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Landmarks 2010-2011


									Landmarks 2010-2011
                    Taking care of you...
                    Without you noticing...
                    To anticipate your needs,
                    Europ Assistance creates new
                    services every day for you,
                    for your home, for your
                    health and that of your
                    family, and for your travel
                    and holidays. Services that
                    are increasingly more local,
                    more personalized and more
                    For more information, visit

1   Profile                            18         Our business
                                           20	    Travel
                                           22	    Automotive	

2   Message from
    the Chairman and CEO               	
                                                  Home & Family

4   2010 key figures                   28         The Group in 2010
                                       	   28	 People and management

8   Care Services
                                           30	 Organization
                                           32	 Social responsibility
From emergency assistance to Care Services
Everywhere in the world, men and women are faced with unprecedented
levels of change. The effects of globalization, increasing urbanization, the constant
development of new technologies and longer life expectancy are all having
a major impact on our lifestyles and consumption patterns. At the same time,
economic change and climate change are making our world a more
uncertain place.
Life has never been a bed of roses. But today, you have the contradictory
impression that things are easier, yet at the same time more complex and more
uncertain. You feel the need to be heard, supported and reassured, in your
personal and family life as well as in your professional activities, your travel
and holidays.
The Europ Assistance Group is a global operator in personal assistance services
in the areas of health, home, family, automotive and travel. Our business is to be
there for you at all times, working effectively by your side, in everyday life and
in exceptional circumstances, to make your life easier, safer and more enjoyable.

                                                                                 Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 1
2	 	 Europ	Assistance
Message from the Chairman and CEO

A sustainable business model
Europ Assistance Group occupies a prime position in its sector        2011 has begun in different circumstances, within an economic and
and in the global arena, and is asserting its status as the brand     financial environment which is uncertain worldwide and in decline
of choice in Care Services.                                           in Europe. The world is evolving, society is experiencing major
                                                                      change, and there is a high demand for value-added, personalized
In 2010 several important milestones in our development were          services. Europ Assistance is adapting in order to make the most
passed: the opening of a new subsidiary in Turkey, the takeover       of these changes by re-balancing its portfolio of activities and
in France of Océalis, a company providing remote support for the      locations, developing its distribution models and accelerating its
elderly, thereby consolidating Europ Assistance’s position in that    development in services for daily life.
sector, the creation of First Selected Green Network, the first
network of approved eco-responsible service providers, and the        Our ambition is to become the most innovative player in the
launch of several iPhone® apps and the Docticare web portal for       Care Services sector, wherever we are present in the world, in order
daily health services.                                                to facilitate our customers’ daily life and mobility.

The Group has also launched its new signature, “You live we care”,
which embodies the Europ Assistance brand’s new promise to
support our customers in every aspect of their lives, in daily life   Claude Tendil                           Martin Vial
and exceptional circumstances, throughout the world.                  Chairman of the Supervisory Board       Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                                                                 Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 3
    Solidity in Europe,                                             1,288

    strong growth in

    emerging countries
                                                                    2009 2010                                  2009 2010
                                                                    ConsoLidAtEd	REvEnuE	                      opERAting	inComE	
                                                                    In e million                               In e million

    In 2010, the Group posted an increase in sales of nearly
    8%, higher than in 2009 (6.6%). Despite very weak
    economic growth in Europe (1% in the EU), Europ Assistance
                                                                                                             42%     Automotive
    has consolidated its positions, especially in France, Belgium                                            32%     Travel
                                                                                                             15%     Health
    and Portugal, and is benefiting from the robust health                                                   10%     Home & Family
                                                                                                              1%     Other
    of emerging markets in India, China and South America,
    where it has seen record rises, for example in Brazil,
    which registered growth of 58%.
                                                                               REvEnuE	by	businEss	LinE
                                                                               (as a % of revenues)

    Consolidated revenue        Revenue outside France

    E1,386	m                    74%                                                                       4,610,374
                                                                                                            658,379   Home & Family
    Operating income            Shareholders’ equity                                                      4,443,872   Other

    E39	m                       E216	m
                                                                               numbER	of	CARE	sERviCEs		

4	 	 Europ	Assistance
                                                        Key events
                              Opening of a new Europ Assistance in Turkey                                                                   Opening
                                                                                                                                            in São Paulo
4,300                                                                 In May 2010 the Europ Assistance group opens a new
                                                                      company in Turkey. Being to 100% in group possession,                 On 22 March 2011, Europ
assistance                                                            the new branch office is located in the modern centre of              Assistance Brazil opened its
representatives                                                       Istanbul and provides service for all the branches as                 new sales agency in São Paulo.
                                                                      travel, health, automotive and home. The 24/7 call                    The opening is a sign
                                                                      centre answers more than 20,000 inbound calls and
400                                                                   services over 7,000 cases per month. Just prior to its first
                                                                                                                                            of the strong development
                                                                                                                                            of the company, which posted
healthcare                                                            anniversary, Europ Assistance Turkey achieved the fifth               unprecedented growth.
professionals                                                         rank in the Turkish assistance market and employs
                                                                      50 employees today.

listed partners

300 million  
customers covered      Health and web services portal                                 One Group, one brand,
by Europ Assistance,   In September 2010, Europ Assistance launched                   one global signature
either directly or, a health portal which provides
                                                                                      Since 8 December 2010, the signature “You live we care” has been
via its partners       access to a wide range of health information,
                                                                                      deployed alongside the Europ Assistance logo in the 38 countries
                       personalized services for preventive healthcare and
                                                                                      where the Group operates. This followed the decision by Europ
                       the management of medical data, and offers high
58.2 million           added value web services, including forums, an atlas
                       and medical dictionary, advice for emergencies and
                                                                                      Assistance to apply its promise under a single brand name to its 300
                                                                                      million end users, its key accounts and its network of 420,000
calls handled                                                                         approved partners. The promise is in English, the most widely used
                       safety, and interactive applications. The personal
by our assistance      space allows users to create and update their medical
                                                                                      language on the five continents where the Group operates.
representatives        files online or manage, download or print their                Launched as part of its new 2011-2015 road map which aims to
                       clinical passports in several languages.                       make Europ Assistance the most innovative Group in its sector, “You
                                                                                      live we care” encapsulates its core business: devising Care Services,
11.8 million                                                                          a new generation of personalized assistance services to support
interventions                                                                         consumers in every situation, whether on an occasional or ongoing
carried out                                                                           basis, in exceptional circumstances or in daily life.

