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                           A Publication of the Greater O’Hare Association, Elk Grove Chamber and Itasca Chamber

                          232 members joined in 2010!
                          While many companies were cutting back on         in on the specific needs of a member and
                          expenses in 2010, the Greater O’Hare              design a ‘package’ of programs and
                          Association has proved that membership is         services that will give them a return on
                          an expense worth making toward a                  their investment,” said Lemm.
                          company’s growth. GOA celebrated the
                          close of 2010 by adding a total of 232 new        She further added that GOA’s new one-on-
                          members.                                          one approach is designed to connect
                                                                            members with others who have the
                          GOA President Shirlanne Lemm, attributes          potential to become beneficial partners.
                          the significant growth to new programs and,
                          more importantly, a shift in how members          According to Jud Mallie of Business Owners
                          are receiving benefits that are tailored to       Advisory Group, LLC, they joined GOA in
                          their individual needs.                           April 2010, with the goals of meeting
                                                                            business owners from a variety of
                          “We have restructured staff responsibilities      companies and to gain exposure for BOAG.
                          so that members get plenty of individual
                          focus. We now have the capability to hone                                       Continued on Page 5

                          Greater O’Hare Association on Facebook
                          If you haven’t yet joined or viewed the
                                                                            Sample Posts You Will Find On Facebook
                          Facebook Page for the Greater O’Hare
Inside this issue:        Association, you’re missing out on some           Julie Wadycki Belloli (Continental Premium Corp)
                          great interaction opportunities and photos!       posted: “Help! I have a customer looking for 36 post-
                          And, you don’t have to be an active Facebook      it note cubes with a lot of imprinted information on
                                                                            them. Are there any printers in the GOA/EGC/ICC
Team Updates          2   member to benefit from viewing the page.
                                                                            who customize post-it notes and who will do this low
                                                                            of a quantity? I'd love to point them in the right
                          In addition to the opportunities to promote       direction of someone who can meet their need!”
First Hand Accounts   3
                          your business, you will also find comments
                                                                            Jamee Stroble posted to ChamberNet photos: Yet
                          posted by fellow members, photos from
                                                                            another great event to end the 2010 year. A packed
24 Karat Spotlight    4   events, new member welcomes and news              room, lots of networking and with all the members, I
                          from fellow members. It’s like being in a         already have 2 appointments set up for January. And
                          room full of members without actually being       with going through a family health issue, the support
Annual Luau           6                                                     for me was amazing! I can only imagine how success-
                                                                            ful 2011 at the GOA will be!”

Holiday Luncheon      7   “We encourage members to use the page as          Claudia Ruiz posted: “The Lucky Monk - January
                          a selling tool, and post information about        Band Calendar - come join us this Friday or next for
                                                                            some good times, good food and good music :)”
                          their business.,” said Lynda Macri, Vice
Event Photos          8
                          President of Member Services and
                          Marketing. By that, she means members can       interacting with your fellow members. Plus, if
Coming Events         9   post specials, events, announcements,           you “like” us, our postings will appear on your
                          exchange leads, member-to-member                wall. If you are not an active member of
                          experiences and more.                           Facebook, but would like to view posts, search
                                                                          Greater O’Hare Association. Also, find us on
                          So, visit the Greater O’Hare Association        Twitter as GOABIZ.
                          Facebook Page often, and start selling and
                                      InterAction                                                                                Page 2

                                      Team Updates & News
                                      Welcome 2011 Team Chairs
        GOA                           Membership Team: Lorna Helgeland, OEC Business Interiors
    Board Members                     Marketing Team: Gary Becker, Chicago Sign Designs
                                      Ambassadors: Ted Breden, Keller Williams
Chair                                 Programs, Events & Training: Kari-Ann Ryan, Michael Ericksen P.C.
Paul Gennuso, Gennuso Financial       Government Affairs Team: Charles Krugel, Attorney at Law
Group                                 Commercial Real Estate, Design and Construction Industry Committee: Co-Chairmen Phil
                                      Van Duyne, Itasca Construction Associates and Tom Ogden, Corbett Duncan & Hubly, P.C.
Chair Elect
Lance Snider, Staffing Plus

