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                How far will you go with a
            FREE Student Travelcard and €50?*

                                                                                     Music festival,

         Pizza with everything,                                                                                                     Kite surfing,
         Kilkenny.                                                                                                                  Carlingford.

                   Big night out,

         Paintball with mates,
         Dublin mountains.

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    4 Union News
                                                      hen I was a young wan, I once read a book, which
                                                      was all about the World War and concentration
6 Celeb Watch                                         camps. Needless to say, the word ‘polish’ ap-
                                                      peared frequently throughout it.
                                           Being naïve and embarrassingly uncultured about other

    7 Campus Dares                       countries, I read over 275 pages of this book thinking that
                                         the word ‘polish’, which appeared a ridiculous amount of
                                         times throughout, was from the verb ‘to polish’…as in to
       You...To Make                     make something nice and shiny.
                                           While I thought that this book was a great read, it simply
       Up A Country                      did not occur to me that the word ‘polish’ was referring
                                         to a national identity, which has since infilrated itself into
                                           Although I’m much wiser now [because I have a grey hair]
9   Podge and Rodge’s                    and know about lots of different cultures, let my past igno-
                                         rance encourage you all to get out and do something out of

    Cultural Guide                       your cultural comfort zone…you might just have some fun.
                                           This week’s issue of Campus features an opinionated
                                         guide to Irish culture from Podge and Rodge, a guide to help

    10 The Gallery
                                         you survive the seating that leaves your arse numb that is
                                         our Irish public transport service, pictures of fun and frolics
                                         from last week’s SHAG events, and how to order a drink
                                         from some of our non-national staff working in the nuBar.
                                           Speaking of the nuBar…their security system is a per-
                                         fect example of something that you’d describe as ‘typically

12 Surviving...                          Irish’. They never know whether they should let me in or not
                                         because I’m not a student and don’t have an infamous red
                                         ‘Y’…and the rule book they work by mentions nothing about
       Irish Transport                   letting staff members in. Only in Ireland!

19 Al-Fla
    Production Editor
    Karen Howley
                                         Talk about the weather at length and analyse whether it
                                         rained more this time last year than it has rained so far this
    Alan Flanagan, Gary Boylan, Hazel
                                         year. Then talk about how its a bit chilly outside.
    Hayes, Max Rantz McDonald, Janet
    Newenham, Allan Dixon, Catherine
                                         Find someone from a different country to you and give them
    O’Mahony, Steve Grimes, Conor
                                         a hug. Then get some beer with them in celebration of
    Higgins, Sharon McVeigh, Joey
                                         Oktober Fest. Tchuss!
    Kavanagh, Ronan O Kelly, James
    Ward, Louise Bruton, Aoife Lynch,
    Claire Bohan.                        Apparently there is a vampire in the form of blood transfusion
                                         board van around campus. Fangs might suit you better than
    Special thanks to                    you think.
    The Union, Shea Mc Nelis, Una Redm
    ond, Russell Altman, all the Clubs   Get rid of some
    and Societies, and Tara O’Brien.     of those left over
                                         condoms from last

                                         Get your Halloween costumes at the ready. Make a pumpkin
                                         face and brighten up that window of yours. Throw some
                                         spiders in someones bed.

                Alan Flanagan
                DCU SU President

                International Festival 2007
                     hope you’ve all recovered from SHAG         songs from your home country. You can al-
                     Week (and picked up a bunch of free         ready practically hear someone butchering
                     condoms and had a flick through the         a David Hasselhoff number.
                ever-so-helpful DCUSU SHAG Book). Hope-            Tonight (Tuesday), DCU Debate will be ar-
                fully you’re not too spent that you can’t        guing themselves into a tizzy over interna-
                work up some energy for this week, when          tional matters, while this coming Thursday
                all things intercultural and international hit   the School of Communications will be hav-
                the campus. That’s right, it’s the 2007 IN-      ing a seminar on representations of differ-
                TERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (cue gasps of awe           ent cultures in the seminar, featuring shiny
               and/or wonder).                                   shiny guest speakers. There’s also a host
                  This year the Students’ Union are dedicat-     of activities from DCU Drama, StyleSoc,
               ed to making sure that DCU is a truly inter-      DCU Art, Book Soc, Home and Away and
                    cultural campus and that international       anyone else who’s been willing to hop on
                    and Irish students mix, mingle, matricu-     the international bandwagon. Check out
                    late and make the most of the wealth of      the posters around campus for information
                    different backgrounds and cultures we        on all the events.
                    have to offer. We have the highest per-        And, if you happen to wander into the cen-
                   centage of international students in any      tre of campus anytime over this week or
                  university in the country, so we should        next week you’ll see the “1,000 Families”
                 take advantage of that fact.                    exhibition. It’s a series of portraits (each
                   Over this week and the next, we’ll be giv-    one 1.5m by 1.2m) of families from all
                ing everyone in the university a chance          across the world, Ireland to Indonesia and
               to do this. Through music, food, cultural         everywhere in between. During his travels
               events and some guaranteed fun times,             to over 130 countries, photographer Uwe
               it’s a time to learn about what you’ve been       Ommer captured images of over 1,000
               missing.                                          families in their domestic settings. From
                 We’ll also be officially launching the In-      these photographs, the exhibition is a pow-
               ternational Student Network this coming           erful illustration of diversity and highlights
               Wednesday, where there’ll also be free food       the common values of love and respect.
               and music. Come over to The Hub any time            Over this week and the next, you have the
               from 2 o clock to check it out. That night        opportunity to see what the wider world has
                we’ll also be having what’s sure to be a hor-    to offer. Don’t pass up that chance.
                 ribly embarrassing evening in the nuBAR,          See you at one of the events,
                 at our answer to “You’re A Star”, where         Alan
                  you’ll get a chance to sing the favourite

Competition: Diversity In Your University
                                 A photography competition has been organised to increase awareness
                                 of the European Year of Equal Opportunities amongst the Irish university
                                   This competition is open to all staff and students and you do not need to
                                 be an experienced photographer to enter. All you need is a digital camera,
                                 a bit of a creative flare and the desire to win the top prize of €1,300! Euro
                                   The theme of the competition is “Changing Perspectives: Equality and
                                 Diversity in my University”.
                                   To enter, all you need to do is to complete an entry form and submit it
                                 with a hard copy original 8” x 10” or 8” x 12” of your photograph together
                                 with a JPEG High Resolution of the photograph on floppy disc to The Equal-
                                 ity Office, CG67 Henry Grattan Building DCU to be received by the 31st
                                 October 2007 and keep your fingers crossed!