                                                                                                                                                Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 5
    On the back of Care Services                                                                    companies and
                                                                                                    branches in 38 countries
                                                                                                    Angola, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas,
    Led by global demand in both rich and emerging countries, the Group once again                  Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chad,
                                                                                                    Chile, China, Congo, Czech Republic, France,
    extended its vast, worldwide network this year.                                                 French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Hungary,
                                                                                                    India, Ireland, Italy, Libya, Luxembourg,
                                                                                                    Nigeria, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal,
                                                                                                    Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore,
                                                                                                    South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia,
                                                                                                    Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.

                                                                                                    covered by our

                                                                                                    countries where
                                                                                                    Europ Assistance
                                                                                                    intervened in 2010

                                                                                                    assistance centres
                                                                                                    Angers, Arnhem (Netherlands), Athens,
                                                                                                    Badajoz (Spain), Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing,
                                                                                                    Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Deventer
                                                                                                    (Netherlands), Fort Lauderdale (US), Geneva,
                                                                                                    Istanbul, Johannesburg, Le Mans (France),
                                                                                                    Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow,
                                                                                                    Mumbai, Munich, Navan (Ireland), Papeete,
                                                                                                    Paris, Prague, Rende (Italy), Rostock
                                                                                                    (Germany), San Diego, Santiago (Chile), São
                                                                                                    Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto, Tunis,
                                                                                                    Vienna, Warsaw, Washington DC, Zurich.

                                                                      Customer Assistance Centres
                                                                      Correspondent offices
                                                                                                    calls handled per
                                                                                                    second around the

                                                                                                    intervention every
                                                                                                    2 seconds
6	 	 Europ	Assistance
                                                                                               Key events
                       15th anniversary
                       of Europ Assistance Poland                                                                    Europ Assistance Czech Republic
                                                                                                                     leads the way in Travel
                       In 2011, Europ Assistance Poland celebrates its
                       fifteenth anniversary. Fifteen years of                                                       In 2010, Europ Assistance became the market
                       uninterrupted growth which have made it one                                                   leader in the travel assistance sector in the Czech
                       of Poland’s leading assistance companies.                                                     Republic, with more than 28% of the market.

                                                                       Acquisition of a majority shareholding
Region 1                                                               in EAP and Bien-Être Assistance
Italy, Germany,
Switzerland, Austria                                                   Europ Assistance France finalizes with Malakoff
                                                                       Médéric the acquisition of the shares held by Edenred
                                                                       (Accor) in EAP and Bien-Être Assistance. Following this
Region 2                                                               transaction, the two companies, EAP and Bien-Être
France, Benelux,
North America
                                                                       Assistance, are now 51% owned by Europ Assistance
                                                                       France and 49% owned by Malakoff Médéric.

Region 3
United Kingdom,
North, Central and                      EA-live:
Eastern Europe,                         internal information and social network
Middle East, Asia                       Since the end of 2010, the 7,000 employees of Europ Assistance around                  New operational centre
and Oceania                             the world have been able to connect online via EA-live, the Group’s
                                                                                                                               in Spain
                                        internal information platform. An interactive hub of internal information,
                                        the website is in French and English and offers all the latest news on the             On 16 February, Europ Assistance Spain opened a
                                        Group and its subsidiaries. It also provides a social network. Users can
                                                                                                                               new customer assistance centre in Badajoz, having
Region 4                                create profiles and photo boards, upload photos, consult job vacancies,
                                        participate in competitions and surveys and more.                                      already created one there in 2007. Its strategic
Iberian peninsula,                      The Top Com awards, a yearly competition in France for the best                        position near Madrid and Lisbon has strengthened
South America and                       communications operations, saw the silver prize go to the website in the               the synergies between the subsidiaries on the
Africa                                  corporate multimedia section.
                                                                                                                               Iberian peninsula.

                                                                      15th anniversary
                                                                      of Europ Assistance Brazil
                                                                      The Brazilian company, which pioneered emergency
                                                                      assistance in Brazil and is now market leader there,
                                                                      celebrated fifteen years of activity in 2011!

                                                                                                                                                            Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 7
8	 	 Europ	Assistance
For nearly 50 years, Europ Assistance has been developing assistance activities
by understanding the needs and expectations of its millions of customers
around the world. We are constantly creating new services that make life easier,
safer, more enjoyable and more people-focused.
Care Services from Europ Assistance are a new generation of personalized
assistance services to support people and their families in every situation,
whether on an occasional or permanent basis, in exceptional circumstances
or in daily life. We mobilize our teams, our organization and new technologies
to offer customers innovative, well thought-out, concrete and practical services,
as locally as possible.
We invite you to discover our services, and share the experience of our
customers through four short stories. Their experience could be yours...
You live… we care.

                                                                           Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 9
     With Trip OrganizerTM
     on my iPhone®, I am
     completely relaxed about
     travelling... even before
     leaving home!
      My name is Léa. At work, I’m a real go-getter. But in my personal life, it’s
      the complete opposite. I don’t like to complicate things, I just like to do
      what I want. And what I love to do is get away. What I really love are
      last-minute trips, getting away on a Friday afternoon and just
      improvising. Goodbye work, hello freedom! Of course, it means I
      sometimes have my head in the clouds and organization is not my strong
      point. So I’ve had my fair share of bad luck in the past. But now I have
      my iPhone®! I’ve downloaded a great app, Trip Organizer™. With a name
      like that, it was made for me.
      discover	the	story	of	Léa	and	trip	organizer™		

10	 	 Europ	Assistance
Europ Assistance Care Services allows you to travel
with complete peace of mind by helping you
throughout, from planning your trip to returning back
home, offering information, advice and online
services to prepare for and make the most of your
holiday, health risk indicators, tailored insurance
cover, retrieval of lost luggage, an electronic folder
for your documents and declaration of incidents
online. And if that is not enough, we will send our
people to you, in situ, to help you.
To find out more about Europ Assistance Mobile Care Services,

