dart newbridge to buckfast by V34M02


									                                 Dart – Loop & Lower
                               Newbridge to Holne/Buckfast, Grade III (3/7 miles)

     Washing Machine - shoot on
     the right of the small island,                  Lovers Leap -100m rapid with
     but as near to the island as                    some large boulders, line right
     possible; go too far right and                  of centre moving to centre,
     you will be in the middle of a                  beware sheer rock face at end.
     nasty stopper.

                                                                     Triple Drop - series
                                                                     of three increasingly
                                                                     large natural drops
                                                                     within 50 metres of
                                                                     each other.

                                                                Holne Bridge –
                                                                takeout river right
                                                                below bridge for
                                                                shuttle, no parking
  Newbridge –
  parking and                                                                          The Anvil – Small
  access via slab                                                                      weir and playspot.
  above bridge,
  parking very                    Spin Dryer –
  busy.                           beware eddy on
                                  right, hard to
                                  exit in med/high

                                Holne Weir – 200m below
                                bridge, fierce stopper/
                                towback med/high flows,                                              Furzeleight/Buckfast
                                shoot extreme left or                                                Abbey Weir – inspect
                                portage either side.                                                 and portage LEFT. As of
                                                                                                     19/1/08 “The normal right-hand
                                                                                                     (chicken shoot) route down
                                                                                                     Buckfastleigh Weir,
                                                                                                     approximately 1.5 m from the
                                                                                                     right hand bank and just left of
South Devon Railway, Buckfast – egress with                                                          the kicking right flow has a
free parking (please use café). Leave at the                                                         submerged object capable of
DartBridge junction and follow the brown signs to the                                                suddenly stopping/ pining a
                                                                                                     craft and was responsible for
South Devon Railway.                                                                                 hospitalising a paddler. ” Also
                                                                                                     “ Protruding iron work - creating
                                                                                                     "cockerel tails" on the face of
                                                                                                     the weir.”

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