Hazel Hayes
DCU SU Deputy President for Education and Welfare
                                                                                                        YOUR UNION

A Fresh Start Is Never Too Late
        ello there. This week I’d like to grab the   4th year, who’ll be on hand to offer you support
        attention of every student who hasn’t        and advice over the coming months. There’ll
        quite settled in, hasn’t got to know         also be a few free on and off campus events
many people, is struggling with a fundamen-          each semester for all participants so you can
tal part of their academic work or simply isn’t      get to know students in other years and cours-
happy here in DCU. It’s really tough to adjust       es.
to college life, more tough for some than for          In the meantime, Student Affairs (along with
others, and so we’re trying to reach out to any-     other departments such as the library and
one who needs a little help along the way.           the careers service) are organising loads of
  The wonderful Claire Bohan in Student Affairs      workshops and clinics on everything from con-
has assembled a team of people from various          fidence building to essay writing to boosting
DCU departments (including ourselves in the          your maths skills to getting to grips with moo-
Students’ Union) and we’ve got a few things          dle.
lined up to give you a helping hand…                   There’ll be a stand in the Street in the Henry
  The first Student Connect gathering took           Grattan from 10am-4pm, Monday to Thursday             CONGRATULATIONS to
place yesterday, but if you didn’t get the           of this week.                                          Allan Dicksy Dixson,
chance to sign up, don’t worry. Just send me           Student helpers will be on hand to help sign         who had the sexiest
an email with your name, student number,             you up for anything you think you’d enjoy or
                                                                                                           costume at the SHAG
phone number, course and year and I’ll add           benefit from so feel free stop and have a chat.
you to our mailing list. If you’re a first year,     You should also keep an eye on the notice             Ball last Wednesday.
you’ll be paired up with a student in 2nd, 3rd or    boards in the Street for extra info!
                                                                                                               Kiss kiss,
Stephen Grimes
DCU SU Science and Health Conveynor
                                                                                                              bang bang!

                                           Be A Vampire: Give Some Blood
                                                    reetings peoples, I’m Stephen           ering from cancer or have been in a serious
                                                    Grimes, Science & Health Con-           accident.
                                                    venor. I’m currently doing my best        Each time you attend to give blood you
                                            to help as many students with problems          will be asked about specific aspects of
                                            they’re facing so far in DCU. I’ve been         your medical history and asked to fill in a
                                            meeting with the heads of the Science &         health and lifestyle questionnaire.
                                            Health faculty and have already got some          If you are worried about confidentiality...
                                            great feedback from academic staff, which       you need not worry at all. All the informa-
                                            I will be relating to you during the course     tion you give will be treated in the strictest
                                            of the year.                                    confidence.
                                              And, of course, I am always here for the        If you are between 18 and 60 or if you are
                                            students, so please email me at science-        a first time donor (between 18 and 67 if
                                   with any queries or prob-       you have donated within the last five years),
                                            lems.                                           weigh over 7 stone 12 lbs (over 50kgs) and
                                              Now I want to take a moment to ask            are fit and healthy, you will probably be eli-
Give some blood to the                      you to GIVE BLOOD!!! (Precious, precious        gible to donate.
                                            blood...)                                         Once you have completed the question-
Blood Transfusion Board                       The Irish Blood Transfusion Service will be   aire and a simple pin-prick test on your
or else you will have Zero,                 calling to DCU from Monday to Wednesday         finger (which doesn’t hurt in the slightest),
spelt with an ‘X’ [so, Xoro]                between the hours of 11:00am -12:15pm           you are ready to donate.
to deal with...and nobody                   and 2:00pm – 4:30pm.                              A donation only takes 10 minutes and the
wants that...unless you are                   Donating blood makes it possible for          staff will provide you with free food and a
                                            many people to lead normal healthy lives.       friendly pint of Guinness, should you feel
Xena The Warrior Princess                   Every year thousands of patients require        the need!
or indeed Gabriel. Rarrrrr.                 blood transfusions in our hospitals, be-          Now ask yourself, what would Jesus/Bud-
                                            cause they are undergoing surgery, recov-       dha/Yoda do? He’d GIVE BLOOD!