                                          Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 11
 Brazil is a big place...
 I am very small,
 but I have magic powers
  My name is Ana and I live in Brazil. Well, when I say I live there, it’s not
  strictly true. I’m always in my car. Between my daughters’ school, their
  dance classes, my workplace, my friends and home, I travel many
  kilometres in my car, nearly every day, and in all types of weather. Brazil
  is a big place and I often feel very small here. There are some times and
  places where you really don’t want to break down. I’d guessed that my
  little old car had already thought about it sometimes, but I didn’t think it
  would happen right then, visiting friends for the first time, with my
  children, on a road I didn’t know.
  I went into a complete panic, until I remembered my Europ Assistance
  breakdown cover. I called from my cellphone and an assistance specialist
  was onto my case immediately. Using GPS technology, Europ Assistance
  minimized my waiting time by rapidly dispatching the closest available
  repairman in the region, and because he had accurate directions, he was
  able to locate me easily. I hardly saw the time go by.
  Since then, I’ve felt as if I have magic powers!
  Hear	about	Ana’s	experience	and	our	geolocation		
  and	breakdown	recovery	services	at

12	 	 Europ	Assistance
At Europ Assistance, Care Services means looking after you and your vehicle.
With Europ Assistance’s breakdown cover, a team of experts is mobilized on
your behalf wherever you may be. From when the problem comes up until it is
resolved, your Europ Assistance advisor supervises the operation and
coordinates it. Depending on the information which you give, Europ Assistance
will determine whether the breakdown can be repaired directly where you are,
and can even send a repairman on a motorbike to intervene on the spot.
You can drive off and hardly be late at your destination: a team of experts looks
after everything while you’re on the road.
To find out more about our Automotive Care Services, MyMobility
and geolocation, visit

                                                                                    Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 13
     Just because I’m a bit
     of a tomboy, it doesn’t
     mean I don’t like being
     treated well...
      My name is Nathalie and I live in Brussels. That day, I was supposed to be
      hurtling along forest tracks on my mountain bike in Brabant, with my
      boyfriend Philippe struggling to keep up. I started out pretty well, though
      it’s a bit different from skiing. On Saturday evening, I was handling the
      bike well enough to do some pretty nifty yet controlled skids and I was
      quite proud of myself for a beginner. So I got a bit cocky, taking my
      handlebar in just my right hand so I could wave at Philippe when I
      overtook him and then everything turned upside-down and I was flat on
      the ground with a horrendous pain in my leg, in fact I was hurting all over.
      And that was the end of my biking weekend! I went home after a trip to
      the hospital. I suppose it could have been worse and to be honest, it
      wasn’t all that unpleasant... I’m not really one for holing up or being
      pampered, but here I am, just like being in a hotel, only better. I can work
      from home on my computer and my Europ Assistance care manager does
      everything possible to help...
      to	find	out	more	about	nathalie’s	story,		

14	 	 Europ	Assistance
On the day she returned home from hospital, Nathalie
was visited by a Care Manager from Europ Assistance,
who put together a tailored package of services Nathalie
needed in order to continue with her normal life at home,
on crutches: travel arrangements for her check-ups with
the doctor, household chores, shopping delivered at home
and even a hot meal for that evening. This is because
Nathalie had taken out Comfortlife cover, a tailored Health
care service provided in the home, which helped make up
for the abrupt ending to her weekend. We organized
domestic and administrative tasks to help Nathalie to
continue to live independently and easily at home, until
she was ready to launch herself back into life at top
speed, as is her way.
To find out more about Comfortlife and our Health Care Services,

                                                     Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 15
 I always enjoy being
 connected, with the
 peace of mind that my
 information is protected
 wherever I am, whatever
 computer I use.
  I’m Paul and I’m an R&D engineer with an industrial group. I am always
  on the go, whether it’s traveling for work or staying active in my personal
  life. Being connected wherever I am is important to me and so is the
  privacy of my information – whether I’m using my laptop at home or
  using an Internet café while traveling for work there’s no way I’m going
  to leave myself open to hackers or phishing scams. I protect myself with
  the Online Data Protection Suite, a Europ Assistance service that protects
  my data from attacks that might go undetected by my antivirus software.
  With the Online Data Protection Suite on my computer and my Mobile
  Data Protection USB stick in my bag when I’m on the road, I can be sure
  my data is safe in all situations. I am happy, my colleagues can sleep at
  night and my bank loves it!
  Hear	about	paul’s	experience	and	find	out	about	our	personal	data	protection	
  services	at

16	 	 Europ	Assistance
With Care Services, Europ Assistance provides you with a range of
personalized services on an occasional or ongoing basis, to make
your life easier. Every day, we find ways to make life easier for
customers, like you, who juggle work, travel and family
commitments. We offer solutions for personal data protection,
childcare, additional schooling, home repairs and services, assistance
for the elderly or dependent, legal assistance and more.
To find out how to make your life easier,

                                                                         Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 17
                         New technologies are constantly
                         expanding the scope of what is
                         possible, with the Internet and
                         mobile technologies, artificial
                         intelligence and robotics,
                         nanotechnologies, biotechnologies
                         and intelligent buildings. By using the
                         best technologies and the capabilities
                         of our teams to help people, we
                         provide ever more local and more
                         personalized, affordable and
                         accessible services.

         and people
         are at the heart
         of our activities

18	 	 Europ	Assistance
Technological and scientific revolutions, combined with our ability to
innovate with new products and new service concepts, are speeding up
the development of our activities.
The Care Revolution is underway. Everywhere in the world, there is a
burgeoning demand for personalized information, accident-prevention,
protection and support services. Our activities, which help people in
different areas of their professional, personal and family lives, are a perfect
reflection of these changes. Today, our services have become a strategic
component of financing, insurance, welfare and travel offers.
Europ Assistance is supporting this revolution by creating and
delivering concrete, personalized and accessible solutions to the greatest
number of people, focused around a vision of assistance that creates
value, where responsibility drives long-term growth.

