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									                                                                     Lauren Coulter

                              DynaVox Technologies

       Dynavox Technologies provide solutions for their customers with speech,

language and learning disabilities. They provide products that help individuals

communicate in their environment. DynaVox gives those the opportunity to communicate

and make meaningful connections within the world they live.

       The Dynavox Company provides communication devices for individuals who are

unable to speak. These individuals may have cerebral palsy, autism or have suffered from

a traumatic brain injury. Dynavox is the worlds leading provider for augmentative and

alternative communication devices. The company was formerly known as Sentient

Systems Technologies and was founded in 1983.

       The Eyetyper was the first product; it allowed individuals to speak using eye-gaze

techniques. After three generations of this product, it was finally sold to the US Navy.

The company then used the proceeds from the sale to invest back into the company on

new communication solutions.

       In 1991 the company created products with touch screens, which allowed

individuals to change symbols and words that were personal to them. In 1993, they added

word and grammar prediction within their products; this allowed individuals to create

messages much faster. Many other products were introduced in the next couple of years.

A few of those were the Dynavox 2 and 2C which featured a remote control and a color

screen option.
       In 1999 the company became Dynavox Systems Company. Later on several new

products were distributed internationally among non-English speaking countries. Many of

their products come in Spanish, French and German language options. In 2002 they

created the first keyboard based communication product, known as the DynaWrite, this

product featured voices known as the VeriVox. In 2004, Dynavox Systems became what

we know today DynaVox Technologies. At this time they also introduced their new line

called MightyMo and MiniMo, which are the latest digital products.

       DynaVox works very hard to make it easy for there customers to attain these

devices through their Funding Help. They will work with Medicare, state medical

assistance and/or individual insurance companies. They also have a program called the

DREAM rental program, which provides cost-free access to their entire range of

products. All of their staff is highly educated and knowledgeable about their products,

making it a lot easier for their customers.

       The DynaVox M3 is one product that is designed for individuals that are

beginning to communicate. This product uses symbols and uses visual scenes, which are

great for emerging communicators. Each page is preprogrammed with core words and

phrases and is organized into specific categories. This product really helps individuals

interact within a social setting. Each display on the DynaVox M3 is prerecorded digitized

speech with customized content and software, so the product can help any individual at

any age. This product is really easy to use and is a great tool in helping individuals

develops literacy skills.

       Another product by DynaVox is the Dynamo. This product is compact and highly

durable; this small product allows individuals to communicate anywhere. This product is
great for any age and for anyone no matter what their physical ability is. The Dynamo

allows someone to record up to twenty five minutes of speaking. It provides easy access

to a huge list of vocabulary words. This product was designed for augmented

communicators; it gives them an easier transition to more complex devices.

       DynaVox Technologies is an outstanding company that gives individuals the

chance to communicate and make connections in social situations. They have several

different types of devices that are easy to use and are durable. DynaVox helps individuals

and families that are struggling to communicate, by using their augmentative and

alternative communication products.

DynaVox Technologies. Retrieved March 29, 2008, from http://www.dynavoxtech.com

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