Past Chair                           NEW COMMITTEE!                    Government Affairs                    Ambassadors
Mary DeLucca, Livingston             Commercial Real                   The GAT meets the 4th                 Every day of every month 15
International                        Estate, Design and                Wednesday of every month              spirited members, known as
                                     Construction Industry             and any GOA member can                the GOA Ambassadors
Treasurer                                                              attend. The 1st meeting of the        actively participate in this
Tony Massaro, Porte Brown LLC        Committee
                                                                       year will be on Wednesday,            rewarding group. Out of their
Of Counsel
                                                                       January 26, 2011, 8a.m. - 9           own personal commitment
                                     The Greater O’Hare
Alex Moskovic, Moskovic &                                              a.m., at the GOA. This month          and style the Ambassadors
                                     Association is excited to
Associates                                                             we will be discussing our 2011        reach out to our membership
                                     announce a new addition to
                                                                       agenda, guest speakers and            to ensure that everyone has
                                     its line up: The Commercial
Vice Chairs                                                            legislative issues. If anyone         the opportunity to
                                     Real Estate, Design and
Gary Becker, Chicago Sign Designs                                      has any questions about the           experience all that GOA, EGC
Cheri Seley, Kenneth Young           Construction Industry
                                                                       GAT, please contact Chair             and ICC has to offer. If you
Center                               Committee! This group has
                                                                       Charles Krugel at                     have this kind of spirit, and
Charles Krugel, Charles A. Krugel,   held several, well-attended
                                                              or            would like to find out about
Attorney at Law                      events already, but now we’re
Lorna Helgeland, OEC Business
                                                                       312-804-3851.                         becoming an Ambassador
                                     getting serious.
Interiors                                                                                                    please contact the
                                     The newly created group will
                                                                       Membership                            Committee Chair Ted Breden
Directors                                                              This team is currently working        at Keller Williams Success
                                     hold quarterly breakfast
Jerry Mytych, AT&T Illinois                                            to redevelop a system to              Realty at 773-590-9393
                                     events which will provide
Susan Breier, Alexian Brothers                                         increase overall membership           or
Medical Center                       networking opportunities
                                     coupled with a topical,           development and retention.
Julie Belloli, Continental Premium
                                     industry-related panel            Chair: Lorna Helgeland (OEC           Programs, Events &
Eileen Brown, Daily Herald
Rick Daly, Darwin Realty &           discussion. GOA members           Business Interiors). Contact:         Training
Development                          and future GOA members who        Andrea Biwer, 630-773-2944            The Programs Team presents
John Jasinski, First Midwest Bank    are involved in commercial                                              our members with quality
Al Visconti, Harris Bank             real estate, design or            Marketing                             programs and events that
Gary Hoger, Itasca Bank & Trust                                        The Marketing Team helps GOA          provide value to businesses.
                                     construction are welcome to
Stan Kotecki, Stan Kotecki                                             develop its identity and increase     We strive for these programs
Photography                                                            its visibility in the market place.   to correspond to the
Bob Hartung, Performance Gains                                         This team also fine tunes all
David Melzer, Quick Delivery         The co-Chairmen are Tom                                                 members needs and wants
                                                                       marketing opportunities for our
Service                              Ogden of Corbett, Duncan and                                            and as such are currently
                                                                       membership to insure quality
Doug Davies, Rand-Tec Insurance      Hubly, and Phil Van Duyne of      options. This team meets every        looking to expand the team,
Agency                               Itasca Construction Associates,   2nd Tuesday of the month at           Please contact the Chair of this
Rosanna DeFrenza, Rocco Vino’s       Inc. If you would like to join,   11:30am-1pm (bring your lunch).       Team, Kari-Ann Ryan, Michael
Sal Manso, Reebie Storage &                                            For more information, contact         Ericksen P.C. at 847-605-1590 or
                                     or have questions contact
Moving                                                                 the Chair, Gary Becker at Chicago     kryan@me-pc.
                                     them. Tom: (630) 285-0215 or
George Vroustouris, Woodfield                                          Sign Design 847-228-9333.
                                     (630) 773-6700 or
                              InterAction                                                                              Page 3