                                                                             Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 19
In 2010, the Group’s Travel
activities suffered from the
repercussions of extreme
weather, while the volcanic
eruption in Iceland slowed the
recovery in Europe. After two
difficult years, the tourism market
is gradually recovering, although
the international environment
remains unfavourable, with
difficult weather and political
Against this background,
inventive, imaginative solutions
are more important than ever,
and Care Services are
demonstrating their importance in
travel and tourism offers.
Continuing growth in online
bookings and the use of new
media offers new opportunities
every day...

  20	 	 Europ	Assistance
                                                                           DOS AND DON’TS: TRAVEl
                                                                           AND CUlTURAl TIPS ON IPHONE®
EuRop	AssistAnCE	bELgium                                                   The Dos & Don’ts app from Europ Assistance helps                    nEtgLobERs	nEws		
NoGo: covering all eventualities                                           travellers avoid cultural clangers. It is a good illustration       And	mAg
                                                                           of the concept of Care in the area of travel and of
Having already won twice in its previous incarnation, as the “best                                                                             The Europ Assistance community website,
                                                                           respect for cultural differences.
annual travel cancellation insurance” in the Decavi awards for the                                                                             which provides information and services for
best products sold in Belgium, NoGo travel cancellation insurance                                                                              holiday-makers, has expanded its News
from Europ Assistance is now even better than before. The new                                                                                  section for each individual country to cover
                                                                       EuRop	AssistAnCE	itALiA
version, updated in April 2011, offers greater cover for travel                                                                                rapidly evolving situations relating to politics,
cancellation, alteration and compensation (refunds for days not        Alitalia goes “all-inclusive”                                           weather, culture and sport, security and
used by the customer). The policy covers health problems,              In January 2011, Europ Assistance Italy and Alitalia sign a             anything that might be useful for their travels.
redundancy, a summons to work, a new job contract and damage           two-year agreement on a new travel insurance policy called              Plus there is the Magazine section, published
in the home, in addition to exceptional circumstances like divorce,    “Alitalia all-inclusive” that can be taken out via the airline          every fortnight, which offers travel tips
visa rejection, etc.                                                   company’s website.                                                      and advice.
EuRop	AssistAnCE	fRAnCE                                                EuRop	AssistAnCE	AustRiA
Reversible holidays                                                    Theft insurance... and cover for related costs
A case of “force majeure”? Europ Assistance France has introduced      At the beginning of 2011, Europ Assistance Austria launched
its “spoiled holidays” cover for travellers before departure and       “Absence-Assistant”, packaged in a product of it´s partner and
while on holiday, in case of a major event such as a general strike,   travel insurer Europäische Reiseversicherung. It is the world’s
                                                                       first travel insurance product that refunds holiday-makers
riot, terrorism or natural catastrophe in the destination country,
                                                                       for costs related to a theft in their absence, such as interrupted
which affects the holiday. This new cover, which is in addition to     holidays, small repairs and surveillance, in addition to the
the cover for “travel cancellation” and “impossible departure or       emergency assistance services and independent of its Home
return”, provides support for our partners in the tourism industry     insurance policies. This service, sold through the leading
and reassures customers that they will not lose the cost of their      bookings networks Amadeus and Travi Austria, has given
holiday, so they can look forward to it with confidence.               Europ Assistance Austria a definitive foothold on the B2C travel
                                                                       insurance market.
EuRop	AssistAnCE	usA                                                                                                                           plane tickets
How do you say aspirin in India?                                       Europeans reawaken their appetite for holidays                          to repatriate our customers
Did you know that brand name medications are often sold under          The results of the eleventh Ipsos-Europ Assistance survey on the
different names in different countries? With the Drug Translation      intentions and concerns regarding holidays among Europeans              61%
tool, developed by Europ Assistance USA, customers don’t have to       show that morale is returning. On holiday, the biggest concern          of Europeans say relaxation
worry about finding the right medication while traveling. Travelers    for Europeans is health, at 69%, just ahead of car breakdowns.          was their primary objective
can enter the name of a drug or its generic equivalent into the        As for activities, relaxation and peaceful surroundings remain          for the summer holiday
tool and get the name of the local version in 114 countries.           the top priority. In terms of budget, this has increased by 3%

Partnership with Reliable life
                                                                       compared to 2010. The Internet has consolidated its lead as the
                                                                       place to obtain information and make bookings and the use of
In April 2010, Europ Assistance USA signed a major agreement on        smartphones is spreading: more than a third of Europeans now            of Europeans plan to spend
                                                                                                                                               their holiday in their own country
travel assistance and concierge services with Reliable Life, one of    require new services such as practical information, useful phone
                                                                                                                                               (60-70% of Italians, French
the biggest private label travel insurers in Canada, and a key         numbers, conversation guides and customer assistance centres            and Spanish)
travel insurance player in the United States.                          to help them during their holiday.

                                                                                                                                            To find out more about
                                                                                                                                            Travel Care Services, visit

                                                                                                                                                                  Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 21
Europ Assistance is consolidating
and pursuing its growth
in automotive Care Services
by offering a more global,
more personalized roadside
assistance to its partners in car
manufacturing, rentals, repairs
and after-sales, as well as
insurance companies. It has a
single objective: to look after
motorists and their vehicles
by mobilizing the intervention
capacities of an exceptional
network, and the performance
of telecommunications