                   Ever wondered if Groundskeeper Willie misses home sometimes??? We have...
                     Och aye, all this Inter-
                   national Week talk makes me miss my bonny wee hometown of Loch Willie. Deep in the
                   Scottish Highlands, it has the best shrubbery you’ve ever seen, shrubbery so magnificent
                   even the Loch Ness Monster came out to see it. We’re real men over there, you know, real
                  men with our long unkempt hair and oh so manly facial growth. (I don’t like to brag, but Mel
                  Gibson modelled himself on me for Braveheart. A less better-looking version of me, obvi-
                 ously.) Och yes, and we have our own tartan. When a lassie pops out a sprog, they’re clad in
                it quicker than you can say “Sean Connery is God.” Aye, I do miss the wee place.
                 Why leave such a great place, you ask? Well, I came to Ireland to find my roots. I cannae say
             it’s been easy, however, I’ve had to dig deep. Especially as wee Ferdie wasn’t too impressed
              with mah planting of green and white stripy flowerbeds. The most traumatic experience, though,
               was when I was bent over tending to my prized Nessie tulips. Some frisky DCU fresher decided
                 to investigate whether the rumours of Scotsmen and their kilts were true….just as poor wee
                  Phylliss was walking by. Och she’ll never forget the sight of my bare arse. Little Willie even
                  said hello.
                     When I ring my family, I often get asked how gardening here compares to the homeland.
                    They say the grass is greener on the other side, but I’m not so sure. The grass here has
                    a slightly yellow tinge from generations of students regurgitating last night’s Haggis. And,
                    worse, I get complaints when I practice my bagpipes on a Monday night. But DCU’s greenery
                  needs me, and where Groundskeeper Willie is needed, that’s where he’ll be. You’ve got to reap
                  what you sow. All together now; ”Oh Flower of Scotland…”

                                                                                                         to make uP
                                                                                                         your own
 Ronan O Kelly & James Ward                   our trusty brews of choice, coming up         son, followed by a description of our cul-
                                              with the history of a fake nation. The        ture. The culture included our annual po-
 Victims                                      easiest way to make people aware of           tato toss, in which the children of each

        ur initial dare started off so sim-   our country was to celebrate it with al-      village get pelted by farmers.
        ple, little did we know how much      cohol, and so the Tzitski harvest festival      A Q&A session resulted in Dietrich
        effort it would require. We were      was conceived. This was our annual ‘Na-       spontaneously creating a cartoon featur-
first asked to set up an official student     tional Vacation Day’, to celebrate a rich     ing a messy cat and a spasticated horse
network for our fake country, Krakhors-       harvest.                                      with “many titties”. At 4AM the previous
lav, but the more we pondered the issue,        Armed with our ridiculous email ad-         night, we wrote our colourful national an-
the more we wondered how far we could         dress, and simplistic       them using an online Russian transla-
take it. We decided that Krakhorslav          poster, Mr Von Kuntslager sent a mass         tor, which in English went a little some-
should be celebrated and so we held our       message, inviting over forty classes to       thing like this: “It-completely a forgery.
own festival right here in DCU.               our celebration. Some of the responses        Why – you people here? You spend all
  To make this work, we needed a new          we got from the email were a little dis-
identity. No longer were we mere (if not      couraging.
extremely attractive) Irish journalism          “If a country isn’t on google, or google
                                                                                             “Armed with our ri-
students, but we became Krakhorslav’s         earth, it doesn’t exist.” as one charming      diculous email address,
own Dietrich Von Kuntslager and Vladimir      CA student put it. Things began to get and
Tortski. With the help of the obliging folk   more difficult and convincing people of
at CSD (they’re not all bad) we even had      a country within whose main exports lie
                                                                                             simplistic poster, Mr Von
our own fake student profiles.                the cotton swab industry would obvious-        Kuntslager sent a mass
  We decided that our country’s name          ly require more work. The way we saw it,       message, inviting over
should be something ludicrous, but not        if a country was on a map, it was real.
obviously so. While brainstorming we          So we enlisted in the help of a photo-
                                                                                             forty classes to our cel-
came up with the catchy name because          shopping friend, stole a small Scandina-       ebration. ”
apparently our country was founded by         vian island and slapped it just east of
crack whores.         We whittled away        Bulgaria.
                          many long eve-        Next came the meeting. We had no            for nothing your time, and you smell re-
                             nings, aided     idea how many people would show up,           ally badly. Our men plunder your houses
                                        by    or how we would be received, but one          right now. Krakhorslav does not exist.”
                                                             thing’s for sure; we were      which we sang to rapturous applause at
                                                                 going prepared. To our     the meeting. We then danced a Korev
                                                                  surprise, over 30         (traditional Krakhorslavian) dance, dur-
                                                                    DCU-ites     showed     ing which we had the audience chant
                                                                     up to celebrate our    “Trahnites, Suivayet, Klubok, Zadnichu”
                                                                       wonderful land.      or “fuck, cunt, ass, balls” to you and me.
                                                                        We began with       Then came our fictional cocktail, which
                                                                           a little Kra-    consisted of Vodka and raw potato slic-
                                                                             khorsla-       es. Which, believe it or not, we all actu-
                                                                                vian his-   ally drank. Everyone left in high spirits
                                                                                  tor y     wishing us a “durski tzitski!”
                                                                                    les-      We question how many people actually
                                                                                            believed that Krakhorslav is a real coun-
                                                                                            try, the estimate is three.
                                                                                              However, we did pay a visit to the In-
                                                                                            ternational Office as Vlad and Dietrich,
                                                                                            with only our photo-shopped map as
                                                                                            proof. We managed to convince them of
                                                                                            Krakhorslav’s authenticity, and we are
                                                                                            currently in the process of setting up an
                                                                                            official student network for all Krakhors-
                                                                                            lavians in DCU. Long live Krakhorslav!

Poker’s Richest
Student Poker tournament is back!
Presenting the 2008                                 Student Poker Championships

• $75,000 in guaranteed prizes
• Live Tournament Final (no expense spared) in Prague
• Insane Post Tournament Party at the Spearmint Casino
• Qualify online @ or live at your own university tournament

                                                                       You don’t have to play poker
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      vc Presents The VC Student Poker Championships

                      Let’s                              you in Prague
                  Must be 18 or older. For more information on responsible gambling, visit
                                                to Ireland i
                                                         w                      th...
                                                                    & RODG
                                                                                          Rodge: And they didn’t return until the
                                                                                          Podge: We reckon the snakes are due
                                                                                          back any time soon.