                               First Hand Accounts                            - Member Testimonials

                               “Thank you to Gina Nunes of                                          When we mentioned that we
                               Designed To Live for referring
This space
                                                                                                    were working on a brochure,
                               The Patrick Group for a                                              a GOA staff member
                               bathroom remodel in                                                  introduced us to Julie Poulos
 could be                      Palatine. It turned out great! I
                               think we were a good team!
                                                                                                    at AlphaGraphics in Elk
                                                                                                    Grove Village. And, what a

                               This was our first job                                               quality introduction that has
                               completed that came from                                             turned out to be! Julie has
                               the GOA.” (See photo at                                              helped us to not only design
                               right) - Patrick & Susan                                             a company brochure, but
                               Brushaber, The Patrick                                               also to bring an entirely new
   Reach over 2,500            Group.                                                               marketing energy and focus
  potential customers!                                                                              to our business plan. That’s
                               “I can say that networking                                           real value added. I can’t say
    Sponsor the                does work! I was standing in
                               front of a fellow GONE IV
                                                                                                    enough about what Julie has
                                                                                                    done for us, and we haven’t
    InterAction                member’s store, Insty-Print,                                         even done the brochure yet
    for $300 - Your            bidding a job, when a                                                (our fault, not hers….we
   company name will           gentleman approached and                                             keep improving things!) -
                               asked me for a business card.      “Another BIG thank you to
      appear on the                                               Barbara V. of Chromatech who
                                                                                                    Mary Beth Bittel, American
                               He said he owned the                                                 Slide Chart / Perrygraph
  InterAction cover and        McDonalds around the               did an outstanding job with a
readers will be directed to    corner. I got the job and it has   very 'special' order that I had
                                                                                                    There are many examples of
   the ad on this page.        become my biggest account          put in through her company.
                                                                                                    good GOA experiences for
                               to date! Had I not joined          Great results & quick turn-
                                                                                                    BOAG in the brief nine
                               GONE IV, I would not have          around.” – John Jasinski, First
                                                                                                    months since we joined. I’ll
                               the account.” - Rob Raczyk,        Midwest Bank
                                                                                                    just mention one more. Guy
  Business Card                Owner Fish Window Cleaning
                                                                  “We would like to thank
                                                                                                    Galloway, of Pre-Paid Legal
                                                                                                    (and a GOA Ambassador,
       Ads                     “A big thank you to Chuck          Andrea Travato of Send Out
                                                                                                    who recruits new members,
                                                                  Cards for making the initial
   are also available for      Scharenberg of Kaizen                                                including us) introduced us
                               Consulting & Guy Galloway of       contact on behalf of the GOA.
  $100! See Page 3 for a                                          From that point the welcome
                                                                                                    to a gentleman who may
                               Pre-Paid Legal who are
sample. Simply scan your                                          to the GOA was nothing more
                                                                                                    finally represent a “missing
                               working with a recent referral                                       link” in part of our service
 business card, or we can      of mine. The referral feels        than impeccable. Special
                                                                                                    offering that we’ve been
 do it for you. Or you can     much safer with the                thanks also to the staff who
                                                                                                    trying to solve for several
use that space to promote      protection that Pre Paid has       are all very good at what they
                                                                                                    years. So we’re excited
   specials, etc. We will      brought to her & her               do to make the day to day
                                                                                                    about that!— Jud Mallie,
  help you create the ad.      company and cannot stop            operations of the GOA tick.”—
                                                                                                    Business Owners Advisory
                               talking in high regards to the     Corey Heidkamp, Junk
                                                                                                    Group, LLC
                               services that Chuck with           Remedy
 Discounts available for       Kaizen has brought to her
                               business.” – John Jasinski,
 advertising in multiple
                               First Midwest

  For more information,        Tell us about your membership experience!
 contact Lynda Macri at        Tell us about a positive experience with a fellow member, or provide us with a testimonial about
    630-773-2944 or            how you have benefitted from membership, and we will publish it here! Send a brief paragraph
                               describing your experience to
                                  InterAction                                                                             Page 4

                                  24 Karat Spotlight
                                    Chicago Sign Designs
 24 Karat         Members           Chicago Sign Designs is an independent, family
 Itasca Construction Associates     owned company that has provided signs and
                                    graphics to the business community throughout
 Woodfield Media/Website at         the country since 1991. Our staff, with over 50
           Work                     years of combined experience, serves Building and
                                    Facility Managers, Marketing Professionals, Fleet
     Chicago Sign Designs           Managers and Business Owners…anyone who
                                    needs quality signs.
    Itasca Bank & Trust Co.

