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					ART 1301c sect. W001                                            Drawing II
Spring 2012              CRN: 24206

Prof. Rose Thome Casterline
Phone: (407) 299-5000 ext. 1481
Office Hours: Room 5-224A Office Hours: By appointment

Course meets Tuesday and Thursday from 8:20 – 11:00 a.m. at VCC-West Campus, 5-224
Course Description
Continuation of ART 1300C with emphasis on further development of technique and
articulation of space, volume, mass, tonal value, and composition.
Prerequisite: Art 1300C

Course Objectives
Drawing II will build upon the concepts covered in Drawing I. Through traditional and experimental subject
matter students will explore a range of drawing materials and techniques. Composition and observation skills
will be emphasized initially and will culminate in more conceptual and exploratory drawing applications. Various
wet and dry media will be used, in addition to some color work. One goal of the class is the consideration of
appropriate method and media in the students’ solutions to the perceptual and conceptual problems posed by
this class. The emphasis in this class will be using the language of drawing through a development of skills and a
familiarity with the media to convey complex ideas. In addition to "studio" time in the classroom, there will be
several slide presentations, formal and impromptu critiques, and required visits to local art exhibitions.

Class Projects, Critiques and Due Dates
We will complete many diverse drawings and exercises during this semester. Most drawings will take
approximately one week to complete and will culminate with a mandatory group critique.
Some critiques will be in-progress in conjunction with final critiques where projects must be in a state
of completion. The critique will provide you with valuable feedback that may give you reason to change
or modify your project. In Class Projects will be due at the scheduled portfolio reviews unless
otherwise noted by the instructor.

Late homework and projects will receive a lower letter grade for each class meeting past the
due date. For example, a project submitted two class period past the due date will receive two grades
lower, an A becomes a C.
Your cumulative grades will be available at mid-term and the final week of class.

*** You can expect to spend 3-6 hours a week in addition to studio/class time on assignments.
Communication Plan
You can contact me via email at I check email at least once daily,
Monday through Friday. Your grades will be posted online - grades will be inputted once weekly.

 Required Text             Drawing: Structure and Vision (1st edition) ISBN 9780130896025 Retail $70.00
 Supplementary Reference:
 Assignments, Readings and Homework
 Your required text for the course is Drawing: Structure and Vision (1st edition) which is available at the bookstore, will
 help you build the specialized art vocabulary we will use during our critiques. Fine art has its own langrage, just as any
 discipline does, and in order to understand or be understood by one another as we talk about your work, we need to have
 a mutual understanding of this language. Assigned readings from the text will reinforce your understanding of this
 vocabulary, as will periodic quizzes through the course. These quizzes may be announced or they may be pop quizzes, so it
 is always a good idea to keep up with the assigned readings. If you are absent when a quiz is given, you will be given one
 opportunity to take a make-up quiz during the following class period. It is your responsibility to ask for this make-up quiz.

 The following reflects the approximate percentages and projects that comprise your grade:
 Successful completion of the following assignments determine your overall grade. Final grades will be based on
 project grades (45%), quiz/homework grades (30%), final project (15%) and class participation (10%).

 Projects (45%) Weekly in-class drawing assignments
 Goal – To Introduce and To Master Technical Component of Drawing
         • Line Drawings
         • Gestures and Preliminary Sketches
         • Planar Drawing / Structural Drawing
         • Cross-contour, mixed media
         • Compositional Strategies
         • Figure Drawings
         • Synthesis
         • Analog Abstraction
         • Landscape series
         • Perspective concepts

 Homework (30%) Sketchbook, Journal entries, HW drawing assignments, Lectures
 Goal – To Master Technical Aspect and To Explore Divergent, Creative Thinking
         • Ten Homework drawing assignments
         • 15 Journal assignments
         • Readings
         • Attending Two Lectures / Art Shows
         • Complete projects begun in class
         • Maintain sketchbook of relevant studies and reflection on individual skills and concept development
         • Artists research

 Professionalism (10%)
 Goal – To learn and to implement professional studio habits
         • Studio habits – Care and clean up of studio space
         • General preparedness – Supplies and text on hand for class activities
         • Development of hands-on, technical skill, aesthetic vocabulary
         • Participation in and preparedness for class discussions, critiques and group exercises
         • Attendance / Punctuality

 Final Project (15%)
 Goal – To explore personally relevant themes, and to make appropriate media and design choices.
         • Artist and reference research
         • Preliminary Sketches
         • Final Drawing
         • Critique Participation
Grading Components
Final grades will be based on project grades (45%), quiz/homework grades (30%), final project (15%) and
professionalism (10%).
Projects and homework are graded according to the following:
         • Demonstration of an understanding of the concept(s) set forth
         • Recognition of project goals
         • Resolved work / Timelines of project
         • Quality Standards:
                  - Originality: apparent research and novelty of solution with regard to
                  - Ambition: amount of time and energy devoted to painting
                  - Craftsmanship: technical prowess with materials, presentation quality

Your class participation grade is composed of the following:
         • Attendance / Punctuality
         • Participation in and preparedness for class discussions, critiques and group exercises
         • Maintenance of a clean workspace