                                                                                          What are the latest fashion
                                                                                          trends to hit the bothars?
                                                                                          Podge: Smoking jackets.
                                                                                          Rodge: Dead men’s clothes.

                                                                                          My grandmother’s second cousin
                                                                                          lived in Connemara for three
                                                                                          months. Does that make me part
                                                                                          Podge: We call that the Michael Flately
                                                                                          syndrome and it doesn’t make you Irish!

                                                                                          Are you a leprechaun?
                                                                                          Podge: What kind of gobshite’s asking
                                                                                          these questions? Of course not.
                                                                                          Rodge: The last leprechaun was eaten
                                                                                          hundreds of years ago!

                                                                                          What defines an Irish beaut?
                                                                                          Podge: Titian hair, porcelain skin….
                                                                                          Rodge:…three holes and a heartbeat!!

                                                                                          Can you dance the Siege of
                                                                                          Podge: I’m not the dancer I used to be,
Describe the best cead mile failte           there you have it.
                                                                                          but I’d do me best!
you have ever encountered.                                                                Rodge: Any dance that involves me
Podge: Ireland’s not as friendly as it       Can you give me directions to                touching two ladies I’ll at least pretend to
used to be. Gone are the days when you       Inishbofin from Kiltimagh?                   be good at!
could smoke anywhere and throw plastic       Rodge: Catch the Inishbofin bus from
bags around the place.                       Kiltimagh.                                   Michael Flatley?
Rodge: We’ve never had a great welcome                                                    Podge: Small fake Irishman living in big
anywhere we go really.                       How do you woo an Irish lassie?              castle.
Podge: I think I intimidate people with      Podge: When it comes to Irish cailini, you   Rodge: I think he has a fungal foot
my manliness and wit. That and the smell     either have what it takes or you don’t.      infection - he’s always saying his feet are
of benji off Rodge keeps people away.        You can’t explain it.                        on fire or something.
                                             Rodge: But a pint and a bag of Oatfield
How do you make Irish stew?                  orange chocolates usually works.             Glenda Gilson?
Rodge: Call them annoying paddies?                                                        Podge: Golden arches Gilson we call her
Podge: They mean the DISH Rodge.             Tell me an Irish folk tale                   - because of her eyerows!
Irish stew is a classic - boil cheap meat,   Podge: St Patrick didn’t only drive the      Rodge: Ireland’s only model. Always
carrots onions and spuds for 3 days and      snakes out of Ireland. He drove the gays     looks surprised.
                                             out too.

0 camPus
              en             Shanno
      By Aide

                            Bus Eireann
                            Come Friday afternoon, Bus Eireann becomes the bane of many a college
                            student’s existence. Even the mere thought of nestling into one of those
                            cramp inducing seats is enough to have the chunks rising in your throat.
                            Since being well behaved and staying in on a Thursday night isn’t really an
                            option for the average student, the dreaded bus journey is usually spent
                            feeling utterly nauseous. Coupled with the bus hurtling down the notorious
                            winding country roads; this is a vicious combination which usually results in
                            at least one person projectile vomiting.                                                PEE BEFORE
surviving Irish transport

                             Since Bus Eireann buses possess possibly the most unreliable ventilation
                            system in the world; the lingering stench of sick which shall consequently
                            ensue is enough to start the God awful domino effect of making everyone
                            else throw up.
                             I can only advise you to bring a sick bag in case of emergencies and per-
                            haps a peg for your nose. Always, always go to the toilet before you depart.
                            The last thing you want is to feel like your bladder is about to explode five
                            minutes into the five hour journey home. Needless to say, it might be an idea
                            to lay off the water before boarding….

                                                                                       The Rickshaw
                                                                                       Once a common mode of transport in the Far East; the
                                                                                       humble rickshaw has now been gracing the streets of Dub-
                                                                                       lin for little over a decade. For many people, a night out in
                                                                                       the capital is not complete without being taxied from bar to
                                                                                       bar in this completely random form of transport.
                                                                                         Of course these people are either tourists or raging drunks,
                                                                                       who think it’s absolutely hilarious to be carted around by
                             The Taxi                                                  some poor guy who spends his evenings as though he was
                                                                                       in preparation for a marathon, while desperately avoiding
                             Taxies-You either love them or hate them. While they
                             do provide the most direct route to your destination,     being ploughed down by the late-night traffic.
                             they can also leave you seriously short changed in          As tempting as it would be to hitch a ride with one of
                             the process.                                              these fellas (especially when you are female and have just
                               Overcharging aside, ‘Mr. Taxi Man’ can really be        been crippled by your new stilettos) please don’t give in!
                             a girl’s knight in shining armour on a night out. He      Not only are rickshaws ridiculously dangerous, but they are
                             saves you from the cold and the rain, makes sure you      also just plain ridicules. So for the love of God all you lazy
                             safe by ordering you to put on your seat belt and ulti-   people out there; give those guys a break (and their dignity
                             mately becomes a self appointed psychiatrist should       back) and just WALK!
                             you enter his taxi with mascara soaked cheeks.
                               Should you manage to regain your composure by
                             the time you make it home, throwing in a few flirta-
                             tious remarks can often secure you a bit of a dis-
                             count. As for the lads however, telling the taxi driver
                             that “he can “pick” you up ANYTIME”, followed by a
                             subtle brushing of the hands, probably won’t have
                             the same effect. But it’s always worth a shot…..

