Cruise Ship Tour And Travel Administration Academic Project Synopsis by hmoda


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                         Sample Synopsis

        Project : Mobile Showroom Billing and

               Inventory Management System


      The project entitled Mobile Showroom Billing and Inventory
Management is developed for established mobile showroom in the city.
To manage all operations of the show room this project is developed.
It will have all the basic module to manage the show room operations.


     Mobile    Showroom Billing and    Inventory   Management is    a
software application maintain the records related to purchase, sales,
returns, stock updating, cash and bank flows and the reorder level of
music store.


    The main objective of the application is to automate the existing
system of manually maintain the records of the counter sales,
purchases, reorder levels, Supplier and Customer monetary positions
and other related transactions made at the counter.

    This application can be used by any music store to automate the
process of manually maintaining the records related to the subject of
maintaining the stock and liquid flows.


      The transactions related to purchase, sale and returns are
maintained manually at present along with maintaining the accounts of
the customers and the suppliers.

       All these are to be automated and an application is required to
relate all of them relatively and logically so that the current system
can be replaced and accepted without major changes and problems.

       The application should provide quick access to the records
maintained and must reveal the important reviews about the business
so that the growth can be easily compared and should provide with the
various reports showing the related details so that the important
decisions could be taken easily.
Hardware and Software requirement

Hardware Requirement

Processor          :   Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz or more
RAM                :   1 GB or More
Harddisk           :   80GB or more
Monitor            :   15” CRT, or LCD monitor
Keyboard           :   Normal or Multimedia
Mouse              :   Compatible mouse

Software Requirement

Front End          :   Visual Basic 2008 Express edition
                       With Sql Server Compact Edition
                       Microsoft SDK 3.0
                       Visual Basic 2010 Express edition
                       With Sql Server Compact Edition
                       Microsoft SDK 4.0

Back End           :   MS Sql Server

Operation System   :   Windows XP with server pack 3
                       Windows 7

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