             AT&T                   We offer a full range of capabilities including anything from Indoor and Outdoor Signs,
                                    Vehicle Graphics and Trade Show Displays, to Banners, Labels and Full Color Large Format
   GC Realty & Development          Digital Graphics. Need Trade Show Giveaways? We’re your source for Corporate Gifts &
                                    Promotional Products. Our large conveniently located facility allows us to handle jobs of all
   Premier Risk Services Inc.       sizes!

 Charles A. Krugel, Attorney At
              Law                   Our clients know us as quality oriented, professional and easy to work with. They know they
                                    can depend on us to deliver their job on time and for a fair price.
    Enterprise Technology
         Associates                 Feel free to drop by our facility, located at 220 South Lively Blvd in Elk Grove Village from
                                    9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. Visit our website anytime at
    Comcast Business Class

     Kalven Technologies

      Woodbury Financial            Itasca Bank & Trust Co.
          Staffing Plus
                                    Itasca Bank & Trust Co. is a community bank
      Alliant Credit Union          with a 63-year history of strength, stability,
                                    and trust. Itasca Bank provides the
 Elk Grove Village Bank & Trust     convenience and services customers have
                                    come to expect from a big bank, combined
      Mentors for Change            with the personalized, friendly service of a
                                    community bank. The Bank’s focus is on the
     Rose Paving Company
                                    needs of local businesses, helping keep local communities vibrant and growing. Bankers get
The Turnbaugh-Fleming Group of      to know and understand your business and are readily accessible. Itasca Bank & Trust Co.
      Wells Fargo Advisors          lives its values as a community bank by giving back to the communities it serves.

Business Owners Advisory Group      Gary Hoger, Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending, has been an active participant and
             LLC                    supporter of GOA for over twenty-five years, serving as a Board Member for a total of nine
                                    years. He credits his involvement in GOA with developing the relationships with other GOA
American Slide Chart/Perrygraf      members that helped him bring much new business to Itasca Bank & Trust Co. Gary extends
                                    an invitation to GOA members who are considering a business loan or line of credit to
                                    telephone him at 630-773-0350. Together we’ll help shape the successful future of your
    RonTro Enterprises, Inc.        business.

      @home Healthcare              Itasca Bank & Trust Co. is located at 308 West Irving Park Road, Itasca. In June, 2011, Itasca
                                    Bank & Trust Co. will open its first branch in Roselle.
  Focus Financial/The Griseta
                                  InterAction                                                                            Page 5

Sponsorship                        Over 30 new members waited their turn for a chance to introduce themselves at the

Opportunities                      November Luncheon held at Itasca Country Club.

  For You!                         Membership growth in 2010
                                   Continued from Page 1
        Chamber Net                Thus far, the GOA experience has exceeded our expectations, due to the people we’ve met,
                                   both on the GOA staff, as well as member business owners,” Mallie said. “It’s one thing to
  Membership Luncheons             offer meetings and events, and another to aggressively help the members with quality, one-
                                   on-one introductions, and in that realm the staff at GOA really shines.”
   Business Before Hours
                                   GOA also introduced industry groups help to meet the diversity of members to include the
    Business After Hours           Manufacturing & Industrial Alliance, and the Real Estate, Design and Construction Industry
      2011 Golf Classic
                                   Another new program, the President’s Breakfast was added so that the members have an
      Women’s Forum                opportunity to meet with Lemm in a small group setting and provide input and feedback on
                                   their needs. “It’s important to stay connected with the members as they are all in different
                                   stages is their development. We also want to encourage members to work together and
      Many more                    foster relationships that help each other build their respective businesses,” said Lemm.
    opportunities are
                                   Such is the case with Corey Heidkamp of Junk Remedy, who has been a member for nearly a
    available to your              year. “Being a young small business owner, it felt like every member I have met since joining
       business!                   the group has been nothing but receptive and encouraging about helping Junk Remedy. We
                                   pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships and we see that happening with the GOA
If you would like assistance in    overnight.”
   gaining exposure through
sponsorship opportunities, we      Mary Beth Bittel, of American Slide Chart/Perrygraf would also agree, who joined late last
 would be happy to help you        year after researching other organizations and attending a few GOA events. “The event
   customize a package that        turnout is always strong; the networking programs are well-themed and well-organized; the
  provides you the maximum         membership is large, diverse and far-reaching. The members themselves are well-respected
   exposure to your targeted       and outgoing, and the GOA staff is extraordinary when it comes to making suggestions and
           audience.               helping members get the most from their experience,” she said.