                 2 camPus
                                                                                                                                 surviving Irish transport
Did the people behind the LUAS decide to call the line on the
North-side the “Red Line” because of the North-side has a repu-
tation for being dodgy and the colour red is synonymous with
danger? And is the “Green line” in the more affluent part of the
city called that because green is the “colour” of money? Either
way, undoubtedly the “Clientele” on the LUAS is rather like that of
Dublin bus, in that on each side of the Liffy they are significantly
  On the Red Line expect to see a lot of tracksuits and people
who feel the need to entertain the entire carriage by pumping up
their hardcore dance “toons” on their mobile. Meanwhile on the
Green Line, ugg boots and rugby jerseys feature quite a bit, as
does the random outbursts of “OH MY GOD!” and the excess use
of the word “Like”.
  While The LUAS is quite an efficient mode of transport, it is best
to be avoided at peak times. Although it may be mildly amus-
ing to see thirty faces squashed up against the windows as the
LUAS zooms past you, being that face is not quite so funny…..

                                                                       Dublin Bus
                                                                       At the start of the college year, when all the country
                                                                       folk out there came to the big smoke for the first
                                                                       time, they were in for a big shock. Why you may ask?!
                                                                       Well at the startling fact that Dublin Bus does not
                                                                       give change, that’s why.
                                                                       During September, there is many a fumbling with wal-
                                                                       lets, red faces and impatient groans by those in the
                                                                       back of the queue at the bus stop.
                                                                       Those days are gone now for another year, but still
The DART                                                               it’s always a good idea to have bit of change jangling
Also known as the “Dorsh” for all you D4 heads out there; the          in your pocket on approaching the bus stop to avoid
DART is a bit of an institution these days. Perfect for those lazy     all the stress.
Sundays when you want to cruise along the coast line from                It’s also a good idea not to attempt to go up or down
Greystones in the Deep South all the way up to the northern            the stairs when the bus is moving; because while
limit of Malahide. Once again however, the DART is another             you would provide classic entertainment for the other
one to be avoided during busy periods, as it really is a case of       passengers should you fall, you will more than likely
‘every man for himself” as people shove past you to grab that          mangle yourself in the process.
all elusive seat.                                                        Knowing the bus routes is also a crucial part in sur-
  During less peak times, when the DART doesn’t resemble               viving Dublin Bus. For while the 11 and the 11A both
a cattle mart, it can be quite pleasant. Unless of course you          stop at DCU, the same can’t be said for the 19 and
encounter the infamous “Starer” AKA the person who sits di-            the 19A.
rectly across from you and watches all your movements with               So know in advance where the bus is destined to
sniper like precision. Should this occur, your best bet is to beat     end up, or you could find yourself in a random hous-
them at their own game and stare right back at them, mainly            ing estate in the back end of nowhere, with nothing
focusing on a particular part of their face. Having a quizzical        but a torn off timetable and a gang of hooded youths
facial expression should prompt some level of paranoia in the          to keep you company at the bus stop…..
Starer. If not, you should probably move seats before it really
starts to get weird…..
                                                                        And If All Else Fails…
                                                                        If you have no choice but to use public
                                                                        transport and your experience is
                                                                        showing signs of resembling a journey
                                                                        through hell, simply plug in your mp3
                                                                        player, close your eyes and think happy

Represent or support your country at ‘Euro Star’ in the nuBar this Wednesday at 8pm. There will be a
fine display of talent at the cutting edge of the international music industry. Bring some country flags
and add some colour. Judges Shea Cowell amonst others will be present. Eurovision watch out...

Playful Sex Away From Home
Louise Bruton

   t is difficult for any band to succeed be-
   yond the grotty, local gig scene as Asobi
   Seksu (Japanese for ‘playful sex’) front
woman Yuki Chikudate tells us.
  “At the beginning no one knew who we
were and it was hard to get started. Our
friends would get tired of coming to our
shows and there would be nobody else
  The New York trio began their European
tour earlier this month and found that
online communities like Myspace shared
the joy of Asobi Seksu like a packet of
Pringles at a party. “There was no big
press push behind us so it was just word
of mouth. People passed on info about
us online and got to know us then.”
  The charm of Asobi Seksu is their link
with Japanese culture. Yuki explains that
it is her Japanese-American heritage
that has set the band aside from others.        stranger it is – the better it is. “What they   do, change it around and then I take that
“When we were starting out, James [gui-         do is they take Western rock music and          and change it back around.” Yuki con-
tarist] encouraged me to use it as a part       take it to such an extreme level. It’s com-     cludes that there is a lot to take back
of the band’s image. I wasn’t so sure at        pletely different to anything we know. It’s     from examining other cultures.
first because it’s hard to put yourself out     an exciting and compelling scene there.”          “They take their performances so se-
there when it makes you so vulnerable            This approach has influenced the en-           riously but the end product is that eve-
but it has really worked out for us.”           ergy that Asobi Seksu have captured on          rybody enjoys themselves. We could all
  This take on the Japanese-American cul-       their second album Citrus.                      learn from how they do it.”
ture has proved a hit in Japan, where the        “They take what we [Western countries]

                                                            Love in a Shoebox
                                                                    o, it’s not something cheesy,     opportunity to volunteer overseas
                                                                    it’s a way of letting children    with Samaritan’s Purse, working
                                                                    caught up in the poverty cycle    with them in Armenia (running chil-
                                                             (whereby they lack the resources         dren’s camps) and Nepal (decorat-
                                                             to escape from poverty) know that        ing an orphanage and spending
                                                             they have not been forgotten. Each       time with the children).
                                                             year, Samaritan’s Purse runs Oper-         “I have met some of the chil-
                                                             ation Christmas Child. It’s a chance     dren who receive the shoeboxes.
                                                             for people like you to give hope to      Despite the hardships they face,
                                                             these children.                          they are the most wonderful and
                                                               In a nutshell, you get a shoebox,      appreciative children. These shoe-
                                                             fill it with toys, gifts, everyday es-   boxes make a world of difference
                                                             sentials, etc, wrap it and then drop     to them.”
                                                             it off to you local collection point       The boxes are sent to hospitals,
                                                             (Students Union) by November             children’s prisons, centers for
                                                             9th. Last year over 7.5 million chil-    street kids, orphanages, refugees,
                                                             dren received one of these boxes,        internally displaced children, chil-
                                                             271,067 of which came from Ire-          dren living in poverty etc.
                                                             land.                                      Samaritan’s Purse has trusted
                                                               A collection of shoeboxes is be-       partners working on the ground in
                                                             ing organized in DCU. so look out        each country to ensure that needy
                                                             for posters and leaflets around the      children receive these boxes. Often
                                                             campus. Aoife Lynch, a postgradu-        it is the only gift that the children
                                                             ate student in DCU, has had the          receive all year.

 vox What Is The Weirdest
 pop Thing About Irish People?

