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									English 826AC/ Wong

                               KNOWING YOUR DICTIONARY 

Name of your dictionary and its date of publication: _______________________

1. Write an explanation of the following entry, putting into your own words all the
information given there, including the symbols and abbreviations: (20 points)

lugworm (lug/ wurm) n. [<?+ WORM] any of a genus of (Arenicola) of
segmented worms with bristly appendages that burrow into sandy seashores and
are used for bait. (New World Dictionary, 1980)

EXAMPLE: lugworm the word that is being defined

a) (lug/wurm)

b) n.

c) [<?+ WORM]

d) any of a genus of (Arenicola) of segmented worms with bristly appendages…

2. Make a sketch showing where the scapula appears in the body. (5 points)

    adapted from Marlys Mayfield's Thinking For Yourself
Answer true or false to the following statements. (5 points each; 50 points total)

______ 3. New Guinea is a country is South America.
______ 4. Edmund Halley was a British astronomer.
______ 5. The Latin etymology of the word excuse means "to free from a
______ 6. An induction coil is a lineup of new draftees.
______ 7. A transitive verb takes a direct object as in the sentence "I am
______ 8. The Immaculate Conception is a Catholic doctrine stating that Jesus
             was born of the Virgin Mary.
______ 9. The Canary Islands are named for the yellow songbird.
______ 10. The word dodo comes from a Portuguese word meaning "stupid."
______ 11. A limpet is a person who walks with a limp.
______ 12. A jurist is a person on jury duty.

13. Circle the following words in which the letter sound of l is pronounced:
almond, alms, calm, palm, qualm, salmon. (5 points)

14. What do the following abbreviations mean? (3 points each; 15 points total)

a) M.B.A.
b) ME
c) pl.
d) v.t.
e) adj.

15. Case Study: In your class essay, you have used the word require in the last
three sentences. How would you go about finding a suitable substitution? (5

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