   Contact Lori Myrmel or          She added that they have markedly increased their visibility and brand recognition in the
   Andrea Biwer for more           greater O'Hare area and have met suppliers who would make strong prospective business
information at 630-773-2944        partners. A nice side-benefit, she added, is that their reps “polished up their elevator pitch
                                   and have grown increasingly comfortable in ‘cold’ networking situations.”
                                  InterAction                                                   Page 6

                                  Over 180 attend Elk Grove Chamber Luau
                                                                           It was cold outside, but things really
                                                                           heated up when over 180 people
                                                                           attended the Elk Grove Chamber Luau.
                                                                           During the event, they enjoyed an
                                                                           evening featuring a delicious Hawaiian
                                                                           buffet, Mai Tais, a dance performance
                                                                           by Aloha Chicago Dancers, followed by
     Board Members                                                         dancing to popular music! The evening
                                                                           also included limbo and hula contests,
                                                                           raffles and a split-the-pot raffle.

Rosanna DeFrenza,
RoccoVino’s                        Thank you sponsors:
Chair Elect
Mark Resnick, Elk Grove
Village Bank & Trust

Past Chair
Larry Minutillo, Harris Bank

Joe Gleba, Porte Brown LLC

Vice Chairs                       What they said on
Maryann Magnifico, Alexian                                         Baskets Donated by:
Brothers Medical Center
                                                                         GONE I
Diane Malinowski, Elk Grove                                             GONE III
Park District                     Susan Brushaber: “Had a
                                  great time at the Hawaiian            GONE IV
Ray Rummel, Elk Grove Village
                                  Luau! Now I know the party            GONE V
Directors                         people of GOA! “
Wade Ratner, Aaron                Denise Netzel: “Can't wait to
                                                                    Chicago Sign Designs
Entertainment                     see the contest pictures. Now
Warren Young, Acme                that was fun.”                      Centerpieces:
Industries                        Vicki Moran: “Can't wait for    Mimosa Interior Landscape
Julie Poulos, alphagraphics—      next year's luau! So much
Elk Grove Village                 fun!”
Kelly Brady, American
Chartered Bank
Debbie Handler, Elk Grove
                                                                                         Michelle Ferraro
Bowl                                                                                         VP of Sales
Ex-Officio                        Place a Business Card
Josh Grodzin, Elk Grove Village   Ad in InterAction                                    166 Touhy Court
                                  Like this one                                    Des Plaines, IL 60018

                                  See Page 3 for more                                 C. 224-238-7753
                         InterAction                                                                         Page 7

                            2010 Holiday Luncheon

                         Over 200 members and guests gathered for the Annual Holiday Luncheon to spread holiday cheer.
Holiday Luncheon
 Special Thanks

 As always the Holiday
Luncheon was a success
  thanks to all of our
  volunteers for their

                         Wayne Messmer sang the National Anthem and received a standing ovation.

  Special thanks to:

 Belvedere Banquets

    Lynfred Winery

   The Lucky Monk

    Pepsi Beverage

 Newport Promotions

 Elk Grove High School
      Towne Criers                                              E Z REZ
                                    GOA is making it even easier to make your event reservations
                                       For your convenience, when you receive an “Event Reminder E-mail”
                             Just REPLY to the e-mail and tell us which event you want to attend and we will make your
                                                                  reservation for you.

                          Members can still register on line at , or call our office at 630-773-2944
                                                      and our staff will be happy to assist you.

