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									Ireland's English Channel Relay Swimmers: Accomplishment List (as of 24-12-201
                             Single or   Numer of
Relay Name                   Return      Swimmers       Location (s)             Swimmer 1 Name         Swimmer 2 Name

Rykneld Swimming Club        Single                 6   Derby                    Charles Harper***      Carole Hunt
Team A                       Single +               6   Dublin                   Pat Nash               Willie Tracey
Team B                       Single +               6   Dublin and Wexford       Gerry Carroll          Sean Dervan
Team C                       Return                 6   Galway and Kildare       Katie Coyle            Declan O'Grady
Finn McCool                  Return                 6   Cork                     Anne Marie Fowler      Tadhg Harrington
Fionn Uisce                  Return                 6   Dublin and Cork          Graham Coleman         Willie Tracey
Grainnualie                                         5   Dublin, Clare,
                             Return*                    Wexford, Cavan           Deirdre Kearney        Niamh Fitzgibbon
Cuclulainn                   Return**               6   Cork and Dublin          Lucy Nilsson Cullen    Martin Cullen
Lir                          Return                 6   Dublin                   John Kenny             Pat Moore
Lido Legends                 Single                 6   Surrey                   Jim Boucher****        Dana Haugli
Shamrock Sharks              Single                 3   Ennis, Sliigo and Cork
                                                                                 Peter Diggins          Steven Lynn
Natural Balance              Single                 6   Dublin and Wicklow       Fergus Cooney          Alvin Cooney
Swilley Trio                 Single                 3   Ulster & Cork            Mairead Ni Eidhin      Patrick McCay
City Sharks                  Single                 6   UK/Ireland               Andrew Deeley******    Sally Kelly
Team Eilis                   Single                 4   Cork                     Imelda Lynch           Eddie Irwin
Aadvarks                     Single                 6   Global                   Jim Boucher****        Fredrik Kumlin
Three Birds and a Boat       Single                 3   SE England               Jim Boucher****        Samantha Jones
Limerick Masters 1
                             Single                 4   Limerick and Tipperary   Darren Quinn           Thomas Quinn
Limerick Masters 2           Single                 4   Limerick and Clare       Greg Scalon            John Battles
Dublin Fire Brigade          Return                 6   Dublin                   Greg O'Dwyer           Brendan McGrattan
Doire                        Single                 4   Derry                    John Coyle             Paul Hyndman
Barclays Capital             Single                 6   UK/Ireland               Michael Guard          Lisa Abrey
Hotel Bosco                  Single                 5   UK/Ireland               Conor Rowley           Liam Rowley
Siorcanna Na Mumhan          Return                 5   Dingle, Cork and                                David Tagney
                                                        Tipperary                Amy Wolfe
Return of the Lido Legends   Single                 3   Surrey                   Jim Boucher****        Rory Fitzgerald
IAA Sealions                 Single                 5   Cork & Dublin            James O'Keefe          Finbarr Hedderman
Poko's Stag                  Single                 6   Ulster                   Sean Mallon            Martin Mallon
ILIM Breac                   Single                 5   Dublin                   Aodhagan Byrne         Aoife Broderick
ILIM Trosc                   Single                 5   Dublin                   Glenn Treacy           Fergus Dowd
ILIM Smugairle Róin          Single                 6   Dublin                   Catherine McLaughlin   Conor Murnane
Team Iryna International     Single                 6   Ulster and GB            Iryna Kennedy*****     Paul Hopfensberger
Stiletto Swimmers            Single                 6   Munster & Leinster       Maura Murphy           Clare Morrissey
North Dublin Team 1          Single                 4   Dublin                   Jeff Hopkins           Stevie Nolan
North Dublin Team 2          Single                 4   Dublin                   Matthew Cope           Eamonn Cope
Love 146                     Single                 6   Cork and GB              Kieran O'Sullivan      Suzanne Nottage
Keep It Relay                Single                 4   Cork and Waterford       Sean Buckley           Carmel Collins
                                                    6   Drogheda and
Irish Water Polo Players     Single                     Westport and Dublin      Ciaran Farrelly        Tadhg Murphy
The Earlys                   Single                 5   Dublin                   Stephen Early          Ciaran Early
Mermaids                     Single                 2   Carlow & Sligo           Maighread McMahon      Lynsey Dunne
                                                    6   Ulster, USA, Australia
The Young & The Rest of Us   Single                     and GB                   Iryna Kennedy*****     Gary Emich
Team NRH                     Return                 6   Dublin & USA             Sorcha Barry           Suzanna Murphy
                                                    6   England, Ulster,
Over from Dover              Single                     Australia                Zoe Sadler             Jim Boucher ****
                                                    6   first 3 from Munster &
Foireann Snamh Garibaldi     Single                     rest USA                 Kevin Williams         Fionnula Walsh
The purpose of this document is to list all of the swimmers from Ireland who have successfully completed an English Channel relay swim. In order to be t
those generally living in Ireland when they completed the swim. All relays are included if they swam at least one way - and notes are provided if they didn

*This relay started as 6 but 1 was unable to swim so they went immediately to 5 swimmers.

