Difference Between Head Lice, Body Lice and Pubic Lice

					Difference Between
Head Lice, Body Lice
   and Pubic Lice
Head Lice
                  Head Lice
• Head lice or Pediculus humanus capitis,
• lives only on the scalp and lays its nits (eggs)
  on the hair of the head,
• they are small, flat wingless insects similar to
  fleas though their bodies are lighter in color
• they do not fly or jump but crawl very quickly,
• they cannot survive away from the human
  host for more than a few hours
Body Lice
                   Body Lice
• Body Lice or Pediculius humanus corporis, is
  believed to be a sub species of head lice,
• they look very similar but target different parts of
  the body,
• the habits of body lice are different in that they
  live and lay their eggs in bedding and/or clothing
  and only come out to feed.
• Symptoms of body lice infestation include: Severe
  itching in the area of infestation, Small, red and
  swollen bumps or welts, Tenderness felt, most
  often found around the base of the neck or torso
  where the body lice may be feeding
Pubic Lice
                Pubic Crab Lice
• Pubic crab lice or Pithirus pubis are really difficult
  to see since they are very tiny,
• rounded body with crab like leg parasites that
  attach themselves mostly to the pubic hair of the
  human body
• In rare cases they can be found in a mustache or
  in armpit hair.
• Crab Lice spread mostly through sexual intimacy
  and some times through the sharing of personal
  hygiene items such as a hair brush, towels or
  even clothing.
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Description: As the human population grows, so too the infestations of parasitic bugs that thrive on the human body. In fact, contrary to what some believe, head lice, body louse and pubic crab infestations are not exchanged by other mammals but are species specific to humans, and humans only.