

It is required that you purchase steel reinforced washer hoses and water sensing alarms
to protect yourself and your neighbors from damages. For insurance purposes steel
washer hoses and water heater leaks alarms are required to prevent major damage to
your unit and other units and common areas below you. Please bear in mind that a
conscious effort by all owners to reduce interior leak risks will save us all money by
reducing Association Insurance premiums!

Due to our current $25,000.00 deductible on the Master Policy, all Unit Owners and
Residents alike are urged to be diligent in reporting leaks or suspicious stains in the
common areas and your unit to the Management Office. The costs associated with
the $25,000.00 deductible affect all Association members.           Your anticipated
cooperation is greatly appreciated.

                                       Page 26
                      Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

              Who do I call for maintenance inside my unit?

It is the responsibility of the unit owner to contact contractors for inside
unit repair work. While Ledgewood Management does not endorse any
contractors, the contractors listed below are commonly used by owners
here at Ledgewood:

Carpet Cleaning        First Choice Cleaning              781-983-2507

Electrical Repairs     Dinis Electric                     978-531-4471

Garage Door Clickers North Shore Overhead Door            978-927-3060

HVAC                   Berry Mechanical                   978-532-4646

Dryer Vents            Purair Systems                    978-921-6494
                       Peabody Cleaning Company          978-531-5465

Plumbing               Bob McLaughlin Plumbing            978-532-3300

Smoke Detectors        Dinis Electric                     978-531-4471
                       Hayden Safe & Lock                 978-744-0022

Painting               Hamilton Painting                  978-697-4270

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Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010


           Page 28
                           Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010


The Clubhouse is open year round to all owners who wish to meet for card games or
other social functions. Your Medeco key will provide access to the Ledgewood
Clubhouse. We ask that you leave the clubhouse in a neat and clean fashion after you

The Clubhouse can also be rented for private functions to Unit Owners. However, the
Clubhouse cannot be rented during pool season. For more information regarding rental
fees and rules and regulations, please contact the Management Office.

The pool is open Memorial Day to Labor Day. After Labor Day, a protective cover is
installed on the pool for safety purposes and there will be no access to the pool area.

The Pool Pass System
Each spring, the Annual Pool Pass System Information is delivered to each resident &
owner. Dates and Times when pool passes and guest pool passes can be purchased will
be provided on this sheet, along with costs of guest passes both daily and seasonal, and
where the passes can be purchased.

Tennis Courts
After the necessary repairs are made, all residents will have access to the tennis courts
by using their Medeco keys.


To be in compliance with the Peabody Fire Department’s recommendations for fire
safety, no grills or cooking appliances are permitted on balconies or decks. This was
implemented for the safety of all residents. Propane grills are available at the pool for
your use during the summer months.

Active Committees
The following committees are currently at work:
       Neighborhood Watch Committee
       Pool Committee
       Satellite Committee
       Grill Committee
Call the office if you are interested in signing up with one of these committees. (978)
                                          Page 29
                      Ledgewood Condominium Handbook 2010

                                   A Final Thought…

This handbook is meant to be used as a tool towards understanding life
here at Ledgewood as well as Rules and Regulations of the Association.
For a complete set of the Rules and Regulations and the Master Deed,
please call the Management Office.

We are always striving to better our community. Fresh ideas and
constructive criticism are always welcome. If you have any comments,
questions or concerns, please call or email the office. Newsletters, memos,
special bulletins, etc., are posted in the common areas to keep residents
informed and up to date. Please check the website for current information
and or contact the Management Office 24 hours a day.

Thank you for taking part in our Community!

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