  22	 	 Europ	Assistance
                                                     mymobiLity:	LEts	otHERs	know	wHERE		                                                   TRAINING AND
                                                     you	ARE,	LEts	you	know	wHAt’s	HAppEning                                                CERTIFICATION FOR
                                                     The iPhone® app MyMobility offers geolocation assistance, with rapid                   “ElECTRIC VEHIClE REPAIR”
                                                     breakdown recovery and related services for motorists: connection to                   After mobilizing its network of service
                                                     emergency services, management of roadside assistance. With its intuitive,             providers around environmental issues and
                                                     ergonomic design, MyMobility provides valuable support on the road and                 creating Europ Assistance First Selected
                                                     on the move, in daily life and in exceptional circumstances.                           Green Network, the Europ Assistance Group
                                                                                                                                            is pursuing its sustainable development
                                                                                                                                            strategy by offering training in electric
                                                                                                                                            vehicle repair for its network of mechanics
                                                                                                                                            in five European countries, in partnership
                                                                                                                                            with Dekra Industrial, a European leader
EuRop	AssistAnCE	gREECE                                            iCARE	                                                                   in training. Electric vehicle training and
Roadside assistance under the Europ Assistance name                Icare consolidates its leadership in France                              certification is available in France, Italy, Spain,
In January 2011, Europ Assistance Greece decided to develop its    on mechanical breakdown warranty market                                  Germany and Belgium and will be rolled out
own roadside assistance fleet under the Europ Assistance brand     Icare strengthens its position on its market, notably by renewing a      across Europe in 2011. A dedicated website
name, to offer roadside assistance services that closely reflect   Framework agreement with Citroen and Credipar concerning the             has been created by Europ Assistance
the needs of the local environment.                                VO (used vehicles) Citroen selects label and services associated         and Dekra to provide mechanics with the
                                                                   with financing. Other notable successes: new contracts on                necessary information and to allow them
EuRop	AssistAnCE	itALiA                                                                                                                     to sign up for training.
                                                                   mechanical warranties are won with Honda, Peugeot scooters
Clear roadside assistance via Smartphone and iPhone®               and the mutual insurance companies AREAS and MAPA for the
Roadside Assistant is the name of the new Europ Assistance         insured vehicles. New maintenance contracts are also signed with
Italy application for Smartphones and iPhones, used to request     Honda. For the first, ICARE launches a partnership with Autoscout
immediate assistance with no calling to the operator and
receive real-time information on waiting times.
                                                                   24 to start e-warranty business for the B2C market.                       3.5	million
                                                                   EuRop	AssistAnCE	fRAnCE                                                   private cars registered
Roadside assistance agreement with Hyundai in Italy                launches i-dep’ mobile                                                    in China in just the first quarter
                                                                                                                                             2010 (up 76.3%)
Europ Assistance Italy and Hyundai Motor Company Italy sign an     Having had access since 2007 to the i-dep’ extranet, which
agreement to supply European roadside assistance to the Italian    automates every stage in the management of motorists whose
customers during the five-year automaker‘s warranty period.        car has broken down, mechanics in the Europ Assistance France             3.1	million
                                                                   network can now use the mobile version of this                            motorists have received
EuRop	AssistAnCE	poLAnd
                                                                   high-performance platform.                                                assistance from Europ Assistance
What does assistance mean to you?                                                                                                            worldwide.
                                                                   It can be used to send specific job information to the mechanic
Every year, Europ Assistance Poland questions Polish
                                                                   out on call, while Europ Assistance can use it to monitor the
consumers on how they perceive assistance services: changes
                                                                   different stages of the intervention, with information on the
in assistance awareness, as well as the manner and frequency
                                                                   type of job, geolocation, etc. It was specially designed to be        To find out more about
of use of those services. It is the only survey of this kind in                                                                          Automotive Care Services, visit
                                                                   used by a fleet of mobile mechanics, one of whom receives job
Poland, that offers an invaluable source of information on                                                                     
                                                                   details from Europ Assistance and then forwards them to the
trends on the assistance market, and by association, the
                                                                   entire fleet. Another advantage is that once the job is accepted
automotive market.
                                                                   by the mechanic, the app operates even when the GSM
                                                                   network is not available.

                                                                                                                                                                Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 23
The exponential growth in scientific
knowledge and the use of new
technologies in medical
interventions, the increased
demand for safety, and greater
involvement of patients themselves
are necessitating the review of the
organization of health systems and
are resulting in new activities in
the area of e-health.
Europ Assistance is leading the way
in monitoring technological
developments and considering
future solutions in partnership with
health professionals and welfare
bodies, capitalizing on the expertise
of its subsidiaries.
A new generation of collaborative
medicine is taking shape, whereby
electronic data transmission
(sensors that monitor physiological
data, or falls, for example;
electronic control boxes) and new
roles in healthcare (medical
assistants, care coordinators, etc.)
are radically changing practices.
Telemedicine, remote assistance,
medical/social coordination,
monitoring of chronic illnesses
and support for patients just out
of hospital are all areas where
technologies inform and
communicate the very personal
interventions of various healthcare

  24	 	 Europ	Assistance
EuRop	AssistAnCE	iHs                                                 EuRop	AssistAnCE	itALiA
Health on site... and online                                         Progetto Servizi
Drawing on its experience in health solutions for the oil and gas,   On April 2011, Europ Assistance Italy launches the new
mining, engineering and construction industries worldwide, the       “Progetto Servizi” offer. All the customers, even without having
Group’s International Health Solutions (IHS) division has            subscribed an insurance Policy with the Company, can call a free
expanded its offer and launched a new website. Visit                 number to receive a wide range of assistance services focused         CERCLE	sAnté-EuRop for all the latest news on this division.             on healthcare and home repairs, such as doctors,                      AssistAnCE	CHAm	2011	
                                                                     physiotherapists, hydraulics, locksmiths and so on.
Strategic partnership between Europ Assistance IHS                   After the phone call, they receive directly at home the type of
and Drum Cussac                                                      assistance they need by paying only the single service chosen.        Carried out by the CSA Institute, the fifth Cercle
Europ Assistance IHS (EA IHS) and Drum Cussac, a world leading                                                                             Santé-Europ Assistance survey on the practices,
                                                                     EuRop	AssistAnCE	poRtugAL                                             expectations and concerns of Europeans in terms
security consultancy, have entered a new strategic partnership,
adding security services to EA IHS’ service offering. This           Teleassistance: remote assistance in Portugal                         of health issues, was presented to economists
partnership goes beyond a simple and traditional out-sourced         In partnership with Portugal Telecom, Europ Assistance Portugal       and health professionals on 29 September in
arrangement, and consists in sharing resources in combined           has launched a new medical assistance offer: a telephone              Chamonix. This survey was expanded in 2010
operations worldwide. The partnership offers international           installed in the customer’s home provides a direct connection to      to include the United States and Austria, bringing
institutions and corporations with complementary and                 the Europ Assistance call centre, 24 hours a day. By simply           the number of countries it covers to ten.
comprehensive health care and security solutions. The                pressing the SOS button, the customer can obtain rapid                CHAM (the Convention on Health Analysis
partnership is being extended within the Group to support its        assistance in case of emergency.                                      and Management), of which the Group is a
initiative in providing global corporate solutions.                                                                                        longstanding member, is an excellent opportunity
                                                                     EuRop	AssistAnCE	soutH	AfRiCA
                                                                                                                                           for Europ Assistance to assert its position as
EuRop	AssistAnCE	bELgium                                             Health advice
                                                                                                                                           a major player in the field of health
“Comfort life”: we’ll take care of everything while                  Based on 13 years of partnership with MTN, one of the leading         (
you recover                                                          mobile phone operators in the market, Europ Assistance
Europ Assistance Belgium, the subsidiary leading the                 South Africa now offers the Personnel Health Advisor service
development of health services, now offers a full Care Services      to their 18 million customers.
package to people who have become dependent for a
minimum period of four days following a sudden illness or
                                                                     EuRop	AssistAnCE	uk
                                                                     Premier Occupational Health care
accident, or hospitalisation for at least three days. The service                                                                          healthcare professionals
includes the delivery of hot meals, medication, essential            Assistance UK announces an exclusive partnership with Premier
household products, domestic help, transport for children,
pet care and adapting the home for medical purposes.
                                                                     Occupational Healthcare, an established provider of quality and
                                                                     affordable occupational health and wellbeing services.                1,116,653	
                                                                                                                                           health interventions
As well as this cover, the company, backed by Europ Assistance       The combination of the strengths of Premier’s Occupational
Austria, is offering a physiotherapy service. An initial             Healthcare’s expertise and Europ Assistance’s 24/7 assistance
agreement has been signed with Mensura (prevention
and protection in the workplace).
                                                                     network creates a powerful presence in a growing marketplace,         6,300
                                                                     enabling employers to access customized services needed to            air ambulance flying hours
                                                                     improve staff wellbeing, presence in the workplace, productivity
                                                                     and employer health compliance.
                                                                                                                                        To find out more about
                                                                                                                                        Health Care Services, visit