Name: Marine                                  Name: Chris                                   Name: Patricia
Course: EBF2                                  Course: EBT3                                  Course: EBS2
Nationality: French                           Nationality: American                         Nationality: Spanish
The way they dress at night. They             The words ‘cheers’ and ‘grand’...but          The way that Irish guys need to be
wear skirts and hotpants when it’s            I’ve gotten used to them now. I was           drunk to flirt with girls. I don’t find
freezing. It’s cold and people wear           confused because people would say             the jokes funny, they need to be more
t-shirts outside [she says as a few           ‘cheers’ when I opened a door for             sarcastic. The way that girls wear
people wander past in the freezing            them or when you raised a glass...            skirts when its cold. But I love Irish
cold showing their bare arms…brrr]            kinda two different meanings there.           people anyways!
Donegal accents are also weird.

 min s a pint! drinking
 Finding it hard to order drinks from the bar lately? Bit con-
 fused as to whether you have magically been teleported to
 Transylvania perhaps?                                                      Germany
 Learn off the following phrases and you’ll feel more at home               R.E.S.P.E.C.T to a country which dedicates a week
 in no time!                                                                long festival each year to the oh so complex skill of
                                                                            beer drinking!
 Can I please have a Bulmers? Thanks.                                       Spain
                                                                            Normally known for its crazy traditions of bull runs
 German: Ein Bulmers bitte? Danke.                                          and randomly throwing thousands of tomatoes, let
                                                                            us not for get the wonderful wines this country had
 Romanian: Eghn Bulmers? Co”so”Hom.
                                                                            graced us with and the even better gift of Sangria!
 Hungarian: Un bulmers va rog? Multomesc.
 Polish: Prosze paint Bulmers? Dziekuje.                                    Better known for their love of food than alcoholic
                                                                            bevies, we must at least thank the Gods that
 Italian: Una Birra Bulmers per favore? Gratie.                             brought us beer pong and the legends that are keg
 STAFF?                                                                     Poland
                                                                            Like all of Eastern Europe and Russia, this drink is
 An bhfuil cead agam Bulmers? Go raibh maith agat!
                                                                            a symbol of the region or even a part of the culture.
                                                                            What can only be Wodka Wodka Wodka!

DCU Snowboarding
All is well in the state of snowboarding. With a membership on the rise one would
be excused to wonder what a society in such rude health is up to now. Well, there’s
the continued lessons in Kilternan, which are flying out, (make sure to book them
early!!!), the infamous trip to Pas de la Casa comes one step closer with deposits
being taken last Wednesday. Add to this the odd bit of mayhem and madness and
you get a pretty good picture of what we are up to. Thanks to all those who showed
up to the EGM and congratulations to our two new committee members who both
ran wonderfully short and sweet campaigns. Graham is the new fresher rep and
Russell is the man all of you will want to be looking out for on Wednesday in the
Hub. Finally the first two freshers to email J.D. ( with
what his initials stand for wins a free lesson in Kilternan.

                                          Camogie Club                                    in both second and third levels of education
                                            DCU Camogie hosted ‘Sport agus Spraoi         with all involved having a brilliant day. On
                                          le Cholaisti’ last week. This was an excit-     behalf of DCU Camogie Club we would like
                                          ing ’Women in Sport Initiative’ on the DCU      to extend our thanks to all those who came
                                          Sports Grounds. The event, which was            and supported the girls on the day and of
                                          open to second level schools from Dublin        course all those who volunteered their time
                                          is a partnership between the local Second-      and energy to help ensure all the 2nd level
                                          ary Schools, Fingal Sports Partnership, the     girls had a day in DCU they will remember.
                                          Irish Sports Council and the host college       DCU Camogie Club would also like to thank
                                          ourselves here in DCU. The aim of the com-      Applegreen who provided the food for the
                                          petition was to increase camogie participa-     competition last Wednesday and who have
                                          tion in schools and improve communica-          agreed to sponsor DCU Camogie Club once
                                          tions between the organisations.                again this year.
                                            DCU Camogie Club coached the school             Without their support DCU Camogie Club
                                          teams and refereed the blitz. The day turned    would find it very hard to compete at the
                                          out to be a fantastic promotion of camogie      level they are at.