**This relay of 6 made France and on the way back a reduced number of swimmers participated

***Charles was living in England when this relay swam and is now living in Ireland - all others outside Ireland

****Jim was born in Northern Ireland

*****Iryna lives in Ulster all other members from outside Ireland

******Leonie Ryan was born in Ireland, Sally Kelly lives in Ireland

Youngest swimmer - Lucy Nilsson Cullen (13 years 10 months)

2004 - the first time that one country had three successful relays

2005 - the first time that one country had five successful relays

Only swims completed in the traditional open water costume (just togs - not wetsuit) and to the rules of the event are listed.

In 2009 a relay team called "The Irish Brothers" swam under the CSA. They were not citizens or residents of Ireland and hence are not included.

The record above is thought to be complete and accurate. Any corrections and additions should be addressed to who
st (as of 24-12-2011)
                                                     Swimmer 5         Swimmer 6         Channel   English
         Swimmer 3 Name       Swimmer 4 Name         Name              Name              Year      Channel Time

         Sarah Hunt           Douglas Hunt           Alex Harper       Paul Hopkinson       1987        09:21
         Martin Cullen        Ronan Joyce            Francis Lyons     Colm O'Neil          2004    13:50 (17:53)
         Jerry Kiersey        Niahm Fitzgibbon       Ken McCarthy      Fergus Cooney        2004    14:25 (21:00)
         Andrew Flanagan      Martin McCarthy        Owen Sisk         Pat Manning          2004        27:48
         Ciaran O'Connor      Maria Blumenthal       Joe Donnelly      Kieran Nolan         2005        31:56
         Jerry Kiersey        Steven Black           Liz Buckley       John Conroy          2005        30:23
                                                                                            2005    14:01 (26:41)
         Aoibheann Bartley    Linda Clarke           Niamh Carr        None
         Aoife NiFhearghail   Imelda Lynch           Cormac Wilcox     Helen Walley         2005   14:32 (under 31)
         Joe McGoldrick       Declan Proctor         John Daly         Dan Smyth            2005        33:05
         Emma France          Christina Victor       Ellery McGowan    Rory Fitzgerald      2005        09:40
                                                                                            2006        10:57
         Ciaran Byrne         None                   None              None
         Gary Morton          Joan Morton            Scott Morton      Claire Morton        2006        11:52
         Brian Crossan        None                   None              None                 2006        15:00
         Katie Ingwersen      Ellis Kitchener        Leonie Ryan       Dianne Faulks        2006        15:59
         Ossie Schmidt        Patrick Sheehan        None              None                 2007        12:36
         Sarah Taylor         Rupert Hatfield        Caroline Pearse   Tarick Kreimeia      2008        13:42
         Emma France                                                                        2008        11:40
                                                                                            2008        14:19
         Philip Mudge         Tommy Moloney          None              None
         Marcella O'Neill     Breda MacNamara        None              None                 2008        14:40
         Brian McLoughlin     Tom Healy              Tony Cruise       Rachel Lee           2008        21:12
         Dermot Duffy         George Meenan          None              None                 2008        13:29
         Will Nicklin         Louise Verdi           Xanic Jones       Keith Burke          2008        14:20
         Chrissie Thirwell    Ralph Reily            Rob Deakin        None                 2008        15:48
         Danny Walsh                                                                        2008        25:15
                              Nuala Moore            Donal Buckley     None
         Philip Newman                                                                      2009        10:20
         Peter Lynch          Billy Hann             Alan Thorpe       None                 2009        12:03
         Padraig Mallon       Myles McCourt          Aoife Lynch       Michael Lynch        2009        13:04
         Alan Grace           Ian Murphy             David Jones       None                 2009        12:45
         Catherine Fox        Eoin Keating           Ciara Gargan      None                 2009        12:59
         Mary Ann Hernon      Andrew McClatchie      Colm O'Brien      Stephen Moffitt      2009        13:58
          Pawel Novak         Carl Willis            Katja Waldorf     Julian Bennet        2010        12:44
         Marie Barry          Grainne Burke          Maeve Moran       Kolette Enright      2010        15:40
         Paul Byrne           Kevin Prendergast      None              None                 2010        13:11
         Mick Kenny           Jimmy Seery            None              None                 2010        13:45
         Dave Bowcutt         Katarzyna Frackowska   Jane Pender       Rachael Cadman       2010        16:11
         Jennifer Lane        Elaine O'Grady         None              None                 2010        13:45
         Aindriu McGuigan     Owen Hughes            Ronan Flood       George Dunne         2010
         Ken Early            Sarah Early            Katy Early        None                 2010        10:09
         None                 None                   None              None                 2011        13:53
         Ted Gregory          John Coningham-Rolls Heidi Hendrick      Ellery McGowan       2011
         Lucy Gaynor          Julie Galloway Farrell Dave Farrell      Kevin Thornton       2011        14:04
         Kate Robarts         Joanne Postins         Phil Sears        Ellery McGowan       2011
         Catherine Sheridan   Barbara Held           Sabrina Carlon    Joel Barnet          2011
annel relay swim. In order to be the most inclusive, this includes Irish citizens, swimmers born in Ireland and
nd notes are provided if they didn't fully meet the exact rules of their association. Time in water is then shown in ( ).

 hence are not included. who will update the document at least annually.

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