                                                                                                                                                             Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 25
& Family
In the field of home and family,
Care Services are constantly
evolving. Whether in terms of
childcare, extra schooling,
domestic help, support with
finding or returning to work,
administrative assistance or
security and peace of mind in
everyday life, Europ Assistance
Care Services are expanding all the
time to make life safer, simpler
and easier for its customers.
In this sector, Europ Assistance’s
excellent understanding of new
requirements, and the many
partnership options open
to it—with insurance companies,
employers, energy specialists,
utility companies,
telecommunications operators and
large retailers—as well as
innovation in distribution methods,
provide endless opportunities for
our teams to create increasingly
personalized, tailored Care

  26	 	 Europ	Assistance
                                                                                                                             onLinE	dAtA	pRotECtion:	
                                                                                                                             suRf	tHE	intERnEt		
                                                                                                                             witH	pEACE	of	mind
                                                                                                                             Europ Assistance USA is further enhancing its
                                                                                                                             Premium Identity Theft Protection service
EuRop	AssistAnCE	AustRiA                                                                                                     with an additional offer, the Data Protection
life insurance and funeral assistance                                                                                        Suite, which protects Internet users against
Europ Assistance has launched funeral assistance for the new                                                                 password theft, keystroke capture and
life insurance cover from the Austrian group Bawag PSK                                                                       misuse of confidential data online. Unlike
Versicherung, a leading player in bancassurance and postal                                                                   antivirus and firewall software, which protect
services.                                                                                                                    the user’s computer, Data Protection Suite
The cover, which includes funeral costs, organization, legal                                                                 protects data against malicious software not
advice and psychological support, will be sold through the                                                                   detected by conventional solutions. For more
client’s network of more than 500 bank branches and post                                                                     information on this new product,
offices.                                                                                                                     visit
EuRop	AssistAnCE	bELgium
“House Assist” for home owners
At the beginning of 2011, Europ Assistance Belgium reached an
agreement with the Syndicat National des Propriétaires
(National Association of Homeowners), which defends the rights
                                                                      National Home Services (NHS), a rapidly expanding company in
                                                                      Canada. Europ Assistance will provide the customers of NHS                      420,000
of owners, co-owners and tenants in Belgium, to provide its           with around-the-clock emergency assistance and access to its                    listed partners
25,000 members with its House Assist cover (planning,                 network of approved service providers, every day of the year.
surveillance, water damage, etc.).
                                                                      EuRop	AssistAnCE	poRtugAL                                                       658,379
EuRop	AssistAnCE	CAnAdA                                               Home assistance in Portugal                                                     Home & Family
moves into home assistance in Ontario                                 The Portuguese company has developed a new home                                 interventions
The Canadian company is launching a full programme of home            assistance offer for Logo, a low-cost online insurance company,
assistance services designed to help people facing the high           with a full range of cover available in two versions: standard
costs and difficulties associated with the emergency repair of        and VIP. It can also send out qualified home protection                     To find out more about
home appliances and equipment. To meet these needs, Europ             personnel or arrange storage facilities.                                    Home & Family Care Services, visit
Assistance Canada has approved and trained a network of                                                                                 
qualified service technicians in Ontario to cover the full range of   EuRop	AssistAnCE	soutH	AfRiCA
home appliances and systems: heating, air conditioning,               launches its first B2C offer
plumbing, electricity, electrical appliances, etc. By simply          Europ Assistance South Africa launches Kudough, an online
contacting the call centre, the customer can access the network       service helping people to manage their personal loans. Scored
and obtain the necessary emergency repair services and the            on a scale from A+ (the highest score) to F (for people in
associated costs will be covered.                                     financial difficulty requiring professional help to regain stability),
                                                                      the customer is better able to understand their position and
Agreement with NHS                                                    therefore to manage and reduce their debt and also improve
Europ Assistance Canada (CMN) has reached a distribution              their ability to negotiate with banks and other credit providers.
agreement for its home services insurance products with

                                                                                                                                                                        Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 27
                         Front row (right to left):
                         Claude Tendil
                         of the Supervisory Board
                         Martin Vial
                         Odile Collignon
                         Deputy Managing Director
                         Resources Centre

                         Second row (right to left):
                         Patrick leroy
                         Executive Vice-President
                         Sales and international
                         Health activities
                         Region UK, Northern, Central
                         and Eastern Europe, Middle East,
                         Asia and Oceania
                         Paolo Frapiccini
                         Executive Vice-President
                         Marketing and international Sales
                         Region Italy, Germany,
                         Switzerland, Austria

                         Third row (right to left):
                         Thierry Depois
                         Executive Vice-President
                         Reengineering, Operations
                         and Information Systems
                         Region France
                         Benelux countries
                         North America
                         Manrico Iachia
                         Executive Vice-President
                         Innovation and Prospective
                         Region Iberian Peninsula,
                         South America and Africa.