                                          Rock Climbing                                   rience is required, we’ll teach you all you
                                          It’s that time of year again…our annual         need to know in no time so come along and
                                          freshers trip to Glendalough, Wicklow is        have some fun. The cost for the weekend is
                                          booked for the bank holiday weekend; the        a measly 15 Euro, this covers a return bus
                                          26th - 28th October.                            journey, accommodation and food.
                                            The bus will be leaving from DCU at 5pm         If you’re interested come along to the wall
      Canoe                               and returning on Sunday evening. This is        in the sports complex minor hall this Tues-          definitely a trip not to be missed and is the   day or Thursday anytime between 5pm and
      Rock Climbing                       best way to introduce you to the wonderful      8pm as we will be taking deposits then,       world of climbing, bouldering, “buildering”     there are a limited number of spaces so try
      DCU Handball                        and the table traverse! No previous expe-       book your spot ASAP!
      Book Soc
                                                                           DCU Handball
                                                                             DCU Handball Club has continued its success of last
                                                                           year with two wins in the Dublin 60x30 League. The vic-
      Art Soc                                                              tories came against Portobello and Brian Boru’s where                                           DCU have claimed 13 of 14 possible points. The first
      Drama                                                                match was played by DCU’s long time members Eugene                                                      O’Reilly, Peter Flanagan, David Smith and Oisin Walsh.
      E&S                                                                  Taking a while to settle, the lads finally found their stride                                                 and took victory at 6-1 against Portobello. The team had
      Amnesty                                                              one change on the second night where Stephen Travers                                         took the place of Oisin Walsh. It was a successful sub-
                                                                           stitution as Travers and Flanagan defeated Brian Boru’s
                                                                           on two clean sheets, 15-0, 15-0 helping DCU to a 7-0
      Submit all articles to
                                                                           victory. The team now face DIT in a winner takes all en-
                                                                           counter and DCU will be keen to start the year by adding
                                                                           another title to the cabinet.
                                                 DCU Drama
                                                 Hi folks, hope you all showed up to auditions last week and gave it socks! Just in
                                                 case you haven’t got tired of them yet, we have MORE auditions for you this week! Our
                                                 esteemed chair Pauric Carroll will be auditioning a one act play while long-standing
                                                 drama member Joey Kavanagh will be holding auditions for the play Disco Pigs. These
                                                 auditions will be held during the week, so keep an eye on the announce drama email
                                                 for details of where and when!
                                                   There will also be an improvisation workshop this week in preparation for a special
                                                 improvisation intervarsity being held in NUI Galway in the first weekend of November.
                                                 The intervarsity workshop is in connection with the Irish Student Drama Association,
                                                 a national student drama organisation, and will be a fantastic opportunity to meet
                                                 dramaheads from other colleges around the country. So if you’re interested in taking
                                                 part, come along to our own improv workshop this week for fun and laughs! Venue and
                                                 time also still to be confirmed, so keep checking your inbox!

                                                                                             FREE PIZZA!!!
                                                                                          Now that I have all your
                                                                                          hungry eyes attention,
                                                                                          here is the catch:

                                                                                          We will feed you if you come
DCU Art                                     Music Soc                                     to CLUBS AND SOCIETIES
  Hi everyone, this week artsoc brings
you the second of our oil painting life
                                            Hi DCU music lovers another year a new
                                            public relations officer, or music pro as I
                                                                                          COMMITTEE TRAINING on
drawing workshops with Patrick Brock-       like to call myself! My names Dearbhla        Wednesday 24th October in
lebank on Wednesday in the interfaith       Mc Creesh and I’m here to keep you all
centre 5.30-7.30, 3 Euro in with eve-       informed of the spectacular events we         the Seminar Room [located
rything you need for the workshop
supplied. Make sure you stick around
                                            have coming to you this year!                 upstairs in the Hub].
                                              As always we’ll be continuing our musi-
afterwards for “Something arty in the       cal education with lessons in guitar, piano
bar”, a fun arty gathering with food
and the chance to win a free drink in
                                            and drums for all levels, don’t be shy it’s
                                            never too late to start playing! We’ll be
                                                                                          Want to know how to get
our “draw a drink” competition; draw        bringing back our legendary battle of the     more money for your club
the drink you want, the best drawing        bands, carols by candlelight, and starting
comes to life!                              up a brand spanking new samba band!           or society?
  As part of intercultural week, we’ll be
creating calligraphy and writing from a
                                            We’re also appealing to all musicians out     Want to know how to
                                            there who have instruments they’re not
range of different cultures in our “For-    using to donate them to music soc this        delegate committee work
eign Fonts” workshop, so join us on
Thursday in CG19 from 6.30-7.30, it’s
                                            year. So if you’ve old guitars etc. lying
                                            round gathering dust, whip ‘em out and
free in with all materials supplied and     give ‘em to a good cause! Get back to me
everyone’s welcome! Email commit-           on That’s for any other          all for now folks. Play on…                   If so, come along to clubs
                                                                                          and society committee
                                                                                          training from 5-7pm.
The deadline for Clubs and Societies article submissions is every
Tuesday 12pm. Email articles in to

                                                                                                 What’s The Story
                                                                                                 With All The
                                                                                                 Pictures Outside?
                                                                                                 Suas in association with Concern have
                                                                                                 brought the internationally renowned
                                                                                                 photographic exhibition called 1000
                                                                                                 Families: The Family Album of Planet
                                                                                                 Earth to DCU campus as part of the In-
                                                                                                 tercultural Festival.
                                                                                                   During his travels to over 130 coun-
                                                                                                 tries, photographer Uwe Ommer captured
                                                                                                 images of over 1,000 families in their
                                                                                                 domestic settings. The resulting work
                                                                                                 is a powerful illustration of our world’s
                                                                                                 diversity and highlights our shared hu-
                                                                                                 manity and common values of love and