Grading Scale:
          A=   90-100%      Ambitious, effort and originality in class and independent projects
          B=   80-89%       Surpassing the basic requirements in class and independent projects
          C=   70-79%       Meeting the basic requirements in class and independent projects
          D=   60-69%       Meeting some of the requirements in class and independent projects
          F=    0-59%       Failure to meet the requirements for the class and no effort

Late Work All work must be turned in on the due date. Work will be lowered one
letter grade for each class late past the due date. Students are required to attend major

Attendance In a studio course, attendance is critical. Roll will be taken faithfully, with absences, tardiness and early
departures noted. Three late arrival or early departures will be treated as an absence (please note - missing over 15
minutes of class will be considered an absence). With proper documentation, a postponed due date may be considered.
Four absences will result in a 0.50 drop in the final grade. More than four absences will most often result in a withdrawal
and possible failing grade. . Failure to attend class will most often result in a withdrawal and possible failing grade. By
registering for the course, you commit yourself to that time period (and homework time) without distraction.
You are also required to attend off-campus activities.

Cell Phones, Technology Etiquette
If you must carry one to class, please have turned off. Besides being an obvious classroom disruption, the act of periodically
checking one’s phone or email for messages is in conflict with the studio process. If you must address a text, do so during
the break time. In addition, it’s poor form to Google or text during a museum or class lecture.

Academic Honesty
Students must submit work that fairly and accurately reflects their level of accomplishment. Any work that is not a product
of the student's own efforts is considered dishonest. A student may receive a failing grade or may be withdrawn from the
course for academic dishonesty.

Studio Habits
This is a studio art course and note that there are times when we will get messy, so plan accordingly. Students will be
provided with a file storage drawer for their drawings. Students are responsible for thoroughly cleaning their work space at
the end of every class.

 The syllabus is subject to change according to the pace and needs of the
 students. Dates for written assignments will be announced.

 Course Fee
 Upon registering for the course, you were assessed a fee of which pays for supplies that the class will use in bulk or as a

This course seeks to reinforce the following Valencia Student Competencies
• Think clearly, critically and creatively by analyzing, synthesizing, integrating, evaluating cognitive, aesthetic and visual
• Understand, empathize and evaluate your own and others’ values from individual, cultural and global perspectives.
• Communicate ideas visually and verbally. Use your listening and writing skills to analyze and critique.
• Act purposely, reflectively and responsibly by implementing effective problem solving and decision making strategies.

Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities who qualify for academic accommodations must provide a notification from the Office for
Students with Disabilities (OSD) and discuss specific needs with the instructor, preferably during the first two
weeks of class. The Office for Students with Disabilities determines accommodations based on appropriate
documentation of disabilities.

 Drawing boards and easels will be provided in class, though you may want to purchase one for out of class
 assignments. Most supplies are available in the bookstore. You may want to buy a supply box for your
 materials. These are available at hardware or art stores.
  Water Media                                            Dry Media
  India or Sumi ink                                      Drawing pencils - HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B
  Watercolor brushes                                     Graphite stick (4B or 6B)
           -1" flat and                                  Charcoal pencils (4B and 6B)
  Sumi brush                                             Oil pastels 18-24 pack or
  2” brush for gesso                                     Soft Chalk pastels 18-24 pack
  Plastic palette tray or paper palette                  Compressed charcoal - soft grade
  Bamboo Drawing Stick                                   Grayscale Pastels
  Croquill pen                                           Vine charcoal
  Watercolor paint (optional)                            Conte crayons (white, black, and terra-cotta)
  Color pencils (optional)                               China Markers
  Gesso (pint) or white gouache                          Assortment felt tip pens
                                                                 Kneaded eraser
                                                                 Magic Rub or variation of vinyl eraser
  Sketchbook (at least 9" x 12")
                                                                 Pink Pearl
  Pad of good quality 80 lb. white
                                                         Blending Stump
  drawing paper (18" x 24")
  Bristol drawing pad (19” x 25”)                        Other                                                    Where to Shop
  Pad of newsprint (24” x 36”)                           Exacto knife
  Assortment of rag papers                               Sandpaper (fine and medium)                              ARTSYSTEMS on 436
  (25" x 40" or 22" x 30")                               Scissors                                                 between Aloma and Horatio in
                                                                                                                  Winter Park - student discount
    -Lenox white                                         Small pencil sharpener                                   w/ school ID
    -Rives BFK                                           Portfolio (paper, cardboard or plastic)                  407-679-4700
    -Arches white or buff                                (min. 22” x 32”)                                         SAM FLAX on Colonial and
    -Canson card stock (4-6 sheets)                      Metal ruler (18" - 24 “ recommended)                     Shine, downtown - student
                                                                                                                  discount w/ school ID
  (colored paper black and neutral                                1 can workable fixative                         407-898-9785
            tones)                                                                                                Utrecht Art Supply
  Tracing paper (11" x 14" or 19” x                      Large bulldog clips (4)                                  1(800)223-9132
  25”)                                                   Drawing board                                            Daniel Smith Art Supply

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