28	 	 Europ	Assistance
Strengthened governance
Europ Assistance’s ambition is to become the most innovative company in its sector by 2015, in every
country where it is present. The Group’s roadmap aims to stimulate innovation, accelerate the development
of new activities, make better use of new B2B2C, B2C and Internet distribution channels, and enhance
its human resources management and its support for subsidiaries in high-potential territories.
The global management of the brand and its positioning is also a priority. The Executive Committee
has been constituted in order to respect this roadmap as closely as possible.

   Group Executive Committee

                                                                    Martin Vial
                                                                 Chief Executive Officer

          Odile Collignon              Thierry Depois            Paolo Frapiccini             Manrico Iachia                 Patrick leroy
        Deputy Managing Director     Executive Vice-President   Executive Vice-President     Executive Vice-President     Executive Vice-President

            Resources Centre*       Reengineering, Operations          Marketing                   Innovation             Sales and International
                                    and Information Systems*    and International Sales*        and Prospective*             Health activities*
                                        Region France           Region Italy, Germany,     Region Iberian Peninsula,       Region UK, Northern,
                                       Benelux countries         Switzerland, Austria           South America           Central and Eastern Europe,
                                        North America                                             and Africa               Middle East, Asia and

   * Group transversal functions.

                                                                                                                                             Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 29
    Simplified Group structure
    at 31 December 2010

   Groupe Generali 99.98%                                                              Europ Assistance Holding

                                                                                                                                          Europ Assistance   56%

                                  Icare Group               100%   Europ Assistance     100%           Europ Assistance           53%     Europ Assistance   50 %
                                                                   France                              Portugal                           Brazil
   Europ Assistance                                                          Océalis     65%
   Tchad                 Branch                                                                                                           Europ Assistance   51%
                                  Europ Assistance          100%   Europ Assistance     Branch         Europ Assistance          100%     Chile
   Europ Assistance      100%     IHS Services                     Greece                              Czech Republic
                                  Europ Assistance          61%    Europ Assistance      74%           Europ Assistance          100%
   Europ Assistance       90%     (EA Worldwide Services)          Hungary                             United Kingdom
   Angola                         South Africa
                                                                                                       Europ Assistance          Branch
   Europ Assistance      100%     Europ Assistance          75%    Europ Assistance     100%           Romania
   Nigeria                        Germany                          India
                                                                                                       Europ Assistance          100%
                                  Europ Assistance          75%    Europ Assistance                    Russia
                                  Austria                          Ireland
                                                                                                       Europ Assistance          100%
                                  Europ Assistance          100%   Europ Assistance      61%           (EA Worldwide Services)
                                  Belgium                          Italy                               Singapore

                                  CMN                       100%   Europ Assistance     Branch         Europ Assistance           75%
                                  Canada                           Luxembourg                          Switzerland

                                  Europ Assistance          100%   Europ Assistance     100%           Europ Assistance           49%     Europ Assistance   100%
                                  China                            Oceania                             (Carthage Assistance)              Libya
                                  Europ Assistance          95%    Europ Assistance      57%
                                  Spain                            Netherlands

                                  Europ Assistance          100%   Europ Assistance     100%
                                  USA                              Poland

                                  CSA                       100%

                                  GMMI                      100%

30	 	 Europ	Assistance
Europ Assistance Holding Board                 Group Executive Committee
          of Directors

          BOARD MEMBERS                                          Martin Vial
                                                            Chief Executive Officer
               Claude Tendil
      Chairman of the Supervisory Board                       Odile Collignon
                                                          Deputy Managing Director
                 Martin Vial                                  Resources Centre
   Board member and Chief Executive Officer
                                                               Thierry Depois
              Sergio Balbinot                             Executive Vice-President
               Board member                   Reengineering, Operations and Information Systems
                                                      Region France, Benelux countries,
               GENERAlI Vie                                    North America
      represented by Alessandro Dona              Managing Director, Europ Assistance France
               Board member
                                                              Paolo Frapiccini
            Michel Beauchesne                              Executive Vice-President
               Board member                           Marketing and International Sales
                                                  Region Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria
               GENERAlI Iard                       Managing Director, Europ Assistance Italy
        represented by Eric le Gentil
               Board member                                    Manrico Iachia
                                                            Executive Vice-President
             GENERAlI France                              Innovation and Prospective
       represented by Valter Trevisani        Region Iberian Peninsula, South America and Africa
               Board member                     Managing Director, Europ Assistance Portugal

                                                                Patrick leroy
                                                           Executive Vice-President
                                                   Sales and International Health activities
                                               Region UK, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe,
                                                        Middle East, Asia and Oceania
                                              Managing Director, Europ Assistance United Kingdom

                                                                                           Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 31
    Social responsibility