The International Office
                                                                                                   There are 50 large portraits are dis-
                                                                                                 played outside along the Mall and an-
                                                 University – having travelled from all four     other 50 smaller portraits can be viewed
 Claire Bohan                                    corners of the globe to take part in a pro-     in the Street.
 Director of Student Affairs                     gramme of study. The list of possible sup-        Belgian non-governmental organization,
So…you’re sitting in Delhi, San Francisco,       ports required is endless – airport pick-       Echos Communication, has taken the
Riyadh, Osaka or Melbourne…and decide            up, visa letters, information about PRSI        exhibition across Europe and to Kenya
to start your research on foreign study          numbers, information about opening a            under the theme ‘Building Unity Through
destinations! Key in the words ‘Ireland’         bank account, English language support          Diversity’.
and ‘Universities’…DCU will promptly             classes, workshops on module choices,             In Ireland, it has visited the cities of
come up as one of the seven universities         social events, direction on accommoda-          Dublin and Cork, plus the campus of Trin-
in Ireland – and you send off an e-mail to       tion seeking, career advice etc. etc. etc.      ity College.
each of them, looking for information on         Basically all of the things which a student       Over 60,000 people have viewed it in
their programme offering / entry criteria /      that has lived in this country for years        Ireland in the past 12 months – we hope
start dates etc. This is where the work of       takes for granted!                              that you’ll enjoy it too!
the International Office begins.                   Thankfully, the team is able to draw on
  For Non-EU students, the process of se-        the other services in Student Affairs that
curing a place in a foreign university is        offer support in their specialised areas, so
complex and time-consuming – and for             it’s a joint effort to achieve a well-rounded
many, the search begins months before            service for students.
they ever arrive at DCU. Typical queries           Students coming from EU countries
which are answered by the team in the in-        – Ireland or others – have a different set
ternational office include questions regard-     of needs than Non-EU students and will
ing entry qualifications, English language       come in contact with the Office for other
competency, fees structures, procedures          reasons – exchange programme coordina-
for applying, accommodation availability,        tion takes place within these four walls,
study visa application procedures, and           as does direct communication between
the cost of living.                              your University and DCU and internal com-
  This communication continues for many          munication with your academic coordina-
months, in order to ensure that the stu-         tor at DCU. You won’t see this work…but
dents are clear about what needs to be           let’s put it this way… if it wasn’t done, you
done to apply to DCU. After that the ap-         wouldn’t be here as an exchange student
plications procedure kicks in and the work       (or, indeed, going abroad on your exchange
of the ‘back office staff’ takes over. This      year!)
comprises of clarification on previous             DCU has an international student popu-
school or university qualifications, verifica-   lation of approx. 1,500 students – a popu-
tion of documents, confirmation of offers        lation which we are very proud of and that
or otherwise, communication with the             brings a huge wealth of experience, inter-
student if further information is required,      national knowledge and potential global
correspondence with Chairpersons inter-          networks to the student experience. Enjoy
nally…and so on…                                 the diversity of the university environment
  This represents just one side of the work      and watch out for events, such as the
of the team here – the other crucial el-         Study Abroad Fair which will be organised
ement is the support which Non-EU stu-           shortly for students planning to spend a
dents are given when they come to the            year abroad in Year 3!
                                                                                                     New FREE Student-Led
                                                                                                      Sports Injury Clinic
Part Time Jobs                                                                                       Students can now receive a
Mobile network  are currently recruit-                                                              FREE sports injury assessment
ing for Part Time Sales Associates to                                                                from Monday - Friday in Exwell
cover our busy Chrismas Period – we                                                                  Medical Clinic. Run by students
have vacancies in all locations in Dub-                                                              for students. Contact attclinics@
lin and Nationwide, so if you are going                                                     for more information or
home or staying in Dublin we have the                                                                to make an appointment.
job for you!
Person Profile
-Minimum of  year to  months expe-
rience in a similar role.
-Knowledge of the mobile/telecom-
munications industry.                                                                               Portal Pages
-Flexibility – willingness to work eve-
                                                                                                     All students should up
nings/weekends.                                                                                                              date their
                                                                                                     Portal Pages immedia
-Strong sales and customer focus.                                                                                          tely. Please
                                                                                                    ensure that addresses
-Ability to work towards targets and                                                                                         /telephone
                                                                                                    numbers etc and corre
meet deadlines.                                                                                                             ct and
                                                                                                    that the information
-Team Player with confidence and en-                                                                                     is complete.
                                                                                                    Failure to do may res
thusiasm.                                                                                                                 ult in the
                                                                                                   student not receiving
                                                                                                   information etc. durin
Contact Jennifer on Jennifer.kenne-                                                                                       g the
                                                                                                   semester. or call on 0002

                                                                         the origin of Ireland

             ith all this talk of “international this” and “inter-   into battle, and it wasn’t long before their dazzling attire
             national that” and “international t’other” it’s prob-   and impressive hairdressing skills saw them in full con-
             ably time Alfla explained to the international stu-     trol.
   dents here in our fine establishment all about the wonder           After settling down, the Celts became a peaceful group,
   that is Irish culture.                                            and for a time the country was known as a place where
     I think a history lesson is probably the most appropriate       you could get a short back and sides and pick up some
   way to begin, so a history lesson there shall be. In the late     cut-price clothing without having to travel too far.
   1700s, with the price of land soaring to as yet unforeseen          Much like most things, however, this fine era didn’t last.
   levels, many countries decided to export their grass to an        In the early 1900s The Celts became greedy, charging ex-
   offshore facility for safekeeping. Ships full of grass would      orbitant prices for even the most simple dye job. The an-
   arrive just off the coast of mainland Europe, and dump it         cient art began to fall by the wayside as people became
   into a large container which, due to the King of Spain’s          “lawyers” and “doctors”, professions unheard of just 20
   penchant for all things Aussie, was shaped like a koala.          years beforehand.
     A second container shaped like Kylie Minogue’s left but-          What was once a proud tradition was gone, and in its
   tock was planned for somewhere in the South Pacific, but          honour the Franco-Grassy Celts named their home “Le
   unfortunately in the 1840s the first fell into the hands of       Brute End Of Hair Clip”. After several rearrangements, this
   reckless French mercenaries known as the Celts. “Celt”            became “The Republic Of Ireland”. The rest, as they say,
   was a contraction of the “colourful belts” they would wear        is topography.

20 camPus

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