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									1.1 Review Questions
    1. Define Forensics Science
    2. What was the name of the first system of personal identification? What criteria did it use to
        distinguish individuals
    3. What was Francis Henry Galton’s’ major contribution to forensics science?
    4. Who is know as the father of forensics toxicology and why?
    5. Name 2 major contributions to forensics science made by Hans Gross.
    6. Which of the following people did not make a contribution to forensics toxicology?
             a. Valentin Ross                                        c. Carl Wilhelm Scheele
             b. Alphonse Bertillon                                   d. Matthew Orfilia
    7. With what area of forensic investigation are Karl Landsteiner and Louis Lattes associated?
    8. Who was the first person to apply the principles of forensic science to a working crime
    9. What is Locard’s exchange principle?
    10. With what instrument did Dr. Walter C. McCrone make significant contributions to forensic
    11. Which city’s policy department boasts the oldest forensics laboratory?
    12. What is the world’s largest forensic laboratory?

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