    An essential lever
    for our strategy
    Europ Assistance was the first international player in the sector        Ashoka: supporting social entrepreneurs
    to commit to a CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy.
    Today, the Group’s development is inseparable from its social            The development of new forms of enterprise which create
    project, and links directly to its history, its business lines and its   innovative, lasting and reproducible solutions, is for Europ
    values. Our culture of shared service and our signature “You live        Assistance one of the most effective levers to change the
    we care” reflect our duty to contribute to new forms of solidarity       economic and social environment and create value at a local
    and progress, by placing people at the heart of economic and             level. In 2010 we launched a partnership with the international
    social progress, with partners who share the same code of                charity Ashoka, which supports 2,400 social entrepreneurs,
    conduct and the same values.                                             in three countries: in Belgium with Gymsana, a business
                                                                             that specializes in providing physical activity for the elderly
    This is an essential element of our businesses, and is also a            and the dependent, in South Africa, and more recently in Brazil.    OUR RESPONSIBIlITy
    lever to improve our business efficiency, and a driver of
    innovation that allows us to demonstrate the vitality and reality
                                                                             In total, ten entrepreneurs will receive support from               AS AN EMPlOyER:
                                                                             Europ Assistance over three years.
    of our values. Europ Assistance has based its CSR strategy on                                                                                EA FAIR CONTRACT
    three strong principles: developing its activities in line with its      MassiveGood:                                                        As a leader in Care Services, Europ
    values; encouraging innovation, health prevention and the
    loyalty of its employees and partners; and, deploying a global
                                                                             a real contribution to UNITAID                                      Assistance has defined a consistent set
                                                                                                                                                 of guidelines for managerial conduct,
    strategy to act locally, wherever the Group is based.                    Since the beginning of 2010, the Europ Assistance Group has         which focuses on the individual, respect,
                                                                             been working with MassiveGood, a campaign launched by La            solidarity, team spirit and adapting to
                                                                             Fondation du Millénaire to combat HIV/Aids, malaria,                local conditions.
                                                                             tubercolosis and infant mortality in the poorest countries. Every   The EA Fair Contract charter defines
                         In May 2011, a think tank called                    time they buy flights, book hotel rooms or rent vehicles online,    the principles and rules applied to its
                         le Collectif, made up of ten                        customers of Europ Assistance help fund this programme run by       managers and to the management of
                         international business leaders,                     UNITAID, an organization administered by the World Health           expertise in all the Group companies.
                         published a book entitled Empreintes                                                                                    The EA Fair Contract charter covers
                                                                             Organization. This programme of giving is promoted at www.
                         sociales (Social Imprints), to which                                                                                    the respect of diversity and non-
                                                                    and, where                  discrimination, integrity, clarity and
                         Group CEO Martin Vial contributed a
                         chapter about social entrepreneurship.
                                                                             individuals can make direct contributions.                          transparency, support and integration,
                         Empreintes sociales brings together                                                                                     the personal and professional
                         the visions, beliefs and good practices                                                                                 development of employees, recognition
                         of those entrepreneurs who aim                                                                                          of expertise, performance, motivations
                         to reconcile economic and social                                                                                        and aspirations, working conditions
                         performance, and opens the debate                                                                                       and remuneration.
                         on the need to include value creation
                         in a long-term outlook.

32	 	 Europ	Assistance
Many tangible local actions                                         Greece: Europ Assistance Greece is taking part in the campaign
                                                                    organized by the Greek Insurance Association to raise awareness
Europ Assistance and its subsidiaries work around the world         of the risks of drink-driving.
on health, social and humanitarian projects, drawing on their
local knowledge and expertise and achieving tangible results.       Europ Assistance IHS: Europ Assistance IHS (EA IHS) is now
                                                                    a special partner of AMREF, an African non-governmental
France: Europ Assistance supports the Second Chance                 organization. In addition, as part of the World Malaria Day,
Foundation, a publicly recognized body, by inviting its             EA IHS clinics and medical centers commemorated the day
employees to sponsor individuals aged 18-60 who have                and contributed to the cost of teaching materials and the
suffered major difficulties in life and who currently live in       awareness-raising and prevention campaign among the local
difficult conditions, but show strong motivation to move            population. At Chad’s Independence 50th anniversary gala event,
forward. Our French subsidiary proposes that its employees          the company was honoured by being awarded the Most Socially
become involved as sponsors in the professional, technical          Responsible Company Trophy for its sense of social responsibility
and human aspects of this type of individual endeavour.             in terms of the recruitment and training of local medical
Belgium: the employees of Europ Assistance Belgium support          personnel and its respect for local regulations. EA IHS also
the Dyadis charity ( by funding training for         carries out medical training programmes for personnel in
Blutch, an assistance dog for people with motor disabilities.       Angola, South Africa, Congo and France.
In addition, our subsidiary, in partnership with the RTBF, helps    United Kingdom: Europ Assistance UK has formed a
regulate the flow of traffic and the reduction of traffic jams in   relationship with local hospice, St Peters & St James. This has
greater Brussels through the services of a motorcyclist who         resulted in fundraising activities such as dress down Fridays and
delivers real-time traffic news to Belgium’s main                   most recently the company has dedicated staff hours to help
French-language radio station.                                      decorate the hospice conservatory and sand down garden
Poland: EKO Assistance is a new helpline created by Europ           benches. This newly formed relationship is something Europ
Assistance Poland to promote ecologically responsible               Assistance UK looks forward to developing as they begin to help
behaviors, by delivering round-the-clock information on stores      raise awareness in the local area through social media.
with ecological products and leisure centers with agrotourism       USA: Europ Assistance CSA facilitates remote working for its
certification. It also provides, among others, information on       employees who have moved home, encouraging loyalty among
recycling points for electrical and computer equipment and          staff while reducing their travel costs and the company’s carbon
expired medication.                                                 footprint. In 2010 Europ Assistance sponsored a fundraising
Italy: In 2010, Europ Assistance Italy wins the “Best green         effort in aid of the people of Haiti affected by the earthquake.
marketing project” award for its new green breakdown service        While much of its assistance is centered around helping people
in partnership with Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra which plants     internationally, Europ Assistance USA also strives to contribute
trees to offset emissions from towing trucks. Furthermore,          to and assist its local community in the Washington, DC area.
the Italian company is contributing to the maintenance of           In December 2010, EA USA employees organized a charitable
a 17 hectar park confiscated to mafia racquet with the project      donation drive for a local homeless shelter for women
“Il Bosco dei 100 passi”.                                           and children and donated non-perishable food, books and
Portugal: Europ Assistance is a partner of the Santarém centre      winter clothing for 100 displaced children.
for underprivileged children and young people. For the annual
pilgrimage to Fatima, the company provides assistance to the
pilgrims at strategic points along the route. These were, manned
by volunteers from the Order of Malta, supplying the necessary
medical and logistical equipment as well as an ambulance and
two assistance vehicles.
                                                                                                                                        Landmarks	2010-2011	 	 33
Europ Assistance Group
Tel.: +33 1 58 34 23 00 - Fax: + 33 1 58 34 23 99
7 boulevard Haussmann - 75309 Paris Cedex 09 - France

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