                                 When discount requires advance payment you can call or e-mail your credit card.
                             As always reservations must be cancelled 72 hours prior to event to avoid being charged.
                           InterAction                                                                        Page 8

                           Business Before
                           Hours and Business
 Thank You to              After Hours
   our Hosts
                           Business Before Hours and After
                           Hours are a great way to meet new
                           people in a relaxed setting. Also
                           enjoy delicious food and a fun           GONE V and Mimosa Interior Landscape hosted a Business
                           atmosphere provided by our               Before Hours.
                           gracious hosts.

Moretti’s Ristorante and

                                                                                                 See Back Page to save
                                                                                                 your dates for future
                                                                                                 Business Before and
   Datamart Direct
                                                                                                 After Hours.

                                                                                                Des Plaines Office Equipment

                            GOA Goes Bowling
                            Team spirit both on and off the lanes were
   Mad Mark’s Pizza
                            the way to “roll” during two events at Elk
                            Grove Bowl last Fall.
    Elk Grove Bowl

                                                                                                       Denise Netzel said on
                                                                                                       Facebook: “I know I
                                                                                                       had a great time and
                                                                                                       so did our two teams
                                                                                                       on lanes 25 & 26.
                                                                                                       Cheering each other
                                                                                                       and networking was
                                                                                                       fantastic. Raffles were
                                                                                                       excellent and you
                                                                                                       really missed out if you
                                   More photos on Facebook                                             did not attend this
                             InterAction                                                                        Page 9

                             Mark Your Calendar!
                             For more information, or to register for the following events, visit
                             or call 630-773-2944.

                                                                              Chamber Nets
                                Special Events You Will Not                   7:30 a.m.—9 a.m.
                                                                              Looking for a great morning Networking
                                       Want to Miss!
                                                                              event? THIS IS IT! During this event you will
                                                                              introduce your business to everyone in the
                                      Elk Grove Chamber                       room and then sit and network directly with
                                                                              5 others. Hosted at the Kenneth Young
Greater O'Hare Association       Wine & Beer Tasting                          Center, you will also enjoy a continental
  is the Premier Regional
    Business Association          featuring a Silent Auction                  breakfast provided by Jarosch Bakery.
 providing members with
    unique business and
                                              March 3
                                   Advance Registration Discounts are            February 16 – Sponsored by: Gone III
   personal development
    through networking,                       Available                          March 16— Sponsored by: Rose Paving
 education and marketing                    Sponsored by                         April 20

                                                                              Business Before Hours
                                                                              7:30 a.m.—9 a.m.
                                                                                March 8—Office Depot

                                                                              Business After Hours
                                   2011 Annual Expo                           5 p.m.– 7 p.m.
                                               April 28                           February 24—Baymont Inn & Suites
                                             Sponsored by                         O’Hare
                                                                                  March 24—Aloft O’Hare
                                                                                  April 21—Buca di Beppo, Lombard

                                                                              Brown Bag Lunch
                                                                              11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m.
                              Monthly Events                                     February 15—The Real Secret to
                                                                                 Excellent Customer Service, Bob Hartung,
                                                                                 Performance Gains
                              Membership Luncheons                               March 24—Citizen Journalism
                              11:30 a.m.—1:30 p.m.                               April 19—“Taking Your Business Online”
                                 February 9 – Belvedere Banquets                 Thomas Varghese, eBiz Universe
 Follow us on                    Chicago Cubs Chief of Sales and                 Website Design
  Facebook,                      Marketing, Wally Hayward
                                 Presented by
                                                                                 Sponsored by: Harris Bank

 LinkedIn and
                                                                              Women’s Forums
    Twitter!                                                                  11:30 a.m.—1 p.m.
                                                                                 February 22—”I Know I Should do that
                                 Corporate Sponsor                               but…”, Olivia Shelkey, Mentors for
                                 Reebie Moving & Storage                         Change
 650 East Devon, Suite 155
      Itasca, IL 60143
                                                                                 March 22—8 Steps to Sure Fire Success,
                                 March 9—Itasca Country Club, Chicago            Linda McCabe
                                 Wolves Mike Gordon                              April 26— TBA
   Phone: 630-773-2944
    Fax: 630-773-2945           April 13—Belvedere Banquets,         Progressive

                                   To learn more about sponsoring events, contact Lori Myrmel at 630-773-2944

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